the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Fruit Juicers – Review and comparison in 2021

The best juicer could be a reliable “partner” for you, if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. On the online market you will find a lot of such products, and we present the most popular of them in the following list. If you don’t have time to go through it completely, find out that in the first place I placedPhilips Avance Collection HR1919 / 70 , a juicer that works with a centrifuge system, doing everything with a powerful 1000W motor and working with a second speeds, to adjust them according to your needs. If what you want is a snail model, the second place is occupied by Star-Light SJB-150R .

Comparative table

It is a centrifugal juicer, which has the great plus of the fact that it can obtain even 50% of the pulp of the food on which it acts, thanks to the FiberBoost technology. It has a power of 1000W, two gears, a juice container with a capacity of 1 liter and a pulp vessel of 2.1 liters.

It is not the right option for you, if you are interested in extracting the juice from soft fruits and / or leafy greens.

If you want to quickly get fruit and vegetable juice, we recommend this centrifugal juicer, which has a power of 1000W.

The model is a snail one, which means that it will work slowly and will retain most of the vitamins and nutrients that are in the composition of fruits and vegetables. The containers for juice and pulp are roomy, with a capacity of 1000 and 800 ml, respectively, and the power cable is quite long, measuring 1.1 meters.

It is not the best storage of fruits and vegetables, if you want to press the ingredients as quickly as possible.

It is a variant appreciated by people who want the most natural squeezing of fruits and vegetables when they get the juice.

This product is one that will help you get the juice you need quickly, with a power of 800W and key features such as: anti-slip feet, cable storage system, the possibility of being cleaned in the dishwasher. The container for the liquid comes with a capacity of 800 ml, and the one for the pulp 1200 ml.

With this model you do not have the possibility to adjust the working speed, the device working with a constant power of 800W.

Consider this purchase, if you want a model with a centrifuge, which will help you get the natural juice you drink daily quickly.

In-depth reviews about the best fruit juicers

To make it easier to buy such an appliance, go through the list below, because you will see top models from the online environment.

Fruit and vegetable juicer

Philips Avance Collection HR1919 / 70

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

This fruit and vegetable juicer is a device that works with the help of a centrifugal mechanism, so it will provide in a short time the juice you need, even when you want to extract it from very hard foods (celery, carrot, etc. ). Unlike other devices that work with centrifuge, it is equipped with FiberBoost technology, which also allows the creation of a thicker juice, which also contains fiber.

This Philips juicer has a glossy sieve, easy to wash, and to make everything much simpler it is equipped with a cleaning function, which involves the introduction of a quantity of water in the pushing element, in order to effectively remove the desired fibers.

The device works with a power of 1000W, which means that it has a powerful motor and has two gears, to adjust the way it works. The container for juice has a capacity of 1 liter, and the one for pulp 2.1 liters. The dimensions of the device are 25 x 29.6 x 43.2 cm, the diameter of the tube is 80 mm, and the length of the power cable is only 1 meter. The product weighs 4.4 kg.


Hausgerate HRH-JE171

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Some people do not have a very large budget and are looking to buy cheap and good fruit juicers, such as this product. It is a model with a centrifuge, which can also be used for vegetables, as long as they are not soft or do not consist mainly of leaves.

This model will work with a power of 500W and two gears, quickly providing the juice you need. It will be collected in a 500 ml cup, and the leftovers will be disposed of in a 1500 ml container.

This fruit and vegetable juicer is set with a rotating knob, and to get the cleanest juice it has a very small mesh filter, made of stainless steel. The centrifuge is quite difficult to clean, but a lot of the elements are detachable, to make them easier to wash. At the base there are rubber feet to prevent slipping.


Snail juicer

Star-Light SJB-150R

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Why do we recommend this snail fruit and vegetable juicer, Star-Light sjb-150r? Because it is a device that works very slowly, with only 55 rotations in a minute, to extract the natural juice from various foods, without losing much of the vitamins and nutrients. It works with a power of 150W and is mostly made of plastic.

This fruit and vegetable juicer, with snail, is delivered with two containers, for juice, respectively fruits, which are placed in the front, fixing at the base of the drain holes. The cup for the liquid has a capacity of 1000 ml, and the one for the pulp 800 ml. Many of the items can be detached and cleaned in the automatic dishwasher.

This fruit juicer (with snail) also has an anti-drip system, which prevents the liquid from flowing when you want to detach the juice bowl and empty it into a larger container. The dimensions of the device are 24 x 18 x 43.5 cm, and the power cable measures 1.1 meters.


Philips juicer

Philips Viva Collection HR1855 / 90

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

When you want to get fruit and vegetable juice quickly, a centrifuge juicer can come to your aid, like the one we are now bringing to your attention. It has a power of 700W, works with a single gear and will help you get a more watery liquid.

This Philips juicer has a number of key features that we want to remind you of: non-slip base, safety system, cable storage hole, the ability to be cleaned mostly in the dishwasher and the QuickClean function (quick wash of the site).

The hole through which the fruits and vegetables are inserted is a generous one, with a diameter of 75 mm. The container in which the juice will be collected has a capacity of 800 ml, and the pulp vessel 1200 ml. The connection between the appliance and the power outlet is made with the help of a 1 meter long cable.


Professional juicer by pressing

Hurom HW Commercial

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

If you are interested in getting natural juice from fruits and vegetables, to serve it to customers when you have a bar, a restaurant, etc., this model of professional fruit juicer could be a good option. It is made of very resistant materials (steel and titanium), to cope with a large volume of work.

This device works with a screw mechanism, which means that the liquid is obtained by cold pressing. So, the ingredients will keep their properties and you will get the best out of them. The motor works with a power of 150W, in order to make everything as slow as possible, and the container in which the whole process takes place has a capacity of 1000 ml.

This cold-pressed juicer includes a number of useful accessories that will give you a pleasant experience (graduated juice bowl, cleaning brush, recipe book). It has dimensions of 28.2 x 20 x 44.5 cm and weighs 8.6 kg. You have to find a fixed place for it, because it is quite difficult to handle. The power cable is quite long – 1.4 meters.


G21 Chamber

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Nutrients are very important when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, which is why, when you need a juicer, it is best to turn your attention to a product that presses everything cold, as it is about which we are talking now. It will work with a power of 150W and 75 rpm, to make everything as slow and high quality as possible.

This professional juicer, by pressing, has a horizontal orientation, and the opening above, in which you insert the ingredients, has a diameter of 45 mm. Even if the value is low, the whole process is simplified by the fact that there is a funnel, which will help you add the desired fruits and vegetables more easily.

At the bottom of the juicer you will find a container in which the juice obtained will drain, and in front of it one in which the pulp will be removed. This item measures 37 x 18 x 34 cm. The product is one of the best fruit and vegetable juicers, being helpful when we talk about fine textures (strawberries, bananas, berries) or leaves (parsley, celery, etc.).


Bosch juicer

Bosch MES25G0

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Fruit and vegetable juice can be delicious and very beneficial to health. It is best to prepare it yourself at home, with the help of a juicer like Bosch MES25G0. It has a power of 700W and when it moves, it offers such a drink with the help of a centrifuge system. It is not the most efficient mechanism for obtaining the juice, but it is a quick and easy way to obtain the desired liquid.

This Bosch juicer has two gears, to adjust it to run slower or faster and after the whole process is over, you can easily clean it, most of the components being detachable and compatible with the automatic dishwasher . At the base there are non-slip feet, and the 1 meter cable will be stored in a storage system. The tube through which the ingredients will be introduced has a generous diameter of 7.3 cm.

Those who choose this product because it is part of the range of fruit juicers, at good prices, will have a device that provides a juice container with a capacity of 1.25 liters and one for the pulp of 2 liters. 31 x 31.2 x 18 cm represents the dimensions, and 4.99 kg the weight.


Heinner juicer

Heinner XF-1000RD

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

When we buy natural juices from the market, very often they contain preservatives, additives and dyes. The alternative to them is quite simple – you have to buy a fruit juicer, cheap and good, as the product we want to talk about now. It is a model with a powerful motor, of 1000W, which offers you two speeds, in order to be able to act both on the ingredients with a softer texture, and on those that are stronger.

This appliance is one that works with a centrifuge system and even if in the first phase it seems more difficult to clean, it includes a special brush, which helps a much simpler and faster sanitation. The juice obtained will be drained in a 1 liter container, and the leftovers will be stored in a 2 liter container.

This Heinner juicer is based on a non-slip system, is equipped with overvoltage protection, is controlled by a button that rotates in the desired direction and during operation can produce a noise of about 78 dB. The tube through which the supply is made has a diameter of 75 mm, and the total dimensions are approximately 20 x 30 x 40 cm.


Gorenje juicer

Gorenje JC150FW

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

With a motor that has a power of 150W and a number of 32 rotations per minute, this snail juicer is the right choice for you, if you want to get a natural juice that contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It works very slowly, with the help of a single pin and works in two directions, the necessary adjustments being made by means of a button that must be rotated.

The liquid obtained from the squeezing process with the help of this device will flow in a container with a capacity of 900 ml, the same value that we find in the pulp vessel. The model is also equipped with an anti-drip plug, if the vessel is full and must be emptied.

Regarding the dimensions, they are 32 × 34.5 × 30 cm, so it is a device that does not take up much space on the kitchen counter. The cleaning of this Gorenje juicer is done in a simple and efficient way, a special brush being included in the package. Moreover, many of the components are detachable and can be machine washed.


Manual juicer

Zokura, citrus / pomegranate

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

If you like to drink fresh citrus fruits, a hand juicer could be a good purchase for you. The one we are talking about now is a durable one, made of stainless steel and cast iron.

It is operated with a lever, the whole process being simple and fast. All you have to do is cut the fruit in half and insert half of it in the space provided, then press the handle. It is manufactured in such a way that it does not involve a great physical effort, but it can often become unstable, especially when the ingredients on which it is acted are a little harder or do not have a suitable size.

This product is not delivered with a collection vessel, but you must attach one in which to drain the juice obtained. It is not difficult to clean, and has dimensions that make it take up little space – 18.5 x 23 x 40 cm.



Buying guide

Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and eat more natural foods? Then, the juicer is a device that should not be missing from your home. He will help you give up carbonated drinks bought from the market and enjoy the benefits of natural juices.

Today you want to talk a little about the most important aspects that you need to highlight when you want to buy the best fruit juicer.

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Mechanism of operation : This is a very important aspect when we talk about such appliances, because not all use the same way of working, and depending on this detail, the quality of the drink obtained may be different. Here is what type of operating system you can find at a juicer:

Centrifuge – is a very popular option, for which people most often opt for the following reasons: it helps to obtain juices from both fruits and vegetables, even when they have a very strong texture (carrot, beetroot, celery, etc.). , helps to quickly achieve a large amount and you will get a thinner and more watery liquid.

These types of juicers are not suitable for acting on very soft-textured fruits (strawberries, raspberries, bananas) or greens (parsley, dill, etc.). At the same time, during the process of making the juice, through this procedure many vitamins are lost, because everything happens at a high speed and a high temperature.

With snail – it’s the best performance you can find (in terms of drink quality), because everything is obtained by cold pressing, so that vitamins and minerals are stored, finally obtaining a liquid with pulp, made in slow and has no altered taste. Such a system is recommended even for greens or soft fruits and vegetables.

Such an option involves allocating more time to process the necessary ingredients, because the process must be as slow as possible, and the purchase price is slightly higher than models that use centrifuge.

Manual – such a system is a little more difficult to use, because it involves physical effort on your part, either by turning a handle or by pressing a lever. In this case, the juice is obtained cold, keeping its properties.

For citrus – such a mechanism can be manual or electric. It is provided at the top with a cone-type accessory, in which are placed the citrus fruits from which you want to get the juice, cut in half.

If the model is a manual one, you have to make the fruit and turn it around the cone, if we are talking about an electrical article, the end with the account spins and what you have to do is to keep the half of the fruit as fixed as possible.

Engine power : When I buy a juicer at a good price, if it is an electric model, the power of the engine is a very important detail, because it provides details about how quickly it will work.

For centrifugal versions, if you want a device for your home, a power of up to 800-1000W will be enough. If we are talking about professional models, which have to deal with a large number of people, as happens in bars, restaurants, etc., then turn your attention to industrial variants, over 1500-2000W.

For cold-pressed devices, things are a little different, because less power is needed to do everything as slowly as possible. 200W will be enough.

Dimensions : Regarding this aspect, there are several details worth considering for a fruit juicer, at a good price.

Physical sizes – to figure out how much space your device takes up and if you can easily store / store it.

Capacity of the cooking container – to get an idea of how much juice you can prepare without having to transfer it to another bowl.

The capacity of the waste container – to know when it’s time to empty it.

The dimensions of the squeezing area– it is important if you want to have a diameter as generous as possible, in order to introduce fruits / vegetables in the appliance as soon as possible.


Key features : Some details may seem less important at first, but in practice, they will give you a more pleasant experience.

Electronic display – helps you to set up the device more easily and to understand some errors that may occur.

Speed adjustment – useful function for cases where you want a slower work process.

Easy cleaning– possible feature when the purchase package includes accessories useful for the cleaning process, when many of the components can be detachable or when it comes to parts that can be machine washed.

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Included accessories : When you ask yourself “Which juicer to buy?”, Do not ignore the accessories that can be delivered, because they can be helpful.

Juice container – usually a cup that attaches very well to the drain of the appliance.

Cleaning brush – to wash everything as well as possible and to eliminate dirt that enters hard to reach spaces.

Mushroom – will help you to put more easily in the hole for the preparation of the desired fruits and vegetables.

Knowing these selection criteria, it will be much easier for you to make a series of opinions about the best juicers, when you want to buy such a product. Our recommendation is to turn to online stores, if you are interested in a quick purchase, affordable prices and delivery in the shortest time.

Frequent questions

Which fruit and vegetable juicer do you recommend up to 100 euros?

If you want to buy a fruit and vegetable juicer, cheap and good, and you have an amount of up to 500 lei, we recommend variants such as: Hausgerate HRH-JE171 (with centrifuge, 500W, 2 speeds, juice container 500 ml ), Star-Light SJB-150R (with screw, 150W, juice container 1000 ml), Heinner XF-1000RD (with centrifuge, 1000W, juice container 1000 ml) or Zokura, manual, for citrus / pomegranate.

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

How powerful should a professional fruit juicer be for the bar?

When you buy a professional juicer, you probably want it to work as fast as possible, in order to provide customers with the desired drink in a short time. If it is a question of models with centrifuge, they must have a power of at least 1500W, and if we discuss cold-pressed variants, for the best possible quality of the juice, 150-200W is the value you must follow. .

How does a juicer squeeze cold?

A cold juicer works in a fairly simple way. After cleaning the fruits / vegetables, put them in the preparation hole, and there they are finely crushed with the pulp, resulting in a not very watery drink.

Everything is done by turning the crank or pressing a button that moves a conical / propeller system, which squeezes the fruit well, or pressing hard on a handle that presses the desired food and turns it into juice.

Safety precautions when making fruit juice


It doesn’t matter if you bought the best fruit and vegetable juicer by pressing or with a centrifuge, any appliance of this type must be used with care, which is why you must make sure that you know what to do to avoid unpleasant incidents. . The most important tips in this regard are the following:

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Do not use the device if you notice any malfunctions

Electronic products should not be used when they do not provide complete safety. That being said, if you see that something is wrong with the power cord, if the device emits a strange smell or noise during operation, if certain elements are no longer fixed and so on, see how you can fix the problems.

Do not overfill the supply tube

It is important to let the appliance work at will, in order to do everything as well as possible and not to block the hole for cooking. To do this, gradually add the desired fruits / vegetables and refill the container when it is completely empty.

the best fruit and vegetable juicer to buy for my home use

Do not insert your fingers into the cooking area during operation

If certain pieces of food get stuck in the appliance, it is not safe to unlock them with your fingers during operation. Even if some models may seem harmless, you can get hurt at high speed. Turn off the appliance, remove what did not allow it to work, then turn it on again.

These are just a few details to keep in mind. You will find much more in the user manual of your juicer, which we recommend you read before first use.

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