The best dining set plates and bowls

Plate Sets – Review and comparison in 2021

When you want to refresh your tableware collection and you are thinking of a new set of plates, but you are not completely conquered by it, read something about the differences between the models and materials on the market, from the following lines. And find out thatApulum Regal 44 Pieces is a collection appreciated by Romanians in terms of the strength of the pieces, considering the porcelain used in their manufacture, the design being a classic one, in white, with red stripe and gold cord on the edges, which includes 12 stretched plates. , deep and for dessert, soup, plates, bowls, saucepan and salt shakers, and can be used for formal dinners. A beloved alternative is the Luminarc Authentic 30 Piece set.

Comparative table

This table service is very good for family dinners and other formal and informal events, providing the buyer with plates of various sizes, a soup bowl, oval trays, a bowl and saucer, the classic design with red and gold elements on a white background offering a spot of appreciated color.

Besides the relatively high price for dishes, among the inconveniences encountered is the lack of possibility to sanitize the components in the dishwasher, needing time for manual cleaning.

It represents the effort of a Romanian brand to offer quality porcelain products to its customers, being among the most popular options in the local trade at present.

For everyday meals, a set of opal pieces is useful, like this one, from an economical and appreciated brand on the market niche, which includes, besides various types of plates, also coffee cups and related saucers, the design on black and white attracting the eye of any guest, giving a modern look to the host.

It does not include other elements to complete the needs of a perfect housewife in case of a special occasion, lacking the soup bowl, large trays, plates and bowls.

Considering the characteristics of the service, it will be recommended to those looking to modernize the dining space, combining a pleasant and unique shape for food with the elegance of colors.

For a complete serving experience, these pieces are useful, forming a service of 60 components, including stretched, deep and dessert plates, three types of cups and their saucers, bowls, sugar bowl and cream, using a classic design. with white and pastel floral inserts, suitable for informal meals with friends and family members.

Although it has a variety of pieces with different functions, it will only serve a maximum of six people, so it is not necessarily the best investment for larger families.

It is one of the top choices in terms of making a beautiful, useful and interesting new home gift, at a very good price, which is why it is often purchased.

In-depth reviews about the best sets of plates

The beautification of the dining area not only for special occasions, but also for everyday meals is done with the help of a new set of plates and additional dishes, chosen after consulting some information and investigating the most popular collections in trade.

Plate set 12 people:

Apulum Regal 44 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls This set of Alba Iulia porcelain plates is often found among Romanians’ recommendations, the classic design being an inspired choice for formal tables, in particular. This does not mean that you can not place the dining area even when special occasions or dinners take place. The pieces are made of white porcelain, with red decorations and a gold band as a decorative element, proving elegance and superior hardness.

The set for 12 people is composed of 44 pieces, providing everything that any housewife could want, being composed of stretched plates (28 cm), deep (23 cm) and for dessert (20 cm), a soup of 3 liters, an 800 ml bowl, two oval trays of different sizes and a 32 cm round one, a plate and a set for pepper and salt.

The manufacturer prohibits the use in the microwave oven and recommends manual washing of parts.

Luminarc plate set:

Luminarc Authentic 30 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls Are you thinking of buying a set of Luminarc plates that you have heard you trust? This collection, consisting of 30 pieces, has a square shape, combining white and black to offer a modern look, but also relatively sober, using opal as a material.

Therefore, it is advisable to use the pieces daily or at family events, because they are well resistant to falls and heat (they can be placed in the microwave without heating). It looks very good at themed or seasonal meals (Christmas, Easter, etc.), giving a modern flair, but not too rich in color or kitsch, considering that it is a set of black and white plates.

The set is suitable for serving six people, as a product type including six white stretched plates (26 cm), six deep black plates (22.5 cm), six for dessert, black (20.5 cm), six plates and six cups for coffee, white (22 cl). Therefore, the basic pieces for any rich meal with your loved ones will be ready, at an affordable price.

Porcelain plate set:

Kring Sarah 60 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls For special occasions and informal dinners in the family, a set of porcelain plates like this is useful, which uses a vintage design, with flowers, on a super white, delicate background. It can decorate the table nicel, but it will not be recommended for formal dinners, where monochrome pieces or less rich in stylistic elements are to be expected.

This table service is designed for six people, consisting of six large plates (27 cm), six deep (21.5 cm) and six for dessert (19 cm). The collection is completed by six cups for coffee (200 ml) and the related plates, as well as six cups for espresso, of 100 ml, and smaller plates, of 11.5 cm, six bowls (15 cm), six large cups, of 300 ml, a small salad bowl (20.5 cm), a large one (23 cm), a large serving plate (32.5 cm) and a small one (26 cm), a cream and a sugar bowl.

Therefore, prepare the owner for any culinary challenge, so that whatever he puts on the table will look beautiful. It is, however, a voluminous set, but with an affordable price, given the presence of a large number of parts.

Square plate set:

Kring Daria 60 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls Do you prefer a stylish square plate set? This model, very suitable for special occasions, informal or formal, is in duochrome format, with black and white, as well as a filigree design, bringing vintage notes to the service and the table, in general, when used. It is made of porcelain, so it will be accompanied by a price to match, especially considering that it consists of no less than 60 pieces. Fortunately, it can be machine washed and placed in the microwave.

The service is intended to serve six people, with standard sizes, including large decorative plates, 27 cm in diameter, deep, 21.5 cm, and dessert, 19 cm, adding a large bowl of salad ( 23 cm), and a small one (20.5 cm), six bowls of 15 cm and six cups of 300 ml, six cups for espresso (100 ml) and saucers and six plates of 200 ml for coffee and related plates. The set is completed by a large serving platter (32.5 cm) and a small one (26 cm), as well as a cream and a sugar bowl.

For many Romanians, it is among the best sets of plates for any occasion, which attracts with its special shape and design.

Arcopal plate set:

Arcopal Adriel 18 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls For six people, this set of Arcopal plates is ideal with classic pieces in a round shape, predominantly white, with a simplistic design with colored lines, in multiple cold shades. It will be suitable for informal situations, for daily meals with family or small gatherings between friends.

As components, it represents a basic collection, containing six stretched plates, 25 cm, six deep plates, 20 cm, and six plates of 18 cm for dessert. You will thus have at your disposal the pieces you need for a simple dinner, in case you need plates and other crockery items, such as bowls or arrivals, being necessary to make further purchases in the hope that you will discover a complementary model. .

Regarding the material, it is a very resistant set of opal plates, which can be sanitized in the dishwasher and which is compatible with the microwave oven.

18-piece plate set:

Arcopal Zelie 18 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls For any occasion, a set of 18 simple white plates is useful, which does not bother the eyes and which does not attract attention from the floral arrangement on the table, if it exists. Having a very affordable price, it presents basic classic pieces, which can be used on special occasions, and at formal or daily dinners in the family.

The collection that serves six people consists of three types of plates, six wide (25 cm), six deep (20 cm) and six dessert (18 cm). The pieces are accompanied by a beautiful gloss, which is not lost in time, especially if quality detergents are used for sanitation. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the dishes can be placed in the microwave and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Those looking for a set of plates, cheap and good, will benefit from such an acquisition, especially if more packages are desired, for a collection that serves more than six people or even a restaurant.

Ceramic plate set:

Heinner Crete 18 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls For daily meals or even small informal occasions, where you have as guests your friends, you can use this set of modern ceramic plates, which combine turquoise with yellow and produce a beautiful and attractive contrast. It lasts very well over time and cleaning after an event will not be difficult, it can be sanitized by hand or put in the dishwasher.

It is recommended not to use abrasive detergents, which can affect the surface, and it is preferable to avoid pouring cold liquids into the hot pot, as this is also safe for microwave ovens. At the same time, it is preferable to avoid placing hot dishes on cold or wet surfaces, as thermal shock can lead to breakage in extreme cases.

With such a set of plates, at a good price, you have at hand six large plates, 25 cm, six small plates, 20 cm, and six large bowls, 18 cm, in which you can put soup.

Dessert plate set:

Malooki SL 17003s 8 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls If you need something specific for the table, such as a set of dessert plates, look no further than this eight-piece collection that can serve up to six people. It has six 17 cm plates and a 25 cm plate, in which the cake or the whole cake will be placed, not missing the spatula.

It is a vintage, white model with gilded edges, made of textured porcelain, whose function is obvious, being ideal for anniversaries, this being a complementary option to the classic table sets made of food pieces.

Given the materials used in its decoration, it is not exactly safe for the microwave oven, nor would you have much to use these plates in an environment that heats up considerably, washing is done rather manually, to avoid falling shiny particles if too abrasive detergents are used in the dishwasher.

Red plate set:

Luminarc Feathers 19 Pieces

The best dining set plates and bowls For special meals taken every day, in the decor of your own home, a set of red plates can be useful to give a touch of life to the home and the moments spent with loved ones. This package of 19 pieces offers the necessary plates for a complete menu, adding a large bowl, 27 cm, for salad.

It will serve a maximum of six people, consisting of six decorative plates, 25 cm, six deep plates, 21.5 cm, and six dessert plates, 19.5 cm. If you want more pieces, you will have to make an additional purchase of an identical set.

With a modern design, using red as the central chromatic element, white decorations give a festive note, only good for the Christmas table, for example. The material used is durable opal, so there are no problems when it comes to accidental leaks on the ground, the material proving to be very resistant, under normal conditions.


Buying guide

For any important event in the family, and not only, or even for every day, a meal service is a special addition, which gives personality and makes the moments spent with loved ones more beautiful. Bowls, plates, plates and cups – all this reflects the personality and education of the host, while beautifying a table, usually empty, raising breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In addition, a special set of dishes can be an interesting gift, both for the occasion and for the wedding or celebration of a new home. But, as there are many types and colors, and online you can find various opinions about the best sets of plates, choosing the complete and useful one can be difficult. Do you need more than four pieces of each kind? Do you always have many guests visiting you? If there is an occasion when you need a lot more plates and not all are the same? Here are some selection criteria that might help you.

The best dining set plates and bowls

Materials: This aspect is perhaps the most important, because it determines the strength and the way the crockery is used. On the market you are dealing with models made of porcelain, China porcelain, ceramic, opal, glass, clay and plastic.

The porcelain plates are multifunctional, and can look elegant enough to be suitable for a special dinner, but they are durable and resistant and for daily use. Resistant to high temperatures and falls, most of the time. It is an investment that you can enjoy on formal occasions or at any time of the day.

Chinese porcelain sets are the most expensive, which is why they are often found in shop windows and closets, instead of honors. They are taken out on special occasions, being part of the top sphere when it comes to the best set of plates. They are the most resistant and have an elegant look, feeling very fine to the touch.

The ceramic ones are heavier than the already mentioned versions, but also durable, so they can be used daily without fear, although they break more often than porcelain. They are used in the family, not being as elegant and formal, and can be placed in the microwave and dishwasher.

Opal plates look like glass and are several times stronger than ceramic ones, becoming, little by little, an option among the preferences of Romanians in terms of sets of plates, at good prices. They are used for family meals because they do not break and can be placed in the microwave without risk.

Glass objects have a rather decorative role, and can be transparent, painted or colored. They do not have a high durability, they can break, and they break easily. But they have an affordable price, so they can be used at any time, in informal situations.

Clay tableware is very good for themed, rustic parties, on holidays. It can break, but withstands high temperatures, being used in cooking.

Plastic optionsare the most economical, but also the worst in quality and “unofficial”, because they can stain, over time, do not look special and do not denote class, do not withstand heat and are not exactly environmentally friendly.

The best dining set plates and bowls

Use: The sets for formal use are different from those with informal use.

It is preferable to have at least two sets of plates, at a good price, one resistant and durable, but simple, for everyday, and a more elegant one, for special occasions.

Ceramics, opal and porcelain are recommended for those in the family, while meetings with friends can have a more special and slightly elegant design, sometimes preferring the rustic, clay, or the classic options of porcelain or opal.

At formal tables, you will take out the “good dishes” from the window, made of porcelain with an elegant pattern or in a simple color, or the one made of Chinese porcelain.

Number of people served: Before making a purchase you will think about how many people will use that set. You can choose between two, four, six, 12 people. Depending on how large your family is, how often your friends and relatives come to visit and how often you give parties or events at your home, you will make the right choice.

For daily use, a set for four or six people is enough, as a rule, and for usual events (Easter meal, Christmas) a set of 12 pieces will be useful. You will not fail if you take a package with several pieces of the same kind, being preferable to have too many and not have to serve guests in plates of different colors and shapes.

Typology: Usually, a set of cheap and good plates will consist of three types of basic dishes (stretched, deep and for dessert) to which are added cups for coffee or tea, possibly accompanied by their own plates.

Some meal services will also include soup, saucepan, sugar bowl, bowls or serving trays, their price being obviously high. The more you come across a larger collection, the higher the final cost.

Design elements: Consider the dimensions of the pieces, their shape and color.

The dimensions vary from one model to another and help you know where the parts can be stored. Given that there are various shapes, from round to oval or square, these will be the classic options, which do not make the table difficult and to which most buyers go.

The best dining set plates and bowls

The color and prints depend on the expectations and preferences of each buyer, the most useful being the monochrome versions or those that use combinations of two complementary colors, which will suit both family meals and slightly more formal ones. Floral prints or plates with precious lines (aluminum, gold, silver) cannot be used in the microwave and in the dishwasher, so keep this in mind. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you are not making a mistake.

In conclusion, with the help of the above information it should be easier for you to find the perfect set of plates for your home. And, if you don’t have time to go shopping, online you can find countless models at prices for all pockets.

Frequent questions

What should a set of 12-person plates contain?

A basic set consists of 12 stretched plates, 12 deep plates, 12 plates for dessert and, possibly 12 cups for tea or coffee. Some sets can replace deep plates with smaller ones or bowls.

Additional items include soup bowl, saucepan, sugar bowl, serving platter or salad bowl.

The best dining set plates and bowls

Do the plates need to be rinsed before being put in the dishwasher?

It is not necessary to rinse the dishes thoroughly before putting them in the washing machine, but rather it is recommended to remove all debris that could clog its filters.

Therefore, the leftovers from dinner will be thrown in the trash (puree, bones, napkins, etc.) without paying too much attention to stains, because the new appliances are able to recognize the degree of dirt and in prewash, detergent enzymes will be able to remove them. easily. For more details, read the instruction manual of the device you own.

The best dining set plates and bowls

How do I take care of the porcelain service?

Given the material and its superior hardness, it does not need much care in handling, given the strength and smooth appearance to the touch. Store in cool, moisture-free places to prevent mold in case of poor ventilation, and usually wash by hand in the sink with regular dishwashing detergent.

You will follow the instructions on the product box, especially if it is involved that you should not put such dishes in the dishwasher. Usually, painted porcelain should not be sanitized in this way, as it can damage the design.

The best ideas on how to arrange a meal for an important dinner

Knowing how to set a table in the conditions in which you will have important guests is important primarily for your ego, but also to show others that this ability is not something that should be forgotten. If you need some advice, here’s what you can do to beautify the table of a special event.

The best dining set plates and bowls


The dishes are usually chosen in a single color or in sober models, white or black, and the plates will be layered according to the dishes served, starting from the decorative one, on which you will place the dishes. as they are served. If the food is placed on the table, it will be in the center, in a position from which most guests can serve themselves.

Positioning of cutlery

The classic positioning is with the plate stretched in the middle, the soup spoon on the right side, towards the outside, and the knife towards the inside, on the left side there is a fork for appetizer, and towards the plate there is a fork for the main course. The cutlery for dessert is on the top of the plate. Knives for salad and fish and forks can be added for the same dishes.

To the right is the cup for tea or coffee, and “above” it is the glass for water, the one for red wine and the one for white wine.

The best dining set plates and bowls

Other details

The napkin located on the left side or even in the center of the plate should not be missing, which the user can position on his leg when sitting at the table.

The tablecloth should cover the entire surface of the table, but not bother when someone wants to get up or sit down.

Add a floral arrangement in the middle of the table, which respects the chromaticity of the other constituent elements, in order to give a unitary aspect to the whole ensemble.

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