the best dish racks of 2021

Dishwashers – Review and comparison in 2021

For arranging the kitchen and maintaining its cleanliness, but also the dishes and cutlery, a well-thought-out dish drainer can do a very good job. What do you do when you don’t know how to choose it? Take a look at this information, starting right fromMaxDeco NX6-3207 , a built-in model in a bunk closet, which fits spaces up to 80 cm wide, which provides two stainless steel shelves, one on which plates are placed and one for glasses and cups, not missing the water collection tray, so as not to leave dirt. An alternative to which Romanians tend is MaxDeco 3311 .

Comparative table

This model ensures the continuity of the orderly appearance of the kitchen, being implemented in a closet, presenting two floors, for plates, respectively cups and glasses, not missing the water collection tray, resistant and hygienic material – food stainless steel – non-rusting, the dimensions being adequate for a large space, 80 cm long and 30 cm deep, for an entire family.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of space exclusively for cutlery, which can bother some potential buyers, requiring a small subsequent purchase in this regard.

For those looking for a modern solution that no longer confuses the appearance of the cooking room, this option for the closet becomes ideal, at a good price.

Anyone who already has a cupboard that they want to turn into a place for draining and drying dishes, smaller in size, up to 60 cm long, can turn their attention to this version of food grade stainless steel, which greatly reduces the risk of rust and which is easy to sanitize from time to time, presenting two floors, for plates and containers.

This model requires the presence of an electric screwdriver to be able to mount in the closet, and there is no place dedicated to drying the cutlery.

Taking into account the characteristics of the product, it is obvious why it is often among the preferences of Romanians in search of a new option for storing dishes in the home.

This option is dedicated to a single person or a small family, where the dishes do not have priority, having a small space for cups and glasses and enough space for five plates, not missing the cutlery box, with separate spaces, or collection tray of water, so that the item is positioned near the sink or on the kitchen counter.

An important inconvenience for those interested is the high purchase cost of the item, given its size and low storage capacity, and the plastic can be difficult to clean after a while.

Being made of plastic and aluminum, which resists corrosion, this article will attract the market segment consisting of practical people, who do not keep too many pieces for washing in the sink.

In-depth reviews about the best dishwashers

For an arranged and clean kitchen, the existence of a dish drainer is essential, so you can be inspired by what Romanians buy, from the following lines.

Stainless steel dish drainer

MaxDeco NX6-3207

the best dish racks of 2021 Are you looking for a dish drainer for the cupboard above or next to the sink? When you want a simple and discreet drying system, which consists of an existing piece of furniture, or which you now add to the kitchen, you can turn your attention to a model with two shelves, like this one, which takes care of everything. your table.

This stainless steel dish drainer lasts well over time and does not rust, being easy to sanitize periodically, only it will require removing the screws, ie disassembling from the cabinet, when you face dirt that does not come out by simply spraying and wiping the kitchen detergent normal. It can be an inconvenience for you, but not a very big one, especially if you take care to periodically clean the two shelves, one for plates and one flat, for cups, glasses and other such accessories.

For many Romanians, it is on the list of the best wide dish drainers, measuring 80 cm long and 30 cm deep, the style being specific to stainless steel models, minimalist.

Built-in dish drainer

MaxDeco 3311

the best dish racks of 2021 Are you looking for a built-in cupboard drainer? Then this model from MaxDeco can save you from too much research, considering that it is an option with ample storage space, measuring 60 cm long and 30 cm deep, with two shelves and a water collection tray, so that easy hygiene is maintained.

Because it has two shelves, one for plates and one for other types of items, such as glasses, cups or kettles, it will help to efficiently organize the space. The food grade stainless steel from which the device is made will be easier to clean than plastic, it will not stain over time and will not rust.

This simple style stainless steel dish drainer, without decorations, with a practical shape,is mounted using the screws in the package in a closet, so it will require a durable utensil and a dedicated piece of furniture, usually placed above the sink. .

Sink drainer

Light Gray Brabantia

the best dish racks of 2021 For one person was designed this sink drainer that uses both plastic parts and a plate arrangement system made of aluminum, for five pieces, so as to maintain order after cleaning.

The water collection tray is made of plastic, which means that it must be cleaned frequently, if you do not want the limestone to deposit and stain it irreparably. We mention that the small gray device does not lack the cutlery container, made of gray plastic, with three compartments, so that the forks, knives and spoons can be placed separately, if desired.

In addition to the spaces already mentioned, there is a grill on the front, on which glasses and cups can be safely left to dry. So, it is a complete drain, small in size, measuring 46 cm long, 20 cm wide and 12.6 cm high. Given these things, the acquisition cost can be considered slightly high.

Suspended dish drainer

MaxDeco 1123

the best dish racks of 2021 A suspended dish drainer does not occupy the horizontal space, but the vertical one, so you have more space to work in the kitchen. This model can be used to dry plates and glasses, being composed of two floors, above being the one for cups, and below the small grids for dishes. It is not a product that stands out in style, focusing more on practicality.

To mount it, you need a hanging bar, because it is mounted on a support bar. However, considering the simplistic design, it will be sanitized quickly, there are no areas and corners difficult to reach, the product being made entirely of chrome. As for the length, it is an average article, 48 cm, the width being 24 cm and the height 45 cm.

When you have a bar for mounting and you need a dish drainer, at a good price, maybe even a secondary one in the closet or drawer, let’s say, this can be a good addition to your kitchen.

Tiered dish drainer

Gel GEL-OC-A0450-06

the best dish racks of 2021 Here is a tiered dish drainer that can be mounted on the kitchen counter, if you don’t have too much space next to the sink mask. And, if you like, you can even put it next to the sink, because it has flexible legs that ensure its stability on the surface. The dimensions are not very large, but not too small, and the two floors have enough space for the vessels used by a small family, measuring 49 cm long and 25.2 cm wide, the height being 38.6 cm.

And it can be fixed directly to the wall, using screws, if you want to suspend it this way. The lower part has the support for cups and glasses, as well as a stainless steel tray, and the upper floor is intended for plates, there is ample space for them.

It can be a good sink drainer if you don’t have space on the counter, so you can enjoy the simple, silver design. One drawback is that it lacks cutlery support.

Cutlery drainer

Raki MN0114156

the best dish racks of 2021 When you have a lot of cutlery available and you want to keep them in order when you wash them, or even for storage, such a simple and large cutlery drainer, which has no less than eight compartments, can help you to separate the spoons. of forks, knives and other utensils that can still be found in the kitchen.

In terms of size, it is a small item for the family, measuring 42.6 cm long, 25 cm wide and 15 cm high, and can occupy part of the countertop, a shelf in the closet or can sit near the sink, if you sit there . The gray color of the plastic and the rectangular design, with small ventilation spaces, attract with their simplicity.

It is a cheap and good dish rack, made of plastic, which may need replacement, given the material that may not last very long, considering that the plastic can be soiled with limestone and narrow spaces are an ideal place for the multiplication of microbes and molds, sanitation must be done frequently.

Glass drainer

Joseph Y-rack Gray / Black

the best dish racks of 2021 This model can be used by a family or a person who has many cutlery and dishes that they wash frequently, being an option with positioning in the dedicated area next to the sink. Regarding the dimensions, it is a product with a height of 36 cm, a width of 29 cm and a length of 31 cm, with two floors, one for plates and one for glasses and cups.

This glass and plate drainer combines two types of materials, namely plastic and steel, so it will need constant care to avoid the accumulation of dirt, limescale and residual deposits, as well as rust. The small legs ensure the stability of the article on stainless steel or wood, the design being a simple and clean one.

It does not lack a small cutlery container, also made of plastic, as well as the bottom tray, where the glasses are placed. Therefore, they will need to be sanitized more often.

Plastic dish drainer


the best dish racks of 2021 For a modern kitchen, where space can be a problem, and more floors are needed, a relatively affordable plastic dish drainer will be helpful, such as the one that uses a lower seat for cups and glasses, but and a superior one for plates and cutlery (there are three spaces to distinguish forks from knives and spoons, for example).

Given the rattan-like construction, it can be more difficult to clean, and because plastic can attract limescale and other dirt, frequent sanitation at least once a week will be virtually mandatory, otherwise it will be necessary to replace the device with a another, when he “hates” himself.

The contrast of black and white makes it easier to observe the dirt, if it accumulates, which in turn facilitates cleaning. In terms of dimensions, it is a 47 cm x 27 cm x 30 cm drain, which will be placed near the sink, in the dedicated space.

Drainer in the drawer

MaxDeco 5420

the best dish racks of 2021 For contemporary kitchens, where cleanliness and order are at home and where there is enough space, a drawer-type drainer becomes an investment worth trying. In this way, all the plates, glasses, cups and other types of dishes will not gather dust on the outside and will be even better categorized, hidden from prying eyes.

This version consists of a large shelf with two areas, one for plates and one for other types of dishes, including the tray for draining aqueous debris. It has a depth of 45 cm, the length being 41.4 cm and the height 20 cm, including slides with damping and extraction, so that the drawer closes smoothly. It can easily load up to 25 kg, being an ideal investment for a family.

The material used for grilles is steel, so you will take care to keep it dry and sanitized, to avoid possible rust, and the tray is made of aluminum, so it can be sanitized without problems.

Tray and dish drainer

MaxDeco 5323

the best dish racks of 2021 This built-in dish drainer consists of two floors that can be mounted in a closet above the sink, or near it, for mobility and ease of storage, one being intended for plates and the other for cups, glasses and other similar pieces of crockery.

There is also a drain tray made of transparent plastic, which will be cleaned periodically to maintain hygienic space. The drain is made of galvanized steel over which an electrostatic field layer is used that will protect the material from moisture, reducing the risk of rust. It is obvious that the style is a purely utilitarian one, without other sounds and trumpets, meant to do its job, and that’s it. And you don’t need anything else, considering that it will be hidden behind some doors.

So, if you have a closet that you want to turn into space for freshly washed dishes, you can choose a set with tray and dish drainer, like this simple option, whose dimensions amount to 80 cm x 30 cm.

Buying guide

In order for the freshly washed dishes to dry naturally, without wiping them with a towel, you will add to your kitchen the best dish drainer suitable in terms of size and shape of the place where you are ready to put it. Even people who could not live without a dishwasher end up washing a plate in the sink, and it must be left to drain. Therefore, such an object for the kitchen is indispensable, in most cases, because it also helps to organize, in a sense. And, to make it easier for you to choose a version that suits your needs, here are some criteria worth considering.

the best dish racks of 2021

Location: A first thing you will look at when choosing a dish drainer is the place where it will be mounted, usually somewhere near the kitchen sink. The most popular models are the classic ones, on the edge of the sink, the ones in hanging cabinets or the one in drawer style or above the tub.

The most common variant is the placement of an object in which the dishes will drain near the sink, in that dedicated space, on the left or right side of the tub. Such models can be simple, with two or three rows, made of plastic, metal or wood, most of the times, the prices varying from the most affordable to the most peppery.

The most ergonomic options and, at the same time, sufficiently hygienic, are the cabinets suspended above the sink, specially created to incorporate shelves on which the washed dishes will be placed. Under the shelves is usually a container, such as a tray, which will collect the resulting water. Because it has doors, guests will not see the dishes and the whole kitchen will look more tidy and clean. Such a location with dish drainers, at good prices, can be inefficient for shorter people, given the height at which it is mounted.

Another popular version, which keeps the kitchen in good order, is the drawer model, which can have shock absorbers to close automatically. In this way, you have at hand most of the dishes, under the shelves there is a tray that collects water, which must be cleaned frequently.

Last but not least, there are those drains that can be spread over the sink, when you have a few dishes that you want to rinse or wash, so that the water reaches the drain. A model that can withstand the weight of several vessels is needed.

Materials:You can find dish drainers, at a good price, made of plastic, stainless steel, metal or wood, identifying also bamboo or silicone versions, for example.

the best dish racks of 2021

However, the most purchased, as a rule, are made of plastic, because they have an affordable cost, existing in simple models or with several rows, smaller or larger. However, the water deposited in the tray, and not only, facilitates the appearance of molds and limescale deposits difficult to remove, so it may involve the need for frequent device changes, which increases the total cost of purchase, reaching one similar to the stainless steel version.

Stainless steel drains are more hygienic, easier to wash and clean, do not take up too much space, and can be positioned near the sink, and on it or embedded in a piece of furniture. Stainless steel is easy to clean using kitchen or bathroom detergents and does not stain, does not rust, keeping its shape and appearance. However, it will have a slightly higher purchase cost compared to the first option.

The wood or bamboo options are good looking, have medium to high acquisition costs and their design and utility differ from one model to another. However, they can become an environment for germs to multiply and catch odors over time.

Dimensions: Because the space you make available to the drain is an important detail, it must have the appropriate dimensions for the place where it will be. Thus, for a single person, who does not use too many cutlery and crockery, a small single-storey dish drainer is enough.

For a family, a model with two floors or even one that can be mounted in a drawer or in a bunk closet can be more useful, in order to have more space to leave the dishes to drain.

To optimize the space for drying, it is recommended to purchase versions with at least 10 spaces for plates, so that they do not accumulate excessively in the sink.

Utility: When it comes to the purpose of the device, it can be a general purpose one, where both plates and cutlery and glasses or cups are left to dry, there are also options only for cutlery, only for plates or exclusively for glasses.

Admittedly, most buyers, as evidenced by the best dish drainers, prefer the full options to minimize costs and get the most out of it.

the best dish racks of 2021

Style: There are options for all tastes and preferences, from minimalist to complex versions, with customizable elements or decorations that enhance the kitchen. Given the variety on the market niche, it is impossible not to find something you like, both in online stores and in the classic ones.

In conclusion, we add that, using the above information, it may be easier for you to find dishwashers, cheap and good, suitable for the space provided in the kitchen, which will facilitate your cleaning work and maintain the hygienic appearance. and ordered. These offers of indispensable online stores do not lack these indispensable objects and, for sure, you will find your pair with a few safe clicks.

Frequent questions

Is there a built-in dish drainer on the counter?

There are such models that are mounted on the kitchen worktop, with a drain pan underneath, but in most cases, in small kitchens, especially, they are not used or recommended, because they occupy a useful space that can be used in ways more practical for food preparation, for example.

the best dish racks of 2021

Why is it basically a stainless steel sink drainer?

Stainless steel is the most appreciated in the kitchen because it has high durability and resistance over time, and can be sanitized more easily, without the danger of discoloration or staining. In addition, it is more hygienic and sanitary because it does not rust. Last but not least, the stainless steel drain models will not be voluminous, having a purely utilitarian shape.

the best dish racks of 2021

Can I accessorize a kitchen cabinet with a drainer?

This is possible, using both a regular drain for fewer dishes and, especially, a built-in one, specially designed for cabinets. It consists of two or more shelves, usually metal, that fit certain sizes and that you will mount in the closet using some screws. Below them can be a tray that collects water.

4 simple steps to disinfect the dish drainer

Because the dishes are wet or even still full of water, they are left on the drain to dry, it can become a dangerous object for health, considering that it is a space for the propagation and multiplication of molds and germs. Therefore, it is important to sanitize it periodically, at least once a week.

the best dish racks of 2021

As there is variety in terms of the materials from which the dishwashers are made, their resistance to dirt may be different, as may the cleaning method may differ slightly. Of course, the design will have a say, because some models will be easier to sanitize than others.

The first step is to disassemble the item into components, if possible, or remove all dishes and cutlery from it.

The second step is to mix a quarter cup of chlorine (or vinegar) in three liters of water (preferably in the sink or tub) in which you will let the drain soak for 20 minutes.

the best dish racks of 2021

The third step is to clean the larger residues or stains you see very well with a brush.

The final step is to rinse the chlorine off the object very well.

If you are dealing with a wooden one, you will need to wash it with a dishwashing detergent at the end to get rid of the smell of chlorine.

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