the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

If you want the best induction hob from 2021, which is electric and built-in, you are at the right place. You will definitely think about the advantages and disadvantages, consumption, power, principle of operation and power supply, the type of pots to use and much more. You will want to look at the dimensions to know which top induction hob suits you, with one eye, with 2 meshes, 4 meshes or more. We will help you find the best prices, opinions and we will come up with some recommendations. As a recommended model, see this Electrolux EHH6240ISK .

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

You should know that you can find a large selection of good induction hobs at eMag, Altex, Dedeman, Flanco, Media Galaxy, Carrefour, Domo and other home appliance stores. Prince's well-known brands are Bosch, Electrolux, Akyta, AEG, Arctic, Beko, Gorenje, Hansa, Hotpoint, Miele or Whirlpool. With good opinion, you can also find an electric induction hob with cheap induction if needed, others super slim, bigger or smaller, 60 or 90 cm. On the colors and styles side you will find white, black, beige, gray, rustic or vintage style models. Alternatively, we recommend that you look at gas or ceramic hob built-in hobs.

The best built-in induction hobs – TOP 10 new models

Electrolux EHH6240ISK built-in induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

The Electrolux induction hob is perhaps a bestseller in its category, and rightly so. You have 4 generous cooking stoves, and a very good looking black glass finish. It has a function called Booster that helps you reach the temperature you need, very quickly. The cooking zones are automatic, in the sense that when you put the dish on the hob it heats up, and when you lift it it stops.

Do not risk getting your hands on the hot area, because even after cooking, you have indicators that show you which areas are still hot. The width of this induction hob is 60 cm. The reviews for this product are very good, we recommend you see them.

Bosch PUE611FB1E built-in electric induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

This model of built-in electric hob from Bosch offers you an intuitive control panel. It allows you to easily select the cooking stitches and the intensity of the power you need. You also have a display that misses your electricity consumption.

This induction hob puts the heat where it is needed, ie at the base of the pot. Dramatically reduces the risk of burns or accidents during cooking. It also offers you considerable energy savings because water, for example, boils twice as fast as a built-in ceramic hob.

Built-in white induction hob Whirlpool ACM 808 BA S

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

Look at this Whirlpool built-in induction hob if you like the color white. Although the official color is a light gray, silver, we say it beats in a white or light beige. It offers you 4 burners, with the necessary quotation marks. This good induction hob allows you to combine the cooking areas so that they become roomy for large dishes.

It is a model of electric induction hob that emphasizes energy saving, so you can set the maximum power limit at which the hob can be set. To keep children away from the hob, you have the super useful Childlock function.

Samsung NZ64M3NM1BB / UR built-in electric hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

I couldn't ignore Samsung's induction hob . It has a ceramic surface, touch control and LED display. Black glass adds elegance to the given model and makes it universal, suitable in any kitchen.

The power of this hob is 7200 W. As you can see from the pictures, the hob is equipped with 2 small burners and 2 large burners, placed crosswise.

Akyta 1-eye induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

If you need a portable induction hob, or you have a small family that uses the hob occasionally, you can choose one with 1 eye . This model from Akyta has a pretty good value for money.

It has a power of 2000 W , tactile control of the usual controls, 8 different cooking functions and timer for limiting the operating time.

Hansa BHI68300 built-in induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

We present a well-made hob, with induction from Hansa . You have illuminated, easy-to-use buttons that make it easy to use. You have a useful function called Stop & Go. This allows you to pause and deactivate all cooking areas until you return, remembering the progress made. You can preheat the hob in time with a dedicated program.

You can prevent children from operating the electric hob by activating the Childlock function. This keeps your family safe. You have a timer with a warning that can be set for up to 99 minutes of cooking. The alarm will let you know when the cooking process is ready.

Beko HDMI32400DTX 2-mesh induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

Beko brings a good 2-burner induction hob , perfect for small kitchens and limited countertop spaces. You can adjust the individual temperature on each of the 2 burners, with the choice of one of the 9 power levels. The hob will start heating the dishes when a pot or pan is placed on its surface.

If the hob exceeds a certain temperature limit, the power supply is automatically stopped. It also happens to him if liquid is spilled on the cooking surface.

Gorenje IT640BSC induction hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

Gorenje offers an electric hob with induction technology , electronic control and residual heat indicator. You have 4 elegant cooking areas . The finish of this model is black.

A good electric hob with a total power of 7.2 kW. The energy efficiency class for the given model from Gorenje is A.

White induction hob Beko HII 64500 FHTW

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

The white induction hob model from Beko offers you Flex induction technology . With this technology you can transform 2 cooking areas into a large one for larger, larger dishes.

You can control all settings, set cooking intensity, stopwatch and other useful functions with Beko's Touch & slide technology.

Hendi Display Line professional induction double hob

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

If you want a professional electric induction hob , we recommend you to choose this model from Hendi. It is a manufacturer dedicated to commercial equipment and horeca. This model with a power of 3500 W is perfect for demonstration cooking, culinary shows or for intensive restaurant work. Power and temperature can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 10.

The surface is made of ceramic glass with overheating protection . The weight of the equipment is only 6.6 kg.

How to choose the best electric hob with built-in induction in Romania

Induction hob is becoming more and more popular in Romania among urban dwellers. It is a good solution when gas connection is not possible or not desired. However, there are a number of people who look carefully at such a purchase and choose the built-in gas hob .

the best induction hob cooker with functions to buy this year

How an induction hob works

Unlike any other type of hob, especially gas hob where the burner heats the positioned vessel by flame, in the electric induction hob only the pot is heated by induction. This is possible with the help of the electromagnetic field. Thus, you can touch the induction hob with your hands (although it is not recommended), you can position the utensils on it without much happening. Likewise grease stains or other impurities can be cleaned quickly.

Hot dishes that heat up from the electromagnetic field can be dangerous and cause burns. It is also preferable not to touch the burner itself on which the vessel is positioned. The surface and dishes take on heat and may remain hot for some time after cooking. However, the danger of getting burns on such an electric hob is not as great. The cooking surface also cools relatively quickly. It can be cleaned approximately immediately after stopping. Speaking of cleaning, the induction hob excels on the easy cleaning side.

Efficiency of the best built- in induction hobs

Built-in induction hobs have a very high efficiency. About 95 percent of the heat generated by the hob is directed directly to heat the vessel. Such technology allows you to save time. The pots will heat up faster than an electric hob, and at the same time the table is cooked faster. In addition, because the usage times are shorter compared to a classic built-in electric hob, even less electricity is consumed.

So if you are one of the skeptics who prefer a gas hob to an incorruptible electric hob due to the speed of heating, today this problem has been solved by the appearance of these good induction hobs.

Safety of electric induction hobs

The best induction hobs also have an important advantage. The cooking eyes only work after the cooking pot is placed on it. Only after you put the pot on the stove does the induction work. If you accidentally put something metallic on the hob, this body does not heat up. Each burner has a certain size, and if the object placed on the surface is smaller, the cooking area will not activate. You can feel safe if you have children and pets, this equipment brings extra security in your life.

Cooking programs on an induction hob

The factory presets will allow you to select all kinds of cooking programs and to unconditionally control the required heating temperature. If you need extremely agile and intense heating, you have a dedicated program. Others are used to boil liquids, or say to prepare culinary delights in the wok. Almost all models also have a Boost program. The selected burner will attract the capacity of others for their own needs. Thus, the program will be realized faster, in a shorter and more efficient time.

Special pots for induction hob

When buying a good induction hob, you will probably need to buy a set of special pots. Not every vessel will be heated by a magnetic field. The bottom of pans, pots and other suitable containers must be ferromagnetic. Check the pot when you buy it if it is suitable for use on the induction hob. This aspect can be inscribed at the bottom of the vessel.

To check a pot if it is good and compatible with such an electric hob, you can use a magnet. If the magnet sticks to its bottom, the pot or pan is good. Yes, don't panic, find accessories, pots and pans for the induction hob in any home store. The range of products available is very varied and there are many new models. You definitely have a choice. Especially, as recently all cooking utensils are compatible with almost all types of hob.

Advantages and disadvantages of an induction hob

In addition, you can find almost all the advantages that an induction hob comes with. But there are also some disadvantages that we want to present to you. You need to know that an electric hob with built-in induction makes a kind of hum or buzz. The sound is emitted by the functional inductive coils when they interact with the dishes placed on the cooking surface.

Someone may be irritated by such a sound, so you need to keep this in mind. Although each cooking device has a rather noisy activity, this is a specific one that you either hate or don't care about. But to be objective, we tell you that the newer models boast a lower noise, almost imperceptible. It may have a slightly higher purchase cost, but brands promise an annoying lack of sound.

There are other small shortcomings here and there. There are models that have an automatic system for stopping the cooking stoves after a certain time, for example 4 hours. If you plan to cook a little longer than this interval, you need to be careful. Other models do not allow the placement under them of other household appliances, so it is good to specify these aspects before purchasing.

How an induction hob works

Let's see what an induction hob is, why it is so good for modern kitchens and what disadvantages you can expect when using it. These cooking equipments are becoming more and more popular over time. It is used both at home and in public catering units and other HORECA locations. Consumers' attention to this type of technology is due to the excellent capabilities in preparing different dishes.

An electric induction hob is a kind of modern hob, which is fundamentally different in that it works on the basis of an electromagnetic field. It basically interacts with the metal molecules of cooking utensils. As a result, the induction hob will remain cold and only the food in the pot will be optimally heated and prepared.

In Romania, electric induction hobs are beginning to gain popularity and are being chosen more and more often by urban users. Models of such appliances can be found in a significant variety on the market. The fact that people are only now beginning to choose induction hobs is due to the fact that some simply do not understand the principle of operation of such electrical appliances, as well as all the possibilities that induction heating opens to the cook. For this reason we decided to make a top with the best induction hobs of the moment.

Currently, the stores offer you a wide variety of induction hobs. You as a consumer are subject to a great abundance of offers. You can choose the best induction hobs based on other people's and recommendations.

How to choose the correct hob with good induction

You will be attracted to strengths such as high food heating speed, low energy consumption, safe cooking and ease of surface care. First of all, the question of the principle of operation of an electric induction hob must be clarified. A special copper element is located under the safety glass surface, through which the electric current moves.

As a result, a magnetic field with a variable frequency is formed. As this field gives rise to electromagnetic oscillations, the bottom of the compatible cooking utensils begins to heat up. It should be emphasized that if you use this type of home appliance, only the surface of the vessel will heat up, there will be no flame or hot areas. If you put glass or ceramic dishes on such a hob, they will not heat up. There is an important difference between these induction hobs, electric glass ceramic hobs and gas hobs.

The best 2-mesh electric induction hobs

This small and narrow model is an excellent option for installation in a small kitchen. It is very current if you do not have much space on the worktop. These are household appliances are perfect if you do not cook a lot or you have a family of 1 or 2 people. The undoubted advantages of 2 burner hobs are far from their very modest size.

The best 4-mesh electric induction hobs

Induction hobs with 4 burners are the equivalent of gas hobs, according to the number of compartments. The surface of the upper ceramic glass panel is large enough to simultaneously place on it all the utensils used for cooking, from pots to pans. It is a complete solution for medium-sized families.

The best mixed electric hobs

The mixed electric hobs are equipped with both induction mesh and Hi-Light electric mesh. This solution can offer new culinary horizons to the user. Induction hobs are good for quick cooking, while Hi-Light burners are ideal for creating or maintaining a light thermal regime. They are good for certain types of specific foods. These mixed electric hobs are also found on the Romanian market.

Given that all the heat acts directly on the surface of the pot, the consumption of electricity will be significantly lower than when using classic electric hobs. The heating temperature has a very high transfer to the vessel. Heat losses can be extremely small, in the order of tenths of a degree. If you opt for the induction hob, it will not heat up so much in the kitchen while you prepare dinner.

Induction hob care

It is relatively simple to take care of the electric induction hob because it only directly heats the pot that is placed on it. Everything that means pieces of food, drops of fat, crumbs – they will not fry and harden on the surface.

You can wipe them with a very simple cloth. There are many buyers who do not know the induction technology, and are afraid of the effects that an induction hob can have on their health. It is important to know that the radiation problem is unfounded. The intensity of the electromagnetic waves have an action only in the limit of the cooking appliance and does not influence the people around.

Determine the number of burners

When planning your purchase, see how many stitches you would need for comfortable use of the equipment. The most popular options are 2 burners and 4 burners respectively. Burners can still be different in shape. Spherical meshes are suitable for round pots. The given shape ensures due to an imitation of cooking over an open fire.

The surface of the upper panel can usually be based on tempered glass or with a ceramic finish. Both okay withstand physical action and will last well over time. You don't have to worry about the strength of this material. Whatever you put on it, be it a very large cooking pot, or several dishes at the same time – they can all be placed without any problem. The top panel has good strength and can withstand serious dynamic and peak loads. Both tactile and mechanical controls can be integrated in the panel.

When choosing the best induction cookers, see the recommendations above. This way you make sure you make the best possible choice. All the above aspects have a major importance in defining an efficient kitchen appliance. Above you can also find a ranking with some models that fit the rigorous requirements of people.

Induction hob with 2 or 4 burners

So, if you have a habit of eating more in the city, there is no point in paying extra for additional cooking areas, which you do not need at all. For occasional cooking and for just a few types of food, choose induction hobs with 2 cooking zones.

For a large family that cooks often, and have a diverse menu, larger functional equipment is suitable. This allows you to cook several types of products simultaneously. When preparing a large number of foods, choose more generous models as available space. The inductive hob with 4 meshes or 5 meshes give you the opportunity to prepare a lot of dishes for a large group of people.

Most often the choirs themselves are shaped like a circle or a square. Some induction hob models may also have large areas for larger dishes. There are also functions that allow you to join 2 areas in order to adapt the cooking for more atypical containers.

Choosing the functions of induction hobs

If you already know that the induction hob is what you want, you can easily find the right model on our market. Choose the item that gives you what you need without paying extra. You should not overpay for dimensions and functions that will not be useful to you.

First of all, you need to evaluate how big the induction hob you need and what modification is preferable to suit the style of your kitchen. It is logical that the more functions there are, the higher the price of the stove. A few variations can make our lives easier. If you have a small family, choose enough basic functions for occasional cooking.

If we were to recapitulate all the aspects mentioned above, we can only summarize a few lines. These would be:

  • Home consumers usually opt for electric hob with built- in induction . Independent models are increasingly sought after. Meet and cut the 2-mesh, portable ones that can be placed on any surface, without the need for assembly. A built-in induction hob is installed in the wooden worktop.
  • Brands offer a wide variety of products that are both simple and more complex in appearance. Definitely every chance to find something to his taste. You can choose between induction hobs in black, white, gray, cream or even red. As sizes you can find the built-in induction hobs with square induction, with a size of 60 x 60 cm, or the rectangular ones that have several burners. The burners can be in number of 2, 4, 5 or 6.

Other functions on a hob with good induction

  • Mixed electric hobs are also relatively easy to find. You can find combinations of induction and classic electric hobs that can cover almost all possible cooking needs.
  • The functions with which the induction hobs are equipped are many. The most futuristic with top functions, have a price to match. We recommend that you choose exactly the functions you need. These functions include the following. The control panel lock is a useful feature for families with children.
  • The safety stop helps you stop the hob when something spills on it. With the timer function you can set both the start time of cooking and the end of it. The audible signal will let you know when the cooking time has passed. The residual heat indicator shows you whether the cooking surface has remained warm from the pot or not. It is desirable that at least one support be larger in size, for larger vessels. It is worth considering the security measures that can protect you in case of need. Locks are extremely useful if curious children have access to the kitchen
  • The intensity adjustment helps you set the degree of cooking on several stages. Booster mode increases the power of the induction hob to cook quickly for a short time. The complete induction zone allows you to place the pot where you want. The pause function makes it possible to stop the cooking process for a while and return to it when you can. With the temperature maintenance mode, the hob can keep the level of heat you need. The energy management function will regulate energy consumption and make significant savings.

Other aspects related to induction hobs

The induction hob originated in family kitchens at the end of 1979. In fact, then the mass production of these plates appeared in Germany. The best induction hob was overpriced at the time. But they did not have a specialized demand, not so much because of the high cost of the device, but because the fact that users turned to innovations in the field of cooking with particular caution.

Now, sometimes the owners know quite well that there is an inductive hob, the answers about these hobs are faster and more positive. But there are people who believe that induction is not for the kitchen. Perhaps the reluctance is related to the fact that for this induction hob you need specific pots to work.

The general aspect of doubt from buyers is the high cost of inductive hobs and their mechanism of operation, which is not understood by everyone. Some people believe that the magnetic field negatively affects a person's well-being.

But manufacturers say the magnetic field, on which inductive cookers are based, is low-frequency and has no way of causing people, including those with pacemakers, but still prefers to avoid it. closer to the inductive cooker in operation than half a meter. Or completely avoid using an inductive cooker.

Considerations to be taken into account

The claim that the inductive platform causes damage is not unfounded. However, a vortex magnetic field is organized. But, the damage is nothing but similar to mobile phones. The myth of the harmful radiation of inductive cookers is the most famous legend about this device. Food prepared in inductive cookers is not radioactive at all. The magnetic currents, which are organized during the operation of the hob, are limited by the body of the appliance. Already at a distance of 30 cm from the plate plane, the field resistance is zero.

The best induction hob is safer than an electric platform, ie an ordinary platform with cast iron supports. In essence, the operation of the device is based on an event called electromagnetic induction, the origin of a galvanic current in a closed silhouette due to a change in the magnetic flux that passes through this circuit.

An inductive tread is an inductive platform similar to the same transformer. The sphere of the plate is vitroceramic. Below it is an inductive ball, around which is electric current. The inductive coil is represented by the main winding, and the vessels that are installed on the stove are represented by the secondary winding.

The dishes are heated, therefore the dishes in it. Pots, pans and other dishes are heated, and the surface of the ceramic glass that is located between the heating ingredient and the dishes is already heated by these dishes. With induction heating, heat leakage is minimal and the heating rate of cooking utensils is significantly higher than that of other types of hobs.

The best induction hob – an advanced technological equipment

Undoubtedly this is one of the most advanced technological equipment in the kitchen. The generators are hidden under the ceramic sheet that produces the electromagnetic field. You must remember, however, that not all utensils can be placed on such a surface for them to heat up. It is worth noting which dish is suitable for inductive cookers. There are certain pots compatible with this equipment. Namely, they allow you to cook the products efficiently, at optimal temperatures.

Such a vessel is made of materials that react to the interaction with a magnetic field. The hob only knows when a compatible vessel is placed on it. There are different types of dishes on the market that can be used for the best induction hob.

The disadvantages of inductive hobs are covered exclusively by the fact that it is impossible to use aluminum or glass dishes when using these hobs. Do not place the induction hob over other integrated alloy equipment. But the main problem with an induction hob is its high cost compared to other types of stoves. Of course, not everyone can afford such a stove, in fact, because of its high cost.

Operating tips for the best built-in induction hob

The induction hob is a relatively reliable device that should not cause you headaches during operation. However, to make sure you do things right, to increase the reliability and lifespan of the induction hob you need to follow some simple tips.

Tips for installing the electric induction hob

Before installing the best induction hob, it is worth making sure that the mains will withstand an increased load. The consumption capacity of a similar hob is about 6-8 kW. You will need a plug as well as a cable resistant to such an application. The temperature and humidity of the kitchen should be within the range of the user manual. It is best to ensure good ventilation in this space.

It is not recommended to use an induction hob as a support for cooking utensils or dishes that are not intended for cooking. Usually these hobs have a glass ceramic plate that is durable, but small scratches or other defects may occur.

The most efficient dish for cooking with induction hob is cast iron. But these vessels are less common and are heavy, so less common. Stainless steel is also suitable for such equipment. Ceramic, glass, aluminum or copper dishes are not compatible with this type of hob, and you should avoid them, respectively.

Cleaning with the best induction hob

Another aspect we will talk about today is how to care for and clean the best built-in induction hobs. The brands recommend the exclusive use of detergents intended for cleaning these types of equipment. Being a glass finish, it is important not to use powder or abrasive detergents that can leave scratches on the cooking surface. Clean the surface with mild substances. Stains can be removed by moistening the required space with water and letting it soften a little. Then wipe the area with a cloth to clean the remaining residue.

Technical problems with electric hobs

A good induction hob will always be equipped with protection modules against overvoltage, overheating and water penetration inside. Integrated diagnostic settings automatically determine if problems occur. Respectively, the user of the equipment must constantly check the technical condition of the hob. In the event of any signs of failure, the unit must be disconnected from the power source and taken for repair.

Conclusion on choosing the best induction hob

If we make a comparison between the best induction hob, an electric hob and a gas one, we should know how they differ. The gas hob is by far the cheapest option to buy and operate, and in addition it is durable and robust. However, they cannot be compared to induction hobs because they have a higher explosive potential due to, it requires qualified installation, technical revisions and other maintenance actions, it has a low efficiency of heat transfer from the energy source to the vessel and in addition, Burning in an open flame can result in smoke in the kitchen.

Electric hob models are a great option that we can discuss. They should be worth mentioning the lower purchase cost and compatibility with the dishes you already have in the house. However, they are inferior to induction hobs with a lower energy transfer coefficient, lower productivity and a double heating time. A good induction hob will be much easier to clean and maintain.

Therefore, if you are in doubt and do not know which built-in hob option to choose, we would lean towards the best induction hob for its convenience. In 2nd place would be the gas hob, and in 3rd place the electric one.

Induction hob in operation

An induction hob works based on the theory of electromagnetism. When the electron moves, it produces a magnetic field that allows electricity to produce a current that induces the dispersion and heating of liquids.

The wires of the copper coil, which may have been made of glass or ceramic, are just below the cooking table. The pot rests on this layer to keep warm. The heater does not heat the surface here, but the variable electric pulse heats the plate. Between the heat generation part and the tank through which the table must be prepared, the electric burners have several configurations. There are many separate temperature drops along the way due to the intermediate substance.

Under the glass plate, which becomes heated by the current, the heat terminals are the resistance coil, then the upper part of the ceramic and then the upper part. This literally implies that the container would never heat up enough if there was no adequate thermal expansion. It is also the explanation that it takes less time for induction countertops to heat the vessel than an electric stove would do.

Although energy is added by using permanent magnets placed directly to heat the vessel, the vessel should also have a smooth electromagnetic base. Pots and pans made of steel, iron, copper or glasses that are used frequently would not work. Kitchen utensils must then be made of a material that is based on a magnet, such as cast iron, enameled iron or magnetic metal dishes.

The considerable advantages of induction countertops

Although the number of interfaces is smaller, the device heats up easily. In addition, as the kitchen surface passes the heat produced directly to the dishes with nothing around it, there seems to be reduced energy loss. The machine itself should not overheat, making the substrate safe to contact and preventing energy-related injuries.

The best induction hob responds immediately to guidance and, in the shortest time, regulates the temperature accordingly. Compared to the amount of electricity used by stoves, the amount of electricity supplied to the products that are prepared is much higher. Therefore, there will be no increase in energy costs by using the induction cooker. The stoves are easy to wash, compact and convenient. If there is nothing on the floor, the electronic settings detect and immediately avoid heat generation. Preserves electricity and eliminates the risk of injury.

The idea that you really need specialized dishes is not so pleasant. Only the stove can use kitchen objects that can even withstand electromagnetic radiation. Containers such as a wok or other bending surface should not be used because the edges do not generate heat. Unless the flow of electricity through copper is derived power. Zero energy can be generated if there is no energy and therefore you will not be able to cook. Tables to be discarded will not be produced because the heat ceases until the utensil is removed. In order to be able to absorb heat, disposable utensils should sit comfortably on the floor of the stove.

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