The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Graters – Review and comparison in 2021

A good grater can shorten the time spent in a kitchen, while helping to obtain tasty and good-looking dishes. To find out what awaits you in stores, read the following lines, starting with what Romanians buy, such as theCaso Design CR3X model, which is electric and has three types of cuts, given the different stainless steel blades ( cut small julienne, coarse and into cubes), can be used for vegetables, fruits, cheese or spices, the hands being protected by using the funnel through which the food is introduced. Another option loved by the Romanian public is VonShef 2000027 .

Comparative table

The electric type option, which is used for residential purposes, has three different types of cutting and shredding, so that fruits and vegetables have the desired shapes, necessary for a certain type of food or another, they can be sanitized and manually, and in the dishwasher, the hands being safe, considering the filling bunker.

It is necessary to sort the food because the strongest ones can lead to the blocking of the cutting cylinders and to the effective destruction of the device, unfortunately.

Represents a choice with staif for a modern furnished and equipped kitchen, where the user can enjoy the electrical utensils necessary for quick food preparation.

This electric product has a 120 W motor, enough for home use, being able to scrape and spiral vegetables and fruits, for the user to enjoy good-looking and tasty meals at the touch of a few buttons, featuring 4 types of durable blades made of stainless steel, the brand being appreciated for its quality in Great Britain.

Unfortunately, it will not be suitable for use in the “industrial” sense, ie in restaurants where a large volume of vegetables and fruits is needed.

Offering variety and ease of use, in addition to a relatively affordable price, this product is rightly in the shopping charts of Romanians.

This manual version is equipped with four sides designed to provide different results, from slicing to fine shaving, and can be used with vegetables or fruits, and with cheese or chocolate, for example, stainless steel blades being sharp enough to to do a good job for a long time, the product being equipped with a collection container.

When the appliance is used, the person’s fingers and nails are in danger of being scratched if attention is not paid to the way the food is held.

It is an economical and durable choice for those who want to have an easy way to prepare food for one recipe or another.

In-depth reviews about the best graters

We invite you to read some information regarding some models of graters that have caught the eye of Romanians and which are currently in the top of local sales.

Multifunctional graters

CR3X Design Case

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Do you need a multifunctional grater that fits in your kitchen and that you can use whenever you have to prepare a meal for several people, that will look beautiful and be tasty? Here is an interesting model, with conical blades, which has 3 different types of food preparation, namely small or coarse julienne and diced.

It can be used to prepare soft or medium-sized vegetables and fruits, the shaving being of a rotating order, the food being close to the blades through the funnel, so the user’s hands are safe. The shredding takes place by pressing the corresponding button and pushing the food using the accessory provided.

However, you need a bowl in which to tighten the strips, after they come out through the dedicated hole. The power of the appliance is 220 W, enough for frequent use, but it is not recommended to use too strong ingredients, which can block.


Electric graters

VonShef 2000027

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Here is an electric grater that will give your beautiful and colorful vegetable cut to enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals. This electric option looks very good on the kitchen counter and does not take up much space, with a small power of 120 W, but enough to prepare vegetables and fruits that are not very strong.

The BPA-free plastic body looks strong enough, the blades being able to cut, slice and spiral, there are 4 interchangeable variants that offer eight types of thicker or thinner cutting and a built-in collection bowl, useful, considering the design. So, although she is not really a professional grater in the true sense of the word, she can also help in a small restaurant or fast food kitchen.

It is a brand known for its performance in terms of cooking utensils, being able to chop, grate and slice vegetables and fruits for desserts and good-looking garnishes. The control panel is mechanical, and the power supply mode, protecting the hands.


Vegetable graters

Zokura With Collection Container

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

With a classic multi-sided vegetable grater, you have four different surfaces, useful for scraping, essentially for fine grating (spices, lemon peel, chocolate), for medium shaving, coarse or for slicing vegetables and cheeses. We mention that they will resist wear very well, given that they are made of stainless steel.

The classic design option has an ergonomic plastic handle, which allows the tool to be fixed during use, being equipped with a collection container so as not to make a mess on the workbench and not to lose vegetables or fruits or grated cheese.

This multifunctional grater has small detachable rubber inserts that help its stability during use. It has a pleasant appearance and is useful, being able to be cleaned directly in the washing machine, without raising problems in terms of resistance. We mention that the 23 cm high size is larger than the same classic model, with four sides, representing a robust option.


Borner scrapers

Borner V5 5O52001

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

With this mandolin-shaped Borner grater you have an interesting and easy-to-use design, but where your fingers may be in danger if you are not very careful during preparation, unfortunately. The plastic body is strong enough to withstand the pressure needed to handle vegetables.

The grater has three facets with different types of cuts, from thin, medium and coarse slices, to cubes or strips, presenting variety for those who will buy it. The plate can be adjusted to one of the 5 positions to change the cutting thickness, for example.

People who want to prepare their vegetables and fruits faster can use this mandolin-style manual grater, which can be stored when not in use and thus does not occupy the precious space on the workbench. You need to be careful when cleaning the blades, because you can cut yourself.


Glass scrapers

Akcam 14075

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Do you prefer to try the fruits prepared with a glass grater? When you want puree or freshly squeezed fruit juice for your little one, this option is waiting for you in online stores, and more. It is a classic, manual option that new mothers can use when they are recommended to diversify their babies’ diets.

Because it is a simple fruit grater, made of glass, it will not oxidize their pulp and vegetables as quickly, but we warn you that only the softest ones can be prepared properly. It is 20 cm long, 9.8 cm wide and 3 cm high, enough for a small portion.

With a grater, cheap and good, of this kind, it will be easier for you to enrich the little one’s diet in the first months of life, preparing the fruits in such a way that the child can swallow them without problems and without any danger.


Professional grater

Tefal Ingenio Grater

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

For good-looking and tasty pasta you can use a Tefal grater specially designed to form hard cheeses. This classic option, which has a single face, has small holes, specially designed to grate hard cheese such as Parmesan cheese, both at home and in a small restaurant or pizzeria.

For safety and stability when using, it is arranged with a silicone pad that keeps the grater on the bowl when the cheese is grated, so that the salad is ready immediately.

The professional manual grater handle has robustness and can be easily held, having an ergonomic function. And it doesn’t lack a hole for hanging, when needed. And, for the moments when it is not used, it can be stored using the plastic cover provided. With it you can also grate the citrus peel for sweets. It is harder to wash, requiring the use of a toothbrush to remove debris from the mesh.


Mandolin scrapers

Hendi 222614

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Do you need a chip potato grater that can play other roles? You can try your luck with a manolina type version that includes 5 resistant stainless steel blades, which do not rust, if they are well cared for, and which offers the opportunity to cut thin, coarse or very fine, both in sliced format and by chopping. .

It has multiple uses, being, however, a classic option, which will be found in your own kitchen rather than in restaurants, because it will not be able to produce large quantities of vegetables or fruits chopped in the desired way. The hard plastic exterior resists pressure, and the handle can be positioned to provide the best stability.

This mandolin grater is easy to use, which is why it is also appreciated by the Romanian public, but we suggest you to be careful with your fingers when changing the blades, because you can cut yourself. It can be used mainly on vegetables and fruits, and can also cut cheeses or sausages.


Tefal graters

Tefal Fresh Express + MB756G31

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Here is a grater for cabbage and other vegetables, of electric order, which works at the push of a button. Because it has conical blades, in five forms of cutting, it offers interesting differences in different types of processing, being able to slice, scrape, chop or cut in a wavy format, so that the dishes look beautiful, not only to be tasty.

It is compatible with vegetables, fruits, cheese and chocolate, the cones can be detached and cleaned immediately after use, easily and without difficulties. And, considering the style, it does not present a danger for your hands, considering that you will push from a safe distance the foods that will be cut. It has a power of 150 W, enough for residential use, which is why it is in the tops with the best graters for home.

You can make salads, side dishes or prepare delicious and dietary vegetable cuts, or you can prepare food for sweets (tarts, cakes, etc.) safely, with an anti-slip system consisting of rubber feet.


Graters for parmesan

Tefal Ingenio 2 Fete

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

For the perfect portion of pasta, you will find a grater for Parmesan cheese like the one from Tefal, specially designed for grinding hard cheeses. It consists of two sides, one with larger shredding and a finer one, allowing you to create all kinds of tasty recipes.

The product is compatible with the dishwasher, so it is not necessary to wash it by hand, as it can be dismantled so that the water can easily penetrate and remove debris. When using dish sponge, we recommend moving it to the sides or in the opposite direction of the shave, so that the particles do not soil the small blades.

With a manual grater of this kind, with stainless steel blades, you will not have to worry about food loss, because the conical shape, thinner towards the end, ensures the capture of the product, especially when you use a bowl under it. However, it is not safe for the fingers, as they may come into contact with the cutting parts.


Fruit graters

9-Piece Multifunctional Lip

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

For fruits and vegetables, this grater is useful, at a good price, which has eight types of food preparation, cutting small or large cubes, grating coarsely or finely, slicing or crushing, being able to separate the egg white from the yolk. It does not lack a collection container for food prepared during their cutting.

However, the fingers will not be completely safe, because the food must still be passed over the blades repeatedly. The stainless steel blades help maintain the shape of the vegetables and fruits, and the rest of the hand appliance is made of BPA-free plastic, which can be inserted into the dishwasher.

With the help of such a fruit grater you have at hand a tool always ready to help you prepare for the table the desired fruits and vegetables or soft or hard cheese for pasta and other dishes. And because it also includes a drain basket, vegetables can be rinsed immediately after cutting.




Buying guide

Among the utensils useful for any kitchen is the grater, both in manual and electric format, with a specific and often necessary use. When you want to get a beautiful pizza, a portion of good-looking pasta or to eat healthier with the help of vegetable noodles, the right piece can be useful. In most households there is a classic variant, which has four faces, but when you want to get other results or you are thinking of a specific use, the best grater can have another shape. To inform you about this type of device, we invite you to read our guide.

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Types : A first differentiation is made between manual and electric versions.

The manual one is classic and eternally popular, first of all, because its price is affordable and can be found in almost all stores. There are models of graters, cheap and good, ergonomic and practical, which last well, with different cutting patterns and various sizes, but the working area is smaller than in the case of an electric one, and can be a danger to hand safety.

The electrical option is divided into plug-in and battery-powered, with both consumer and professional options. In the case of processing vegetables and fruits, a motor of at least 150 W power is required, while for harder legumes, such as celery, parsnips, cabbage, a more powerful 200 W model may be required.

For frequent use, a capable motor of 300 W is more useful. Those graters, at good prices, with power supply will be bigger, stronger, being able to chop large quantities of vegetables in a short time, compared to those with battery, more useful for frugal uses.

Compatibility : In terms of style and raw material accepted, there may be versions for vegetables, fruits, cheeses or spices, for example, many variants are multifunctional, ie working with several types of food and textures, while others will have a specific purpose, such as those for Parmesan, for example.

Style : Among the various utensil styles found, the most popular are classic vegetable grinders, mandolin type, with conical mechanism or glass.

The classic variant can have a single side, with one, two or three types of cuts, or several sides (3, 4, 6, etc.) that have different styles of shaving vegetables, fruits or cheeses, as a rule. There is not much missing from Romanian kitchens, at least in mini format, for hard cheeses.

A mandolin grater will have stainless steel blades and a plastic body, some with the possibility of changing the cutting style or dimensions. It can produce slices with wavy, classic edges, it can cut julienne or straw potatoes, for example.

The variant with a conical shaving or cutting mechanism (whose blades are of this kind, or circular) can be manual or electric, being able to cut vegetables, and semi-hard cheeses, chocolate or nuts, for example. It depends on the specifications of the product, so we will direct you to the instruction manual.

With a glass grater, fruits and vegetables can be crushed with pulp, such as pears, apples or nectarines, which are useful for new mothers.

Materials : It can be about what is used in the construction of the body of a grater, at a good price, or of its blade.

The most important is obviously the blade, which should be made of stainless steel, which will resist wear and will not rust, especially when it is well maintained. An alternative is the ceramic grater, which resists even better grinding than the stainless steel one, but if it is dropped on the ground it can break.

Regarding the housing or the supporting part, such as a handle, it can be made of plastic, wood, glass or metals, with small differences in terms of handling the device or its weight.

Other considerations : It is worth discussing any accessories that accompany the model, such as a support for food to be grated.

And the variety of knives can be important, especially when you want a product useful in many circumstances, for example, to slice vegetables, and not just bring them to a coarser or smaller degree of shaving.

In the case of electric ones, such as a professional electric grater, there may be a bowl that, the more capacious it is, the more useful it will prove to be, being able to collect the prepared product. This reduces the risk of spreading food and dirt in the workspace.

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

Price : One last aspect worth considering, according to some opinions about the best graters, is the purchase cost and, fortunately, there are options for all pockets. Of course, this aspect differs from one type of device to another and depending on its options. The cheapest will be the metal manual ones, but there are also more complex versions, whose cost exceeds 100 RON. Last but not least, for the electric variants you will take out of your pocket a few hundred lei.

In the end, the choice is yours. Fortunately, you can find all kinds of general or specific use models in the online stores you meet on the internet, and the prices are for all tastes, the purchase being easy to make, in just a few clicks.

Frequent questions

What foods are shaved with a glass grater?

It is also known as a fruit grater that is used by mothers in the first months of a baby’s life, when his diet is diversified. It will be used to grate fruits with pulp, such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots and citrus fruits. Their role is not to start the oxidation process as fast as alternatives from stainless steel or other metals.

What foods are shaved with an electric grater?

With an electric grater you have several types of cuts at hand, often, because it can have different types of blades, from those that chop, slice and even those that grate hard fruits and vegetables or dairy products. Some may also be compatible with chocolate, for example.

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

How to clean the grater after use?

An electric model can have detachable components that either rinse well in the sink or are put in the dishwasher, getting rid of another job, while the manual option is cleaned using a damp sponge soaked in detergent, which you pass up or on either side of the holes, but never down, like when you shave, because you can damage the sponge. After removing the debris, rinse it and let it dry.

8 rules when using a grater

In order to have very good results when using a grater for parmesan, vegetables or fruits, consider the ways in which it can be used safely.

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

1 . For a classic model, it is necessary to use a top-down movement of the food on the bars and keep it at an angle, because, in this way, it is easier to press on the grater and you can pay more attention to your nails and fingers. . In addition, you will get better dishes when the food falls on the blades in a certain way.

2 . You always have a bowl underneath, to gather all the pieces of food and not make a mess.

3 . Spices or chocolate are given through the small holes with a pattern.

4 . Through the large cut or the series of large cuts positioned in parallel, large slices or scrapes are obtained, in accordance with the type of food used. It can be used on carrots, cucumbers, Parmesan cheese, Romanian salad, cabbage, etc.

5 . The small round or slightly oval holes are for citrus peel, ginger or hard cheese.

6 . Large holes will be intended for softer cheese such as mozzarella, potatoes and other hard vegetables.

The best grater for cheese and vegetables

7 . For the electric grater, make sure that the socket is stable and grounded and you will assemble all the component parts before putting it in the socket.

8 . Do not use wet hands to plug in the plug and read the instructions for use so as not to lock or damage the appliance from the first use.

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