The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft

The best fruit and vegetable juicer with worm shaft – Our recommendations for 2021

The fruit and vegetable juicer plays an important role in the life of any family interested in healthy nutrition. Unfortunately, we know you’re busy and don’t have time to read countless product descriptions and reviews, so we did this for you and concluded: the best product in the range is theOursson JM7002 D / R. It is a strong and efficient piece, whose technology allows you to get juice from any fruit, vegetable, greens or wheat germ. The worm mechanism generates more juice, richer in vitamins and tastier, accumulated in the built-in 1 liter container. The quiet engine, the slow rotation of the worm shaft made of the most environmentally friendly material and the very wide mouth are just some of the features that are worth considering. If for various reasons, this option is not accessible to you, we propose the piece ranked second in our ranking: Zelmer JuiceMaker One JP1600 .

Comparison table

High-performance and extremely efficient model, built from sustainable and ecological materials, able to extract a superior amount of juice, richer in vitamins than ever. It can even process greens, while the triple filtration system removes any traces of fiber or peel from the juice.

It has a fairly high price, which we still consider fair given the performance offered by the piece.

It is the right item for buyers who have an active and healthy lifestyle, constantly maintained; the characteristics of the device are extraordinary, it deserves the investment in the conditions of daily use or several times a week.

It allows squeezing the ingredients without the need to clean them, thanks to the 150W power of the appliance. Smart Extraction technology makes the part both quiet and efficient, the purchase price being also friendly, especially compared to other products in the range.

The device works with a single worm shaft, and extracting the juice may take a little longer than you expected.

It is a model worth investing in, offering good performance, corresponding to the purchase price. We recommend it to people who want to turn the consumption of a healthy juice into a daily ritual and need a simple, good and easy to clean piece.

This juicer model has a sieve made of stainless steel, a metal that does not rust over time, being safe for juice preparation. It has a power of 150 watts, so you will not need to clean fruits or vegetables before. It also has an anti-drip system, rotating the snail in the opposite direction (in case it gets stuck) and manages to keep more pulp.

The purchase price may seem quite high, but in relation to performance and quality, the product is worth the investment.

This juicer is ideal for people who are always in a time crisis, because you can put whole fruits or vegetables in the appliance. And, in addition, if you just put water on it, it cleans itself, so you don’t have to waste time washing it.

How to choose a good fruit and vegetable juicer with a worm shaft

Buyer’s guide

The nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are known to all of us. Fresh juices, prepared from fruits and vegetables, give us the necessary dose of vitamins, can help us in diets or cool us on a hot summer day. The benefits of natural juices are many, but the process of obtaining them often proves to be difficult and time consuming. For those who want to prepare their own juice and want to experiment with various combinations of fruits and vegetables, a juicer will be more than useful.

The advantage of the devices with worm shaft consists in the fact that the squeezing is done slowly, by cold pressing, obtaining 2 times more healthy juice, keeping the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for the best fruit and vegetable juicer to suit your personal needs, here are some tips that may be helpful in choosing such a device:

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft

Functionality: Spindle juicers can have one or more such components, which extract the juice at low squeezing speed by pressing. Those with a single shaft work slower, but are also cheaper. For two cold pressing systems you will pay more, but you can also benefit from more squeezing speeds. Using this kind of appliance, you will get a juice with a stronger, healthier taste and more vitamins and enzymes, which you can keep in the fridge for 24 hours.

Find out how quickly the whole process can be performed, to ensure the usefulness of the chosen product. This feature is very important, because the type of juicer you want to buy depends on what kind of juice you want to get and how long it will take to prepare it.

Destination: A device of this type can squeeze either only soft fruits, or soft and hard fruits just as easily or fruits and vegetables alike. In other words, this aspect represents about what type of fruits and vegetables you will squeeze. If you want to prepare your citrus or apple juice, then you can easily use any type of juicer, because these ingredients are easy to squeeze. If you also use greens, herbs or fruits with seeds, such as grapes, currants or tropical fruits, then you will need a juicer with a double worm shaft. Also, to make sure that the device offers enough power, it is recommended that it consume over 100W.

The amount of juice obtained: If neither the quantity nor the duration of preparation is important, then a simple pressing juicer is suitable, being able to use it continuously, not more than 30 minutes. However, it is good to know how many fruits and vegetables will be squeezed in a single work session. For this purpose, it is good to check how much pulp the special tank can accommodate and what total volume of juice can be stored.

We consider useful the pieces that can keep over 1l of pulp and one of juice. The efficiency can be higher for models with double shaft, but the power must also exceed 150W, so that the pressing is done efficiently, and the device does not wear out prematurely.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft

Maintenance mode: their type and number will indicate how you can maintain the device and whether its use will be risk-free. We advise you to turn your attention to the parts accompanied by a specific part, which allows you to supply the press tube without having to reach with your fingers near the press. Also, an auto-stop function when the shaft is locked could prevent some accidents. For an efficient cleaning, many models are also delivered with special brushes, which make the process of sanitizing the snail much easier.

We appreciate the versions equipped with anti-slip system, because they can be stored safely on the table or on the kitchen counter. We also recommend that you try to buy an item with a reverse function, useful when some more difficult vegetables can get stuck in the machine.

Recommended models in 2021

Oursson JM7002 / RD

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft The best fruit and vegetable juicer with worm shaft currently available on the Romanian market at a price that is still affordable is the Oursson JM7002 / RD model. It is a quiet, strong and resistant Swiss piece, with the help of which you will get a larger amount of juice, with a content of up to 68% higher vitamins.

With the help of slow cold pressing technology you can extract juice from fruits, vegetables, plant germs or even greens. The engine is quiet, slowly rotating a robust auger made of ULTEM: an ecological material extremely resistant to pressure and, more importantly, to acidic substances. The large feeding tube completes the list of qualities of the piece, it also allows the addition of whole fruits and vegetables.

The device is equipped with a triple filtration system that extracts every drop of liquid, without allowing the peel, pulp or seeds to enter the juice. The anti-drip system is more effective than the ones you are already used to, so that not a drop is wasted. The reverse function immediately solves any blockage, while the self-cleaning system and ease of disassembly and reassembly solve the problem of current maintenance.


Powerful part equipped with a silent motor that drives a auger with a slow rotation of only 60 rpm.

Snail made of ULTEM, a resistant material used in medical equipment.

Wide power supply for increased working speed.

Efficient and economical filtration system.


The price fully illustrates the superior qualities of this model.


Zelmer JuiceMaker One JP1600

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft If you want to indulge in a quality juice and invest in a professional fruit and vegetable juicer with which to get the best results, then Zelmer JuiceMaker One JP1600 is the ideal choice. It is an innovative product, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

If you are a person who does not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and does not have much time, then you have found what you are looking for. It has the advantage that you no longer have to peel fruits and vegetables, because the strong press allows the use of whole vegetables and fruits. The SES (Smart Extraction System) for extracting juice at low speed ensures optimal nutritional value, resulting in a juice full of vitamins. Squeezing at low speed keeps the maximum amount of vitamins in the juice, because it does not release as much heat as traditional juicers. The appliance is easy to maintain and store in hygienic conditions.

All you have to do is pour a glass of water during operation, after you have finished squeezing the juice. In this way, rinse the container of leftover fruit and vegetables. The device respects the safety conditions, the squeezing screw being built so as to prevent possible injuries while you wash it under running water. It is quiet during operation and has a container capacity of 1.2 liters. With a relatively attractive cost and being rated with a very good rating by buyers, this Zelmer model lives up to our expectations without difficulty.


It can squeeze ingredients without prior cleaning, with a power of 150W.

It has a good storage capacity of 1.2 liters of juice and pulp.

It can be cleaned without difficulties, being delivered with a special brush for this purpose.

It is quiet and efficient, thanks to Smart Extraction technology.

The price is convincing compared to other similar devices.


It includes a single worm shaft, which makes it work a little slower.


Star-Light SJB-150R

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Your kids really like fruit or even vegetable juice, but don’t you want to buy bottled bottles from the store? Then turn to a juicer, such as Star-Light. The little ones will be able to prepare their own fresh, because the product has a large funnel, which allows the introduction of whole fruits / vegetables, without the need to clean / cut them first.

The juicer screen is made of stainless steel, a metal resistant over time and with anti-corrosion properties. In addition, the device manages to keep a fairly large amount of pulp, so the juice is rich in vitamins and antioxidants needed to detoxify the body. The container for the pulp has a capacity of 0.8 liters, and the one for juice of one liter.

The squeezing process, although the device uses a slow squeezing technology (with only 55 rotations per minute), does not take too long, due to the power of 150 watts, an ideal function especially when you are in a hurry. In addition, the product is compatible with the dishwasher, but can also be cleaned yourself if you put water in the container.


The power of the device is high, 150 watts, which allows fast squeezing of fruits / vegetables.

Given that it has a generous funnel, you can introduce whole vegetables or fruits.

The resulting amount of juice is large, the container having a capacity of one liter.

The device can also store fruit or vegetable pulp in a 0.8 liter jar.


The purchase price is slightly high


Heinner HSJ-160RD

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Users who want to allocate a limited budget to this purchase are encouraged to find an offer to their liking, in terms of cost. From our perspective, this Heinner product exceeds any expectations, costing three times less than a model with a high-performance worm shaft.

Despite the limited funds required, the device offers enough power to achieve efficiency, 150W. Squeeze fruits and vegetables with equal ease, and the working possibilities are optimal, since the container in which the juice is stored totals 1l volume.

Even maintenance is a hassle-free chapter, as it has a special design that allows you to clean it without completely disassembling it. A squeezing cycle can be extended up to 30 minutes, and the safety system is present, allowing an optimal fixation, before the engine starts. The package also offers a cleaning brush and an accessory for feeding with ingredients. With one of the lowest costs in this ranking, the HSJ-160RD from Heinner pleasantly impresses potential customers, especially since the users with tested purchase considered it efficient enough for home use.


Cheap and good screw juicer.

It is efficient, based on 150W power.

It is sanitized without complicated disassembly, due to the design.

It has a safe starting system, being reliable.


For those in a hurry, the 30-minute squeezing cycle is not an asset, although fast for a track with a worm shaft.


Taurus Liquajuice

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Easy to maintain and use, quiet and durable, with a friendly design, the Taurus Liquajuice model offers a very good quality / price ratio. It is suitable for those who want to get a quality juice, but who do not necessarily want to get a considerable amount of juice at once.

It has a low speed motor of 150 W and has a juice collector with a capacity of 0.75 liters and a pulp collector of 0.75 liters. If you want to use greens in prepared juices, then Taurus Liquajuice may be what you are looking for, because it has the ability to process such ingredients. It uses Power Press pressing technology, so the amount of fruit, vegetable and leaf juice obtained by pressing is 50% higher than by the traditional centrifugal method. At the same time, Power Press technology allows to obtain a healthy and delicious juice with a fine consistency, containing all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and flavors.

It has components compatible with the dishwasher, so it allows you to easily maintain it and makes your work considerably easier. It is provided with a safety system and anti-slip system on the surface where it is positioned. Contains seed filter and stainless steel sieve. A useful accessory for those interested may be the included recipe book, which can provide you with new ideas for preparing drinks and sauces. Because it is as easy to use, as easy to maintain and because it offers moderate performance, compared to low costs, this Taurus model occupies an important place in the top we organized.


It works efficiently, with 150W consumption / power.

Power Press technology allows it to obtain 50% more juice than a centrifugal juicer.

The important parts can be detached for washing in the dishwasher.

It is a reliable item with anti-slip system.


The collecting containers have reduced capacities.


Tefal Infini Press Revolution ZC500H38

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft With an attractive and modern design, Tefal proposes a high quality model, which will allow you to make a wide range of juices and fully enjoy the healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables. Using this revolutionary device, you will get 30% more juice, 30% more vitamins and 70% more antioxidants, compared to a traditional juicer.

High performance and versatility recommend it. You can prepare juice from all types of fruits and vegetables, especially from red fruits and greens. For those who want more ideas for preparing various drinks and sauces, the model also includes a recipe book. In order to facilitate the work in the kitchen and to keep the device clean, all components are designed in such a way that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is provided with useful accessories, such as a separating glass for foam, a glass for juice and for leftovers.

It has a power of 300 W, it is equipped with an anti-drip system, and the capacity of the pulp and juice container is 1 liter. For those who avoid buying a noisy home appliance, the Tefal Infini Press Revolution ZC500H38 is the right choice, as it is extremely quiet. Due to the multifunctional character, the excellent efficiency and the low purchase cost, we give a special confidence to this item proposed by the famous Tefal brand.


Squeezing is done quickly, due to a power of 300W.

Includes filters useful in diversifying the types of preparations obtained.

Detachable parts are easy to wash, since they can be put in the dishwasher.

It has a cost considered by many to be very attractive.


The pulp container has a limit of 1l capacity.


How to use a screw and fruit juicer

The auger juicer effectively presses fruits and vegetables, without destroying their nutrients due to temperature, as a result of which it enjoys a very high appreciation from people concerned with a healthy lifestyle. So, if when you buy such an appliance, you need to assess your own needs in order to fully exploit it, you need to have all the information on the installation, use and maintenance of such a device, so we believe that you will find real help in the paragraphs below.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft

How to assemble the device

First, you need to position the worm shaft in the center of the filter and then insert the set obtained in the rotary wiper, and then twist the squeegee until you hear a click.

Second, make sure the red dot positioned on the filter is aligned with the one on the juice bowl and push the cartridge down until you hear a small noise, which lets you know that it has been fixed exactly. Before proceeding to the next step, check the sealing silicone, as if it is not fitted properly, there is a risk that the drink will leak out!

Third, install the top assembly of the appliance on the base bracket so that the arrow symbol on the drum cover is on the same line as the one inscribed on the juice bowl.

Last but not least, place the drum cover on it and turn it clockwise, until you are sure that it has closed properly. Once these components have been installed, all you have to do is attach the pulp and juice containers in place.

How to put into operation the fruit and vegetable juicer with worm shaft

It is true that this juicer is able to extract juice from any kind of vegetables, fruits and herbs, but to get excellent results it is not enough to know how to press the “Power” button, because some foods need to be prepared in beforehand. So here’s how to proceed with the vegetables or fruits you want to process:

It is necessary to cut the ingredients into pieces of 10 – 12 cm (in the case of fibrous vegetables, it is recommended to finely chop them) and to insert them one by one inside the appliance. Do not put another food before the appliance completes a squeezing cycle, because only this way it will give you the maximum amount of juice in the poultry process and it will not freeze!

It is also recommended to be patient and not to push vegetables or fruits with the help of spoons, spatulas, fingers or other utensils, as you risk injuring yourself and damaging the juicer. For this there is the “Forward” button, which deals with pulling the ingredients to care for them.

In the case of hard vegetables such as carrots or beets, which require a more aggressive method of squeezing, it is advisable to combine them with foods with a higher water content, to increase the volume of the resulting juice. In addition, we want to specify that some models, when passing carrots or nuts, can make a squeak, but this is absolutely normal.

Last but not least, fruits with hard seeds or seeds such as peaches, plums or cherries must be cleaned by them before being pressed, and those with peels, peeled, to prevent the device from blocking and a possible damage to the sieve. However, if the juicer clogs, use the “Reverse” function, as this will push the ingredients up to unlock them.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft

How to maintain and clean the product

For a longer life of the appliance, make sure that, before unplugging it, the “Power” button is turned off and that you have cleaned all the pulp from the juicer. Then disassemble it carefully, following exactly the instructions in the accompanying user manual or on the box, because after each use it is recommended that the components be rinsed under running water and the holes of the appliance be very well cleaned (you can use a little soap and brush from accessories if the package includes it).

If the juicer also contains metal components, it is absolutely necessary to take care that they are well sanitized and dried both before storage, so that there is no risk of rust. Last but not least, clean the base, first with a soft, damp cloth, and then with a dry one, to have the guarantee that no stains or marks have escaped.

Popular brands:

A natural and fresh juice is not only delicious, but also extremely healthy, offering an energy boost. But the process of obtaining it considerably influences both the taste and the quality of the drink obtained. From this point of view, nothing compares to a fruit and vegetable juicer with a worm shaft, whose technology allows cold squeezing. Thus, not only do you get a larger amount of juice, but the nutrients in fruits or vegetables are kept intact. Because it is not easy to choose a high-performance model, our advice is to turn your attention to famous brands that have won both consumer appreciation and various international awards. We further present the profile of such brands.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Since 1978, Kuvings has gained a reputation in the field of fruit and vegetable juicers, being part of the company NUC Electronics Co., one of the world leaders in the market of small kitchen appliances. The meaning of the name is that of well-being, and among its products can be mentioned blenders, yogurt makers, food dehydrators, mixers, slow-cookers.

The brand enjoys international success due to its high quality and innovative design and already has over 330 patents. The technology used by Kuvings is patented in 50 states, their juicers also using original, environmentally friendly and durable materials, such as Ultem (used by NASA and medical device manufacturers) or Tritan.

Among the many prestigious awards he has won over the years are the gold medal at the 2011 International Invention Fair in Geneva, the gold medal at the same fair in Seoul in 2010, the Good Design Mark Award for multi-functional fruit juicers in 2007.

Specializing in appliances that simplify the preparation of beverages and foods for a healthy lifestyle, Kuvings is undoubtedly one of the reliable producers, appreciated by consumers around the world, and their mission is not only to excel in terms of quality. , but to continue the improvement in the field.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Oursson is a brand that has focused on the production of kitchen equipment and accessories that simplify our lives. It has reached a diverse range of products: mixers, blenders, coffee grinders, electric kettles, coffee makers, choppers, toasters, multi-cookers, electric and microwave ovens, but also refrigerators.

Guaranteeing consumers a “Swiss quality”, the brand declares that its mission and values are related to style, but also to functionality, combining pleasant design with utility, so that its products satisfy the most demanding tastes. Also, they are always as intuitive and easy to use.

Oursson wants to offer its wide range of high-performance devices at the most affordable prices, addressing ordinary families. Another value of the brand is related to the protection of the environment and consumers, using ecological manufacturing materials.

The Oursson marketing department always asks for feedback from users, with the idea of constantly improving its offers. Their worm shaft fruit and vegetable juicers have the advantages of being extremely easy to use and 100% safe. Given that it is one of the global leaders in the specialized market of kitchen appliances, it is a brand you can trust.

The best fruit and vegetable juicers with worm shaft Appeared in 2010, until 2014 Heinner became one of the best-selling and most appreciated brands on the Romanian market, being sold by Network One Distribution. It has diversified its range of products, offering over 100 appliances, from those for food preparation, coffee, tea, to vacuum cleaners, irons, washing machines, hoods, stoves and so on.

Although the biggest sales have been the big appliances, lately the small ones have also increased significantly, such as blenders, mixers, choppers, dehydrators and of course, fruit and vegetable juicers with the latest technology.

Heinner usually offers a 5-year warranty on its products and more than that, it provides a diagnostic and repair service for small appliances, taking over for free and returning the product. Also, the brand addresses ordinary consumers, respecting an optimal quality-price ratio.

The brand’s motto is “maximum comfort with minimum effort”, its devices being multi-functional, with ergonomic design and with the most intuitive control, so that any user can use them easily and safely. The sales that the company has obtained in recent years are a sufficient proof of the quality offered.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Kuvings B6000S

If you need a professional worm juicer at a good price, this product is ready to represent everything you are looking for in a quality device. As power, it offers 240W and performs 60 rotations per minute, managing to cold squeeze almost all the juice from fruits and vegetables.

With the worm shaft and sieve made of Ulterm, a special and environmentally friendly material, the device will be not only very durable, but also durable, as the material is also used in the construction of spacecraft at NASA. Likewise, the 0.4l collecting vessel is made of Tritan, a solid plastic that is completely free of BPA. For easy sanitation, you have a Reverse function, which will be useful in case any fruit is stuck in the device, and a brush specially configured to clean the shaft and sieve. The wide feeding tube allows the introduction of many whole ingredients, saving you time.

As a safety system, when the device detects any higher temperatures, an additional protection option automatically stops it. Whether you intend to buy a professional home juicer, or you intend to equip it with a small bistro or a cafe, this Kuvings product is able to face any challenge without problems, and can be recommended with an adequate purchase cost.


It can work intensively, being a professional device.

Squeeze whole fruits due to the power of 240W.

It allows to keep enzymes and vitamins from juices and smoothies intact, working with only 60rpm.

It has components made of ecological and resistant materials: Tritan and Ulterm.

Includes safety features, which turn it off or do not allow the device to operate if all reliable operating conditions are not met.


The collecting container has a limited capacity of 0.4 l

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