the best cutlery stainless steel review

Tableware – Review and comparison in 2021


In the family, with friends or guests for whom the observance of the label is not optional, the serving of the table represents a ceremonial from which the cutlery cannot be absent. No house should lack at least one complex set of cutlery, suitable for any circumstance, in daily routine or on special occasions. In order to properly enjoy a good meal with your loved ones, we offer you some recommendations that could help you buy online, simply and comfortably, a product that you like. On the first place in the list of proposals is the complex set of Amefa Fleur with 60 stainless steel pieces, suitable both for family use and for gift giving. The second option is the set of solid silver cutlery Zaramella Argenti Inglese , with 77 pieces.


Comparative table

It is a complex set for 6 people, with 9 pieces strictly for the use of each table, depending on the dishes or hot drinks, and 6 more needed for serving. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel, a material that gives the product increased stain resistance and allows easy and efficient cleaning of cutlery even in the dishwasher. It is sold in a gift box, which indicates it as a potential but inspired.

The set is suitable for 6 people, which means that you can use it only at small family meals or with only a few guests.

Through the quality offered, in sync with the price, the product brilliantly demonstrates its performance and thus occupies the first place on the podium of recommendations.

It can be used to serve meals without dishes that require special tools for up to 12 people. It is made by hand, from solid 925 silver, which means that the pieces do not rust, do not oxidize, are easy to clean and, last but not least, it is the healthiest variant of instruments, due to the antibacterial properties of silver. The wooden box in which you will buy them offers the optimal storage environment for the cutlery, protecting them from moisture and possible scratches.

The price of the set is so high that it can be prohibitive for many potential buyers.

It can be an elegant choice, not only useful, if you can afford such a large investment.

It is mainly addressed to regular users, who serve meals without very sophisticated menus, for a maximum of 6 people. Contains soup cutlery, main course and dessert. The instruments are made of stainless steel, so they have a long life and can be washed manually or in the car, without keeping unsightly water stains. They have a robust design, are massive and resist wear well. It is sold at an advantageous price.

The coarser finish leaves sharp edges on the inside of spoons and forks.

It is a popular product. If you are looking for massive, durable and cheap cutlery, then this set can meet your requirements.

In-depth reviews about the best cutlery

If you are looking for universal cutlery sets or for serving a certain type of food or storage accessories for them, we offer you some options that summarize many of the popularity rankings and reviews posted online:



Cutlery set:


Amefa Fleur

the best cutlery stainless steel review Contains 9 types of 18/10 stainless steel cutlery for 6 people, following their functionality: serving soup or main course, cutting bread or other foods, for different varieties of dessert or cake, for tea or coffee. To these are added 6 serving tools: polish and spoons for sauce, fork and spoon for salad and a palette for cake.

Dessert tools (knife, spoon and fork) can be used successfully as children’s cutlery.

To the percentage of stainless steel, chromium was added in the composition, for an extra corrosion resistance, and 10% nickel for the shiny appearance of the objects. An aspect not to be neglected is the sharpness of the knives, which can be used successfully regardless of the texture of the food you need to cut.


Amefa Eclat Copper

the best cutlery stainless steel review The product can be used without emotions both in everyday life and on special occasions, given that the component includes quality stainless steel cutlery, produced by the famous Dutch company Amefa.

You have by purchasing the set of 24 basic objects: 6 spoons, 6 forks, 6 knives and 6 teaspoons for dessert. The knives have a serrated blade, which can cut without problems the more penetrated steak, but also the fresh bread.

The ergonomic design, the copper color of the handles and the suppleness of the instruments will give a modern and relaxed look to your tables. The lack of sophisticated decor not only imprints an elegant note, but also offers extra hygiene, not allowing food scraps to remain hidden in the streaks of the decor.


Lamart Elite

the best cutlery stainless steel review The Elite variant from Lamart offers you cutlery at a good price, made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. The set contains 6X4 basic pieces for serving a three-course menu and is intended for daily use.

For cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to wash the instruments manually, then wipe them immediately with a soft cloth to avoid creating water stains. If you clean them in the dishwasher, it is still recommended to rinse them later with water and wipe them, so as not to lose their shine.

The cutlery has a classic, simple design, without decoration, and the objects are well finished, with slightly rounded edges.


Silver cutlery:


Zaramella Argenti Inglese

the best cutlery stainless steel review On holidays or on a special occasion, the arrangement of your table will win guaranteed fast and elegant chapter by using this set of silver cutlery, especially since the tools, by their simple design, are easy to match with a set of glasses, plates or with a suitable tablecloth.

The silverware acquires patrimonial value and can pass from generation to generation, testimony of some true saga. The 30PD Z 925 punch applied on the handle of each product guarantees the foreign quality of Zaramella Argenti.

The dishes include various cutlery for 12 people: spoon, fork and knife for soup and main course, the same smaller size for dessert, spoon and fork for salad and another row for serving, a polish.


Stainless steel cutlery:


Kring Neptune Maia

the best cutlery stainless steel review The set is addressed to everyday use, being composed of 24 pieces, 4 X 6 users each.

Stainless steel is the material preferred by most manufacturers who are looking to launch cheap and good cutlery on the market. Not being very expensive, this alloy resists very well to external mechanical actions, does not corrode, does not rust and, as its name suggests, does not oxidize.

The objects included in the set are slightly larger compared to other products and are heavier, being more difficult for children to handle. Another disadvantage would be in this respect the fact that they do not fit in the cutlery support of the washing machine.


Cutlery set 12 people:


BSF Catania

the best cutlery stainless steel review If you are expecting more people at the table, then a 12 person cutlery set would be a good choice. Product of the German brand BSF, specialized in cutlery and serving accessories, the Catania set includes, in addition to the 12 series of 6 different tools for eating or serving tea or coffee: a teaspoon for whipped cream or sour cream and one for sugar; 2 tablespoons and 2 serving forks, a cake palette and a polish.

The design is a classic one, without ornaments on the handle, which protects the tools from exposure to germs or bacteria that could multiply in food scraps.

The price of the product is quite high, requiring additional financial resources.


Bohmann BH 5946, model 4

the best cutlery stainless steel review If you need a set of stainless steel cutlery as complex as possible, which you can use at a table with a maximum of a dozen participants, the one offered by Bohmann will not disappoint you.

In addition to the usual tools, which are found in almost all similar series, the product also brings some accessories for serving: cake palette, soup and sauce polish, salad and serving spoons, forks for steak, teaspoon and tongs for sugar, spoon for whipped cream.

The set is packed in a suitcase, in which it can be stored safely in case of rarer use or in which it can be given away. It is recommended for washing to avoid the use of dishwashing detergents with lemon, as well as wiping with a soft cloth immediately after washing to avoid staining them.


Set of stainless steel cutlery 48 pieces:


Kring Delphi Calypso

the best cutlery stainless steel review The product belongs to the cutlery set category, cheap and good. It is made of quality stainless steel, which does not change color or shine after repeated use. Contains 12 sets of 4 basic tools: spoons, forks, knives and dessert spoons.

The objects have a slim design, are light and thin, which makes them more sensitive to mechanical interventions, in the sense that they can bend more easily.

For a set of 48-piece stainless steel cutlery, it offers a quality-price ratio that is worth taking into account when you want to make a purchase that you can use in your daily routine.


18/10 stainless steel cutlery:


Amefa Austin

the best cutlery stainless steel review If you are looking for a product that differs from most goods available on the market, this set for 6 people offered by the Amefa brand can satisfy your demands.

Regarding the composition of the objects, the stainless steel cutlery labeled 8/10 contain 18% chromium and 10% nickel, and those marked with 18/0 have only 18% chromium content. Amefa Austin is part of the first category of very durable, rust-resistant tools.

The treatment by PVD (Pysical Vapor Deposition) process involves spring evaporation and cathodic spraying with different materials and results in hardness, wear resistance and, last but not least, the copper color displayed.


Fish cutlery:


Deco Idea

the best cutlery stainless steel review The set of fish cutlery consists of 12 pieces and contains: 4 tablespoons, 4 forks and 4 knives for fish. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel. Titanium polishing increases its mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

The knives are made in one piece, they are robust and hard. The ergonomic handle gives them comfort in handling. Their special shape helps to remove fish bones and skin.

The color of the cutlery gives them a vintage air, but it is more difficult to match with other cutlery, if the dishes served require the use of several types.


Black cutlery:

Amefa Vintage

the best cutlery stainless steel review If you want your table to look elegant, but different from traditional, this set of black cutlery will definitely help you achieve your goal.

Suitable for a small dinner of only 4 people, the 16 tools (knives, spoons, forks and teaspoons) are made of chromed steel, a material that ensures high wear resistance.

For maintenance, manual washing is mainly recommended. When cleaning in the dishwasher, detergents containing more than 3% phosphates or a temperature higher than 40 ° C should be avoided.

Cutlery support:

Vanora Home

the best cutlery stainless steel review The storage of cutlery between uses can raise small problems, especially if the space does not allow you a more relaxed organization. This stainless steel cutlery holder can solve several issues at the same time.

It has small dimensions: a diameter of 11.5 and a height of 14 cm, and this fact, together with the vertical arrangement make it a very easy object to store either on the counter or on the shelf of a closet. The compact design allows easy access to kitchen utensils at any time.

The material from which it is made is protected from rust or oxidation in case of exposure to moisture, but also from damage to the slightest mechanical shock. However, the arrangement of the cutlery in the support must be taken into account, because it can be easily unbalanced.

Cutlery organizer:

Maxgermob 1157

the best cutlery stainless steel review If you want to have the cutlery at hand all the time, but it is not visible and you can choose the one you need even with your eyes closed, then you need a cutlery tray for the drawer.

The product is suitable for standard dimensions of kitchen drawers with a width of 60 cm and a depth greater than 50 cm. Being made of plastic, the edges can be easily reduced by cutting if needed.

This cutlery separator is provided with 2 longer storage spaces, for larger utensils, 3 divisions for classic cutlery (knives, spoons, forks) and a special compartment for dessert or tea tools.

Cutlery tray:

Max Deco 3657

the best cutlery stainless steel review A cutlery support, made of bamboo combines the advantages of the material with the usefulness of the product, is ecological, has anti-allergenic properties, is easy to clean. On the other hand, it can be expanded or tightened, respectively, depending on the number of utensils you have to store or the space or dimensions of the drawer in which it will be placed.

In the maximum extension position, this adjustable cutlery organizer offers: 3 generous compartments for spatulas or other longer tools, 3 for regular cutlery and one for small utensils.

For the tray to have enough space, you need a drawer at least 28.2 cm wide for the folded position or 44.5 cm for the unfolded one, over 33.7 cm deep and over 0.5 cm high.


Buying guide

Have you just moved into your new home or been invited to a party whose hosts just did this activity? Do you celebrate an event and invite them to dinner? Purchasing a set of cutlery, at a good price, is an urgent need for your own use or a gift without the risk of failure. But beyond personal preferences and the appearance of the goods, you must take into account when choosing a whole series of details, which you may not have thought about.

If you are interested in opinions about the best cutlery and useful information about the most important selection criteria, we offer you some ideas that can guide you:

the best cutlery stainless steel review

Purpose of use: To easily choose the best set of cutlery, you must decide whether to use it daily or occasionally: at regular meals, with family or friends, or on festive occasions with guests who respect the etiquette exactly.

For the daily routine, it is recommended to purchase a basic product, with tools that can be used for several dishes, made of durable material. You do not necessarily need a complicated decor, but ease of cleaning. If you organize a sumptuous feast, the cutlery you choose can be more massive, richly decorated, even made of precious metal.

Number of pieces: First of all, you have to think about how many people you will gather the most around the table. In general, the cutlery sets are intended for use by 4, 6 or 12 diners at the same time.

If you have a small family and do not organize ceremonies, then you can opt for a simple set, consisting of a series of knives, spoons and forks, possibly also teaspoons for dessert. But if you are the host of events frequented by many gourmets, then the most suitable solution is a more complex product, which in addition to the basic tools also includes accessories for serving.

Typology of pieces: For everyday meals, the basic cutlery is enough, which you can use to consume all kinds. In the case of formal feasts, the label requires specialized tools for different dishes. Thus, the set you choose can contain separately: knives for butter, fish, steak, dessert or cheese; spoons for soup, dessert, broth, coffee, honey or mustard; forks for salad, fish, dessert or cocktail.

It is also recommended to have certain identical serving accessories: poles for soup or sauce, spoons and forks for serving, sugar tongs, spoons for whipped cream, palette for cake or appetizer salads, etc.

Material: The best cutlery for everyday use must be durable, easy to handle and easy to maintain. Most often, this category includes those made of stainless steel, called stainless steel for short. In the description of the products you will usually meet the 18/10 or 18/0 specification that accompanies the name. This indicates a concentration of 18% chromium, which gives hardness and protects against wear, and in the case of the first mention and the presence of 10% nickel, responsible for shine.

If you have a generous budget, you can buy silver cutlery, maybe even blown with gold. Precious metals are elegant, they never go out of style, they can be hoarded and they protect your health.

There are also hard plastic cutlery, mainly for children’s use, made of titanium or other materials, not to mention the recyclable ones.

the best cutlery stainless steel review

Cleaning and maintenance: Although most cutlery can be sanitized in the dishwasher, there are also situations in which manual intervention is recommended. However, a series of warnings are made, regarding the immediate washing and wiping with a soft cloth, the use or avoidance of certain types of detergents or a water temperature.

If they are not bought in a storage box, then a solution must be found to keep them away from moisture. The most handy option would be that of a drawer cutlery support, which would protect them from splashing or hitting. Such a product appears as a cutlery tray or cutlery organizer, which contains compartments depending on the type of tools.

If after reading the guide you have a better idea of what kind of product you would like to buy, all you have to do is act. But since you don’t always have the time, desire or energy to run from store to store to compare how much you pay for the same thing in different places, you can settle down comfortably and look for cutlery at good prices in online offers, order them and order them. wait directly at home.

Frequent questions

What are the most used positions for placing cutlery on the table?

As a general rule, the instruments are arranged around the plate, in the order in which they will be used, from the outside to the edge of the dishes. On the right side will be placed the soup spoon, first served, then the knife / knives. On the left are placed the forks, also in the order of use: the one for appetizer, fish, salad, steak. The dessert teaspoon sits on the side of the plate from inside the table.

the best cutlery stainless steel review

In order for everything to look like a book, the objects must be visible, not slipped under the edge of the porcelain, and the end of the handles should be in line with the lower edge of the plate, at about 2.5 cm from the end of the table.

If you are ever faced with the situation of not knowing in what order to use cutlery at the restaurant, it is enough to remember the rule stated regarding their location, and everything will go smoothly.

What alternatives do we have to disposable cutlery to avoid pollution?

A European Parliament directive, which will enter into force in 2021, has banned the use of disposable items, including cutlery, made of expanded plastic or polystyrene, and their replacement with products made of biodegradable materials.

Thus, if you cannot have ordinary cutlery at hand, you will be able to use some of the plants or natural bran made of 100% biodegradable wheat and plastic if necessary.

Code of good manners at the table – cutlery

If you are attending a table whose watchword is the exact observance of the label, you must take into account the code of use of the cutlery. The order in which they will be used is established by arranging them on the table.

the best cutlery stainless steel review

If you adopt the American eating style, then you will use the knife with your right hand and the fork with your left hand to cut, then the tools will be transferred from one hand to the other to insert the piece into your mouth. The pause is signaled by the positioning of the knife in the upper right part of the plate with the blade inwards and of the oblique fork, in the lower left part, with the teeth upwards. The end of the dish is announced by placing the cutlery parallel, in the “4 without 10” position, the knife having the blade inwards, and the fork with the teeth upwards.

The European or continental style requires the use of the knife with the right hand and the fork with the left throughout the table. For the break, the cutlery is placed on the plate from the position of use, forming a sharp angle, the knife being underneath, with the blade inwards, and the fork with the teeth down. In the end, the knife and fork follow the American disposition, except that the latter will have its teeth down.

The spoon and the fish knife are positioned in the hand like a pencil, and the usual knife will be grasped so that the pointer is placed on the opposite edge of the blade, as close to the handle as possible. The soup will be served by maneuvering the spoon from the inside to the outside. For dessert, the same rules of use will be observed, only in the case of dessert cutlery.

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