the best garden house 2021 to buy online

How do you choose the best garden house? What properties and features should the garden house have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

the best garden house 2021 to buy online If you do not have a garage available to store various items that you use outside, it may be a good idea to purchase a garden shed or a shed as it is also known.

Many people benefit greatly from this ideal space for storing tools, equipment , or choose to use it for other purposes, for example, for entertainment .

Regardless of the reason why you want such a warehouse, you definitely want to invest only in the best. You can learn how to do this by reading this article.

Top 3 recommended garden houses

Why choose the best garden house?

It is very practical to have such a room in your garden or yard, regardless of the purpose for which you want to use it. However, in order to get the most out of the benefits it offers, you need to make sure that you invest a significant amount of money, only in a quality one. C

her best garden house will be exposed all year round to aggressive environmental factors such as: the action of UV rays, rain and humidity, strong winds, snow and frost, etc.

In order to be able to find out if the variant you are interested in is resistant or not, you will need to know some details related to quality, material, etc.

How to choose the best garden house

the best garden house 2021 to buy online Some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a garden shed include:

What will I use it for? How much space can I dedicate to them? Do I have a right space for her? With or without windows ? What kind of door is more suitable? What is the strongest material ? How hard is maintenance ?

These are just a few questions that are essential to know the answer to before you make a purchase.

Because the supply on the market is very rich and you are unlikely to be an expert in this regard, you need to be well informed.

We have prepared a shopping guide that serves this purpose. We present all the information you need to keep in mind when looking for a garden shed.

You will also find out how to buy the best garden house at the best value for money on the market .

The garden house: how will you use it?

Depending on your concerns and needs, you can choose to use such a space for different purposes. Depending on how you plan to use it, you will need to make specific choices, as follows:

  • Garden house for storage

If you want to use the warehouse for this purpose, it is good to look for one with compartments that will help you streamline the way you use the space.

It would be recommended that it have an interior equipped with drawers, shelves, hooks , as well as areas specially designed for storing equipment or various means of transport such as bicycles .

In terms of size, you can choose larger or smaller variants depending on the things you intend to store there.

  • Garden house for outdoor entertainment

Some people appreciate the possibility to be able to stay outside, but under the shelter of a rudimentary house, where they can only enjoy relaxation .

If you choose the right house for this purpose, you will be able to put comfortable furniture, a TV or other entertainment equipment in it and thus create a lair, just for you.

If this is the case, make sure you buy a shed that is very well protected from the rain and that the roof is of superior quality.

  • Garden house for growing plants

If your intention is to provide sensitive plants with an environment conducive to development, but also to have a suitable space for growing plants earlier or for a longer period of the year, a warehouse may be a suitable space.

However, because the plants need a high level of light to grow well, make sure you buy a garden house with many windows , quite large.

  • Garden house for work or hobby

If you want to use the warehouse as a workshop for various DIY or creative projects, you need a garden house that allows you to organize all the tools you use, but also to install a table and a workbench , as well as and lamps for lighting.

For this reason, you may have to choose a larger house .

The dimensions of the garden house

the best garden house 2021 to buy online Once you have decided what you will use the garden house for, it is time to focus on its size.

Fortunately, the market is quite attractive in variants of very different sizes, which is why you will definitely find one that will serve you as well as possible.

It is good to think about the objects you want to protect in this way. Here are some indicative parameters in this regard:

  • 180 cm side – suitable for storing ground care equipment (eg lawn mower).
  • 150/120 cm side – suitable for housing firewood, especially if we are talking about a metal model.
  • 120/95 cm side – ideal for storing gardening tools and implements.
  • 350 or 400 cm side – These variants are suitable for larger gardens. In such a unit you can easily store a lawn mower, bicycle or other large equipment.

Some manufacturers offer you the opportunity to purchase extensions . Most of the time, they are available for plastic models.

Suppose you buy a small warehouse, but in a few months you realize that you would need more space for the new equipment you got. In this case, you can only purchase an extension, not a new warehouse.

You also need to take into account the space you have available . You would not want this house to take up too much of the green space of your garden. That is why it is important to measure exactly the surface of your garden.

Do not forget to consider the area required for the full opening of doors and windows, as well as the height of the roof and its ends.

If possible, opt for a slightly larger garden house than you think you would need. It is better to have too much space than too little.

How do you determine where you will place the garden house?

There are many factors that can influence where you place the box. In turn, the place can influence the type of house you choose.

Find an area that is:

  • Well leveled , and the surface is hard, not sand.
  • The surface must be as dry as possible. This way the warehouse will not be badly affected by possible floods.
  • Exposed as little as possible to direct sunlight , so as not to overheat.
  • Accessible from any direction to allow you to maintain the warehouse well.
  • Away from the trees . If it is located under trees, especially if they are old, it could be destroyed if it collapses or a branch breaks.

Also, when determining the area, take into account how you will use the warehouse. Do you need to be close to home? Do you need electricity inside? Do you need a lot of natural light?

The material of the garden house

Most often you will find wooden, metal or plastic variants.

  • Wooden garden house

This is the classic material for warehouses. They look good in a natural setting and are easy to customize. You can easily add your own shelves to the interior because you can nail wood. On the outside you can paint the wood as you like.

Although it is quite durable, natural elements can damage the wood if it is not cared for and treated properly.

These are more expensive options, and because expensive processes are needed to properly treat the wood. Resistant wood is also more expensive.

  • Metal garden house

the best garden house 2021 to buy online This is suitable for anyone who does not focus on appearance but on practicality. It has an industrial look that fits into modern gardens . These warehouses are built to withstand very well over time.

The steel is galvanized, which makes it resistant to adverse weather conditions and very durable. It will also not be necessary to repaint it, and maintenance is easy .

They are available in many design variants, some even mimicking the look of the wood to fit better in the garden.

You should also know that they are heavier than other materials, which means that they are a bit more difficult to assemble and install, but they are very stable against gusts of wind.

  • Plastic garden house

These are very easy to install variants. They are light enough to be moved and handled. Most models come with a floor, so you can keep everything inside while moving the warehouse when you need it.

Like the metal ones, they are also available in many models and styles . So you will find variants that mimic the look of wood .

They need very little maintenance . They are resistant to stains and rot and do not require repainting. Look for variants with windows or glass in the ceiling to enjoy a well-lit room.

The roof of the garden house

There are two main roof options to choose from: in two waters or in one water.

  • Roof in two waters

They are sharp at the tip , so rain will fall on both sides. This design offers more headroom, meaning the interior will be taller. However, as you get to the sides, you may have to bend over.

The door will be placed, ideally exactly in the center, so that water does not collect around the entrance. Because they are taller models, they may be harder to install, so call a friend for help.

  • Roof in a water

This is a simple sloping roof. Thus, the water will drain in one direction, usually in the back. Of course, there are models with a door on the higher side or with a door on the lower side. You will decide where is the place where you need more vertical space.


You can find models with single or double door . Simple doors are better if you store smaller items. Also check the space you need to fully open the door before making the purchase.

Double doors are ideal for those who need to store large items. It gives you a convenient path for a lawn mower or if you want to put older children's toys aside.


the best garden house 2021 to buy online If you are going to use the box mainly for storage , it is better to choose a windowless version, in order to discourage any intruder.

If you spend time here, however, for gardening, projects or relaxation, the windows will allow a greater amount of natural light to enter, than if you missed the open door.

Also, depending on the positioning, they will allow you to admire your garden from the inside.

There are variants that open or not. Those that provides better ventilation open space, which is great if you use the box for growing plants. However, if this does not interest you, it is better to choose a fixed version.


You may need some accessories. These may be sent by the manufacturer. Cheaper models, however, may be shipped without them, so make sure they are part of the package you will receive:

  • Base for the box : if you do not have a straight and hard surface on which to place the box, you may need to buy a base for it.
  • Security system – can consist of a simple padlock or something more sophisticated.
  • Shelves – some are special with hooks for storing water hose, or tail gardening tools.


You can buy the best garden house online . This way you can consult several offers and you will find one that will suit you for sure.

You will receive the garden box directly at home, and before the purchase you can consult the opinions of other buyers to make sure that you make a suitable purchase.

The best garden house: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of garden houses that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Keter Artisan 7 × 7 garden house with double door

the best garden house 2021 to buy online Keter Artisan 7 × 7 has a solid structure, with a reinforced steel structure, robust, which make it ideal for storing a wide variety of tools with long handles, ladders, and equipment essential for garden work (lawn mowers, ATVs), but also garden furniture, etc.
Keter Artisan 7 × 7 has a solid construction, the roof being resistant to weather conditions and a load of up to 200 kg / m².
Keter Artisan 7 × 7 has windows on 3 sides, for maximum brightness.
The opening of the doors is 138.8 cm and the height is 181 cm.

See details and price

2. Garden house MONTLIEU, GVR Garden, 3.48 x 2.98 m

the best garden house 2021 to buy online Garden house with storage utility, made of softwood paneling in the chertat system, easy to assemble, based on an explicit note, with 3D images, without requiring advanced technical knowledge.
Contains the hardware needed for installation.
Doors and windows are pre-assembled and are supplied with frog and plexiglass mounted.
The roof is made of OSB3 boards and is provided with a water-repellent bituminous cardboard cover.
The roof can support a heavier, shingle-type roof.

See details and price

3. Keter Scala 6 × 5 double door garden shed

the best garden house 2021 to buy online The Keter Scala 6 × 5 garden house has double doors, 2 fixed windows that ensure the penetration of natural light and is provided with hinges so that it can be locked.
The house has a ventilation panel built into the ceiling, which allows the penetration of natural light, air circulation, but also provides protection against water and moisture.
Having a solid construction, the roof is resistant to weather conditions and withstands a load of up to 75 kg / m².
The garden shed also has a very durable floor that can withstand a weight of up to 150 kilograms / m2.

See details and price

4. Keter Manor 4 × 6 garden house

the best garden house 2021 to buy online The Keter Manor 4 × 6 garden house is made of a high quality material, resistant to the actions of UV rays, atmospheric factors and rodents.
The material retains its color and appearance, and the box will look like new to us for a long time.
It does not require maintenance, does not rot, and the material does not rust.
It can be locked with a padlock, for the safety of stored objects.
It has a floor, which protects the interior against moisture, snow and rodents

See details and price

5. Garden house, Bari, Hobby Metal, steel, green / white

the best garden house 2021 to buy online Garden trowel for materials, BARI, Ref. AM1912T, is metallic and has a roof with two sides.
It is a real storage space that allows the storage of tools for the garden, bicycles, children's games, cleaning products and garden equipment.
Its double doors maximize the capacity (103 cm) to allow you to make the most of the storage area.
The total height of the structure offers an ergonomic quality for the positions stored vertically.

See details and price

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