the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

The best refrigerator – Our recommendations for 2021

It is never easy to make a decision, when it comes to an important investment, in a product that you want with a life as long as possible; Because you are busy and your time is precious, our proposal in the field of refrigerators is theLG GTF916PZPZD , a product with a large storage capacity, specially designed for quality-loving buyers. It offers the user, in addition to a generous space of 592 liters (including the freezer), a temperature equalization system inside and on the door, an automatic defrost system, a smart and practical compartmentation and a special space for fruits and vegetables. with fresh storage system for longer. In addition, thanks to the existence of a very precise and clear system of error codes, any problem will be solved immediately with the help of the manual. And if this model is more sophisticated than you would like, an alternative worth considering is the Samsung RT32K5030S9 / EO .

Comparison table

It is a model that provides you with the benefits that the buyers of a refrigerator would have, but with a suitable space distribution for a refrigerator. It offers practical and modern functions, with low energy consumption and easy and fast maintenance.

The purchase price for this model is commensurate with the space and qualities it makes available to the user.

If you are determined that you need a classic refrigerator, this is one of the best variants on the market, offering functionality, a long life, a generous warranty and a quick service and often at your fingertips.

It is a model that offers a correct ratio between price and quality, with an average storage space and that brings with it some modern elements, meant to offer a superior user experience: separate cooling systems for refrigerator and freezer, maintenance system a higher humidity inside.

Included in the A + energy efficiency class, it is not the most economical option on the market, considering the ratio between space and consumption.

It is one of the most effective options for the buyer interested in a classic piece, without too many without fuss, but which fulfills its excellent task of keeping food fresh.

It is one of the most affordable models, which provides you with the basic function, doubled by certain aspects related to ease of use: reversible door, storage space for eggs, fruits and vegetables, ice cubes; offers an average volume, with an average consumption of electricity.

Being equipped with a freezer with manual defrost, it requires a little more complicated maintenance.

It is a very good option for buyers who are looking for a regular product, which cools down properly, without too much initial investment, but which keeps energy consumption within acceptable limits in the long run.

How to choose a good refrigerator

Buyer’s guide

The most popular appliances for storing food are still refrigerators. These are devices used mainly from a utilitarian perspective and have experienced a beneficial evolution from a technological point of view, with the advent of other similar appliances, such as freezers and refrigerated boxes. However, the versatility of the best refrigerators on the market puts them in the first places in sales.

Each product has the ability to impress through performance and design, and the major advantage is that these devices allow not only to keep the ingredients cold, but also to freeze them, in the area specially created as a freezer.

If you are interested in finding a refrigerator at a convenient price, but also benefiting from performance, we suggest you follow a series of selection criteria when looking to buy such a product.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Compartmentation: On the market you will find three main typologies: conventional models, refrigerators and side by side refrigerators. In the first category we place all small and medium-sized devices that include a separate internal compartment on the shelves and with an internal freezer. Of course, this also includes the models of minibar refrigerator or built-in refrigerator, but also some variants with two doors.

The combines are slightly larger and are differently distributed, as they include a separate refrigerator and freezer, with its own door and other sub-compartments for each of them. An ultra-high-performance variant of the combines are the side-by-side (American) devices, which surpass any other product in terms of size and storage capacity.

All products are accessorized with shelves and special storage boxes, their arrangement varying from one model to another. In this chapter it is advisable to make the choice according to preferences and funds, each buyer orienting himself according to the practical aspects described here.

Capacity: Usually, this parameter is measured in liters (l) and reflects the relative load volume of each example. Those who are looking for a small refrigerator at a great price, can be satisfied with one that does not exceed 80-90 l in volume. In general, all devices with a load volume below 100l are considered small refrigerators.

If you have a family and make regular supplies, then it is advisable to choose a product with a capacity of over 200l, even up to 300l, because only then you will have enough space for food.

Any option that exceeds these values will be more suitable as an industrial refrigerator or for really large families. Thus, the capacity is a very important feature, because it helps you to guess how much food can accommodate the chosen device and how it will be compatible in your home.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Energy efficiency: expresses the freezing capacity related to energy consumption. All refrigerators are connected to the mains to operate and will have an annual energy consumption expressed in kilowatts per hour / year. The energy thus received is directly proportional to the electrical power of the device. In order to allow potential users to orient themselves better, energy saving classes have been established, which are consumption scales marked in letters.

The best refrigerator will be part of class A, because it is the most efficient, with low consumption. The indicator can reach the letter D, and each division is divided into other steps, marked with a plus (exp: A ++). Since efficiency is a parameter that mainly indicates the efficiency, we advise you to always choose a better rated model, because even if it costs more, it will help you save time.

Climate class: is defined as the ambient temperature range within which the chosen appliance will work optimally. Usually, an identification plate inside the product suggests the related climate class, but most manufacturers mention it online in the descriptions of the proposed models. Therefore, there are four important variants: SN (extended temperature: + 10 ÷ + 32 ° C), N (temperature: + 16 ÷ + 32 ° C), ST (subtropical: + 16 ÷ + 38 ° C) and T (tropical : + 16 ° + 43 ° C).

Many devices show great versatility from this perspective, being compatible in all 4 climate classes. In any case, you should not understand that if you do not respect the climate class, the refrigerator will break down, but its efficiency will be lower and wear faster.

Functionality: For starters, it is important to know that each appliance must include an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature level inside. Also, the freezing temperature in the specific compartment may vary. In most cases, it is expressed by the symbol * (star) and categorized as follows: for – 6 ° C one star is used, – 12 ° C corresponds to two stars, and – 18 ° C, three stars.

Of course, the last two stages of frost are intended for long-term storage, and the first corresponds to a temporary storage, valid only for a few days. Conventional models do not circulate air indoors, which allows them to accumulate ice on food and walls. The newest invention in order to ameliorate these effects is the no frost variant, which includes a micro-ventilation system, drying the interior and thus avoiding the appearance of mold.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Brand: can be a more or less important aspect, depending on the buyer’s priorities. Many opinions about the best refrigerators from Arctic suggest that their performance is guaranteed, compared to an affordable purchase cost. At the same time, many potential users are interested in Bosch, Zanussi, Heinner, Beko, Daewoo or Siemens refrigerators.

Of course, prices vary from one manufacturer to another and depending on the complexity of its design and performance. Those looking for the cheapest refrigerators will first analyze the performance indicators for each range of products from one company or another, later deciding on them.

So, now I have all the arguments you need to decide which is the best 2-door refrigerator or where to buy a cheap and good no frost refrigerator. You can find most of the advantageous offers on the internet, much more convenient than in stores.

Therefore, we suggest you order the desired product online. Besides all the specified advantages, you can be sure that the guarantee and the quality remain the same. Even more, if you are not satisfied with the chosen model, you can return it or replace it.

Recommended models in 2021


the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021 If you intend to invest in a modern piece, a candidate for the title of most refrigerator of the moment is this LG model able to cool faster than regular models and reduce the difference between the temperature of the interior and the door. . The temperature control system contributes to reducing consumption, while maintaining optimal conditions for food preservation.

The total capacity of the piece is 592 liters, the volume of the refrigerator itself is 418 l, and that of the freezer is 174 l. With an automatic defrost system, the product is easy to maintain. The refrigerator compartment includes 3 shelves, with 4 shelves located on the door. In addition, thanks to the fresh zone drawer, vegetables and fruits will have a much better lifespan.

Thanks to the adjustable thermostat you will be able to select your preferred working parameters. With a noise level of 38 dB, the refrigerator is quiet enough; being classified in class A ++, it offers you an advantageous ratio between space and consumption.


Large capacity, with smart compartmentalized interior space.

Economic operation, thanks to self-regulating systems.

Being equipped with a self-diagnosis system, it allows the rapid identification and correction of error codes.

Includes thermostat and special area for fruits and vegetables.


The price he proposes is rather found in refrigerators.


Samsung RT32K5030S9 / EO

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021 If you want a refrigerator at a good price, with an average storage capacity of 320 liters, this Samsung model seems to be the best choice for you. Its main advantage, compared to other refrigerators, is the ability to keep inside a humidity of 70%, which helps keep food fresh for a longer period of time.

Having two separate cooling systems, for refrigerator and freezer, you will find that your winter reserves do not get that specific smell. In addition, in certain situations, you can choose to turn the refrigerator into a freezer, so as to save significant energy, or to have more space. On the other hand, it includes the Power function that allows you to cool or freeze food at maximum speed.

The piece is a no frost type, for less hassle; in the refrigerator there are 3 shelves, plus 4 shelves per door, to which is added a special compartment for fruits and vegetables and the egg holder. The freezer has a volume of 72 liters; the built-in technology guarantees low power consumption and a noise level that does not exceed 41 dB.


It is a medium capacity model, available at an affordable price.

Includes operating systems that keep food fresh longer.

It has two separate cooling systems to eliminate unpleasant odors.

It allows you to get more space by turning the freezer into a refrigerator.


Being in the A + consumption class, it is not the most economical option on the market.


Heinner HF-H212A +

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021 If you want a cheap and good refrigerator, which will offer you an average storage space, ideal for a family of 2-3 people, with an average energy consumption, Heinner proposes this piece that, we believe, will satisfy your expectations. .

We are talking about a product with a total net capacity of 212 liters, of which 171 liters representing the net volume of the refrigerator, to which is added 41 liters allocated to the freezer. The piece is included in the energy efficiency class A + and guarantees an autonomy of up to 20 hours in case of a power failure. In addition, you can adjust the temperature inside, thanks to the integrated adjustable thermostat.

With a noise level of 42 dB, it can be successfully placed in the kitchen or hallway, without disturbing. The refrigerator includes a compartment for vegetables and fruits and 4 glass shelves, to which are added the 4 shelves on the door, including the egg holder. Another element that we liked are the reversible doors, which allow you to place the piece fixed where it seems more convenient.


It is a piece of medium capacity, with an average energy consumption, available at one of the most advantageous prices.

Provides adequate autonomy in case of power outages.

Reversible doors allow extra freedom when it comes to positioning.

Includes ice tray and egg holder.


The freezer is a model with manual defrosting.


How to use a refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the central parts in the series of appliances used in the kitchen, ensuring a longer maintenance of fresh food. Although each model comes with its own user card, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure proper and long-lasting operation of your refrigerator.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Store food in an organized way

Depending on the origin, the food should be packaged and stored separately. You can use airtight containers, especially for foods that can borrow from their odor and the environment – such as garlic food.

Fruits and vegetables can be placed in special drawers, which ensure, by maintaining a lower temperature, keeping them fresh. To prevent the occurrence of fermentation processes, it is recommended to store ripe fruit in the refrigerator.

Raw meat can be stored at refrigeration temperature only 24 – 48 hours, after this period it is possible to distort it. To prevent the spread of the specific odor throughout the refrigerator, it is recommended to wrap it in food foil or in pans.

To avoid impeding the flow of air inside, pans and boxes should be placed at a distance from each other and should not be in contact with the walls of the enclosure. To avoid condensation inside, cooked food should be completely cooled before being placed in the refrigerator.

Provides the required temperature

If there is the possibility of differentiated temperature control, its periodic control is indicated. In the case of the refrigeration space, it can have an internal ambient temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius, while the space for freezing should always be colder than -18 degrees Celsius, to ensure proper storage of food.

The temperature can be viewed either on the screen positioned on the refrigerator door or inside it, when the equipped model has this function, or it can be measured using a refrigerator thermometer.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Shelf life

In general, to be eaten safely, cooked food should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, while in the freezer, the meat can be stored for up to 2-3 weeks.

Vegetables and fruits can be stored in the refrigeration space for up to 2 weeks, depending on the type and consistency (fruits and vegetables with a fibrous consistency can last longer than juicy ones).

Periodic cleaning

To maintain a clean indoor environment, periodic cleaning of the entire refrigerator is recommended. It is advisable to remove all food from the storage space before starting the cleaning process. To prevent their deterioration, it must be known that they can be stored at room temperature for a maximum of one hour before being reintroduced into the refrigerator.

If you use dishwashing detergent to clean storage shelves, you will need to make sure that they are rinsed with plenty of water before reintroducing food to avoid transferring odors or contaminating them with detergent. To remove odors formed inside, the walls of the storage enclosure can be wiped with a weakly concentrated solution of vinegar or ammonia.

To avoid the formation of ice crystals, it is important to make sure that the shelves and drawers are perfectly dry before being reintroduced into the refrigerator.

Popular brands

Like all household appliances, refrigerators have evolved considerably over time both in terms of technology used and in terms of functions, energy efficiency and design. Being a long-term purchase, the choice of a refrigerator must be made after prior information on the characteristics of the products, but also depending on their manufacturer.

Opting for a recognized brand in the home appliance industry is an inspired precaution, and we will briefly present you three names appreciated on the local and international market for the high quality of the products offered, but also for constant innovation and improvement.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Better known for electronic devices, Sharp is a Japanese company that in 2017 celebrates 105 years of existence. Its founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, founded a small metalworking workshop in Tokyo in 1912 and specialized in the production of metal writing instruments.

In 1915 he invented a mechanical metal pencil which was a huge success. In fact, the name Sharp comes from this first invention, which was called the “Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil”. The brand had 2 ultra-well-known mottos: “Be Sharp” (2002-2016) and recently, “Be Original” (sharp meaning both sharp and skillful, intelligent).

The company that has expanded internationally holds the 10th place on the world TV market and the 3rd place on the Japanese mobile phone market. After the Sharp pencil, the company reoriented itself towards the production of radios and TVs. He also launched the world’s first transistor computer and the first LCD screen in 1973.

Specializing also in the audio field, in 2000 the brand also launched the first commercial video camera phone, then in 2005 the largest LCD TV. Since 2004, it distributes white appliances in Europe (microwave ovens, refrigerators). He is appreciated in the industry for the energy efficiency of his products and has been the sponsor of the Manchester United football team for a long time. the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021 Beko is an international company with over 20 years of experience in the production of household appliances that adequately meets the daily needs of people. Highly appreciated brand in the country, the company has a wide range of over 2000 models, enjoying, according to its own estimates, a figure of 250 million customers.

The company also appreciates that in the world, every two seconds a Beko device is bought. Beko is oriented towards understanding and satisfying the expectations of consumers who want modern and high-performance appliances. Thus, apart from the latest technology, the brand’s products are optimized with various functions and have an aesthetic design.

The brand is part of the Arctic portfolio, which in turn belongs to the Arcelik AS group, which is among the top three manufacturers and distributors of home appliances on the European market. Beko entered the Romanian market relatively recently, in 2003, coming with a series of technological innovations that ensured its popularity.

Among them, it is worth mentioning the range of BeBeko by Beko appliances, which addresses parents (devices that offer hygiene and safety), the Built-in range, with built-in products, the Ingenious Solutions range (which includes refrigerators with No Frost system, water dispenser and Voice Recorder) and the “smart” and “blue” product range. All Beko devices comply with EU safety standards.

the best fridge freezers to buy in 2021

Arctic is the leader on the Romanian home appliances market, with a share of over 35%, in 2017 celebrating 47 years of local experience. It is also the main producer of refrigeration appliances, in the factory from Gaesti that was founded in 1968. Over 85% of the production is exported to other countries.

Part of the Arcelik concern, Arctic owns the Beko, Grundig and Arctic brands, also offering a national service network to meet the needs of after-sales customers. The diverse range of products includes refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, cookers, hoods, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and electronic and personal care products.

Arctic’s values are exceeding its own objectives and protecting the environment by developing and producing high-performance, creative, eco-friendly devices that differentiate themselves on the market through quality and technology. It is the first manufacturer in the country to obtain the Siemens Platinum Certificate award for energy efficiency.

In fact, the products have received numerous quality certifications over time, including Quality Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, Energy Management System Certification. Arctic’s goal is to provide “home appliances for everyone” that ensures both quality and a more affordable price.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Beko DDEN517MWD +

An impressive number of users of this 2-door refrigerator gave it a maximum score, and its capabilities confirm why it received the vote of our specialists. The product includes a freezer compartment with a net volume of 85l and a cooling space of 350l, both ventilated and equipped with a No Frost freezing system. It reaches a net volume of 435l, which corresponds adequately to the needs of a family.

Among the most appreciated functions we mention: the water dispenser, the adjustable thermostat, the internal lighting lamp, the ECO option, the super-freezing function, the system for eliminating bacteria by ionization and the electronic regulation of the internal temperature.

Due to a moderate energy consumption, the product falls into the efficiency class A + (including freezes 6Kg / 24H). It is delivered with shelves, bottle and egg holder, and the internal space can be distributed according to the users’ liking. The dimensions allow easy integration in kitchens with medium or large surface, measuring 193x70x68.5cm.

Provides enough storage space for a family – 435l

Both the refrigerator and the freezer have a No Frost function

It includes multiple safety options and has high energy efficiency, class A +

Freezes quickly, 6Kg in 24 hours


It is spacious, so it is difficult to integrate in small kitchens

Daewoo FRN-Q19F2VI

Potential users looking for a Daewoo refrigerator will be delighted with this American-made product. In terms of purchase price, even if it can be considered a fairly notable investment, it is part of the range of cheap side by side refrigerators.

Due to the compartmentation, it has a total net volume of 509l and will take up a little more space in the household. The product is included in the energy saving class A +, guaranteeing a low consumption compared to an optimal efficiency. The no frost function is valid both in the cooling compartment and in the freezer.

An LCD display allows easy determination of internal parameters, and the minibar system with water and ice dispenser will prove very useful on hot summer days. As a material, it is a stainless steel refrigerator equipped with glass shelves and vertical handles. A 2-year warranty is added to the list of benefits offered.

It is able to store food without ice accumulation, being a Daewoo no frost refrigerator.

It has energy efficiency, being classified in class A +.

It has increased functionality, including a minibar area with all sorts of useful options.

Displays the data on an LCD display, very comfortable and practical.


It is voluminous, being a bit more difficult to integrate in a room.

Sharp SJ-T1227M4W

Another advantageous proposal we make to you is the Sharp SJ-T1227M4W model. It is a two-door refrigerator with a total net volume of 227 liters, which makes it suitable even for families with 3 members. The energy efficiency class in which it is included is A +, with an annual energy consumption of 216 KW.

The refrigerator is equipped with 4 shelves made of durable glass and a generous compartment for fruits and vegetables. On the door are placed 4 supports on which you can place bottles, sweets, eggs – in the special additional support – or even medicines that must be kept cold. Thanks to the automatic defrost system, maintenance is easy.

The freezer has a single compartment, with a freezing capacity of up to 2 kg in 24 hours. The part is equipped with a compressor, has interior lighting and adjustable thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature inside depending on the stored food.


Two-door refrigerator with a total net capacity of 230 liters.

Includes adjustable thermostat and interior lighting function.

The refrigerator benefits from an automatic defrost system.

Equipped with 4 shelves, vegetable drawer and egg holder.


The door opens only on the right, which limits your kitchen placement options a bit.

Zanussi ZRA22800WA

If you have come to wonder where most users find a small and good refrigerator, we recommend that you carefully analyze the capabilities of this Zanussi refrigerator. The product is part of the range of conventional single-door models, but includes a small freezer, which has a storage capacity of 18l.

In addition, the storage volume was estimated at 232l, one suitable for smaller families with moderate supply requirements. One of the additional advantages is the low energy consumption, which allows it to be classified in class A +.

Among the most important functions, we mention: the automatic defrosting system, the internal lighting system, the mechanical temperature control and some conventional accessories (egg holder, shelves, glass with protective edge, front adjustable feet). The device measures only 125 x 55 x 61.2 cm and produces noise with a value of 40 dB, a value indicating that it works quietly enough.


It takes up quite a bit of space in the kitchen, with relatively small dimensions: 125 x 55 x 61.2 cm.

It is quiet, with only 40 dB of noise produced.

It has high energy efficiency, being part of class A +.

It has an excellent price / quality ratio, and can be included among the medium and small models of cheap refrigerators.


Does not include a no frost function.

Sharp SJSC700VBE

Here is a model with 2 Sharp refrigerator doors that is a good example of optimal performance and efficiency. For starters, we can mention a loading capacity of 433l for the cooling zone and 150l for the freezer. In other words, it is very roomy and bulky, being more suitable for large families.

Energy consumption was estimated at 417 kWh / year, placing it in efficiency class A +. The cooling system proves to be a built-in no frost refrigerator, allowing food to be stored without condensation and ice. The possibility of freezing 7Kg in 24 hours indicates a fairly fast cooling of any type of food.

Includes glass shelves and internal LED lighting, along with three versatile cooling systems: plasma, ion and hybrid. It was located in the SN-T climate class, demonstrating very good adaptability. The device weighs 88Kg and produces only 39dB in operation, being very quiet.

It has an extended cumulative storage capacity: 583l, being suitable to meet the needs of a large family.

It is energy efficient, being part of class A +.

Keeps food without mold and ice inside, with no frost function.

It is very quiet, producing only 39dB of noise during operation.


It is quite heavy for a built-in refrigerator, weighing 88Kg.

Bosch KSV33VW30

For those looking for a Bosch no frost refrigerator, this example might meet most requirements. The device requires a relatively considerable investment, but can be located among the best Bosch refrigerators at average prices on the Romanian market. It is compartmentalized with a single door, without freezer, with a total load volume of 324l, which makes it very suitable for storing enough food for a family of 4 members.

As energy efficiency, this device demonstrates superior performance, because it is categorized in class A ++, but also adaptability, being part of the SN-T range as a climate class. An LED display and 7 safety glass shelves guarantee an easy, comfortable use.

Potential users interested in a wine refrigerator will certainly appreciate the support with chrome application on the door, made especially for storing bottles. The super-cooling function and the electronic temperature control complete the very practical options. A built-in fan replaces the no frost function, and the noise produced during operation does not exceed 39 dB.

It offers increased efficiency as energy saving, being part of the A ++ class.

It adapts easily in any environment, being included in the SN-T climate class standard.

It has a fairly large load volume for a simple built-in refrigerator, 324l.

It is accessorized with all kinds of compartments, shelves and with support for wine bottles.


It does not include the freezing area.

Arctic AND296S +

Considered to be one of the best-selling models of Arctic refrigerators, AND296S + manages to convince any potential buyer of its qualities and technical capabilities. From a capacity perspective, although many consider it a small refrigerator, it can safely store a volume of 209l for the conventional cooling compartment and 69l for the freezer.

Of course, similar to a refrigerator, it is divided into 2 doors. As energy efficiency, a consumption evaluated at 255kWh / year places it in class A +. The yield is moderate, suggested by a possibility of freezing 4 Kg in 24 hours, which indicates a slightly lower cooling rate.

The device is equipped with internal lighting system and adjustable thermostat, allowing you to personally set the temperature inside. As accessories, we mention 3 metal shelves, 3 door racks and a box for vegetables and fruits. Adjustable shelves and antibacterial lining ensure a comfortable and reliable use. The period of autonomy without electricity is 19 hours, and the weight of the device reaches 51Kg unloaded. As an investment, it can be included among those Arctic refrigerators with very good prices.

It is a cheap and good Arctic refrigerator.

Manifests energy efficiency, being classified in class A +.

It offers storage space suitable for families of 4 people, with a storage capacity of 278l.

It is easy to move and position in the kitchen, being a small Arctic refrigerator, weighing 51Kg.


It has a lower cooling capacity, of 4 Kg frozen during 24 hours.

Heinner HF-215A +

If you have decided to choose a slim model of Heinner refrigerator, the product in this example will delight you with a very affordable purchase price. It is a model with two doors and dimensions of 144 x 55 x 55 cm. The loading volume indicates an average capacity, with a value of 215l, good enough for moderate amounts of food.

From the point of view of the energy efficiency class, the manufacturer specifies the classification in class A +. The device benefits from an eco-ergonomic design and a typical compartmentalization for some retro refrigerators with 2 doors: the freezer on top, the cooling chamber at the bottom, divided into shelves and a box for fruits and vegetables.

The door is accessorized with egg holder, and the freezer with ice tray. The temperature control function is done mechanically, but very easily and intuitively, through a button placed next to the internal lighting system. The noise produced during operation reaches 43 dB.

It is narrow enough to fit well in small kitchens, measuring 144 x 55 x 55 cm.

It is sold at an attractive price.

It is efficient as energy saving, being part of class A +.

It works quietly, producing only 43 dB in operation.


It has a moderate storage volume of 215l.

Siemens KG39NXI32

If you are interested in a high-performance Siemens refrigerator, then this device from the range of refrigerators can be a conclusive example. The device has an impressive capacity of 355l and is separated into two compartments, of which the freezer has, in turn, a capacity of 110l. Energy efficiency is one of the best on the market, it is a refrigerator with 2 doors of class A ++.

From the point of view of the climate class, the classification is SN-T, proving that it is adaptable in any environment and will work optimally in any temperature conditions. In terms of functionality, the device is an example of versatility and smart design. It has a freezing capacity of 14 Kg in just 24 hours, includes an automatic defrost system and a no frost function.

No less than 5 safety glass shelves and 4 door supports guarantee the optimal distribution of food inside. Besides the fact that it is equipped with all the necessary safety systems and accessories, it has a range of 16 hours without power and produces only 42 dB of noise during operation.

It is suitable for storing large quantities of food, with a storage volume of 355l.

It offers an excellent efficiency, because it is included in the A ++ energy saving class.

Allows food storage without ice, being a no frost refrigerator.

It has optimal functionality, being equipped with a multitude of safety systems and appropriate accessories.


Since it has a considerable volume, it will take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

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