the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Gluten Free Flour – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you need gluten-free flour, but don’t know what to choose from physical stores? We tell you which are the most used and attractive products, as the Romanians declare, starting from theHerbavit Almond Flour 250g offer , which you can mix with other items in the same category, or which you can use as a substitute for the of wheat in pastries, and not only, the amount being sufficient for one or more uses, depending on how you choose to dose it. Another appreciated example is Niavis Organic Organic Coconut Flour 250g .

Comparative table

Those who want to replace wheat with a gluten-free alternative often find a reliable ally in this formula rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrates, which reacts very well in dietary recipes for bread, cakes and other desserts, the amount being sufficient for various recipes found online.

When the ratio of wheat flour replacement with this is 1 to 1, the result will be a denser and thicker dough, being necessary to add an egg to aerate the texture of the dough.

It is the basic substitute for gluten-free ingredients, which is why it is on a leading place in the top sales in our country, being helped by a relatively affordable price.

This article can also be used in baking delicious desserts, but also in cooking, and can also be used in smoothies, muesli or raw vegan pastries, 250 g of product being a sufficient quantity for several recipes, being an alternative. useful for diabetics, those with gluten intolerance or allergy and those who want to diversify their diet.

It has a denser texture, which absorbs liquids, the resulting dough sharing these characteristics, so it is used in combination with other flours, in exact quantities.

This organic ingredient has multiple uses that attract various types of buyers, so it will be among the preferences of Romanians looking for an alternative diet product.

This range, which comes from a brand specializing in alternative food ingredients, offers a wheat substitute for sweets, cakes, pastries or bread, with a balanced protein content (12.6 g per 100 grams of product) and a low degree of fats, being a very good dietary solution, the grinding method helping to maintain the nutritional elements in optimal conditions.

It has a high carbohydrate content, which will not be to the liking of those who follow restrictive diets from this point of view, where other assortments will be preferable.

It is a solution for people who want a low-fat but energetic flour, at an affordable price, in a quantity similar to the classic, wheat-based options.

In-depth reviews about the best gluten-free flour

Flour is an indispensable ingredient in the diet, existing in many forms in your favorite dishes, and when you need gluten-free options, inspecting the market will be useful.

Almond flour:

Herbavit Almond Flour 250g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread Do you want to try a good almond flour rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium? It is appreciated for its low nutritional value in carbohydrates (20 g carbohydrates per 100 g product) and high in protein (22 g), fiber (10.7 g) and high in fat (50 g), so keep this in mind if you have and other dietary restrictions.

This basic option for the celiac diet has a light seed taste, becoming the ideal ingredient for pastries, bread and baked goods, representing one of the most popular gluten-free options on the market.

It is part of a classic Spanish culture, so there is no information on how the plants and nuts were treated before harvesting or grinding, this brand is known in our country for its rich offers for niche market consisting of people who take care of what you introduce in your own diet.

Coconut flour:

Niavis Organic Coconut Flour 250g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread Do you prefer coconut flour for breakfast cereals or smoothies? This package is enough for a recipe for American pancakes, cookies, cakes or muffins, for example, but you can use fine white powder in smaller doses, which increases the taste and texture of dishes such as soups, desserts or other baked goods.

It is a natural vegan product, which comes from a certified organic culture, the country of origin being Sri Lanka, being more and more used due to the aerated texture and the fine and penetrating aromas. At the nutritional level it is dense, absorbing a lot of water, so it is especially recommended in mixtures with the best gluten-free flours.

It is a natural source of fiber and protein, being low in carbohydrates, helping to control diabetes and the proper functioning of metabolism. It is important, however, to look for exact recipes, the instructions of which to follow in full, to obtain a flavorful result.

Buckwheat flour:

Solaris Buckwheat Flour 500g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread Are you looking for gluten-free flour at a good price? This assortment of buckwheat can be used for pancake dough, waffles, cookies and cakes, and can be added to a bread mix. It has a specific taste, of seeds, being rich from a nutritional point of view, having a high carbohydrate content (70.6 g per 100 g of product) and it is a good source of protein (12.6 g per gram), representing a very low option. in fat.

It can be added in sauces and soups to thicken them, in meatballs to become a binder, in dessert cream or other foods, being successful in oriental cuisine. The average quantity, of 500 g, is to be appreciated, especially considering the affordable price, the buckwheat flour proving to be an affordable substitute for wheat varieties.

It is a 100% natural product, slowly ground in a traditional stone mill, which the producer says helps to preserve the nutrients and oligomineral content of the seeds.

Rice flour:

Demeter Spielberger Gluten Free Organic Whole Rice Flour 500g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread This organic wholemeal rice flour uses raw material from an organic culture, the production of which has not excessively affected the environment. It contributes to the remineralization of the body and contains selenium, which reduces the risk of heart disease, the high fiber content being helpful in maintaining satiety for a long time compared to the classic varieties of wheat.

Given its slightly coarse consistency, it is a medium density flour, used in all aspects of cooking, successfully replacing the forms of flour with gluten, producing a beautiful dough for pastries, sweets and bread or acting as a coagulant in sauces and soups. It is high in fat per gram (36.2 g) and sugars (79.6 g) so if you are on a diet, consider this information.

Although it is not the cheapest gluten-free assortment, it becomes relatively affordable, especially for people suffering from celiac disease, the 500 gram package being more than enough for some dishes, especially when combined with other similar flours.


Bauck Hof Organic / Organic Oatmeal 350g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread This assortment of flour, which you find in the amount of 350 grams, will change the way you cook, representing a denser nutritional option, which you should not use as a complete substitute for classic assortments, but rather which is part of gluten-free mixes, being recommended to incorporate a maximum of 20% of the mixture.

Oatmeal has an aromatic, nutty taste, and is rich in fiber (9.7 g per gram of product), but is still rich in carbohydrates (59.5 g), of which only about 1 gram consists of sugars. It is a common choice in the cuisine specific to celiac disease, used for the dough of cakes, pancakes, muffins, pastries and even bread.

The raw material is part of an organic culture of German origin, therefore less genetically modified, the collection and grinding process being carefully followed so that the nutritional value of the finished product is not lost.

Tapioca flour:

Wind Mill Tapioca Flour 400g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread When you want to try tapioca flour, a package like this, of 400 grams, at a very good price, can motivate you to act and make small changes in the kitchen. Given the fine grinding, which turns it more into a starch, we will deduce that its poor nutritional value and easily digestible helps a diet, and can be used to thicken soups and sauces, but also as a substitute for wheat in dough for cakes, puddings or meatballs.

Internally, it helps protect the digestive mucosa and heals any wounds, contributing to the proper functioning of the intestines and balancing the digestive transit. At the same time, we remind you that it is an assortment rich in carbohydrates (94.1 g per 100 grams of product), being very poor in other macronutrients.

With such a gluten-free flour, cheap and good, you are ready to produce real wonders in the kitchen, where its delicate taste will give an exotic note to the food. It is recommended not to exceed 20% of a mixture for bread and other doughs.

Cassava flour:

Pronat Cassava Flour 1kg

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread Are you a fan of cassava flour and want to fill your pantry with this assortment? This option from Pronat offers the buyer standard packages, of 1 kg, at a relatively affordable price, considering that it is a gluten-free assortment, generally more expensive. Fine grinding from organic culture denotes a quality product, the manufacture of which focused on ecological work and techniques.

It is, however, a starch, so low in nutrients, given the high content of carbohydrates (80 g per gram) and low in other macronutrients, so it will be used to thicken dishes, especially sauces, soups. , stews and helps coagulate gluten-free dough mixes.

It is most often used in the preparation of sweets, pastries and puddings, and can be part of dietary bread recipes, where it will be mixed with other similar varieties.

Gluten-free flour for bread:

Schar Gluten Free Flour For Cooking 1kg

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread In order not to complicate yourself using many types of gluten-free bread flour, some reputable manufacturers such as Schar offer you prepared mixes, which can be used for various bakery products, pastry, producing cake tops, muffins or tasty cakes.

This assortment is based on corn flour and starch, being very good for making a cake, American pancakes, homemade pasta or even for slightly thickening sauces. It is a dietary product, without preservatives and dyes, but which uses thickening agents (dextrose, guar gum) so, if you are looking for an eco mix, this will not be the best choice.

Busy people, who are on a diet and careful about what they eat, can try Gluten-free Schar flour prepared for any type of cooking, without having to weigh various assortments to form a mixture. It can be used as such or with other products in the same range, for a special taste.

Doves Farm Faina Mix Pandispan Kosher 350g

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread Do you have to prepare a cake top, a pandispan or a cake with dough for people who do not consume gluten? If you are a beginner in this type of diet and do not know exactly what to mix, the large number of gluten-free flours, at a good price, being complementary for you, turn your attention to a mix already prepared, for which you only have to follow the recipe mentioned on the package.

In essence, with this flour you only need a few eggs and milk, which you mix, producing an airy dough that, in the stove, will produce a beautiful cake or some light and tasty muffins. Includes assortments of rice, buckwheat, corn, tapioca and potatoes, including the necessary sugar, which you no longer have to add.

It is a quick and efficient solution, the amount of 350 grams being enough for a cake or 12 muffins only good to devour. It offers you a moment of relaxation in the kitchen, adapting a classic recipe so that it can be experienced by those with gluten sensitivity.

Buying guide

The world of gluten-free goodies is beautiful, but also difficult, given that the ingredients, especially the necessary flours, are difficult to find in regular stores. Fortunately, this is starting to change, with more and more brands coming to the market with convenient options, only good to try. As, for the best results, it is necessary to mix several types of flour, it could help you to know what are the options you have on the market when you suffer from a celiac disease or you have an allergy to this protein found in most cereals. .

To convince yourself that you are making the right choice, look for some opinions about the best gluten-free flours, and read the following lines, in which you are told something about the characteristics of these foods.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Types: There are many types of flour that do not contain gluten, the most important being the following:

Rice flour is rich in protein and can be combined with similar ones because on its own it becomes sticky and gives a strong rice taste. It can be used for sauces, cookies, puddings, cakes, dumplings or as a thickening agent.

Almond is one of the most popular gluten-free flours, at good prices, which is introduced in dough recipes for sweets, cakes, crusts, pancakes and toppings. It does not have many carbohydrates, being useful in the diet of people with high blood sugar. It does not grow fast, so it is not suitable for bread.

Millet has a sweet and slightly greasy texture, easily digested. It requires the addition of other types to form a homogeneous dough, being rich in protein, minerals and fiber, being suitable for pancakes and desserts in general.

Amaranth flour is dense and needs a long baking time, being suitable for crusts, bread and tortilla leaves.

Buckwheat is fine and darker in color, used in small quantities with cornstarch or tapioca flour, to give a good consistency to the dough of cakes, biscuits or muffins, with a nutty taste.

Chickpea is flour that replaces any other type of food of this kind, being rich in nutrients and ready to make bread, sweets or thicken sauces and soups.

Quinoa is rich in protein and contains trace elements found in meat, with a light nutty taste, attractive for muffins, pancakes and other hot desserts.

Sorghum flour has the closest texture to wheat, substituting it very well and being rich in antioxidants. It is used in bread, pancakes, cakes and other cakes.

Flax has a high content of Omega 3, protein and fiber and is low in carbohydrates and fats, used for bread and cake tops, given the specific taste.

Coconut flour has a sweet taste, it grows quickly, which is why it will be found in recipes with dough that requires leavening, in smoothies or cakes.

Pumpkin seed flour is attractive for the production of pastry and bakery foods, given its specific taste and dark color. It is more crumbly when it replaces wheat flour in quantities 1 to 1.

Soy can replace white flours, reducing the sugar content, not having to be used alone, given its unique flavor.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Corn flour is known in our country for polenta, but in the form of corn starch can be used in pastry, for tortillas, bread or thickening of certain sauces or pizza crusts.

Tapioca thickens sauces and soups, and can be mixed to form bread. It has no taste and smell of its own.

Potato starch has a specific taste, so it does not replace flour, but becomes part of a mixture, found in bread, sauces and cakes.

Nutritional content: Can be low, medium or high.

The least dense and with a low nutritional content is the starch (corn, potatoes, tapioca) needed for any mixture of gluten-free flours, cheap and good, because it changes the texture and structure, helping it to resemble that of a classic product.

The medium category is richer in nutrients and can be used in stand-alone recipes, including oatmeal, quinoa, sorghum, rice or beans.

The most dense and rich in minerals are almond flour, amaranth, coconut, corn and buckwheat, which are rarely used alone, rather as part of mixtures.

Weight: You can find bags of different sizes on the market, depending on how much you need or how difficult it is to buy the product and how much you are willing to give it. The more spacious the packaging, the higher the price. The most common are 250 g packages, enough for a recipe, most of the time, the next weight is 500 g, the classic standard is 1 kg, as are found in bags of corn flour or buckwheat.

Flour quality: It is classic or eco / bio / organic. In the first case, the first meal goes through the usual process of industrial grinding, being part of intensive or traditional crops.

The organic, eco and organic variants represent, in essence, the same thing, being perceived as more nutritious, natural and beneficial for the body, obtained from non-genetically modified crops, through sustainable procedures, little harmful to the environment.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Brands: A last criterion to consider is the manufacturer, because for many potential buyers the purchase of products sold by certain names in the industry is difficult. Among the options available in the domestic trade are Solaris, Dr. Schar, Doves Farm, Bauck Hof and Herbavit, which include such variants in their product range.

With this information it will be easier for you to discover the best gluten-free flour for your diet. And online you buy what you want with a simple click, getting rid of the time spent in stores.

Frequent questions

Gluten-free flour?

There is no clear evidence that the exclusion of gluten from the diet leads to weight loss, which is a protein found naturally in cereals.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Even products made from almond, coconut or flax flour can lead to weight gain if consumed irresponsibly, because, in general, foods processed in this way can have a higher number of fats and calories than usual.

It is necessary to portion meals, even when you use gluten-free flours, because they do not work wonders in the fight against the scales, when you want to lose weight.

Where can I find gluten-free flour in physical stores?

Fortunately, in supermarkets, a selection of gluten-free products awaits you, including corn flour, chickpeas or oats, the Solaris brand and similar ones appearing in recent years on the shelves of neighborhood stores or in health food stores. So, all you have to do is go to such establishments to find out if there are such assortments for sale.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

What gluten-free flour is low in carbohydrates?

Among the ideal consumption options, with a low carbohydrate content, is flax flour, which has 46.2 g of carbohydrates per 100 g of product.

One of the best choices is almonds, with only 20 grams of carbohydrates per 100 g of product, with a high content of fat (55 g) and protein (22 g).

Coconut flour is very balanced from a nutritional point of view, with a content of 41 grams of carbohydrates, of which 23 g of sugars, 20 g of fat and 18 g of protein.

Top 3 recipes with gluten-free flour

If you are wondering what wonderful things you can do in the kitchen using gluten-free flour, here are some delicious ideas.

Gluten-free flour pancakes

For this recipe you need:

250 g gluten-free wheat flour or gluten-free pastry mix

A teaspoon of baking powder

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

2 ripe bananas

3 tablespoons Stevia or sugar sweetener

A teaspoon of rum extract

A teaspoon of vanilla extract

A tablespoon of soft coconut oil

Water or milk (vegan or normal).

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Pass the bananas in a blender or with a fork, until they become liquid. In a bowl put the flour and over it add the rest of the ingredients, apart from the oil, first the dry ones and then the liquid ones, mixing well until a fluid paste is formed, similar to the usual pancake dough.

Put a little oil in a hot pan and when it is hot add half a polish of the composition, letting it brown for a minute, then turn it on the other side with a spatula. Repeat the process until the dough is finished, then decorate the pancakes with the desired toppings.

Gluten-free buckwheat flour bread

Necessary ingredients:

250 g buckwheat flour

A pinch of salt

8 g dry yeast

360 g water at 40 degrees Celsius

Chia seeds for texture.

Mix the dry ingredients, then pour water and knead well, until a dough is formed and leave to rise in the heat for an hour. A few minutes before, preheat the oven and place the dough in the desired tray on baking paper, giving it your favorite shape, if possible. Baking time is 50 – 55 minutes, on the middle grill (over medium heat). Check the degree of baking using a toothpick.

the best gluten free flour for baking cakes and bread

Gluten-free flour mix muffins

For a basic recipe you need:

250 g gluten free flour mix

A teaspoon of baking powder

100 g dry natural sweetener (xylitol, etc.)

A pinch of salt

Two teaspoons of cinnamon

A teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 eggs

150 ml of kefir

100 ml of olive oil.

Mix the dry ingredients very well (flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt). In another bowl, beat the eggs with the sweetener, then add the kefir, vanilla and oil and mix well. Incorporate the wet mixture over the dry one and mix using a spatula.

The composition is put in the form of a muffin made of silicone or paper, inserting the tray in the preheated oven at a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius, checking after 20 minutes the texture using the toothpick. The ideal baking time following the instructions is 30 minutes.

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