the best frying pan reviews

Pans – Review and comparison in 2021

In order to have a fully equipped kitchen, you must not miss a collection of pans for different occasions. If you find it difficult to choose the essential ones, we invite you to read the following information, maybe even starting withTefal Invissia Grill 26 Cm , a model appreciated by Romanians for its accessible size for a grill designed to produce healthier foods, this being from aluminum with a scratch-resistant and non-stick coating, with ThermoSpot technology to diffuse heat over the entire surface, the square shape being ideal for preparing meat, being suitable for heat sources on gas, electric, glass ceramic or halogen hobs. Another version from the top of local preferences is Tefal Color Edition Wok .

Comparative table

This square-shaped option, whose sides measure 26 cm each, is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating for cooking vegetables and meats in a healthy format, with less oil, using brand-specific technology to dissipate heat over the entire surface of the utensil and to cook the same everywhere.

At some time after the start of use, in some cases it is possible for scratches to appear on the cooking surface caused by the materials used for cleaning or handling food.

Given the attractive brand for Romanians, and the grill format, it is often among the preferences of Romanians who want an alternative cooking option.

This round wok variant allows quick frying of vegetables and meats or noodles, helping any aspirant in the kitchen to become a specialist in Asian food stir fry, and can be used for other types of food, with a non-stick coating and a generous size. , 28 cm, which allows the preparation of at least four servings of food, as a rule.

Unfortunately, some users complain about the thickness of the aluminum, which would be too small, and the lack of a lid makes the use of the product sometimes difficult.

Romanians recommend it, especially when it is being promoted, presenting a balance between its characteristics and the acquisition cost, considering the appreciated brand.

This utensil, which has a pure cast iron body, will also heat its entire surface, ensuring uniform cooking of ingredients, and can be used for frying and steaks, for example, with a wooden handle that helps easy handling, without burns on the hand, presenting high walls, 4 cm, for appetizing and tasty portions.

The material itself is heavy, especially for those who have not had to deal with cast iron utensils, and needs seasoning from time to time to keep non-stick.

A classic option, ideal for two servings, which has a very good purchase price and, when properly maintained, can keep its place in the kitchen for years.

In-depth reviews about the best pans

A “a la carte” kitchen does not lack at least one pan in which the usual food is prepared and, in order to use it properly, keep in mind which are the most popular models, which sell best on the market, at the time. current.

Grill pan

Tefal Invissia Grill 26 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

Do you want a grill pan in which to cook healthier, with less oil and where to prepare small and sausages or juicy steaks? This variant in square shape, with a side of 26 cm, is ideal for two food portions, presenting an ergonomic handle that does not heat up, being easy to handle.

This Tefal grill pan has the famous Thermo-spot, a central point that reddens when the surface of the utensil is ideally hot. The non-stick coating (which, unfortunately, scratches over time) helps to cook without problems for beginners, the aluminum material at the base being compatible with gas-based heat sources, halogen, glass ceramic or electric.


Schmitter Grill 28 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

Here is a ceramic pan in three layers, in the specific shape of the grill, in which you can prepare delicious steaks and burgers, without using too much fat harmful to the body. This type of material is compatible with the classic stove but, after a few uses, there may be cases in which food begins to stick to it, if there is not a little oil.

It has a square shape, the dimensions being 28 x 28 cm, so it is large enough for multiple portions and for a larger family, the walls are 4 cm high, showing that you can prepare other foods, not only those specific to the grill.



Tefal pan

Tefal Color Edition Wok

the best frying pan reviews

Asian food enthusiasts will find in a deep-walled Tefal wok pan the space where noodles, vegetables or even meat and curry can be prepared. It is made of aluminum, which leads to a low weight, being compatible with gas stove, ceramic hob or halogen or electric and has a non-stick coating designed to protect the dishes.

The round shape, of 28 cm, will be enough for at least 3 servings of food, being, however, a Tefal budget pan, from the series of beginners in the kitchen. It has an ergonomic handle that does not get hot during exposure to heat and it is recommended to use silicone or wooden utensils, not metal ones, so as not to scratch the Teflon layer.



Tefal Invissia 28 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

When looking for a Teflon pan you can not miss the many models from Tefal, including this option for universal use, which measures 28 cm in diameter, a standard size for multiple servings of food, easy to use thanks to the heating point ThermoSpot, which turns red when the utensil is ready to cook.

It has an ergonomic handle, which does not heat up, and a layer of non-stick Teflon, so you don’t have to use a lot of oil and cook healthier, as it suits the examples from the tops with the best pans. It is compatible with classic heat sources, gas, ceramic or electric. Unfortunately, it does not include a lid, useful in preparing sauces and stews, but can be washed in the dishwasher.



Tefal Talent Pro 28 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

Here is a professional pan from the Tefal Talent Pro series that can be used in various dishes, being of universal use. Made with titanium inserts, it has three non-stick layers designed to provide increased strength and prevent food from sticking, the base being made of aluminum.

It has a size of 28 cm in diameter, being roomy for at least three servings, not missing that ThermoSpot that looks when heated enough to add food, the handle is robust, with stainless steel inserts, heating a little when on fire . It is compatible with all types of heat sources, including induction.



Cast iron skillet

Heinner Cooking 23 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

When you want a durable tool to leave a legacy, choose a cast iron pan with a wooden handle, to be easier to handle when hot. It is made of pure cast iron, which means that it will be heavier, unfortunately, with a diameter of 23 cm and high walls of 4 cm, ie large enough for two portions, with beaks to drain more easily. the contents in the plates, for example.

It is a universal option, in which you can cook anything, which can be used on gas, electric or induction hobs, the interior being made of enamel, to help avoid sticking food. However, it lacks a lid.



OTI Pure Source

the best frying pan reviews

This cast iron pan is a healthy choice for those who want to reduce the oil content consumed, because the interior is non-stick. It does not lack the beak through which you can drain the juices of the meat when you prepare them, for example.

It is a large grill pan, 26 x 26 cm, which can become better over time and is used because it will use the fat left by the dishes to empower the non-stick layer. It has a wooden handle, so as not to heat up and to be able to handle a cast iron grill pan like this. It can be used on gas, electric hob or glass ceramic.


 wok pan

Schmitter Wok Ceramic

the best frying pan reviews

Here is a wok pan that any beginner in the kitchen can use, with a tailor-made price. It is a large option, 28 cm in diameter, with 9 cm high walls, so you can easily turn the dishes without fear that they may fall.

The aluminum exterior guarantees a low weight and the ceramic interior takes care of protecting the preparations against gluing. It does not include a lid, but it has a bakelite handle that will not burn you, the exterior being made of aluminum, which makes this ceramic pan not heavy. It cooks efficiently only when used on gas, electric, halogen or glass ceramic heat sources.


Pancake pan

Tefal Chef de France Esentials 22 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

Do you like to make pancakes? Then why not buy a dedicated pan, like this one from Tefal, with ThermoSpot, which turns red when hot enough to make the dough. The inner shell is of the non-stick type, so that there are no unfortunate incidents with the dough, and the aluminum exterior allows the pancakes to return to the air, considering that it is easier.

It has low walls, of course, like any pancake pan, the diameter of 22 cm being only good for classic dishes. It can be placed in the oven and in the washing machine, using an electric or halogen stove or hob.


Double pan

Royalty Line RL-DF28M

the best frying pan reviews

To fry, sauté or fry different foods you can use a double grill pan, for which you do not need oil. It can also be used as a classic pan, and as an oven pot with a lid, being able to close and open.

The two parts are fixed magnetically, and can be used separately, the bakelite handles are easy to handle because it does not get hot. On the edges there is a silicone gasket that closes the container almost hermetically, its dimensions being 28 x 23 cm, enough for large portions. The marble interior is non-stick, the product in a rectangular shape being used on the gas stove.




the best frying pan reviews

Here is a double pan that you can use to produce juicy steaks or vegetables au gratin in just a few moves. In addition, it can be used as a covered pan, one of the two component pans having no striations, to be used for stews and other dishes with sauce.

The assembly is made of cast aluminum and has a long life, with marble-covered interior and exterior to help non-stick and easy cleaning, the bakelite handles do not overheat. The dimensions are 30 x 22 cm and the depth of 4.5 cm for each pan. It can be used on gas, ceramic or electric heat source. It is necessary to control the heat well so that the food does not burn.



Frying pan with stone

NAVA Nature

the best frying pan reviews

For dishes made without oil, you can turn your attention to a stone pan on the inside, which offers a non-stick appearance, and which helps in easy cleaning. It heats evenly over the entire surface thanks to the aluminum exterior, and can be used on any kind of hob or stove.

With a diameter of 24 cm, it is useful for various dishes, the shape indicating universal use, given the higher walls. It is also available in larger sizes, if a pan is needed for a larger family or if you want to cook multiple portions. The wooden handle allows easy handling of the kitchen utensil, without causing possible injuries to the user.


Dry cooker pan

Grunberg Multi Cooker GR177

the best frying pan reviews

You have probably already heard of the type of dry cooker in which you do not use much oil and the raised central part is provided with some holes that allow the air to circulate better inside, preparing everything evenly, quickly. The interior is Teflon-coated, so as not to let the contents stick, retaining the juices and giving flavor to the preparation.

The pan has a diameter of 26 cm, being useful for multiple servings, so it will enjoy a family with a small number of members. It has a bakelite handle, which does not heat up very much, and a heat-resistant glass lid. It is recommended for people who keep healthy diets or diets, which exclude fried foods, being in the tops with the best non-stick pan.



Electric frying pan

Zilan ZLN-7870

the best frying pan reviews

Do you want to have a utensil at hand to help you cook anywhere? An electric frying pan can be the answer to your questions, this model from Zilan can be used for any dish, not being difficult to integrate in any kitchen, or even outside it.

It is made of aluminum and has a non-stick layer, being equipped with a heat-resistant lid, which will keep food safe and avoid leaking or splashing. It has a diameter of 36 cm, being extremely roomy, including multiple portions of your favorite dishes, including pizza and stews, the thermostat being adjustable. However, in order not to stick the food, it is recommended to use a few drops of oil.



Ceramic frying pan

Schmitter 26 Cm

the best frying pan reviews

A frying pan, cheap and good, that you can use in your own kitchen for any kind of preparation is this one from Schmitter, which has a diameter of 26 cm, being good for at least two servings of food, often being able to take out 3 or more, using it for beginners in cooking.

The handle does not heat up much, not being annoying, on the inside there is a triple layer of ceramic that, over time, can degrade, unfortunately, can lead to food sticking. It is compatible with gas or electric heat sources, requiring a little delicacy in handling and the inclusion of oil in the preparations so that they do not burn.

the best frying pan reviews

Neoflam EK-MP-G28I

the best frying pan reviews

To have a tool at hand that you can put on the stove and in the oven, try a Neoflam grill pan. This model is 28 cm long and wide, with a square shape, and it does not lack the small streaks that give the beautiful shape of the meat, just like on the grill.

It has a ceramic coating, so that the food does not stick during thermal preparation, and which is easy to clean. The food will maintain a very good taste, both on the stove and in the oven. The bakelite handle of this pan, at a good price, can be taken out, in order to put it in a high fire, in the oven.




Double pan

Wellberg WB 2377

the best frying pan reviews

Here is a doublet pan that can take the place of a grill, pot with lid or can be divided in two, thus obtaining two containers in which you can prepare various foods, the second being simple, without the grills specific to the grill.

It has a marble roof, which has a non-stick role, the exterior being made of forged aluminum, which ensures uniform heating. This grill pan with lid can be used on electric or gas hobs, but it is not suitable for induction cookers. It has a size of 32 cm, which means that it allows you to cook consistent portions. Bakelite handles will not heat up when the utensils are on the stove.




Buying guide

To prepare tasty food for the whole family, you will be helped, of course, by the related utensils, and a kitchen will not miss the classic pan, one of the multifunctional items that will make it easier for you to try a variety of recipes. Usually, it is used by anyone without difficulty and is not difficult to maintain, offering tasty food for the first time when you taste it. If, initially, it may have been the container in which fries or stews were prepared, the best pan does not look the same for everyone, developing different types with specific destinations. Here are some information that can encourage you to get the ideal tool, which to use often and which is worth the investment.

the best frying pan reviews

Types : Among the most popular and often bought are the universal one, the pan for pancakes, the grill, the wok, the deep one, the one for specialties, the professional one, the electric one or the double one.

Theuniversal option does just that, it can serve different purposes, not missing from the kitchen. It’s the “good for all” version, with slightly higher walls, smaller or larger, depending on how many portions you need, and which is made of aluminum, copper, steel or cast iron, being ideal to have a non-stick coating, easier to clean.

The version forpancakes is known for its flat shape at the bottom and with low walls, with slightly rounded edges, preferably with a layer of Teflon that does not allow the dough to stick to the type of preparation. Such pans, at good prices, are not recommended for other types of food.

Thegrill type has, as a rule, a square or rectangular shape, having on the bottom streaks meant to emulate the grill, being larger than other options, to allow cooking several portions, often. It is thicker and heavier, the best being made of cast iron or a metal alloy covered with a thick non-stick coating.

Wokul is mainly used for sauteing vegetables and noodles or Asian dishes, because it boils stifled and is a healthy cooking method. It has high walls and allows the use of a considerable amount of vegetables, without much oil. A larger, thick and durable professional wok pan, or a smaller version for three to four servings, is ideal for those who want to eat healthier.

The deep frying pan is used when you want to use a single container for all stages of preparation, having a high edge, more like a pan with a tail in which you can sauté or boil, with non-stick layers that can be easily cleaned and when food sticks .

Specialty pans are specific to certain types of food, such as paella, for cooking fish or eggs, being found less often in stores and more often in online gastronomic boutiques.

Theprofessional options are accompanied by considerable prices, being made of thick materials and good heat conductors (copper pan, cast iron, steel) and last very well over time.

An electric frying pan no longer needs another heat source, but access to the socket, because it contains, on the bottom, a heating system. The exterior is non-stick, to allow fast cooking and efficient cleaning.

The double oneconsists of two parts or two mini-pans that come stacked on top of each other so that you can stew or make steaks, in most cases they can be used together or separately.

the best frying pan reviews

Materials : There are options made of Teflon, cast iron, aluminum, copper, ceramic coating, steel or granite or other metal alloys.

Stainless steel transfers heat well and gives that crust or that crunchy texture to food, being a common option in the kitchen of gastronomy enthusiasts.

The ones made of aluminum, low quality metal alloys or sheet metal are usually the cheapest, and this means that they can deteriorate faster and may not withstand too much heat.

The cast iron ones have the advantage of heating the entire cooking surface in the same way, allowing the efficient preparation of food, but such pans, cheap and good, will have a considerably higher weight and, if they have a metal handle, it can heat up. Therefore, it is recommended to find models with wooden handles, for example.

Teflon ones are popular, it is necessary to find a quality utensil because, otherwise, Teflon can be impregnated in food. It acts as a non-stick coating so that not much oil is needed. If it scratches, it loses its effectiveness, unfortunately.

The ceramic ones are modern and promise not to stick to the food, not using much oil, heating evenly.

A granite pan is more durable than those with non-stick surfaces, but involves the use of silicone or wood utensils and not metal, which can scratch.

Copper is slightly controversial in the kitchen, but it is also very effective, because it is the best conductor of heat, accumulating heat to allow food to be suppressed, resisting wear very well, having a higher cost, specific to professional products.

Dimensions : The pan should be large enough to prepare as many servings as you want, usually without having to repeat the process.

The most common are the models of pans, at a good price, 24 cm in diameter, where two or three servings come out.

For a single person, an option of 20 or even 18 cm is enough, while for larger families, variants of 28 cm in diameter or even larger will be recommended.

Accessories : Includes handle and other utensils such as lid or spatula.

The handle would be useful to be ergonomic and not to take heat from the base of the pan, but also to be made of a non-flammable material. Common are the metal alloys that, unfortunately, heat up, and those made of wood or bakelite or plastic, easier to use because it does not necessarily require a towel when handling the utensil.

Compatible heat source : The pan can be placed on the gas stove, induction hob, electric, halogen or ceramic hob, being an ideal compatible option however. Be careful, though, because there are models that can’t be used on induction hobs, so check the instructions and details of the item well before you buy.

the best frying pan reviews

Brands : A final selection criterion that we will talk about is the name of the manufacturer which, for some buyers, is important, as it appears from many opinions about the best pans. Among the most common names will be Tefal, Delimano, Regis Stone, Anolon, All Clad, Cuisinart, Oursson and Bialetti.

In conclusion, we only tell you that you have the power to decide which utensil will accompany you in your kitchen adventures, warning you that you will discover variety and prices for all pockets in online stores. Shopping spree!

Frequent questions

How do you remove the black from the pan?

You can use on a stainless steel pan that is dirty and blackened a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and dishwashing detergent with water in the sink, enough for the kitchen utensil to be completely submerged, so that it softens well. Leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse it well.

Another option is to moisten the area and put a layer of baking soda on top, then spray on top with vinegar and leave on for 10 minutes. Then rub the bottom of the pan with a metal sponge and you will notice that the dirt disappears. Rinse well with water and the pan is clean.

the best frying pan reviews

How do you clean a burnt pan?

You can boil the pan with enough water to cover the bottom, and add a cup of vinegar, leaving it on medium heat until it boils, then turn off the flame. Put baking soda on top and let it froth, and, after the pan cools, you can wash it at the tap, in the sink.

How long do the little ones fry in the pan?

This aspect depends on the type of pan, the flame and the meat from which the little ones are made. You will put the meat in the pan and check until it is browned on one side, then turn it twice, because the little ones are fried on three sides to be well penetrated and not to remain raw in the middle.

Top 3 recipes to try in the pan

Do you feel like something new and tasty in the pan? When you are looking for new recipes to accompany your main course or to anoint your soul when you feel the need to eat something appetizing, we provide you with three examples that are only good to try.

the best frying pan reviews

Pan-fried vegetables

For a healthy garnish, made of fresh or frozen vegetables, depending on what you can find in the fridge or pantry, you can use a wok pan that allows you to quickly prepare food in terms of heating the entire work surface to the same temperature and room in it larger quantities. You need:

600 grams of frozen or fresh vegetables, such as carrots, peas, green or yellow pods, peppers, onions, corn, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bamboo shoots, wooden ear mushrooms, etc.

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons oil (sunflower, olives, coconut, etc.)

2 cloves of garlic

50 g butter

For an Asian taste, you can add grated or shredded ginger or soy sauce.

Cut the larger vegetables into strips or slices and heat the pan, then add the oil, placing the onion and then the carrots until slightly softened, stirring the vegetables continuously, so as not to stick or burn, adding the rest of the vegetables and continuing to mix with a spatula, finally adding the spices, butter and garlic and extinguishing the fire.

Pan-fried pizza

You can do it in a pancake pan, with lower edges, or in a universal one. The ingredients for the countertop are 3 eggs, 10 tablespoons of flour and 3 tablespoons of yogurt or sour cream that you mix well and form a homogeneous dough. The topping is optional, and can consist of tomato sauces, mozzarella, cheese, sausages, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

Spread the prepared dough in a round shape and heat the pan over medium heat, greasing with a little oil, then put the dough and let it brown a little on the bottom, during this time putting the chosen toppings on top. Let it cook over low to medium heat and when the dough is browned on the edges, it is ready to be removed from the heat. You slice it while it is hot and you can consume it.

the best frying pan reviews

Put the liver in the pan

Such a classic recipe is prepared quickly and has a very good taste, and can be eaten in tandem with the vegetable garnish presented above or with hot polenta. For four servings you need 500 grams of chicken liver, a chopped onion, two or three slices of sliced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, a cup of water (can be replaced with white wine), basil or dried thyme and a teaspoon of paprika.

Wash the livers and clean the skins, soaking them in milk for 30 minutes, to become sweeter after cooking, then drain them.

Heat the oil in a granite pan, which does not allow the preparation to stick, and fry the liver to give it color and leave no more blood, then add the onion and let it soften, introducing the garlic.

Season with thyme, pepper and paprika, add a cup of water or white wine, cover with a lid and bring to a boil. At the end, add salt and stop the fire, which can be consumed.

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