The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

The best electric grater – Our recommendations for 2021

If you want your family’s diet to be healthier, with more fresh fruits and vegetables, an electric grater is the one that will give you the work speed and independence necessary for fast and lasting results. One of the best choices you could make isBeper 90.055 , a model that works both as a grater and as a cold fruit press, a slow juicer that will keep the most important active principles intact. The product is not very bulky, it is easy to clean and reassemble after each use and it is made of good quality materials, which guarantees a significant durability. In addition, it includes accessories needed for different types of slicing and scraping, for vegetables and cheeses. And if this proposal does not fit perfectly with your needs or expectations, we also have a spare one: Tefal Fresh Express + MB756G31 .

Comparison table

It is a multifunctional product that works both as a grater and as a slow juicer for fruits, including citrus. It includes accessories for a wide range of cutting and food types, it is easy to disassemble and clean, and the manufacturer used in its construction exclusively durable materials of the highest quality.

The power of 150 W puts it in the category of parts intended for home use, with medium frequency, it does not face in a professional kitchen.

We really appreciate its adaptability and multifunctionality, which allow you to transform your diet into a healthier one, without voluminous or expensive investments, which unnecessarily crowd your kitchen.

It incorporates blades made of stainless steel, which show a high durability over time and a high degree of resistance against corrosion, while being safe in contact with food and easy to maintain. In short, it is an investment that you will enjoy for years.

The engine has a power of only 150 W, optimal for soft vegetables, but unsuitable for processing hard foods.

It is the ideal product for cutting and slicing ingredients, helping you to decorate your most tasty dishes in record time.

It is a device with medium power and low consumption, designed for home use, specially designed to offer the possibility of slicing and scraping, fine or coarse, to cover the usual needs of any housewife. The product is affordable and has acceptable dimensions, even for smaller kitchens.

The piece offers you exclusively the function of electric grater, not being a multifunctional model.

It can be an inspired solution for buyers who want a good quality product, which they can rely on when needed, with a relatively small investment and without overcrowding their kitchen space.

How to choose a good electric grater

Buyer’s guide

Now, when our homes are invaded by more and more appliances useful in food processing and preparation, home cooking is not only a pleasant occupation, but especially an easy and fast one. If you have seen what a food processor, a blender or a modern mincer can do, you can’t help but complete the completion of your kitchen with a multifunctional electric grater.

For example, compared to a robot, these devices are more affordable to invest in, consume less and work well enough to save you from the small chopping and chopping tasks you have to perform when you want to make a stew or a soup. vegetable. Because you will soon ask yourself, “where can I find electric scrapers at a good price?”, We will answer you promptly, presenting you the important arguments in selecting an item from this category.

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Power: is divided into three registers: low, medium and high. If you plan to grate more soft vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash) and fruits, using it with moderate frequency, you can go for a device that offers even only 150W in power.

For people who prefer to easily grate cabbage, carrots, potatoes and other harder vegetables, we recommend a 200W grater, able to work efficiently and have a remarkable durability, even for more frequent uses. Adherents of smoothies or raw vegetable purees will have to focus on a model within the extended power range, which can offer around 250 – 500W and withstand frequent and very frequent use, without the engine suffering. .

Functions: the device must allow you the following procedures: slicing, scraping, cutting, grinding, grinding, and some commercial versions also behave as a blender. The first 4 options mentioned are mandatory for all devices and are based on accessories. Therefore, the model of conventional multifunctional electric grater will be accompanied by at least 4 different screens / knives.

If you want to diversify the texture to which the food fragments are brought, look for an offer with similar sites for the same process, but of different sizes. On the other hand, when you know that you will cook any kind of food and you want to be able to make vegetable or fruit salads with the help of the appliance or to approach recipes specific to other countries, look for a professional electric grater. Even if it will cost you well, you will soon conclude that it was worth the investment.

Scraper configuration: is characterized by load capacity, materials used in manufacturing and secondary design elements. If you opt for the most complex version and you also have a blender function, it doesn’t hurt to check how much storage and mixing space it offers you.

Many examples, appreciated by enough opinions about the best electric graters, have a capacity evaluated at 1l, which is suitable for 3 fairly large portions. Always check the integrity of the grater discs, choosing only variants made of stainless steel, especially since these components are the first to be blunted and worn. Look to buy models that are as compact as possible, which allow easy storage of accessories inside and ergonomic tightening of the power cord.

Consider what dimensions and weight the grater has, thinking beforehand if you have a place to store it or if you can afford enough space to always keep it handy on the kitchen counter. If you store it in a difficult to reach corner, you have quite a lot of chances to use it very rarely and so you can say that you bought it for nothing.

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Reliability conditions: combines the following aspects: accessorizing with a device for pushing food in the supply tube to the sieve, overheating protection system, with automatic engine shutdown, ergonomic anti-slip feet and easily washable detachable components, maybe even in the washing machine vase.

Any supplier that truly respects its customers will definitely offer these advantages, and they can sometimes be reflected by the guaranteed conformity guarantee. It is considered an appreciable validity that extended for a period of 2 years.

Considering that the market for this category of products is very well represented in our country, we advise you to choose your device by the simplest accepted method, ordering it where you can find electric scrapers at good prices, ie online.

It is enough to enter a supplier site to discover offers for cheap but good graters, belonging to some respected appliance companies. We have also compiled a short ranking, in which we have included very popular models, to help you further.

Recommended models in 2021

Tefal Fresh Express + MB756G31

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Here is a nice and high quality model, which you can consider the perfect help for cooking. It is about Tefal Fresh Express + MB756G31, an electric grater for vegetables, cheap and good, which can perform a lot of useful functions in the kitchen. With the help of the 5 integrated cones, the device allows slicing, cutting, chopping and scraping the ingredients.

The device is not limited to processing vegetables for soups or salads, but can prepare fruits, cheese and chocolate in various shapes and sizes. You can get rounds, long, thin or thicker strips and curls perfect for decorating and decorating food.

The wide outlet allows you to cut and scrape the ingredients directly in the bowl or on the plate, so as to save as much time in the kitchen as possible. The device is equipped with a 150W motor, optimal power for soft vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, peppers or cucumbers. The model offers extremely easy use, the cones being colored and easily detachable after each session of use.

All blades are made of stainless steel to ensure strength and durability over time. The electric grater has a compact design, extremely attractive and allows storing accessories directly on the shredder, so as not to take up additional space in the kitchen.


The appliance allows the execution of various actions for processing the ingredients, necessary in the cooking process

The compact design and the intelligent system for storing accessories help you save space in the kitchen

The extremely pleasant appearance of the device and the colorful parts give a modern air to the room

Resistant and durable blades, made of stainless steel


Reduced engine power


Philips HR1388

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021 If you are not doing very well with manual devices that are supposed to simplify work in the kitchen, this electric grater, at a good price, is ready to turn into the help you have always wanted.

Equipped with a powerful 200 W motor and being equipped with no less than 5 accessories: for french fries, for Julienne slices, for shaving and fine cutting, including coarse, this will become the most efficient way to get tasty salads or a grated cheese topping.

The feeding tube is adjustable from S to XL, which is suitable for both thin foods such as carrots or cucumbers, as well as for large ingredients such as potatoes or celery. And the nice part is that all these vegetables can be cut directly into the cooking pot, the wok or any other bowl. The accessories are compatible with the dishwasher.


It is provided with 5 stainless steel accessories, offering a high efficiency in the preparation of dishes.

The feeding tube is adjustable (S – XL), for easy and fast processing of all foods.

Serving can be done directly in the bowl, reducing the number of dishes that need to be sanitized.

The accessories can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.


It cannot be used for grinding ingredients.


How to use an electric grater

This option has become much more popular than the manual one, and this especially in households where many salads are prepared and where vegetables are used in any food combination. In addition, any self-respecting restaurant has one or more such devices. If you want to know how to use a device like this correctly, read on!

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Cleaning before first use

You will not start the grater as soon as you remove it from the package, so you will need to efficiently clean all the accessories you are going to work with. Most instructional catalogs show you exactly what each piece looks like and does, and all you have to do is remove the accessories, disassembling the washable parts separately. They are washed with a sponge, using a little mild detergent and warm water. You need to dry them efficiently, either using paper towels or waiting for all the water to drain before you prepare to assemble the grater.

Work preparation

Besides the fact that the respective car must be mounted properly, it is important to choose from the start the type of sieve you are going to use. Therefore, you will take into account the categories of ingredients to be processed and the order in which they will be grated. You don’t have to change a lot of knives in one cycle of use, as this will take some time. Process all the necessary quantity and only then you can switch to another type of sieve.

In order to be inserted into the feeding tube, some larger pieces of food will need to be portioned beforehand. We recommend that you do this even with the smallest ones, when the respective vegetables have a very hard consistency, thus saving the engine of the device from intense demands. Place the device on the kitchen counter, ordering the ingredients around. Choose a bowl or plate to collect the material obtained.

Starting and scraping

Connect the grater to the socket and activate the start function. Starting with this moment, you can use the same procedures that you perform with an electric shredder. Gradually add the vegetables, pushing them gently towards the knife, using the special accessory. If you have the impression that the sieve is incorrectly positioned, the knife is idle or that the engine is working harder, you should check again how you assembled the device and make sure it is properly mounted.

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021


It is not advisable to add even more scraping material if you feel that the one already inserted in the grater has not been well processed. Avoid inserting your fingers into the supply tube. Do not work with the appliance in a humid environment, observing the same precautions as for any electrically powered object. When you unplug the plug, pull it out, not the power cord. Use the appropriate working speed depending on the consistency of the food and take breaks when you feel the risk of engine overheating.

Maintenance and cleaning

After completing the tasks, disconnect the grater and start disassembling it. It is important to wash the knives and the rest of the internal components immediately after use, because you will not let the vegetable residues harden in the harder to reach parts. With the exception of the motor unit, all detachable accessories are washed separately, as in the first cleaning, described above. You can store the disassembled product, but only after the parts have dried. The case is easily wiped with a damp cloth.

Popular brands:

Cooking is necessary without discussion, but it is not necessary to spend days in a row in the kitchen. In order to make the work more efficient and to reduce the time dedicated to this activity, the specialists propose a solution appreciated by more and more users: the electric grater. Here is some information about some of the most popular manufacturers on the market.

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

The company was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father, Frederik, who financially supported the establishment of a modest factory in Eindhoven, where the production of carbon filament lamps and other small electrical products began.

After several years of difficult development and the threat of bankruptcy becoming more real, Anton, the other brother, became involved in the business as a sales representative, then put into action the engineering degree he had earned.

In the 1920s, the company’s production diversified substantially, the year 1939 being marked by the launch of the first electric razor. World War II was a difficult time for the company, when most of the family retired to the United States. After the war, the reconstruction was necessary, in which the same Anton participated effectively, who refused to accompany his father and brother in the short self-imposed exile.

Currently, the corporation is the market leader in many of the production fields, being involved both in the production of small and medium appliances and personal care appliances, but also having an important medical division, as well as a price of lighting fixtures. .

The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Tefal is known on the market primarily for non-stick cooking containers, which have ensured the spectacular growth of the market that it has registered since its establishment. Their product portfolio is, however, much more varied, including other small appliances and care products. The company’s foundations were laid in 1956 by Marc Gregoire, who had managed to combine PTFE with aluminum.

Its innovation is applied to product cooking containers, which thus become non-stick: they no longer need oil and are easy to clean. By the end of the year, the production reaches an impressive 100 pans per day, the natural result being the launch of the brand on the American market, under the name of T-Fal.

In 1968 SEB bought the company, which led to an official recognition of Tefal in the world of professional gastronomy. After 1974, production also diversified – so a new reason for economic growth. It goes from cooking utensils to small appliances, remarkable for innovation and intelligent and simple handling.

Therefore, nowadays you can buy multicookers, toasters, grills, coffee makers, toasters, fryers or steam cookers, electric graters or personal scales, Tefal brand, all having one thing in common: quality. The best electric scrapers to buy in 2021

Russel Hobbs is a British appliance manufacturer headquartered in Greater Manchester, England. The history of the brand began immediately after the end of World War II, when Bill Russel, Morphy Richards and his employee, Peter Hobbs, designed and launched a toaster that automatically “throws” slices of toast, an iron electric ironing board and a hair dryer. It was not until 1952 that it became clear that this collaboration would become fruitful, so that Russel and Hobbs laid the foundations of one of the most famous companies in the field today.

Some of the brand’s innovations are represented by the first electric kettle, the first fully programmable electric kettle and then the first programmable electric kettle, equipped with a limestone filter. The product range also includes bread machines, electric hobs, electric kettles, shaving machines, coffee filters, irons, fruit and vegetable juicers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, toasters, electric graters and other products. for food processing.

In 2010 the brand is bought by Spectrum Brands Inc. , owner of other brands such as Remington, IAMS, Eukanuba, Tetra, FURminator or VARTA. The brand’s reputation is due to the special quality of the products and the fact that they are “different” than what is usually found on the market, in terms of design and functionality.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Russell Hobbs Aura 20345-56

If you are interested in a quality electric grater, which can be purchased at an affordable price, we bring to your attention the benefits of the Russell Hobbs Aura 20345-56 model. Even though it is a cheap appliance, it quickly performs a lot of useful functions in the kitchen. The device is equipped with a 150W motor, optimal power for daily use and processing of soft and medium hard vegetables.

Thanks to the 3 extremely resistant accessories, made of stainless steel, the device performs the functions of slicing, cutting and shaving in different sizes. It is a great help in preparing salad ingredients, as it grinds cabbage, slices vegetables, grate carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and cheese. In addition, the fourth grinding disc, included in the delivery set, finds its usefulness in any situation where it is necessary to grind a food. The grater launched by the manufacturer Russell Hobbs allows extremely easy use.

Features mechanical control panel, wide tube for food evacuation and non-slip feet. Thanks to the simple, compact design and the space for accessories, the model can be permanently positioned on the kitchen counter. The guarantee offered is valid for 24 months.

Quality available at a great price

The appliance includes a number of useful functions, which can greatly facilitate the work in the kitchen

It offers flexibility in use, as it can process various categories of vegetables and cheeses

Compact design, provided with a special space created for storing accessories

The model comes with a 24 month warranty


Given the power of the engine, this model of grater is designed to process soft ingredients

Philips HR1387 / 80

If you have decided that it is time to simplify your work in the kitchen and you want to buy a professional electric grater at a good price, we recommend this model from Philips. Being a device designed and made by one of the most important electronics and home appliances companies in the world, you will have the guarantee of quality and durability.

The device is equipped with a powerful 200W motor, capable of processing the ingredients in the shortest time. Includes 5 durable stainless steel discs, which give you the opportunity to slice and grate vegetables, cheese and meat, all in various shapes and sizes.

With the help of this model, you will quickly prepare salads, with Julienne cut ingredients or slices and you can get straw potatoes, perfectly sliced. To make your work easier, the grater is equipped with an adjustable feeding tube, which allows you to insert the whole vegetables, without the need to slice them beforehand. The appliance has wide outlet holes, so that the ready-processed ingredients reach directly into the bowl.

The Philips HR1387 / 80 model has a safety system, anti-slip system and offers the possibility of cable storage. The accessories can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The purchase price is advantageous.

Case Germany 1750

Users with experience in the kitchen and master chefs will surely appreciate the precision of slicing offered by a professional grater. Caso Germany 1750 is a high-performance model, which rises to the height of the most demanding requirements. It amazes with its increased engine power, ease of use and high quality materials. The appliance takes over some of the most difficult actions required in the kitchen.

It is about slicing, grinding and grinding the ingredients. The 240W motor ensures the best results, obtained in an extremely short time. With such high power, you will be sure that you can optimally process even hard vegetables, such as carrots or potatoes. In addition, you will be able to grind chocolate or various varieties of cheese. The grater includes 4 knives of different sizes, all made of stainless steel.

To make your work easier, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The device offers an extremely interesting design, being provided with an ergonomic handle, for easy use. Taking into account the housing with stainless steel finish and resistance to overheating, we can conclude that the Caso Germany 1750 model can be listed as the best electric grater on the market.

Multifunctional product, which can perform the most important slicing and grinding operations required in the kitchen

The increased power of the device ensures optimal and fast processing of ingredients

The modern design is specially designed to facilitate use

Very good quality materials ensure the long life of the device

The accessories can be easily and easily cleaned in the dishwasher


Even if it is in line with the benefits offered, the purchase price can be a minus for those with a limited budget.

Bestron DCG602

The Bestron DCG602 model is an electric grater, which finds its utility in any kitchen. Even if it is designed to perform a single function, namely scraping, you should know that it offers many benefits. Beyond the advantage of the attractive purchase price, accessible to a wide category of users, the device proves extremely extensive flexibility, as it is able to process an impressive category of ingredients.

. Although it offers the best results in scraping various types of hard cheeses, the use of this model can be extended to chocolate, dry bread, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other oily fruits. All this will be perfectly ground and ready to be served at the table. The device is equipped with a stainless steel cylinder, durable and durable material. It has a very practical lid, which prevents the contents from spilling inside.

The electric grater has a power of 10W and is a portable model, which works with 6 AAA batteries. Thus, it can be used independently of the existence of an electrical outlet, even outside the kitchen. Storage and cleaning are not a problem, as the grater is removable and the parts are washable in the dishwasher.

Versatile scraper, which allows the processing of a wide range of ingredients

The stainless steel cylinder is resistant to shocks and scratches

For easy cleaning, the parts are removable and can be placed in the dishwasher.

It is a portable model, as it works with AAA batteries

Extended warranty, valid for a period of 24 months


The device only provides the scraping function

Batteries are not included in the delivery set

Severin KM 3916

If you are among the users eager to find out which are the best electric scrapers, it is good to consider this model as well. Severin KM 3916 is a multifunctional device, very helpful in any home. Thanks to the powerful 500W motor, it slices, scrapes and grinds any ingredient in just a few seconds. In addition, the device also includes a blender function, which helps you get delicious smoothies, to which you can add ice cubes, for a cooling effect in summer.

The glass jar has a capacity of 1 liter, so you can prepare at least two servings of drinks at the same time. At the same time, it is detachable and has a pouring mouth, for easy use. The electric grater is equipped with two gears, from which to select the right one for the type of ingredient you want to slice or chop.

The product enjoys a simple, compact design, easy to handle and with a power cable storage system. The components are made of stainless steel. This model is equipped with non-slip rubber feet and safety closure.

High-performance scrapers, designed to perform extremely many functions in the kitchen

The increased power of the device ensures the processing of the ingredients in just a few seconds

The two speed settings ensure optimal control over the shredding process

Includes container for preparing fruit and vegetable drinks

Very good ratio between quality and price


The model does not have space for storing accessories inside the device

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