The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Best container for condiments – Review and comparison in 2021

Jars are containers of real use in any home, and the wide range that exists on the market helps housewives to find everything they need to store food, decorate the home or store certain small objects more easily. There are many products of this kind in the online environment, and we thought of making a list of the most popular. The first place was occupied byVanora Home VN-AER-6515 , a 2,000 ml jar, transparent, which closes very well, thanks to a metal system and a silicone ring. If what you are looking for is a smaller jar, in second place we have Zeller 19964 .

Comparative table

It is a jar that has a fairly large capacity, namely 2,000 ml, which means that it will be of real use to housewives who want to put pickles for the winter. Being made of glass, it allows food to be stored in the best conditions and is easy to clean.

Given its capacity, it should be used only for larger amounts of food (pickles, flour, pasta, beans, etc.).

It is the right choice to keep quickly consumed foods or pickles, thanks to the capacity and materials from which it is made.

This set provides you with two jars to keep two types of spices or a larger amount of various foods prepared by you (jam, honey, etc.). The items close tightly, thanks to a lid equipped with a silicone gasket, are made of glass and are transparent and oval.

It gives you a fairly small capacity, because each container can only hold 150 ml, which is often far too little.

They are a good option for people who are looking for jars with very small lids – 150 ml.

This jar can be used both for decorative purposes and to store food or various spices. It comes with a fairly large capacity of 750 ml, is made of glass, closes with a lid and has lettering on its surface, which forms the word \\\ “coffee \\\”.

The lid with which this container is equipped does not allow an airtight closure, but simply screws in, without having a silicone gasket.

I am a suitable option for you, if you want to combine the useful with the pleasant and you are looking for a jar that will be helpful, but also look good.

In-depth reviews about the best jars

Are you looking to buy jars and do you think it would be easier for you to do this by going through a list of the most interesting articles of this kind in the online environment? Then read on for this guide.

Jars with lids

Vanora Home VN-AER-6515

The best container for flour, sugar and salt If what you are looking for are cheap and good jars in which to put pickles, flour, decorative stones, etc., this product could be a suitable one, because it comes with a large capacity of 2,000 ml.

It closes tightly, because it is equipped with a tight locking system, which has a metal clip that locks the lid, but also a silicone ring. It is made of glass and can be washed even in the automatic dishwasher.

This product is transparent, does not stand out through inserts or other decoration details and is a suitable choice for people looking for jars with a good quality lid. This item is affordable and fair, and the package contains one piece. If you want more, you will have to pay for a larger amount.


Small jars

Zeller 19964

The best container for flour, sugar and salt We now bring to your attention a set of cheap and good jars, which contain two containers that could be perfect to keep in them spices, jam, honey or other goodies.

They are considered to be small jars because they come with a capacity of only 150 ml. They have an oval shape (slightly different from the classic variants), dimensions of 7x9cm and are made of transparent glass. They are resistant to low temperatures, but also high, they keep the food and spices inside very well and do not retain the smell, if something with a stronger smell has been kept in them.

These items are small jars with lids, the latter element closing very well, because it is equipped with a rubber band. Everything will be as tight as possible. There are no inserts or other elements on the surface of the containers that could add value when it comes to design.

Decorative jars

Bormioli Rocco 49004043

The best container for flour, sugar and salt When it comes to such a product, many people are also looking for decorative jars, as could be the article we are presenting now. Yes, it is also a very useful model, because you can keep coffee in it, but you can also simply place it on a shelf in your library, if you want an element that will contribute to creating a pleasant and relaxing design.

This jar at a good price, has a round shape, is transparent, and on its surface there are text inserts that together form the word “coffee”. It is made of glass, and the lid is made of stainless steel. You can keep other spices or foods in it.

The capacity of this container is 750 ml, and the screw cap does not allow a very tight closure. Its diameter is 10.5 mm and its height is 12 cm. It is compatible with the dishwasher, if you want to clean it with its help.


Spice jars

Hubi 051

The best container for flour, sugar and salt Do you want to organize your spices in a pleasant and interesting way? Then we recommend this set of jars with lids, which has four oval containers, made of high quality transparent glass. They are easy to clean and allow the spices to be kept in very good condition.

Each jar has a capacity of 150 ml, and the lids I close are of different colors (blue, purple, yellow and green) and allow sealing the contents. They can also be used for jam or other foods, as long as you don’t mind them being smaller.

These spice jars have a classic general design, which allows them to be easily integrated into any kitchen. They are not inscribed with various words or images, but are as simple as possible.


Jars 720 ml

Column Com col51308

The best container for flour, sugar and salt Some of the most used jars are those that have between 700 and 800 ml, because they can store a lot of food for the winter, and housewives prefer them most often. They are roomy enough to store pickles and canned vegetables, as well as jam, honey, compote or spices.

The package now brought to your attention contains 12 jars of 720 ml, which are made of a thick bottle, resistant to very high temperatures, so that it can be used when it comes to sterilizing food in a bain-marie. Even if they do not have a silicone gasket, they close very well, hermetically, so that the food inside is kept in the best conditions.

These items have a classic shape, are transparent and are delivered with the necessary lids, the latter being white. They are a good choice for people who want to buy a jar at a good price and have the advantage of being sold as a set.


Pickle jars

MetaloChimice MET0185

The best container for flour, sugar and salt For many people, the best jars for their needs are those with a larger capacity, and for this we discuss a set of 12 large containers, each providing a volume of 3 liters. Usually, they are purchased by people who have a business that involves the sale of pickles or other preserves, but also by very large families who want to keep such goodies for the winter.

These items are sold by MetaloChimice, which has a lot of bottles and jars of various sizes for sale. The ones we are talking about now are transparent green, have lids on which various vegetables and fruits are drawn and come with a wide mouth, 9 cm in diameter, so you can easily insert into them what you need.

The glass from which these pickle jars are made is of high quality, thick and resistant to both high and low temperatures, and the shape is round. This set comes with 20 pickle presses, which will be helpful if you want them to be kept in the best conditions.


Jars for honey

DecoDepot 50011025

The best container for flour, sugar and salt If you are looking for jars of honey, then we suggest this product. It is a special container designed for this miraculous ingredient, which will allow you to keep the contents in the best conditions and to have easy access to it.

The container is made of white porcelain, being durable, keeping honey very well and easy to clean. It has a conical shape, and the lid it comes with simply sits on top, without closing tightly.

The product comes with a spatula made of maple wood, which is special for honey. The lid has a hole that allows its introduction so that it is always at hand, but also the content to be kept in good condition. The dimensions of this product are approximately 13 x 11 cm, and the weight is 0.364 grams.


Jam jars

Column Com col51309

The best container for flour, sugar and salt Regarding the preservation of jam for the winter, the most suitable jars are those that have a volume of about 400 ml, as is the case with the containers we are talking about now, which have a capacity of 370 ml.

The items that make up this set of 12 pieces are made of very thick transparent glass, which can withstand extremely high temperatures, so that they can be sterilized in the best conditions. They will clean very easily, and will not retain the smell.

These jam jars come with white lids, which once tightly closed, will seal everything so that the goodies you keep are kept in excellent condition for a long time. They are simple, classic containers and can be used for spices, pickles, pods, etc., as long as you consider them suitable in terms of their capacity.


Sterilizer jar

Concept ZH0030

The best container for flour, sugar and salt If you don’t want to complicate things too much with all sorts of methods to help seal food for the winter, the simplest option is to use a jar sterilizer. Concept ZH0030 is one such product. It comes with a capacity of 27 L, so you can work as fast as possible (11 jars of 720 ml / 34 jars of 370 ml). It will be especially helpful for small entrepreneurs who sell such goodies and want to make sure that the sterilization process is the right one.

This device is made of stainless steel of the highest quality, to be as resistant as possible, allows adjusting the temperature from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius and setting the time from 20 to 120 minutes. It works with a power of 2000 W and notifies you with an acoustic signal when it reaches the temperature you want.

Now it’s easier than ever to deal with a sterilization of jars. On the side you will find a tap that will allow the water to drain quickly after the process is over. It is an item that involves a fairly high purchase cost, but it is worth the money.


Labels for jars

BCC 089

The best container for flour, sugar and salt If you want to know exactly what you have in each container of food or spices, which you keep for the winter, then it is necessary to use jar labels. They will help you organize yourself as well as possible and have everything in perfect order.

The product we suggest to you now is a set that contains 90 items of this kind, which have special adhesives on the back that allow a quality gluing. The shape is asymmetrical, the colors are diverse, and the material they are made of is recyclable, because it is paper.

These labels can be applied on cans for the winter, but also on bottles, gift bags and other things. They have dimensions of 6 x 8 cm and an affordable purchase price for those with a lower budget.


Buying guide

There are jars in absolutely any home. Some people use them to put pickles, others for jam, compote, vegetable stew or other such dishes that are kept for the winter. They can also be used for spices, to put flowers in water, and sometimes they have a decorative purpose.

We want to continue to tell you what are the most important key features that you must take into account when you want to buy such a product.

Dimensions: When looking for jars, the first thing we have in mind is their size. It’s a very important aspect, because you can’t, for example, put pickles in a 150 ml container, just as you won’t put jam in a 3-liter jar (if you don’t have a business that involves using this prepared in very large quantities).

You need to think very carefully about what you want to do with such products and choose the right volume.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Purpose: This selection criterion that we take into account when buying jars at good prices is somewhat related to size, because depending on the reason why we buy such products, we also choose the volume.

The smallest jars are those with up to 150 ml, which are used especially when it comes to wedding testimonials, where they can be filled with honey, sweets or all kinds of ingredients or when used for spices.

If what you are looking for are jars to keep in them jam or honey, then it is possible to turn your attention to the variants that have up to 300-400 ml. Of course, they can also be used for spices or for such things, depending on your needs.

If your goal is to keep cans of winter, broth, compote, etc. in such containers, then jars that have between 400 and 800 ml will be useful.

In the event that you are thinking of buying containers to use to keep flour, sugar or other ingredients in the kitchen that are used in larger quantities, then you can turn your attention to slightly larger variants, of about 1000- 1500 ml. They are often used as vases, often dressed in string or hand-painted.

If you need pickle jars, then what you need to buy are models that have a capacity of more than 1500 milliliters.

Whatever the reason you want to get in possession of such containers, the good part is that you will find to buy products in the dimensions you want.

Material:When you want to buy the best jars, you cannot overlook such a selection criterion. Yes, by definition such a container is made of glass, but many people use this term for variants that are made of other materials. So, let’s see what we can find most often.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Glass – this is the most appreciated and safe option, because it allows you to keep food and cans in a favorable way. This material withstands very high temperatures, which is why you can put extremely hot dishes in a jar, you can sterilize them in the oven or in boiling water. It also withstands very low temperatures if you want to freeze something in such a container.

At the same time, the food will not change its taste, the jar will not catch the smell, and the properties of the food will be preserved. Glass is a material that can be recycled and does not emit harmful chemicals when it comes in contact with food. It is really sensitive when it comes to mechanical shocks, because it breaks quite easily if it gets out of hand, but replacing it is not very expensive.

Porcelain – this is another material that you can use to store food, because it does not harm health. Usually, jars made of porcelain are not used for long-term food storage, but are helpful when you want to keep honey, spices or other ingredients in them that do not need to be sterilized or hermetically sealed.

Plastic – when it comes to this material, you have to be very careful, because not all types of plastic are recommended for storing food. Containers used for this purpose must not contain BPA, as this substance may be harmful if it comes into contact with food.

Usually, such “jars” are used to store food in the refrigerator, to transport various foods from one place to another, to keep spices or non-perishable food in them.

Key features: Regarding the key details that may accompany these articles, the most important are:

Lid – very rare are the times when such an accessory is not necessary for a jar. Usually, it is needed, because it allows you to close the container so that air, dust or small creatures do not enter. The lid is also helpful when it comes to sterilization, because you no longer have to bother with cellophane and thread, as our parents did in the past.

Silicone ring – such a detail is very important, because it allows the jar to be closed as tightly as possible, so that it is absolutely sure that everything is well sealed.

Appearance:In terms of how it looks, most are interested in whether the container has a more rounded or square shape, if it has a more special color or if there are details on it that make it stand out (inserts with all kinds of words, hand-painted, stringed, etc.).

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Package Contents: When buying such products, pay close attention to what the package contains. First of all, you have to make sure that you have ordered enough pieces, then if they matter a lot to you, see that they come with lids. Sometimes, manufacturers also deliver labels, if you want to write on them exactly what a certain container contains or even a jar lid opener (which, if you need, you can also order separately).

We hope that I was helpful and that you were able to find out opinions about the best jars. What you have to do next is to go into the online stores and order the stock you need.

Frequent questions about recipients for condiments and sugar

How do I decorate jars with string?

For such a handmade project, you need: string, scissors and special glue or double-sided tape. Glue the tape on the jar or apply the glue, then start from one end (top or bottom) and rotate the string around the container, carefully, until it is completely covered.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Why are glass jars better?

These items are better because glass is a material that does not contain harmful substances. It allows food to be stored in the highest possible quality, withstands both very high and very low temperatures, does not change the taste of food and does not retain the smell after being washed.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Why avoid plastic containers and jars?

It is good to avoid such variants because they usually contain BPA, a substance that can become harmful when in contact with food and can lead to serious health problems, such as: low immunity, obesity, hyperactivity. At the same time, plastic is a material that cannot be recycled, which is why it pollutes the planet a lot.

Sterilization instructions for bain-marie jars

Some housewives, to be sure that they will not have problems with cans for the winter, choose to sterilize the jars at the bain-marie. Such a procedure is not very difficult, as long as you have the patience to do everything as well as possible.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Prepare everything you need

First of all, you need to prepare everything you need for such an activity: a tall pot, two towels, a shredder and thick beds. And of course, you also need a hob / stove on which to place the pot in which the sterilization is done, but also the water in which the jars will be inserted.

Put the containers in the pot on the fire

The first step is to place the jars in the pot of water. To perform this operation, you must use a vessel as high as possible, so that the containers are completely immersed in liquid. A towel is placed on its bottom, because it will prevent the jars from cracking during cooking.

The containers with preparations are placed in the pot of water in the middle, so that it can be easily seen when it starts to boil. It is important that they have the same height, that sterilization is done evenly. Everything is covered with a towel, not a lid.

The best container for flour, sugar and salt

Boil everything to medium and reduce towards the end

Initially, the fire should be medium, until the water starts to boil. At this point, the intensity of the flame is reduced and it is left for another 15-20 minutes to boil everything allowed.

Store jars correctly after sterilization

After taking the jars from the pot with boiling water, place them on a wooden chopper and cover them with thick beds and leave them like that until the next day.

Everything is very simple, as you may have learned.

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