the best grill pan reviews

Grill Pans – Review and comparison in 2021

To prepare healthy food, you should not miss a grill pan in the kitchen. Given that there are a lot of products on the internet, it is difficult to find the one that meets your requirements, so we make some recommendations.Tefal Talent Pro   is a product made of aluminum, which will heat up easily, and the non-stick layer has titanium inserts, for increased resistance. The square shape and the size of 28cm offer you enough space for the simultaneous cooking of 3-4 servings, and the thermo-spot system helps you to know exactly when the cooking surface is hot enough. If this product is not to your liking, we have a second option: Lava Cast iron grill pan .

Comparative table

The proposed product is resistant to repeated uses, and the inner layer has titanium inserts, so it will not be scratched and the food will not stick during preparation. Thanks to the thermospot system, you will know when the surface has reached the optimum cooking temperature, the heat will spread over the entire surface, and the edges are designed so that you can turn the food over easily.

The product does not have a lid included, so you will have to buy it separately.

The dish helps you quickly prepare dietary foods, without fat, and is made of durable materials that will maintain their quality over time.

It is made of cast iron, so the heat is stored in the material, and later in the food, so that the cooking will be done at low temperature, and the striations are deeper, to allow fat to drain. The handle is designed to withstand temperatures of 240 degrees and can be folded inside, so the vessel will take up less storage space.

The product has no temperature indicator, so you will not know when it has reached the optimal level for meat preparation.

The article can be a successful choice for those who are looking for a pan used at home, and the ratio between quality and price is advantageous.

Being a pot with a lid, you will not have to worry about the fat splashes reaching the stove, and the marble coating helps you keep a low temperature of the cooking surface, so that the steak will be tender and juicy. The product is made of materials that do not produce toxins and can be used on any type of cooking machine, regardless of the heat source used.

The vessel will take up a lot of storage space, due to the square shape and the irreversible handle.

The article is designed to preserve the authentic taste of prepared foods, so it is a suitable choice for those who want to cook healthy and tasty.

In-depth reviews about the best grill pans

It is not at all easy to find grill pans, cheap and good, but in order not to have to waste time with searches, we suggest you go to online stores. In order to get an idea about the products sold on the internet and, why not, to find something to your liking, we present you some products.

Tefal grill pan

Tefal Talent Pro

the best grill pan reviews If you are looking for one of the best grill pans, you can go for this product, because it has a non-stick coating made of titanium, which means that it will not be scratched, even if you use it frequently. The handle is robust and resistant, so you can easily handle the vessel.

This talented pro tefal grill pan offers you enough cooking space for the whole family, because it has a square shape and dimensions of 26x26cm. Being made of aluminum, it heats up quickly and can be easily handled, due to its low weight. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the model can be used on any type of hob, including the one with induction, so you will not have to check the compatibility between the cooking machine and the dish.

The pan does not have a detachable handle, so it will take up a lot of storage space and does not include any accessory, so if you want to have a lid, you will have to buy it separately. It can be sanitized in the dishwasher, so you can clean it quickly.

Tefal Character

the best grill pan reviews For those who want a product of superior quality, we offer this grill pan Tefal Character, with a generous cooking surface, due to the square shape and size of 26cm. You can cook up to 4 servings at a time, so you can quickly finish dinner for your loved ones.

The product is made of aluminum, so it will heat up quickly. The material has a thickness of 4mm, so the heat distribution is the same and the preparation will cook evenly. On the other hand, the pan will be easy to handle because the weight is low.

The pan can be used on any heat source, so you won’t have to replace it, even if you decide to buy an induction hob. In order to be able to cook the dishes at the right temperature, it is equipped with a thermo-spot system and you will know when it is hot enough. The inner shell is resistant to scratches, because it has titanium inserts, so there is no risk of food sticking, even after long use.

Tefal Invissia

the best grill pan reviews If you want to use dishes made of a non-toxic material, which does not harm the environment or your health, you can go to the grill pan Tefal Invissia, as it has a non-stick coating, which does not emit toxic substances when heated. It is made of Teflon, so you will not have to use a drop of oil, and the inner surface is easy to clean, because it will not stick.

Due to the mineral particles, which ensure an increased resistance, this grill pan (at a good price) can be used for a long time, without scratching or damaging. You can also use it on many types of stoves, excluding induction hobs. The grooves on the cooking surface are deep, which allow the fat to drain and the preparations obtained to be dietary.

With the help of the thermospot, you will know when the pan is hot and the temperature has reached an optimal level, in order to cook a juicy steak. You can prepare three generous servings of food at the same time, because it has a square shape and dimensions of 26x26cm, so you will have enough space to cook. The handle is ergonomic, so you can easily handle the dish, and the edges are designed so that you can easily turn the food.

Cast iron grill pans

Lava Cast iron grill pan

the best grill pan reviews Here is a dish with which you can quickly prepare a barbecue, for a small family, because it has dimensions of 24x24cm and allows you to cook 4 portions of meat simultaneously. This Lava cast iron grill pan has a robust construction and heats up harder, but the heat is released for a long time, so the grill will come out juicy and soft, without burning.

The piece has 4mm walls, and inside the enamel forms an anti-abrasive layer, therefore, you will be able to cook without using fats, and the preparations will be dietary. The handle is foldable, so the piece will not take up much space in the cabinet, its surface is covered with silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees, without damage.

The base of the pan is 5 mm thick, and this makes the pot can be used on all types of hob, even those with induction. Sanitation is done quickly, because you can put the product in the dishwasher, but it is recommended to use a less harsh program, to avoid scratching the cooking surface.

Grill pan with lid

Bohmann 28 cm

the best grill pan reviews If you want your stove to be just as clean, even after you have prepared a grilled steak, choose this grill pan with a lid, because in this way, you will avoid the fat splashes spreading on the hob. Made of aluminum, it will heat up quickly.

The marble coating is non-stick and keeps a low temperature, so that the pieces of meat become juicy and tender during preparation. The vessel is made of materials that do not emit toxic substances at the time of use, because it has no PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).

The container is provided with a bakelite handle, which resists high temperatures and is designed in such a way that the handling is easy. It is compatible with all types of hob and has 6mm walls, so the risk of the preparation burning is small. The lid allows you to see the degree of cooking of the dish, because it is made of heat-resistant glass. The product has dimensions of 28x28cm, therefore, you will be able to cook a quantity of at least 4 servings for a single use.

Regis Stone grill pan

AloShop Regis Stone Copper Duo

the best grill pan reviews Do you want to cook without oil, regardless of the meat you choose to put in the bowl? Then choose a Regis Stone grill pan, which has a non-stick coating, made of stone particles combined with copper, so the dishes will be dietary and full of flavor, and the nutritional properties will be preserved.

The heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface, as the base is made of stainless steel, so the pieces of meat will be prepared in the same way, regardless of how they are placed in the pan. In the purchase package, you will receive two dishes of different sizes and shapes: one round, without striations, 24 cm and one grilled type, 28 cm, so that you can quickly pepper the food, even if your family is larger.

The product has a triple non-stick coating, that’s why it offers protection at high temperatures, and the walls have a thickness of 4mm. Even if you decide to change your hob, you can still use the grill, because it is compatible with all heat sources. Washing can be done easily, in the car, and you can even put them in the oven, when you want to cook cooked dishes.

Ceramic grill pans

Schmitter Tgaie Grill

the best grill pan reviews If you want to have in your kitchen, the best grill pan, made of ceramic, without lid, you can go to this product, because it offers a generous cooking surface, with dimensions of 28cm and so you can prepare a healthy steak, in -a short time. The non-stick surface is also composed of ceramic material, so there is no risk of emitting toxic substances for your health.

Due to the triple-layered base with a thickness of 3.5mm, the meat will not dry excessively, but will remain juicy, because the cooking temperature will not be high. At the time of purchase you will not receive a lid, but you can buy it separately, taking into account the size of the pan.

The handle is designed to handle the vessel easily, even when you have food inside, but it is not detachable, so it will take up more space in the closet. It can be used on electric and gas hobs, but the manufacturer does not mention any aspect regarding induction hobs.

Stone grill pans

Nava Nature

the best grill pan reviews If you want to make a juicy and tasty tender steak, buy a grill pan with stone, like this one, because the temperature will be uniform and the cooking will be done over low heat. On the other hand, the stone particles provide a non-stick coating, and the cleaning will be easy and the food will not stick.

It can be used on all types of hob, so you will not have to replace it when you buy another stove. Only recyclable materials were used to produce the pan, which do not emit toxic substances at high temperatures, so it is not harmful to your health.

The exterior is made of aluminum, and the base is thick, so the cooking will be slow and the food will be tasty. The pot has a square shape, 28cm wide and 28cm long, so you can easily cook 3-4 servings at a time.

Professional grill pan

Peterhof PH-15464

the best grill pan reviews This professional grill pan is made of aluminum, so the heating surface will be heated quickly. The inner shell is made of granite, so it will withstand temperatures much higher than the variants made of Teflon.

The product cannot be used in the microwave oven, but it is compatible with all types of cooking machines, regardless of the heat source used. The material does not contain harmful substances, so the use of the pan has no negative effects on health, and the heating will be uniform, which is why the preparation will cook the same, regardless of how it is placed in the pot.

The product also includes a lid in the price, so you will be able to cover the food during cooking. In order to see the state of the meat, it is made of transparent heat-resistant glass. To make handling easier, the vessel is equipped with an ergonomic handle. The container has dimensions of 28x29cm, so you will be able to place it on one eye and it will not take up much space on the hob.

Buying guide

Grilled foods are very healthy because they do not have a high fat content. When you live in a block of flats, you can’t make a classic grill, that’s why a grill pan (cheap and good) can be a real help. Given that the offer is vast, the choice can be difficult. To make it easier to choose, read the guide provided by us for a few minutes and find out some selection criteria.

the best grill pan reviews

Material: can influence the taste and quality of the preparation. You can find products made of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, ceramics.

Aluminum products are among the most affordable. They heat up easily and have a low weight, so you can easily handle them. However, after only a few uses it can deform, and the Teflon or ceramic layer can come off, so it is not a suitable choice for those who want a durable product.

Acast iron grill pan offers superior conductivity compared to other materials and has an advantageous purchase price. Since the surface will heat up evenly, the pieces of meat will be fried in the same way. The material is durable, so you can wash the pan, even with a wire brush, when needed. To create the adhesive layer, the pan needs to be burned before use, and after a few uses, the oil will enter the structure and the appearance will deteriorate. The material is heavy, so your hands can get tired during handling.

Products made ofstainless steel are less common on the market, because the material is not a good conductor of heat, which means that the preparation will not cook evenly. However, they can be easily sanitized in the dishwasher and are durable over time.

Aceramic grill pan has a non-stick coating and has the advantage that it does not contain toxic substances for the environment. Also, the whole surface has the same temperature and the preparation will be fried evenly. The non-stick layer prevents the food from burning, even if you choose to cook the meat without oil.

Teflon ones are an optimal option when you want to buy a quality product. In general, the particles in the material can be removed, so over time, the surface of the pan spoils and the food no longer has the same quality. Even if at the time of use it is not necessary to put fat, because the material does not allow the meat to stick, after a few uses the surface is scratched, especially if you walk inside with metal utensils.

Compatibility with fire source: If you have a gas or electric hob in the kitchen, you can choose any pan model, without having to check the compatibility between the two.

In the case of induction heat sources, things are different, because not every dish can be used on such a cooking machine. When choosing a grill pan (at a good price), read carefully the information provided by the manufacturer, as it mentions whether it can be used on such a hob.

Size and shape: The cooking surface should be as large as possible, so that more meat can be fried in a single use. You can find large products, 36cm long and 21cm wide, but they occupy two stitches during use. It can also be more difficult to handle when you have content inside.

So, if you want to prepare a barbecue just for you, a 16-24cm bowl will be enough for you and will not take up much storage space. In the case of larger families, you can opt for a product with a size of over 26cm and when you choose, to follow the principle “the bigger, the better”, because you will be able to prepare the meat in a shorter time. .

Many users consider that the best grill pan is the one with a square shape, because it offers more cooking space. This is an important aspect, because prepared foods must be placed in a single layer. For a uniform frying, it would be good to make sure that the temperature at the extremities will be the same. The round ones are not so spacious, but they take up less storage space on the stove and can even be used in the oven.

Other specifications : You can find grill pans, at good prices, with thermo-spot system. With its help, you will know when the cooking surface has reached the optimum temperature, so that the dishes do not burn, but cook properly.

Some products can be double and the top surface can be used for frying, so you will not have to turn the meat, but it will cook the same on both sides at the same time.

the best grill pan reviews

The grill with detachable handle can be easily put in the oven and does not take up much space in the closet. If you cover the pan, prevent the stove from filling with grease, but it can often be difficult to find the right lid for the chosen product.

Many opinions about the best grill pans, of housewives, say that at the time of purchase it is good to go for a model with the lid included and so you will have a complete set. In the purchase package you can even include tongs, so you can easily turn the pieces of meat.

Frequent questions

How to clean the grill pan?

The cleaning process depends on the material from which the vessel is made. Those made of Teflon, ceramic or granite can be easily sanitized, using warm water and dishwashing detergent, and the surface is cleaned with a soft sponge, so as not to scratch the non-stick grease. You can also insert the pan in the dishwasher, if the manufacturer mentions this in the specifications on the package. It is good to choose a milder program, so as not to damage the non-stick coating.

the best grill pan reviews

Do I need to grease the cast iron grill pan before storing?

If you bought a cast iron grill pan with a lid, after washing with detergent, you will have to put it back on the fire and cover the cooking surface with a thin layer of oil. It will be absorbed by the pores of the material and will not leave the oily vessel. The process is performed to preserve the non-stick layer, thus preventing the food from sticking during preparation.

When to use oil in the grill pan?

Normally, if you use such a dish, it is not advisable to add fat, because the food will be made in its own juice and will be dietary. However, many chefs say that when you cook vegetables on the grill pan, they come out tastier, if you grease the cooking surface with a little oil.

The most popular recipes for grill pan

After you have purchased such a product, of course you want to prepare all kinds of recipes, to test its quality and to start eating healthy. If you do not want to waste time, looking for dishes that can be grilled, look over our proposals. You might find something to your liking.

the best grill pan reviews

Chicken breast with peppers and tomatoes

To prepare grilled chicken breast you need: 500 grams of boneless breast, 300 g of mushrooms, 200 g of cherry tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt and oil. First you have to make brine from two tablespoons of salt and 500 g of water. Place the slices of meat in this mixture for 15 minutes.

Then remove the excess water, using absorbent napkins, grease the meat with olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice and leave for another 5 minutes. Then, heat the grill pan and place the marinated meat in such a way as to leave space between the slices. Let it cook on each side for 2 minutes, over high heat, and when the browned stripes appear, turn it over.

After frying, place it in a bowl and cover with aluminum foil. Then put a tablespoon of oil and place the cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, cut into pieces. Mix them with a spatula, until they become brown and soft, and finally add a pinch of salt.

Over the grill

If you choose to make grilled salmon, you can buy two frozen pieces and so you will not have to slice the fish, but just defrost them in the microwave. Then wash and remove the excess with absorbent napkins. Put a tablespoon of oil on the cooking surface and place the salmon, letting it fry over low heat, and season it on top with salt and pepper.

When the red stripes appear, turn it over and add spices again, and in a few minutes it is ready. If this fish is not to your taste, you can cook and fry the trout on the grill, the cooking process is the same as for salmon.

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