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How do you choose the best grape press? What functions and features should the grape press have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand Autumn is considered by many to be the most productive season of the year, as this is the time when they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

One of the most awaited harvests is that of grapes. Both those who have their own vineyards in the household and those who own vineyards want to get a quality wine that they can serve at a table with friends, or that they can sell.

If you also want to get a wine to be proud of your own production, then a grape press or a press is one of the tools you will need.

Read this article to find out where other buyers have found a cheap grape press , but also how you can choose the best grape press for you.

Top 3 recommended grape presses (presses)

Why choose the best grape press?

When you do not have many grapes in your household, you can wait for them to ferment, without separating the pulp of the fruit from the juice using a press.

However, if you have a larger amount of grapes , or simply want a quality wine, it is a good idea to use the best grape press . The grapes are put in the press after they have been crushed and left to ferment for about 5-7 days, an interval that can vary depending on the type of grapes.

By using this tool, the pulp of the fruit with its seeds and peel is separated from the must, a liquid that will become a delicious wine. It is a faster process than waiting for the liquid to separate naturally from the debris.

How to choose the best grape press

In order to enjoy all these advantages, however, it is necessary to choose the best grape press .

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand If you have never used or bought such a thing, the choice can be difficult. This is because the offer on the market is quite varied, and you could easily make a hasty decision.

What determines the price of such a device? How many types are there and how do you know which one to choose? Does its size matter? What about the material? What is the budget you need and how much is it worth investing?

The answer to all these questions is necessary in order to be able to make a decision that you are happy with, and that is profitable . Whether you're a beginner or not, the information in this shopping guide will help you make a purchase you won't regret.

At the end we will present you some models of grape presses that we have selected according to the criteria analyzed below. They are currently available at the best value for money on the market .

So here's what you need to consider when choosing the best grape press:

Type of grape press

When you start looking for grape presses, you will notice several patterns at first. We will discuss the most common of them which fall into two categories: manual presses and hydraulic presses.

Below we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each model:

  • Manual grape press

Manual grape presses work by pressing the grapes from top to bottom . The remains of the must or pieces of grapes (in the case of white wine), are placed in a container similar to a wooden basket , until it is almost full.

Then two pieces of wood that will form a circle are placed on top of the fruit. Other wooden blocks are then placed above the wooden circle, until they almost protrude out of the basket. Using a central handle will put pressure on the wooden components, thus squeezing the juice from the grapes.

This way you will get the last possible drop of wine from the grapes, thus making the most of your production. However, in this process, if the pressure is high enough, the juice from the grape seeds or its bunches can reach the wine.

Because this liquid is bitter , it can affect the taste of the wine. That is why it is recommended to separate the juice that separates naturally from the leftovers, from the one that you will obtain by pressing.

To avoid compromising the wine, it is good to limit the pressure level so as not to crush the grapes.

  • Hydraulic grape press

Hydraulic grape presses have a different mode of operation. They squeeze the grape juice from the center outwards. As a result, the same level of pressure is exerted on the entire fruit load, resulting in a perfect balance between yield and quality.

In addition, hydraulic presses are faster . This means that you can buy a smaller press and have the same yield, if not a better one, than if you bought a larger manual grape press. Moreover, due to its small size, it will be easier for you to store the press in the seasons when you no longer need it.

They are even easier to use and handle . It becomes tiring to turn the handle of a hand press, and its components can be very heavy.

Therefore, the best grape press is the hydraulic one, being much easier to use and having a better yield . The disadvantage is the price, which will be higher than in the case of manual models.

You should also keep in mind that a hydraulic grape press can be connected to the water network , to a compressor or to a hydrophore.

Also, for optimal use, we recommend a motorized model. However, they need more maintenance.

The size of the grape press

When choosing the size of a grape press it is good to know the answer to three questions:

  • How much of pressed grapes?
  • How much can you press once given the size of the press?
  • How long will each pressing cycle take ?

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand At any stage of winemaking, installing and cleaning the tools you work with is a part that will take you a long time. So keep in mind that when you book 8 hours just for pressing, you will spend somewhere at 10 or 12 for the whole process . In general, your goal should be to finish pressing all the amount you have in a maximum of 5 hours .

You must keep in mind that when you press grapes that have already been crushed, from the amount you put in the press, between 30 and 35% will be solid bodies .

As you fill the press, much of the liquid will flow directly through the press and you will need to be prepared to collect it. It is recommended to collect this naturally flowing liquid separately, because it has a higher quality than the one obtained by pressing.

For example, if you have 100 liters of pressed grapes, only 35 liters will be solid bodies. In a press with a capacity of 10 liters , you will need to run 3 pressing cycles to finish the whole amount. Each pressing cycle will take you about 45 minutes in this case.

For household use, a grape press with a maximum capacity of 10 liters will suffice. You will find models on the market and 5 liters . It will be easy to store in the garage or in a warehouse, or even in a pantry.

Models smaller than 1.5 or 3 liters are suitable to be used as juicers for several types of fruit.

For semi-professional use, there are intermediate models with a size of 70 – 120cm in height, with a capacity of 30 liters or 60 liters .

For professionals or those who have to roll large quantities of grapes, a larger press or grape press is recommended. Models with a capacity of 100 liters or even 150 are suitable. The hydraulic variants can even exceed 150 liters , being very fast and easier to use.

Their diameter can exceed 50 cm , and the height exceeds one and a half meters. The storage space must be well thought out before buying such a large model. Improper storage can greatly damage such machinery.

The material of the grape press

In the case of manual baskets, the press is made of wood. We are talking about a few pieces of wooden board, or slats, which are positioned in a cylindrical shape, being connected with the help of metal support screws. Depending on the height of the press, two or three such metal supports are used.

Here are the types of wood used:

  • Beech – this is an elastic, hardwood that is easy to finish, often used for this type of press.
  • Fir – fir is a softwood. Fir wood presses are more affordable, because the fir tree is not very resistant. Usually, small presses are made using this type of wood.
  • Cherry – The most durable option is made of cherry wood. This is a hardwood, very durable. You recognize it by the reddish hue.

In the case of larger presses, the baskets can be opened to facilitate the use of the press . They can be secured by a clamp system. The size of the slats is another variable. They can be narrower and narrower, or wider.

The metal basket is used in the case of hydraulic presses . It is important that the metal is non-corrosive. Food grade stainless steel is the best choice you can make from this point of view, because it does not rust.

This means that it will last longer and the quality of the wine thus obtained will not be compromised. Since we are talking about a one-piece cylinder, the pressure resistance will be very good.

Grape press support

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand Grape presses can have different types of support . The smaller ones can be positioned directly on the table , as their use will not be heavy enough to require a more durable form of support.

Slightly larger household models can also be used on a table, but this time, they will be fastened with screws . This will guarantee optimal stability.

Other models will be equipped with a tripod , usually larger models that cannot be positioned on a table. Depending on the model, the tripod can be fixed or foldable . If you have limited storage space, we recommend a press or a press with a detachable or foldable tripod.

The material of the feet may also vary. Some, the best, are made of enameled or painted steel . It is very important that the painting is done in an electrostatic field. Any other type of paint will be damaged and the tripod will show signs of corrosion in a short time.

In the case of small presses, the legs can be made of painted sheet metal . You will find them in several color variants.

The shape of the tripod is another variable. However, you will make the choice depending on your preferences. As long as there is a wide surface at the base of the feet with non-slip rubber inserts, it doesn't matter if the feet are round or square .

For manual presses, look for a model that has a tripod with a drain funnel . This will make it easier to collect the liquid, especially the one that flows before you need to press the grape residue.

The price of the grape press

Depending on your needs and the profit you estimate, you need to be prepared to invest accordingly. Household models can have prices that start from 200 lei and reach up to 400 lei .

If you want a hydraulic model, the prices start at around 400 lei for a small model , and exceed 1000 lei for a medium model .

A large grape press can cost from 4000 to 9000 lei for a motorized hydraulic model.

We recommend that you buy the best grape press online . Delivery is fast and finds you directly at home. Before making any type of online purchase, don't forget to consult the opinion of other users.

Now that you have read this information, you are ready to buy the best grape press .

The best grape press: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of grape presses that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Szentkiraly SZP-43 manual grape press

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand Grape press ideal for homeowners and small farms.
Pressing can be performed only after crushing the grapes, respectively the fruits.
Basket capacity: 43 l – Actuation: by helical thread.
Basket material: wood – Basket diameter: 325 mm – Basket height: 460 mm.
Device height: 890 mm.
Capacity: 160 kg / h.
Weight: 21 kg.

See details and price

2. Press the MET1390 grape press

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand The press is made of quality wood and metal, thus ensuring increased strength, easy maintenance and long life.
Stamped sheet metal support.
Fixing tape for wooden basket made of 1.5mm steel.
Basket made of wooden slats with two latches for closing and locking the basket, made of steel with a diameter of 8 mm.
Lock for locking and locking steel threaded basket – shaft with a thickness of 2.8 cm.
Metal disc for pressing.

See details and price

3. Vilen 15L stainless steel grape press

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand

It has two overlapping cylindrical stainless steel bodies. The first is perforated with 3 mm holes positioned at intervals of 1.5 – 2 cm.
Constructed of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm and a length of 31 cm.
7mm thick metal pressing disc with rubber gasket and 25 cm diameter.
Drain tray with dimensions of 37 × 32 cm.
Metal frame height 41 cm – Metal frame width 40 cm.
Ax height 46 cm.

See details and price

4. Press Fruit and grape press, Wood, VILEN, 20L

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand Wooden press for grapes or fruits.
It can be used to produce natural juice for the winter or the must that is used to make wine.

Container volume: 20L.
Tank material: wood.
Dimensions: 520x420x310mm.

See details and price

5. Grape press 32L

the best grape pressed grapeseed oil brand Manual operation – Painted wood and steel material.
Basket diameter: 35cm – Height: 45cm – Total size: 45x80cm.
Antistatic paint – Stamped sheet metal support.
Fixing tape for wooden basket.
Basket of hardwood slats, mounted on the support.
Lock for closing and locking the basket.
Steel threaded shaft – Metal pressing disc.

See details and price

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