the best fridge with water filter functions

In 2021 you have many excellent purchasing options for the best refrigerator. You have a variety of models available: built-in refrigerator, side by side refrigerator, with 2 doors, with one door, car type, smaller, larger, no frost, full no frost. If you want to see the recommended model, we tell you that an LG GTB574PZHZD will be a very good choice.

the best fridge with water filter functions

The best refrigerators – TOP 10 new models

If you want an excellent value for money, you can also find cheap, top models, with stainless steel finish or various colors. They can have different energy classes: A +, A ++ or A +++. On the local market, there is a wide range of models from several manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Arctic, Beko, Albatros, Bosch, Zanussi, Daewoo, Electrolux. So are Gorenje, Heinner, Hotpoint, Indesit, Liebherr and Whirlpool.

LG GTB523PZCZD refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

If you want an LG no frost refrigerator , this model may be what you have been looking for for so long. It is a product that promises a top experience from the first interaction.

It is a very spacious refrigerator, 452 liters that provides 7 drawers divided into 2 separate compartments. In the upper section you have 2 generous drawers, and in the lower one you have 5 very resistant and roomy shelves.

It is a refrigerator that has an extremely quiet inverter compressor , which also comes with a 10-year warranty. It is a smart refrigerator , so it can connect to the WI-FI network in the house and you can see most of the information that interests you directly on your smartphone.

Samsung RT38K5435S9 refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

Samsung fans can enjoy a good no frost refrigerator , which has energy class A ++ and an annual consumption of only 259 kWh. This performance is due to the fact that we have here an inverter refrigerator that is energy efficient and very discreet.

As far as noise is concerned, you can rest assured with this Samsung refrigerator because its level will not exceed 40 dB. On the volume side, the given refrigerator will provide you with 384 l and a successful compartmentalization on 8 shelves.

With the help of Twin Cooling technology you have an optimal temperature and humidity inside, both for the refrigerator compartment and in the freezer. Smells will not be a problem and the products will keep the freshness for a long time.

Fridge side by side Beko GNO4331XP

the best fridge with water filter functions

Beko can provide you with a range of side-by-side refrigerators at an affordable budget. With this money you have over 500 liters of interior volume , NeoFrost cooling technology and a stainless steel finish that looks exceptional.

If you are wondering how much the best side by side refrigerator from Beko consumes, at least in the case of this model the energy consumption is 380 kWh, given that it is an A ++.

As a technology you will enjoy Dual Cooling , which means that Beko cooling is done both in the back of the refrigerator and in the front, being interacted with a system in its doors. It is a no frost refrigerator and prevents the formation of ice in the freezer.

Cheap Arctic AD6310MT ++ refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

For the best cheap refrigerator you can look at this Arctic of 306 l. It is an energy efficient model, with class A ++ and a consumption of 208 kWh. An impressively quiet refrigerator for its money, only 39 dB.

At this modest budget you will enjoy a large compartment for fruits and vegetables . You have at hand an adjustable thermostat with which you can adjust the operating temperature depending on your needs and stored food. With the option of reversible doors you will be able to position the opening of the refrigerator on both the left and the right side.

Fridge side by side Midea HC-689WENBG

the best fridge with water filter functions

If you need a generous space of 510 liters but you do not necessarily want to give a cart of money from home, a cheap side by side refrigerator from Midea is waiting for you. In addition, it is one of the few black refrigerators.

Apart from a very generous volume, you will also enjoy the energy class A +. It is a no frost refrigerator , or more specifically a Total No Frost . It will prevent the formation of ice in both compartments and will allow you to store your food without worries.

With the quick freeze function you will be able to freeze your favorite foods without losing vitamins or nutrients. All you have to do is select the desired mode from the control panel.

Bosch KIR81AF30 built-in refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

A quality built-in refrigerator from Bosch, which comes to complete the kitchen you have. It is a roomy model of 319 liters volume and a consumption of only 116 kWh. It is also extremely quiet at only 37 dB noise level.

The super cooling function will help you cool the enclosure quickly. If you bought food and put it in the freezer, you can activate this function to cool it quickly. Prevents the heating of other stored foods by a permanent temperature control.

LED lighting will facilitate your visual access to the products you have in the freezer or refrigerator.

Refrigerator with a door Zanussi ZRA22800WA

the best fridge with water filter functions

If your or your family's need for a refrigerator is not great, we recommend a refrigerator with a door. This model from Zanussi is compact and roomy at the same time. It has a volume of 226 liters divided into 6 glass drawers. In addition, it has a small freezer at the top.

The energy class of this model is A + and the consumption is only 215 kWh.

Electrolux EJ2801AOX2 refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

For those who do not need a very large refrigerator, couples or single people, or those who have limited space – this Elextrolux will fit perfectly. It has a volume of only 265 liters, enough for a small family. It is very economical and energy efficient, being classified A +. It is not noisy, it has an automatic defrost system. Pleasant interior lighting will create a user-friendly enclosure.

Liebherr CT 2931 2-door refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

Liebherr is known as a manufacturer of industrial and commercial equipment, but also for the quality refrigerators they have. For those looking for a good value for money, an average interior volume, but at the same time a very energy saving refrigerator, we recommend this option. It has Smart Frost technology, which reduces the formation of ice on the refrigerator wall. It is also quiet, suitable for studios or apartments with limited space.

Minifridge Star-Light FTTM-113APPSS

the best fridge with water filter functions

For a very small space, there are solutions. This Star-Light, in addition to an extremely advantageous price, is also half the size of a normal refrigerator. It can be easily integrated into kitchen furniture, used as a minibar or in a camper, why not.

The type of the best refrigerators in Romania

Nowadays, we have access to a large number of manufacturers and brands of refrigerators. These are very different and can have various features. Thus you can find a good refrigerator with one door or 2 doors, known as side by side (double refrigerator). Also with 3 doors or 4 doors, with reversible doors.

There are built-in and classic models, without freezer and with freezer, small or large, narrow (slim) or wider. Among other interesting variables we mention the fact that we can also find a refrigerator with a 0 degree compartment, with 3 drawers, 4 shelves or 5.

On the commercial side, there are also professional figures such as cars. By car, with 12v power supply, mini, portable, for wines and drinks (minibar or bar type). Also meet the terrace refrigerator, outside, outside, cold resistant. Hotel refrigerator, showcase type refrigerator or with transparent door. In some countries, such as America, having a gas refrigerator without freon is normal. These are quiet and economical, but are large and require more complicated installation.

The size of the refrigerators

the best fridge with water filter functions

In the description or title of the product you can find its volume, expressed in liters. Here it depends on the needs of each. A student who lives alone has a certain need. And a family with 3 children has other needs in terms of food storage.

In the first case, a small and compact refrigerator, which does not take up space. Suitable for a studio is the most balanced choice, both in terms of purchase price and occupied space. In the case of a large family, a generous refrigerator with 2 compartments and 2 doors. With over 400 liters inside is the recommended choice.

Automatically it will be much bigger, more expensive, and with a higher energy consumption. The size of a refrigerator is very important especially when you have a limited space in the kitchen. They must calculate the length, height and width. You can see a narrower model if you want something built-in (60 × 60), or wider if you opt for a classic one.

The height of a good refrigerator

If we talk about small refrigerators, they can have a height of 70 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm. The largest have around 160 cm, 180 cm and more, if they are equipped with a freezer. On the width side they can be 50 cm, 54 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 or 85 cm.

As an internal volume, here we are talking about small volumes such as 30 liters, 40 l, 50 l, 60 l, 70 liters, 80 liters, 90 liters or 100 liters. The average ones can have 200 liters, 300 liters or 350 liters. The large ones with 2 doors and 2 compressors can have 400 liters, 500 liters, 600 or almost 700 l (XXL).

To choose the optimal size refrigerator for your room, measure the height, width and depth of the area. Also, you will need to make sure that you have generous space for the refrigerator door to open without barriers. And make sure you leave extra free space behind the refrigerator and on top of the refrigerator for efficient ventilation. And to be able to dissipate heat quickly. During the transport phase, you must make sure that the refrigerator can fit through all the passages and doors in the house. The hallways or any areas through which you have to carry the refrigerator until you reach the final location.

The best no frost refrigerator

Refrigerators can be differentiated according to the cooling system they come with. There are several large and fatty categories: static, no frost or full no frost. There are other names for the no frost system, given by some manufacturers: Neo Frost (Beko) or Smart Frost (Liebherr).

Static refrigerator

In simple language, the system assumes that a layer of ice forms on the back of the wall, periodically being necessary to defrost the system. The advantage, however, is that a proper humidity is maintained inside, which keeps the food in a favorable state.

Fridge no frost

It combats the disadvantage of static systems, namely the formation of the ice wall. Due to this technology, a jet of cold air is recirculated inside, which uniformly cools the enclosure and maintains a constant temperature. But it is not without its disadvantages. The system tends to dehydrate food due to the air that is recirculated inside.

Fridge full no frost

In this system, both in the upper and in the lower compartment (freezer) the formation of ice is prevented. Our recommendation is to choose a No Frost system. Prevents the formation of internal ice, but also the need to frequently defrost the compartments. Normally, a no frost system involves a higher acquisition cost. Worth it for extra comfort in use. The best refrigerator should definitely have such a system.

Refrigeration compartmentation

There are several types of refrigerators that you can buy on our market. We try to present you the main types.

The classic refrigerator

The classic refrigerator, either with the freezer up or down, is the one you will find in most houses in Romania. It is a model that allows you to easily access the products you use more often, it is spacious and does not take up much space. Both in the refrigerator compartment there is a freezer, they are equipped with drawers or shelves. The shelves can be easily configured according to your own needs, so you can place bulky products.

Side-by-side refrigerator

This type of refrigerator is a bit more expensive. Basically you have two separate enclosures, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator, divided vertically. It takes up more space than conventional ones, so you have to have a kitchen with a space generous enough to accommodate such a thing.

The big advantage is that you have very good storage spaces for both the products in the freezer and the perishable ones in the refrigerator. Those who love this model choose it because the shelves are not extremely deep, but they sound great and allow you to have easy access to any product. You can often find models that come equipped from the factory with a water dispenser, with or without a filter.

It doesn't matter that you can stack trays or dishes that are extremely wide and bulky, even though they are large refrigerators, the shelves are a bit narrower than regular refrigerators. If you are used to cooking in very large containers, for events or in places, check the size of the shelves.

French door refrigerator

Well, what can we say about these, they are beautiful, that much is clear. Refrigerators with French doors are good looking due to the elegant and current design but also the quality materials from which they are made. This refrigerator has a generous freezer door at the bottom, and at the top it has two doors that open in both directions like a side by side refrigerator. You can also find models equipped with another additional drawer, between the refrigerator and the freezer.

Let's see what other advantages a french door refrigerator would have. First of all, the refrigerator is big and spacious thanks to the 2 doors and the generous shelves. Inside the doors you have very good spaces to store bottles of wine or drinks.

Recommendation selection criteria

Refrigerator technology does not stand still. Their compressors are getting better and better. Thus, a technology that has become very popular in recent years is the inverter compressor. It is very quiet, reliable and energy efficient. Whether the refrigerator or refrigerator is equipped with a compressor or 2 compressors, they can be inverter type.

But how does an inverter compressor work on a refrigerator? Well, it is known that the compressor has the highest consumption at start / stop times. In the case of figs with older technology, a compressor operates at a constant linear power. Regardless of temperature and power needs.

Refrigerator with inverter compressor

In the case of a refrigerator with inverter compressor, it works with a variable power, which adapts according to needs. This avoids frequent stops and frequent starts. Thus, when the power requirement is lower, it operates at a lower power. This achieves an energy saving that can reach over fifty percent compared to an old refrigerator.

Rarely do you find refrigerators today that do not have a freezer. So you have several ways in which the refrigerator can be configured. Specifically, top freezer, bottom freezer or side freezer, ie side by side. Certainly each of the mentioned types has various advantages and disadvantages.

Freezer up or down

Refrigerators that come with a freezer on top are considered obsolete. And they are not as popular as in the past. We can't even say that they are some of the cheapest refrigerators. But getting over it, if you opt for a refrigerator with a good top freezer. You have a generous enclosure at a good purchase price.

If we look at the other types, a refrigerator with a low freezer location has a more modern look and a lot of additional functions. It is usually considered that a refrigerator with a freezer down is more accessible to the user and more ergonomic. Because the products you have access to are at your hands. Usually it goes to the freezer less often, so it can be positioned even lower.

We do not overlook the side by side refrigerators that are large and take up more space. But if you need a large and generous capacity. You have at your disposal various compartments and functions such as the water dispenser integrated in the door. Weaknesses are related to the space required, especially to be able to open the doors in both directions and not block the passage. In addition, if you have more than one compartment, they are often narrower than a regular refrigerator.

Climate class of a refrigerator

The climate class on a refrigerator is the temperature range in which the refrigerator will operate in optimal parameters. You can find the climate class specification in the product description, in the user guide or on the back of the refrigerator, along with other details. There are 4 distinct classes in the world: SN (extended temperate climate, between +10 and +32 ° C), N (temperate climate: between +16 and +32 ° C).

The ST (subtropical climate: between +16 and + 38 ° C) or T (tropical climate: between +16 and +43 ° C). There are also models on the market that correspond to all these climate classes. But there are also some that fall into just a few of them. These climate classes are exploitation recommendations from manufacturers. If you make sure that this specified temperature regime is present, the refrigerator will go into the most efficient regime.

Silence and noise produced in dB

When buying a refrigerator, be sure to check the noise level produced. It is an index expressed in dB (decibels). It may seem like a trivial matter, but it becomes a pressing issue under certain conditions. If you live in a studio, apartment with open space kitchen or a limited space, any noise spreads without any barrier.

This becomes annoying especially during sleep. A refrigerator that exceeds a noise level of 40-42 dB becomes annoying to the human ear. Especially since it is constant for a few minutes. Always look for the lowest possible index, so make sure that the chosen refrigerator will satisfy your needs. Refrigerators are even quieter than a washing machine .

Consumption of a refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

Rarely do we now meet energy class refrigerators below A. Due to the international norms imposed on manufacturers, they try to make refrigerators as energy efficient and as economical as possible.

Nowadays class A is considered less efficient than A + or above. Our recommendation is to focus at least on an A ++ refrigerator to have a consumption as low as possible (considering that a refrigerator will work non-stop). Also check the annual energy consumption expressed in kWh, the lower it is, the better.

The refrigerators are connected, like other appliances, to the mains to be put into operation. They have an energy consumption that is expressed in kilowatt hours per year (kW). The mains will provide the cooler with an amount of energy equal to its power, expressed in watts. Thus, analyzing different models, you can figure out which of them will more or less charge your energy bill. As a general tip, choose a refrigerator with inverter compressor. They normally have an extremely good consumption.

Opening the door on the right or left

You should know that figurines may have different door openings, and you should consider this aspect especially if you have limited space. Thus, in the specifications of the refrigerator you intend to buy, it will be specified whether the door comes with an opening on the right, left or on a reversible system.

The reversible system means that you can personally change the door opening, either on one side or the other. Most new models of refrigerators and refrigerators have this reversible system. The problem of inconveniences caused by the part on which the door is caught is less common. So if you want the best refrigerator, make sure that it has the possibility of positioning the door on both sides.

Refrigerator with freezer up or down

On the refrigerator market you will very often see two important types of models. Some will have the refrigerator up and the freezer down, or vice versa, the freezer up and the refrigerator down. Here you should think about what you use most often of the two. If you are accustomed to storing food in the refrigerator, ie shadows more often, we recommend you to opt for the top refrigerator and the bottom freezer.

It will be more accessible, and being at eye level it will be easier for you to locate the products you need, without having to bend over or force yourself to look for what you need. But if you use frozen foods more often in cooking, you might consider the version with the freezer up and the refrigerator down better. On any of these options you would not go, think about yourself and your family and how you use the refrigerator most often. Thus the choice will become obvious. We say so, the best refrigerator must be chosen depending on the needs of each family.

The appearance of the refrigerator

We all like beautiful things, and although it is not the most important criterion, you definitely want a refrigerator that looks good from an aesthetic point of view in the kitchen and that is of the same design note. As finishes you can find metal painted in white, black or stainless steel, and in more exotic cases you have colors such as red or green.

If you want something durable and good-looking, opt for a finish of the device that has become more and more desirable in the last 10 years, namely the anti-fingerprint stainless steel. It is a real find and rescue for those who have babies or older children, because it will save you from frequent cleaning of stained surfaces by the little ones.

How to be the ideal refrigerator

Users always want the best refrigerator, whether you are alone or living in a collective household. However, it is not easy to narrow down the right model for you. From the scale to the door design, power consumption, brand and cost, there are several things to keep in mind.

Carefully consider what volume suits the kitchen, especially if it has a configurable style, until you think about buying a refrigerator. The capacity of a refrigerator is specified in liters. A smaller refrigerator makes much more sense for larger households, even if it costs more. There is an alternative to a mini-fridge if you are a single adult and live in a rented space.

It is really essential to select the correct door model and the model of the best refrigerator that you need to obtain after finding out the volume of your kitchen and deciding the location for the positioning of the refrigerator. Different types of refrigerators are mostly available: single door, double door, triple door, compact door, side-by-side and French

Even if you use your refrigerator every day, the design and appearance would have a great effect on the kitchen decor. Get a clean-looking refrigerator that matches the interior of your apartment. The most famous surface among customers is stainless steel, but please note that it will not hold magnets. It is similar to a dishwasher or a refrigerator with 2 compressors .

The dark stainless steel design, which is not only easy to clean, but also less sticky, also comes with some modern refrigerators. Customers do go with bold colors, including red, but in higher versions these paints are not really possible.

How to choose the best refrigerator

A correct choice in terms of refrigerators is one based on well-defined selection criteria. What is important to you? Consumption, interior volume, exterior appearance, dimensions, brand or a price as low as possible? In most cases the answer is a balanced combination of these criteria.

We considered factors in choosing the best refrigerator, such as energy consumption, climate class, interior volume, noise level. But also the dimensions of the refrigerator, the cooling system and other additional functions. So maybe you want a refrigerator with water dispenser, if you want the one with the best value for money. Or maybe you want one that is elegant and with an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish – you have them all.

Where can you find a good refrigerator?

You can find them all on eMag, Altex, Flanco, Carrefour, Dedeman, Domo, Selgros, Metro or Kaufland. You can also explore resealed refrigerators, or opt for a buy back program if you want a cheaper refrigerator. Find this program in Bucharest, Ilfov, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Oradea, Constanta or Brasov. We recommend that you also see a refrigerator . Below we present some criteria that can help you in your choice.

Before choosing a good refrigerator, look at the shopping habits you have and how you order your food, meat, fresh food and frozen food. If you are a well-organized and pedantic person, you may be looking for a refrigerator with a wider range of shelves and storage space. These additional compartments will allow you to differentiate between shopping, fruits, vegetables, and dairy and fruit meat.

Don't forget the freezer and the amount of frozen food you usually store in this compartment. Many refrigerators with low freezers have shelves of different sizes, while side-by-side refrigerators usually have high but narrower shelves.

Conclusions about choosing a refrigerator

There are several types of refrigerator in the market. In this article we tried to divide them into several categories: two-door refrigerator, with one door, built-in refrigerator, minibar type and the best cheap refrigerator.

the best fridge with water filter functions

When choosing your best refrigerator, the visual aspect is definitely something to take seriously. After all, a refrigerator is a focal point in every household. It may be the best fridge ever thought of, but if it looks ugly or weird, it can make you not put it on your shopping list. Probably not.

We also need to see what special features it has. See what things this device does that other competitors can't do as well. Many of the non-essential or beautiful functions will certainly affect the price of the refrigerator, but in the end they may not bring you a concrete benefit. So be careful not to get caught in the trap of marketing departments.

Smart refrigerators, such as those in the Samsung Hub or LG InstaView range, have the option to connect to the Wi-Fi network. This opens up a whole new world for users. There are models that also have interior rooms, so you can see the inside of the refrigerator even when you are away, say shopping. They can also provide you with information about their condition and possible problems, either via mobile phone or directly on the refrigerator display. If you are a fan of smart gadgets and technologies, such a device will bring you a great dose of satisfaction.

Promotions and offers

You can get promotions or look at a resealed product for less money, but only after you point out the needs you have. From the beginning we tell you that regardless of your need, you must focus on an energy efficient product. See an A +, A ++ or ideally an A +++. Energy efficiency means less money on energy, and in the long run, connected nostop a few pennies are collected.

Not to mention the fact that you are more eco-friendly this way. You can find a wide variety of models and offers at eMag, Dedeman or Altex at very good prices, not only for black friday. Below we present some of the best options you have on the Romanian market.

The functions of a refrigerator

the best fridge with water filter functions

Remote temperature control

Some models, which we can call smart, also have the function of being controlled remotely, using the home WIFI network or Bluetooth. Thus, you can set the temperature of the refrigerator, and separately of the freezer (in the case of the refrigerator with 2 compressors), you can see the current temperature and operating parameters. You can also find the user guide in such smartphone applications.

Refrigerator with 0 degree compartment

In the case of foods such as fish or meat, on fresh meat, which you plan to cook in the next hours or days, you need an intermediate area. No -18 degree freezer, and no refrigerator with a higher temperature. Thus, some models, brands or manufacturers of refrigerators have added the 0 degree area. It allows you to store these perishable foods.

Sertar XXL

If you have to store bulky food, and you need a generous space, a refrigerator with a drawer or XXL shelf. It will allow you to keep a wide range of foods cold. Some models are equipped with such spaces. Or I allow you to configure them yourself, according to your needs.

Antibacterial layer

The refrigerator is an environment conducive to the appearance of bacteria and the development of various microorganisms. For this reason, most manufacturers recommend sanitizing them with dedicated solutions at a certain time. However, there are refrigerators with antibacterial surfaces, with silver ions, which prevent the appearance and development of bacteria. Thus, the sanitation and cleaning intervals will be much longer.

Water dispenser

Some refrigerators are equipped with dispensers or water dispensers built into their door. They have some inner containers in which you can put water, and it will be cooled and kept at a constant temperature. All you have to do is place the glass in that dispenser, similar to a cooler, and enjoy a glass of cold water.

Water filtration

If you choose a refrigerator with a water dispenser, you will probably be interested in whether the water can be filtered. It is a less common option on appliances, but you can check if the refrigerator you want to choose also has a packaged filter.

If you want a refrigerator with a water dispenser and an ice generator, you definitely want it to be free of dirt. But you should also know that this involves an additional cost because any existing filter has a limited life, and in the case of a refrigerator filter, it will have to be changed at least once a year.

In addition to the refrigerator with water filter, there are also models that have air filters that can get rid of unpleasant odors from the refrigerator or freezer. It is something that certainly adds value, but again there is the regular change of filters, which implicitly increases the operating cost.

Fast freezing at the best refrigerator

If you have a habit of going to the supermarket or the market on the weekends and buying food for several months, you may need the quick freeze function. But you have to think about what can happen if you put all relatively hot foods in the freezer at the same time. Nothing good can come out of this, because the frozen ones will thaw and the fresh ones will need a long time to freeze. It is not good because they will have an ice crust on top and they will take over a lot of ice.

In such situations, the additional quick-freeze function saves you. It does this: the freezer operates at maximum intensity for a limited period of time, and the temperature drops rapidly to -25 degrees, or to good refrigerators even to -29 degrees.

Do not use this method excessively, especially long before loading the products in the freezer. Return to the normal operating program of the refrigerator can be done automatically if the model also has automatic management of quick freezing. Buyers who stop for cheaper models will have to manually stop this super feature.

The super cooling program for the refrigerator area works exactly the same, only it is available in the upper area, not the freezer.

Good refrigerator ice generator

It is clear that on any hot summer day, you can cool a soft drink with a glass of ice. It would be better if you could make ice at home. It is clear that any refrigerator can make ice. An ice form can be found on almost all cheap and budget refrigerators. It must be periodically supplemented with cold water, then after freezing you can take each ice cube from the form and use it for drinks. Some new refrigerators in the top segment have some ice generators and dispensers integrated in the refrigerator door.

You may be wondering what an icemaker is and how to use it. The refrigerator or refrigerator can take water directly from the network if it is provided with the supply from the public network or you periodically fill it with water in a dedicated container located inside. Cold water that can initially be pre-filtered is put into certain cube shapes, where it is quickly frozen. Depending on the model, the type of ice generation in the refrigerator differs. When the ice is produced, the dedicated hooks will push the cubes out of the cube shapes, and they will be stored for when you need the ice.

When you press the dispenser flap installed in the door, one or more ice cubes in the compartment will fall into the glass. There are also models that also have ice crumbs and can give you finely crushed ice.

This function is often found on side-by-side refrigerators and comes with an ice cooler. If your refrigerator has this function, it would be a shame not to use it when it is very hot outside and you have nothing to cool the soft drink or beer with.

Wine rack

Some newer refrigerators also have a wine rack. These nut placed horizontally on a metal repairman. In addition, the wines are kept at a suitable temperature so that they can be served at any time, and allow the development of all its aromas.

But let's not forget that there are also figures dedicated to wine. If you are a connoisseur of wine, you should think of a refrigerator for wine bottles, or a refrigerated display case in which to keep your liquors. These devices can keep your wine at a suitable temperature, depending on its type and can house an impressive amount of bottles.

But if you have larger quantities, but of different types of wine, you can also find models of refrigerators that have several areas with different temperature levels. It is worth investing in something like this if you are an example winery or a bar / restaurant.

Small wine refrigerators start at a few hundred lei in price, and the most spacious and professional ones and lead to a few thousand easily. Now it depends on your need and the purpose of the purchase.

Other benefits

When you want to buy a new refrigerator, you can also see models that have ice generators or cold water dispensers. For some families these may be important criteria to consider. On hot summer days, you may want to have an ice cube maker. SI is something to appreciate because these models allow you to use ice when you need it, but you must know that they take you out of the useful space of your refrigerator. Likewise, they will consume even more energy, especially if there is no option to turn off this feature while you are on vacation.

In the case of water dispensers, you must know that they need a filter and that they must be changed regularly. If you use the cold water dispenser every day, using such a filter can prove to be a useful option if we consider the cost savings and the positive impact on the environment associated with using a filter compared to the consumption of bottled water. Of course, there will always be consumers who do not control their complexity and bother with changing the filter, or already have a water cooler in the house and do not need this additional function in their refrigerator.

For those who eat healthy, ie eat lots of fruits and vegetables, a refrigerator with a compartment dedicated to them that will maintain an optimal level of humidity, is an inspired choice. In this way, you can store fruits and vegetables that risk spoiling, such as peaches, pears and plums, in the compartment with a lower humidity, and wrinkled fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, cauliflower and peppers, in the drawer that offers a high humidity.

Top manufacturers of good refrigerators

the best fridge with water filter functions

On the Romanian market are present all the large and well-known manufacturers of refrigerators and refrigerators. We have LG, Samsung, Samus, Arctic, Beko, Albatros, Bosch, Zanussi, AEG, Amica, Bompani refrigerators. There is also Candy, Crown, Daewoo, Electrolux, Exquisit, Finlux, Gorenje, Heinner, HITACHI, Hotpoint, Indesit, LDK, Liebherr, Midea, Hansa, Sharp, Smeg, Star-Light or Whirlpool.

All these manufacturers have models that come with different functions, different quality of finishes and materials used, a different price level but also distinct no frost technologies. Choose the brands that offer the best quality warranty, delivery and service.

The price for a refrigerator varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and depends on several variables. Among them the technology and the type of compressor, the external appearance and the additional functions. If you are looking for a cheap refrigerator, we recommend that you turn your attention to a more affordable brand, such as Star-Light, Albatros or Arctic.

Good quality price ratio

Those who want a good value for money can consider brands such as LG, Samsung, Zanussi, Electrolux or Beko. And in the top range there are manufacturers such as Liebherr, Miele, AEG or Siemens. Thus, you can choose the best 2-door refrigerator or cheap and good no frost refrigerator.

You can find advantageous offers when placing your order online, with delivery directly to your home. You enjoy the same guarantee as in a classic store, but you can shop from the comfort of your home. You can return in a maximum of 14 working days, or even 30 days in the case of eMag. On the price side, you should know that you can find refrigerators under 1000 lei, around 1500 lei, 2000 lei, 2500 lei or 3000 lei. The price can go up even more for side by side refrigerators and the French door type with 3 or 4 doors.

LG refrigerator

LG is a big and very important player in the refrigerator market. Because over 85% of the electricity in a refrigerator is consumed by the compressor, they have developed Inverter technology. It is based on a linear compressor, very quiet and economical, applicable to both large, small and high-performance refrigerators. The LG brand offers a 10-year warranty on their compressors.

They also have the merits for the development of NatureFresh technology. It is a very good way to keep the freshness of the products through a balanced temperature control. The food will be the same as the fresh ones. The technology is available for classic refrigerators, refrigerators, side by side or door to door.

With LG Smart Thinq you will be able to control some models of smart refrigerators directly from your smartphone, including remotely. You can set the temperature, control the functions it has and you can diagnose the refrigerator in case of need. You can choose an LG refrigerator with confidence.

Samsung refrigerator

Samsung is another world-renowned South Korean brand. It is a company since 1938, founded by Lee Byung-Chul and began to operate in various fields: food, textiles, insurance and sales. But on the electronics and home appliances side, the company entered the early 1970s.

Thus, Samsung Electronics had become in 2012 the largest technology company in the world in terms of revenue. On the Romanian market, Samsung distributes mobile phones, home appliances and IT products. On the refrigerator side, in the first quarter Samsung was the best-selling brand of refrigerators. Understandably, they are some of the pioneers of refrigerators, both those with 2 doors and those side by side.

They come with the latest technologies: Digital Inverter compressor, No Frost or Full No Frost cooling system, Twin Cooling, Precise Cooling and Space Max. A relatively new technology from Samsung is the Food Showcase. Basically you have a window through which you can see the food and always keep it handy.

Arctic refrigerator

The Arctic brand has a long and beautiful history on the Romanian market that begins in 1968 in Gaesti. Over the years, the home appliance company has undergone several changes and privatizations. Now, it is a local brand and is part of the Turkish group Arçelik Group, together with Beko and Grundig.

A very large part of the production is directed for export. On the side of refrigerators, Arctic can boast the latest technologies in the field. Thus, they are equipped with static, no frost or full no forst cooling systems. They are energy efficient, so most models fall into the A + or A ++ classes.

They also have technologies developed especially for their products. Thus, the help of Air Flow Dual Tech prevents the mixing of odors and prevents dehydration of food due to air ventilation. Thus the food is kept in the best conditions, keeping the same taste and aroma for a long time. They have in their range of products a refrigerator, a refrigerator with 2 doors, a refrigerator and freezers.

Fridge Beko

Just like Arctic products, Beko products are produced in the same factory. Beko has been nominated as the 2nd strongest home appliance brand in Europe. They have a leading position in several countries. Like the Arctic, it is a budget brand. In terms of refrigerators, Beko has developed several dedicated technologies that highlight them. Everfresh is a technology that helps keep food fresh for a longer period of time. Thus, by controlling the temperature and humidity, some foods can be kept fresh for up to 30 days.

Basically, if we were to compare with an ordinary refrigerator, the shelf life is extended up to 3 times or more. Another technology is active Fresh Blue Light which aims to ensure the effect of photosynthesis inside, by emitting blue light. It helps you keep natural flavors and nutritional values for longer. And last but not least, NeoFrost dual cooling, a technology that many Romanians are familiar with.

It is basically a combination of no frost technology that prevents the formation of ice inside and on the surface of food. At the same time it does not dry out and maintains a moisture suitable for food. Cooling is done efficiently, quickly and at the same time the odors do not mix. Beko offers up to 5 years product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.

Bosch refrigerator

Bosch is a world-renowned brand. Bosch says of them that their goal is to provide technologies that increase the quality of life, through innovative services and products, made to last a lifetime. In Romania Bosch has been present on the market since 1994. They are present both with 2 modern factories and research and development centers.

They have several sectors of activity, among which consumer goods, construction technologies, industrial installations but also mobility solutions. Often in Romania it is associated with German quality and reliability. It is a manufacturer that has been working on innovative cooling technologies for household consumers for over 80 years.

Their refrigerators are able to keep food fresh for a long time and are appreciated for flexible interiors that can be easily configured. They have in their range of products refrigerators without freezer, which are independent, as well as built-in refrigerators without freezer. There are also refrigerators that have a dedicated freezing section in case you have products that require this. The well-known side-by-side from Bosch can be the best refrigerator for those who store large quantities of food.

Electrolux refrigerator

Electrolux is a Swedish brand, manufacturer of household appliances, which after Whirlpool is the 2nd largest manufacturer in terms of number of units sold. In Romania they have several types of refrigerators, including wine cooler, built-in refrigerator or independent refrigerator.
They have several technologies with which to display their devices. For example, an innovation produced by them is the PureAdvantage water dispenser. It allows easy dosing and delivers filtered water, cooled and with a pure taste.

The dispenser is integrated directly in the door and allows easy access whenever needed. As for cooling efficiency, FreeStore technology helps keep food fresh no matter where it is stored. Constant and stable temperature is ensured through DynamicAir. The cold air is recirculated inside the refrigerator, and when you open the door the temperature loss is minimal. Refrigerators also come with a bottle holder, called a Bottle Rack. Thus, you can place up to 4 bottles of cold drink.

Whirlpool refrigerator

Whirlpool is an American home appliance manufacturer that sells products worldwide. It is a company founded in 1911 that has come a long way so far. In Romania they cover all types of refrigerators, from built-in to conventional ones. Some refrigerator models come with a Microban. Represents an antibacterial air filtration system. It is an effective way to protect food on the one hand, and prevent odors and bacteria on the other.

Most new models have an intuitive digital interface that allows you to set the required program or additional functions. They have also developed a special drawer for fruits and vegetables, so that they stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Out of care for dairy products, refrigerators are also equipped with a separate space, which prevents the mixing of odors between products. With the 6 sense or 6th sense system, Whirlpool refrigerators can always detect temperature variations and quickly restore the set value. With the help of the Fresh Pad and Fresh Box compartment, food can be stored efficiently.

They are equipped with a grill that separates the moisture removed from fruits and vegetables. A specially designed antibacterial additive reduces bacteria by up to 99.9%. If you have meat, fish or cheese, you can also use a 0 degree section. It is specially designed for delicate and easily perishable foods. In the freezer compartment you will find a surprise.

Specifically, a Fast Freeze Pad which is a sliding tray that can cool food stored in the freezer very quickly. On the compressor side, Whirlpool has its own technology from the 6th sense range that constantly adapts the speed and ensures high energy efficiency. The manufacturer offers a 15-year compressor warranty.

Fridge Heinner

Heinner is a budget home appliance brand that is mostly popular in online and eCommerce stores. It is a brand that produces household appliances in factories in Turkey and China, under its own name. In Heinner's offer we also find refrigerators of all types: with two doors, with a door or minibar type.

Their refrigerators are available in a wide variety of colors: white, black, gray, anthracite or with a stainless steel finish. The energy class is in most cases A +. They are equipped with an adjustable mechanical thermostat, so you can quickly set the temperature in the cooling compartment. LED lighting, in addition to being energy efficient, it creates a pleasant ambience and ensures good visibility on food stored indoors.

The refrigerator doors are reversible, so they can be mounted with both openings on the left and on the right side. You mount them depending on the location and the space you have, so as to allow the doors to be opened without any barrier. On the food storage side, most models have dedicated compartments for vegetables and fruits, eggs, an ice tray and a space for placing bottles.

Fewer models, however, are equipped with a water dispenser. They allow you to store flat water and cool it to a pleasant temperature. Water can be used with an external dispenser integrated in the refrigerator door.

How a refrigerator works

the best fridge with water filter functions

Nowadays we can't imagine life without a good and quality refrigerator. Basically a refrigerator is an indispensable kitchen appliance. Not surprisingly, the cold refrigerator enclosure keeps food perishable fresh longer and extends its shelf life. This is possible by slowing down the rate of reproduction of microorganisms that cause rancidity. If we did not have a refrigerator in the house, products such as cheese, fish and vegetables and juices would have a limited shelf life.

Refrigerators do not bring cold air inside as many would have imagined. To explain everyone's understanding, a modern refrigerator uses a coolant, called a refrigerant, to capture the heat of the products inside, so that it can take it outside and remove the heat outside. It is a complex process, through which the refrigerant changes its current shape, transforming from liquid to gas and vice versa.

It is pumped and circulated through several tubes hidden inside, but also through that grid of smaller tubes that you can admire on the outside. Over the decades, the overall process efficiency has increased considerably, and new refrigerators can keep food fresh at the temperature selected by the user, even when it is 40 degrees Celsius outside.

From which to choose

The operating principle of a refrigerator is similar regardless of the manufacturer, and if you want to choose a reliable, quiet and quality model you can look at other factors such as factors such as size, design and freezing speed. You can choose from a multitude of examples including a side by side refrigerator, french door refrigerators, refrigerator with freezer up or down. There are other specific models such as freezers or refrigerated boxes, minibar refrigerators or showcases for wine bottles.

We hope that in this purchasing guide we have included the main key criteria that you should take into account when you want to buy a good refrigerator. We present to you which are the main brands, what advantages and disadvantages they have, how to use a refrigerator correctly and about what budget you can fit.

When repair and service is needed

the best fridge with water filter functions

The refrigerator started making noise

Any refrigerator makes noise, it is normal to hear the work of the compressor, the murmur of the pipes or small crackles when defrosting. But if the noise is different from what you've heard before, make sure it is placed on a straight and flat surface, so as not to produce vibrations. Do not place things on it or adjoin other bodies that could cause vibrations. If none of this helps, and the noise persists, a specialist should be consulted.

The refrigerator is hot on the sides

It is normal to be like that. Any refrigerator produces heat first, and then cools. It basically transfers heat from the inside to the outside. You can feel the heat on the sides, in the door area and in the back area. However, if the heat is very high, check that it has not been left open, that it is too full or that the doors are no longer watertight. In this case, the refrigerator will run continuously and will overheat. If you are unable to identify the problem, contact a connoisseur.

The refrigerator has broken down, turned off or no longer cools down

In this case, the best solution would be to consult a specialist. If the refrigerator is equipped with a display and displays an error, by phone or online you could find out exactly what the problem is and if it needs to be taken to service. If it is under warranty, you are very lucky. If not, if the problem is in the compressor, its repair can be quite expensive.

How to use a refrigerator effectively

the best fridge with water filter functions

Unpacking a refrigerator

When buying a new refrigerator, make sure that delivery and unpacking leave it for at least a few hours to get used to the new humidity and temperature in your home. Moisture caused by condensation can lead to its failure the moment you turn it on. While it stays for a few hours, you can analyze the user guide to find out more about the refrigerator.

Refrigerator location

When thinking about the location of the refrigerator, make sure that you do not have sources of water or fire in the vicinity. It must be a well-ventilated place, where the air circulates. Because a refrigerator will produce heat, it must take place slowly to disperse and cool sufficiently. At least at the back and bottom it should have generous space for efficient air circulation. Also check the climate class of your refrigerator. Do not place it in very cold or very hot places. This factor can damage over time and the efficiency of the refrigerator will be low.

Setting the temperature to the best refrigerator

A refrigerator is equipped with a temperature control module called a thermostat. This thermostat is adjustable and can be set in different stages. The number of temperature control steps varies from model to model, and can be in 4, 5 or 6 steps. There are also models that allow you to set the exact temperature, with an interval of one degree.

Others have adjustable cooling intensity displayed as flakes. A higher number also indicates a lower cooling temperature. It is important that this temperature adjustment is done as needed. It is not necessary to set the absolute minimum temperature, for this it will mean a higher energy consumption. Set a relevant temperature for the products you store indoors.

Refrigeration sanitation

Periodically, any refrigerator needs interior sanitation. There are dedicated cleaning solutions for the refrigerator on the market. Alternatively, hot water, vinegar and baking soda can work wonders. In general, the refrigerator is an environment conducive to the development of bacteria, odors and impurities. Do not neglect this aspect and make sure that at least once every 6 months you thaw and clean the inside to enjoy it as much as possible.

Placing food in the refrigerator

The refrigerator has a certain compartmentation on the inside, specially designed according to the variety of temperature and the type of food you will store. Our recommendation is to read the user manual and to respect the compartmentation thought by the manufacturer for the best possible efficiency. It is not a very good idea to overcrowd a refrigerator, because this will form more condensation.

And if your refrigerator does not have no frost technology, you risk finding layers of ice on the interior walls. On the freezer side, avoid mixing long-frozen and freshly placed products in the freezer in the same compartment. Thus, a large temperature difference can be created, which will lead to ice formation or damage to the products.

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