the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

To find out which is the best glass ceramic hob , with induction and built-in, we recommend you read this article. We present you top advantages and disadvantages for 2021, of each type of built-in electric hob, dimensions, we tell you how many burners it can have, either with one eye, 2 meshes, 3 or 4 meshes, we tell you about consumption and energy class A ++. And last but not least, we offer you some recommendations for good electric hobs for sale for home or professional, for horeca. For a top induction hob, see Bosch PUE611BB1E .

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

You should know that you can find offers and promotions with discounts on the best built-in electric hobs at big retailers such as eMag, Altex, Media Galaxy, Flanco, Careffour or Auchan. Thus, you can enjoy products with warranty and service in major cities in Romania such as Bucharest, Iasi, Arad, Timisoara, Cluj, Alba, Galati, etc. Big brands like Arctic, Albatros, AEG, Ariston, Beko, Bosch, Electrolux, Franke, Gorenje, Hansa, Hotpoint, Heinner, LG, Miele, Samsung, Samus, Siemens, Whirlpool or Zanussi. You can also find a mixed electric hob, ie a combined gas stove with electric mesh. As a color you can choose between white, beige, black, gray, modern or vintage / rustic style. You can also find for sale an electric hob with built-in oven, with three-phase connection, for restaurants and other hospitality units.

The best built-in electric hobs – TOP 10 new models

Bosch PUE611BB1E electric induction hob

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

Bosch offers you a built-in electric hob with 17 steps of intensity and temperature regulation. With the Power Boost function you can add power to cook faster. In this way, the induction hob will be 3 times faster than the glass ceramic hob.

The Bosch induction hob is efficient because it directs heat only where it is needed. It gives you extra safety and comfort.

Built-in electric hob Electrolux EIV63440BW white

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

we present to you perhaps the thinnest induction hob , slim fit type from Electrolux. Thus, it will fit perfectly in any modern kitchen, without taking up much precious space in the kitchen. If you want a good, quality and thin electric induction hob, this model is really worth it, in Romania.

You can use any type of pan, from small to large. The hob will automatically adapt to the size of the pots you have. You can connect two zones in one and control for both settings. It will work as a whole.

Whirlpool ACM 816 BA induction hob

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

We present you a good electric induction hob from Whirlpool . You have 4 burners with different size, plus a flexible area. The elegant finish is due to the black glass material, but also to the polished edge on four sides.

You have a protection system against the operation of the device by children, and intelligent energy consumption management, in order to keep the consumption as low as possible.

Built-in electric hob Beko HII64200MT

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

Beko induction hob made of black glass cam is a very elegant option. A total of 4 electric burners provide you with a total power of 7.2 kW, to easily cook any dish.

Having a smooth black surface, with a scratch-resistant ceramic surface, you can forget about the weight of cleaning the hob. Everything is easily erased in this model.

Vitroceramic electric hob AEG HK634021XB

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

This is a good electric hob from AEG. A ceramic hob with 4 cooking zones, stainless steel frame and stop & go function. With the help of the Automax function you can heat the hob very quickly and start cooking immediately.

It has a cumulative power of 6.3 kW. The function control panel is touch type.

Built-in Zanussi ZEV36340XB glass ceramic hob

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

Zanussi brings you a built-in electric glass top ceramic hob . It is a four-mesh model with an elegant black glass finish. You can quickly set the temperature and operating mode with a digital display. Dedicated ceramic areas help to quickly heat the hob to be operational as soon as possible.

You can cook food using dishes of various sizes that will make your dinner preparation much more enjoyable.

Black electric hob Hansa BHCI66706

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

The electric built -in hob from Hansa is very good and at a fair price. You have a dedicated timer to cook quietly. It is a 4-mesh hob with a size of 60 cm.

Hansa hobs are produced without the use of heavy metals, so their creation process is cleaner. In addition, Hansa glass-ceramic hobs can be recycled at the end of their service life.

Candy CI643C induction hob

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

For those looking for a cheap and good induction electric hob , with a good quality-price ratio, we recommend this model from Candy. A total of 4 meshes is enough to be able to prepare food easily. Electric induction hobs can reach the optimum temperature very quickly.

The induction Candy hob has a classic and very practical look, being very easy to clean.

Pyramis 29IND410 domino induction hob with 2 meshes

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

If space in the kitchen is a problem for you, you would also like to look at the best 2-mesh induction hob . The Pyramis domino electric hob is an affordable option both in terms of price and size. You have 9 power levels that you can set, timer and lights.

The power of this model is 3.5 kW. Although it has a higher cost of purchase than a ceramic hob, it will be more efficient and faster to use.

Electric induction hob Hotpoint Ariston KIS 640 B

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

Why choose this induction hob from Hotpoint? It is a good electric hob, with new generation technology that guarantees the constant and uniform heating of the surface, and respectively of the products placed on it. You have preset functions that can help you cook faster. It is a good alternative to the built-in gas hob .

How to choose the best electric hob

Electric hobs for households are a current trend. The main reason is not, as would be thought, the lack of gas in the new apartment buildings. The electric hob has several advantages. They are safe, do not spread smoke with harmful combustion products and have many functions that make the cooking process basic and more fun.

Therefore, despite the fact that the gas stove is cheaper in price but also in operation, some owners choose to buy an electric stove. We provide you with some tips on how to choose the right one, in order to enjoy the best electric hob.

the best electric ceramic hob or induction hob to buy online

Can you plan to buy a new electric hob, we recommend you to consult the general industrial parameters. Don't be scared because there aren't many aspects, but each of them can make a difference and satisfaction after the purchase. So, when buying an appliance, choose wisely, based on the size, power supply, shape and number of meshes and additional functions provided.

Most of the parameters affect not only the cost of the device, but also the convenience of using it. Let's say, the type of heating technology (ceramic or induction), the power and consumption of the built-in hob – all these must be taken into account.

Focus on the capacity of the device. The bigger and stronger it is, the more it will consume and the higher the energy bill. And don't forget, a powerful electric hob will need excellent wiring and socket to handle the load.

Electric hob and number of meshes

The classic mesh configuration for a good electric hob is four pieces, enough for the good of a medium-sized family. First, two of them are smaller. This saves energy while preparing food in small pots.

An electric hob with one or two burners is a balanced option for a small family, respectively couples or single people. In addition, such a platform will fit unconditionally in any kitchen, even small ones.

If you have a larger family with many children, you can also see electric hobs with five or six burners. They are indispensable for professional chefs or for families with large members.

The dimensions of the electric hob

On the size side, things are relatively simple. Most often you will find variants that are 60cm wide, 60cm deep and 80cm high. If you want something bigger, there are changes with a width of 90cm, which could be pleasing to the owners of large and spacious kitchens. Or alternatively, the electric hob with 2 burners can be only 30 cm wide. So, as you can see, everything depends on the space you have and the needs of your family.

About the built-in electric hob

The built-in electric hob is a modern appliance for any stylish kitchen. Compared to a gas hob, the electric one allows you to organize an integral work surface, which is good-looking, but also practical. Being in one piece and having fewer unevenness, even less dirt will form. According to the supply principle, we have electric induction hob, ceramic hob and gas hob. The latter variant is suitable exclusively for gasified kitchens. We recommend that you think of an electric hob, either ceramic hob or induction. We'll tell you why for each guy.

The pace of life in the urban environment is exaggeratedly fast. Therefore, you definitely dream that a nutritious breakfast, a varied lunch and a party table will be prepared quickly and with pleasure. Built-in electric hobs are a technical achievement that greatly simplifies the process. However, you need to figure out which type of electric hob suits your needs. To get the desired result, it is important to choose informed

Differences between different types of electric hobs

If you have gas in your apartment or house, you can opt for a gas hob without any problem. But in this article we want to focus on built-in electric hobs. What is the difference between a ceramic hob and an induction hob. You may be wondering what to look for on the eve of buying an electric hob or other stove. So, the question that comes up is what to choose, the best induction hob or ceramic hob?

Our answer is unambiguous and we are inclined to recommend an induction hob at any time. Its main advantage is its high efficiency, the speed of preparation which is almost 3 times faster. Additionally, it has less heat loss during work, therefore, it uses electricity more economically. Let's say that an ordinary ceramic hob heats the bottom of the dishes in about 10 seconds. The induction hob, however, starts instantly when the button is touched. This way you can heat a huge pot substantially faster than a basic electric hob.

It is very easy to operate and does not require effort to adjust the heating level. We can also tell you that it stops when the dishes are removed from the electric hob. You will have a smart home appliance that can do any culinary challenge.

By purchasing a hob, we also look at fashion trends when we choose its color. The plate can be finished in black, white, cream or gray. These colors will help you match the device to the type of kitchen you have.

Top safety and protection systems

With an electric hob, you must also pay attention to unforeseen situations, such as spilling food from the pot on the surface of the hob. In general, for example, in the vitroceramic electric hob, everything that spills and burns, forming a shell on the surface, will have to be rubbed with a cleaning solution and an abrasive sponge. Therefore, once the incident has occurred, it is recommended to stop cooking and clean the surface on time to avoid hardening.

You don't have such problems with a good induction hob. You can be reassured with an induction hob, both on the cooking side and on the cleaning side. If an incident happens, all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth. So simple and less stressful. This property of the induction cooker makes the object different and safer.

For families with children, the electric induction hob is an extremely favorable option. In glass, the surface of the glass is dangerous. It takes a while to cool down and you can get burns if you touch the cooking area. You do not have this problem with an electric induction hob. Of course, these models also have some less positive things. It will definitely cost you more than a ceramic hob. But don't be scared, the difference is not so big if you think you get safety, speed and electricity savings.

Differences between different types of electric hobs

The price difference between a ceramic hob and an induction hob is not as big as it was some time ago. For this reason, many people still mistakenly perceive these appliances as expensive. It is true that with the purchase of an induction hob, you need to review the cooking pots in the house. As a rule of thumb, the induction hob will not work with a copper, aluminum, ceramic or glass dish. For newer dishes you can see on the bottom if they are okay to be used for this type of hob.

You will realize after a specific symbios engraved in metal. If you have bought cooking utensils in recent years, it is very likely that they will be compatible with these magnetic induction surfaces. Respectively, you should not worry about this aspect.

If you opt for a good induction hob, know that they come equipped with overheating safety systems. If the temperature exceeds a certain level, the device can turn itself off. One more thing, during cooking, the induction hob can emit a specific sound.

If you end up in the situation where the induction hob will have to be repaired, know that specific tools and equipment are needed. The most logical thing is to go to a specialized service based on the guarantee. If the warranty is no longer valid or does not cover the defect, repairs can be costly.

Most induction hobs do not allow positioning around them of any other electronic device. Probably, the oven will have to be positioned elsewhere, not under the hob as usual. but even this is debatable, it may be very well magnetically isolated and not a problem. Specify this before purchasing and configuring the furniture in your kitchen.

Conventional electric hobs

However, classic electric hobs that still remain relevant should not be excluded. They can be very useful in small spaces and come with a very affordable purchase price. The fundamental credibility of electric hobs is that they are compatible with any kind of dishes. If you have copper dishes or a set of high quality aluminum, glass, ceramic utensils, you can easily opt for a classic built-in electric hob. This type of electric hobs are more basic and easier to repair.

We have already debated the pros and cons for each type of electric hob, but you may also be wondering how they work. Inductive hobs have an inductive element that creates a magnetic field. The iron atoms are activated and heat the pan and its contents. An important role, as I said, is played by that magnetic element that does all the work. As a note to all that has already been said – the induction hob will heat the surface only if a vessel with a compatible bottom is positioned in the heating zone.

When the cooking utensils are set aside, the heating becomes inactive and a suitable symbol is displayed on the panel. It tells you if the heating area is warm or not. As soon as the vessel returns to its place, the signal disappears and the preparation of the dishes is resumed exactly as previously established. If you use inappropriate dishes, a symbol will be displayed and the heating zone will not become active.

The best built-in electric hob and its functions

The induction hob can have several useful functions, but you need to know which of them are the most necessary. Induction hobs have basic and additional functions, visible and invisible, and are all designed to adapt to the cooking of housewives. If you want a state-of-the-art electric hob model, it is imperative to find out the price list in relation to the possibilities of each model.

Automated stopping. A heat sensor can turn off the hob if the top element is overheated. In addition, it can do the same thing when you set aside the dishes on the stove. Most models in Romania have this function.

Adaptive program. The water put on the stove can be brought to a boil quickly and respectively the heating will reduce its capacity. As a result it will adapt the intensity program set by the user.

Timer. You can set the cooking time and at the end of it you will be notified by a specific signal. It is a useful function that is needed every time you cook. Fortunately, you will find it in almost all models on the market.

Strong heating. With this function, a burner can take the power of others to heat a vessel much faster to a certain temperature. It is good that this function exists and the models are equipped with it. Allows you to customize how the burner works. It has the ability to initially heat to a high temperature and gradually decrease the intensity to a preset temperature through the settings made. This is convenient if you boil the soup, initially bring the water to a boil and then simply cook at a lower power. The goal is to keep food warm.

Other functions for the house

Automatic shutdown. The time required for the automatic shutdown is determined by the heating temperature of the hob. The lower the set temperature, the longer it will work. For example, this can take up to 10 hours. Most electric hobs can work without interruption for about 3 hours. But if you want to prepare dishes with long cooking, choose a hob that can support some longer cooking periods. Check this aspect in the technical details.

Liquid spill protection. When a liquid leak is detected from the vessel, the hob can turn off automatically and emit a sound. After stepping in and wiping off the drained water, you can continue cooking normally.

Double heating area . Among the kitchen utensils of the common man you can find cooking pots of several sizes. The double heating zone allows an eye to safely cook food both in a small pot and in larger pots, by enlarging the area of action. This function is used for electric induction hobs. In some cases, the entire glass panel can be heated, so you can place your dishes wherever you want on the surface. There are also combined variants, which have an extended burner and 2 normal ones. With such technology you will shorten the cooking time and ensure the correct heating of the dish.

Top functions

Key lock option. Locking the control panel will not allow the child to adjust the heating temperature or turn on the hob. Only an adult will be able to do this. In addition to this option, the date function allows you to lock the pre-selected settings in advance, so that it is possible to clean the control panel without accidentally pressing any button.

Hood control. The best electric hobs can be smart, so they can turn the hood on and off depending on the need at the moment. If steam or smoke is released in large quantities, the hood is connected to maximum power.

Stove control. Classically, there are several types through which you can control the electric hob. In the basic version, the adjustment takes place by means of the keys, ie by switches. It is mainly used for gas hobs. You can also control certain functionalities through the display. Electric and touch buttons are easier to clean. In addition, they allow you to set the exact intensity level when you need precise temperature control. But know that in the event of a fault, it is unlikely that you will be able to repair it yourself. You will probably need to contact an authorized service center to repair them.

Top electric hob type

Now, you have an impressive choice of cooking equipment, including a built-in electric hob. In online or offline stores you will find models of glass ceramic hobs and induction hobs of the latest generation. They can have glossy and smooth ceramic glass surfaces and an abundance of cooking mesh. It is important to choose a balanced option that fits the needs we have and the allocated budget.

Electric hob with spiral or disc

Older electric hobs were used as a spiral heating element. If you know small portable hobs, well they used a cylindrical electric heater. For cheap electric hobs, the exposed spiral was used, and for more expensive modifications it was masked with a perforated disc.

Spiral and disc changes are not energy efficient. Such galvanized plates take a relatively long time to heat up, and after that you have to wait a long time for them to cool. There is no exact thermal control and food can be overheated. Electric hobs with burners of this type have the advantage of low cost which makes them still required in some areas.

Vitroceramic electric hob

The next type of electric hob, which was an innovation of the 20th century, is the one with a glass-ceramic heating surface. Ceramic glass hobs heat up relatively quickly, especially with additional fast heating or preheating functions. However, the energy consumption is higher compared to the other types of hob. Instead, their advantage is that you can set the temperature to numerous intensity ranges.

Progressive cooking stoves that heat up in seconds. Their power is continuously regulated, and the temperature drops instantly, like a gas stove. The heat is transmitted through thin ribbons. Another variation can use halogen lamps. Their basic working principle is based on a powerful halogen lamp. It illuminates the bottom of the dishes and instantly initiates heating. In the same sense, immediately this light ends, the heating around is also turned off. The power to such burners is controllable. Fundamental monitoring of halogen burners is required. The short lifespan of the lamps compared to the usual heating elements can create headaches.

Induction hob

Induction hob is something totally different compared to other electric hobs. Heating in this case takes place according to the principle of electromagnetic waves. As a result, the bottom of the pot heats up from the inside, and the eye or burner remains cold. However, it can be heated from the vessel above. Progressive inductive design is harmless to use, distinguished by noble performance and energy efficiency.

You should know that for this induction hob you will need special pots that can be heated based on electromagnetic waves. The value of inductive electric hobs is higher than similar solutions, so you will have to take a little more money out of your pocket. Some manufacturers equip stoves with an integrated function to change the size and operation of the mesh. If a large diameter pot is used, the adjacent burners can be widened, thus increasing the heating area. If you have pots with an oval base, the cooking mesh acquires a rounded shape. For each type of vessel there is a program that allows you to activate the corresponding function.

The most valid and economical type of burners. Naturally heats the bottom of the dishes, without heating the stove. Inductive cooking zones can guarantee a temperature in a very generous range. They consume half the energy compared to other types of electric burners. A fundamental show stopper of this type of hob can be the high price.

Additional functions of the electric hob

The functions and options that come with the built-in electric hobs are sufficient to meet the needs of the normal user. Newer and more expensive models have increased functionality and use a range of unique options. Let's see what a good electric hob can offer us today. It is important that they simplify the process of cooking in an extremely favorable and comfortable way.

  • Control options. The basic versions offer an LED display, with information about temperature, cooking programs or clock.
  • Cooking preselections. Integrated programs allow you to save yourself extra work, making things faster. There are many presets for temperature, cooking time and early heating. Some changes now have pre-installed programs for popular dishes. The function dramatically simplifies the service behind the stove.
  • Clock and stopwatch function. It is a very good and handy option because it allows you to capture the cooking time. The versions with automatic action are stopped at the final baking point, without the need for intervention by the electric hob user.
  • Fast heating. The purpose of quick preparation is to make it possible to heat the products when needed, without waiting. It is enough to load the urgent components and set the required time on the timer. It's that simple.

Electric hob good for home

Unlike the gas hob, the new electric hob comes directly with an impressive range of functions. Among these, the most necessary and useful are the indication of the residual heat of the burners, the temperature control in several stages and the timer function. For families with young children, the automatic button lock function will be useful.

The electric hob has several temperature regimes. Their number in advanced models can increase up to 20. Especially for housewives, there are also so-called preset programs that allow you to set the necessary parameters for cooking at the touch of a button.

We can also mention the less common modes, such as preheating mode, protection against liquid spillage or extensible heating areas. But do not be fooled by all these popcorn, choose first the basic functions, because any extra option will have a cost.

The best electric hob and materials used

On our local market there are several variations of materials used as sinisaje for various types of electric hob. Below we will present the most common, found in very cheap models, as well as materials found in the built-in electric hob.

Painted electric hob

The most available variety of electric hob with painted metal finish. The most common color is white or black. The paint or varnish is resistant to high temperatures and frequent changes, can be cleaned quite freely and, with proper care, has an attractive longevity. The main thing is not to overdo it with the use of cleaning powder and other abrasive substances, which leave scratches.

Fundamental supervision of this material must be given to fragility. Shards can appear even from a slight blow or, for example, from an unfortunate fall of a pot. Finally, the work base is exposed, and the unit does not look particularly attractive. It is quite difficult to clean the places where layers of dirt have already formed.

Stainless steel electric hob

Stainless steel finish is a better option for cheap electric hob. Stainless steel is not afraid of scratches and bumps, overheating and temperature fluctuations, the action of polishing agents. It is impossible to damage it unintentionally. If you want a hob with a polished surface, it will take a long time to maintain its presentable appearance. All fingerprints and splashes are visible on the shiny alloy. Therefore, if you want to accept a stainless steel hob, choose a matte or anti-fingerprint.

Electric hob with glass

For induction or glass ceramic hobs, glass is used to cover flat material. Such varieties will increase the cost, but have advantages. Food scraps and marks do not stick to the glass ceramic so it is easier to care for and looks infinitely more attractive. Safety glass is quite durable, however, it is afraid of precise impacts and bold temperature rises. The electric hob with glass body and ceramic are often chosen by Romanian users.

Glass pottery is in demand for cooking utensils. It must have an impeccably straight bottom and match the diameter of the heating zone. If the lower size is smaller, it damages the heating elements and, if it is large, stains will appear without hope of being removed.

Conclusion on the choice of electric hob

When you want to choose the best electric hob, it is worth starting your search by type of equipment. An electric hob can have different types of burners, and the cheapest are those with metal spirals or round plates, which usually have 2 meshes. Such a sphere will heat up for a long time, however, it also retains heat for a long time, which is necessary for boiling or frying food.

If your budget allows, you can also look at a unique and uniform glass ceramic hob, in which the heating elements are always hidden under the top panel. With this kitchen equipment, the mesh will heat up immediately, while other adjacent areas of the hob will be cold.

For some models of hobs of this type you can personally choose the size of the heating area, which extends from the diameter of the bottom of the dishes. In addition, they also have the function of indicating hot areas. After cooking, an LED light will indicate if the area is still warm or not.

Top built-in electric hob

When choosing a built-in electric hob, do not overlook the size and design. So, choose the color, finish and model you like. This way you can make sure that the cooking equipment will fit perfectly in the general style of the kitchen.

Well, we have to admit that nowadays, strictly visually speaking, I don't know if it's anything more preferable than a ceramic plate with a display, whose touch buttons, with a light touch, can be controlled very easily. As an extra function, the hob is protected against unintentional changes in working mode. You have ChildLock who will keep away the curious intentions of children and you will know that your kitchen is safe.

A good built-in electric hob will always be basic in care and cleaning compared to a gas hob. This aspect is very important, because no one wants to waste precious time cleaning hard cooking surfaces.

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