Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500

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For people with large families or for those who prefer to stock up on food less often, in addition to the refrigerator, the freezer is the most popular device, especially during the summer, when long-term storage must be done at temperatures below 0 ° C. Even so, not everyone has such a storage device, especially when they have already invested in a refrigerator.

The advantages are remarkable, compared to those that a small built-in freezer can offer. In addition to the extended filling capacity, such a device allows the arrangement of ingredients into categories and the appropriate distribution, depending on the recommended freezing temperatures.

If you want to know which are the best freezers, knowing what are the selection criteria for a quality product, we recommend a list of performance indicators that can help you make an inspired decision.

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500

Type: it is a first aspect about which it is necessary to orient yourself correctly. It should be noted that a categorization will be made according to the shape and design of the most common parts on the market. Depending on these parameters, we will distinguish the following models: horizontal freezer, vertical freezer and 2 in 1 refrigerator-freezer products.

Horizontal items are also called refrigerated crates, constituting devices of different sizes, created especially for the purpose of storing variable quantities of food at constantly low temperatures. The shape is a “chest” type, with a lid that opens horizontally, and the internal compartment is very roomy, allowing the storage of large portions, with irregular shapes, which is why boxes are preferred in stores.

In some cases, the space can be sub-compartmented with special drawers included in the standard accessory kit. It requires a larger storage space, and can be placed in the closet, basement, garage.

The vertical freezers are made according to the same design with a conventional refrigerator, being developed more on height, but having the same role, to keep the food at low temperatures, below 0 ° C. Generally, these models are accessorized with a number of horizontal shelves. Many opinions about the best 5-drawer freezers indicate this compartmentalization as optimal for most users.

The high-performance ones can include special internal coolers, for various purposes. Most are suitable for those who buy products in smaller quantities, allowing them to be easily arranged indoors. Of course, due to the conformation, these variants occupy less space in the room than the refrigerated boxes, because they take place more vertically.

The refrigerator-freezer devices are also called “side by side”, because they incorporate in the same set a refrigerator and a vertical freezer. They are the best performing models on the market, but also the most expensive. In addition to the multitude of additional functions, we can emphasize the large storage capacity. The disadvantages involve a larger placement space, often being necessary to separate the two bodies, so that you can arrange them properly in the house.

Cooling space: is another quite important factor to consider. You should be aware that, regardless of the type of product chosen, storage capacity may vary. This is indicated as volume and is conventionally measured in liters. The larger this parameter, the more space the chosen device will take up. Another problem is how the temperatures inside are kept constant.

For crate type parts, you benefit from the best ratio between price and capacity, these being followed in the ranking by the vertical models. Don’t forget that such a device works most efficiently when it is completely filled, the spaces left empty meaning higher energy consumption for a more efficient cooling. For these reasons, it is necessary to adapt the internal volume correctly to personal needs.

The smallest freezers have a cooling volume of over 65l, followed by middle-class items, with volumes between 100 and 300l, which are ideal for more or less large families. Already everything over 300l is recommended more as storage space for stores, where the supply is constant and where it is necessary to keep a large volume of food.

Yield : it is a definite aspect based on two coordinates: climate class and energy efficiency class.

The climate class is an indicator that will tell you in which temperature parameters for the external environment the best freezer can work optimally. Thus, in most products, all are made so that it works optimally up to an ambient temperature of 40 – 45 ° C, values that will never be reached, especially if you arrange the device properly inside the house.

Depending on the temperature amplitude, there are four important categories: class I (SN – from + 10 ° C to + 32 ° C), class II (N – from + 16 ° C to + 32 ° C) , class III (ST – from + 18 ° C to + 38 ° C) and class IV (T – from + 18 ° C to + 43 ° C).

The energy consumption class will indicate how the device manages to be efficient, so as to obtain the best results with minimum energy consumption. As in the case of the other factor, here too the devices can be distributed on different stages of economy, named in letters between A and G. The most economical belong to class A, with the mention that the subdivisions type “+” indicate a higher efficiency within the system. . However, keep in mind that the higher the freezing and loading capacity, the higher the energy consumption.

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500

Freezing capacity: not to be confused with storage capacity, as the former indicates how much food can be frozen within 24 hours. The parameter is therefore measured in kilograms per day and will be indicated by most manufacturers in the descriptions of the models sent to the market. In this context, it is vital to mention two essential functions: the quick freeze and the no frost option.

The first involves setting the device properly so that it freezes food inside as soon as possible. No frost freezers are the newest on the market and involve a ventilation system that allows air circulation inside. In this way, food is not covered by ice or internal walls or shelves, which makes sanitation easier. The principle of operation is simple: a timer operated by a heat sensor starts a coil which has the task of removing the vapors that form inside, thus dehumidifying the space.

Functionality: sums up a series of very useful options and extra-options for any potential buyer. Make sure the thermostat is adjustable for any product purchased, allowing you to personally determine the temperature at which food should be stored indoors. For emergencies, a light alert indicator is welcome, especially since it can provide you with important information about the operation of the device. As with any device with extensive internal space, the option of interior lighting is very important.

Maintenance and reliability: they will complete a secondary chapter and will refer to the maintenance conditions for a long-term, safe operation. Of course, in this regard, the most popular device is a no frost freezer, because it does not require periodic defrosting, so the internal installation is more durable. For crate-type models, it is highly recommended that they have either a function of easy unlocking of the lid or a locking system, in order to avoid exposing children to the risks of accidental closing inside.

Until recently, many users complained about the appearance of mold in high humidity conditions. Through the dehumidification system, a quality device will eliminate this problem as well. Even if they are not equipped with a no frost option, many examples on the market include an anti-bacterial gasket, which ensures that food is kept in optimal hygiene conditions. For those who want to make larger investments, a stainless steel freezer is very suitable, being considered not only efficient, but also extremely durable over time.

In conclusion, if you follow these instructions, you can’t go wrong in choosing a quality product. If you want to buy both a cheap and good freezer, we recommend you check the offers available online. It is certain that you can’t find as many options in stores, and if it comes to prices, you can find much cheaper models on the internet. Moreover, the guarantee and quality of the examples encountered in the virtual environment remain the same. If you are not convinced or satisfied with the delivery conditions, then you can change the device or return it, taking your money back.

Recommended models of home no frost freezers in 2021

Bosch GSN33VW30

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500 If you want to know which is the best no frost freezer from Bosch, in terms of popularity in sales, then the GSN33VW30 model may be exactly what you are looking for. It is a freezer with 7 drawers, which falls into the category of vertical ones.

As a storage space, you also have an oversized compartment (big box) in which you can place foods of larger irregular shapes, but the total storage capacity is 220l, average value, especially suitable for larger families.

As a technology, it incorporates a MultiAirFlow cooling system, assisted by a fan made so that air circulates inside, preventing the formation of ice on walls, drawers and food. With this function, even temperature fluctuations are minimized, everything being perfectly optimized inside. The efficiency is high, defined by a diversified climate class, SN-T, but also by a higher energy economy, namely A ++, with an annual consumption of 225kWh. In addition, the freezing capacity indicates efficiency in this regard as well, being evaluated at 20Kg / 24h.

As enhanced functionality, we exemplify by the presence of the electronic temperature control for the interior, the super-freezing option, the warning system for open door and the one for high temperatures, the calendar for frozen products and a 19-hour powerless autonomy. The device works quietly, emitting a maximum of 42 dB during operation. It moves and is easily transported, with two roller legs and two adjustable ones. Accordingly, the warranty is valid for 24 months.

It has an optimal storage capacity of 220l, ideal for large families.

Keeps food optimally and does not require thawing, being equipped with no frost function.

It is very economical, being a Bosch freezer that is part of the A ++ class.

It has increased functionality, being provided with electronic temperature control and various warning systems.


The purchase price is commensurate with the performance.


Indesit UIAA 12

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500 Among the best offers for freezers with drawers is this product belonging to the Indesit brand. It is a vertical compartmentalized model with 5 drawers and 2 flap shelves, which offers enough internal space to store food for large families or to make long-term supplies, because it has a net storage capacity of 235l.

The efficiency is indisputable, because the device manages to offer maximum performance with the lowest possible consumption, since it is part of the A + energy saving class. Therefore, the annual consumption is estimated at 281 kWh per year. Regarding the climate classification class, the product is multifunctional, with a universal compatibility of SN, N, ST, T type.

This means that it handles excellently, regardless of the external temperatures and even in relation to the area of the house where you place it. Although it does not include a no frost system, it is equipped with a super-fast freezing option and has a freezing capacity of 14Kg in 24 hours. Other very useful options also include: an ice water drainage system, adjustable thermostat, to ensure preferential temperatures inside, light indicators and separate containers for ice cubes, 3D type – ie integrated in the freezer shelves, so as to optimize use of space.

The defrosting system is manual, and the noise level produced during operation is 44dB, and can be considered a silent device, with a high index of acoustic comfort. The model measures 60 x 65 x 175 cm and is accompanied by a 2-year warranty.

It offers an optimal efficiency, being a cheap and efficient freezer.

It has an extended storage capacity, being able to house a net volume of 235l.

Ensures the efficient distribution of food in space, being divided into 7 floors.

Allows fast freezing, as it includes an adjustable thermostat and Super Freeze function.


It does not include a no frost type ventilation option.

Zanussi ZFU19400WA

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500 Potential users interested in a high-performance Zanussi freezer, which they can find at a somewhat acceptable price, will be delighted with the ZFU19400WA model. The device is part of the category of vertical models and is divided into five horizontal shelves, suitable for efficiently organizing and storing multiple types of food.

With the help of transparent drawers, you can easily notice the empty spaces, easily finding out what reserves of ingredients need to be replenished. From the point of view of the offered efficiency, this freezer with 5 drawers handles excellently, because it faces any situation, since it has a universal classification on the climate class (SN-N-ST-T).

The same can be said as efficiency in relation to a low energy consumption, the device being part of the A + category, with an energy consumption of 240kWh / year. The loading capacity is 168l, making it ideal for use by families with at least 4 members, as it offers enough space for considerable reserves. Regarding the freezing capacity, the value of 20Kg / 24h is an optimal one, suggesting superior performance.

As useful functions, we can mention the warning signal at high temperatures, the option of super-freezing and quick access tray, for storing small items. Defrosting is done manually, and the reversible door opens with a vertical handle. Front-adjustable feet guarantee good balance on various surfaces. As an additional advantage, during operation, the maximum noise level is 40dB, a value considered equivalent to that of a conventional conversation, as sound produced. A 24-month warranty is offered for this model.

It is sold as an affordable freezer.

It allows energy saving, being part of class A +.

Ensures the organized storage of food, being distributed in 5 drawers.

It has a moderate storage capacity of 168l.


It is not equipped with No Frost function.


Arctic ANC246 +

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500 Those who are wondering where to find Arctic freezers at good prices will have the opportunity to analyze more carefully the qualities of this product that is part of the range of models of great popularity, sold by this manufacturer in recent years. As a typology, we are dealing with a vertical version of Arctic freezer with 5 drawers, very similar in price and capacity with the Arctic ac256 + model, which is currently in the top of sales on the first position.

So, we are talking about a storage space of 215l, which is excellent to accommodate considerable supplies, suitable for families with over 4 members. The device incorporates a static cooling system and a manual defrost system, and in terms of efficiency, it handles very well.

Thus, the climatic class SN and T indicate it to be a rather versatile product, in terms of adaptability depending on external temperatures. On the other hand, energy consumption is low, of 257kWh per year, placing it in class A + of energy efficiency. At freezing, the efficiency is an average, noted by a freezing capacity of 14Kg in 24 hours, supported by an autonomy of 16 hours, in case of power outage.

The functionality is a conventional one, because an LED type display is available, with a warning role on the operating status of the device. An additional advantage is the specially treated anti-bacterial gasket, which contains special additives that prevent the growth of bacteria inside, thus optimally protecting stored food. Unlike most other freezers at great prices, this model comes with a longer 3-year warranty.

It is one of the cheapest models of Arctic freezers with optimal performance.

It has an average storage capacity, 215l, being suitable for large families.

It is reliable, preventing the growth of bacteria inside, because it includes an antibacterial lining.

It allows energy saving, having a consumption that places it in class A +.


It has no no frost option.


Whirlpool AFB601AP

Best fridge freezer to buy for under 500 This small freezer will be an inspired choice for people who want a limited storage space, suitable for regular monthly supplies. As a typology, it can be included in the category of vertical ones with four storey compartments and is part of the range of offers for freezers with advantageous prices.

The internal space has a net storage volume of 88l, which suggests a good compatibility for small families, without taking up much space, since it measures only 85 x 55 x 58 cm. The defrosting system is manual and the effective freezing capacity is 8Kg in 24 hours.

From the point of view of the offered efficiency, we can mention a climatic class of SN-ST type, adequate for most of the placement conditions in a house. Also, as energy consumption, an annual value of 179 kWh per year places it in economy class A +. The period of autonomy without electricity is very good, quoted at a duration of 17 hours, the perspective in which it competes with devices with a double purchase price.

The super freezing function ensures fast freezing, depending on the use preferences. The temperature can be set using the adjustable thermostat, via a mechanical button. As accessories, it has an ice tray, and placement on surfaces is easy because it includes positioning feet. The door opens with a handle inserted in the compact body of the device. A 2-year warranty is offered for this product.

It is a cheap and good 4-drawer freezer.

It has an autonomy without energy of 17 hours, quite extended for small freezers.

It is energy efficient, being part of class A +, with an annual consumption of 179 kWh.

It takes up very little space, measuring only 85 x 55 x 58 cm.


Since it has a low storage capacity, it does not allow the storage of too large quantities of food.


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