The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Convection Ovens – Review and comparison in 2021

If you want to buy an appliance that allows you to cook quickly, easily and healthily, you need to choose one of the best convection ovens. In online stores there are many products of this kind that you can buy, and a list of the most popular you will find below. At its forefront isOrion OCH-6622 , a multifunctional appliance that not only cooks by convection, but also offers you many methods to prepare food, because you can fry it, fry it, grill or steam it, thaw or dry it, -a bowl with a capacity of 12 liters. In second place you will find the Camry ADL-CR6305 , a similar model.

Comparative table

It is a useful appliance in any home, which offers you the possibility to cook in a lot of ways, from baking and frying, to steam and grill. It is an electric model, very easy to use, has key features such as power, temperature and time control and can also be used for defrosting.

It is a bowl device, not an oven in which you can insert trays and has a smaller capacity of only 12 liters.

This version of the oven is suitable for people who want to cook quickly, diverse and healthy, in the shortest time.

This oven is an electric model, with a bowl, in which you can easily cook everything you want, by various methods (fried, grilled, steamed). It has useful functions such as defrosting, automatic shut-off and timer, comes with accessories to do everything very easily and has a power of 1300 W.

It’s not a model where you can use classic trays, but it’s a device that has its own round glass bowl.

Turn your attention to this appliance, if you want something easy to use, which will allow you to cook in various ways.

It is a convection oven, professional, very helpful especially in pastry shops, it works with a power of 6400 W (which can be adjusted in three steps) and offers the possibility to set the temperature up to 280 degrees Celsius. It has a capacity of 41 liters and is large enough for four trays.

Being a professional model, the price is one to match, being much more expensive than the other items you will find in the list.

The oven is one often purchased by people who want to cook pastries, being a professional option, with a power of 6400 W.

In-depth reviews about the best convection ovens

It is easier to buy certain products online, when you can choose from a list of popular items. Keep reading this guide to see what devices we recommend and why.

Hot air convection oven

Orion OCH-6622

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

If you want to cook delicious dishes in a convection and halogen oven, our recommendation is this product. It is a model that will help you eat a healthy food, with a low cholesterol level, because you do not need to use oil or other types of fats.

The model is one with a bowl, which can be used for frying, baking, steaming or grilling, to defrost, dry or sterilize. It has a power of up to 1400 W, thermostat that can be set between 60 and 250 degrees and timer that can be adjusted from 0 to 60 minutes. The capacity it offers is 12 liters.

This oven is an electric one, which has a vessel with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 15 cm. It weighs 5.4 kg, to be easy to handle. The product measures 23 x 36.2 cm and is white.


TurboTronic TT-EV45

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

This convection oven with hot air is a model that looks like a microwave, but inside it you will find two grills on which you can place two trays to cook what you want. It works with a maximum power of 2000 W, enough to quickly prepare the necessary.

The capacity offered by this device is 45 liters, so for a family of four it may be enough. You can cook everything you want with it, including desserts, and the maximum temperature you can set it to is 230 degrees Celsius. The model is also equipped with a timer – 0-60 minutes.

This appliance has a door equipped with two rows of glass, to be as strong as possible when it gets hot during cooking and also includes a toaster, if you want to cook in this way. The package also contains two trays compatible with the oven. The total dimensions of the product are – 40 x 55.5 x 37.5 cm.


Star-Light CEC-4218

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Star-Light CEC-4218 is a convection oven, at a good price, which offers you multiple useful functions, to enjoy a simple and fast cooking: automatic shutdown, timer, acoustic signal, thermostat and indoor lighting. You can use it to bake what you need, and for that, the purchase package includes a grater, a tray and tongs.

To cook for you and your loved ones, the capacity it offers is 42 liters, a value suitable even for families of 3-4 people. The power it works with is 1800 W and can be adjusted in four steps. The maximum temperature it can reach is 230 degrees Celsius.

The model is a classic one, which you can place in the kitchen wherever you want, as long as the space is suitable for the dimensions it has – 37 x 58 x 40 cm. It weighs 9.7 kg, being stable, but more difficult to handle.


ECG ET 20482

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

This convection oven with hot air is appreciated by people who love to cook, because you can use the toaster function, you can choose to turn on the heating up, down or in both directions, to adapt everything according to what you want. to prepare.

48 liters is the capacity it has, which means that larger families of about 4 people will enjoy enough food with a cooking round. In the box you will also find a tray, a grill, a toaster and handles to easily take the tray from the inside. The power it works with is 2000 W, and the maximum temperature it can reach is 230 degrees Celsius.

In order to have a pleasant experience, you can continuously adjust the temperature from 100 to 230 degrees Celsius, you can use the timing function and you can place the tray at various heights. This classic oven measures 37.6 x 58 x 40.8 cm and weighs 8.4 kg.


Albatross A63BRC2

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

This convection oven, at a good price, is an electric model that has a power of 2200 W, to bake the necessary in a short time. It can reach a maximum temperature of 230 degrees Celsius and all necessary settings are made via a mechanical control panel.

The capacity it offers is a generous one, of 63 liters. You can use it to bake, brown various dishes on the tray, but it is also equipped with an accessory to cook on the toaster. Inside you will also find a grill made of stainless steel, but also a tray for waste, which means that it will be easy to clean. The purchase package also includes a tray in which you can cook.

62 x 43 x 42.5 cm are the dimensions of this convection oven, and the weight is 13.2 kg. It is a black model, it is classic, not built-in and has a timer (60 minutes).


Albatross A50BRCL2

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Albatros sells convection ovens at good prices, and this article reinforces this fact. It is a suitable model for people who want to quickly cook various dishes for the whole family. It has a capacity of 50 liters, can be used for frying, browning or roasting.

The oven operates with a force of 2000 W and has four power levels. It can reach a maximum temperature of 230 degrees Celsius and has a mechanical control panel. It comes with included accessories, these being: a handle to easily remove the tray, a tray for cooking and one for leftovers and a grill made of stainless steel.

This appliance works with electricity. It is a classic model, which you can easily move where you need and weighs only 9.5 kg. The dimensions are 44.5 x 35 x 46 cm. It also has a timer function and can be programmed for 60 minutes.


Convection and halogen oven

Camry ADL-CR6305

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Camry ADL-CR6305 is a convection oven and halogen with round bowl, which is easy to use, only it has a rather small capacity, only 12 liters. Connect to an outlet, set the desired time and temperature and then wait until everything is ready. It is not difficult to use and you can make a lot of recipes with it.

This appliance, in addition to allowing you to fry, bake or grill, will also help you cook steam, heat or defrost various foods. It has a number of useful functions such as timer and automatic shutdown. In the package you will find useful accessories that will give you a pleasant experience – barbecue, ring, tongs, lid.

The power with which this device works is 1300 W, and the maximum temperature it can reach is 250 degrees Celsius. The settings are made simple and fast, with the help of two buttons.


Professional convection oven

Moratti CPT40X60

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Moratti CPT40X60 is a professional convection oven that will cope successfully even in environments where it is widely used. It is often purchased by people who have small businesses that involve the sale of pastries, because it gives very good results in this field.

The power of this professional convection oven is 6400 W, a very high value, which allows fast baking. It can be adjusted in three steps, depending on needs, and the maximum temperature reached can be 280 degrees Celsius. This model has a capacity of 40 liters and is made mainly of stainless steel.

This appliance is a classic model, which can be easily integrated in any kitchen. It has a mechanical control panel, the buttons being positioned at the bottom. It measures 600 x 400 mm and you can insert a number of four trays at the same time.


Tefal convection oven

Tefal Optimo

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

This convection oven, Tefal stands out primarily due to the many programs it has. Thus, with its help you can cook two dishes at the same time, you can grill meat, make cakes and pies, prepare food in a bain-marie or defrost certain foods.

This convection oven, Tefal Optimo OF444834, 1380W, 19l has enough power for those who cook classically for the family, and the capacity is small, but suitable for homes where 2-3 people live. It has useful functions such as thermostat (up to 240 degrees Celsius) and timer (up to 120 minutes).

This oven is not built-in, but it is a classic appliance. It measures 22.6 x 32.5 x 24.5 cm and weighs only 4.88 kg. The control panel is mechanical, and the included accessories are a drain pan and a grill that can be placed at certain heights, depending on what you want to cook and how high the pot is.


Convection oven and hob

Star-Light CER-4833HP

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

If your kitchen is small in space and you want to save as much space as possible, then this convection oven and hob could be suitable for you. It looks like a classic model for the most part, with the difference that at the top it is provided with a hob that has two cooking zones, one that works with a power of 1000W, the other with 700W.

The oven has a generous capacity of 48 liters, the function of a toaster, the possibility to fry, bake or grill. It has key features such as: thermostat, acoustic signal, indoor lighting and can reach a temperature of up to 230 degrees Celsius.

29.7 x 42.7 x 30.4 cm are the dimensions of this device. Its weight is not large enough 10.9 kg, so it can be more difficult to handle by weaker people. It has a power cable of 0.8 meters.



Buying guide

What we want to present to you in the following are some key features that you should consider if you want to buy convection ovens, cheap and good. But first, we want to talk a little about what such a device is, how it works.

Such an oven differs from the classic, electric variants, in that it has in its component a fan and an air exhaust system. Thus, the air is spread evenly over the entire surface of the food, which leads to: shortening the cooking time, uniform baking and beautiful browning.

Usually, the convection oven works like this when the function of preparing food in this way is turned on. If you do not turn on the fan, it will work normally. It is recommended to give up such equipment when it comes to doughy or more delicate dishes, because in such cases the breath of air could affect.

Returning to the selection criteria you must follow for such an acquisition, here are them:

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Mounting type : The best convection oven is the one that integrates perfectly in your kitchen. In this sense, you can choose a product:

Classic – it’s the one you can place anywhere in the kitchen, as long as you have the necessary space. It looks great even on the sides and can be easily moved when you want it.

Incorporable – is the option preferred by people who furnish a room in a more modern style. In this case, the oven is inserted in the furniture, and only the front will be visible. It is more difficult to move and does not look pleasant if it is not placed in its intended place.

Capacity : Regarding this aspect, the values are varied, there are a lot of types of built-in ovens. We have chosen to classify them as follows:

Up to 20 liters – are those options preferred by people living alone or with another individual. They are smaller in size and are also the option of those looking for smaller cooking appliances, because they have a smaller kitchen than the surface. Most often they are in the shape of a round, bowl-shaped cooker or a smaller microwave.

20-50 liters – are the most popular options, providing enough space to cook for a family of 2-4 people. It usually looks like microwave appliances, only inside you will find grills on which you can place trays. They can even have the function of a toaster, being enough space for this as well.

Over 50 liters – here we are generally talking about the large, roomy variants, which are used to cook for more people or to make everything much faster. There are often ovens that are incorporated under the hob and often look like a classic electric oven, which replaces the one on the stove.

Functions : To buy some of the best convection ovens you must also follow details related to certain functions that exist:

Timer – allows you to program the device in case you do not want to leave too much certain dishes or do not always sit in the kitchen when cooking.

Electric ignition – makes it easy to turn on the appliance that is connected to the gas network, to make everything as simple as possible.

Roaster – useful function for those who want to cook vegetables and meat in a more special way.

Thawing – helpful if you often forget to remove certain ingredients from the freezer to allow them to thaw naturally.

Self -cleaning – a function that allows easy and timely cleaning of the oven, to make everything as hygienic as possible.

Temperature regulation – will be very useful for cases where a certain number of degrees Celsius is very important.

Cooking several dishes at the same time – a feature that allows you to bake several recipes at the same time, without mixing odors.

Power : If you can’t afford to invest a lot in such a device and you are looking for a convection oven, cheap and good, then a model that offers up to 1500 W will be more affordable from this point of view. It will not have a very high power, but, taking into account the fact that physically the device itself will be smaller, it will give you good results.

If you want something more efficient, with a higher capacity, then see a model of 1500-2000 W or even 2000-2500 W, depending on your budget.

In the case of professional models, we are talking about values higher than 2500 W, because the capacity is higher and everything will be much faster.

Dimensions : The details related to the sizes are also important, in order to make sure that the device you buy fits perfectly in the intended place, especially if we are talking about a built-in model.

And the weight could be important, if you want to place it on a support above or handle it with ease when necessary.

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Now that you have read this guide, it will be easier for you to make opinions about the best convection ovens. And, if you want to choose from a wide range of products, at good prices, opt for online stores.

Frequent questions

What does a convection oven mean? What is so special about a classic oven?

Many are looking to see what differences, advantages, disadvantages there are when it comes to the discussion of electric oven vs convection oven. Well, things are pretty simple – an electric oven can be convection, and a convection can be electric (but also gas).

This function (convection) that you can find in some cooking appliances involves the use of two elements – a fan and an air exhaust system. Thus, food cooks faster, nicer and more evenly.

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

At what temperatures is the food prepared in the convection oven?

If you have an oven at home that is equipped with such a feature, in order to enjoy delicious and properly cooked dishes, the specialists’ recommendation is to reduce the temperature by 5 degrees Celsius compared to what it would be like if you baked those goodies in normal .

How to make a steak in a convection oven?

If you want to prepare the steak with such an appliance, do the same as when choosing other types of cooking sources. Prepare the ingredients, mix everything, put in the oven, set the temperature and wait. There is nothing complicated or very different about how to prepare.

It’s not like we’re talking about a convection vs microwave oven, but about an extra function that a cooking appliance can have.

2 recipes for convection oven

You can implement a lot of recipes when it comes to such a device, from potatoes to convection oven, to various steaks, but also desserts. Here are two very popular and very simple recipes.

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Baked potatoes

This is a very easy and very delicious recipe. Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them into small strips, then season them with: salt, pepper, paprika, oil and breadcrumbs or cornstarch. You choose the quantities depending on how big the tray you use is. It may seem more complicated when it comes to breadcrumbs or corn, but what you need to do is use about 200 g of corn for 1 kg of potatoes.

Bake everything for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. You can then serve them with various sauces.

The best convection oven to buy in 2021

Whole chicken

For this recipe you need a large grilled chicken. Clean it and prepare it for cooking. Leave it in the fridge for at least 6 hours, in a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and other ingredients that you usually use to marinate meat.

Then, in the preheated oven at 250 degrees, place the chicken in the pan, in a special bag or on baking paper, reduce the temperature to about 200 degrees Celsius and leave it for about 60 minutes.

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