the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

Electric Kettles – Review and comparison in 2021

For many people, a successful day can only start with a good coffee or tea. And if you can’t always have access to the stove, you can only prepare your magic potion in a container with power supply. We present you some models of electric kettle, selected according to their utility, as well as their main characteristics. If you want a small and light enough product to accompany you anywhere, we recommendVivax CM-1000B . It has a power of 1000 W, capacity of 400 ml, power cable of 75 cm and On / Off button, but at the same time it is equipped with various safety systems. If you do not find this kettle in stock, the second option may be Hunkar GM-7315S .

Comparative table

Due to its size, the product is portable and easy to handle, takes up little storage space, but can make enough coffee even for several people. It also has an ergonomic design and safety systems that will make it easy and safe to handle.

It is made of plastic, which can mean that it can spoil more easily and can emit an unpleasant odor during use.

For a more than reasonable price, you can enjoy a quality coffee with this product wherever you are, so it fully deserves our recommendations and should not be missing from any “kit” of morning awakenings.

Inspired by traditional kettles, this electric appliance is designed to be simple and convenient to use. With a single maneuver and the touch of a key, you can relax at home or on the go and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

The product is only available in black, which, although easily matched in any environment, is not fully approved by everyone.

It is a portable, easy to handle and efficient device that you can buy at a very low price. It deserves a try.

It is a multifunctional device, because you can easily and safely boil up to 500 ml of water to prepare various drinks such as tea or coffee, but you can also heat other liquids, such as milk, to make, for example, a chocolate. hot or ready-made drinks.

It has no protection against operation if it runs out of water during use, so it is necessary to monitor it during operation.

It is an easy to use product with a nice design, which you can purchase and use without problems as long as you monitor it closely.

In-depth reviews about the best electric kettle

Our list of products is based on opinions about the best electric kettle and includes information on the technical specifications of the devices, as well as certain advantages and disadvantages of them, based on the descriptions made.

Vivax CM-1000B

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee The Vivax CM-1000B coffee machine is a small and compact device, the quality of which will not let you down, providing you with the aromatic magic liqueur you need to start the day well. The device is small enough (24.2x14x10 cm) and light (0.38 kg) that you can easily hide it even in the smallest kitchen cabinet, in the office drawer or in the pocket of your travel bag.

The power cord provides the ability to place the device at a maximum distance of 75 cm. A power of 1000 W and a capacity of 0.4 liters will provide enough coffee for all the energy needed during the working day. You can get up to 8 small cups of coffee in a few moments. It is made of plastic.

The product is very safe to use because it has additional protection against overheating. The ergonomic handle and the so-called “cold handle” make the device completely secure. Non-slip base is added for full functionality. If you’re a coffee addict, you’ve just found the best electric kettle for you.


Sun COFFEM-800-400-LF

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee Even if it seems at first sight that there is not much difference between Turkish and Greek coffee, experts say that it is about different products. This electric coffee pot has a power of 800 W and a maximum capacity of 400 ml, enough for up to 6 cups of coffee. It also has a 50 cm long power cord.

The device has a long, ergonomic handle, which makes it easy and safe to use. It is equipped with an On / Off button and light signaling, so you can check at a glance that it will not stay on after you pour the coffee. But if you forget it on, no accident will happen, because it is equipped with a safety thermostat, which will turn it off automatically.

It can only be used to boil water or make coffee. Therefore, it is not useful if you want to heat milk, and you can only make tea if you infuse it in another container. Also, it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, but only wiped with a damp cloth.



the best electric kettle for tea or coffee The Sogo KET-SS5775 is a product designed to harmoniously decorate your kitchen space, without taking up too much storage space, due to its small size (19.8 x 19.8 x 14.2 cm). For those who do not want to use the microwave, it is the perfect alternative. It is a bit slow, given its low power (400 W).

It is an electric kettle, at a good price, multifunctional, used for the preparation of hot drinks with hot milk and chocolate, being able to heat up to 1l of all liquids that do not need to be boiled, because it can reach a temperature of 80 ° C. Designed primarily as a milk and water kettle, this item was made on the outside of polypropylene and on the inside of aluminum, designed to last and distribute heat quickly and evenly.

The inside was lined with a non-stick coating to prevent the milk from burning and sticking to the walls of the product during the boiling process. It is easy to clean and maintain: the inside is rinsed only with water and wiped with a damp cloth. It also has protection against overheating, in order to permanently benefit from the user’s safety. It is portable, being suitable for travel.


Rohnson RMR181  

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee If you want a coffee maker small enough to easily fit anywhere, but at the same time spacious enough for a large coffee or two small ones, Rohnson offers you the RMR 181 model, with a capacity of 250 ml.

The power of 870 W, related to the capacity of the vessel, translates into a very high cooking speed. Thus, your coffee will be ready in the morning before you manage to wake up. The kettle can rotate completely on the base, which makes it very easy to handle. It is also detachable, being able to be filled with water without risking wetting the power cord or the surface on which the base is placed.

It is not used for any purpose other than to boil water, it is not cleaned in the dishwasher and it is operated by pressing the On / Off button, equipped with light signaling. If you forget to turn off the appliance after emptying it, it has a fuse that will automatically interrupt its operation.


Zilan ZLN-3628

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee To quickly boil water for 2-4 coffees, depending on how big you prefer the cups, you can successfully use this electric kettle, cheap and good, provided by the Turkish brand Zilan. The container has a capacity of 300 ml and a power of 800 W, so it will act very quickly.

It is made of stainless steel and has an ergonomic, long, bakelite handle, so it is a durable product. It has the dimensions of 24 x 16 x 11 cm, offered on the manufacturer’s page and the possibility of rotating the vessel based on 360 degrees. Thus, it is recommended as a portable product and easy to use and clean.

Switching on and off is intuitive, by pressing the brightly signaled On / Off button in operating condition. The device has automatic shutdown if it does not contain anything and is not provided with a power cord. For this electric kettle, the manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty.


Electric kettle for Turkish coffee

Hunkar GM-7315S

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee To prepare an authentic Turkish coffee, although you do not always have a source of flame at hand, you can confidently use an electric kettle for Turkish coffee, which is easy to handle and has an extremely short boiling time.

Having no power cord, you do not need to keep it in the immediate vicinity of the outlet. It has a 360 degree rotating power transmission connector. The base is non-stick and detachable, and can be easily cleaned, although it is forbidden to insert any component of the appliance under running water or in the dishwasher.

The device works at a power of 850 W and has a capacity of 320 ml, suitable for 5-6 small coffees – “Turkish”. Product dimensions: 10.5 x 24 x 16 cm recommend it as a portable and easy to store. At home, at the office or on vacation you can enjoy a flavored coffee thanks to the Hunkar GM-7315S kettle.


Stainless steel electric kettle

Scheffler DC203

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee If you need a more spacious container for coffee or to boil or heat water, then the Scheffler stainless steel electric kettle offers you 500 ml capacity in exchange for a convenient price.

The device can be used both wired and wireless, with the possibility of rotation based on 360 degrees. The base is detachable and non-stick, equipped with a On / Off button that you can operate with a simple push. If you do not want to boil the water, but only to heat it, all you have to do is turn off the device manually.

Among the elements that protect you from unpleasant accidents is the long, ergonomic, plastic handle that prevents you from having direct contact with the hot metal or that prevents your hand from slipping and dropping the container. The appliance will also switch off automatically if it overheats.


Kivam GM-7316

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee With a maximum capacity of 320 ml and power of 850 W, the model we offer by Kivam is a multifunctional one, suitable both for preparing a quality Turkish coffee, and for boiling or heating water for tea or powdered milk.

The device is made of high quality stainless steel, while the base and handle are covered in thermal insulation plastic. Thus, you can handle the kettle even when the water boils, without fear of burning yourself. The device has a power transmission base for complete rotation (360 degrees).

Having a metallic structure, the kettle weighs a little more than other similar products (1 kg), but it is just as easy to use. It is activated to start or stop, when the water has boiled or warmed up enough, by pressing a button placed on the base. If it runs out of water, the device automatically shuts off.


Hos-Sohbet GM-7381

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee Offering technology and elegance at the same time, the electric kettle set for Turkish coffee quickly prepares up to 5 coffees, delicious and with a lot of foam. Attracting attention with its original and decorative design, the Hos-Sohbet electric kettle is the greatest assistant of coffee lovers. Its color fits any decor and has no thread.

The contents of the set consist of a stainless steel electric kettle and an energy transmission base that allows 360 degree rotation, as well as 2 coffee cups. Made in Turkey from stainless steel, the kettle has an ergonomic heat-resistant handle that does not allow you to scald or roast yourself when you pour coffee, thus allowing you to enjoy it as soon as it is ready.

The product offers safety in the kitchen by the fact that it does not work when overheated. It is also conveniently used through the 360-degree rotating body, and thanks to the wireless use function, it is easy to place your electric coffee kettle wherever you want in the kitchen. Due to its 850W power, the cafes will have the same flavor and will be just as frothy every time.


Delimano electric kettle

Delimano Joy 1000171703

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee The kettle has no wire and can be easily lifted from the base to allow the liquid to be poured or the vessel to be filled with water. The water is heated quickly to boiling point thanks to a powerful 2200W kettle. It is safe due to the automatic shut-off, the lockable cover, the dry cleaning and the power indicator. Also, the detachable filter allows easy cleaning.

The Delimano Joy electric kettle helps you to boil quickly or heat to a temperature between 40 and 99 ° C up to 1.7 l of water, bringing it to a temperature that you can set and that you can keep until in half an hour.

The digital setting of the temperature gives you complete control, and the water level indicator allows you to know all the time how much liquid is still in the vessel. It stops automatically if it overheats or runs out of water.



Buying guide

If you are a coffee lover or if you really like tea or you have a baby who needs to prepare powdered milk in record time, it is essential to have a very good kettle to serve all kinds of hot drinks. This household appliance is very practical, because it allows you to boil quickly, but sometimes you can control the water temperature without having to monitor it non-stop. But it is also true that there are many types of electric hybrids on the market, cheap and good, of which here are the ones you need to look for to choose the most suitable one:

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

Material: Teapots or coffee makers can be designed from several materials, such as stainless steel, glass or heat-resistant plastic. The best electric kettles are usually made of stainless steel because it is a more robust and easier to maintain material. Glass models are harder to handle because glass is a good conductor of heat. A plastic kettle can sometimes give the water an unpleasant taste when heated.

Sometimes these models even contain Bisphenol A, a very controversial substance for several years. For your health, it is recommended that you do not buy a kettle that contains bisphenol A. BPA is considered to be an endocrine disruptor and can have harmful effects on the brain and hormone function.

Temperature: You will also need to consider the expected temperature range as well as the number of levels available to adjust your kettle. Of course, all models will allow you to reach 100 ° C, but for some drinks it may be necessary to have a kettle that does not reach boiling. If you choose a kettle with the possibility of adjusting the temperature, remember that the best coffee is made with water heated to 90-95 ° C, while green tea has the best aroma with water at 70-80 ° C. For powdered milk, you need water at 50 ° C.

Therefore, you may need a device with the widest possible temperature range. Also, make sure that you can adjust the temperature in steps of 10 ° C. Some hybrids even offer a temperature maintenance function.

Power: The power will determine the time it will take for the kettle to heat the water. The bigger it is, the shorter the time. However, it must also be correlated with the volume of the kettle: at 850 W, a 350 ml kettle will obviously heat up faster than a 1 liter one. However, the higher the power, the louder the device.

Capacity:An electric coffee kettle can hold between three to eight cups of water (250-500 ml). There are travel models with a capacity of about 1 L, but they are less powerful than a conventional 1.7 liter tea appliance. Most electric kettles on the market are relatively compact, even those with a large capacity.

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

Cable: The advantage of the wireless model is that you can lift the container from the base and put boiled water in a cup without a long cable getting in your way. It also allows you to fill the container in a room other than the kitchen quite easily. The best models of electric kettles at good prices wirelessly have a pivoting base, which is easy to use by both right-handed and left-handed people.

Water level indicator: Shows the amount of water in the kettle. Such an indicator is very useful when you need to heat a specific amount of water, which is less than the maximum capacity of the appliance, such as water for a serving of powdered milk for a small baby.

Durability: It is largely based on the quality of materials and the manufacturer’s commitment to make good quality work. This is a difficult criterion to study, which is why we can advise you to use only well-known brands, which offer a guarantee and whose reputation is already founded.

The mandatory safety function is the automatic shut-off once the water has reached the desired temperature. However, some hybrids offer additional safety measures, often allowing them to prolong their life through proper engine maintenance.

Resistance: May be visible or hidden. It’s not just an aesthetic issue: if a device with visible resistance is cheaper to buy, this is not only because it is less attractive in design, but also because it has a shorter lifespan because it is more exposed. in direct contact with water. For a quality kettle, choose an internal resistance, also called hidden resistance.

Other criteria: A good product should also have the following features:

Automatic shut-off function: thanks to this function, the electric kettle switches itself off if it runs out of water.

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

Available space. Depending on the use you want, but also on the space in which you intend to store it, you can choose a larger or smaller product. The capacity often determines the size of your kettle.

Handle: The handle of your kettle should be insulated to prevent it from burning during serving.

Once you have found out what are the latest offers for electric kettles at a good price and the selection criteria that should be applied, you can continue reading answers to frequently asked questions and easy recipes to make a memorable Turkish coffee.

Frequent questions

How much coffee does the kettle boil?

Some recipes say that between the time the coffee is added to the kettle and the time when the preparation is over, about 3 minutes should pass on average for a quantity of 200 ml. Others indicate about 5 minutes, divided into 2-3 rounds on very low heat.

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

How many calories does a coffee in a kettle have?

A simple cup of coffee with a kettle is a good choice in terms of caloric intake, which is almost zero. But if you add sugar, milk, whipped cream, syrup or anything else, the number of calories increases dramatically, and can even reach 300-400 calories, depending on the type of sugar, fat in milk or other dairy products, etc.

How to make kettle tea?

Use cold water. Make sure your kettle is descaled regularly and that it is clean. You can use filtered water if you want. Boil the amount of water you need – this will save you time and energy. Add as much tea as you want (a few plant leaves, a teaspoon – or a sachet – is usually enough for a cup of tea). Let it infuse for about three minutes.

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

The Royal Society of Chemists (UK) and the British Standards Institute agree that you should pour milk into the cup before tea; but if you read George Orwell, milk must be added after tea. Regardless of your preference, we recommend that you use a milk that is not too creamy and add enough to produce a rich color.

How to make Turkish coffee in a kettle

Famous in the world, Turkish coffee is one of the most consumed. It differs from other coffees by the way it is prepared, served, the way it is drunk, but also by the ritual of “guessing” in the cup. Here are the preparation steps:

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee

Ingredients and dishes

To prepare a fragrant and tasty Turkish coffee, you need a special container, a traditional copper kettle, cezve, or modern, stainless steel, special cups, sugar, and, last but not least, a coffee, preferably freshly ground , much finer than the filter or espresso machine.


In a bowl, pour as many cups of cold water as you want to make coffee. Turkish coffee is served in smaller cups, usually 50-80 ml. For example, for 2 coffees add 2 cups of cold water. Add as many teaspoons of grated coffee. Some recipes indicate adding coffee from the beginning, others only after the water boils.


Add sugar to taste. You have a choice between: coffee without sugar (sade in Turkish): it has no sugar at all; normal – medium ( vegetable garden in Turkish): add a teaspoon of sugar to a cup of coffee; sweet ( ekerliin Turkish): add a teaspoon and a half or two of sugar to a cup of coffee.

the best electric kettle for tea or coffee


Mix everything well on the fire until the coffee and sugar are well diluted. Heat over medium-low heat until foam – caimac – forms over the coffee. It is important not to shake the coffee, otherwise you will not have cream.


When the foam starts to appear, take the coffee off the heat, because it does not have to boil. Pick up the caimac and divide it between the cups and turn the coffee on the fire. The foam should form again on top. Take the coffee off the heat and pour it into cups without straining it. If you want more caimac, you can repeat the operation several times before pouring the coffee.


In many countries, turquoise coffee is flavored with spices, including cardamom and cinnamon. If you want to try this intense tasting experience, add finely ground spices, if possible ground on the spot. Turkish coffee is served with a glass of water and Turkish shit (lokum).

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