The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Grills – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you think that a home grill would save you all kinds of expenses and help you eat healthier? Learn how to choose the right option for your conditions in this article and, if you don’t have time to read it in full, find out that thePhilips HD4419 model is among the Romanians’ preferences, at present, being an electric model with a large surface, 37 x 30 cm, with a considerable power, of 2300W, sufficient for the respective baking space, the plate being ribbed, having also smooth portions, for mixing, there is a thermostat to regulate the temperature according to the ingredients, having the tray for draining fats and residues, including the spatula, the ergonomic appearance allowing vertical storage, in the closet or closet. Another interesting option is Tefal Optigrill GC714834 .

Comparative table

This electric appliance has a generous surface on which the dishes can be prepared, 37 x 30 cm, with ribs and a smooth portion, for the preferences of any chef, the considerable power being sufficient to prepare the meat at the right temperature, given that there is a thermostat with adjustment, the surface of the baking sheet being non-stick.

It is not smoke-free, for certain foods that require a long time on the stove, the positioning on the open balcony is indicated, and the power cable is short.

It has an affordable price and offers those who want the opportunity to cook healthy and tasty at home, without the inconvenience of going outdoors in bad weather.

This variant from a brand appreciated on the market of small appliances offers a multifunctional appliance for baking, cooking meat or vegetables, but also for pastry, browning or reheating food, with interchangeable plates and automatic cooking programs. which novices can use.

It can be difficult to understand the instructions regarding the correct preparation of the meat, so that it keeps its taste and soft texture, at the first attempts.

It combines an acceptable purchase cost with the skills desired by those who prefer to grill at home at any time of the day or night, not being difficult to clean.

This two-sided device can be placed above the stove, hob or open fire, among others, and can be used in various circumstances, both indoors and outdoors, providing a flat and ribbed surface for various dishes. , can be introduced in the oven, cast iron withstanding high temperatures.

The plate is very heavy, weighing 4 kg, and the handles it is equipped with, which are made of cast iron, will also heat up very much, requiring handling with gloves.

It represents a classic variant, accessible to the average user, which gives efficiency and allows use on various types of heat sources, being indispensable in the kitchen.

In-depth reviews about the best grills

Finding the ideal grill for preparing tasty and juicy dishes is an important step in order to increase your cooking skills, and the opinions of other Romanians who have recently bought such things can be found in the following lines.

Electric grill

Philips HD4419  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Do you want an electric grill that will be useful for preparing juicy steaks or completely cooked vegetables, so that you can enjoy a healthier diet and lower in fat? This appliance at a good price can be helpful in any kitchen, with a large space to use, 37 cm long and 30 cm wide, with both a ribbed part, for products that look like a barbecue, and a smooth one. , to mix ingredients (eggs, meat, sauces, etc.).

It has a high power of 2300W, which allows food to be prepared in a short time, although it will be longer than on a frying pan on the stove, unfortunately. It has an adjustable thermostat to reach the desired temperature for vegetables or meats and to control the degree of cooking, and there is no lack of anti-slip system and a drain pan that can be detached and cleaned, being rightly among the better electric grills, as the Romanians say.

Unfortunately, the accompanying power cord is short, measuring only 0.8 m, so it will require an outlet nearby.


Star-Light EGH-2000W  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

A small electric grill that fits well on the kitchen table or counter can bring you a pleasant help, which will facilitate the preparation of food for garnishes or animal protein. This option from Star-Light, which is affordable, combines two ribbed plates, the cooking surface being 29.7 x 23.5 cm, the two parts combining to provide heat both above and below to provide heat. prepare food on both sides at the same time.

To operate the lid safely, it is equipped with a handle and, to see when the desired temperature has been reached, you have an LED that will light green. When the appliance is plugged in, the second LED will light red. The appliance has multiple temperature levels, to ensure the cooking of different types of food efficiently, the maximum power being 2000W.

The grease and fluids drained during cooking can be cleaned by removing the two drain containers. There are non-slip feet and the surface will be non-stick, easy to clean, but the plates cannot be detached for cleaning.


Grill Tefal

Tefal Optigrill GC714834  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Do you like small appliances that make your job an easier kitchen? This Tefal grill becomes a reliable hobby for you, offering you six different programs to try, so you can cook chicken, burgers, sandwiches, sausages, red meat or fish, you can even cook pizza in him, if you attach the appropriate tray and replace it with the grill plates.

The ribbed cooking surface can be replaced with a smooth one, for baking doughs, for example, and both can be inserted in the dishwasher for cleaning, but still have a non-stick surface. For handling the appliance, it has handles that stay cool, there is also a drain tray for any residues, for quick sanitation.

It has the power of 2000W, the standard for household appliances, for two – four people, with automatic sensor for cooking with LED indicators regarding the state of temperature and meat. You can set your own settings or follow the automatic instructions to get used to the way the device operates.

Cast iron grill

Perfect Home 12014  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Do you prefer a cast iron grill, simple and safe, to put on the stove or on top of a classic fire or country stove, for example? This option can be used in all kinds of circumstances, the dimensions allowing it to be taken in the trunk, when needed, to enjoy small, burgers or vegetables and when you are on vacation somewhere far from home.

It has two sides, one with ribs and one smooth, to cook as you want vegetables and fruits, but especially your favorite meats, which can be used, in other words, in a stove oven, for pizza or bread, for example.

The surface, although not completely sticky, requiring lubrication with a little oil, especially on the smooth side, is well preserved, the generous dimensions being 51 x 24 cm in its entirety, with the handles included (which are also made of cast iron, so they heat up), the cooking surface being 24 x 40.5 cm, enough for a whole family or multiple portions. You can put this grill on gas, induction hob, on fire, on the hearth, on open fire or in the oven.


Camping grill

Grill Factory GTR604071  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Do you want a grill, at a good price, that you can position in your garden or at your own cottage or at your holiday home, in the country or when you go on vacation? This classic option, which works with charcoal or wood, has a rustic look, with 71 cm high legs, to ensure the comfort of the chef during food preparation.

The work surface is traditional, measuring 60 x 40 cm, the tub being made of 2mm thick sheet metal, with a 10 cm tub in which the fire necessary for that pleasant taste of the meat will be made, especially. To keep the embers burning, there are holes for draft on its sides.

You can use it as a camping grill or for weekends, because it is disassembled and does not take up much space in the trunk. The offer also includes some utensils necessary for any amateur of grills, such as cleaning brush, necessary for sanitizing the work surface, but also pliers, fork and spatula.


Professional electric grill


The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

A restaurant with a high circulation or specialization on grilled dishes can invest in a professional electric grill such as this high-performance offer that excels in the preparation of meat and vegetables or fruits. The stainless steel structure will help maintain hygiene and quick and efficient cleaning, as well as product maintenance.

Because it is supposed to have a high daily workload, the appliance proves to be powerful, having 8000W, with 10 cooking steps and a temperature range from 0 to 300 degrees Celsius, having both a ribbed part and of a smooth one, for different aspect of the preparations.

The total cooking surface is 50 x 40 cm, enough for several portions cooked at the same time, the turnover being fast, considering that it reaches the desired temperature in a short time. At its disadvantage come the high weight, 20 kg, to be expected from a commercial product, and the short cable, 1 m.


Gas grill

Flame Master 3  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Here is a gas grill that will make any neighbor jealous when he sees your utensil! It is an American model with an elegant design, which is made of stainless steel, which works on butane or propane gas (includes piezoelectric ignition), requiring the gas hose, for which you will pour a few tens of lei in a store. It is obvious that you will position it only outside, either on the veranda, terrace, pavilion or in another arranged space where you can enjoy in your free time a well-made steak, to your taste.

It is suitable for making barbecues, small burgers, vegetables, with side tables, for preparing food before placing them on the grill or for organizing sauces or those already made. It includes three burners and has a large cooking surface, 45 x 56 cm, with coating and thermal insulation handle, so you don’t get burned.

In order to be able to bring the weight of 24.6 kg to the desired position, you will use the two large wheels with which it is equipped. And under the grill you have a storage space consisting of two doors and a shelf.


Grill accessories

Grill pan

Tefal Invissia 26 Cm  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

For a single person or a small kitchen, where you prefer to have complete control and cook healthily, a grill pan will be an ideal and, at the same time, economical option, this one being one from a brand appreciated for such devices. for cooking.

You can quickly prepare a snack or a main course without using a large amount of unhealthy fat, the square surface being 26 cm on each side, enough to prepare at least two large portions of meat, for example, or to grill the garnish. consisting of fresh vegetables.

It has a non-stick coating on the inside and outside and, as it fits well in any Tefal grill pan, there is no lack of that Thermo-Spot, which turns red when the entire cooking surface is heated enough. It can be used on gas, electric heat sources, halogen or ceramic hobs, with a comfortable, ergonomic fixed handle, but no cap, unfortunately.


Raclette grill

Camry CR 6606  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Enthusiasts of culinary experiences can turn their attention to an electric Raclette grill product such as this compact, round model, which has six non-stick trays, in order to prepare equal individual portions for guests or family members. The trays can also be used in the oven and will not fall off the appliance, with small handles that do not heat up, and you can prepare omelettes or mini-pizza in them, if you want attractive snacks for the little ones or for a relaxing day.

The upper part has a classic grill with non-stick coating, where the heat will be distributed immediately, the temperature remaining constant. The grill plate detaches for cleaning. The power of the device is 1200W, being sufficient for the preparation of meat and vegetables.

The surface is ribbed, to give that barbecue aspect to the food during the preparation, if you want, for stability there are legs at the base of the appliance. Unfortunately, it does not have several heating stages, but only the start and stop button.


Stove grill

Grunberg SKYS865-1  

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Here is a grill, cheap and good, which will help you prepare all kinds of dishes faster on the stove, this option being round, with a diameter of 32 cm and a depth of 11.5 cm, so it proves roomy, you can get, with its help, four servings of food.

It includes an enameled lid, as well as the surface provided, which is with wire, in classic style, grill, so that there is enough heat and so that the dishes can penetrate. At the same time, it will help keep the smoke down, as it is very possible that it will appear during preparation. The material used on the surface is enamel, the interior being made of carbon steel, which transmits heat over the entire surface.

The handle can be detached, to use this item that looks like a grill pan with a lid and in the dishwasher, and in the oven, if you wish.



 How to cook it guide

Among the healthiest ways to prepare food, as most chefs and nutritionists say, is the grill, because in this case, you will not usually use fats in addition to those in the food, as well as the caloric content. it will be more balanced and low, and the taste of the respective product is preserved. You can enjoy the best grill in the block or in the yard, or even when you are traveling, because in trade you can find all kinds of options focused on different aspects of the market. Here is some helpful information.

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Types : In most cases, the grill will be that electrical appliance that you keep in the kitchen and that helps you cook fruits, vegetables and meats when you do not have access outside to a smoke grill, or if you prefer to look beautiful and be tasty and healthy.

From the same category of grills, at a good price, are the pan-type models, which are used on the stove or hob and which will have a part or two parts on which the user can fry meat, especially, but also vegetables, for example. Such containers can be simple, small, or with a larger surface on which you can work over a classic fire, that is, it can look like some hobs.

We also have in mind a camping grill, a more or less portable option, which only needs coal or a heat source so that it can be used wherever you go, so that you can enjoy an outing in nature, in the fresh air, or when you are in the mountains, far from civilization, but you want warm and healthy food.

Dimensions : They can be an essential criterion for many people because this aspect depends on how easy the article is used and where it is positioned. The shape and size will be the central elements, because they directly determine the taste and degree of thermal preparation of the food.

The most popular is the rectangular shape with those small “waves” that give the appearance of burning as in the case of the classic grill, so you can enjoy the food. In this way, you have more space on grills, cheap and good, for dishes.

For a single person, an area of up to 24 x 24 cm is enough, for example, while for several members or larger quantities of food, you can use longer or larger products (over 40 cm), in totality. It is obvious that for a party, when you use an outdoor grill, you can also choose formulas over 70 cm in length.

Heat source : It can be about electrical appliances, gas or coal, and the classic ones, such as grill pan or hob, which will simply be placed on the chosen heat source, which can come from the stove or fire. of wood, for example.

The electric grill will be more compact and will fit on a portion of the table, usually to be handy in the kitchen. It will allow the preparation of food for a small number of people, for the family.

Gas or coal options will need more space, so they will be positioned in the garden or in the pavilion, so as to maintain the degree of safety in use. On top of that, they emit smoke that can intoxicate indoors. I use fuel that can leak or smell, there are various dangers if you are not careful with the handling of the flame and fuel.

Materials : The cooking surface, especially for electric variants, is indicated to be non-stick, so as not to require thorough cleaning after use, which will be difficult to achieve in the case of any grills, at good prices, electric.

Usually, the surface will be made of cast iron or other metallic material, the idea being to heat it evenly and to provide that suitable baking surface.

Usage : Before making a purchase, consider where you will use the product. If you know that you will use it at home, more often, go for a frying pan or an electric grill, much easier to handle and safer for the apartment.

For the exterior, a larger gas or charcoal model can be useful, which will produce that crust and will give a smoky smell and taste to the dishes.

Especially when we talk about electric models, it is worth mentioning the function of setting and monitoring the cooking temperature, according to some opinions about the best grills, because not all kinds of meat and vegetables are cooked at the same time or at the same intensity.

Look in the product description and on its box to see between what temperatures it works. Usually, you will find 65-200 degrees, good for both meat and vegetables, or just high temperatures, over 100 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius, suitable for meat preparation.

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Other aspects : Here we can include ergonomics, how the device looks and how easy it is to handle, if it has a tail or handle that makes it easier to handle, this category also includes the cable length of a professional or household electric grill or lid the classic one.

Other products, such as those from Raclette, with portioned grill, allow the realization of a complete number of portions by using small hob-type surfaces, on two levels, for several dishes prepared at the same time.

Safety is important, so among the protection functions of grill appliances can be the handle made of bakelite or silicone, the bulb that notifies heating or overheating protection.

In the end, choosing the best grill can only be yours, and you won’t do it until you’ve been thoroughly informed. We hope we were able to help you and we suggest you look in the online stores, where the offers are not lacking.

Frequent questions

What does a microwave grill mean?

Microwave ovens that have a grill function include such a physical wire-type grill accessory or a heat source positioned on top that is strong enough to reach the base plate so that the dishes can be made from top to bottom. , to acquire a brown surface. It is used for browning food or obtaining slices of toast with cheese on top or cheese, for example.

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

What does stove grill mean?

There are some appliances with a dedicated grill function for the stove, where the heat can be distributed from above, not just from below, so that the dishes keep their appearance and texture, which they usually have when you make them on the classic grill. Alternatively, if you do not have such a function, you can use a grill pan that you put in the oven to cook the meat over low heat, in particular.

How to prepare grilled salmon?

To cook the salmon on the grill pan, you will have to cut it into slices of 150 – 200 grams, which you season with pepper and salt on both sides, meanwhile heating the pan until when you throw a few drops of water, it sizzles. if it evaporates. Then you can put the pieces of fish with the skin on the cooking surface and let them cook for a maximum of 3 minutes, then turn them on the other side and leave them for up to 2 minutes, then take them out on a plate and you can serve with them. of a vegetable garnish of your choice.

How we cook on the grill

There are not too many differences in terms of using a stove grill or a classic one, for the outside, or an electric one. It is important to know when to put the meat or vegetables or dishes you want to prepare thermally, and how much to leave or when to return them. Here are some tips.

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Generally, you will put the appliance on or on the heat source and you will turn it on at the desired power, waiting for it to heat up, being able to check by spraying with water on the surface of a cast iron grill, for example. When it sizzles, you can move the meat, vegetables or fruits in line, so that they catch those beautiful lines when baking, so that the final preparation is good-looking and tasty.

On a grill-style grill, where you will use charcoal or another source of this kind, the process will be slightly longer, because you will need time to burn and heat the charcoal, so that it is ready to prepare the meat, especially like a chicken on the grill.

The best grill cooker for awesome steaks

Because each type of meat needs a specific preparation, it may take a few investigations, if you do not have experience in grilling, to acquire juicy, tasty steaks with well-preserved flavors. And, to make sure the protein is cooking well, you can use a thermometer or thermostat that will notify you, in the case of the electric grill, when it has reached the optimum temperature.

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