The best electric shock for self-defense

How do you choose the best electric shock for self-defense? What functions and features should the electric shock device have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best electric shock for self-defense Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from safe. It has become normal to be afraid to walk on the street at night.

Even a simple journey from work to home when it is already dark poses risks, especially for women . They are most exposed to abuse and attacks.

That's why it's wise to invest time in learning techniques to help you defend yourself , but also to invest resources in tools to help you do that .

Learn from this article how to choose the best electric shock for self-defense.

Top 3 devices with recommended electric shocks

Why choose the best electric shock for self-defense?

Nowadays you have even more reasons to think about buying the best electric shock for self-defense . Your safety is never absolutely assured, and unfortunately the world seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into violent practices .

It's good to know that you don't have to venture outside without any form of defense available . Even if you don't have an imposing stature and no other weapons for self-defense, an electric shock device can be particularly effective in stopping an attacker.

However, you probably don't know anything about this area anymore, because these are not devices to think about every day.

How to choose the best electric shock for self-defense

The best electric shock for self-defense If you want to be prepared or prepared for any situation, you will need to invest in the best electric shock for self-defense . There are many models on the market, so the choice could be difficult and cumbersome.

To help you, we've designed this shopping guide . Here we will present you the main types of electric shock devices and which would be more suitable for your needs .

Ease of use, but also portability are aspects that you must take into account. Also, you don't want to invest too much money, even if you want something of quality.

So, we have prepared a list of the best offers in terms of quality / price ratio on the market , so that you can be equipped to protect yourself as quickly as possible.

What is an electric shock weapon for self-defense?

An electroshock device for self-defense is a type of weapon that works by releasing electric shocks on a target.

Its purpose is to TEMPORARILY, not fatally, interrupt muscular and motor functions , causing, at the same time, a certain level of pain. However, the device does not cause injuries or other trauma.

There are many types of electric shocks on the market . Some involve direct contact with the attacker, while others can be launched from a distance.

How does an electric shock device for self-defense work?

These devices use short but high voltage shocks , although the current level is low, to temporarily interrupt muscle functions.

Normally, the device will have two exposed electrodes to be pressed on the attacker's body. By pressing a button that works similar to a trigger, which will send a large volume of electrical voltage to the electrodes which will then penetrate through the clothing to the body of the attacker.

The person receiving this shock will have an immediate reaction . The powerful but non-lethal electric shock weapon will immobilize the attacker for a short time, depending on the device and the duration of the shock.

Often, the shock, even if it only lasts a few seconds, will result in the attacker losing control of his movements. This is because the circuits that transmit information from the brain to the limbs are interfered with by the applied electric shock. The effects will persist for a longer period of time , from a few minutes to half an hour or even an hour.

Immobilizing the attacker in this way gives the victim enough time to escape and cry for help .

When you buy the best electric shock for self-defense take into account the voltage

Voltage is a unit of measurement for the force of electricity or its speed and does not express the power of the electric charge. This means that a higher voltage will be able to immobilize a criminal's muscles faster .

Current refers to the number of electrons traveling through the attacker's muscles, as a result, an increase in current power could cause permanent trauma.

The voltage, however, only dictates how much you have to arm the attacker for him to fall to the ground.

If the manufacturer displays the voltage, it must be over 900,000 Volts. Most such weapons, however, have a much higher voltage.

It doesn't make much sense to pay more for an extraordinarily high voltage, because you will get the same effect approximately, and if you use a cheaper one with fewer Volts.

Instead, focus on the manufacturer's warranty.

Type of electric shock for self-defense

The best electric shock for self-defense How and where do you plan to put and carry such a tool with you? The answer to this question will help you determine which will be the best option for you.

You should also ask yourself if you feel comfortable using one form or another of this defense weapon . You may need to practice using it at home.

Specialists recommend choosing a smaller electric shock, in the first phase, and only then go for something bigger.

  • Electric shock for standard self-defense

This style is very effective , and the integrated technology is powered by a battery with a voltage of 9. They can often prove to be the most powerful self-defense weapons on the market.

They are normally designed to be easy to hold by a man or to be worn on a belt . They look old-fashioned, and if they are visible, they will scare anyone who intends to take you by storm.

  • Mini electric shock for self-defense

These are simpler and easier to carry devices , with a smaller size . However, they can be as effective as the classic variants.

Because they are smaller, they are not as visible and will not be burdensome if you attach them to the belt. Also, if you prefer to hide them, it will be easier for you to do so.

For these reasons, they are preferred by women . They are often available in more feminine colors, such as pink. They are also small enough to be easily held in a fine woman's hand.

  • Electric shock for telephone self-defense

There are also masked versions of electric shock on the market . This way, you will be able to apply the surprise attack method more easily. A large belt gun can be a deterrent to the attacker. However, he exposes you, and he can make a plan to disarm you.

A camouflaged weapon for self-defense allows you to move with a weapon for defense in hand, without raising suspicions .

If someone becomes aggressive with you, they will not have a chance to draw up a plan to disarm you. That's how you stay with the advantage of the surprise attack , they being grounded long enough for you to find help.

  • Stick type electric shock weapon

It is larger and harder to hide, being used by security guards , as well as by dog walkers or the elderly . Because it is long, it allows you to immobilize an attacker from a distance.

It can be used not only to get rid of a group of attackers, but dogs and other animals will be afraid only to see and hear this device.

It is equipped with a handle that protects you so as not to accidentally apply an electric shock to you, but also electrodes along its entire length that will shock anyone who tries to take it from your hand.

What special features should the best self-defense electric shock have?

  • Flashlight – It is wise to choose an electric shock weapon that you can also use as a flashlight. It will work like any other ordinary LED lamp, providing a bright light. In addition, it is a good method of camouflaging the weapon for self-defense. Only you will know that you have a powerful tool for immobilizing an aggressor. In addition, you will feel safer when you walk in the dark.
  • Alarm – Some self-defense devices are also equipped with an alarm. By pressing a button, the device will emit a very loud loud sound, which will alarm those around you and confuse the attacker. Most likely, the unwanted person who approached you will run away for fear of being discovered. This way, you can protect yourself before an assault becomes physical.
  • Deactivation pin – The weapon will be carried in the hand, being attached to the wrist with a small string or thread. If the attacker disarms you, he will not be able to use the electric shock against you, because the element that powers it will still be tied to your wrist.
  • Extension – if you think a stick or cane weapon would be useful to you, choose one that is as long as possible. In critical situations, such details can matter a lot.


The best electric shock for self-defense It is important that the battery that powers this device is rechargeable. You don't want to find that you need reserves, just when you need the protection that this self-defense weapon can give you. In addition, rechargeable batteries tend to be much cheaper in the long run.

Refer to the user manual to see how often and under what conditions you should recharge the battery. Many of these will need a 1 or 2 hour recharge each month .

Choose an electric shock device or a TASER weapon

The Taser is an electric shock weapon with which you can immobilize an attacker remotely . They design pear-shaped probes that can penetrate clothing, sometimes even the skin, thus incapacitating an aggressor for a limited time. They must be recharged after each use.

The probes are connected to wires that have the power to conduct current . Taser is not the correct name for this weapon, it is just the name of the most well-known and appreciated brand on the market.

You may have seen the use of such a weapon in police movies, their use being used, rather for these cases, because a fugitive can be immobilized.

Some experts believe that this type of electric shock weapon is more effective than the ones we presented above. However, it is harder to hide, more difficult to wear and you will need to become more familiar with how it works before you start wearing it with you.

Where to buy the best electric shock for self-defense?

Well, the best place to find the best electric shock for self-defense is the internet. It is unlikely that you will easily and quickly find a physical store that sells them in your city.

Online, with a simple search you can browse dozens if not hundreds of options to choose the best one for you. Follow the suggestions above to filter store offerings so that they only show you products you're interested in.

Of course, when a product is listed online, you can never be sure that you will receive what you ordered. To protect yourself from online scams, buy only from secure and verified sources.

Then check the opinions of other users. If they are satisfied with what they received, it means that you can make the purchase without fear.

When you order from stores that have a good reputation, you also have the guarantee that you will be able to return the product within 14 days and you will receive the money back.

All you have to do is take a look at the products we will present below. This way you will be able to buy the best electric shock for self-defense very quickly.

The best electric shock for self-defense: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of devices with electric shocks for self-defense that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. KIT BTG-122 self-defense 3 in 1 (Electroshock, Flashlight, Stick)

The best electric shock for self-defense Electric shock stick and lantern is a product that increases your safety, wherever you are.
The material from which it is made is based on DurAluminum and the stick is also provided with an LED flashlight.
The device is charged to 220V socket using the power cord in the box.
The SMD type LED has a long life, up to 100,000 hours, being also economical.
Electric shock power: 1300 KV.

See details and price

2. Flashlight with electric shock 1158, aluminum, 10,000kv

The best electric shock for self-defense Built-in Lithium-Ion battery;
Button off / flashlight / electric shock and button for electric shock activation;
Input voltage 4.8 VDC – consumption 2.5A – output voltage: 1000KV.
Color: black – Dimensions: 18 cm long
Metal body made of aluminum;
1W LED – power 160 Lumens.
Internal battery included.

See details and price

3. LED stick type flashlight and 10,000kv aluminum electric shock

The best electric shock for self-defense The material from which it is made is based on aluminum and the stick is also provided with an LED flashlight.
The device is charged to 220V socket using the power cord in the box.
The SMD type LED has a long life, up to 100,000 hours, being also economical.
Electric shock power: 10,000 KV (10,000,000 volts).
Equipped with a metal rifle that allows fastening to the belt, strap.

See details and price

4. Small Electroshock with Led, SAFE 801

The best electric shock for self-defense Electrosock Mic with Led, SAFE 801 is very resistant to shocks and easy to use.
The electric shock function generates a very high voltage.
Electric shock is very loud and noisy which can lead to intimidation of aggressors or dogs.
Compared to other self-defense tools, electric shock does not kill or injure the attacker.
The device is forbidden to people under 18 years of age.

See details and price

5. Flashlight with built-in electric shock and laser EMS 7538

The best electric shock for self-defense

Flashlight with electric shock and built-in laser EMS
Power: 9000 Kv
Length: 165x35x28 mm – Weight: 180 g
Material: aluminum – Color: Black
Luminous flux: 100 lumens
Built-in laser pointer – Laser color: Red
Built-in battery.

See details and price

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