the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Food Processors – Review and comparison in 2021

For a fully equipped cooking space, a food processor can do a very good job, given that it is capable of many actions to help prepare food. Among the variants that Romanians often buy at this time isBosch MUM48R1 , a home appliance that has kneading accessories and slicing discs, as well as a tel, with a large bowl, 3.9 l, being capable of four speeds and up to 12250 rotations per minute, allowing the creation of all kinds of tasty dishes, both sweet and salty. Another option appreciated by the local public is Philips Avance Collection HR7776 / 90 .

Comparative table

This option comes from a brand appreciated for its offers in terms of small appliances, and not only, has accessories for kneading, mixing and slicing, with a large bowl, for various recipes and food preparation, featuring four working speeds , for each of the functions it has.

The power is low, only 600 W, which is not enough to produce dough or whipped egg whites in record time, unfortunately.

Because it comes from an appreciated manufacturer and combines various interesting and useful options in the kitchen, it will be constantly found among the options that Romanians are heading towards.

This collection includes a variety of accessories, including blender, chopping and grinding container, as well as dough and spiral for dough, easy to use and replace with each other, featuring an ergonomic appearance, imposing the presence of 12 manual speeds and a button for the Pulse function, the component parts being easy to clean.

It is recommended to unplug it when not in use and to use it frugally, taking care of the engine, which is more sensitive and can give way more easily when it is overloaded.

It presents the necessary parts for carrying out a wide variety of activities in the kitchen, so that the user can enjoy a multifunctional product at a relatively affordable price.

This professional collection provides a good chef with all the tools he needs to prepare tasty and good-looking dishes, featuring tools for chopping, grinding, grinding, smoothies, cream soups or kneading dough, including a large bowl and various slicing discs. , with a powerful 1500 W motor.

Unfortunately, when preparing food, it can make a loud noise, which is not appreciated by some users, a negative point reported by other buyers.

It presents the prestige of a brand appreciated for its products, having all kinds of accessories suitable for different aspects of the kitchen, being addressed to those for whom the price is not a problem.

In-depth reviews about the best food processors

For the quick preparation of food in order to make a tasty and good-looking dish, finding a good food processor is essential, and from the following lines you can be inspired by the models loved by other Romanians.

Bosch food processor

Bosch MUM48R1  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

This Bosch food processor can be used at a residential level, with various accessories to help a housewife or a food enthusiast, lacking two goals and an accessory for kneading the dough, there is a dynamic planetary gear that allows rotation for embedding dough, having a container for preparing juices or slicing or grinding food, there are three types of disc for small shave, thicker or slices.

It is a food processor, at a good price, with a large bowl for mixing liquid food, this being made of resistant stainless steel, with a capacity of 3.9 l, the dough that can fit is a maximum of 2kg, so you can prepare bread, cakes, cake or whatever else comes to mind.

It has safety in handling the mixing bowl, locks the lid on accessories and the circuit is short-circuited, with anti-slip feet, for stability. It has a relatively low power, 600W, and 4 speeds, being useful to a person who does not cook very often or who accepts that he will spend little time to prepare food.


Bosch MUM54251  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

There are many who appreciate and recommend a food processor Bosch MUM54251 which is a multifunctional model that provides the desired accessory both blender, for soups, creams and smoothies, and container for processing vegetables and fruits, by using the four different blades, there is also an accessory for chopping meat, one for pushing fruits and vegetables and a kneading accessory and one tel.

There is a protective cover for the roomy bowl, 3.9 l, made of stainless steel, therefore, which will last well over time, which can be easily sanitized and which will not catch odors. It is a model with a high power, of 900W, enough for daily use without problems, having only less than seven speeds, to give different degrees of rotation and crushing.

It is among the best food processors for home use and because, despite the fact that it has a wide variety of accessories, the price will not be extremely high. It has an anti-slip and safety system for overheating, as well as a Pulse button for quick mixing or crushing. However, additional cutting discs may be needed for julienne cutting, for example, and the juicer does not live up to expectations.


Philips food processor

Philips Avance Collection HR7776 / 90  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Do you want a Philips food processor that you can use every day and that you can enjoy in countless ways? This seemingly simple option has, in fact, no less than 12 operating steps, as well as the Pulse button, for preparing food or dough, for example, before the actual cooking.

It can be used for kneading dough, it has a double purpose, for beating egg whites, for example, including a slicing disc with a thickness adjustment between 1 and 7 mm, as well as a citrus juicer and a 2.4 l bowl, for a larger family, and blender with standard capacity, up to 1.5 l, for smoothies, cream soups or other more liquid doughs.

It fulfills most of the classic roles in the kitchen, facilitating the preparation of food and its handling before thermal cooking, with a high power of 1300W, the motor can make up to 1700 movements per minute, enough for a regular user. It is important to clean the appliance and follow the instructions in the manual exactly, otherwise the engine may malfunction.


Philips HR7310 / 00 Daily Collection  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

With a Philips food processor at hand you can do all sorts of beautiful and healthier things than food ordered through various services, which is usually fast food, not exactly suitable for frequent consumption. This device has a balanced motor, of 700W, which will withstand the use of household, with no less than 16 functions, including preparing sauces, chopping, chopping, passing or slicing and shaving.

There is also a whisk for mixing and beating, as well as one for dough preparation and kneading. For the most efficient use, it is recommended the chromatic coordination of the component utensils with the button specific to a speed of the two.

Because it is a multifunctional food processor, it will present both a spacious 1.5l blender and a 2.1 l bowl, which can be used for fruits and vegetables, cheeses, chocolate or hard vegetables. The tube is wide, to allow the introduction of food without crushing it beforehand.


Professional food processor

Tefal Masterchef Grande QB813D38  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

One of the options that can be used professionally is this Tefal food processor provided with a lot of options ready to be used and at the fingertips of a real chef or a cooking enthusiast who wants to invest in his utensils, given the cost high product.

It is made of quality materials, the bowl for kneading and beating eggs is made of stainless steel, along with the cast metal body, easy to clean and durable, for spinning using a planetary with double movement, for homogenization. The bowl is large, 6.7 l, so the appliance can prepare a large number of servings. There are four outlets for various types of accessories, such as bowl, juice processor, chopping and chopping or 1.4 l blender.

With this professional food processor you are not afraid of overcharging, because it is provided with protection, with a power of 1500W, enough for any challenge you would throw them. We mention that it has eight gears, giving variety, but it turns out to be noisy.


Multifunctional food processor

Bosch MUM58720  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Here is a multifunctional food processor at a relatively affordable price, considering that it has the necessary accessories for preparing food in different ways before putting them in the oven, placing them on a plate or in a glass or pan. The powerful 1000W motor also withstands the preparation of hard doughs, not only the preparation of vegetables and soft fruits or smoothies made in the 1.25 l blender accessory.

You have at hand the quality of a branded product, because a Bosch food processor has a prestige on the profile market. The functions of the appliance include mixing, squeezing, kneading, cutting, slicing, shredding, chopping, grinding and mixing eggs, there are accessories such as targets, cutting discs or protective caps for each of them and a large bowl of 3.9 l. nothing, a bag for storing accessories that you do not use at a certain time is included.

You are safe with this professional food processor because it is equipped with anti-slip feet, has overvoltage protection and locks so that children’s hands do not get close to sharp discs, the Pulse function helps to prepare quickly, when you do not have time to use one of the seven speeds.


Tefal food processor

Tefal Double Force DO8221  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Do you need reliable help in the kitchen? Try a Tefal food processor like this model, which provides you with not only the food processor, provided with two cutting discs and knives, but also a sliding slope for fruits and vegetables and a lid with fixing, so that the little ones can do not be in danger if it is in its vicinity.

It has six speed options to facilitate food preparation in any way, the 1000W motor being powerful enough for any challenge you throw. It is, in essence, a multifunctional option, which you can use for slicing, chopping, cutting, scraping, the included blender can be helpful for cream soups, smoothies. The kneading accessory helps to prepare the dough, there is also a mincer for fine grinding, and a whisk for whipped cream and eggs.

This food processor, cheap and good, has an anti-slip system, to sit comfortably on the table or counter, with two gears and Puls function, for quick handling. The blender has 2l, being large enough for multiple servings, the bowl having smaller dimensions, of only 2 liters.


Kenwood food processor

Kenwood kMIX KMX750RD  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Among the professional products, with a specific purpose in the activity of a chef, is this food processor for kneading dough and preparing the desired creams, for example, being able to mix the ingredients and turn them into real future goodies. Basically, it is a product that is used to prepare doughs and creams, acting as a mixer or tel, but there are more than 20 accessories that you can buy separately, which will help other types of food preparation.

This beautiful Kenwood food processor has a spacious 5 l stainless steel bowl, which will be large enough for generous amounts of preparation. In terms of power, it’s a powerful 1000W option with six working steps, so that it can handle the incorporation of the first dry foods over the wet ones, and the fast beating of the egg whites, if you wish.

The robust, stainless steel body helps the device to withstand time, not lacking its anti-slip and overcharging protection system, a disadvantage of which is that it makes sharp noises, sometimes annoying for some people, when working.


Russell Hobbs food processor

Russell Hobbs Retro Red  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

In the case of a retro decorated kitchen, this special Russell Hobbs food processor can have a special place, which acts like a fruit and vegetable processor, being able to “chop” them quickly, not missing the blender type, with which can replace the processor, so you can prepare ingredients that require liquidity or prepare creams and smothies, among others.

The device allows the choice of a certain number of rotations per minute, from 10 to 15000, so that you can mix the preparation faster or slower, according to your preference or as specified in the recipe. You can chop, chop or slice, there are also tel or dough kneading accessories, in addition to the gears having the Quick Pulse function for mixing.

The power of 850W helps to prepare food quickly,withstanding long-term use, the bowl has an average capacity of 2.3 l, and the blender is slightly larger than the standard, measuring 1.7 l. The power cord is small, only 1 m, requiring outlet nearby.


Heinner food processor

Heinner Charm HFP-750BG  

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

For a cheap food processor, compared to other items on the market, this offer from the economic brand Heinner provides those who want what they need, including the food processor and the large 1.8 l blender, in which you can prepare dough liquids, cream soups or smoothies, among others.

The food processing part is provided with a 1.2 l bowl, enough for two people, say, the blades are made of stainless steel, so they will not rust, allowing constant use of the product. Considering the two speeds and the Pulse function, where the maximum speed is reached immediately, the power is a standard one, of 750W.

This Heinner food processor is quite noisy, the level being 85 dB, so you have this in mind if it catches your eye, but you can’t really expect a completely silent product when the price is so affordable. It can work as a blender, for shaving and chopping or for mixing and kneading, not missing the dough accessories.


Buying guide

Those who like to spend time in the kitchen and try all sorts of new recipes can be helped by a device that facilitates the preparation of food in record time, so that the actual preparation is much faster. Slicing, cutting or shredding can be activities that rob you of tens of minutes, especially when you prepare larger amounts of food, these can be steps that do not bring you any pleasure. One of the solutions, according to many opinions about the best food processors, is such a product that does everything for you. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing it.

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Functions : Among the most popular and often sought after options that a food processor should have are those for chopping and grinding, kneading the dough, slicing, grinding, crushing, shaving or poultry, or even preparing smoothies.

Thus, there will be different types of attachments that will change between them to function. Some will be a container with a slope for fruits and vegetables, for cutting or crushing them without endangering your fingers, or the best food processor for kneading dough that will have at least one set of goals, for different consistencies, and a bowl, or blender container, where you can make purees or smoothies and other more liquid dishes.

There may be multifunctional options, obviously more expensive, which can fulfill several roles, in turn, in this case requiring a product with a higher power of at least 750W, to meet the requirements. When you only need a device to make juices or chop your vegetables and fruits, a small one with a unique function will be useful.

Consumption : Depending on the value next to the consumption category, you will also realize how powerful the device is. The reduced consumption, below 600W, will be enough for one or two servings of food, in the best case, presenting food robots, cheap and good, focused on a single function or way of preparing food.

Instead, an item with a higher consumption, over 750W, will be efficient and possibly durable, especially if it is accompanied by a safety system. At the same time, it will prepare food faster and, possibly, with less noise than a cheaper product and with a lower consumption of electricity.

It is ideal to discover an efficient, fast model, with a not very high consumption, and to be made of quality parts, which will last well over time and serve you well.

User : It can be a person who rarely uses food processors, at good prices, for help in the kitchen, in which case he can be satisfied with a more affordable model, but also, perhaps, less fast and less diversified in terms of what he knows and can do, and with a smaller container, while recipe enthusiasts may need, rather, a professional model, more durable, equipped with a variety of accessories designed to help in the “fight with food ”(blender, planetary and blenders for kneading and mixing, cutting knives, automatic crusher, slicer, shredder, meat grinder, large bowls and containers, etc.).

Safety : It is important to be sure that the device will not break under normal conditions of use or when left plugged in, for example, so some safety precautions will be helpful. The locking function or the anti-slip system are aspects worth considering when choosing food processors, at a good price, especially when you have a family and you want the junior members to be safe.

Noise :Silent instruments are preferred, which do not exceed 75dB, otherwise they can cause stress or disturb other family members. You can find information about the noise level on the product packaging, in the instruction manual or in its description.

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Brands : There will be preferences when it comes to the manufacturer, so among the options for professionals, but also for home users, there are Kenwood, Tefal, Bosch or Philips food processor models. Of course, some of them will have prices that exceed well over 1000 RON, and can reach 5000 RON or more, and there are more economical models from the same brands or from others, such as Heinner or Russel Hobbs.

Finally, the choice is in your hands, so the best food processor is the one that will do what you want or need, and you can find variety in online stores, where all kinds of options are waiting for you at affordable prices. .

Frequent questions  

What can a food processor do?

Such an appliance may be able to slice or chop fruits and vegetables, grind coffee and seeds, beat egg whites or knead doughs of different viscosities, grind, chop or grate cheese and other foods or grind or act as a blender for preparation of smoothies, cream soups or purees.

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

How to disassemble a Philips food processor?

How to disassemble or change Philips food processor accessories depends on what it can do. There are options where the shredding or shaving container can be disassembled by decoupling, as well as the blender type, or those where the dough or target spirals or grinder are replaced, these having various gripping and decoupling systems, the most popular being the unscrewing. .

Do I need a food processor?

In general, you can carry out the same activities that a food processor does with a knife or other classic utensils, but your work will be considerably easier and you will get vegetables or fruits sliced or cut into cubes or perfectly grated in a very short time with the device compared to the manual realization. When you prepare a lot of fruits and vegetables for cooking or you want to make dough or grind food, you can turn your attention to those types of kitchen appliances, to considerably shorten the time for preparation.

Food processor or chopping machine – what to choose

Both home appliances can be helpful in the kitchen, but in different ways. Here is some information.

The texture of the food will be different, especially of the meat, because the minced meat with the special machine will be the same size and more airy, while the resulting robot will have different sizes and will be more “coarse”, if we can say so, or too fine.

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

In the case of a shredder, you will have different sizes and blades that will help to achieve the desired dimensions while the food processor will be poorer in such options, because it will focus, rather, on other accessories meant to slice or cut into cubes.

The food processor is used for various activities, from shredding meat to slicing or cutting vegetables or mixing ingredients and kneading them into dough, for example. It can produce sauces or grate, it can have an end in the form of a blender or bowl, being attractive for such daily operations or frequently carried out in the home, although it will not be indicated for food preparation in a meticulous way, at certain strict sizes or when chopping in a certain way, doing the general job.

On the other hand, the meat grinder has a single use, namely to grind the meat as finely as possible, so you will not use it for other foods. Therefore, it will be important to think about which device you usually need the most. There may be versions that are also used with vegetables, but they will be fewer in number, because the way to cut is to grind very well, which eliminates the juices of many types of vegetables and fruits, keeping only the pulp.

the best food processor and blender combo in 2021

Finally, you will choose the right appliance depending on how you work in the kitchen. If you often use minced meat, a machine like this will be more suitable and if you want a device to cut, slice or turn fruits and vegetables into juices, a food processor may be the better choice.

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