the best electric oven for baking

Electric Ovens – Review and comparison in 2021

Efficient and safer alternatives than gas-fired versions, electric ovens are a popular and popular solution today. If you want to enjoy more precise temperature control and the multiple functions offered by these devices, which help you better manage your time, here are some recommendations.Beko BIM25300XM is a built-in version, which combines the latest technologies with a generous space dedicated to family meals and a passion for cooking. It offers 8 programs, 3D function and catalytic cleaning. If you need a slightly smaller version that does not require embedding, we offer you as an alternative Star-Light CEC-4218.


Comparative table

With a catalytic self-cleaning system and hot steam dirt removal function, which facilitates the impeccable preservation of the surfaces, this oven model is ideal for very busy people. Includes timer for automatic setting of cooking time, allows the preparation of three dishes at once and includes 8 predefined programs.

It is a built-in version, which means that it requires embedding in furniture and involves additional installation costs.

Modern and safe option, suitable for families with children, provided with multiple operating programs, which allow the preparation of delicious dishes of the most diverse.

This product is part of the category of models that do not require embedding, being easy to install and use, and provides a mechanical control panel, intuitive, which allows customization of the most important operating parameters. It has a modern look, black exterior and is ideal for kitchens where there is no space for a large oven.

It is one of the versions with a reduced capacity, which makes it less suitable for families in which it is cooked in large quantities.

Model with convection operation and grill option, with slim format and various options for adapting to the thermal needs of the preparation.

Halogen option, which offers faster cooking with low consumption, for those who do not have time to wait and who need an efficient and economical food preparation solution. It can raise the temperature inside the vessel up to 250oC and provides you with seven levels of intensity, for easy adaptation to the specifications of each recipe.

It has a capacity of only 12 liters, which means that it is a viable solution for couples and single people or as an additional option in multi-member households.

Oven with power supply and round design, which allows you to easily track the condition of the dishes.

In-depth reviews about the best electric ovens

This category of products includes a variety of models, so different that it can be difficult to stop at one final option. To facilitate your decision, we have selected for you some of the most popular versions of electric ovens, at good prices, available online, which will help you better define your priorities.


Built-in electric oven:

Beko BIM25300XM

the best electric oven for baking If you are looking for a built-in electric oven of medium size, we suggest you include in the list of options this model Beko BIM25300XM, 59.5 x 59.4 x 56.7cm. It is a multifunctional version of energy class A, which means that, with low consumption, it offers 8 programs, including defrosting, classic baking and convection, heating only up or down and combined, grill and pizza.

For safe and comfortable use, it includes interior lighting, automatic shutdown, access lock system for the little ones, the option to keep the food warm, plus catalytic self-cleaning and hot steam, which saves you a lot of work. It also includes a timer, which allows you to set the desired cooking time for each dish.

Among the aspects that will surely impress you are the control buttons, which are hidden when not in use, leaving this model of Beko electric oven with a flat appearance, with a modern profile, as well as 3D cooking, which allows you to prepare three recipes at the same time, without mixing the flavors.


Non-built-in electric oven:

Star-Light CEC-4218

the best electric oven for baking For medium and small kitchens, in which a product is needed that intelligently combines a slim format, with an interior large enough to easily cook for several people, we recommend the Star-Light CEC electric oven model. -4218. It has a built-in format similar in design to the microwave versions, but which works by convection.

It has a width of 40cm, a height of 58cm and a depth of 37cm and is provided with a door with side opening and a mechanical control system, with buttons. The latter allows you to select the desired temperature, to set the cooking time, with the help of the timer, and to establish the mode of heat exposure, choosing from the 6 available programs.

Using a power of 1800W, this model can heat the interior up to 230oC, a level sufficient for most of the recipes (meat, vegetables, cakes, etc.). It is delivered together with the drain tray and grill, for those who prefer the grill.


Electric convection oven:

meister Hausgerate HRH5D

the best electric oven for baking If you have heard of the advantages of halogen options and want to test them, we suggest the HRH5D model, a cheap and good electric oven from meister Hausgerate. It is a product with above average power, for this thermal category, of 1200 – 1400W, and with a capacity of 12l.

The small volume of the cooking space recommends it either as a secondary option, for the moments when you need to be able to prepare the meal quickly, or as a unique solution for households where small quantities are prepared. Includes mechanical control panel, with thermostat, which allows you to set the desired temperature up to the maximum level of 250oC, on 7 steps, and timer, for automatic shutdown.

The heating area is made of heat-resistant glass, which means you can always see what stage the food is in. The product is sold together with two grills, a pair of pliers and a ring to extend the available space. It can be considered a mini electric oven, the format being one of small dimensions (35.5 x 35.5 x 24mm), easy to integrate in the kitchen space.


Whirlpool electric oven:

Whirlpool Absolute Gallery AKZM 8640 IX

the best electric oven for baking The door with damping locking system, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior and 16 predefined cooking programs – these are just some of the features that will tell you that this Whirlpool electric oven is a demanding model.

The large capacity, of 73 liters, recommends it for large families, where they cook a lot, and the digital control panel warns you from the start that you must be familiar with the technology. But don’t worry, it’s intuitive enough to handle it easily.

In terms of size, it is a medium version (59.5 x 59.5 x 56.4cm) and is part of the category of built-in models. It is at the same time a model from the energy class A +, it works by convection and it is delivered together with a grill and two trays, which invites you to start cooking immediately. The power cord is only 0.9m, so carefully plan the positioning in relation to the nearest outlet.


Small electric oven:

Albatross A63BPRC2

the best electric oven for baking With dimensions of 43 x 42.5 x 62cm and a capacity of 63 liters, this model of Albatros electric oven, ideal if your kitchen does not have too generous space. It provides a power of 2200W, which easily generates up to 230 o C for well-cooked vegetables and a crispy chicken steak.

It includes seven operating programs, which combine the specific ventilation of the system by convection, with heating in the upper and / or lower part, so that you can adapt to the specific requirements of each recipe. You also have a toaster, for the moments when you want to cook the meat lightly and evenly.

People who are passionate about details will certainly consider it as good as a stove, given that it is an electric oven with hob, which also offers two holes on which you can boil coffee or prepare a delicious soup, while the kind two are baked below. For easy and comfortable use, it is sold with a compatible grill, baking tray and waste tray.


Bosch electric oven:

Bosch HBG633NB1

the best electric oven for baking Elegant and majestic, the modern design of this Bosch HBG633NB1 electric oven, with a deep black exterior, will definitely change the look of your kitchen. It is a built-in version, so carefully choose a frame that suits you, taking into account its dimensions (59.5 x 59.5 x 54.8cm). The front part is made of black colored glass, the door is provided with cushioning, for silent closing, and the handle does not heat up, always allowing safe opening.

The impressive features are not limited to the outside, the digital control panel, subtle and intuitive, providing you with 10 predefined cooking programs, with integrated cleaning and ventilation system that ensures fast air uniformity.

Choosing this technical version from Bosch, you bring home a powerful device, 3650W, which can raise the temperature inside to 300oC, ideal for those who dream of an electric pizza oven, which will make a crispy dough and tender. It allows precise temperature management, includes a timer for setting the desired cooking time and is part of the energy class A +.


Hansa electric oven:

Hansa Scandium BOEI69472

the best electric oven for baking Rapid preheating, defrosting, dehydration, toaster and grill are just some of the 10 programs that this Hansa electric oven model offers you. It is a high-performance version, with a power of 3100W and a capacity of 65 liters, ideal for large families and those who love to receive frequent guests at the table.

For comfort and safety , the oven also offers automatic shutdown, with timer, catalytic self-cleaning, door that does not take the temperature inside, preventing contact burns, precise temperature control and a clock to orient you perfectly in time. It works on a convection basis, including a ventilation system that evens out the heat inside.

The design is modern, with durable stainless steel exterior, retractable buttons and electronic panel, with intuitive elements, easy to use and discreet. It heats up to 250oC in an efficient way, being an energetic class A model, incorporable, perfect for kitchens where it relies on quality.



Buying guide

Incorporable or free-standing, classic, convection or halogen, the best electric ovens turn cooking into a pleasure, even when you come tired from work.

If it’s time to include such a useful tool in the kitchen, we help you with the most important criteria you need to consider to find the right model, from size and power to the number of programs and functions offered. .


the best electric oven for baking

Dimensions: Before entering into more technical and complicated criteria, let’s start with a simple but essential aspect: dimensions. Even the best electric oven will prove to be a disaster if it doesn’t fit in the kitchen. So start by carefully measuring the space available to know exactly which models to look at.

Most of the options fall in width between 40 and 90 cm, the most popular being those of 50 – 55 cm, and the extreme of 80 – 90 being reserved for professional variants. The height is 80 – 85 cm, and the depth is 60 – 65 cm, the most important aspect being how narrow or wide the oven must be.

Exceptions are the halogen versions that are available in smaller formats, up to 35 x 35cm and to which it is good to orient if what you are looking for is a small and unincorporated electric oven.


Built-in or freestanding: Theoretically, the built-in electric oven versions have a more discreet and modern design and are easier to integrate into the overall design of the kitchen.

If you like everything to look perfect, you might find the solution in this category. But keep in mind that these versions are more demanding in terms of size and are more complicated to install, needing a specially created frame.

Regarding the category of burners used in addition, you can opt for gas hob and electric oven or a hob of the same type.

On the other hand, if you choose a freestanding oven model, it will simply have to be put in its place and it is ready to use, being more practical from this point of view. You can also easily change its place if you change the furniture in the meantime.

Classic or halogen: Halogenmodels are a newer version on the market and fall into the category of cookers rather than ovens, being smaller and with a slightly different structure, with heat-resistant glass dish.

the best electric oven for baking

It consumes more electricity per hour, but I cook food faster, generating heat both by convection and by radiation, which is why overall you will come out with lower electricity costs. However, we draw your attention to the fact that they have a lower capacity, being less suitable as a main cooking option for large families. From the design point of view, we are talking about a round electric oven, easy to integrate in the look of the kitchen.

The classic variants, with electric resistance, are available in more varied versions in terms of design and size and you will often find them at more affordable prices, being ideal for those who cook in large quantities.


Maximum temperature: Most models of electric ovens, cheap and good, reach a maximum temperature of 230 o C, some reach 250 – 260 o C, and fewer heat up to / exceed 300 – 320 o C. If you want to you know which option you need, you have to consider what you cook the most.

Up to 170 – 180oC prepare slow cooked steaks and cakes that do not require significant growth, while in the range 190 – 210oC you can leave the dough for a short time, to brown, poultry steak, to form that the golden crust and cheese you want to melt.

You need a cheap electric oven that can generate 220 to 230oC to get the best vegetables with a golden and appetizing exterior and to help the dough grow nicely. Ovens that exceed 250 – 260oC are for those who love to bake bread and cakes, and those that can create up to 300oC indoors are for homemade pizza enthusiasts.


Types of cooking and programs: The cooking options available, whether we are talking about an unincorporated or built-in electric oven, combine the alternation of heaters positioned on the ceiling and at the bottom of the oven, the use of ventilation and additional options such as grill or roaster.

You will find between 4 and 16 combinations between these elements, for example: static bottom heating (without ventilation) for cakes that need crust in the bottom of the dough, heating on both heaters and with ventilation for the steak, which needs a uniform temperature etc.

Numerous opinions about the best electric ovens of the new generation recommend models with 3D cooking option, which means that you can prepare three dishes at the same time, without mixing the smells.

the best electric oven for baking

Additional functions: Among the most common functions are the timer, which automatically stops cooking after a set period of time, preventing burning, and catalytic self-cleaning, which saves you the effort of removing grease and dirt from the oven walls.

The possibility to choose the cooking temperature is very important and here you have to choose between variants that include predefined steps and models that allow the introduction of the number of degrees. Child protection, which prevents the little ones from turning on the oven or changing the settings, is essential if you have small children in the house and also a door that does not heat up on the outside.


Frequent questions

How much does an electric oven consume?

The maximum level of cost that accompanies the consumption of an electric convection oven can be obtained quite easily, multiplying the power of the device by the number of hours in which it is kept in operation. For example, if you have a 2kW model and you cook on average, in the oven, up to 4 hours a week, you will have a consumption of 8kW per week and 32kW per month. At the current price of approximately 0.5 lei / kWh, this means 16 lei per month or 192 lei per year.

the best electric oven for baking

If you do not feel comfortable to depend only on the electrical network, you can choose a stove with electric oven and gas hob, a combination that will help you save especially if you are used to cooking often on burners.

What are the most suitable methods for cleaning the electric oven?

If you bought an electric oven, at a good price, provided with catalytic self-cleaning, all you have to do is wipe it from time to time inside, with a cloth soaked in water and vinegar. Do not use abrasive solutions or chemical formulas, because you will damage the ceramic structure that ensures automatic cleaning. Self-cleaning ovens are best washed with a solution of water and baking soda, which removes most of the dirt by repeated application.

the best electric oven for baking

What is the resistance of the electric oven?

The resistors used in an unincorporated or incorporable electric oven are the elements that generate heat, when the current passes through them. They are usually positioned both on the ceiling of the oven and at the bottom, to provide a uniform heating of the dishes.


Recipes made in the electric oven

You bought a stove with an electric oven and you want to cook something good, but you don’t know exactly what to start with? We recommend some appetizing and impressive recipes that will surely delight your family.


Cake in an electric oven

For the dough you need: 1kg flour, 500g milk, 84g fresh yeast, 6 yolks, 15g salt, 200g sugar, grated orange peel, vanilla essence, 90g oil. The filling is obtained by mixing 350g of homemade or commercial chocolate, with 175g of nuts and 175g of shit. You need another egg to grease the cakes, before putting them in an electric convection oven.

the best electric oven for baking

Buy 000 or 480 flour, special for the cake and prepare the ingredients the night before, leaving at room temperature: flour, eggs and yeast. Start by putting the flour in a large bowl, then add salt and sugar. Separate the yolk from the egg whites and put them in preheated milk a little beforehand, together with the orange peel, vanilla essence and crushed yeast. Mix until smooth and then pour the composition over the flour.

Grease your hands and work surface with oil and start kneading the crust, adding oil when it starts to stick. Knead for 20 to 30 minutes, until the dough no longer sticks and then let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Form the cakes and put the filling in each of them. Transfer them to the trays and leave them to rise for up to 1 hour and a half, hot (maximum 30 degrees).

Grease the surface of the cakes with beaten egg and bake at 180 degrees for 45 minutes. If you have a Whirlpool, Beko or other modern electric oven, you will definitely have an integrated thermostat that will stop baking in time. First use the heating program that uses only the heating element at the bottom to stimulate the growth of the dough.


Pork steak in electric oven

Among the simplest recipes that you can cook with a stove with electric oven is pork steak. Using the right settings, which means, in most models, superior heating combined with convection, to even out the hot air, you quickly get a tasty and tender food. You need very few ingredients: 1.5kg pork (muscle, meat, fillets, etc.), 6 cloves of garlic, 200ml tomato broth, 3 tablespoons oil, salt, pepper, hot or sweet paprika, to taste .

Cut the meat, if it is not already sectioned, beat it a little for tender, arrange the pieces in the oven tray and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Chop the garlic and grind it, then add oil and mix until you get a white paste. Fill with broth, paprika, pepper and salt, add 100-150ml of water and mix well.

Then pour the sauce obtained over the meat and place the tray in the preheated oven, at 200oC, first with a lid or covered with foil. Discover the steak in the last half hour, to form a pleasant crust. Of course, if you have an electric oven with a toaster, you can also opt for the alternative of a chicken that needs less preparation.


Bread in an electric oven

Whether you have a professional electric oven or a standard version, bread is one of the dishes you can easily prepare. You need 1kg of flour, 700ml of slightly heated water, 25g of dry yeast, 20g of salt and a little oil. Dissolve the yeast in 600ml of warm water, add a handful of flour and leave for 10 minutes. Then pour the rest of the flour and knead a little until the dough is homogeneous.

the best electric oven for baking

Weigh the salt and sprinkle over the dough, mix and then start kneading, manually or with the help of a food processor. Don’t forget to grease your hands a little with oil to avoid sticking. Then put the dough in a large container and fold it a few times, then put it completely in a plastic bag and leave it to rise for an hour. Repeat the folding and leave it for another half an hour.

It’s time to put the dough in the pan. Don’t forget to grow it a little so that it grows well. For bread, you need a temperature as high as possible, of at least 250oC, in a preheated oven, and in the first 20 minutes it bakes without ventilation, because it needs the steam created inside. So if you have an electric built-in oven, be careful what predefined program you choose. To know when it’s ready, grab the bread with a thick towel, turn it over and hit it with your finger on the bottom. If it sounds empty, it’s done.


8 useful tips in using the electric oven

Most electric ovens provide you with a variety of useful functions, which can help you quickly and efficiently obtain tasty, properly cooked dishes. Grill, lower level baking with or without ventilation, pizza option – these are just a few options that are good to know if you want to benefit from all the advantages offered.


Electric ovens are preferred to gas ovens, both due to better control of cooking parameters and multiple predefined programs, which greatly facilitate the preparation of food, especially if you are not a specialist chef.

For the best results, however, it is important to know how to manage the heating, ventilation and grill options provided on your own, as well as possible. Here are some important things to know about any person who uses such a cooking device.


Always use the right level of heating

All electric ovens are equipped with heaters at the top and bottom, which can be used either alternately or together, depending on the baking effect you want to get and the recipe approached.

Thus, for pandispan, cozonac, muffins and other dishes that need to grow, it is good to use, for most of the baking time, the lower heating. The upper one is activated, in this case, in the last minutes to obtain a beautiful and reddish crust.

For fish, cakes or salted products with puff pastry, steaks or baked vegetables, you can use both heating areas directly, to obtain a uniform baking.

the best electric oven for baking

Don’t forget the grill

Because it is a less used function, the grill is often neglected, although it creates healthy and very tasty dishes. From simple toast, which you can serve with a thin layer of butter and jam, for breakfast, to au gratin vegetables, skewers or sausages, the dishes you can get with the grill are numerous and varied.

It is good to know that always, a quality oven will give you at least two ways to use the grill. The first is the standard one, without ventilation, in which the grille is placed as high as possible, at level 4 or 5, in order to be close to the superior heat source. In the second case, with ventilation, you can place it on a middle level and you can also approach dishes that need longer cooking time. It is the best way to prepare chicken legs, burgers or fish fillets.

Regardless of the option chosen, do not forget to position on the lowest level a tray in which you put about a liter of water, to collect the fat and oil that will drain from the dishes, thus avoiding dirtying the oven.


When to use convection

The convection function ensures the rapid uniformization of the heat in the oven and is suitable for dishes that normally need a longer baking time, the convection reducing the duration of the thermal process.

We recommend that you use it when you want to quickly prepare sweet or savory pies, stuffed eggplant or pumpkin, cookies, rolls and other products of this type.


Pizza – integrated function or technical option

Some models of electric ovens include predefined programs associated with certain categories of products, such as the one for preparing pizza, and others are equipped with functions that present the options directly in technical form, which you need to know when and how to use.

If you like to make pizza and you have bought an oven from the second category, it is good to know that the optimal combination for this type of dough is the heating on the lower level in association with the convection function.


Keep food warm

Most versions will also offer you the possibility to keep the dishes warm, through a predefined function that keeps a temperature level of approximately 60-65oC inside. However, it is good to remember that in order to obtain the best results, it is recommended that the preparations be placed on a middle level.


Self-cleaning and what not to do

If you have chosen an oven with a cleaning function, catalytic or pyrolytic, it is good to know that in order to keep this option at the optimal level, it is advisable to avoid the use of abrasive substances or materials inside. Even too aggressive detergents are not recommended because you can remove the chemical treatment that gives the walls the ability to clean themselves.

When it comes to pyrolytic cleaning, it is important not to leave any cooking utensils or additional items, such as trays or grills, inside the oven. If they are dirty, remove them and wash them separately, because left inside they will be damaged due to the very high temperature.

the best electric oven for baking

How to save energy

For those who want to consume as little energy as possible, we recommend a variant that works by convection. This technology increases the speed of uniformity of heat inside and reduces baking time. It also gives you the opportunity to prepare several dishes at the same time, thus significantly reducing the number of hours you have to keep the oven active.

Use the window included in the oven door and the light bulb to monitor the condition of the dishes and avoid opening the oven while the food is cooking. Each time you open the door, the temperature inside decreases and the device must consume additional energy to return it to the required level.

Try not to use the preheating option, if it is not directly mentioned in the recipe you are preparing, because this function consumes extra current.

You can also reduce the amount of energy used for cooking, using the residual heat that the oven releases for a few more minutes after you turn it off. Especially in homes where the oven is frequently used, this trick can significantly reduce consumption.


Simple structures

Be careful with the size of the baking paper you put in the tray. It is not necessary for it to exceed the surface used for cooking. If you put too much and use convection, the air will not be able to circulate properly and it is possible that some areas of the preparation are too cooked and others, less cooked.

Always carefully clean the oven door gasket. If fat and residue accumulate in this area, the door will not close properly and the device will lose heat, which means difficulties in obtaining a well-cooked food and additional consumption of electricity.

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