the best induction hob with integrated extractor

The best glass ceramic hob – Our recommendations for 2021

A ceramic hob can be a suitable option for those who want to furnish their kitchen in a modern style, because its design fits the same note, and due to the functions it is provided with, you can cook food with greater precision. However, in order not to have unpleasant surprises, at the time of purchase, it is advisable to know some technical aspects, so we present a complete buying guide, accompanied by some recommendations, which can be purchased online.The Bosch PKE611D17E model has 4 burners, equipped with the high-speed function, that’s why you can cook the dishes faster, and the 17 heat levels allow you to adjust the temperature level, depending on the way you cook. For greater safety during use, it has an automatic locking and disconnecting system, and the design is modern. In case you have a smaller budget, you can opt for Zanussi ZEV36340XB .

Comparison table

The model is equipped with 17 power levels, in order to be able to select the heat intensity, depending on the preparation you are cooking, and the four burners have a function that helps you finish the food in a shorter time. The design is modern, thanks to the electronic display and the touch control, and the use is safer, because it is provided with automatic disconnection, residual heat indicator and child safety system.

At the time of purchase you will have to have a generous budget, because the cost of the product is high, but this is justified due to the functions it has.

The hob is notable among the other products, because it allows you to cook the dishes faster and is equipped with a lot of functions, so that the use is safe and easy.

The product has a modern look, because it is provided with a touch-based control system, and the cooking surface consists of 4 zones, so you can position several dishes. For more safety, during use, it has the function of automatic disconnection, child lock system and residual heat indicator; the audible warning alerts you when the food is finished, and the smooth surface is easy to clean.

In order to be able to install the appliance, you will have to buy the power cord, as it is not included in the purchase package.

The model has a lot of useful functions and has a modern design, so it can be an alternative for those who do not have a small budget.

This hob has an area of 4 burners, with different powers, so you can even place large pots, you can cook several dishes at the same time, and the residual heat indicator warns you when the hob has not cooled completely and so you could avoid accidents. The model is a built-in one, with standard dimensions and is made of materials that can be recycled, and the buttons are classic and easy to use, even by people who do not like touch control devices.

The surface is covered with glass and there is a risk of scratching or breaking, so the appearance of the hob will suffer, if you do not use it carefully.

The product is among our recommendations, because it offers a large surface for cooking, has a simple operating system and has components that can be recycled.

How to choose a good glass ceramic hob

Buyer’s guide

Lately, more and more people who love to sit in the kitchen and cook tasty dishes choose ceramic hobs. Their efficiency is appreciated by connoisseurs, they are happy that they no longer have to work long hours for cleaning, the dishes do not deteriorate over time, and the dishes are well cooked / fried at a precise temperature, set by each user according to needs and preferences.

However, not every product on the market is reliable, which is why we recommend that you go through the guide made in order to help you decide optimally, as well as to show you where to find ceramic hobs at good prices for others.

the best induction hob with integrated extractor

Type: taking into account this aspect, you can choose from the market an independent model or an incorporable one. The first mentioned can be placed anywhere and represent the wisest solution for people who often make changes in terms of kitchen design, because they benefit from great mobility.

They usually have legs for good stability and involve low acquisition costs, so that anyone can afford such a product. On the other hand, the built-in models help you save space, but they are more demanding in terms of installation, as it is necessary to turn to a specialist to fit it in the kitchen furniture. These are extremely popular, despite the market price.

It is worth mentioning that, in terms of power supply, in addition to the classic typologies, you can also find hybrid models that have proven effective and innovative by combining the manufacturing material with another technology used for heating: induction or gas.

In principle, a glass ceramic hob works by transmitting caloric energy from an electrical resistance to the cooking surface, and only then it reaches the dish in which the food is prepared. Disadvantage may be the fact that, after you finish the work in the kitchen, the burner stays warm for a while.

An induction model directly and evenly heats the dish in which you cook, after which it is kept cold, being an extra safety for your children. Mentioning the difference between induction hob and ceramic hob, you can easily figure out now what a hybrid model would mean. It combines the property of being easy to clean with that of having a good energy efficiency.

And, if you are wondering “which is better – a ceramic hob or gas hob?”, We inform you that the latter does not benefit from the possibility of being as easily controllable as the former. Moreover, it is known that it degrades over time the pots, pans and pans in which you cook.

Dimensions and number of burners: as in the case of a stove, when choosing a hob, it is imperative to check the size and how many cooking surfaces it makes available to users, these specifications being somewhat interdependent. In a first order of ideas, we recommend you to check before purchasing the dimensions of the product to know where and if it fits your kitchen, especially since it needs good ventilation.

The standard in terms of size is about 50 x 60 cm. In other words, the number of meshes contributes a lot in terms of the time you are required to spend in the kitchen, because a model with 4 or 5 cooking surfaces comes with the advantage of allows you to cook several dishes in parallel, while one with 1-2 can be inefficient for large families.

As a result, you should consider the conclusion that results from many opinions about the best ceramic hobs: the more burners, the better for you!

Control: a glass ceramic hob is equipped with an efficient thermal regulation system. In this sense, you have three alternatives between which you can decide: touch, digital or mechanical. The first option is the most modern and involves a display that receives commands with a simple touch, as in the case of smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use and extremely sensitive, this type of adjustment requires a lot of care. Digital control is a set of small buttons for quick access to functions. Last but not least, the mechanical (or classic) one is made with the help of rotating parts. This option is the cheapest and wear resistant.

the best induction hob with integrated extractor

Power: is a good indicator of how quickly food is cooked. As you benefit from cooking surfaces that differ in number of watts, from 0.75 kW to 2.1 kW, and several power levels, you can choose the rate at which to cook or fry the dish. Ideally, you should decide on a model that comes with many levels, so that you can enjoy exceptional results.

Safety: refers to how safe the use of one model or another is. In this sense, it should be mentioned that the great advantage of ceramic hobs is that they have no flame, so you will not face situations when you burn or fire the kitchen towel while mixing in food.

In addition, most products come with a child safety system and protection in case of overheating. However, you should know that the hob stays hot for a while after use, the presence of heat indicators being useful for this purpose.

Brand: it appears as an indicator able to inform you about the quality of a product and the efficiency-cost ratio. This way you have the guarantee that you will not equip your kitchen with appliances that you will have to replace in a short time and that you will not pay in vain.

To help you, we have informed and made a list of companies where they find the ceramic hob at a good price, and superior quality, most of those interested: Gorenje, Bosch, Hansa, Samsung, Electrolux, Hausberg, Whirlpool, Beko samd

Ultimately, you need to know that, most likely, the right model for your kitchen is just a click away. To be sure of the yield of the desired product, however, our advice is to check the review section.

Recommended models in 2021

Bosch PKE611D17E

the best induction hob with integrated extractor If you are wondering which is the best glass ceramic hob, then you are in the right place to receive an answer you can rely on. Our recommendation is the model made by Bosch, because it offers you 17 power levels. This means that you enjoy great flexibility when cooking.

In addition, it is presented with 4 meshes endowed with HighSpeed technology, guaranteeing that you can prepare food quickly. It is a product with a modern design (black) and which has an electronic display and a touch control. As for safety, it should be mentioned that it has a child protection system, automatic disconnection function and a residual heat indicator. More specifically, you should know that it measures 5.1 x 59.2 x 52.2 cm, weighs 7kg and consumes 6600W. Acquisition costs are relatively high.

In short, it is a high quality hob and benefits from free transport and a 2-year warranty.

It has an impressive number of power levels.

It has a good energy efficiency, as it consumes only 6600W.

It is a safe model, thanks to the functions it is endowed with, but also to the protection system.

The 4 burners are equipped with HighSpeed technology.


To take possession of this product, you need to make a serious investment.

Zanussi ZEV36340XB

the best induction hob with integrated extractor This model can be a variant for those who have small children, because it has a locking system, so they will not be able to walk to the appliance. The residual heat indicator helps you avoid burns, because you know when the hob surface has cooled.

The product consists of 4 burners (2 small, 1 normal and 1 large), so you can prepare several types of food at the same time. Even if it has a size of 57.6 × 50.6cm, you will not have to worry about the space it will occupy in the kitchen, because it is a built-in model.

The device has a modern design, because the control system is tactile, but it can be damaged for a short time. Thanks to the audible warning function, you will know when the food is finished. If you forget to turn off the appliance, it will turn off automatically when it is not used for a long time.

The product consists of 4 burners, so it provides a large cooking surface.

The hob has the function of automatic disconnection, so there will be no danger if you leave it open.

Young children will not be able to walk to the device because it is equipped with a locking system.

The model is a modern one, because the control system is touch-based.


The power cord is not included in the package, but you will need to purchase it separately.

Hansa BHCI65123030

the best induction hob with integrated extractor We offer you this built-in, glass-ceramic hob, which can easily fit in the kitchen of your home, because it has the standard dimensions of: 5.5 × 57.5 × 50.5cm, but requires more attention when used, because it is made of glass. However, the manufacturer mentions that, at the time of manufacture, no arsenic or heavy metals were used, so after you no longer use it, you will be able to recycle it.

This appliance is equipped with 4 cooking zones, so you will be able to prepare several dishes at the same time. The product works on the basis of electricity, so you will have to have a socket nearby and has an annual consumption of about 6000W.

The model is provided with a residual heat indicator, so you are warned when the hob has not cooled completely. It has control buttons located on the side and are a classic model, so they can be used easily, even by older people.

The model has 4 cooking zones, so you will have enough space to prepare food.

It has a residual heat indicator, so you will know when the surface has cooled.

The buttons are similar to those of a classic stove, so the product is easy to use.

When you no longer use it, you can recycle it and thus you will protect the environment.


It can be scratched or cracked if you are not careful, because the cooking surface is made of glass.

Whirlpool AKT 8090 / NE

the best induction hob with integrated extractor One of the best glass ceramic hobs on the market is the AKT 8090 / NE model produced by the Whirlpool brand. It does not require much space for placement, because it is a built-in product, of standard dimensions (4.6 x 58 x 51 cm). It is supplied with electricity, the heating mode consisting in the transfer of calories from the resistance to the cooking surface and the dish placed on the burner.

It allows you to prepare several dishes simultaneously, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with 4 meshes (two small, one medium and one large) and has a maximum power of 6200W. In terms of use, the product is easily operated using the digital front panel. In addition, you benefit from a good control over the activity of the hob, thanks to the endowment with timer. The design is attractive, the model being in black and glass.

It comes with a price commensurate with the quality, but balanced by a 24-month warranty and free shipping, so as to motivate potential buyers.

It can be incorporated in kitchen furniture, thus saving space.

The 4 burners ensure increased efficiency.

It has a useful timer to find out when the desired preparation is ready.

It benefits from a 2-year warranty and free shipping.


It is a shock-sensitive product due to the manufacturing material (glass).

Hausberg HB-522

the best induction hob with integrated extractor Maybe the family you belong to has few members and there is no point in investing unnecessarily, which is why you are looking for a 2-mesh ceramic hob at a good price. We suggest the model manufactured by Hausberg, which belongs to the category of independent products of this kind. It enjoys, therefore, a great mobility, being able to be placed on any body of furniture in the kitchen.

Its stability is given by the legs with which it is endowed. It gives you flexibility in terms of the cooking or frying program of the dishes, as it has 8 power levels.

It is supplied to the electricity network (at 220-240V) with the help of the 1 m cable. It can be characterized as an ecological model, thanks to the technology that heats with infrared waves and involves low consumption (class A). The control is mechanical, performed with the two buttons provided. The extremely low price and the 24-month warranty recommend this hob to the greatest extent.

It belongs to energy efficiency class A.

It benefits from a wear-resistant type of control.

Do not slip off the kitchen body you place, thanks to the legs provided.

It has protection in case of overheating and 8 power levels.


The hob’s power cord is only one meter long.

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Hansa BHC63508

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable built-in hob? If it goes in our hand, you are sure to find it. For example, the model made of glass (without arsenic or heavy metals) by Hansa could be exactly what your kitchen lacks. It is a product that is powered by electricity, which means that it gives you good control over the temperature at which you prepare food.

You have at hand four cooking surfaces, some of them with large areas (double or triple), so you can boil or fry in any dish, regardless of size. Among its features are worth mentioning: touch control, timer, child protection system and residual heat indicator. Its dimensions are 4.8 x 57.6 x 50.1 cm. It has a 24-month warranty and free delivery.

Analyzing the specifications of this glass ceramic hob, you can easily conclude that it is an extremely useful product for any kitchen.

You save space, as it is a built-in model.

It has large cooking areas.

It comes with a remarkable safety, as the children’s access can be blocked and you can easily find out the temperature of the hob after use.

You have a quality guarantee for 2 years and you enjoy free delivery.


The touch control does not have a high shock resistance.

Gorenje EC610SC

We know that an informed buyer always balances the price and quality, thus finding out if the product is worth buying. In this order of ideas, we present the built-in model sold under the Gorenje brand. It is notable for the fact that it is equipped with two large meshes, 2.1kW, which can be used for fast cooking, and two small ones, 1.2kW, ideal for foods that require slow cooking.

It is a hob made of black glass and electrically powered. It has a lateral mechanical control, remarkable in terms of wear resistance. It should also be mentioned that it measures 9.2 x 59.5 x 51 cm, weighs 7.8 kg and benefits from an advantageous price, along with a 24-month warranty.

An important downside is that it does not include the power cord, which means you have to buy it separately. In short, you have in front of you a cheap and good Gorenje glass ceramic hob.


Mechanical control is very durable, no matter how much it is operated.

It has 4 surfaces dedicated to food preparation.

It benefits from a pleasant design, thanks to the black glass from which the hob is made.

You save space because it is a built-in model.


This product is not accompanied by the corresponding power cord.

Electric hobs – Review and comparison in 2021

Because they are safer and have a modern and elegant look, electric hobs are lately preferred to gas models. If you want to buy one, you will come across a lot of models, with bushy presentations and whole lists of features that are difficult to evaluate. Find out from this guide what are the most important operating parameters or, if you are in a hurry, use directly as a reference point, two of the popular models in this category. Electrolux EHH6240ISK is the right option for you, if you want a built-in model, with a standard width of 60cm, induction operating system and structure with four burners. For those who are looking for a model with timer and Bridge function, we recommend as an alternative the Whirlpool ACM 816 BA model.

In-depth reviews about the best electric hobs

Are you convinced that a built-in or independent electric hob is the best solution for your kitchen and are you looking for an efficient model that fits the consumption requirements? We offer you some examples with various characteristics, selected based on the positive appreciations of the people who already use them.


Induction hob:

Electrolux EHH6240ISK

Electrolux EHH6240ISK is a model of electric induction hob, suitable for those who want to equip their kitchen with an efficient and high-performance device. It is part of the category of standard models with a side of 60cm, including 4 burners, configuration recommended for homes where cooking for at least 2 people.

It has a total power of 6.6kW, allocated for: two heating zones of 1.2 – 1.8kW, a standard burner of 1.8kW and a large one that varies between 2.3 and 2.8kW, depending on the power level selected from 10 available. The mesh management is done through the TouchScreen panel and intuitive menu, and the surface is made of heat-resistant glass.

The list of functions provided by this Electrolux electric hob includes automatic shut-off, child protection, which prevents them from accessing the control menu, and the residual heat indicator that warns of areas that remain hot after use.

Built-in electric hob:

Whirlpool ACM 816 BA

If we tell you that we have a built-in electric hob for you, with four heating zones and a black heat-resistant glass surface, you will think that for the time being it is the same as all the others and you will be partially right. Whirlpool ACM 816 BA is in many ways a classic induction product, with an elegant and discreet touchscreen menu and a list of common functions that includes automatic shutdown, residual heat indicator and protection that prevents children from activating the device.

It has a total power of 6.8kW of which 1kW is allocated for the small heating area, 1.8kW for the two normal burners and only 2.2kW for the big one. In other words, a maximum a little below the level of versions designed for large families.

However, this Whirlpool electric hob model compensates by including the Bridge function, which allows you to join two heating zones to obtain an extra-large burner, on which you can even place trays, and a timer that allows you to set the cooking time in advance. .


Electric stove 2 stitches:

Samsung C21RJAN

Samsung C21RJAN occupies an area of only 28.8 x 50cm and provides you with 3kW power on two consumption points, so it is a 2-mesh electric hob suitable for modern living rooms, studios with kitchens limited by space or apartments where they live only 1-2 people, who cook occasionally.

It is a built-in format, so you will need to find a space with permanent allocation, in which to integrate perfectly in size. It belongs to the category of glass-ceramic options, which means that the surface heats up and you have to pay more attention to the residual heat indicator than in the case of an induction model.

The domino structure includes a small 1.2kW burner and a large one, 1.8kW, which allow you to easily adapt to the needs of thermal preparation. In order to avoid scratching the surface and keeping it in the best conditions, many opinions about the best electric hobs recommend consulting and carefully observing the maintenance instructions in the technical manual.


Portable electric hob:

Akyta ASM 9478

Cheap, good and easy to handle – these are just some of the adjectives that can describe this model of portable electric hob from Akyta. It is of course an independent model that can be easily stored when not in use, being provided with anti-slip feet for good stability on any surface. It has small dimensions, of 34 x 42cm, but enough to accommodate medium caliber cooking containers on the burner included in the design.

It is an induction version, therefore high performance, which provides you with a power of 2kW, sufficient for more complicated dishes, with the possibility of management on 8 power levels. It is part of the energy class A +, and the TouchScreen menu includes useful functions, such as automatic shutdown, child protection and timer, which allows you to program the hob shutdown.

It can reach a maximum temperature of 240oC, with low energy consumption, and is a 1-eye electric hob, ideal both for homes with minimalist kitchens or without dedicated space for cooking, and when traveling.

Small electric hob:

Hansa BHII37303

Are you looking for a small electric hob that does not consume too much space or too much current, but offers you all the comfort necessary for the occasional preparation of food? We propose you as a variant this domino model from Hansa, with two meshes and induction operation system.

It offers a high power burner, 3kW and a smaller heating area, 1.4kW, enough options to prepare both tea or coffee, in just a few minutes of use, and more complex dishes or in larger quantities . The touch control menu offers you the possibility to manage the power on 9 levels of intensity, so that you can easily follow the instructions of any recipe.

It is provided, in addition, with a timer that allows the setting of a fixed duration of operation, Booster function to accelerate the heating, when necessary, and residual heat indicator. The surface of the hob is a resistant combination of ceramic and glass, and the format is incorporable, easy to fit into the kitchen design.

Electric hob:

Star-Light CER-4833HP

If space does not allow you a classic version of the stove and you want to have both oven and burners, we recommend the Star-Light CER-4833HP model. It is essentially an electric oven with electric hob, small enough to be placed on the counter, similar to a microwave model, but spacious enough to cook easily with it for several people.

The oven has a capacity of 48 liters, includes a grill and allows you to cook roast meat, pizza, cakes and everything you can prepare in a classic version, with gas. On the upper part are installed two electric burners, one of 0.75kW and one of 1kW, which also offers you the possibility to cook in the pan or to boil pasta, eggs or to make tea, being therefore a complete household appliance.

The control panel is mechanical, easy to use and provides four baking programs for the oven, which helps you get the best results without necessarily being experienced in the kitchen.

Hansa electric hob:

Hansa BHI68368

Because large families in which food is prepared at home need a 4-burner electric hob, we have included in our list of proposals this version of the Hansa brand, with induction heating system, which consumes little and offers a lot.

It provides a power of 7.4kW, allocated for two small burners, 1.4kW each and two large, 3kW, the structure that allows you to easily cook at least two dishes simultaneously, in a short time. However, in terms of size, it falls into the standard 50 – 60cm category, with a width of 57.6cm and a depth of 51.8cm, which means that it is easy to fit into standard furniture, but that you may not have room for two pots of large capacity.

The control of the functions is performed, in the case of this Hansa electric hob model, with the help of a discreet and intuitive digital panel, which allows power management, for each burner, on 9 intensity levels, using the Heat Booster option, blocking the menu to prevent access by copies and setting the automatic shutdown at a certain time.

Bosch electric hob:

Bosch PKE611D17E

Combining a reasonable cost with a pleasant and modern look and efficient use, this Bosch electric hob model is easily on the list of those who want to buy a four-mesh version, easy to maintain and use. It is a built-in variant, easy to install, which integrates harmoniously in the kitchen design and provides a power of 6.6kW, distributed on two small burners and two normal ones.

It has a width of approximately 60cm, a heat-resistant glass surface and a digital menu that offers quick access to functions such as the 17 intensity levels, which ensure precise control of the cooking temperature.

It is provided with automatic shut-off, child protection that allows blocking the menu and residual heat indicator, to prevent unwanted accidents. It can reach a temperature of up to 240oC, but it is delivered without the network connection cable, which is purchased separately.


Buying guide

Compact, thin and with the most diverse functions, electric hobs can easily change the look of a kitchen, offering more safety in use, automatic programs and an easier surface to clean.

The role of this guide is to help you choose the best electric, ceramic hob or induction hob for your household, taking into account the size, power, number of burners and other important features.


Type of hob: The most popular models today are ceramic hobs and induction hobs. The products of the first category work mainly by convection and conduction and include electrical resistances, which heat up when the current passes, transmitting heat further to the ceramic surface, from where it is taken over by the cooking utensils. They are more affordable than induction versions, easy to clean due to the compact and smooth work surface, and equipped with a variety of functions designed to make use safer and easier.

The induction hob includes copper coils that generate, as electricity passes, a magnetic field that shakes the molecules in cooking containers that include iron. This effect turns the dishes into heating elements, whose temperature rises enough to be able to cook any preparation normally. It consumes less electricity, because they have low losses, the surface retains only a little residual heat, being safer for both children and adults, but they are more expensive and require the use of a special type of pots and pans.

There are also halogen options, which replace electrical resistors with tubes that emit both heat and infrared radiation, being slightly more efficient than glass ceramic models. On the outside they are also covered with a ceramic layer.

Somehow outdated by modern versions, electric formats with a metal surface remain a good alternative for those on a budget, who need an efficient and reliable cooking device.


Size: If you take into account the fact that for a family of 3-4 people it is good to have in the house pans and pots with a base of at least 24 – 26cm, which can be used twice, you will realize why it is important to know if the electric hob, at a good price, which you put your eyes on, is 50 or 70 cm wide.

The standard size of a model with four burners, generally designed for families, is 50-60 cm and will easily fit in any kitchen and type of prefabricated furniture. For those who know that they will have to work with larger containers, there are models of 60-70 cm, which can usually be installed in ordinary cooking spaces. The 70 – 90 cm category is designed for open-space homes or houses in which a spacious kitchen can be integrated, possibly with an island-type hob.


Number of burners and power: For those who live alone there are variants of electric hobs, at good prices, domino type, with two burners, which fit well in small kitchens. Most classic variants are equipped with 4, but you will also find versions with 3, 5 or 6, which you can orient depending on your needs and available space. In general, for the ordinary family, of 3-4 members, a technical version with a standard format of 4 burners is sufficient, those with 5 or 6 being recommended for households in which more than 4-5 people live.

For comfort and efficiency, you mainly need a low power cooking area (1 – 1.3kW) for tea, coffee, eggs, etc. and a high power one (2.4 – 3kW) that allows you to quickly prepare food, then you fall in a hurry or work with a larger amount. The medium options, which complete these two extremes, usually have a power close to 2kW (1.6 – 2.2kW) and help you juggle several dishes at the same time, if necessary.

In addition to the power offered by each burner, it is good to evaluate the total power of the hob. If it is smaller than the total heating zones, you can easily conclude that you will not be able to use all the meshes to the maximum at the same time. You will also find in stores electric hob with oven, in which case it is good to judge the power available on each component.


Format: You can choose between an electric hob, at a good price, with a built-in format, or an independent version. The first variant usually has a thickness of 4-6 cm and is provided with clamps, which allow the fixed grip of the countertop. It is discreet and blends perfectly with the kitchen design, even when you choose a glass ceramic model with a metal protective edge.

The independent models are equipped with non-slip feet, which ensure stability on the support surface, and offer you extra mobility and the possibility to store the device, in periods of time when it is not used, to save space.

You will also find on the market versions of oven with electric hob, in sizes or medium formats, designed to be positioned on the counter.

Functions: Among the functions provided by this type of device, you will definitely appreciate the automatic shut-off and the residual heat sensor, especially since, unlike gas hobs, in this case there are no visible flames. Also for safety, some models are provided with protection that prevents children from accessing the menu and protection against overheating and short circuit.

For your comfort, you will find a cheap and good electric hob with timer, which allows you to set the cooking period, so you do not have to sit next to the hob all the time, and the Booster option, which offers the possibility to use directly the maximum power of each burner for accelerated heating.


Frequent questions

How many kW does an electric hob consume?

If you are interested in cheap and good electric hobs, and you worry about operating costs, they are quite easy to estimate if you look at exactly how long you use it in a normal day. For example, if you have a model with two heating zones, 1kW and 2.3kW, and use them both two hours a day, you consume 6.6kW daily, and in a month 200kW, which means 120 lei. The options that work by induction consume less because they have low heat loss and the dishes are ready faster, so if you want to know how much an electric hob of this type consumes, you can reduce up to 20-30%.

How do you clean the electric hob?

Even the best electric hobs need periodic cleaning to maintain their pleasant and impeccable appearance. The first step in the correct cleaning of a ceramic or glass surface is the removal of residues that are not well fixed to the hob. This is followed by softening the resistant residues and stains, with a special cleaning solution, without abrasive particles, and wiping with warm water and a soft microfiber cloth. The process is repeated until a perfectly clean surface is obtained.


What pots do I use for the electric hob?

On the vitroceramic electric hob you can use ordinary pots, also used for gas models. For induction options, however, you need special dishes, made of stainless steel or cast iron or with a magnetic base designed specifically for this type of heating.


How does the electric hob work?

There are two technical systems used in electric hobs. The glass-ceramic models contain an electrical resistance that heats up when the current passes, increasing the temperature of the ceramic surface that covers it and thus transmitting heat to the cooking vessel. Induction options use a copper coil to create an electromagnetic field, which moves the particles that make up the cooking vessel. This movement is manifested thermally by raising the temperature of the vessel, the heat being transferred further to the food inside. This is the reason why, in the efficiency and consumption category, the vitroceramic electric hob is inferior to induction models.


How do the electric hob buttons work?

Most ceramic hob models have touch-sensitive touch buttons and are accompanied by a digital display that indicates the power level at which they are set. The power step can be easily changed by pressing.


How does an electric hob light up?

Unlike gas hobs, electric ones require first turning on the entire device, pressing a few seconds on the start button accompanied by the cut circle sign, and only then activating the burners you need and choosing the desired power level.



How to mount the electric hob

Whether you bought a professional electric hob or a standard model, if it is a built-in version you need to know exactly how to mount it to have stability and not thermally affect the surrounding areas. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Safety conditions

First of all, it is good to know that regardless of the brand, an electric hob (Electrolux, Bosch, Whirlpool, Hansa, StarLight, etc.) must always be installed by an authorized electrician, in order to benefit from the warranty and to be sure that everything is all right. Even if the steps are very simple.

Secondly, everything that means veneer or varnishing material of the furniture surface in the area where the hob is placed must be treated with heat-resistant adhesive (up to 100oC) to avoid damage and discoloration.

A minimum distance of 40 cm is left between the edge of the hob and any neighboring vertical cabinet, in order to avoid exposure to heat, and the hood is mounted at a minimum of 65 cm from the surface of the gas heating areas or 43 cm relative to the electric ones. It is at the same time very important to follow carefully all the indications regarding the spaces left between the hob and any other type of objects, included in the assembly sketch.


Sealing gasket and dimensions

Some versions have already installed, on the edges that will come in contact with the countertop, a sealing gasket that prevents water and dirt from penetrating under the hob. If it is not already installed, fix it following the technical instructions in your product manual.

Use a tape measure, a pencil and an electric saw to measure, mark and cut the contour needed in the countertop to mount the hob. Its thickness must be a minimum of 30mm and a maximum of 50mm to allow the correct framing.



The assembly includes some very simple steps. Once you have made sure that the hob is completely assembled, insert the device into the space created, making sure that it is straight and stable and that you can easily drive the plug to the nearest socket, without bringing the power cord closer to any hot area. . Use the screws included in the package to fix the hob according to the instructions in the technical manual.



Recommended products, currently unavailable:

Portable induction hob:

Akyta ASM 9478

Are you a student or have you just bought a home and do not yet have the resources for a complete stove? We advise you to consider this portable induction hob from Akyta, which provides you with a small format, easy to use and store, modern design and a multitude of useful functions.

It is a version of energy class A +, with a power of 2kW, a burner that heats up to 240oC and a touchscreen control panel. The cooking surface is covered with black heat-resistant glass and has a diameter of 19.50 cm, enough to be able to work with roomy cooking utensils.

In addition to the timer, automatic shutdown and protection that prevents children from accessing, this device also offers you the possibility to adjust the temperature by 8 steps, plus 8 predefined cooking programs (soup, rice, frying, etc.). The design also includes non-slip feet, for very good stability and an extension for the power cable, with a length of 5m.

Esperanza EKH006 Vesuvius

If you are looking for an efficient heating solution that does not take up much space in the kitchen, try Esperanza EKH006 Vesuvius, a portable induction hob, which covers an area of only 28 x 33cm and provides you with a burner with a diameter of 19.50cm and power of 2kW.

For those who appreciate the technical details, we also mention that this device can heat up to 270oC and includes 7 power levels. It is equipped with a timer, which allows you to set the cooking time, automatically turns off the device and alerts you when it’s time to take the pan off the burner.

It is a model with a modern design, with a height of 7 cm, legs with an adherent layer and a stable format, provided with a digital panel, on which the temperature, power and time are displayed. The control panel is discreet and elegant, with tactile activation and helps you to easily manage the working parameters of the hob, establishing exactly the degrees and minutes of cooking.

Bosch induction hob:

Bosch PUE611BB1E

The Bosch PUE611BB1E induction hob is a high-performance version with four heating zones. It includes a small burner with a diameter of 14cm and a power of 1.4 to 2.2kW, two medium meshes, of 18cm and a power of 1.8 to 3.1kW and a large one, of 21cm and a power of 2.2 to 3.7kW, ideal for a wok.

For safe use, each heating zone is equipped with a two-stage residual heat sensor, which warns when the surface is still hot from the barely raised vessel. You have at hand a timer and 17 power setting steps for each of the four burners, quick start function and PowerBoost for heating in a short time, when you hurry.

The control of the settings is done through a digital panel that will surprise you with its modern look and ease of use. It can be locked to prevent children from accessing it. The device is also provided with basic functions, such as automatic shutdown and presence sensor, which detects the location of cooking utensils and turns on the heating system.

Induction hob 2 zones:

Hope OKH008

If you want to buy a portable model, but you consider that the ones with a single burner are too small, we recommend you to try this induction hob with 2 heating zones. The digital control panel is designed to give you complete independence in the management of the two burners, each with 2kW and generating heat up to 270oC.

It includes a presence sensor, which means that it activates when you place the right dishes on it and stops if you lift the pan or do not place it correctly. It is also provided with timer and automatic shut-off, and the diameter of each burner is designed to accommodate vessels with a diameter of 12 to 20 cm.

In addition to the possibility to control the desired temperature yourself, you also have four quick functions that allow you to choose predefined parameters for heating dishes: heating, boiling, frying and cooking. The hob is provided with a power cable with a length of 1m.

Induction hobs:

Marburg Set of three pans

Designed for those who cook with passion and want to have at hand the right utensils for all dishes, this set of dishes for induction hob includes pan for pancakes (24cm), wok (24cm) and grill (28cm). All are made of forged aluminum, with superior resistance to high temperatures, and the interior is lined with a layer of non-stick marble that helps you cook easily.

However, we draw your attention to the fact that it is used only with wooden or plastic utensils, which do not damage the inner layer and that sudden differences in temperature can affect their integrity. So you can put them in the dishwasher, but only after they have cooled.

Bohmann Set of 10 pieces

Are you looking for cookware for induction hob and would you like to buy a complete set? Take a look at this variant that includes three pots, of 2.9, 3.9 and 5.1 liters, a saucepan designed especially for sauces, of 2.1 liters, and a pan with an inner layer of granite and a diameter of 24 cm.

All are made of stainless steel and accompanied by a suitable lid made of heat-resistant glass. The design includes a 7-layer bottom, handles that do not heat up, thus protecting the hand and interior with gradations, for quick evaluation of the ingredients.

Bosch ceramic hob

Bosch PKN675DP1D

This product is a vitroceramic hob from Bosch, bought by those who want to modernly equip their kitchen, because it is a built-in version with a touchscreen control panel. It uses to operate electricity, with a total power of 8.5 kW.

The cooking area is a generous one, measuring 60.6 x 52.7 x 4.4 cm, equipped with four burners – two normal, one small and one large. To regulate the heat that reaches them, you can use the 17 power levels.

The experience you will have using this hob will be a pleasant one also due to the functions it has – automatic shutdown, in case you forget it open; timer, to schedule when to stop, if you want to make sure everything is fine; child protection, so as not to worry that the little ones will turn on the appliance; or PowerBoost, a function that allows you to speed up cooking, shortening time by up to three times.

Hansa ceramic hob

Hansa BHMI61414030

The glass ceramic hob, Hansa BHMI61414030 is appreciated by many buyers for the fact that it offers two ways to cook – on ceramic glass or on classic discs, because it is a mixed model. Two of the meshes use gas to operate, and the other two use electricity. Thus, you can vary the way you prepare food for yourself and your family.

To control the intensity with which you work, a manual control panel is used, with four buttons that rotate. It is placed on the side. The hob is a built-in one and measures 4.8 x 57.5 x 50.5 cm. It is black, but it is surrounded by a gray border.

Regarding the key characteristics encountered, the most important are the following – the presence of a safety valve, which does not allow accidental extinguishing of the fire; automatic ignition, without using matches or lighters; residual heat indicator. Compared to other products on our list, the price is a bit higher, but it’s worth the money.

Hansa BHCS38120030

Hansa BHCS38120030 is a 2-mesh ceramic hob, built-in, purchased mainly by people who do not have much space in the kitchen and want something that does not take up much space. It has dimensions of 50.5 x 30 x 5 cm, a weight of 5 kg and is black.

The cooker we are talking about now is one that works with electricity. It has a power of 3 kW, which is divided into two meshes as follows – 1.2 kW for the small and 1.8 kW for the large. The control panel, which is a mechanical one, is placed in the front, to be easy to access.

This glass hob from Hansa has the function of HeatControl, which means that it warns you by the presence on the display of the letter H that it is ready for use. You also have an indicator for residual heat, to know when it is hot, not to approach and to accidentally injure yourself.

2-glass ceramic hob

Pyramis 29HL310

For small families who do not cook much or for houses where the kitchen has a small surface and any place matters, this ceramic hob, with 2 meshes, could be a suitable choice. It works on the basis of electricity, which is why you will have to use cookware the size of burners, so as not to waste energy unnecessarily.

An advantage we do not want to overlook in terms of the appearance of this option. The hob is a built-in, black color, which has a modern control panel with touchscreen. It is placed in the front, which is why it is easy to access.

The total power of the device is 3 kW, 1.2 kW on the small eye and 1.8 kW on the large one. It can be adjusted in 9 steps, to adjust everything as you need. The dimensions of the hob are 51 x 29 x 4.5 cm. To connect it to the network, you have a 1.2 meter long cable.

Vitroceramic hob cleaning squeegee

Electrolux E6HUE102

This product is a glass ceramic hob cleaning squeegee, which will amaze you when it comes to removing persistent stains, which do not come out with any detergent, because it helps to remove them in a simple and efficient way.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 130 x 43 x 10 mm, to be easy to handle and to allow a quick cleaning of the surface. Don’t worry about scratches, because it is built in such a way that it does not cause damage. It can even be used on induction or halogen hobs.

Initially, the squeegee is delivered with the blade necessary for cleaning, and in the event that you want to change it, because it wears out over time, you will be able to do this as well, purchasing spare parts. It is provided with a handle at the end of which there is a hanger, if you want to keep it in a nail, to always have it at hand.

Glass ceramic hob pots

Heinner Madeline Cooking

If you want to buy a set of pots for the ceramic hob, to use new and well-made containers, we recommend this product, which consists of several pans of different sizes – 1.9 l, 2.6 l, 3.6 l and 6.1 l. All are provided with lids that have metal handles and holes for removing steam.

Three of the pans that are part of this set are equipped with metal handles on the sides, and one has a longer tail. All these elements must be touched with protection on the hands when cooking, because it gets hot.

The purchase package also includes a sieve for frying, but also a support for pots. The latter are made of stainless steel, having a pleasant appearance and being durable over time, and the lids are made of heat-resistant glass. All cooking utensils in this set can be used even on appliances that use induction as a heat source.

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