the best kettle with temperature control to buy

Kettle – Review and comparison in 2021

The kettle is among the kitchen appliances that you don’t really miss until you buy them, and then you wonder how you can do without them. It is a very simple device, but surprisingly useful, if chosen properly. That is why we draw your attention to the relevant criteria for differentiating between several models, and we suggest some interesting and appreciated variants. For example, theBosch TWK7801 is suitable for those who prefer stainless steel instead of plastic, a generous capacity of over 1.5 liters and a tailor-made power that ensures fast heating. If you prefer a ceramic model, with a special look, we propose you as an alternative Concept Ceramica RK0020.

Comparative table

It is a model designed for the family, with a capacity of 1.7 liters and a safe stainless steel housing, plus integrated protections that ensure operation without unpleasant incidents. The anti-limescale filter, included in the design, captures the mineral particles that can give the water an unpleasant taste, and the concept with the rotating base allows the comfortable placement of the cup in the space available on the counter.

Its generous capacity comes with quite large dimensions, which make this version less suitable for hiking or kitchens where free space is a challenge.

Sturdy and efficient stainless steel kettle with automatic shut-off and medium to large volume container.

Kettle with special design, made of ceramic, material beneficial to health, with multicolored exterior, in mosaic style. It includes a container with an average capacity of 1.5 liters, suitable for multi-person homes or those that often receive visitors, and allows two-stage power management, as needed.

The ceramic material is vulnerable to mechanical shocks, being less suitable in homes with young children, although it is provided with anti-slip system.

Variant with cup-type structure, rotating base, central connector and automatic shut-off, suitable in kitchens where they can elegantly add color and shape.

Model specially designed for travel, with small dimensions, light plastic structure and essential accessories for those traveling with a tent, for several days. It is accompanied by cups and spoons for the preparation of teas, soups, cereals or coffee, a storage container with two compartments and a warning whistle.

Because the priority is the low weight and the small size, its capacity is only 0.5 liters, enough for two people, but small if it is a group.

Plastic option, easy to transport and store, which can be used both when traveling and at home.

In-depth reviews about the best kettles

Have you come to the conclusion that you need an electric kettle and you do not know exactly which of the many options available to target? We offer you several varied options, selected based on the positive evaluations received from customers who have already started using them.


Kettle :

Bosch TWK7801

the best kettle with temperature control to buy Equipped with a complex safety system, which manages the automatic shutdown both when the maximum temperature is reached and in case of overload or too little water in the container, this model of kettle cup fits perfectly in family homes. Its capacity of 1.7 liters, doubled by a power of 2.2kW, which copes with it brilliantly, provides enough water to easily prepare tea and / or coffee for several people.

It is made of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about potential toxic emissions, even if you use it several times a day. Includes sturdy plastic handle that keeps you cool so you don’t heat the skin.

This Bosch kettle model is equipped with a water level indicator, to know at any time whether or not you need to add liquid to the container. It also has an anti-limescale filter, which protects the device from harmful deposits and gives a more pleasant taste to the water.



Electric kettle:

Concept Ceramics RK0020

the best kettle with temperature control to buy The ceramic structure, with a mosaic look, says in this case, first of all, beauty and elegance. So we are talking about a kettle chosen first because it completely changes the appearance of the room it enters. However, concrete technical qualities are also hidden under the special image.

It is a product made of ceramic, so it is addressed to those who do not want to be exposed to heated plastic, and the 1.5 liter capacity also says that it is an object that many people will enjoy, designed for social interactions and pleasant meetings with friends. The power of 1.35kW is enough not to wait too long, but at the same time give you enough minutes to address the important topics of the day.

It offers automatic closing, when the water is ready, safety system for trouble-free operation, anti-slip finish and, in addition, the possibility to control the power used, on two levels of intensity.




Travel water kettle:

Unold U8210

the best kettle with temperature control to buy Do you like to go on holiday with your friends and would you like to have a small, easy and efficient travel kettle with you, which will be useful to you, without confusing you too much when packing and transporting? Try this version of the Unold brand, with a capacity of 0.5 liters, ideal for two cups of tea, coffee or condensed soup.

Because it is made of plastic, the product is light and easy to carry even when climbing steep paths on the mountain. It is provided, like any standard model, with automatic shut-off, indicator that shows the water level and the anti-slip base. But it also offers a number of essential travel accessories.

Thus, you will receive together with the kettle: two cups, two spoons, a container with two compartments for transporting coffee, tea type granules, etc., and a warning whistle, which we hope you don’t need. All can be inserted inside the device so as not to take up extra space.



0.5l water kettle:

Tefal Travel’City2 KO120130

the best kettle with temperature control to buy Compact and light, this 0.5l water kettle from Tefal is one of the options we recommend if you prepare water in the morning, only for 1-2 servings of tea or coffee, or you want to have a model that you can take the road. For the latter case, the product comes with two cups and two spoons, which can help you prepare drinks and soups, in any place that offers access to an outlet.

It will surprise you with the power of 2.4kW, great for the amount of water we are talking about, which ensures the rapid heating of the liquid, being ideal for those in a hurry, who do not have the patience to wait by the kettle.

It stops automatically, includes a water level indicator on both sides and is equipped with a robust handle, comfortable to handle. In addition, it is accompanied by a textile cover that allows easy storage and transport of the product and accessories, when you use it as a travel kettle.



Newtec kettle:

Newtech NT1107

the best kettle with temperature control to buy The elongated and elegant format, the stainless steel exterior and the capacity of 1.8 liters perfectly integrate this Newtec kettle cup both in family homes with many members, as well as in student apartments , dormitory rooms and office spaces. It is therefore a resistant version, but whose walls get hot easily, so be careful if there are children around.

It uses a power of 1.5kW, average for the volume category it belongs to, but enough to be able to say that it heats the water in a short time. The lid and handle are made of plastic, so you don’t have to worry that you can burn it by lifting it or touching its upper area. The manual on and off switch is located on the handle, and at the base includes a light LED that indicates the operation of the device.

It is provided with overheating protection and automatic shut-off, so you do not have to worry that you have to turn it off manually, and the minimum / maximum filling level is visibly indicated on the inner surface, for correct use.



Heinner kettle:

Heinner Instant-47

the best kettle with temperature control to buy With a capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 2.2kW, this version of the Heinner kettle is one of the options specially designed to offer you a backup solution when the house is full of guests. Faster than the kettle and easier to handle, the Heinner Instant-47 has a pleasant, discreet and practical design, with a case made of white plastic, with a level indicator, semi-transparent, which allows you to see the water inside.

The on and off button is located at hand, on the robust and comfortable handle, and the LED positioned at the bottom tells you whether or not the device is on, even before hearing the specific noise of the water being heated. He also notifies you when you have no water in the container.

Includes anti-limescale filter, which detaches and washes easily, without the need to buy a replacement, ensuring a better taste of the drinks obtained.



Electric hot water tank:

MET2119-M1 thermoplone fiebator

the best kettle with temperature control to buy Do you prefer to stick to the classic format of the electric kettle model, which you can easily use in combination with several types of containers? We offer you this model, designed for residential use, with a power of 750W. You can use it to heat the water you need to make energizing coffee in the early hours of the morning or a relaxing tea before bed.

It is also useful when the hot water stops for various reasons and you need a quick solution to heat a sufficient amount to remove the shampoo or shower gel.

This model benefits from a 75cm long power cable, which means that you will be able to use it most comfortably, connected to a socket located near the kitchen worktop or to a surface on which you can easily place the water container. We remind you that it is not advisable to use it to heat milk or water in which you have already put coffee or other ingredients, which can stick to the hot resistance.




Electric kettle:

Vivax CM-1000R

the best kettle with temperature control to buy It can be red or cream, it is small, but it is not necessarily travel and yes, it is a little different, because it is an electric kettle and does not respect the standard kettle design. If you are wondering what its role is, we will tell you that it prepares your coffee faster than the classic one, without the need for a stove. The technical details that define its performance level include a capacity of 0.4 liters, ideal for four small cups of strong coffee or two cups of long coffee or tea.

It has a power of 1kW which, applied to the small amount of water, reduces the cooking time to a few seconds. It is equipped with overheating protection and ergonomic handle, which allows comfortable handling, and includes the device’s on and off switch.

You can buy it in two color variants: red and black, for bold kitchens and those who need a little color in the morning, and cream with brown, for classic or minimalist spaces, and those who prefer a gentler awakening.



Water kettle with temperature control:

TurboTronic ZL-LED07

the best kettle with temperature control to buy If in general, this type of device is simple and seems trivial, it is not the case of the TurboTronic ZL-LEDO07 model, a water kettle with adjustable temperature, on five different stages, and with a function of keeping the liquid warm.

You’d think the pluses stop here, but it’s not. Each temperature level is signaled by a different color, which fills the entire container, provided with walls made of glass. You will know, at any time, how many degrees you have set the appliance, even on the other side of the kitchen.

Returning to the basic features, this version offers you a capacity of 1.8 liters, with heat-resistant glass container, which does not emit toxic substances during repeated heating and insulates the heat quite well inside. The power used is high enough for short operating times (2.2kW), and for safety, includes automatic shut-off and anti-slip system, which offers very good stability on smooth surfaces.



Buying guide

The kettle is a heating device used for water, made of an electric heater, which heats up when the current passes, producing heat. It is provided with a power cable and plug, to which a liquid container is added or not. Modern versions of course come with a full list of technical improvements and useful features.

This guide has the role of presenting you the most important aspects in choosing a water kettle, cheap and good, starting with its capacity and ending with the possibility of setting the temperature.


the best kettle with temperature control to buy

Type of kettle: There are two main categories of kettles: with container (cup or kettle) and without container (thermoplunge). The latter include only the resistance, cable and plug, and are very easy to evaluate, the essential criteria being in this case the power generated and the dimensions of the resistance, which conditions the size of the container in which you can use them.

They are especially recommended for travel, because they are easy to transport, and as a backup solution in the home, in case the gas boiler no longer works and you need hot water.

The versions that enjoy the greatest popularity at the moment are the models of kettles, at good prices, of the cup type, which provide everything you need for water heating, without having to look for a suitable container. They are used in private homes, offices, public institutions, at events, etc., they look good and are easy to use.

A slightly lesser known form is that of the kettle with a kettle design, appreciated by those who are used to making tea or coffee. They are usually smaller than the cup-type variants, being designed for 1-2 servings.


Material: From this point of view, the decision is made between four variants: plastic, stainless steel, glass and ceramic.

Cheap and good plastic kettle options are more affordable, lightweight and do not get too hot from the water inside. But they can cause an unpleasant taste and, even in its absence, it is good to keep in mind that, repeatedly exposed to high temperatures, the plastic begins to release toxic substances. We therefore recommend that you opt for these versions if: the budget simply does not allow you to do anything else or you will use it occasionally, when the hob is overloaded or the gas is turned off. Plastic is also the ideal solution for travel items, which must be light and which you use only a few days a year anyway.

The stainless steel version heats up very quickly, so be careful where you place it when you plug it in, if you have small children around the house. It is also heavier and more expensive, but is instead a healthy and durable material.

The pottery is somewhere in the middle. It does not release toxic substances, so it is a safe option from this point of view and offers better thermal insulation than stainless steel, which means that it retains heat better and the outside is less hot. A kettle, at a good price, made of ceramics will also look very good, but will be more vulnerable to thermal and mechanical shocks.

You will also find options with glass walls, very suitable for minimalist spaces, with fairly good thermal insulation, but subject, similar to ceramics, to the risk of breakage.


Capacity: In this chapter, you can choose between small models, of 0.3 – 0.5l and variants of up to 2.5 liters. Numerous opinions about the best kettles recommend choosing versions of a single cup, which has 200 – 250ml, if you prepare water just for you, every time you make tea or coffee. A larger version, which imposes a minimum of water on your needs, means a considerable additional current consumption in the long run.

If you know that you frequently serve guests with tea, or prepare breakfast for the whole family, it is best to opt for the 1 – 1.5 liter versions. All electric kettle models that exceed 1.5 liters are usually used for offices or events (parties, meetings, conferences, etc.).


Power:This parameter varies between 0.75 and 2.5kW, directly influences the time required for water heating and is conditioned by the capacity of the container. If for travel options 0.75 – 1kW are enough, for everything that means over 1 liter of water it is good to have at least 1.5kW at hand, and in the case of larger models, look for options that exceed 2kW.


the best kettle with temperature control to buy

Functions and features: In the safety category, we recommend the best kettles will always offer you, both automatic disconnection when the maximum temperature is reached, as well as protection against overheating and starting with an empty container or less water than the minimum limit.

Some premium variants also offer the possibility to control the temperature at which the water is heated and the power level used, plus a function of keeping it warm.

The list of features that you should know about also includes a lighted on / off switch, for use at late or very early hours, cable holder, anti-limescale filter, water level indicator, cover with automatic opening and locking and anti-slip system.


Accessories:What a kettle, at a good price, from the travel category will offer you compared to a standard one are the accessories such as spoon, cup, container for transporting tea / coffee / cereals / soup in an envelope, etc. and / or storage case.



Frequent questions

Are there car kettle mug models?

For those who travel long distances by car, whether we are talking about bus or truck drivers, sales agents or caravan enthusiasts, there are of course car kettle options, with power supply from the car socket. However, these versions have a slightly lower capacity, in order to ensure fast heating and easy storage, most of the time falling into the category of 0.4 – 0.5 liters. Some come with useful accessories, such as cups and mugs, being considered products designed for travel.


the best kettle with temperature control to buy

What’s the difference between a kettle and an electric kettle?

Unlike a stainless steel, ceramic, glass or plastic kettle, the electric kettle allows you to prepare the drink directly in it, adding coffee, tea or other ingredients. In this case, the heating element is always hidden in the wall, so as not to attract solid particles that would burn, creating an unpleasant taste. In addition, the walls are covered on the inside with a non-stick coating, which allows its use similar to a classic kettle, used on the hob. So you can heat the milk, boil the ground coffee or boil instant soup sachets, while the kettles only allow the water to be heated, without other additives.



What is more practical in various situations – thermoplunging vs kettle

Used successfully for many years until the advent of the cup-type kettle, the thermoplon is today a little outdated, especially in terms of domestic use . For the more conservative, who still hesitate between the two versions, here are some situations in which each of the two categories turns out to be the best kettle you can choose.


the best kettle with temperature control to buy

When you need more water

In the case of the cup kettle, the amount of water you can heat is limited by the volume of the container and if you need more, you have to turn on the appliance twice. When using the thermoplunger, you can use any heat-resistant vessel that offers you the desired capacity. So if you are considering a backup option for the moments when you run out of shampoo in your hair and without hot water, because the boiler no longer works, we recommend a thermoplunger with a power of over 2kW that will quickly provide you with 5 – 6 liters of suitable liquid as the temperature for rinsing.


Perfect for a single cup of tea

If you have ever used a small thermoplunger, you know how easy it is to simply put it in the cup in which you want to make your own tea or coffee and turn it on, using only as much current as is needed for a serving of liquid. By comparison, kettles often require you to fill the container with more water than you need, unnecessarily increasing your current bills.


Elegant or office frames

Despite the high efficiency and adaptability, the plungers do not look very good, integrating more easily in a camping or construction site decor, than in a company office or a modern kitchen. It also involves wasting time looking for a container with which to use them. By comparison, the mug kettle can be bought in versions beautiful enough to be the focal point of the living room or kitchen and contain, in a single product, everything you need to heat the liquid.


the best kettle with temperature control to buy

Full safety and better control

When it comes to the use of the kettle by older people or young teenagers, and, in general, about family use, mug models are recommended as an option. Unlike the plunger, they are equipped with all kinds of protections and automatic shut-off systems, and, in addition, the heating element is in most cases hidden, eliminating the risk of direct contact.

Some premium versions are even equipped with power level and temperature control, making it possible to use a kettle at 40 degrees instead of 80 or 90, then you only need a warm liquid.


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