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Glasses – Review and comparison in 2021

Have you moved to a new house and are looking for some beautiful glasses to brag about when your guests come to visit? Choose some useful pieces for your kitchen, inspired by the following information, and find out that the Nikos Collection PN005 set consisting of two pieces is especially appreciated for wedding occasions, representing a decorative piece, but also utilitarian, beautiful, for grooms or godparents, the cups being made of transparent glass with details of lace and satin cord, being high enough and whose shape designates the use for champagne. An alternative to serving a good wine is the Cristal D’Arques Longchamp Vin collection .

Comparative table

This set for a special day in each person’s life, namely the wedding, provides the bride and groom and their godparents with some beautifully decorated pieces, with textile elements made of lace and cord, which not only look good, but are also functional. be used to collide with a cup when receiving guests.

The set consists of only two pieces that will be used only once, their role being a well-determined one, after which they will become memories that are in the window.

They will be an inspired accessory for the happy day of the wedding party, which is why it is among the popular sets in specialty stores in our country.

With such a large set of six pieces, any host is ready to receive their guests, whether it is a professional dinner or a family dinner, or a special occasion, the tulip-shaped cups being intended for wine for dessert, the maximum amount of them being 250 ml of liquid.

A small detail, but one that can bother some potential buyers, is the inscription at the base of the foot, which cannot be removed in any way.

It has a very good ratio between quality and price, the appearance being a strong point in terms of purchasing process and meeting the needs and desires of buyers.

For colliding a glass of champagne at the turn of the new year or on another special occasion, these thin and delicate pieces are made, made of transparent crystal, lead-free, with beautiful stylistic notches, especially at the base of the cup, a look loved by most buyers being the elegance and refinement of appearance.

The considerable weight of the glass can be a negative element for some potential buyers, but this aspect is counteracted by the resistance of the objects to breakage.

Balancing the positive aspects and the weak parts of the set, we conclude that it is, rightly, among the most popular options on that market niche, at this moment.

In-depth reviews about the best glasses

In the most beautiful moments of life, celebrate with the finest drinks poured into beautiful and elegant glasses, chosen on the eyebrow after finding out what other buyers think about the existing variants in trade.


Nikos Collection PN005

the best glass for drinks menu To always remember the wedding day with pleasure, you can go to these glasses decorated with satin cord and lace, which can be a beautiful memory of that day or a gift for godparents. The women’s cup is guided by salmon lace, while the groom’s or nose’s glass uses a black-brown and white satin cord and has a bow tie as an accessory.

Such a set consists of two pieces 23 cm high, with a capacity of 200 ml, being recommended to wipe manually on the inside, and not to put the parts in the dishwasher, because the decor can be affected.


Unique Gift With Floral Applications, Heart Heart

the best glass for drinks menu For a beautiful wedding and unforgettable little testimonials, why not pay attention to the set of glasses for the bride and groom? This package consists of two pieces of glass, with a metal leg, made of silver zinc, which forms a heart when the two objects are joined, represents a beautiful and durable decorative detail.

At the design level, they are accessorized with neutral floral details. The transparent, simple cups have a capacity of 180 ml, enough to have a glass of champagne with guests. We also mention the dimensions of the objects, which measure 23.5 cm high, 11.5 cm wide and 8 cm thick.


Crystal glasses:

Cristal D’Arques Longchamp Vin

the best glass for drinks menu If you need some wine glasses with a more special look, this set of six pieces will make a very good impression on guests, the pieces being made of lead-free crystal (diamax glass) of transparent color, with a special design, in relief , similar to diamonds (with notches).

The tall leg and the shape of the “tulip”, with a small body, which can hold around 250 ml of liquid, indicates the presence of an article for dessert wine or fortified wine, keeping its essence even after opening the bottle. And when you are looking for a unique gift for your new home, or for another occasion, you can find the answer in such a set.

Cristal D’Arques Longchamp Suc

the best glass for drinks menu For water, juice or long cocktails, try these glasses, at a good price, made of lead-free crystal, with an elegant design, in a transparent shade, with delicate inlays, small in size at the base and a more airy model towards the lip, in a spherical shape. Each piece is capable of holding 280 ml of liquid, the standard amount for water cups.

They can be used to serve any liquids the owner wants, the set containing six pieces of the same size. They are safe and can be washed by hand, in order to preserve their luster over time, becoming an elegant way to hydrate yourself every day, for example. Instead, they will not be exactly suitable for serving wine or strong drinks in professional company.

Champagne glasses:

Longchamp Flute Bow Crystal

the best glass for drinks menu Among the best champagne glasses in the shape of a flute (flute) is this set of six pieces, with a design rich in inlays at the bottom of the cups, which do not lack the high leg. They are made of lead-free crystal, proving resistant and having a relatively high price, which is justified by the manufacturer’s brand and the quality of the product itself.

The glasses are transparent, elegant and ready to use, with an average capacity of 140 ml, but enough for champagne and other similar sparkling drinks, for which they were designed. They can be an elegant and special gift for various special occasions.

Bohemia Sheffield Champagne

the best glass for drinks menu With such a set of champagne glasses you will bring a smile on the face of any person, the six pieces having a special design, with beautiful inlays, on a transparent, classic background, made of crystal with 24% lead oxide. The elongated shape, with a leg, is suitable for serving champagne, contributing to the preservation of oxygen bubbles and aroma.

Each piece has an average capacity of 180 ml, suitable for sparkling drinks. The simple but elegant box, dark gray, does not require additional packaging in order to make a beautiful gift for a loved one, in case of a birthday, a wedding or as an attention for a new house party.


Wine glasses:

Bohemia Tasting For Red Wine

the best glass for drinks menu These elegant Bohemia Bordeaux crystal glasses will be useful for red wine, for which it is recommended to use water with dishwashing detergent and hand wash. It is an ideal gift for any occasion, the set being made up of six classic, transparent pieces, with a spherical cup, which has a small opening, to direct the aromas of the wine towards the back of the oral cavity.

Each glass has a capacity of 560 ml, but we recommend that you do not fill it more than half, letting the liqueur decant and develop its flavor before tasting. Given its characteristics, it should not be missing from the collection of a wine enthusiast or even to use a restaurant.


Bohemian crystal glasses:

Bohemia Degustation Long Drink

the best glass for drinks menu For long drinks served every day or on special occasions, a set of crystal glasses is useful to add to your useful tableware collection. The high-quality, durable material looks slightly thin, but that doesn’t mean it will break quickly.

We mention that the set is composed of the standard of six pieces. The considerable dimensions recommend them for water and other liquids in large quantities, with a capacity of 365 ml, suitable for cocktails or juices. Considering the simple design, made of transparent glass, with a thick bottom, they can be used at home, but also at the restaurant, becoming an investment appreciated by customers.

Drinking glasses:

Uniglass Ariadne

the best glass for drinks menu The beer is not enjoyed directly from the glass, so when you want a more elegant service, you can necessarily use a mug, but a glass with a leg, transparent, with a simple design, made of glass, which is compatible with the car. Dishwashing.

And, in addition to the tasty beer, the six pieces of the package can also be filled with colorful, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails. The cup of each of the six glasses of beer can hold up to 375 ml of liquid, enough for a cool drink in summer. And the thick glass proves resistant to scratches, having a glossy appearance.


Coffee glasses:

Stolzle Coffee’n More

the best glass for drinks menu For a business where coffee has the main role, or where you want to serve your customers and friends with an interesting drink, you can use a set of double-walled coffee glasses, made of borosilicate glass, which guarantees that the outside temperature will remain comfortable for the user. , even if, inside, the drink is hot.

And, besides coffee, you can serve teas, cappuccino, espresso, cold tea or even cocktails, the special shape attracting by its simplicity. The set consists of two pieces, with a high price, but which will delight those looking for quality, the parts can be washed manually or in the washing machine.

Whiskey glasses:

Uniglass Morocco

the best glass for drinks menu Here are some classic whiskey glasses, with a simple, transparent design, made to highlight the special liquid, both in color and shape. The material used in their construction is glass, thus justifying the affordable price, and the manufacturer indicates that you can also sanitize them in the dishwasher, if you wish.

The set is used in 12 pieces, so it is useful for a larger family or even an event with more guests, each piece having a volume of 230 ml, enough for alcohol and ice. And they can be multifunctional, being cheap and good glasses for water or other drinks.

Water glasses:

Aras Water Set

the best glass for drinks menu When you have enough simple glasses of water you can stop at this set consisting of six multicolored pieces, each piece being made of plain colored glass (yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red). They have a very good price and will be cleaned with detergent and water, being indicated manual washing rather than introduction in the dishwasher.

Each glass holds 364 ml of liquid, so you can use them simply for water, or you can create small non-alcoholic cocktails, you can drink juice or even cold tea or lemonade. It represents a youthful and jovial collection that should not be missing from the kitchen.

Martini glasses:

Bohemia Cocktail / Margherita / Martini / Champagne

the best glass for drinks menu Do you need some classic martini glasses to prepare for a party with friends? This short set of six pieces is only good for a meeting or even for a small event, in case you need more pieces and can buy them in multiple packages.

The pieces are classic, with a triangle-shaped cup, being made of Bohemian crystal, so resistant and beautiful, classic, transparent, without special stylistic details, which they don’t even need. It resists leaks on the floor and can be sanitized in the dishwasher or manually, the whole package weighing 1.5 kg.

Car cup holder:

Car holder Vu-6468

the best glass for drinks menu With the help of this car glasses holder, the chances of dropping something on the floor or burning yourself with a hot coffee while starting the car or being in the passenger seat decrease considerably, having two storage spaces for glasses and thermoses.

The durable plastic object measures 25 x 19 x 10.5 cm, fitting very well in the space between the chair and the console, as reported by the manufacturer. And it is compatible with SUVs, cars, trucks or even minivans.

In addition to the support for two glasses, there is also a place for phones, sunglasses or other accessories, to have them at hand, without having to look in the glove compartment.

Buying guide

The glasses are part of the basic dishes, which should not be missing from any well-equipped kitchen. Invitations to dinner, to family events or gatherings between friends can be served more beautifully in containers of the same kind, quality and in a pleasant design. And, as a good drink will be enjoyed more leisurely and with pleasure if it is in a suitable cup, you may want a new set. And it can be difficult to make the best choice, even after leafing through some opinions about the best glasses, especially considering their various shapes, sizes and the type of liqueur for which they are intended. Here are some simple selection criteria.

the best glass for drinks menu

Types: The main uses of glasses are for wine, sparkling wine, cocktails, beer, whiskey, brandy, smoothies and water, coffee, liqueur, brandy or shots.

The glasses for wine can be divided into those for red or white liqueurs, the first being larger and roomy, with a long leg, which can be, in turn, bordeaux or burgundy, and the others, for white wine, will be easy. smaller, to preserve the taste and aroma of the liquid, but also the colder temperature (madeira type).

For sparkling wine or champagne are those thin and long cups with legs, also called “flutes”, whose shape retains the aromas of the drink, its acid and coolness.

Cocktail variants can have any shape, there are classic pieces (“Old Fashioned”) without leg, or more extravagant options such as glasses, at good prices, for martinis, in their conical shape, with leg, those for daisy, with a cup in steps, or the Cordial ones, of small dimensions, where they fit up to 45 ml, these being destined for the liqueur.

And beer cups have various shapes, they are designed to maintain the foam or aroma of the drink. They do not have a leg, and can be more robust at the bottom or towards the lip. The most popular shapes are the conical Pilsner, the cylindrical American pint, narrower towards the base, and the mug.

Whiskey options can be cylindrical, cubic or more extravagant, such as the Glencairn glass, which will also hold ice.

A set of brandy glasses has a short leg and a slightly domed, balloon-like shape (Sniffer), maintaining the temperature of the liqueur and allowing the user to easily warm the surface with his fingers.

For water and other non-alcoholic beverages the classic option is a tall, narrow cylindrical glass.

Cold or Viennese coffee can be served in cups with short legs and handle, with robust and transparent walls.

The smallest are the options for hard drinks, such as liqueur, which can have small legs and cheerful shapes, those for brandy, simple or patterned, with thick and small walls, and glasses, cheap and good, shot, short and ready to sip, in one gulp, your favorite drink.


Materials: Usually, there are options made of crystal (lead-free, quartz, simple), semi-crystal, glass, plastic or even cardboard.

The crystal ones are the most prestigious and desired, being suitable for any occasion, having an elegant design. They are also one of the most expensive options. Glass with at least 10% lead oxide is considered crystal.

The most expensive are the semi-crystal glasses, which contain no less than 30% lead oxide, which leads to a material that is easy to handle and decorate. They will be taken out less often on the table, on special occasions.

The glass variants are used every day, with affordable costs and good resistance. They can be sanitized in the dishwasher and are available in various shapes and colors.

The plastic and cardboard ones are cheap and light and, even when they make contact with the floor, they do not break. But they will not keep the taste of the content, especially in the case of strong drinks. Often, they are considered disposable glasses, especially at events where many people participate.

Number of pieces : The most popular are the sets of six cups, which satisfy an ordinary family. There are also options of three, 10 or even 12 pieces, or you can choose to buy several sets of the same kind, to have at hand as many glasses as you want, depending on the need.

Dimensions: It differs depending on the type and the drink to which it is addressed. The shots are the smallest, containing between 30 and 50 ml of liquid. Options for other hard drinks usually include up to 150-200 ml of liquids. For cocktails you can also find glasses, at a good price, with a capacity of 250 ml or even 500 ml.

the best glass for drinks menu

Design: There are simple, classic options, and colorful or inlaid variants, designs or collars. For most occasions, the transparent ones are useful, without stylistic details, which can be “molded” more easily on the theme of the event. For daily use you have a set of sets to choose from at will.

In the end, we can only wish you success in finding the best glass for the right occasion or, why not, for daily use. And, to save you time spent in stores, we also tell you that the designs and sizes available online vary a lot, so you have more chances to find exactly what you want.

Frequent questions

What are the alternatives to plastic glasses?

In order not to use plastic champagne glasses, for example, at an event with many guests, you can use the classic glass variants, which are available at decent prices at present. A simple, environmentally friendly idea are the cardboard glasses, which are already in any coffee machine on the street corner, and which you can also buy in stores and supermarkets.

To avoid using excess plastic when going out with friends in nature, cardboard options will be ideal, especially considering that it degrades over time and does not pollute as much. And the weight is similar to that of articles made of synthetic material, so it is not uncomfortable.

the best glass for drinks menu

Can I buy personalized glasses online?

Fortunately, the Internet provides you with a variety of websites where you can be inspired and where you can order special glasses for a special event such as your own wedding, a baptism or an anniversary. A simple Google search will provide you with stores ready to help you fulfill your wish.

How do I clean my glasses from Bohemia?

It is preferable for Bohemian glasses to be washed and polished by hand, especially if they contain lead oxide, otherwise they will stain. The simple ones can also be inserted in the dishwasher.

Use demineralized water and carefully wipe off food or lipstick residue from the base of the lip, then put it in the car. Polishing is done first at the mouth and then at the foot, taking care not to hold the foot while wiping the cup, because the pressure can break it.

How to decorate some wedding glasses

Are you preparing for the big day and you want to give a personalized flair to the hand-decorated glasses? The individualization of the cups with which the godparents and grooms are honored has become a trend in recent years, and with a little skill you can “transform” them yourself. All you need are some beautiful painted or simple, beautiful glasses, some materials and patience.

the best glass for drinks menu

With satin cords and rhinestones

The necessary materials

In addition to cups, you will find some satin textile cords, a soldering gun, gel glue and ribbons and beads. You will choose the color palette, being able to opt for pink, blue or pale green versions, or yellow, red, gray or lilac. The options are unlimited, as long as you associate complementary shades, which do not “scream”.

The decoration process

You will use a string and wrap it around your foot, up to the first third of the cup, gluing it as you climb. Then add two or three rows of another color of silky cord, you can also put rhinestones or ending with a ribbon bow and a beautiful bead in the middle.

With flowers

Whether it’s natural or synthetic popcorn, they can turn simple glasses into real stories. It will be easier to use the small synthetic branches, with metal wire, which bend more easily according to the desired shape and which can be kept in the window or in a box with memories and after the event.

And you can choose how and where to position them: at the base of the cup, in a beautiful multicolored bouquet, or in the middle of it, making a delicate wreath or adding some origami flowers or canvas on a “belt” of satin ribbon, for example.

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