the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Santoku knives – Review and comparison in 2021

People who want to have very useful cooking accessories in the kitchen, usually have the best santoku knife. In the event that you have not been able to make such an acquisition so far and you think the time has come, the list below can be helpful. In front of it you will findMaranc M3 , a knife with a strong blade, 18 cm (which is made of stainless steel and has small alveoli on the surface), but also with a quality handle, made of wood. The second position is occupied by Samura Damascus , a variant at least as interesting.

Comparative table

This santoku knife is a strong and durable product, made of high quality stainless steel, which is provided with an 18 cm long blade, with holes that prevent food from catching and with a classic handle, made of wood, which ensures a good grip . It is easy to handle and offers good accuracy.

It is not recommended to wash the dishwasher automatically, because due to prolonged exposure to water, the handle may be damaged.

It is a useful product in any kitchen, regardless of the level of preparation of the person who cooks, being of quality and having a long blade (18 cm).

This knife is made of stainless steel Damascus, a material famous for its strength and comes with a very good quality handle, also made of micarta. It is an easy to handle variant, because it weighs only 150 grams and has a blade of 17.5 cm.

Compared to the other items in this guide, it has a much more generous purchase price, so it prepares a larger budget.

If you want a santoku knife of the best quality for your professional kitchen, which offers great precision, invest in this product.

It is a very useful accessory in the kitchens of people who want precision and speed when grinding, cutting and slicing, being a knife made of carbon steel, with a blade that is 16.5 cm long, 4 cm wide and 2 mm thick. It is easy to handle, with a handle made of cherry wood.

The blade will have to be sharpened periodically, because carbon steel is a material that wears out and requires such a procedure to regain its efficiency.

We recommend this santoku knife, if you want to use an accessory that really offers precision and finesse when cutting.

In-depth reviews about the best santoku knives

The online is very rich when it comes to buying knives. In order not to waste time on all kinds of sites, below is a list of popular products.

Professional santoku knife

Maranc M3

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

If you want to buy santoku knives, at good prices, but also quality, we recommend the ones from Maranc. This is a professional model that will be useful even to great chefs. It has an 18 cm blade, made of steel, a material resistant to all kinds of factors, including corrosion and discoloration. It will look great even after using it for a long time.

This knife is equipped with a handle covered in wood, which looks very pleasant and elegant, but which must be carefully maintained, because if it is exposed too much to moisture it will be damaged. This is also the reason why manual washing is recommended, not automatic.

A great advantage of this professional santoku knife is given by the fact that the blade is provided with alveoli, which helps a simpler use, not allowing food to stick. It is delivered in a storage box, so that it can be offered as a gift, if you have such intentions.


Mrk Prestige MRK-06

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Mrk Prestige MRK-06 is a professional santoku knife, which is made of high quality materials. For the blade was used the German quality stainless steel, a resistant material, which does not rust and which allows high precision cuts. On the handle side, wood was used, which in addition to the very pleasant appearance it has, also offers a good grip for safe handling.

Returning to the blade, it measures a length of 17 cm, a width of 4.2 cm and a thickness of 2 mm. It’s big enough to crush everything as efficiently as possible. It is provided with small alveoli, to keep away food that might otherwise stick.

The total length of the knife is 37 cm, and the weight is quite large – 503 grams. This last aspect is not a disadvantage, because it can help some to grind more easily. Given the fact that the handle is made of wood, it is not recommended to wash the automatic dishwasher. The knife will be packed in an elegant box.


Santoku steel knife

Samura Damascus

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Those who offer opinions about the best santoku knives often bring this model into question, due to the fact that it is a product made with a sense of responsibility, which offers a perfect cut, having a blade made of high quality steel (Damascus , famous for its high hardness), which measures 17.5 cm, to grind everything simply and quickly.

The handle of the knife is made of mica, a heat-resistant material, which ensures a comfortable grip and makes it durable over time. It has a rounded shape, which is why it can be uncomfortable if you have used classic knives so far. It is black, with inserts that mimic wood.

In total, this product weighs 150 grams, a light weight, which means it will not be tiring to hold in your hand. The purchase price is much higher, compared to other items presented in this list, but if you want something really quality, it is worth the investment.


Carl Schmidt Sohn Konstanz

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

To enjoy a pleasant experience when cooking, we recommend this Japanese steel santoku knife, appreciated and famous for its superior quality, because it is resistant to even harder textures, does not rust, offers a good precision and finesse, and it’s durable.

Regarding the handle part, it attracts attention by the way it is manufactured. Natural wood was used, for a pleasant appearance, but also for a more ergonomic grip. It is black and looks very elegant. The shape is rounded, for an even greater degree of comfort.

The blade of this knife has a length of 18 cm, to allow a quick and precise operation, but it is not provided with sockets that do not allow gluing during grinding, if you are interested in this detail. It is recommended to clean manually, under running water, because in the washing machine the handle can be damaged over time, due to the fact that it is kept longer in a humid environment.


ICOS jj1500801

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

This santoku knife, made of stainless steel, is the choice of many people who cannot afford to invest a lot of money in such a kitchen accessory. It is provided with a 17 cm long blade, with small alveoli, which will offer good precision and easy handling, to do your job as quickly as possible.

The handle of this knife is covered in ABS, a resistant material, which offers comfort when held in the hand, but if you are wet on your palms it may be a bit more difficult to grip. It is easy to clean, using hot water and special detergent and it is not recommended to use the automatic machine, so as not to damage the blade, because exposure to water could make it rust quite quickly.

This knife will also need to be sharpened when it is no longer cutting very well, and you can do this with the help of various devices designed especially for this. The better the blade is set, the faster and more precise the cuts will be.


Japanese knife

Tojiro-Shippu FD-1597

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Tojiro-Shippu FD-1597 is a Japanese knife that comes in support of professionals who want to chop, grind and slice as easily as possible, but can be used, of course, by amateurs who want a truly quality tool. The blade with which it is equipped is a very hard one, made of three layers of steel, which in the middle have an extremely strong texture.

The handle of the knife is also a special one, because it is round and made of cherry wood, having a texture that helps a light grip, without slipping from your hand. You can only encounter such problems when you are dirty with fat.

The total length of this knife is 29 cm, of which 16.5 cm is the blade. The latter has a thickness of 2 mm, a width of 4 mm and inserts that mimic wood. The item weighs only 160 grams. For as long a life as possible, manual washing is recommended, not the use of the automatic dishwasher.


Kutt Akira

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

This Japanese knife, santoku, is a model appreciated by many people who want to cook simply and quickly, using an accessory that facilitates slicing, chopping and chopping. It is equipped with a blade made of stainless steel based on carbon, which offers hardness and durability, if you take care of the way you use it and clean it.

Regarding the handle it has, it is made of walnut wood and offers a simple, comfortable grip, to be used for a long time in the best conditions. We recommend manual washing, as the wood can be damaged if exposed to moisture for a long time.

This santoku knife, at a good price, has a total length of 30 cm. The blade measures 18 cm long, 4.5 cm high and 2 mm thick. 195 grams is the weight of this accessory, so it is not difficult to handle. It is delivered with a soap that helps remove persistent odors and a protection for the fingers.


Buying guide

The santoku knife is characterized by the fact that it is a tool with a long and wide blade, which helps to cut food quickly, so that you can cook as simply and efficiently as possible. The name “Santoku” translates from Japanese as “three good things” and refers to the fact that it is made in such a way as to be good for chopping, slicing and grinding.

How do you choose such a knife? Taking into account a number of important selection criteria. Which are these? We will tell you in the following.

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Blade materials : To make sure you buy the best santoku knife, it must be made of very good quality materials. You will most often meet:

Stainless steel – is a choice that will prove its quality over time, offering strength, durability and efficiency. There are many types of steel, among the most appreciated being those of German or Damascus quality. Knives made of this material can be sharp, if worn over time, and have a harder appearance.

Carbon steel – is a durable version, but over time, it will wear out faster, and may rust if not cleaned and dried after use. It is the choice of professionals often, because such a tool can be sharpened very well.

Ceramic – is a brittle material, which is usually white, which is why in time the blade will look quite unpleasant. It can chip quite easily if you are not careful, and cannot be sharpened. However, it is appreciated for the fact that it does not change the taste of food, does not oxidize and is maintained with great ease.

Dimensions : For santoku knives, the blade is usually between 12 and 18 cm. If you want greater agility and more precise handling, then we recommend smaller models, if you want an item to help you act quickly on a large volume of food, then turn your attention to the longer blade variants .

Regarding weight, there are no values to tell you in the idea that they are more or less indicated, but here it depends on what is most comfortable for you. Keep in mind, however, that the heavier variants may be more tiring for the hand, but it contributes to the easier cutting of harder textures, the pressure it offers being useful in this regard.

Handle features : This element of the knife is important, because it depends a lot on the ease with which it will be handled. Have in mind:

Material – most of the time you can choose from the following options: wood (looks good, is comfortable, over time can wear and allows bacteria to gather, must be dried in time to avoid damage), silicone (resistant, durable, does not allow slip), plastic (can vary a lot when it comes to color and shape, easy to clean, can provide an ergonomic grip if well thought out) or metal (increased strength, easy cleaning, hard appearance, can slide very easily from the hand, if you have wet palms).

Shape – here we refer to two variants – square and round. The former allow a more stable grip, but used for a long time can be annoying, and the latter are not as comfortable because they do not fit so well on the hand.

Key features : Make sure that when you buy a cheap and good santoku knife, you pay attention to the small details that can make the difference:

Alveolar blade – the presence of these small elements is worthy of appreciation, because it contributes to a simpler slicing, because it does not allow the food to stick to the blade.

Compatible with automatic dishwasher– for faster and more efficient cleaning, choose a model that can be washed in a special dishwasher.

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

Package contents : The best santoku knives can be accompanied by all kinds of interesting items, which will provide a pleasant experience:

Knives – some variants are delivered with other types of knives, smaller or larger, which will help you in all kinds of activities in the kitchen.

Blade protection – to be able to transport the knife easily, if necessary, but also to keep it in the best conditions, so as to protect it as well as possible.

Cleaning soap – is an element that helps you eliminate unpleasant odors, so that they do not soak into the material.

Support – helps to keep the knives in a pleasant and safe way, so that it is at hand.

If you want to buy cheap and good santoku knives, a good idea might be to buy them from online stores. They will offer you a wide range of products, so you can find the perfect one for you.

How to use the santoku knife as a real hobby

The santoku knife is the choice of many people who love to cook and it is indispensable in professional kitchens. It is very useful when it comes to chopping, slicing and grinding food and is of Japanese origin. It is very similar to the classic model that we know as the chef’s knife and must be used as well.

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

When using it, hold it carefully so that it is as easy as possible to work with it. The index finger is placed on the outside of the blade, the thumb on the inside, and the others support the handle. Ideally, you should position it parallel to your body, in order to control it as well as possible and to have the best possible accuracy.

When you actually grind food, the blade must be pointed at the bottom, so as not to accidentally injure yourself.

Usually, such a product has quite generous dimensions, the blade having a length of 12-18 cm. Small alveoli may also be present on it, which have the role of preventing food from sticking together, which leads to improved experience and speed of movement.

Depending on the material used to make the blade, a santoku knife, at a good price, will be able to act on harder or softer textures. For example, if you choose a variant made of stainless steel, you can even cut foods with higher hardness, but if you opt for a blade made of ceramic, it should only be used for softer textures, because it will easily chip.

The handle also plays an important role when it comes to using a santoku knife. It should ensure a good grip and prevent slipping, if you do not want unpleasant incidents or difficult handling. The most popular models are those with rubber inserts, which help an ergonomic grip.

Regarding the surface on which it is cut, in order to protect the blade as well as possible, use shredders made of wood or plastic.

the best japanese santoku knife in 2021

If over time the knife wears out, any professional chef knows how to sharpen it, so as to bring it back to life. This can be done with electrical appliances or classic stones, specially designed for this purpose. But be careful, because not all blades can be sharpened, and an exception in this regard is the variants made of ceramic, which once worn must be replaced.

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