the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

Pizza Ovens – Review and comparison in 2021

Isn't the equipment of the personal or professional kitchen complete without a pizza oven? Find out what selection criteria are worth watching when you look at the examples on the Internet and discover that ZILAN ZLN-3130 is a variant often bought by Romanians, being a product at a very good price, for use at home or in a small business, which has a power of 1700 W, with two trays included for the preparation of two pizzas at the same time, reaching a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, to allow fast baking, and can be used for steaks or other dishes, with temperature controls , time and type of flame. Another popular example on the domestic market is Moratti CPARI2C .

Comparative table

This option specially designed for lovers of baked food can be used for pizza and other dishes, such as steaks or cakes, with mechanical control in terms of temperature, baking time and type of heating, reaching up to 300 degrees Celsius, not missing the sound signal at the end of cooking.

It is obvious that it will not cope with a fast food or restaurant specialized in such dishes, suitable only for home use, for a maximum of two pizzas made at the same time.

Those looking for a home appliance for frequent use in order to snack on food prepared in bulk can invest in such a roomy electrical appliance.

For a fast food or a small restaurant such an electric product will be auspicious, which facilitates the preparation of pizza through the existence of two large rooms, with generous dimensions, of 50 cm x 50 cm, the power of 6000 W being sufficient for cooking two dishes at the same time.

The peppered acquisition cost is the first criterion that stands out, this denoting the fact that the investment will be addressed to those who have or want to start a gastronomy business.

This example will address small businesses in the field of HoReCa and fast food, given the acquisition costs and the power of the device.

A high-end kitchen can enjoy the presence of such a built-in appliance, with grill and catalytic self-cleaning, with up to five "drawers" in which trays with baking food can be placed, the maximum capacity being high, 68 liters, having an adjustable timer, temperature gradation that can be set manually and specific combustion types.

The windows can be difficult to clean without dismantling, if any liquid leaks between them, the purchase cost being slightly high compared to other products.

Combining the necessary qualities for ordinary users with a price that meets expectations, this branded product will be appreciated by Romanian buyers at present.

In-depth reviews about the best pizza ovens

For the preparation of tasty dishes, in different circumstances, a good pizza oven, such as those exemplified here, which is in the current sales charts, will be necessary.

Electric pizza oven

ZILAN ZLN-3130  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

If you need an electric pizza oven with which to make your cravings whenever you want, along with a tasty recipe, you can try this option appreciated by other Romanian buyers. It is accompanied by a fair acquisition cost, balanced in relation to what it can do.

It has an average power for its category of use (household), reaching 1700 W, being an electric model, for which you will not have to put much effort in terms of cooking, given that it has buttons for adjusting the temperature, the required period cooking and the type of flame, also having an acoustic signal at the end of the program.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, being ideal for quick preparation of pizza, and can be used as a grill or for gratin or browning, because the heat can radiate from below, and from above or from the sides. The dimensions of the baking chamber are generous, 40 x 44 cm, with multiple rows on which several trays can be placed at the same time.

G3Ferrari Delight  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

For home use, this interesting electric pizza oven was designed in a round formula, which can also be used to produce tasty tarts, pies or sticks or bread, presenting an Italian brand design, in attractive shades. It has a low power of 1200 W, enough for home use, for family cooking, promising to get the perfect pizza in five minutes, with adjustment buttons for temperature and baking time.

The baking surface of 31 cm in diameter is made of refractory stone, which will maintain the desired temperature for a long time, adjusting the temperature in steps, up to 400 degrees Celsius, the timer having five minutes of cooking, being equipped with acoustic signal.

It is understandable that it will not be suitable for use in a restaurant or other type of place, but at home it can cause a sensation. The supply is made at the socket, it does not take up much space on the counter, but it requires a lot of attention because, if the fats reach the stone slabs, they cannot be cleaned and lose their effectiveness, spare parts being difficult to find.

Oursson MO3020 / DC  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

Here is a pizza oven, cheap and good, which can be used in many ways, being useful as a grill or roaster, with no less than 12 cooking programs, audible warning at the end of the program, for cleaning with its own catalytic system that sanitizes vertical walls.

You can set the temperature inside manually, between 100 and 230 degrees Celsius, to be able to prepare what you want in a short time and to get the best tastes. The power is average, for household appliances, of 1500 W. Keep in mind that the electrical appliance can lower the temperature a little so as not to burn the dishes. The maximum loading capacity is 30 liters, being able to cook two pizzas at the same time, having enough space for them.

It has convection ventilation that spreads the hot air to lead to a uniform baking, not lacking the defrost function. When the cooking process is over, it will turn off automatically so that the kitchen is not in danger. Some accessories may be missing from the box, so it is recommended to open and check upon receipt.

Zilan Gusto ZLN5320  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

An electric oven like this can be useful for your own kitchen, which has mechanical adjustments for time, temperature and heating mode, so as to be suitable for various types of dishes, from pizza to steaks, cakes, pies or countertops. cake and french fries.

The oven has a capacity of 38 liters, the trays included as additional accessories can be used to prepare pizza 32 cm in diameter, there is also a rectangular tray for other foods. The 1500 W power is specific to household electrical appliances, being "strong" enough for a family. The temperature can be adjusted between 50 and 320 degrees Celsius, for the faithful preparation of a variety of recipes.

On the glass of the door can be seen the standard times required for the preparation of common foods in the house, there is also a button that regulates how heat spreads, from top to bottom, from bottom to top or from the sides, to obtain the desired crusts .

Direct BASIC4  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

Here is a professional pizza oven, accompanied by a tailor-made cost, which can be used in a small restaurant or other similar HoReCa business, where pizza is at the forefront of the menu. This electric product has a capacity of 60 liters, which allows you to cook four 32 cm pizzas at the same time, so that a busy kitchen can handle orders quickly.

The power of 4700 W helps to quickly prepare the dough, the oven reaching up to 500 degrees Celsius, the temperature can be adjusted manually, there are two heaters, up and down, with a thermostat each, for uniform browning, the baking surface being refractory brick, because it keeps the heat inside.

In order to see the state of the preparations, the device is equipped with interior light, each of the two resistors and the bulb having its own switch. The control panel is used without difficulties, with rotating mechanical buttons, with visible indications.

Star-Light Pro CAB-4024BL  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

This variant with a combustion chamber, capable of cooking with steam, has a considerable power of 2400 W, including 21 cooking programs, with toaster, to enjoy a family or even a small business type of pension with breakfast or meals included in the price.

The small investment is not in vain among the best pizza ovens for home, with a capacity of 40 liters or a large pizza tray, 40 cm long. From the digital LED control panel you can control the steam cooking program, frying, air frying, baking or for drying fruits and seeds, being able to set your own temperatures (up to 230 degrees Celsius) and cooking periods for the desired foods. .

The appliance is equipped with a fan for circulating hot air inside, maintaining the required temperature during cooking, to reduce cooking time and save energy.

Professional pizza oven

Moratti CPARILZ2508  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

For a specific restaurant will be useful a professional pizza oven with two combustion chambers and separate control panels. This spacious device allows the preparation of four pizzas on each room, so that eight small pizzas, 25 cm in diameter, can be ready in a few minutes, thanks to the power of 6000 W.

It has a thermostat, to help regulate the desired temperature inside, there are two power levels available for better heat handling, each room having multiple degrees of temperature regulation, up to 250 degrees Celsius. We mention that it is an electric variant that is powered by a socket, with a considerable weight of 83 kg, difficult to position or move.

There are two heaters in each chamber, so that the burning takes place both above and below. In addition, each room has its own bulb, with switch, to check, on request, the condition of the preparation, without requiring the opening of the hatch.


the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

An entrepreneur who can afford to invest in such a professional pizza oven will have at hand a machine ready to use in different circumstances, which handles a large volume of work and will produce remarkable results in terms of taste and appearance. .

This workstation for the restaurant is equipped with a power of 10,000 W, with 10 power steps and 5 different cooking programs, reaching a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, having resistance up and down, presenting the option of cooking by air convection and baking, the temperature being able to be adjusted mechanically at each resistance. This means that it can take the pizza to cook for up to two minutes, considerably facilitating the preparation process and ensuring a high turnover.

The workstation measures 50 cm wide and 145 cm long, so it will occupy a considerable space in the kitchen. At the same time, it weighs over 60 kg, requiring a stable platform. The acquisition cost is also high, reflecting the category to which it is addressed.


the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

A restaurant with a staff or a business in the HoReCa field (where substantial investments are allowed) can benefit from such an acquisition, given that the product is capable of baking a variety of products, including pizza. The considerable price of the product will stand out first, this being followed by the generous dimensions, measuring 145 cm in height, 207 cm in length and 57.5 cm in width, and by the fact that it has a considerable power, of 24500 W.

It has no less than 10 baking programs, the volume of 200 liters being generous with space for preparing more than 10 pizzas, the baking time being a maximum of 10 minutes, given that it is capable of reaching 500 degrees Celsius.

It has buttons for separate adjustment of the baking temperature and the timer, being a model with circulating air, which will maintain the heat inside the baking chamber. The long power line, of 10 meters, will be useful, together with the wheeled feet, to position the appliance in the kitchen.

Gas pizza oven

Electrolux EOG2102AOX  

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

Are you looking for a pizza oven, at a good price, that can be used for other dishes? This option available for the house will consist of a roomy baking room, 68 liters, with electric grill, to prepare all kinds of tasty dishes, to the liking of family and friends who come to visit.

For easy cleaning, the interior walls are equipped with a special layer of catalytic coating that will help burn the deposited fats. For even cooking, include a fan designed to disperse heat throughout the baking room.

This gas pizza oven is equipped with different types of trays, for grill, baking, frying, and thawing. It is part of the energy class A +, with a power of 1760 W, with a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, the heating being done only from below. It also has a manual timer with audible signal and automatic gas shutdown, as well as interior lighting. However, windows can be difficult to clean if not removed.

Buying guide

Pizza is one of the favorite foods of Romanians, being often cooked at home or ordered at restaurants or catering. Therefore, more and more people, restaurant owners, culinary businesses or chefs prefer to buy an oven in order to prepare this type of food easier and faster. For a beginner it can be difficult to understand which is the best pizza oven to use at home or at the restaurant, so we offer you some information here.

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

Types : A first differentiation between devices is made when it comes to how they are powered. Therefore, we will have a pizza oven on gas, electric and wood, the latter being also known as "al forno".

Gas ovens are affordable, which may not be the most efficient, but they do their job economically, because gas, which is the fuel used, is cheaper than electricity, for example. In order to work, it is necessary to connect to the gas pipe, obviously. Baking is uniform and the flavors are intensified, but it requires supervision so that the food does not burn, the baking chamber can be on the hearth, tunnel or rotary.

Electric ovens are convenient simply by setting the temperature and baking time and no longer require supervision. The heating is fast and the temperature is maintained inside, the appearance being interesting, not taking up much space, some of which can be embedded in other pieces of furniture. To manage electricity costs, look for a product from a higher energy class, preferably A.

A wood-fired pizza oven is a classic and considered by many to preserve the qualities of the dish and to intensify the flavors and tastes beyond measure, so that the resulting pizza is the tastiest, with a slightly smoky smell. Use as fuel the wood that will reach the desired temperature in a short time, having a long lifespan, especially when it is well built, with chamotte, which will keep the heat inside the tank, preserving it. Consumption of wood can be reduced, but the administration of the preparation so that it does not burn is more difficult, requiring constant attention.

Features of the baking room : Indicates the real need for the product, because the home will not need a device or item as large or high-performance (and expensive) as those used in restaurants or catering services. There are simple options, where you have enough space to cook a pizza, and professional versions of pizza ovens, at good prices, which allow the preparation of 2, 4, 6 or 9 pieces at the same time, for a mass of customers to receive the portions at the same time.

For example, an oven capable of removing four 32 cm portions in diameter will need 66 x 66 cm of cooking space, while to remove the new pizza at once, the baking chamber should measure at least 92 x 92 cm. , with an addition of at least 10 cm, so that the food has a place to return.

For a successful, serving business, it is advisable to purchase a product with a high capacity, so that the menu is varied and so that the diameter of the pizza can be changed. In the description of some ovens bought online you can find this specification expressed in the form of liters.

Compartments : There are variants with one room, two or even three.

For pizza ovens, cheap and good, for home you can find a single compartment whose dimensions are variable, to receive a variable number of dishes for baking at the same time. It is suitable for use in fast food or a small business.

The variants with two or three rooms will be used where the number of clients increases considerably, as in the case of a specific restaurant, a hotel or delivery service with a large number of daily orders.

Power : Depending on the size, it will involve processing the dough and the pizza itself over a period of time, expressed in watts. This value varies, starting from 1000 W, the value that a home oven should have, reaching up to 8000 W, when it comes to pizza ovens, at a good price, with a baking room, or options up to 15000 – 16000 W for large businesses, with at least two baking rooms, which will also have a suitable price.

Functions : Certain programs that facilitate cooking will be useful, options found for gas or electric variants. These include adjusting the temperature and cooking time by using digital or manual controls, the possibility of monitoring cooked food by turning on a light inside, adjusting the lower and upper temperature for double flame products, thermal inertia resistance and the existence of a start timer. or flame cessation notification.

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

In the end, we leave you in the company of opinions about the best pizza ovens and examples found in online stores, where you will have the opportunity to discover offers or discounts to help you save.

Frequent questions

Why is pizza used in the pizza oven?

Samota (or refractory brick) is used in the construction of wood ovens because it retains heat more efficiently inside the combustion chamber, especially on the horizontal surface, where the dough tray will be placed.

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

What is the optimal temperature in the pizza oven?

The ideal temperature for preparing this dish varies depending on the type of oven used and its capabilities, but also on how quickly you want the dish to be ready. For example, a high-performance pizza oven can take out a perfectly prepared pizza in 500 seconds at 500 degrees Celsius, while at 300 degrees, the dough will need 4-5 minutes to bake. For an oven that can only reach 250 degrees Celsius, the preparation will be left to bake for between 8 and 10 minutes.

Is the electric oven version for pizza also good?

For both home and restaurants, an electric pizza oven can be a good addition, especially in the hands of a capable person. It is important that the appliance reaches a minimum of 250 degrees Celsius and that you have a good dough recipe, so that the food comes out tasty and cooks well enough.

Wood versus electric pizza oven

Pizza is an increasingly popular food among Romanians, because you can make it from anything, as long as you have a few simple ingredients available in the pantry and refrigerator. However, how do you get the best taste and which version of the oven is easier to use?

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

The electric oven is the one that allows the fast cooking, without problems, of the food, ensuring a precise control of the baking temperature, so that the dough is prepared thermally uniformly. It can be in the shape of a tunnel, on the hearth or rotating. The tunnel involves the introduction of food and the setting of time and temperature, as well as the speed of the belt, without requiring verification along the way, while the option on the hearth involves the use of one or two baking chambers, with the setting of cooking parameters from the digital control panel or electronically. The rotating variant will present two rotation speeds, with a higher loading capacity, being intended for restaurants. Although it is easier to prepare, pizza will not retain that pleasant, slightly smoky taste, obtained only on the wood oven.

the best home pizza ovens to buy for every budget

The wood version is especially appreciated for the special, inimitable, rich taste of the preparation that results from the intensification of the flavors of the ingredients when exposed to the flame. Although the production process is the same, it will be slightly harder to prepare a good pizza, because it requires lighting the fire and maintaining it at a certain intensity, so that the cook will remain in front of the hearth.

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