The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

Grinders Review and comparison in 2021

The grinder is a kitchen accessory that everyone in the home must have. If it’s time to buy such a product, you have below a list that includes some of the most interesting options in the online environment. We were most attracted to theBosch TSM6A017C , an electric grinder with a capacity of 75 grams, which does its job very efficiently, with a sloping work surface and being equipped with stainless steel knives. It needs an outlet to function and has a well-developed safety system. If what you are looking for is a manual model, turn your attention to the product on the 2nd place – Heinner, Manual, 20 cm .

Comparative table

It is an electric model, which works quickly (150 g / min) and in an efficient way, with blades made of stainless steel and a slightly inclined work surface, in order to grind everything as well as possible. It does not start if the lid is not fixed well and has a capacity of 75 grams.

It requires a permanent connection to the mains to operate and has a fairly short cable, only 90 cm.

If you want to grind coffee, seeds, cereals or other ingredients quickly and finely, buy this electric grinder that will do its job very well.

It is a manual model, made of very good quality materials, which keeps the ingredients inside in the best conditions and which contributes to a fine grinding (rubber tree wood, ceramics). It is a reusable option, so you can easily refill it when the spices inside have run out.

It is a grinder suitable to be used for spices that you need in smaller quantities, being a manual model.

This grinder will keep your salt, pepper or other such ingredients in very good condition, without getting wet or damaged in any way.

It is an electrical device that can be used successfully to grind everything you need, from coffee beans that have a stronger texture, to sunflower seeds, flax or poppy seeds. It has a capacity of 50 grams and a safety system that does not allow starting until the lid is securely fastened.

The upper part, where the grinding process takes place, is not detachable, which is why it does not clean / empty extremely easily.

We suggest you buy this grinder, if you want to always have a device at hand that will quickly offer you 50 grams of crushed ingredients.

In-depth reviews about the best grinders

We recommend that you go through the list below to see which items of this kind are popular in online stores.

Coffee grinder

Bosch TSM6A017C

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables If what you are looking for is a coffee grinder that will easily grind these beans, but also quickly, we suggest this product. It is an electric model, which provides a power of 180 W and works at a speed of 150 g / min. It needs to be permanently connected to a power source to operate and has a power cord of only 90 cm.

This grinder is equipped with knives made of stainless steel, to grind as fine as possible coffee beans, but also other seeds and spices, regardless of the textures they have. Its body is made of hard, cream-colored plastic. The interior is slightly sloping for more efficient grinding.

To provide safety during use, the device only works when the cover is securely fastened. It has a capacity of 75 grams, and dimensions of 17 x 9 cm. It weighs 618 grams and is more difficult to clean, because the part where the grains are ground is not detachable. Many consider it to be one of the best grinders, given the value for money.


Krups GVX242

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables This coffee grinder is a model suitable even for small businesses where this drink is sold, because it is a device that can provide very quickly ground beans, with a capacity of the feed funnel of 200 g. It offers an aromatic powder, because it does not overheat when operating and is equipped with a fineness selector.

This product is an electric model, has a power of 100 W and works with knives made of stainless steel of the highest quality, which are able to grind everything as you wish. The case is made of black plastic, being easy to integrate into any kitchen.

This device has dimensions of 26 x 12 x 14 cm and a weight of 1.5 kg. It is a safe model, not starting if the lid is not fixed well, and the purchase package also includes a cleaning brush, to easily remove small coffee particles from hard to reach spaces.


Gorenje SMK 150 B

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables Often, when it comes to opinions about the best grinders, people bring this model from Gorenje into question. It can also be used to grind seeds, grains or anything else you want, everything is done easily, thanks to the 150 W motor and knives made of stainless steel.

This product has a number of advantages that we can not overlook – it comes with a safety system that does not allow starting if the cover is not securely fastened, it is equipped with a very efficient cable storage, which you can act it by turning the base, and it offers you the possibility to adjust the degree of fineness you want.

This electric grinder is black, has dimensions of 8.5 × 10.5 × 21.5 cm and a weight of 800 grams. It comes with a capacity of 40 grams, and the container in which it is ground is not detachable.


Pepper grinder

Heinner, Manual, 20 cm

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables The great advantage of this salt and pepper grinder is that it is made of rubber tree wood, which will not form condensation inside it, given the conditions in which it is kept in the kitchen, where it is quite a lot. moisture. It is painted black and is a manual model, which means that it must be rotated to allow grinding.

The product we are talking about now is a pepper grinder, but also other spices, which has inside a press made of ceramic, a material that allows efficient grinding. This article has a height of 20 cm and allows the introduction of a sufficient amount of salt or pepper to reach your entire month.

You can refill it every time the ingredients inside are exhausted, because it is a reusable model. The brand name and the collection it belongs to are printed on the bottom.


Seed grinder

Tefal GT1108

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables If you are thinking of buying a professional pepper grinder, this model from Tefal could be a suitable option, because it allows you to quickly obtain a quantity of 50 grams of this ingredient. It is a device that will cope even in kitchens where pepper is used quite a lot.

The product can also be considered an electric grinder for nuts, but here the big problem would be that it will not grind a large amount. It works with a power of 180 W, it is equipped with a cover that prevents accidental starting, and the ON button is positioned in such a way as to be very easy to access.

Some people use it as a poppy grinder, electric, and can be used even for coffee or other types of seeds. The stainless steel blades help to grind quickly, and the plastic case is durable and easy to clean. We mention that the container in which everything is crushed is not detachable. The dimensions are 22 x 11.8 cm and the weight is 800 grams.


Electric grinder

Heinner HCG-150P

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables We tested this cheap and good grinder and we can say that it is a top model when it comes to such a product that you should always have in your home. You can use it to grind everything you need, even stronger textures, such as coffee beans.

This model has a power of 150 W and works with the help of stainless steel blades, these being resistant and crushing everything very well. The body is made of white plastic, and the top cover is transparent, so you can see what’s going on inside.

This device has no gears, and the part where the ingredients are ground is not detachable. The capacity of this grinder for seeds, coffee, spices, etc. is 50 g. This device is a secure one, which does not start if the cover is not securely fastened.


Spice grinder

Lamart LT7014

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables This spice grinder is a very interesting model, because it allows to keep inside it two types of ingredients, without mixing with each other. It’s a manual option, so you’ll have to rotate the heads to get the desired texture.

Regarding the advantages it comes with, the most important are the following: you can adjust the fineness of the crushed ingredients, it is transparent, to see how much there is inside and is made of high quality materials – stainless steel at the ends and blades and glass on the body.

In order not to have to refill it very frequently, it has a capacity of 200 ml – 100 ml for each part. It has dimensions of 22 x 5.5 cm and can be more difficult to use, if you are not clean and dry / on your hands, because it is made of slippery materials. Consider this purchase if you want to buy cheap and good grinders.


Manual grinder

Heinner, Manual, 30 cm

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables If it is important for you to use kitchen accessories made of materials that do not affect in any way the taste of the food and that are friendly to the environment, then we recommend this grinder. It has a body made of black wood, which will allow the ingredients inside not to get wet. The blades that grind salt, pepper or other spices are made of ceramic. They are strong enough for medium textures.

This product could also be a manual grain grinder, if you often want to grind small amounts of flakes or other such ingredients. You will need to rotate the two parts it is made of to easily get the desired textures.

This model has an elegant look and a length of 30 cm. It is delivered in a box that will help you in case you want to give it as a gift to a person who loves to cook.


Walnut grinder

Bohmann BH 02-533

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables If you often need ground walnuts to prepare all kinds of cakes or other goodies, we suggest you take a look at this product. It is a manual grinder, which is very similar to the chopping and grinding machines that were before. It involves turning a crank to get the desired texture, so it will take a minimum of effort on your part and a little more time than if you used an electric model.

This item is made of stainless steel, a durable material, able to provide very good characteristics for a long time. In order to use this tool, you will need to attach it to the end of a table or worktop. This version of the walnut grinder will also help you if you want to grind cheeses.

In terms of dimensions, this product measures about 29 x 13 x 9 cm and weighs 1.65 kg.


Sugar grinder

The little farmer YG140P

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables Are you looking for a sugar grinder? Then you may find this model interesting. It is a manual version, which allows crushing after turning a handle. The product is placed on a flat surface and fixed with an adjustable mechanism.

The item now brought to your attention can also be used as a salt grinder, but it can also be useful for coffee, poppy seeds, nuts, cereals or other ingredients that require grinding. The higher their hardness, the more effort you will need to put into it.

This grinder is made of cast iron, a hard and resistant material that does not influence the taste of food, and the blades inside are made of stainless steel to be durable and effective. The handle and the feeding funnel are made of plastic. The dimensions are 190 x 55 x 230 mm and the weight is 1020 grams. It is blue, with yellow and gray details.


Buying guide

A very common accessory in kitchens is the grinder. It is used very often to grind spices, seeds, coffee and all kinds of other ingredients.

When you want to buy grinders at good prices, I can make a convenient purchase only when you are really informed about the aspects you need to take into account. We will detail the most important ones in the following.

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

Type: Mainly, there are two major types of grinders:

Manuals – are operated with the help of the force that you deposit with the help of your hands. This category includes models that consist of two pieces that come rotated to grind the ingredients inside, but also those that have a system that involves turning a crank or pressing a button.

They are very simple to use, do not present any danger during use and are affordable in terms of purchase price. You can always have the classic ones at hand when cooking and it is not necessary to be perfectly clean on your hands to act on them (if they are made of less slippery materials). Are the most popular choices when it comes to salt and pepper, but not the most suitable if you need arasnita coffee, hand, since such grains hardness.

Electrical – usually works connected to an electrical network, but there are also models that are powered by batteries. They are easy to use because you simply press a button to start the grinding process, they can quickly provide the amount you need when it comes to coffee, seeds or all kinds of ingredients. They must be used with great care, because the knives rotate very quickly. They are larger than previous models, and are often more expensive.

Materials: In this chapter, you must consider the materials used both to make the product itself and to make the knives.

The knives can be made of:

Stainless steel – is very durable, it can be used even on models that grind harder grains, without the risk of damage, but over time it can wear out and no longer have the same efficiency.

Ceramic – does not change the taste of the ingredients, does not grind easily, does not need to be sharpened and is easy to clean. In order to use knives of this type in a variant that grinds harder grains, a truly qualitative and resistant material must be used when it comes to a ceramic grinder.

Regarding the rest of the pieces, the most popular materials are:

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

The wood – has a natural appearance, does not allow the grinder to slip from the hand when its parts are rotated to grind the ingredients, is resistant to shocks, gets dirty quite easily.

Plastic – is a variant that we meet very frequently with all types of products of this kind, it is resistant, it can have various colors and shapes, it can be easily scratched and it can slip out of your hands if you are not dry.

Glass – is a material that has a more elegant appearance, allows observation of what is happening inside, is very easy to clean and is sensitive to mechanical shocks.

Capacity: Each grinder at a good price that you buy has a certain capacity, and usually this must be chosen according to the frequency with which you use a certain ingredient.

Usually, the products we find on the market ready-loaded have a capacity of about 30-40 grams, this to give you an idea of how big is the option you want to buy online. A grinder that allows the incorporation of 40 grams of salt, pepper or other such spices will be enough for at least 1 month, if we are talking about a family with 2-3 members.

If what you are looking for is a variant that has a more generous capacity and allows you to grind coffee, seeds or such ingredients that are usually used in larger quantities, then turn your attention to options that provide a capacity of about 100 grams.

If it is a question of restaurants, bars or such places where food and drinks are served that involve grinding certain ingredients beforehand, then you will have to buy a professional coffee grinder, which will be able to grind in a short time at least 500 grams of of grains.

Key features: The most appreciated details in this chapter are related to the presence of details such as:

Possibility of reuse – this is an important aspect if you do not want to throw the grinder after it empties, but to refill it. It is valid for classic, manual models, which we often find on store shelves.

Easy cleaning– this is a feature to consider especially for electric variants, because often they do not have a detachable dish, but you must turn the device completely, empty it and wash it at the tap carefully, so as not to affect the electrical part.

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

Adjusting the degree of grinding – is an important detail, if you know that sometimes you want finer textures, other times coarser.

The safety system – is of real use for electric models, because it does not allow the start of the grinding process if not everything is safe.

Dimensions: Regarding this selection criterion, it is good to follow the values that a certain grinder has (at a good price) to get an idea of how you will use it and where you will store it, especially when it comes to an electric variant, which takes up more space.

Take these aspects into account and you will be able to buy the product you need as well as possible. You will easily find the most interesting items in online stores, where you can enjoy very good prices and various offers.

Frequent questions about condiment grinders

How to open an electric grinder?

Each electric grinder comes with a lid that allows you to keep the ingredients safe during grinding. It usually opens by unscrewing, lifting or other types of systems, depending on each model.

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

How does the pepper grinder unfold?

First of all, you need to know that not all grinders can be opened. There are models that are not reusable, so when the ingredients inside are exhausted, they are completely replaced.

If what you have is a version that can be refueled, which for many is the best grinder, then you will have to unscrew it by turning and refilling it, then close it again and continue to use it.

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables

Can I use a coffee grinder for seeds?

You can, of course, use a coffee device as a seed grinder, if it is not about models that grind these beans and immediately prepare the drink. If it is a machine that simply grinds them, then you can use them for any type of seeds you want, because they will cope, given that they withstand the hardness of coffee beans.

3 foods that you can grind with a coffee grinder

The grinder is a device that will help you easily grind a series of ingredients, to then use them in various dishes. If you want to make sure that what you buy will successfully withstand all kinds of textures, then buy a model for coffee, because these beans are among the hardest to grind frequently.

If you are wondering, besides coffee, what else you can grind, we will give you some suggestions below:

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables


First of all, the spices come to mind, and the most often ground with such a product are salt and pepper. But you can also use the grinder for mustard seeds, allspice, cumin, nutmeg, cloves and so on. You can have all the spices you want in finer textures with the help of a coffee grinder.


If you often make homemade bread, biscuits or other dishes that need ground seeds, then they can be crushed with such a device. It will be suitable for everything that comes to mind – sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame, chia and so on. You will get delicious mixes for everything you need.

The best grinder for coffee and vegetables


If you want to have a rich and healthy breakfast, you may sometimes want to grind a little grain such as wheat, oats, barley, etc., so that you get a mixture of flour and bran with various grains.

If you also want to eat such ground foods, consider buying a coffee grinder, which will cope with everything you need.

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