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Vegetable Shredders – Review and comparison in 2021

When you need a new vegetable chopper, but you do not know what investment to make and after you look, look at the information in this article, and if you do not have enough time, we tell you from the start and what are best-selling options at the moment, starting with Tefal 5 Second , a compact, easy-to-use manual version that includes a 900 ml container, only good for the raw material, with sharp stainless steel blades, which cut most ingredients, and a simple handling system, not taking up much space in the closet, when not in use. An electric version appreciated by Romanian buyers is Star-Light DC-500BS .

Comparative table

This little “toy” for the kitchen becomes a quick help for any dish, being equipped with a set of durable stainless steel blades and a quick chopping system, which involves the use of a handle by pulling, also having a safety system so that there are no accidents in the kitchen.

Given the size and use of the product, it will not be an inspired choice for a large kitchen or multiple dishes made at the same time.

It attracts by the shape and speed with which it can be used, and by the fact that it does not require electricity, so it can be taken in camping or on vacation.

To slice and cut fruits and vegetables in various sizes, this multifunctional manual appliance is useful, which uses two knives for chopping and slicing and which, in just a few seconds, changes the shape of the raw material, the vessel in which they end up being able to detaches, for easy cleaning.

Given that the drive mechanism consists of rows of plastic, it can be a weak point if too much force is applied to the press.

It can be an addition inspired by the kitchen, where it saves housewives from the time spent cutting various vegetables and fruits for snacks and meals.

This multifunctional item, which allows grinding and passing the ingredients, is electric, using a roomy container, which does not break easily, 1.2 l, including other accessories, such as a bowl that acts as a grinder and three glasses with lid, for smoothies, you can also prepare cold coffees, cocktails or salads.

Unfortunately, although it is specified that it can also mince the meat, this aspect can leave much to be desired in case of high expectations, not being the strong point of the product.

It becomes a top choice for those who want a mini-food processor capable of maintaining multiple tasks, including chopping, poultry and grinding.

In-depth reviews about the best vegetable choppers

In order to enjoy more time in the family and pamper the other members with selected and healthy dishes, use a good vegetable chopper, after you find out how other buyers in our country manage with them, from the following lines.

Manual vegetable shredder:

Tefal 5 Second

the best electric vegetable chopper Are you looking for a manual vegetable chopper to “give you a helping hand” in the kitchen? This variant allows the crushing of the vegetables in the desired shape in just a few movements, pulling lightly several times on the included handle and the rotor with independent blades. If you pull harder, the shredding will be fine, and if you do not move away from the bowl too quickly, the pieces will be cut coarsely.

It has a hard and durable plastic exterior, the blades being made of stainless steel, which helps to cut any soft ingredients you want, including vegetables and fruits. And, to avoid accidents, the device is helped by a safety system, which locks the blades until the cover is put.

The plastic container is durable and transparent, allowing you to see how well the vegetables are cut. And the fact that it does not use electricity is helpful in terms of positioning in the kitchen, taking it on vacation and ecological use.

Instastyle Slice O Matic

the best electric vegetable chopper Among the best manual vegetable choppers on the market is the Slice O Matic model, which is easy to use as soon as you get used to the way it is used. It has a plastic collection container, only good for preparing meals for loved ones, which you detach by pressing two simple side buttons.

It is used by pressing the lever, having as accessories two different knives, one for cutting into stripes and one for thin and thick slices, thus obtaining a “2 in 1” device. It is used by some stainless steel blades, which cut very well and you can replace them with each other depending on the type of cut you want.

In order to “feed” the raw material in the device, a plastic press is used, being necessary to push the remaining vegetables, at the end. In general, it is useful in personal kitchens, saving the housewife of time spent in manually chopping vegetables and fruits with a knife.

Electric vegetable shredder:

Star-Light DC-500BS

the best electric vegetable chopper For a modern house and always ready for selected dishes, easily prepared, an electric vegetable chopper like this is useful, which uses its robust body, made of hard plastic, to help you chop anything you want, from onions, carrots, potatoes and even raw meat or stone fruits. It uses a set of strong stainless steel blades, which remain sharp for a long time, and which is controlled by the mechanical panel, by simple presses.

It has a spacious glass bowl that will not catch the smell of the ingredients used, able to support 1 l, enough for a meal for several people. It is equipped with anti-slip system, to be safe on the kitchen counter, and can be chopped or chopped. The motor inside has a power of 500 W, so it is in the recommended normal parameters, slightly below average, but enough for residential use.

It has only one gear, unfortunately, which means that you will not have much variety in terms of size and shredding that will reach fruits and vegetables. And there are no clues about additional accessories, which are completely missing.

Star-Light CW-300BR

the best electric vegetable chopper When you are satisfied with only the best electric vegetable chopper for home use, you will be glad to know that among the offers appreciated by other Romanians is the CW-300BR model from Start-Light, which has a power of 300 W (minimum) , but which, despite its limitations in terms of energy consumed, manages to offer beautiful salads and carefully cut vegetables, thanks to the stainless steel blades.

It can be used for chopping fruits and vegetables, but also for grinding meat, becoming a popular item for its functionality in the kitchen. Whether you want to make a salad, meatballs, something sweet with fruit filling or stews, you have a small tool that can help you halve the preparation time.

It uses a 1.2 l glass bowl, which will not absorb odors, and which can be cleaned in the dishwasher, having a safety system that does not start the blades until the container is sealed.

Heinner Charm HMC-300BL

the best electric vegetable chopper This electric vegetable shredder has a simple anti-slip system, which helps its stability on the table or counter when used, so there is no risk of slipping or falling. It has a mechanical control panel, and you can use two functions by pressing the button provided, which translates to shredding, mixing and squeezing.

It provides a glass vessel, with a capacity of 1.2 l, sufficient for the amount required for one or two servings. It does not consume much power, with a maximum power of 300 W, which is enough for personal use, saving the housewife from spending more time in the kitchen.

In essence, it is a vegetable chopper, cheap and good, that can equip any household and that helps housewives to get faster those tomatoes cut to the same size or those carrots only good for steak. And, given the durable stainless steel blades, it can also cut tender meat.

Oursson CH3010 / OR

the best electric vegetable chopper With the help of such a fruit and vegetable chopper you always have a little help from the cook who saves you from chopping and cutting vegetables for soup, stew or steak, and you can even grind fresh meat, without bones, if you wish. The four stainless steel blades allow the processing of fruits, vegetables, nuts or chocolate, and can even produce purees, salads or milkshakes.

It has a single gear and is operated mechanically, by pressing the button on the top, made of plastic, which houses the engine and the operating system, the capacity of the small resistant glass bowl with which it is equipped is 0.8 l, so lower than average . This means that you will get enough crushed ingredients for one serving, as a rule.

Because it is an electric model, we will also tell you that it has a power of 300 W, being at the lower limit from this point of view, but, at the same time, it means that it will not consume much electricity when it is plugged in.

Professional vegetable shredder:

Concept SM3392

the best electric vegetable chopper For a lover of a healthy lifestyle, based on the consumption of smoothies, or for a busy person who prefers a quick breakfast, rich in nutrients, the miniblender with chopping function from Concept can be an interesting addition in the kitchen. Although it is not a “company” appliance, it is good enough, especially for crushing and passing fruit and ice mixes, with a large container, made of durable tritan, 1.2 l, for chopping, and a smaller one, to grind coffee or other seeds, for example.

The knives are made of stainless steel, so they will not rust, and the power of 700 W is an indicator of the ease with which you get crushed ingredients to your liking. And the integrated safety does not allow the device to be started if the component parts have not been fixed properly.

There are also accessories, including two 570 ml and one 400 ml containers, with closing system and anti-slip foil. We mention the single gear, for grinding and crushing, and the pulse function, for birds.

Fruit and vegetable shredder:

Bosch MMR08R2

the best electric vegetable chopper Coming from a brand known for its affordable appliances, this vegetable chopper, at a good price, is compact enough even for a small personal kitchen. It is small and quick to use, thanks to the mechanical control system, with a gear, with the power of 400 W required for crushing, but also for other functions, such as birding and ice crushing.

So, you can use the device to chop vegetables and fruits, to care for them or to chop meat, if you want. In addition, it includes an emulsifying disc that helps beat the creams and froth the egg white, helping to create tasty cream soups and delicious sweets.

And the 800 ml container is enough for a large portion and, because it is made of a resistant and transparent plastic, you will see the condition of the ones inside. And it can be put in the dishwasher and in the microwave.

Studio House MC 353 W / R Miss Tocky

the best electric vegetable chopper A small option for the house, like this one, is equipped with a small 200 W motor, which includes a speed and pulse function, being able to mix and chop the desired ingredients in a record time. Since it is an electric version, it will require the presence of a nearby socket, which can be easy to accomplish or which can bother, to some extent, the user.

When you are looking for an affordable vegetable shredder, with durable stainless steel blades, you can stop at this model with a small container, 360 ml, enough for one person, and which is transparent, to see if the vegetables or fruits were cut to your liking. Given the size of the vessel, we will conclude that it is not suitable for a larger family or professional use.

For safe handling, the bowl below is equipped with an anti-slip system, and for safe handling you have the safety system that makes the device not start unless all the components are screwed well.

Buying guide

For a healthy lifestyle, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is recommended. But, when it is necessary to cut greens in various ways for salad, stew or soup, in large quantities, the cooking process can become, more or less, a chore. A vegetable chopper is helpful in any kitchen, greatly simplifying the preparation of ingredients for dinner, chopping onions, garlic, peppers, carrots, cabbage or apples.

And, as you can find various opinions on the internet about the best vegetable choppers, how can you know which would be more useful to you? Find out from the following lines which types of article to go to.

the best electric vegetable chopper

Types: An important difference between the products is the way they work, finding manual and automatic models, or electric.

The manual variants are similar to meat mincers, operating on a similar principle. They are usually less expensive than the other type, and do not require an outlet or power consumption to operate, being useful even when traveling.

The electrical options have a motor and are equipped with a wire that you plug into, there is a need to position it close to a wall. The motor can have between 200 and 1500 W, being indicated to choose vegetable choppers, at good prices, with a power of at least 300 W, to choose you with a reliable and high-performance appliance, capable of cutting several vegetables in one minimum time, at small sizes, even to pass, compared to the manual version.

Materials: Determines how reliable and easy to maintain the product is.

Stainless steel blades will be preferred, which will withstand rust and shocks well, not being affected by the repeated cutting process. On top of that, they will be easy to sanitize, sometimes being compatible with the dishwasher.

The body of the appliance is usually made of hard plastic, special attention being given to the bowl in which the chopped vegetables are collected, it can be made of glass (hard, clean quickly, not impregnated with odors, but can break) or plastic (It is harder to break, it is easy, but it can scratch and catch odors when not washed properly).

Capacity: It is important for those who have to process larger quantities, being recommended the containers of vegetable choppers, at a good price, which amounts to at least 0.5 liters and can fit up to around 2-3 liters. Keep in mind, however, that a larger dish will take a more prominent place in the kitchen.

The classic, manual options can be even more similar to razors, and can be used depending on the personal needs of each person. For a small family, they may be enough.

Functions: Sums up at least one way of cutting, there are classic options, which slice and chop, cut julienne or even chopped diced vegetables, for example. In the case of manual variants, they will be in the form of interchangeable blades, and in the case of electric ones, the change can be made, in some cases, by pressing a button.

To obtain the desired results, it is useful to know that for high-performance variants there is speed control on at least two steps, which allow thorough grinding of vegetables or cutting them in various ways, useful options for several dishes made at the same time. The Turbo or Pulse function is also appreciated by users, it works by increasing the cutting speed for the time when the finger is held on the respective button.

The existence of the safety system ensures a carefree use, because the knives will not be able to move until the device is tight.

Also in this category we mention the accessories that can accompany any vegetable chopper, cheap and good, such as graters, knives, grater and slicer or spare bowl or container for smoothie. Some models may also have centrifugation to remove excess water from fruits and vegetables after washing.

the best electric vegetable chopper

Compatible foods: In general, such devices have been designed for grinding vegetables, being useful for fruits. But, depending on the type of blades and accessories present, you can also chop nuts, hazelnuts, garlic, herbs or even meat, if they are hard and sharp enough.

Some versions are able to pass and mix sauces, produce smoothies or creams.

Brands: A final selection criterion, appreciated by some potential buyers, is the name on the box. Among the models appreciated in our country you will find those from Tefal, Heinner, Bosch and Oursson. Along with them are other beloved models for their efficiency in the kitchen.

So, with the help of the above information, it should be easy for you to find the best vegetable chopper to meet your culinary needs, finding various products online at affordable prices.

Frequent questions

How much does a professional vegetable grinder cost and in what situations is it necessary?

The price of such a product is, on average, 100 euros, this being justified by the superior quality of the materials used outside and inside the device, as well as in the construction of the blades. At the same time, it will have multiple crushing functions and will have a roomy container.

the best electric vegetable chopper

It is used, especially, in restaurants and is part of the endowments of catering companies, where fast labor power is required and where large quantities of ingredients are used. In an ordinary kitchen such a product could be an undervalued purchase.

Can I grind other ingredients with the vegetable chopper?

In most cases you will find out exactly what types of food you can chop, slice or chop from the instruction guide. Usually, you can also use the device for ordinary fruits, which you prepare for desserts, smoothies or salads, for example. In some cases, the blades can even cut meat, but we suggest that you investigate carefully before making such an attempt.

Vegetable shredder or slicer – what to choose?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. If, as a rule, the most common dishes require chopped vegetables, it will be more useful a device that chops, and if you prefer your vegetables and fruits to be sliced, you will use more than one slicer.

Top 5 reasons to buy an electric vegetable grinder

The electric shredder with electric motor can help you prepare food in record time, without the risk of cutting your fingers, especially when you are under the pressure of time. As this appliance can have different sizes and styles, you can think about why one would be useful in the kitchen. Here are some good reasons to help you make an easier decision.

the best electric vegetable chopper

Chop the vegetables quickly

In general, vegetable grinders are very useful in homes with many members or when cooking for many people, greatly reducing the preparation time required. In just a few moments you can get julienne strips, cubes or even pasta or those small pieces as grated.

It has various types of shredding

Most appliances can cut, granulate or finely chop the raw material, there are also chopped vegetable cubes, which slice, cut into sticks or even pass. Given the possibility of a variable number of buttons, the options available in terms of processing are numerous, so that anyone who wants to find the preferred way of fast cutting.

The blades and the dish can be sanitized in the dishwasher

Especially in the case of new models on the market, it is possible to wash the components in the car, thus saving you from possible cuts and spending extra time in the kitchen.

May include useful accessories

In addition to the device itself, in the box there may be small accessories such as graters, additional knives for various types of cutting and shredding, bowls or shakers. Thus, the user has several possibilities and can enjoy a smoothie or a drink prepared quickly, if the model allows and includes such additional elements.

Ease of use

Because you only have to press a button for a few seconds, we can say that there will be no difficulties in using the electric shredder. The user can also find the user guide found in the box.

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