the best food processor and blender combo to buy

If you want to know which is the best food processor , read on. We present you a multifunctional model, suitable for kneading dough professionally. We come with top recommendations, price and opinions for the best variants from 2021 in Romania. They are very good for the kitchen in your home, being compact, but at the same time they have many accessories. This model from Tefal – Tefal Masterchef Grande QB813D38 is a complete option for the kitchen.

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

The best food processors – TOP 10 new models

In every modern kitchen in the country, the food processor is a top help for any housewife. The numerous accessories that the food processor comes with allow you to do a lot of actions. With this device you can chop, mix, prepare bread dough or use as a blender for a good smoothie. It usually has several bowls, pallets and accessories. So, you will get a multifunctional device. You can find good models at eMag, Altex, MediaGalaxy, Carrefour, etc.

1500 W Tefal Masterchef Grande QB813D38 food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power of 1500 W
8 speeds
6.7 liter bowl
Blender for smoothies and cocktails

1000W ELECTROLUX EKM4200 food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power of 1000 W
Metal body
2 generous stainless steel bowls
10-speed speed settings
Mixer, dough hook, protective cover

Bosch MCM3200W 800 W food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power of 800 W
Number of 2 speeds
Volume of 2.3 liters
Stainless steel discs
Plastic blender with a capacity of 1 liter

Bosch MUM48R1 600 W food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power 600 W
The volume of 3.9 l
Kneading accessory, slicing disc, tel
4 speed modes
Stainless steel accessories

Philips Daily Collection HR7510 / 00 food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Maximum power of 800 W
2 different containers
Bowl capacity of 2.1 liters
Emulsification disc, kneading, blender, citrus press
Over 29 functions

Russell Hobbs Desire food processor 23480-56

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power: 1000 W
Volume of 5 liters
10 speeds
Dough accessory, tel and palette
Blender with 1.5 liter bowl

Heinner HPM-1000WH food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Power 1000 W
Volume of 5500 ml
10 speeds
Planetary motion
Chopping machine and blender function

H.Koenig KM80 multifunctional kitchen mixer

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

Cumulative power of 1000 W
Volume: 5.5 l
Dough kneading function
Accessories included
Mixing, kneading, chopping

Kenwood kMIX KMX750RD food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

1000 W
5 liters volume
6 speeds
3 accessories
Dough accessory, tel, anti-splash lid

TurboTronic Professional Stand Mixer TT-002 food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

2000 W
Stainless steel bowl 5 liters
10 speeds
3 accessories (mixed, kneaded, cream

Which is the best food processor

the best food processor and blender combo to buy

With a multifunctional food processor, you have a conglomeration of benefits that can definitely make your life better. He will take over some of your tasks from the kitchen and you will have an honorable team in the kitchen. Allow yourself to enjoy more free time. You no longer have to spend money on individual devices. Choose a food processor that can take on several tasks at the same time.

As long as you choose models that offer robustness and variety of functions, food processors will become your best friends. We will help you understand the differences between the models and which types to look at.

You can save time with labor-intensive tasks, such as chopping onions, whipping cake cream, chopping nuts and seeds, or even kneading bread dough. Use a good food processor and forget about worries. These devices are equipped with flat and longer blades. They can rotate even slower to cut, rather than shred.

How a good food processor works

Similarly, all versions of food processors work on the same principle. The main bowl rests on a foundation that has a motor. In the middle is a blade positioned centrally. the blade or other accessories rotate inside the vessel, fulfilling several functions. If the lid is not closed properly, the guards keep the blade still. The blade is usually made of stainless steel and has several ends.

Blades in the form of discs can also be used. Either they have raised holes for shredding, or a raised cutting edge that is placed in the bowl. The lid is sealed in place, and the food is placed in the vertical feeding tube of the lid and pushed slowly on the rotating disk with an additional accessory.

In addition to the blades, the best food processor can have accessories for kneading bread, beating ingredients to obtain a fine cream, can have a meat grinder, blender for smoothies and juices. Usually there are several operating programs with which these devices are equipped.

Although all models have about the same working principle, depending on the power, the quality of the blades and the available volume, they will provide different results. Almost all good food processors can satisfy your highest expectations.

What a multifunctional food processor can do

We expect a food processor to perform several tasks. He must be able to cut, mix or mix food in any quality we need. With it you can prepare the base for desserts, make dough for bread, juices or sausages with the help of the meat grinder that some models have. The devices can have one or more bowls with variable volume, smoothie glasses, different pallets and accessories for mixing. Usually some have discs and cutting blades of various types. Make sure you have them in the package.

You can use the food processor as a chopper or even a blender, because the appliances are versatile, robust and designed to do a wide range of activities. Using the sharpest cutting blade and the fastest speed you can use it as a blender. It may take a little longer than a classic blender, but it will do its job without too much effort. Certainly all the ingredients will be mixed correctly and to the consistency you need.

I think it's one of the best purchases you can make to get a blender, chopper, mixer, meat grinder – all in one body. It is a saving of space in the kitchen but also of the budget, for taken separately, the good kitchen equipment will be in your pocket.

The type of food a food processor can process varies from purees, juices, meat, dough, bases or dessert creams. You will only have a device with some accessories and that's about it. Most of the devices are reliable and quality. The best food processor must be convenient, fast to lead to a good use of resources, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

The advantages of a good food processor

Food processors are useful for a wide range of foods. It is good for cutting, grinding, slicing, and mixing. If you want a single gadget that can make fruit juice, knead dough, and slice, you'll have to look. You need to find a food processor that can process food with the right amount of power and have the necessary accessories.

It also reduces cooking time and the amount of money needed to buy all appliances separately. Small processors are ideal for processing light foods and if you take a limited budget. They are usually known as electric vegetable choppers . You will find that a large model is a smarter investment if you want a food processor that can perform more cooking activities.

When you are ready to include this flexible method in your cooking set, we have suggestions for the best food processors you can buy. We help you with details that will help you choose the best food processor in Romania at this time. A food processor is a perfect investment for someone who usually cooks at home.

A food processor saves you valuable time when cooking meals with fresh vegetables or other ingredients that need cutting, grinding, chopping or chopping.

What types of robots do you find

Two types of food processors are available, large food processors and small choppers.

There is a wide range of products, both for large and small appliances. You can find them in all electronics stores in the country. Small food processors with limited functions normally cost less and take up less countertop space. When you think of a food processor, you think of a compact appliance that can do anything.

Vegetables, fruits and meat can be easily cut into cubes and slices. On some appliances, it would be kneading bread dough or squeezing fruits and vegetables to make fresh juice. Any food processor could just cut food. Others can do much more depending on the accessories they have.

Device power

Since you need a universal solution in the kitchen, the food processor must have sufficient power. You need to be able to process both soft and hard foods such as nuts and ice cubes. You will need a system with a power of 800 – 1000 W to cope with both food mixing, but also their efficient crushing. The higher the power, the finer the mixture. The fineness and fineness of the shredding will be better.

On the power control side, some models have modern levers, keys or touchpads. The button version is easy to use, but if leaks occur, they can be more difficult to clean.

A touchpad is almost as easy to use and wiping during use is incredibly easy. For this reason, the extra investment in a model with touch buttons may be worth it.

The size of the food processor

It is clear that the space in the kitchen is often limited. Some of us are dealing with a studio apartment with a small kitchen. So we would need light and portable models. However, if you want a large bowl, many accessories and more power, you will have to be careful with the space available. You will have extra space on the worktop.

Food processors that can be placed on the counter normally have a capacity between 1 and 5 liters. The beach is quite generous, so you can easily choose the model that is closest to your needs in the house.

Types of blades

A common blade used in food processors is the corrugated blade with several edges. Most tasks can be performed, such as making smoothies, cream soups or other fine dishes. Blades of this type can cut and mix very efficiently, especially if you occasionally use the pulsation function. These blades are durable over time and are most often made of stainless steel.

Some versions come bundled with additional blades or discs, while others may need to be ordered separately. Usually, even the simplest food processors have a slicing disc that can act as a grater. With it you can slice very finely vegetables for salad or soup, say.

Plastic dough blades are perfect for kneading bread dough, so it's worth checking their availability in the package that comes with the device. Not all units have this option, and it can be an additional purchase and an unforeseen expense. It is best to check this aspect in the product description before purchasing.

The size of the bowl

The best size for a bowl or container of a food processor depends exclusively on how big the food preparation is needed. In general, those on the Romanian market have between 1 and 6 liters of the main container. So you have a fairly large range of volumes to choose from.

If you cook for larger groups of people every day, or if you prepare food for commercial purposes, either at a restaurant or cafe you may need larger bowls. In the same way, a one-liter bowl is usually suitable if you are alone. Just cook for a portion of food or using the appliance as a blender to make limited amounts of beverages.

Try to choose a model with a large enough bowl for your family. We recommend that you buy a model a little bigger than our caesarean section, to cover all the scenarios. This will prevent you from applying too much liquid and creating leaks in the system.

Blade performance

Better versions should have blades sharp enough to evenly cut vegetables and herbs. On the other hand, they must be extremely versatile for purees, shredding fruits and vegetables, nuts or even solid foods. To last for many years in a row, the blades and discs of the food processor must be made of stainless steel to remain sharp. They should also be good for combining liquid and soft ingredients. The blades and the bowl you use are direct impactors of the device's performance, so be careful when you want to make the choice.

There are three classic ways for food processors. They can be turned on, off and pulsed. Setting the pulse will help you turn on the appliance for short intervals so that the ingredients do not cut too much or turn into a juice.

However, to handle heavy loads, some power processors have additional speed settings. Look for a model with extra speeds if you intend to use the appliance for more slicing, mixing or blending.

Good functions for the food processor

A number of additional functions beyond single-speed models are provided by many models of food processors. To cut slowly and safely to the desired granularity, the pulse buttons or gear changes are helpful. Additional blades are most often provided for cutting, slicing, spiraling and chopping.

Some models also make slices and thickness adjustments. In the same order of ideas can be used as a grater or as a device for decorating food. Other versions come with bowls of different sizes and volumes, so they can be used on the basis of small choppers or professional food processors. For work bowls that act as glasses, they can also have various sizes, and are equipped with carrying lids.

Other accessories

If you are a fan of smoothies, you will often find portable glasses on these devices. This makes it super easy to mix the smoothie quickly and carry it with you when you go to work. There are some versions that have such vessels in the package, and others do not. If you want to be able to do this, check the availability of such an accessory.

Additional options such as meat grinders, a citrus juicer or other accessories are usually included in the package of large and powerful models.

Citrus juicers, meat grinders, salad slicers, dough kneaders also meet. For more expensive models, all these options are included in the purchase cost and you have them in the package. They are usually made of quality materials and are durable. For other more budget models, you can have only a few accessories, the rest not being available. Or you can find them at additional prices.

How to introduce food safely

Many high-quality food processors have a lid on the bowl, with a feeding tube into which food to be cut, diced, sliced, pureed, or even kneaded into the dough is inserted. Adjustable feed tubes allow long or large ingredients, such as carrots or potatoes, to be inserted quickly and held upright against the supplied blades for clean and precise cuts. There is a big plus in a product insertion mechanism through the lid while the unit is turned on. They also have an important protective role of stopping in the kitchen, to keep the work area clean and tidy.

Safety in exploitation

High quality food processors have efficient motors and solid bases that anchor them on the worktop. They are protected with lids so as not to splash and protect from the blade inside. They are resistant to solid and liquid foods. To help keep the device fixed, some more advanced versions have suction cups. There are also safety locking devices mounted in the cover. These food processors are not allowed to start the system when the lid is not installed and secured. To prevent wet products from spilling and splashing on you or everything around you while working, some versions have closed gaskets or work bowls.

For almost every kitchen, a food processor is a great saving of time and effort in the cooking process. No matter the size of the bowl or how much you think you will use it. You will definitely wonder what you have done without a food processor so far. More than likely you will find a model that suits your needs. You have a wide range of sizes and specifications at different price levels.

The reduced time spent in the kitchen, the possibility to make more dishes will delight you. You will see that investing in such a device is worth it, especially since it can do a lot of things.

Engine quality for the best food processors

The amount of watts of the motor determines the power of the food processor. When they start dealing with heavy food, if the device did not have enough engine power, they would simply stop or be inefficient. With daily use, a powerful engine prevents very high noise levels and handles most requirements without problems.

If you want a food processor with intuitive and transparent functions, basic locking mechanisms for installation and bowl or lid, and quick cleaning will be necessary. Components compatible with the dishwasher are a must. A gadget storage system is useful for keeping items tidy and handy for use. Keeping all accessories clean at the same time is essential. Reading recommendations, opinions and reviews online is one of the easiest ways to evaluate the ease of use of a particular model.

Conclusions about the food processor

You may feel a little discouraged when choosing a food processor that is right for your needs. The truth is that the variations of the models are innumerable, all being extremely different. You may already have an older or smaller model and are trying to determine whether to upgrade to a newer model. Or maybe you're just in the process of adding a food processor to your arsenal to help you cook in the kitchen. How many watts are needed for your needs, what functions matter most to you? Think about the most important things you would like to see in your kitchen appliance.

A food processor has a trough that allows you to safely add food to the tank. Select a model that has a large food chute. With a large loading mouth, you can place huge pieces of vegetables and other foods and you won't have to cut the ingredients beforehand.

Choose a multifunctional robot with the right size

A first step is to decide how much food you want to process at the same time. See also if you need several work vessels or just one would be enough. It is important to keep it handy for quick access, no matter what size it is. Thus, the device can be used easily. You may want to consider buying a mini food processor if you need to prepare small amounts of ingredients frequently. Even if you have a large version, the small one can be more handy to make a smoothie, let's say. Being a small device, it will be energy efficient.

You will want to directly choose a larger model with a larger work bowl if you plan to cook for a larger number of people. You can prepare several batches of bread dough. In addition, larger appliances have more accessories. In this way, the food processor can perform additional activities, such as slicing or blending. To be covered and allow the versatility of preparing more dishes, it is always safer to opt for a larger bowl capacity. Regardless of the model chosen, you will be able to cut onions, potatoes and other vegetables, prepare pasta sauces or grind hazelnuts.

What can you cook with a food processor

It is important to know what types of cooking activities a food processor can do. We will help you understand the range of functions that the device has. It is the perfect tool for easily slicing and chopping items that would be more difficult to make by hand, with a knife or with small choppers. Some models offer additional features that mimic very fine slicing, spiraling vegetable options or even citrus juicers. Food processors are also very good at mixing soft or liquid ingredients. You can easily make dough for batches of pasta sauce in a relatively short time.

The best food processor, even the simplest, consists of a stainless steel, glass or plastic work bowl. The engine is equipped with a very strong blade that rotates at high speeds, thus chopping, cutting and slicing your dishes. At lower speeds they can knead the dough or it can be used as a mixer. When you want to choose the best food processor for you, this series of features are important and should be considered.

Choose carefully the power you need

A food processor does not need considerable power to get good results when cutting, grinding, and grinding. If you plan to use the machine for other things, such as kneading dough, you will need a more powerful motor.

A 500 watt motor has all the power you need, if you just want to use the food processor for simple tasks. Look for a more powerful model, 1000 watts or more for bread kneading, meat mincing and chopping nuts or other very strong ingredients.

In order to perform more tasks, food processors usually come with different blades. Most have a classic corrugated blade, as well as a slicing blade for cutting, chopping, and mixing. You will want a plastic blade for kneading if you intend to use the robot to make dough for bread or baking.

Food processor with additional functions

Some food processors come in several sizes of work bowls, so you can handle more ingredients without having to pause to wash the bowl. You may want a model equipped with a juicer to prepare fresh juices and smoothies. This must be decided based on how you plan to use the food processor.

Choose a model with special settings to do blender tasks, to prepare cream soups and to chop ice. Do not fill the food processor tank with food before placing it on the base. It will not fit the blade properly. With the blade positioned correctly, place the bowl on the base and then fill the container with ingredients.

Before placing cooked food in a food processor, always wait for some cooked food to cool. They will discolor or even melt the plastic portion of the blade if the ingredients are extremely hot.

Never load more than half of the food bowl. If there is a lot of liquid inside, when you turn on the robot you can wake up that the device is outside.

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