the best electric frying pan

Electric Pans – Review and comparison in 2021

More and more people are opting for electric pans that allow them to prepare healthy foods, quickly and effortlessly, and if you are one of them, read this guide to see which is the best option for you. In case you are a pizza lover, you can go forZilan ZLN-7870 , an electric frying pan with a maximum power of 1500 W, which offers you the possibility to easily adjust the desired temperature, with a fear-resistant glass lid. It sits well on the counter, and is compatible with the dishwasher. For pancake lovers we recommend Russell Hobbs 20920-56 Fiesta , simple and convenient to use.

Comparative table

An electric pan dedicated to pizza, but in which you can prepare other types of food, round in shape with a diameter of 36 cm, with a maximum power of 1500 W, with the possibility to adjust the temperature, with heat-resistant glass lid, surface non-stick, which can be easily cleaned.

Being made of aluminum, you must be careful how you use it so that it does not deform or so that the non-stick layer does not fall off.

An electric pan at a decent price, which allows you to quickly make a pizza to your liking.

If pancakes are the favorite dessert in the family, this model of electric pan will help you to prepare them easily, at a diameter of 30 cm, with mechanical control panel, with non-stick hob that has slightly raised edges, with device for stretching the composition , power of 1000 W and 5 temperature steps.

You need a plastic or wooden spatula to check if the pancake is ready on one side and to turn it over.

You can easily prepare the best pancakes with the help of this dedicated device, simple and convenient to use.

This model of electric pan can be used both to prepare pizza or other baked goods, and for barbecue, or juicy food, distributes heat evenly and has a non-stick inner layer, round in shape (diameter 42 cm, height 11 cm) , with a power of 1500 W and a maximum temperature level of 240 degrees C, with glass lid.

Being a multifunctional product, which allows you to be inventive in the kitchen, it has a slightly higher price than other models presented.

You can easily cook, with this model of electric pan, all kinds of dishes, healthy and fast.

In-depth reviews about the best electric pans

See below which are the most popular models of electric pans, at a good value for money, divided into categories to easily find the option that best suits your needs.

Electric pizza pan

Zilan ZLN-7870

the best electric frying pan

Certainly an electric pan, cheap and good will attract your attention and you can opt for this durable and comfortable to use model.

It is a universal model, but it stands out as an electric pizza pan, with the necessary characteristics to prepare this much-loved dish, both for children and adults. Round in shape, with a diameter of 36 cm, it is perfect for a hearty meal, having the advantage of making exactly the type you want.

The pan is made of aluminum, with a non-stick interior, with a heat-resistant glass lid and, very importantly, it is compatible with the dishwasher. The power is 1500 W, with a temperature thermostat at hand. It has light indicators that let you know the operation status and on / off button.


Electric pancake pan

Russell Hobbs 20920-56 Fiesta

the best electric frying pan

This model of electric pancake pan will help you quickly prepare the tastiest options, with a diameter of 30 cm, only good for one serving.

The hob is non-stick and has a slightly raised edge to prevent the composition from leaking out. In the package you have a wooden T-shaped device that helps you distribute the pancake evenly.

It has a maximum power of 1000 W and 5 control steps. The indicator light notifies you when it is ready. The hob is made of PTFE (Teflon) surface which has good anti-stick properties and is easy to clean. The control panel is mechanical, located on the front, with on / off button and sliding button to set the temperature. Also, the indicators let you know when the hob reaches the desired temperature.


House DO9042P

the best electric frying pan

An electric pancake pan is very convenient to use to prepare this dish, much loved at any age, and this model can be a convenient choice for you.

It has a power of 1000 W, with a surface that does not allow food to stick, so you can work comfortably and quickly. The control panel is very simple to use, with lights, on / off button and slide button to adjust the temperature as you wish, higher temperature for red pancakes, lower for a golden appearance.

The rubber feet ensure great stability. You also receive a spatula in the package so that you can spread the composition well. You also have a recipe book when you run out of inspiration. It is an electric pan at a good price, on which you can prepare pancakes with a diameter of 29 cm.



Beper BT 700.Y

the best electric frying pan

For the youngest members of the family, breakfast must be pleasant and quick to prepare, and with this model of electric pan you can make various pleasant dishes such as pancakes, pies, pancakes, etc.

It is very convenient to use, with a power of 1300W, and the centrally located button allows you to easily adjust the desired temperature. Prepare the pancakes one by one, one by one, and they will have a diameter of about 30 cm. Slightly raised edges will hold the composition well so that it does not slip outside.

It also has overheating protection, as well as support legs for a firm position on the worktop. The plate is non-stick. Upon purchase, you also receive a wooden accessory, in the shape of a T, in order to be able to stretch the pancake composition more comfortably. It does not take up much space, having a height of 10 cm, a diameter of 34 cm, and a weight of 1.5 kg.


Multifunctional electric frying pan

Sogo 10060

the best electric frying pan

With this model of electric pan you can prepare different dishes, from pizza and grill, to stews and vegetables, being a multifunctional variant.

It is round, with a diameter of 42 cm and a depth of 11 cm, weighing 2.8 kg. The lid is made of glass, so you can see without removing it what is the stage of the prepared food. The interior is made of PTFE (Teflon) with good non-stick properties.

It also heats evenly. The maximum power is 1500 W, which allows you to cook up to a temperature of 240 degrees C, with the possibility to adjust the desired level. It is a durable pan that will last well over time and is easily maintained. The handles are comfortable.



Princess Pure, black

the best electric frying pan

A multifunctional electric frying pan can be of real use in the kitchen, and this model has interesting features, being able to prepare two assortments at the same time.

It has a ceramic layer and heats evenly and quickly, keeping the food warm for a longer time.

You can cook healthy, without fat or oil. For better stability, the pan comes bundled with a bamboo stand that can be easily removed and cleaned.

The lid is transparent and compatible with the dishwasher. As technical characteristics it has: maximum power of 1600 W, maximum temperature of 240 degrees C, adjustable thermostat. It has a capacity of 4l, an indicator that shows the status, and the power cable is 2m.



MIA-Prodomus MP1065

the best electric frying pan

If you are passionate about Chinese food, then you can choose this electric wok pan, which will allow you to make your favorite dishes, but being a universal model, you can prepare other products such as stews, goulash or soups.

It is made of aluminum, with a non-s

ick coating and, in addition, you can cook without fat. The maximum power is 1500W, which allows you to set the temperature up to 250 degrees C.

The lid is made of glass and the handles do not heat up, so you can handle the pan safely.

It is a high pan, 9 cm, with a diameter of 32 cm, thus having a capacity of up to 5l. Among other features we mention: it keeps the prepared food warm, it has anti-slip feet for a fixed position, the heat is distributed evenly.



Clatronic PP 3402

the best electric frying pan

Certainly an electric frying pan, at a good price, can be a good purchase for you, and this universal model will allow you to keep your desired style, being able to fry different dishes.

You can use this pan to bake pizza or cake tops, for steaks, for vegetables, but also to heat food the next day. The maximum temperature it reaches is 240 degrees C and you have a potentiometer to easily adjust the desired level.

It is easy to clean, with PTFE (Teflon) inside, which also has non-stick properties.

It is round in shape, with a diameter of 36 cm, the maximum power is 1500 W, it is powered from the mains, it weighs 2.2 kg. It has a lid and handles, so it can be easily handled.



Professional electric pan

TurboTronic TT-EP4 XXL

the best electric frying pan

An electric pan from the professional range helps you to comfortably prepare any dish, being universal, and this model has a capacity of 8 l, for the whole family.

It is fed to the mains, by means of a cable with a length of 1 m, and has a maximum power of 1500 W. The temperature controller is positioned on the side and you can thus adjust the power you need for a certain preparation.

The lid is transparent, made of glass and has a slot to release steam. The inside is made of aluminum, and the food does not stick. It is also very easy to clean.

As dimensions, it is medium (30 x 40 x 9 cm), rectangular in shape, and weighs 3.47 kg.



Elekom EK-3038M

the best electric frying pan

If you like to cook and you have more people at the table, you can go for this model of professional electric pan, which will allow you to unwind and cook different assortments.

You can prepare various dishes, from meat and fish, seafood, to pizza, vegetables or even soups.

On the inside it has a layer of non-stick marble, having besides a pleasant appearance also the property of not sticking the food during the preparation. It has a glass lid, which allows you to see what the stage is.

The handles are comfortable and thermal insulating. The power is 1500W and is powered by the network. It also has a temperature potentiometer, to easily make the desired settings. It has a rectangular shape with a length of 38 cm and a width of 30 cm.



Buying guide

You definitely want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, however you want to prepare delicious food for family members, and the ideal option is the best electric pan for you. There are more and more assortments on the market, and the price is decent, so don’t be late and buy your favorite model.

the best electric frying pan

Tip: You can find electric pans, at good prices, either multifunctional or dedicated to certain products.

Multifunctional electric pan: it is preferable when cooking different dishes and allows you to have a wide range of options from soups, grills, stews or steamed vegetables. You can also go for professional models that have two compartments, thus having the possibility to cook two different products simultaneously: soup and stew, vegetables and barbecue or other combinations that you prefer.

Dedicated electric frying pan: when you have family preferences and eat a lot of food, you can buy a dedicated electric frying pan, at a better price and which allows you to quickly prepare what you want.

Thus, you can buy an electricpizza pan – which helps you easily make this wonderful dish loved at all ages, putting exactly the ingredients that everyone likes; for pancakes – a wonderful dessert for both children and adults; wok – dedicated to Chinese food, etc.

Power and temperature : Usually, electric pans have a power between 1000 – 1500 W, either constant or with steps that can be easily adjusted.

Closely related to the power of the product is the temperature, and you will choose depending on the maximum it can reach, if you have certain dishes at high temperatures. Most models reach a maximum temperature of 240 – 250 degrees C and offer you the opportunity to adjust it depending on what you prepare.

Shape and dimensions: Here you have more choices.

You can choose a round model, especially if you prepare pancakes or pizza, or square – rectangular for a universal model. They can be with a flat bottom, most variants, or with a deep wok bottom.

The capacity of the pan is of interest, especially if you have a larger family or want to cook for several days, and can opt for capacities of 4-5 l or more. You also choose the size depending on the space on the kitchen countertop, the round ones having a diameter between 25 – 36 cm or bigger.

For pancakes, the height of the pan is small, with a slightly raised lip just to prevent the composition from leaking out, but if you want to make soups, it is important to be taller (10-12 cm).

Lid:It is important to choose a version with a lid, especially for the multifunctional ones, where you can also cook juicy dishes. The lid can be transparent, useful to see what the preparation stage is, with a grip button to be convenient to use, with a slot for steam release. If it is also compatible with the dishwasher, it will be a plus for easy maintenance.

the best electric frying pan

Other features: According to several opinions about the best electric pans, the better equipped it is, the better management it will allow you.

Material: aluminum ones are cheaper, but do not last very well over time. It is important to have a non-stick coating inside so that the food does not stick. Teflon or ceramic coatings are more practical and durable, but have a slightly higher price.

Length of the power cable: if the pan has a longer cable (2 m) you will be able to install it where you want, without the need for extension cords, in case the socket is remote. A cable clamping system will help you when you want to store it in the pantry or in the closet, between uses.

Support: the rubber support legs are very useful to have a stable position on the kitchen counter. Some models may also have stability support.

Thermal insulation handles: in order to be able to handle the pan easily, the handles are very important and must be thermal insulating and ergonomic.

Accessories: you can also receive various accessories to spread the composition on pancakes (wooden device in the shape of a T), spatula to mix plastic or silicone so as not to damage the non-stick surface, recipe book for the days when you are full of ideas and so on

10 reasons to own an electric frying pan

The offer on the market is very rich and you can easily buy electric pans, cheap and good, to help you prepare delicious food. But let’s see below some reasons to make this choice:

the best electric frying pan

1. Convenient to use: electric pans are in a wide range of models and allow you to easily and comfortably make the desired dishes. Whether you opt for a universal model or a dedicated version, such as an electric pizza pan or pancakes, you will have the best results.

2. Allow temperature adjustment: with the help of the control panel you can easily adjust the desired temperature for the way you cook and you will have remarkable results, even if you are not very skilled.

3. Short preparation time: if you opt for a model with two compartments you will be able to cook two dishes simultaneously, which will greatly shorten the time required for cooking.

4. Cook Healthy: Most models have a non-stick coating on the surface that prevents prepared food from sticking, and you will be able to cook healthier without using oil or other fats.

5. Easy to maintain: due to the non-stick state, the food does not stick and you will wipe the hob with a cloth, without having to clean the pan hard after using it. In addition, some models are compatible with the dishwasher.

6. Convenient handling: the best electric pans have handles that do not heat up, comfortable and so you can handle the pan safely.

7. Accessories: you can receive different spatulas with which to spread the composition or mix in food. Also, some models have recipe books that can be very helpful when you run out of ideas.

8. Warning light: you do not have to constantly guard the food, the electric pans are usually provided with light warning.

9. Uniform heating: theheat is distributed evenly and thus the food is prepared evenly, without the risk of burning on certain parts or being raw.

the best electric frying pan

10. They are well sized: depending on the number of family members you will choose the capacity of the electric pan, so as not to take up space on the kitchen counter and to have exactly the desired amount.

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