the best electric stove brand for home

The best electric stove – Our recommendations for 2021

If you want to upgrade your kitchen and enjoy faster cooking and more precision in preparing your favorite recipes, an electric stove can be an advantageous investment. Of course, some information is needed in advance, and if you do not have time for this, our team offers you an interesting product:Hansa FCCX68235 . We are talking about a piece equipped with a three-layer glass oven, which reflects all the heat inside, for economy and safety. The selected internal temperature is reached 20% faster than other models, the interior space is generous, and the self-cleaning function saves you a lot of hassle. You also benefit from a guide with thermal preparation recommendations, retractable knobs, non-stick trays and 8 work programs, which are added to the 4 burners. And if you are not happy with this option, an alternative may be Electrolux EKC54550OW .

Comparison table

It is a modern and high-performance piece that offers you 4 ceramic hobs of different powers and sizes, but also a generous oven, with a high thermal efficiency, with 8 work programs, grill, retractable knobs, non-stick trays and cooking recommendations, depending on each preparation.

Some buyers claim that they would prefer a different distribution / power of the burners, the proposed option being an average one.

It is a proposal that we consider both tempting and interesting, with a good ratio between price and quality, a modern look, easy to integrate in any kitchen, and with a functionality to the liking of any user passionate about cooking.

It is a good quality model, which includes 4 burners and oven, classified in energy efficiency class A. It allows strict control of cooking parameters, thanks to the timer and thermostat. Safety in use is enhanced by the residual heat indicator, while maintenance is easy. In addition, it includes storage space for trays and pans.

Some buyers are disappointed that the order options are electromechanical, not electronic, buttons.

It is an inspired choice for buyers who want to modernize their kitchen and invest in a piece with a good price-quality ratio, making optimal use of the space they have available.

Stove with four cooking zones, for a family of three, four members, with catalytic cleaning, for easier maintenance of the model, with vitroceramic hob, with interior lighting of the oven, to visualize the preparation during cooking, with front control panel and function to block the access of the little ones.

Keep in mind that you need certain pans and pans compatible with the ceramic hob, you will not be able to use all the old dishes you have around the house.

It is an efficient stove, easy to maintain and clean, which also has an advantageous cost, so it is worth having it in the house.

How to choose a good electric stove

Buyer’s guide

The electric stove is the “future” in the field of home cooking. Even if it seems to have a higher consumption, this type of device offers more control over the food that is cooked, a greater solitude in the kitchen and finally, a tastier food.

I think from the beginning you ask yourself “which is better: the electric or the gas stove?”. In order to better differentiate the products, but also to really see the advantages of an electric stove, we created a list that incorporates the main characteristics of such a product:

the best electric stove brand for home

Type: You can choose between classic electric models, ceramic hobs and those with induction hobs. A cheap and good traditional electric stove can incorporate several electrical components, such as: igniter, lighting, toaster, electric stove or electric oven, and other components, such as mesh or stove hob to be on gas. This choice is also the cheapest, but not very efficient in terms of heat transfer.

On the other hand, the best electric induction cooker offers exclusive electric control of the cooking temperature, whether it is a hob or oven. Full electric cookers are often created with a more futuristic, elegant look, with rounded lines and corners, incorporating at the same time more additional options than the simple cookers we were used to, but they are in the middle in terms of cost – efficiency.

The truth is that, thanks to the new wave of digital technology, manufacturers have transformed this common kitchen product into a versatile and surprising device. The induction method is the most expensive at present, but also the most efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Power: this is expressed in different units of measurement, depending on the type of stove. The unit of measurement for temperature and calorific value in the case of a gas stove is BTU (British thermal units). On a stove, it varies between 5,000 BTU and 17,000 BTU, the equivalent measurement for the small and large eyes. In the case of a stove with electric hob and oven, its power is measured in kW and usually, depending on the size and capacity of the eye, it is between 3.7 kW (large burner) and 1.4 kW (small burner).

If you want it to heat up and heat up very quickly, you choose higher values, but we advise you to take into account how many electrical circuits you have in the house, in order to avoid the problems that arise when you plug something else; too much consumption can cause the circuit breakers (electrical fuses) to activate.

Capacity: includes the number of meshes, their distribution and the presence and capacity of the oven, measured in liters. The standard in this field is 4 mesh, of different sizes and powers, because, after all, not all foods or recipes are the same. The selection and control of these meshes remains in the imagination of the manufacturer, whether it is a classic selection, mechanical, or a digital touchscreen system. At the same time, it is almost mandatory for the best electric stoves to incorporate a minimum 60 liter oven.

The oven can also include a grill, a toaster, contain two or three special cooking trays, but also a way of uniform heat distribution (lower and upper heating). The more features the stove has in general and the oven in particular, the higher the level of certainty that even new networks will come out. All these technical details will ultimately influence the quality and ease with which you can prepare your daily meals.

Design: The most successful are the electric cookers with ceramic glass, and most users are attracted by the smooth and glossy finishes, but also by the ease with which they are cleaned. At the same time, regardless of the type of stove, it should fit the overall design of your kitchen, or, why not, give you an idea of what your kitchen might look like if you plan to renovate it. Although, a secondary detail, the design is a feature that must be analyzed; Considering that electric stoves are considered the new generation of this type of appliances, you can expect manufacturers to invest a lot of time in the design of the appliance.

the best electric stove brand for home

Additional options: the additional options range from the ordinary lighting of the oven, to complex selection systems via touch screen or control via smart phone. The additional characteristics must be chosen according to the use of the stove but also its purpose. It is almost useless to buy an expensive, versatile electric stove with a touch screen selection, if you do not plan to cook often and much.

In general, if you cook often you will need at least a few simple options, such as a timer, lighting and a ventilation system. Only then, look for the other details, such as digital temperature selection, touch screen control or smart phone synchronization, for a remote control type control.

Recommended models in 2021

Hansa FCCX68235

the best electric stove brand for home For the needs of a family that cooks quite often, that is daily, this model of stove, with standard built-in, so the classic shape, may be enough. Keep in mind that this is a stove that has an electric hob and oven, so the costs can be a bit higher if it is cooked daily. In any case, if you do not want to use the cylinder and you live in a block not connected to the gas network, it is a solution to consider.

It is made of nox, it has a thermostat, to monitor the time needed for the preparation, without you constantly guarding it. There is also a fan in the oven responsible for spreading hot air, so that the preparation is done quickly and evenly. It has a control panel, and although you will receive an instruction manual, you will learn for yourself, intuitively, how to use it.

There are four burners, as you expect and you know they have the classic models, the oven heats up and down, it is lit to see the preparation, and the product is offered with a deep tray and a flat tray.

Electrolux EKC54550OW

the best electric stove brand for home Electrolux EKC54550OW is a classic stove, with hob and oven, with four burners, two normal, one small and one large, which can be ideal in the house of two or three people. It incorporates a timer, with which you can monitor the time needed for the preparation, so as not to keep it permanently. There is an indicator for the residual heat left after cooking, so that you know when it is still hot, so as not to burn yourself, when you clean.

It has removable glass panels, and moreover, you can remove the entire door, so as to clean the last streak of grease. At the bottom there is a compartment where you can put the trays and other accessories you use in the stove, so that they do not take up extra space in the kitchen cabinet.

The product is offered with two enamel trays, very useful, so you get rid of an additional investment. We also mention that it is white on most of the side surfaces, but this contributes to the classic look, plus it has flat areas, very easy to clean, in a single movement.

Whirlpool ACMT 6533 / IX

the best electric stove brand for home To find out which are the best electric stoves, it is mandatory to focus on a model with exclusively electric power supply, both for the hob and for the oven. In this case, Whirlpool offers you a device with 4 burners with powers of 1.7kW, 1.2kW and 2.3kW, so as to save energy depending on the amount of food heated. The efficiency class is A, and the oven offers a volume of 60l, spacious enough.

It also has an integrated grill function, along with an option for internal lighting and catalytic self-cleaning. There is no lack of timer, useful for those who want to prepare recipes with maximum precision. The convection function of hot and hot air allows uniform heating inside, and the ingredients are baked evenly.

Both the hob and the oven are provided with safety elements, so it fits even in a family with children, they are protected even if they try to set the device in play. It is a reliable and robust product built, benefiting from adjustable legs and delivered with grill and tray.The only downside is that it does not include a hob cover.


Energy efficient – class A.

Equipped with timer and 11 functions useful for diversifying cooking methods.

Equipped with protection against children’s access to settings.

It works with air convection, heating the food evenly in the oven.

Incorporates grill option.


Incorporates grill option.

Electrolux EKI54550OX

the best electric stove brand for home

Electrolux EKI54550OX is the best induction electric cooker, which offers the possibility of direct and precise control of the cooking temperature. At the same time, the heat is distributed evenly, whether it is a hob or oven, and each food used in preparing meals will be cooked optimally.

The hob provides 4 different areas in terms of temperature and cooking size, practically distributed on the surface, with a power between 1.4 and 2.5 kW for small meshes, 2.1 – 3.7 kW for large meshes and 1.8 – 2.8 kW for medium. Considering the lack of an open flame, in order to avoid unwanted accidents, the manufacturers have also included an indicator of residual heat, which shows the moment when the hob is really cold.

The oven with a capacity of 60 liters incorporates a grill, a digital timer and an interior light with which you can visually check the food. At the same time, for a uniform heat distribution, the oven is heated up and down. To avoid gathering odors that are difficult to remove (for example, fish) or that would compromise the taste of other foods, the oven also contains a fan that filters odors. Its interior is easy to clean, thanks to the material from which it was created, a catalytic enamel that absorbs and oxidizes fats. The door is created with elements that insulate very well the inside of the oven, thus decreasing the time needed to reach the optimum temperature for cooking and increasing energy efficiency by 10%. Considering the multiple cooking options and the superior qualities of control and heat distribution, many users have named this product the best electric stove from Electrolux. The design is professional, with stainless steel elements, and the color is neutral, easy to adapt to any kitchen.


Electric stove with induction hob.

The best electric stove from Electrolux.

It has 4 burners of different sizes.

Residual heat indicator, so you know when the hob is cold.

Oven with a capacity of 60 liters.

It has a grill, a timer and an interior light.

10% more efficient, due to the superior insulation from the external environment.

Contains a fan.

The inner surface of the oven is made of catalytic enamel.


High price.

It does not incorporate special, preset cooking functions.

the best electric stove brand for home

Hansa FCCW53009 is an electric cooker with hob made of glass ceramic, a glass-like material, very resistant to high temperatures and sudden changes. Usually, the best electric cooker with ceramic hob is very easy to use, heats up very quickly, and the cooking temperature can be precisely controlled, and Hansa FCCW53009 is no exception.

The hob consists of 4 burners, 2 normal 1.8 kW and 2 economical, 1.2 kW. The stove incorporates 3 special cooking modes, in which the temperature is preset by the producers for certain dishes that need a fixed temperature and cooking time. This way, you don’t have to worry or watch the food while it is cooking.

The oven has a capacity of 69 liters, power supply and a split heating system top and bottom. In this way, the heat is distributed evenly, and the time required to reach the optimum cooking temperature decreases. In addition, the oven door is created with 2 layers of glass, a detail that improves insulation and increases the efficiency of the oven. Inside you will also find a lighting system, with the help of which you can visually check the food. The design is one with a professional air, made of enamel, easy to clean and maintain, but sensitive to scratches. The stove accessories consist of a deep tray and a flat tray, perfect for steaks or cakes. Overall, when asked “which is better: the electric or the gas stove?”, Hansa FCCW53009 successfully scores for electronic products.


Electric cooker with ceramic hob.

The hob consists of 4 burners.

Good temperature control.

3 cooking modes.

69 liter oven.

Oven lighting.

Upper and lower heating of the oven.

Includes a deep tray and a flat tray.


Does not include power cord.

The oven does not have a timer.

How to use an electric stove

Although cooking on an electric stove takes a little longer, this type of device is becoming more popular because it offers more control and ensures even cooking. If you like the idea of buying one, we present you about what you should know about this topic.

the best electric stove brand for home

Safety instructions

Unlike gas-fired cooking machines, electric ones heat the entire surface, so extra care is recommended to avoid any accidents, and children are not allowed around the appliance. Furthermore, the power cord must be kept away from the hob area to avoid damaging the insulating material.

Food should not be left unattended during cooking because it can cause fires (fats can catch fire), and burnt food or certain liquids spilled on the hob can cause irreparable damage. Depending on the material used (glass or ceramic), it may be contraindicated to use pots that have a wet bottom or sharp edges (they may stain or scratch the surface).

It is important to mention that water will not be used to extinguish a fire caused by an electric stove: it must be disconnected from the mains (either remove the plug from the socket or cut off the power supply), after which the flame must be covered with a lid or blanket. .

The user manual of each model should mention the maximum weight supported by the hob or oven door (around 20 Kg for the hob and 15 Kg for the door) to avoid damaging the product. It is recommended to place a pot over the eye before starting, and otherwise we should not look directly into the halogen preparation areas.

Save energy by using dishes the same size as the burner

For best results, it is recommended that pots be used on the hob that are the same width as the burners, or only slightly larger, and have a flat base (not concave or convex), so that the food is subjected to the same degree of heat. throughout the process. If the pot is covered with a lid, and it is only removed when necessary, the energy consumption will be more efficient.

The temperature for each eye can be easily adjusted, but if we are talking about large amounts of food, it is preferable to use the oven: consumption decreases considerably and the remaining heat can be used to lower it even more.

Installation is done only by an authorized technician

Each model comes with an instruction manual that includes the wiring diagram that will need to be followed during installation. Because someone who is familiar with local safety regulations is needed, this process needs to be performed by an electrician.

He will know how to make all the connections, whether we are talking about three-phase or single-phase current, but also how to connect all the wires of the power cable, including the grounding cable (for this type of equipment it is necessary to use a grounded socket to meet standards safety, and the use of extension cords or adapters is not recommended).

Before installation, all protective materials used during transport must be removed. To save energy, it is preferable that the stove is not placed next to a freezer or refrigerator, but access to a hood or other smoke evacuation system must also be considered.

If the surrounding furniture is not heat resistant, you must leave at least 2 cm free around the appliance. Moreover, the wall behind it must withstand temperatures of up to 50 ℃. The device must be positioned on a hard floor and adjusted to level before use so that the oil is evenly distributed in the pan.

the best electric stove brand for home

The appliance must be disconnected from the mains before any maintenance operation

Before the first use, all labels must be removed and the inside of the oven cleaned, as well as the hob and the accessories included with warm water and detergent. Some models need to heat the oven and clean it again carefully to remove any stains.

To eliminate the risk of electric shock, the device must be unplugged before starting the cleaning process, or changing the oven bulb. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use steam-based cleaners.

Cleaning should not be done with substances that are corrosive, abrasive, or contain chlorine. At the same time, it is not recommended to use wire sponges, or other sharp elements, especially when it comes to glass parts: scratches can lead to their breaking.

Popular brands:

Cooking is not necessarily a pleasant activity, but whether it is on your list of hobbies or on the contrary, on the list of chores, a quality stove is welcome and appreciated. Here are some of the manufacturers that provide you with devices with a special functionality.

the best electric stove brand for home

Beko Electronics was founded in 1955 in Turkey, initially bearing another name. The real launch on the European market, when the brand became famous for its quality, took place starting with 2004, when it bought the German company Grundig, known at that time for the production of televisions.

One of the principles that guides the entire activity is to “become the partner of consumers in everyday life.” This is why the relationship with consumers in over 130 countries is better and more carefully cultivated.

The constant growth is due, on the one hand, to the efficiency in terms of production of goods, but also to environmentally friendly policies, which have led to winning numerous awards for eco products. The company appreciates Beko because it seems to have understood how important a policy that denotes respect and consideration for the planet is.

The other major factor that contributed to the success is that the Beko team understood that each new generation of consumers brings with them different expectations and needs. Therefore, understanding and anticipating these expectations, the brand has managed to offer meaningful solutions, fast and flexible, so that every consumer can enjoy a life in full comfort.

the best electric stove brand for home

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German multinational company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, which operates in the field of engineering and electronics. At the level of 2011, the company was the world’s largest supplier of parts and components for the automotive industry: brakes, control systems, fuel systems, generators, steering systems and more. To these are added industrial products, power tools, household appliances, security systems and thermotechnology.

The small workshop founded in 1886 produced, less than a year after its opening, the first low-voltage magnet for gasoline engines. The first Bosch factory was founded in 1901, followed in 1910 by a second factory. The first lighthouses were produced in 1913, and by 1917 Bosch was already a corporation.

In 1926 the windshield wipers followed, in 1927 the injection pumps for diesel engines, and in 1923 the first electric drill and the first car radio. In 1976 the first oxygen sensor was launched, in 1978 the first electric anti-lock system, in 1979 the electric control system for the engine, in 1986 the traction control system, in 1991 the xenon headlights, in 1995 the stability control system and in 2000 direct injection system. In 2001, the hydraulic electric brake system was launched, and the list of innovations includes the first digital car radio with CD player, cordless electric screwdriver and much more.

And if you need to get a broader idea of this brand, we tell you that it is involved in the heavy and aeronautical industry, that turnover in 2016 exceeded 73 billion euros, and that development plans include silent solutions for traveling in the city and for the railway.

the best electric stove brand for home

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational headquartered in Stockholm, which currently ranks second in the home appliance market, after world leader Whirlpool, in terms of the number of units sold annually. The company makes goods for both domestic and professional users.

The brand resulted from the merger of two companies: Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB, the current name being adopted in 1919. Early history is related to the production of vacuum cleaners, this branch being meanwhile enriched with a wide range of other appliances: Arctic refrigerators (after the 1923 merger), washing machines, dishwashers, food equipment and more.

The proposed products are carefully designed, constituting innovative and sustainable solutions both for homes and for the business environment. The group includes brands such as AEG, Zanussi, Frigidaire, Electrolux Grand Cuisine; the company sells over 60 million units annually in over 150 countries. At the level of 2016, the brand reports sales of over 121 billion and over 55,000 employees.

The current success of the brand is due to simple guidelines that guide the entire activity: global presence, anticipation of customer needs and expectations, innovative design, top professional expertise, extensive product range and extended sustainability.

»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Hansa FCCW54009

This Hansa offer can be included among the best ceramic hobs on the market, and this aspect is confirmed not only by the fact that the product is popular, but also by the low price, which probably determines this popularity. It includes 4 cooking zones, 4 oven heating functions (grill, 2-zone heating, differentiated upper and lower heating), and it has a volume of 69l, which ensures you enough space to bake delicious dishes.

The energy efficiency class is A, which reflects a consumption according to the heating power offered. It benefits from an internal lighting function, and for grill lovers, the news is very good, as the supergrill option is present, allowing fast frying.

It is easy to clean, because the oven is enameled inside. The hob is made of Schott patented ceramic glass, remembering that no heavy metals or arsenic were used in the manufacturing process. The product comes with two trays, oven grill and even has a dish drawer at the bottom.With dimensions of 50 x 85 x 60cm, it fits easily in the kitchen.


Hansa electric stove at a good price.

Consume moderately, being part of class A in terms of energy efficiency.

The oven includes multiple heating modes, including grill.

Made of durable, non-toxic glass.

It has a good baking capacity, with 69l volume of the oven.


Unspecified timer.

Beko CSG 62110 DX

Beko CSG 62110 DX is a stove with gas supply and electrical elements. The hob incorporates 4 gas burners and an electric igniter. You can thus give up the famous matches or other ignition accessories. The lid is made of glass, and the stove hob is provided with a safety guard for the flame. This element does not allow the gas to get out of control when the flame is lit.

The gas oven also incorporates an electric ignition system and a fuse. In addition, you will find a grill and a roaster, with the help of which you can create new delicious dishes and steaks. The oven also has a timer to control the cooking time, but it is also lit inside, to visually check the food. At the same time, you can take advantage of the oven tray and grill for support and help in the cooking process.

The design of the stove is one with a professional look, with glossy stainless steel elements and rounded corners. The neutral color of the stove makes it easy to adapt to any kitchen, and the price recommends it as a cheap and good electric stove.

Gas supply of cooking elements, hob and oven.

Built-in electric igniter for hob and oven.

The oven incorporates timer, grill, toaster and interior lighting.

It has stainless steel elements.

Accessible price.


The meshes are powered by gas.

AEG 47995IQ-MN

The AEG 47995IQ-MN electric cooker uses an induction technology (without flame), which allows a better control of the cooking temperature. The hob has 4 different cooking zones, consisting of 2 low power stoves, 2.5 kW, one high power, 3.7 kW and one medium power, 2.8 kW.

The oven has a capacity of 60 liters and a power supply mode, with two heating zones, one upper and one lower. They evenly distribute the heat inside the oven and ventilate the circulating air, to avoid unpleasant odors. The oven also includes a digital timer, an electric grill and an interior light, to plan and check meals as complex as possible. Below, a large compartment has been created, in which you can store trays or other dishes for cooking. The glass door of the oven can be removed completely, and in this way you have a better access inside, when you want to clean it deeply.

In total, taking into account the hob and oven, the stove has a number of 9 separate cooking functions, preset to optimize and facilitate its use. We can say that AEG 47995IQ-MN is one of the best electric cookers. The finishes of the stove are professional, with rounded corners, incorporating stainless steel and glass elements, and the neutral color makes it easy to adapt to any kitchen.

Electric oven with induction.

The hob consists of 4 different cooking areas.

The oven has a capacity of 60 liters.

The heating of the oven is uniform.

It has a digital timer, electric grill and interior light.

Below, you will find a storage compartment.

Professional design.

9 cooking programs.


High price.

It does not have a residual heat indicator.

Arctic UAM5512DTTL

Created by one of the most well-known manufacturers of household appliances on the Romanian market, the Arctic UAM5512DTTL cooker incorporates a hob consisting of 4 burners, with gas-based power supply. The 4 burners are divided into 2 normal power, 2 kW, one large 2.5 kW and one small 1 kW. The electric ignition system can be used on all 4 burners.

The oven with a capacity of 60 liters, contains a grill and a roaster, with the help of which you can cook even the most difficult pieces of meat. Its power supply is also gas, but electrical elements such as the timer, igniter and interior lighting, differentiate this product from classic stoves.

The accessories for this product consist of a hinged metal lid, a tray and an oven grill, but also a lower drawer for dishes. The design is a classic one, undifferentiated in some obvious way from the stoves with exclusive gas supply.

Stove created by Arctic, with a hob consisting of 4 gas burners.

Electric ignition system.

Oven with a capacity of 60 liters.

The oven incorporates a timer and an interior light.

Accessories consisting of a tray, a grill, a metal lid and a lower drawer.

Accessible price.


Classic design, gas supply.

It does not incorporate temperature control or reading elements.

Bosch HCE744353

Created by one of the most well-known and appreciated home appliance manufacturers, the Bosch HCE744353 ceramic hob is truly a modern cooking device. The 4 cooking stoves are different from each other, to offer a wider temperature range. The large burner has a power of 2.2 kW, the medium-sized ones have a power of 1.6 and 1.8 kW, and the small one has a power of 1.2 kW. The entire stove incorporates a child protection system, which does not allow accidental ignition of the burners, possible due to a push button ignition system. On the market, the Bosch HCE744353 cooker is considered the best electric cooker with ceramic hob.

The oven has a capacity of 67 liters, with power supply and upper and lower heating. The heating system ensures a uniform temperature distribution and decreases the time required to reach an optimal cooking temperature. At the same time, the dual heating system of the oven increases the efficiency of the stove and decreases the consumption. Inside, you will also find a light, with the help of which you can visually check the degree of cooking of the food. Among the accessories you will find a cooking tray and an oven grill.

The stove display is large, easy to read, and the timer will be displayed on it when selected. Information such as elapsed time and temperature are very important for more complicated recipes or more sensitive foods. The design is professional, with rounded corners and edges, incorporating glossy stainless steel elements, and the neutral color makes it very easy to adapt to any kitchen. Overall, Bosch HCE744353 is one of the best electric cookers, due to its superior technical qualities, which optimizes the cooking process.

Hob with ceramic hob created by Bosch.

4 burners.

Oven with a capacity of 67 liters.

Power supply.

Upper and lower heating.

Interior lighting.

Large, easy-to-follow display with multiple options, including timer.

Includes a tray and an oven grill.

Design with stainless steel elements.

Child protection.


Does not include special preset cooking programs.

Zanussi ZCG21071WA

The Zanussi cooker has a 4-burner, gas-fired hob, consisting of two medium 2 kW burners, a small 1 kW burner and a large 2.6 kW burner. Each eye has a built-in fuse that controls the flow of gas used to prevent “leaks”. The ignition of the burner meshes is done with the help of an electric igniter, easy to use, by simply pressing a button.

The oven is also powered by gas, has a capacity of 61 liters, has an electric ignition system and an interior light, for better control over the cooking process. With a lower heating, the oven also incorporates the same gas flow control fuse.

The temperature control button and implicitly the gas flow, includes gradations, and one of the steps is recommended for baking a pizza. Presets of this kind are very useful, especially in the case of products that do not have a baking temperature display system.

Gas hob, consisting of 4 burners.

Oven with a capacity of 61 liters.

Incorporates an electric igniter.

The oven includes an interior light.

The temperature setting button has a built-in pizza preset.

Accessible price.


Gas supply.

The oven does not include a timer.

There are no accessories and additional options that support temperature control and high quality cooking.

Trivial design.

Electric Stoves – Review and comparison in 2021

Thermostat for constant temperature, timer for automatic setting of cooking time, protection for children and up to 17 different cooking programs, are just some of the advantages that an electric stove offers you, compared to the classic gas alternative. If you are looking for one for your kitchen, we help you with some useful tips and recommendations. For example, theHansa FCCW59209 is one of the all-electric models, which in a balanced way combines high-performance technical features with an affordable price and dimensions that start from the premise of space saving. For those who need a more spacious option, with an easy-to-clean oven, we propose the Beko FSM62530DXMS version, with a capacity of 72 liters and catalytic panels.



In-depth reviews about the best electric stoves

Are you looking for electric stoves at good prices and it is difficult for you to stop at a few models to make the final choice? First read the ratings below, made on some of the most popular models available online, find out what criteria are most important to you and then proceed with the best decision.


Stove with electric oven:

Hansa FCCW59209

If you have a more limited kitchen in terms of space and you do not need the largest model, we offer you this version of Hansa electric stove, with a width of 50cm and a ceramic hob with four heating zones. It is therefore supplied entirely with electricity. It is part of the energy consumption class A, like most affordable versions, and provides an oven with an average capacity of 62 liters, suitable for a family of 3-4 people.

The list of functions you can use includes standard baking, without ventilation, with heating up, down or in both directions, convection cooking, grill – with and without air circulation, defrosting and dehydration. In short, you can easily prepare any type of preparation, precisely controlling the heating parameters.

The hob is equipped with two 1.2kW burners and two 1.8kW burners, medium power options, which can mean a longer time required for recipes prepared in large quantities.

Whirlpool ACMT 6332 / IX

With all-stainless steel exterior, which makes it look like a professional model, roomy 60 x 60cm hob, with solid cast iron grills, Whirlpool ACMT 6332 IX gas + electric cooker, with 4 burners, fits very well in kitchens with modern design, in which it is frequently cooked.

It is a mixed version, with gas hob and electric oven, which takes into account those in a hurry or who prefer vegetables to wok and provides a large 3.3kW burner. The small eye has a power of 1kW, ideal for morning coffee, and the two medium burners generate 1.9kW, enough to cook food in a short time.

This model is classified in energy efficiency class A and is a version whose oven is cleaned with hot steam. Includes timer and protection, which prevents children from activating the device, and provides lower and upper heating, plus grill. The hob has six cooking functions, which help you easily choose the temperature for boiling, sautéing, frying, etc. But we draw your attention that, according to the people who have already tested it, both the oven and the control panel above, get hot when baking at high temperatures, so keep the children away during these periods.

Stove with electric oven and gas hob:

Beko FSM62530DXMS

If you like appliances with a black, elegant exterior, you will fall in love with this model from the beginning. It is a version of the stove with Beko electric oven, mixed, made of stainless steel, with cast iron grills and glass lid, which does not take up visual space when raised.

Among the advantages that differentiate it from other versions we mention the catalytic cleaning oven, which includes chemically treated panels, which absorb fat during cooking, so that you do not waste time with the elimination of residues. The inside is easily wiped with a damp cloth.

Another advantage of the Beko FSM62530DXMS is the generous-capacity 72-liter oven, suitable for large families with children, which also includes a control panel lock system. The burners of the hob are provided with electric ignition, so goodbye matches or igniter left without fuel. Also here is integrated and safety that stops the gas supply, if the flame is accidentally extinguished. You have at your disposal 8 predefined programs for the oven, convection for fast uniformization and grill for the healthiest dishes.

Hansa electric cooker:

Hansa FCCB54000

Equipped with a hob with edges, which prevents the flow of liquid residues, and a tall and slim design, suitable for elegant and small cooking spaces, Hansa FCCB54000 efficiently complements the kitchens of people who pay attention to detail.

The hob is vitroceramic, produced without arsenic and heavy metals, has a width of 50cm and provides two small burners (1.2kW) and two normal (1.8kW). It is therefore a Hansa stove with electric oven, at an affordable price, for those who occasionally prepare food at home and prefer simple and quick recipes.

The oven has a capacity of 65 liters, large for this size category, optimal for families with 3-4 members, and is covered on the inside with durable enamel. The cleaning is done in a classic way, using steam and special solutions for the oven, and the product is delivered together with a grill and a deep tray, compatible with its dimensions. Among the cooking functions available at the oven level we mention the lower and upper heating and the grill type cooking, ideal for those who keep a diet or want to consume light foods.

Stove with Beko electric oven:

Beko FSE62110DX

Because it has dimensions of 60 x 60cm, with a height of 85cm, larger than other options, we recommend that you carefully measure the space in the kitchen before purchasing this Beko FSE6211DX stove, with electric oven. On the other hand, it provides you with a roomy hob, on which you can easily place large dishes.

It is a mixed model, with gas burners, definitely provided to prevent accidental releases. The exterior of the appliance is made of matt stainless steel, which will look impeccable in your kitchen. The oven has a capacity of 66 liters, large enough for families with 3-4 people, and is equipped with a Booster function, which reduces the time allocated to preheating.

It includes conventional and ventilation-assisted baking, and is also equipped with a grill function. To save energy, the burners have been designed with a different design, which allows you to reach the desired temperature with a smaller volume of gas consumed.

Bosch gas stove and electric oven:

Bosch HXN390D20L

For those who want to buy a stove with gas hob and electric oven, Bosch offers the HXN390D20L model, with white exterior, glass lid and generous 60 x 60cm hob. It is one of the options that combines mechanical buttons with digital display that helps you set the oven timer easier.

And if we talk about the oven, we can tell you that it offers a capacity of 66 liters and seven baking programs. You can thus choose between upper and / or lower heating – with or without convection, grill – with or without air circulation, and a special pizza program. In addition, the 3D airflow helps you prepare several dishes at the same time. Inside the oven, the temperature can be adjusted between 50 and 275oC.

The hob is equipped with a small burner, 1kW, two medium, 1.75kW and one large, 3kW. The oven is equipped with a halogen bulb, and for accessories you have a drawer at the bottom of the stove.

Electrolux electric cooker:

Electrolux EKC54550OW

Are you looking for a version equipped with a ceramic hob, easy to use and clean? Try this Electrolux electric stove, with four heating zones and integrated oven. The hob has an area of 50 x 60cm and includes a small burner of 1.2kW, two medium, up to 1.7kW and a large one, 1.8kW. The surface is smooth and durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For safety, each heating area is equipped with a residual heat sensor that signals the still hot areas.

The oven is a medium to small version, designed for households of 2-3 people, in which it is not cooked in large quantities, and provides a capacity of 57 liters. Includes lower and upper heating element, convection and grill.

It allows the setting of the desired temperature with the help of the digital display, the establishment of the cooking time by means of the timer and it is provided with the interior light for the observation of the food. The construction gives it better thermal insulation than other versions, which makes this stove consume 10% less compared to standard Class A models.

Whirlpool electric stove:

Whirlpool ACMT 5533 / WH

If you are among the people who love impeccable cleanliness and white appliances, we offer you, as a solution for thermal cooking of food, this Whirlpool electric stove, with catalytic cleaning system of the oven, removable door for washing and ceramic hob, with perfect surface the payment.

It is a model of power and medium capacity, with a 60 liter oven and a hob with two small burners and two normal ones, the latter providing 1.8kW each. The dimensions recommend this version of the stove as a compact option (50 x 60cm) easy to integrate and in kitchens less offering space.

The oven is equipped with dedicated functions on categories of dishes, so you do not need to look for too much information about the temperature, if you want to cook cakes, meat, bread or pizza. You can use it for classic baking, with convection or grill, and it is an energy class A product, economical and efficient. The design includes a mechanical control panel, with digital display, elements that offer you the possibility to control the timer, temperature and predefined programs.

Buying guide

Available both in affordable formats and in the latest generation variants, which amaze you with the functions offered, the best electric stoves are ultimately the ones that suit your needs.

The role of this guide is to provide you with information about the main criteria you need to consider in order to discover the right stove for you, starting with the design and dimensions and up to the power offered and the additional functions that make your life easier.

Independent or slide-in : Independent models are the most popular and are those versions of the stove that usually sit in one edge of the kitchen furniture, but also between two bodies, without sticking perfectly to their sides. They are very easy to place, can be moved quickly, if necessary, and are available in the full range of price levels.

The slide-in variants are harder to find in Romania and are intended for those who want the kitchen to look impeccable, similar to the case in which they would choose an oven and a hob from the category of built-in ones. It is also placed on the floor, but the hob has edges that extend beyond the vertical walls, ensuring the perfect fixation on the side countertop and the body always fits between the furniture elements, launching only the front and the upper part, with burners.

The advantages include both the special appearance and a much easier cleaning, the dirt and grease not being able to reach, in this case, the side walls of the stove. But there are expensive versions, available only in the premium category.


Electric or mixed: If you have to decide between an electric stove at a good price with a ceramic hob or induction hob and a model with a gas hob, it is good to know that both come with advantages and disadvantages. For example, gas burners heat up instantly, while ceramic hobs and induction models take a few minutes to generate heat. Gas is also cheaper than electricity, so if you know you cook a lot and frequently, it’s a good idea to consider a gas hob model.

On the other hand, the 100% electric models, with a flat surface, without unevenness, are much easier to clean, you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to remove the oil, and the dishes have a better stability. In addition, induction options have a much cooler surface during use than gas or ceramic hobs, which means that food debris does not burn, being easier to remove. On the other hand, they are easier to damage if you accidentally drop a heavy vessel on them.

Regarding the accuracy of setting the temperature, it depends on the working style. For some, the best electric stove is the one with flame mesh, where you can see directly how hard the fire is. But for people familiar with microwaves and digital control systems, it may be easier to work with a version that indicates the temperature level by numbers.

An electric version will also provide you with additional functions, such as the menu lock option, which prevents the little ones from walking on the hob and also a residual heat indicator. Also take into account the fact that a gas component also means the need to connect to the network, which must be done by an authorized person.


Dimensions and capacity: Even if we are not talking about a built-in model, which allows you to intelligently arrange the kitchen, it is important that the stove fits well with the space available in or near the furniture and has the same height and depth. Most versions have a width of 50 – 60cm, a depth of 60cm and a height of 80cm. But there are also variants that go out of print, so always carefully measure the available space and read the technical specifications in the product presentation.

Regarding the capacity of the oven, we can tell you that if you want a more compact model and live in a household where it cooks a little, the most suitable model is an electric stove at a good price with an oven of 50 to 60 liters. For a standard family of three people, we recommend the versions with a capacity between 60 and 70 liters, and for homes with over 4 members, the versions over 70 liters are optimal.


Power and number of burners: In terms of the power of the hob, it is good to carefully evaluate the medium and large burners. The small eye can have from 0.8 to 1.4kW and is enough for coffee, tea, boiled egg and everything you want to prepare in small quantities.

For family recipes, medium burners are useful, which can have between 1.6 and 2.4kW, and if you need a heating zone that generates a high temperature faster, it is good for the hob to include a minimum of 3.0 – 3.3 kW.

Most models have four burners, but there are also versions with 5 and 6, which are more suitable for professional cooks.

Functions and programs: The main advantage offered by an electric stove, cheap and good, is in the control of the cooking mode and the predefined programs. Unlike classic models, in this case you can choose between baking by exposure to heat generated at the bottom, at the top or in both directions.

We recommend that you opt for a convection oven, which speeds up baking and reduces power consumption. Equally useful is the grill function, which allows you to prepare grilled meat and vegetables inside your own kitchen, without smoke.

Regarding the automatic cleaning, you can choose between classic versions, which you will have to clean manually or with the help of hot steam, and models with catalytic or pyrolytic system. The latter significantly reduce your working time, eliminating residues either while you are cooking (catalytic variants) or incinerating them in separate cleaning stages, which involve heating to very high temperatures.


Frequent questions

How much does an electric stove consume?

The consumption of a stove with electric oven depends both on the general technical specifications, mentioned by the manufacturer in the product sheet, and on the temperature at which you cook and the amount of food. For comparative purposes you can easily use the indications on the label.

If, for example, for product A a consumption of 0.86kWh per cooking cycle is mentioned and for product B, 0.9kWh, the former is more efficient. Otherwise, both for the hob and for the oven, in the first minutes of operation, until the desired temperature is reached, the appliance consumes exactly how much power is written in the specifications (a 3.5kW oven will consume 3.5kW, and a 1.2kW eye, will mean an energy consumption of 1.2kW).

After reaching the desired temperature, as a level of consumption, an electric stove will reduce the energy used to the amount needed to maintain heat, so if you cook for three hours in a 3kW oven you will not pay for 9kW, but much less.


Is a gas stove with an electric oven more cost-effective than a fully electric one?

At the moment, yes, it is even more cost-effective, as well as consumption costs, a stove with electric oven and gas hob, especially if you cook a lot on burners and compare with a model with ceramic hob or halogen. However, induction hobs can be more efficient than gas hobs.


Do I still need a light on the electric stove?

In principle, you don’t need a lighter for cheap and good electric stove models, because even those with a gas hob are provided with an electric ignition.


Is there an induction electric stove?

Yes, you can buy a variant of electric cooker, with induction, which actually means that the hob works by induction. Such products are available in the offer of Electrolux, Gorenje, Beko, AEG etc. brands.



Electric or gas stove – Arguments and options


The stove is one of the most important objects in the kitchen and its quality influences that of prepared food. What do you choose between gas and electric models? Find out quickly from the comparison below.


Gas stove

We refer here, not to the versions of the stove with gas hob and electric oven, but to those supplied exclusively with gas. These are the traditional variants, which most of us have become accustomed to, especially people over 40-50 years old.

They are quite simple to use, heat up quickly and do not add too much monthly cost, but they provide less uniform heating and offer a lower level of temperature control accuracy.

The oven is provided with a single heating element, at the bottom, and the gas supply requires frequent and correct ventilation, and involves an additional risk of accidental release.


Electric stove

Electric models are somewhat more modern and more difficult to approach by the elderly, who find it difficult to adapt to digital displays, touchscreens or even mechanical panels with multiple programs. They are considered slightly safer than gas alternatives, offer better control of temperature and cooking time and multiple functions, such as self-cleaning and child protection.

An electric oven will always include two heating elements, lower and upper and most are equipped with a fan, which ensures rapid temperature uniformity. Some offer predefined programs for pizza, steak, vegetables, cakes, etc.

The hobs are equipped with a residual heat sensor and are much easier to clean, with a completely flat surface. It is equally true, however, that it requires a longer waiting time for heating and that, if you use them very often, they will cost you more in monthly consumption than those on gas.


Options available

Numerous opinions about the best electric stoves recommend, to those who cook a lot, a combination of electric oven with gas hob, which effectively balances the strengths and weaknesses of each category. Also among the electric models you can find versions with glass ceramic hob, halogen or induction. Induction ones are a bit more expensive, but they are now also the most efficient and safest, consuming less and keeping the surface cold most of the time.

You can also look for a stove with mixed hob and electric oven, which means that you have a combination of gas burners and electric heating zones, so you can choose the optimal option every time. Everything you need to know can be found in the user manual, so you have no excuse not to use the device, capitalizing on its true potential.


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