The best ice machine for home use

Ice Machines – Review and comparison in 2021

We are always in trouble when we have to choose an electrical device for our kitchen, and the choice of an ice machine is no exception. To make your choice easier, we come up with a proposal, the Heinner HIM-105BK model. This is especially noticeable by a good ability to produce ice, reaching 12 liters in 24 hours. In its tank you can load up to 1.9 liters of water. In addition to its good ice-making capacity, the device has a compact design, which makes it suitable for confined spaces. If you are looking for something different, you can use the product Star-Light MGY-1208GR .

Comparative table

If you want to focus on a reliable product that produces enough ice, then this model, with 12 kg of daily production, is suitable, and in addition, being quite light, you can easily place it anywhere you want. , without creating discomfort.

Even if it produces a lot of ice, the fact that you can't choose the size of your cubes can be a factor that makes them less attractive, and the tank is smaller than other products.

For those who are not too pretentious, such an ice cube maker includes the most important features, and is a valuable acquisition for the home or office.

It is a powerful ice machine that reaches 12 kg of ice in 24 hours and can be placed with confidence anywhere, thanks to the anti-slip system. If you want a standard tank and a device whose price fits a lower budget, then this is a good competitor.

Unfortunately, the appliance must be placed as close as possible to a power source or purchase an extension cord, and sometimes its noise can be annoying.

To enjoy an ice maker right on the kitchen counter, at the best possible price, you can take advantage of this offer.

When you need a device that is as reliable as possible and that produces a sufficient amount of ice for the industry or place you work in, the good capacity and the large volume that does not bother you, combine in this resistant product, made of stainless steel.

Unlike other products, it does not incorporate modern technology to provide information about the car's cycle or contents, so you have to check how much ice or water it has left.

When you are determined to choose a robust, professional version for ice production, then you can set aside a budget to purchase this piece suitable for various businesses.

In-depth reviews about the best ice machines

Because we offered to help you find the best ice machine, we also compiled a list of valid offers that might suit you. Take a look at the products below to see which one is more tempting.

Ice cube machine

Heinner HIM-105BK

The best ice machine for home use

An ice cube machine that deserves your attention is the one produced by the Romanian brand Heinner, which has made a name for itself on the market through quality products and decent prices. The HIM-105BK model is one that meets quite high requirements, being able to produce, within 24 hours, 12 kg of ice. In this way, it is suitable not only for the moments when you want to have a party at home, but also for offices with many employees or for small businesses where customer requirements can be met with reasonable quantities. On average, you can extract 9 ice cubes from the machine in an interval of 7-11 minutes.

The tank of this appliance can receive up to 1.9 liters of water, which means that you will occasionally have to intervene for filling. On the other hand, the ice machine has an ergonomic construction and is very simple to use, which is an advantage in any kitchen. It weighs only 8.5 kg, being easy to move.

It does not have a complex menu, or a complicated shape, the lid being easily accessible, ideal for comfortable use. It is provided with two indicators, one for filling the container, another for when the water in the tank runs out.

Heinner HIM-120S

The best ice machine for home use

Those who want an ice cube machine that has a good capacity and is available at a lower price, can go to the Heinner HIM-120S model, which copes, with relatively small dimensions, with a good production of cubes. of ice. It can produce up to 12kg of ice in a 24-hour period. This is also possible due to the 120 W power it has. In addition, you can choose between two different sizes of ice cubes.

The tank is well sized, its contents can accept a quantity of water of up to 2.1 liters. It is not one of the largest water tanks, which means that you will travel for filling as often as with other ice machines.

When you buy it, you must also take into account the fact that its operation produces a constant noise of about 60 decibels. By placing the car correctly, this detail will not be as annoying.

Zass ZIM 01

The best ice machine for home use

Those who are thinking of investing a little more in a device with increased efficiency and allowing them to use as comfortably as possible, should take a look at the product proposed by Zass, a German brand recognized for the reliability of home appliances.

The Zass ZIM 01 model, equipped with an LED display, can offer you between 12 and 15 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. To cope with the larger processing capacity, the manufacturer has equipped the car with a 2.5-liter tank so that it does not run out of raw materials quickly. It can be used to produce three different sizes of cubes, as needed.

The car gives you the opportunity to see how many ice cubes are in the storage container, because it is provided with a viewing window. And because you shouldn't use them all at once, about 1.1 kg of cubes can remain stored inside the ice machine. If you are thinking of moving the device to another room or storing it, you should know that it weighs 13.5 kg and measures 418 x 363 x 383 cm.

Ice maker

Star-Light MGY-1208GR

The best ice machine for home use

Because you can never know when a little ice is needed, an ice maker will suit you, whether you buy it to use at home or in the building where you work. It is advisable to buy a device that produces enough ice, such as the Star-Light MGY-1208GR. It has a power of 120W and a 2.2 liter tank, so it does not require any installation, but only filling the vessel with water. During a day, this model can generate around 12 kg of ice.

If you want to make sure that there are enough cubes in your car for everyone, it's easy to look inside it through the transparent cover. This way you are always on stage without making any effort. An advantage that is good to note is the presence of LED indicators, which warn you when the device has finished producing cubes, and notifies you when the tank is empty and you have to take care of it. Because the car can sit on the kitchen counter, it is equipped with an anti-slip system. Its cable is 1.5m long enough to attach to the sockets above the worktop.

If other devices may be uncomfortable, in his case, you have two elements to help you. First of all, the ice cube is detachable, so you can handle it quietly. Secondly, in the package you will receive a shovel to use to take the ice cubes.

Camry CR 8073

The best ice machine for home use

A product well seen by users, which you can rely on when it comes to efficiency, is Camry CR 8073. This ice maker has a capacity of about 10 cubes in 10 minutes and 12 kg of ice, respectively. one day.

In order to check the amount of cubes present in the device, you have a transparent lid, so you do not have to open it to make sure you have everything you need. The standard tank, of 2.2 liters of water, is filled directly by the person who uses the car. Both for the production of cubes and for the water tank, you have LED indicators in sight that warn you of the status of the two processes.

Once the production of cubes has ended, the machine stops automatically, saving energy. And the resulting cubes remain in the detachable tub, which keeps the cubes in the thermally insulated room of the car. If you want to place the device in a narrow space, its dimensions can allow you to do so, measuring 249x360x327 cm.

Proficook PC-EWB 1079

The best ice machine for home use

An ice machine you might like is Proficook PC-EWB 1079. Easy to use, because it does not require installation, but also efficient, because it produces a lot of ice, it is suitable for both office and home. , as well as for small bars or for camping. Its capacity is 10 to 15 kg of cubes in 24 hours, being a powerful device of 250 W.

Its tank is smaller than the standard one, having only 1.7 liters. Fortunately, it does not require much attention, because the device is equipped with LEDs and warning sound. This means that you will be warned when the tank empties, as well as if the container is filled with ice. In this case, the device switches itself off, thanks to the automatic shut-off function.

You can check the ice level with a window in the lid of the device, so you will know when is the right time for a new series of cubes. A noteworthy detail is the making of this stainless steel appliance, which helps you maintain proper hygiene.

Clatronic EWB 3526

The best ice machine for home use

Because you need a device as powerful as possible, you can choose a Clatronic EWB 3526, which works with 150 W, to produce an amount of ice between 10 and 15 kg. You can use it by simply pressing a button, by electronic control, and by filling the standard 2.2 liter tank. For a product that is not professional, it has all the features you need.

Thus, the device benefits from automatic shutdown, so it closes at the end of a production cycle. In order not to have to check its condition, it is provided with indicator lights and an acoustic signal. When it runs out of water or the special cube compartment is filled, light bulbs and audible warning will let you know.

Designed to be installed in the office, in the home kitchen or in terraces and cafes, it has a compact and pleasant design and a quiet operation.

Professional ice machine

Klimaitalia MG 65 AZ

The best ice machine for home use

Offered by a company specialized in professional refrigeration equipment, the Klimaitalia MG 65 AZ professional ice machine is the result of the operation of a research department, which guarantees an innovative technology.

Following its operation, the device produces ice cubes of about 18 grams, and within 24 hours it reaches a total weight of 67 kg. Because it was created to be able to move according to needs, it does not require a special connection to the water, but works with a large capacity tank. 40 liters of water are needed for filling.

Its production capacity is given by the 650 W motor, which places it well above those for residential use. However, it falls into energy class A, avoiding excessive spending. With an automatic freezer defrost system and made of stainless steel, it is at the same time durable, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Klimaitalia MG 21 AZ

The best ice machine for home use

Because some of the buyers need a professional ice machine, but to be adapted to medium-sized businesses, the company producing the Klimaitalia MG 21 AZ model has designed a product smaller than others in the range. It has a tank capacity of 4 liters, double the residential standard, but not oversized.

To produce good quality ice cubes, it is calibrated to make pieces of 18 grams each. The result of Italian refrigeration technology, the ice appliance with a 260 W motor can produce up to 21 kg of cubes. They can successfully cover the needs of a bar or restaurant.

The good news for users is both the energy classification in consumption class A and its quiet operation. The manufacturer estimates the consumption of his device at 50 lWh. And while working, the ice machine makes a noise of 40 decibels, within a decent limit. Made of stainless steel, the device is durable and easy to clean.

Finlux FCM-15TD

The best ice machine for home use

If you have not yet decided on a professional ice machine, then you can take a look at the article Finlux FCM-15TD150W. It is very suitable both for home and office use, as well as for terraces, bars and chic cafes. With a power of 150 W, it uses a compressor technology to achieve good results. Its capacity is 10 kg during a working day, and for operation it requires filling the tank with 1.5 liters of water.

Among the features that make it eligible, is the modern design, which integrates an LED display with visible display in the car body. Made of stainless steel, the device combines elegantly on the countertop for appliances, next to the espresso machine.

During an operating cycle, the FCM-15TD150W produces 12 ice cubes, and if the water level required for production has dropped too much, you will receive an alarm so that you can act accordingly. In the same way, an alarm is triggered when the ice pack fills up. If you need to schedule the production of cubes in time, you have a timer at hand that will help you do that.

Buying guide

Because you need guidance among the various opinions about the best ice machines, we decided to develop a short guide, which will give you the necessary criteria for a successful selection. Here's what to look out for:

The best ice machine for home use

Dimensions and volume : Many of the ice making machines, especially those intended for the production of ice for home use, are designed in such a way as to take up as little space as possible, so as not to crowd the space in the kitchen. However, you need to find the right balance between ergonomic design and utility, and this varies by model.

A visible feature, the external dimensions, gives you a first measure of the compatibility of the ice machine with your kitchen. It is important, therefore, to pay attention not only to the exterior dimensions, but also to the volume that the car has inside.

The specifications given by the manufacturer can help you determine the place that an ice machine can occupy, cheap and good, in your kitchen, measuring in time the spaces you have in mind. If you have already decided where you should place the car, then your selection becomes even simpler, because only those products that fit in given dimensions will enter your list.

Don't forget to consider the weight of the ice maker, especially if you want to use it in various places, which would mean moving it often. It is not pleasant to move heavy appliances around the house.

In terms of interior volume, this is significant for how much ice you will have available. The best ice machines have a high volume design, so that you do not run out of ice quickly. Of course, it will produce ice again, but it is better to have something to put in glasses until a new tranche.

Production capacity : An ice machine, at a good price, can get you out of trouble at parties and improve your time with friends and family. The key to success is most often finding the right pace. Therefore, when it comes to this device, try to correctly estimate the rate at which ice is consumed at home or in the office, so you know what the requirements are for a purchase.

Some cars have an increased production capacity, which will help you cope in almost any situation. This provided you do not forget the power supply. Whether they come at a high price or are cheap and good ice machines, they have a water tank of a certain capacity, and if you forget to refuel it or have to deal with it quite often, you may not be able to. calm down nothing.

In most cases, manufacturers specify among the product details, and the waiting time for an ice tranche. Normally, an ice machine can produce results in 10-20 minutes from commissioning, but the speed is not constant, some models do better than others, so it is important to check this detail.

Functions and accessories : In step with the times, ice machines have also progressed, and now they are no longer simple cooling boxes. In addition to the pleasant design, various functions have been added to them that make them easier to use and care for. Identify the ones that are most helpful to you and you will see if some are found in the features of the devices you are considering.

One function you will enjoy is self-cleaning. When it comes to car maintenance, it is unpleasant to wait a long time or find ways to remove excess ice to wash the car. An easy way to keep the product in good condition is precisely this self-cleaning function.

If you want to find ice machines, at good prices, and that provide you with ice cubes to the sizes you want, then you will find devices that have a size selection function for ice cubes. It is a useful function when dealing with various glasses and drinks or for various other needs. It's easier than breaking the cubes to fit anyway.

In some cases, ice machines are equipped with timers, which is really useful. If you have decided to use ice cubes for a meeting with friends or a party and you want them to be ready at the right time, then using the automatic timer is the best way.

Sometimes the ice machine at a good price has included in the package some accessories, such as pallets or pliers for cubes. These are useful for grabbing and serving cubes, without dropping them through the kitchen.

Easy to use : Because it is not the most complicated machine in the world, the product should be simple and efficient. Find those types of devices that offer you an intuitive use of controls, possibly with clear instructions, to help you understand from the beginning how to use it.

In this regard, ice machines include signaling devices to help you use them correctly. For example, some have LEDs that tell you if the ice compartment is full or if a new tank fill is needed. Also, the way in which the tank is filled or in which you can remove the ice may be more convenient for some models.

The best ice machine for home use

Resistance and consumption : Because ice production is a demanding process, it is possible that some of the models have been made with lower quality elements to yield quite quickly. Sometimes, even those put on the market by prestigious brands can face technical problems.

Choosing a product that involves lower purchase costs can lead to increased maintenance costs over time, so it is good to opt for more reliable options, even if it requires a slightly higher budget. Check the possibility of receiving a warranty of one or more years for your product.

Remember that these cars are also consumers of electricity. To the cost of the product, will be added in time, the electricity bills, therefore, the energy class is important.

If you now have a useful guide for selecting your favorite ice machine, you can add to your knowledge some more details and clarifications, which you can find in the paragraphs below.

Frequent questions

How long do ice cubes get in the freezer?

Usually, ice cubes in a freezer are quite difficult to make. This is for several reasons, both due to the large size of the freezers and the long cooling time. Usually, you will have ice cubes in the freezer within 3-4 hours of putting the bag or tray inside.

The best ice machine for home use

When is it worth investing in a home ice maker?

It is a good idea to buy your own ice maker when their consumption in the house is constant. Whether it's meetings, parties or simply out of the habit of drinking iced tea, when you use more, it's good not to always run out of enough cubes.

How much does a professional ice machine cost?

In general, professional ice machines are quite a distance away, in price, from those built for domestic use. Because the requirements are higher, both their size and power is clearly superior. You will be able to find such cars at prices starting from about 8000 lei and up.

3 signs that you need an ice maker

For some, buying an ice machine is a fad, for others it is the solution to some problems. We thought we'd give you some reasons why you might need an ice machine, although you may have discovered them yourself.

The best ice machine for home use

Ice trays are a torment . Every time you use the freezer to produce ice cubes, you have to fork with the rest of the products that are already in the freezer box. Because the tray must stand upright, you will need to place all the products again, and then find that you have spilled some of the water, which will settle on the inside of the box. In addition, to produce more, you may have to put ice in the refrigerator, where it is only stored for a short time. To get rid of all this, you can buy an ice machine.

You give parties often . You like to use your free time to meet everyone and have fun. Which is great, as long as you have everything you need. An ice machine is a secret ingredient, from this point of view, because you will always keep the party alive with its help.

The best ice machine for home use

You are passionate about camping . When you have to get out of town often and stock up on food and cold drinks, it's not practical to stock up on ice cubes days in advance. With an ice machine at hand, you can prepare quickly and without running out of material.

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