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Kitchen Utensils – Review and comparison in 2021

For decoration, preparation, support or a simple cooking aid can be used the most beautiful kitchen utensils, but it is necessary to know a few things about them, such as the type, materials and ways in which they can be used, along with appreciated examples, such asIbili 8411922091830 , a device made of aluminum, for decorating biscuits and cakes, which is easy to handle, given the light weight, and which can be washed in the dishwasher, having a variety of shapes and forms for dough or creams, which can be exchanged with each other during baking or preparation. Another example appreciated by Romanians is ProCart UST12 .

Comparative table

This device can be used to produce beautiful biscuits or similar doughs, in special shapes, using the 13 discs and eight nozzles for cakes and cakes with cream, the pistol and components being made of aluminum, for easy sanitation, even in the dishwasher.

Because it is a product for decorating dishes or producing unique shapes of biscuits, it will not show its usefulness in other areas of gastronomy.

It addresses a certain market segment, with a slightly higher purchase cost, but quality becomes a strong point for those who have already bought the product.

This classic option, used in food preparation, which includes 12 pieces with different utilities for frying, boiling or preparing sauces and other types of food (spatulas, polish, spoons, forks, tongs), has a very affordable cost for the number of items made. made of beech wood, which resists heat and does not scratch the surface of pots.

Over time, they can catch the taste and smell of food already made, and exposure to moisture makes them ugly.

An economical choice for any housewife, this collection of cooking tools will not be missing from the kitchen, helping to build a healthy lifestyle.

With the help of these 42 pieces, a beginner cook or a new cook will not miss anything to start on the path of gastronomy, including from spatulas to polishes, tongs, targets, graters, scissors, can opener or small tools to be measured, they help to cook dishes and sweets.

The acquisition cost is higher, this being justified by the presence of a large number of pieces with different use and by their construction made of stainless steel, silicone and plastic.

Because it provides the user with everything he needs to cook, the set is often among the preferences of practical Romanians, who do not waste time.

In-depth reviews about the best kitchen utensils

For cooking or decorating food, an extensive set of kitchen tools is essential for a cooking enthusiast, and you can be inspired by the following examples, which are part of the current preferences of Romanians.

Kitchen utensils for decorating

Ibili 8411922091830

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

Cooking enthusiasts may not be satisfied at all and try to produce, on their own, different cakes or sweets, and in order to obtain impeccable results, with the same model and size, some kitchen utensils for decoration such as complex ones will be useful. of the Ibili. This model is, in fact, a machine gun for making cookies, which also has the necessary accessories to decorate cakes.

The package will include the actual appliance, which is made of aluminum, so it is easy enough to use with your hands free, joining the eight duos in different shapes, which are used to decorate cakes and cream cakes, as well as 13 discs meant to help form the dough and ornaments.

Because it is made of aluminum, the object can be inserted in the dishwasher, being easy to sanitize, as well as the additional parts, but it can lose its luster.


Wilton 2104-1369

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

Such a collection of duets with different types of top will be useful for a novice confectioner or any person who wants to beautify their homemade cakes or muffins, for example, having a silicone tray that helps to sanitize stainless steel parts and dishwasher.

It is a specific option, which has a certain use, namely it contributes to the decoration of cakes and sweet dishes, in general, not being helpful in classic cooking, which is why it is among the classic kitchen utensils for decoration that are used with a pos .

It presents the easiest to use forms of removing the cream, in number of eight, numbered according to the place it occupies in the large and comprehensive collections, these being in puffy formulas or with simple lines, to enjoy any taste, forming the classic variants, which any amateur should know about decorating.

Kitchen utensils set

ProCart UST12

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

Here is a set of kitchen utensils, cheap and good, consisting of no less than 12 pieces that you can use daily when preparing regular meals or something more special, these options being made of wood, so they will last long enough. wear at home, but be careful not to keep them in water too much when sanitizing them, as they may catch odors or stain and stain.

Includes everything you need to prepare and mix the usual ingredients in the pan or pan, including three different spatulas for pancakes and vegetables, a tablespoon of salad and a slotted spoon, two smaller spoons, forks, barbecue fork and grill tongs , as well as a polish, all made of natural beech wood.

You will use them for the preparation of creams, the homogenization of different preparations or foods cooked in non-slip dishes, which will not be damaged because they do not scratch. However, some parts may not be very fine sanded, so they may bother you.

Tefal Cassonade K210S514

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

For fans of the Tefal brand, there are solutions in the set, in terms of cooking utensils, this variant, beautifully packaged in a box, offering no less than five elements of help in daily cooking. The pieces are made in a minimalist style, with a hole for hanging, but you will have to buy the support or improvise it separately.

The set of kitchen utensils, at a good price, includes a tel, a pancake spatula, a simple one, a spoonful of sauce and a polish, these being made of a plastic resistant to temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius, being gray. They can be washed by machine, but also by hand, it is advisable to sanitize them immediately after use, so that the tastes and smells of food do not impregnate the porous surface.

It represents basic elements in the kitchen of any kind, offering you the necessary help in order to mix, prepare and serve the resulting dishes.


the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

When you don’t want to miss anything in the kitchen utensil drawer, turn your attention to a bulky and practical set, such as this one that contains no less than 42 help items in different areas of international cuisine. Some elements will be helpful in preparing food (grater, scissors, spatula), others becoming more useful for mixing (spoons, spatulas) or straining, to measure quantities or to cut or grease bakery products, for example.

The articles are made of a mixture of stainless steel and plastic, so as to prove resistant and not rust, over time, the risk of scratches or melting is not very high, given that the plastic can withstand up to 210 Celsius degrees.

Useful tools in various circumstances can rightly appear in the charts of the best kitchen utensils, given that they provide almost everything a cook needs, including lid cleaner and opener, as well as silicone hand guards.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils

Vivo HT2850

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

For a self-respecting chef, the image is as important as the usefulness and strength of the tools used in the cooking space, and by using stainless steel kitchen utensils has at hand the specific quality. Consequently, the items will be durable and can be used safely frequently, because they will not be easily damaged, being able to be sanitized in the dishwasher.

The set includes 12 pieces and a stainless steel support that allows them to be hung near the area where the food is prepared. The package will include the can opener, the garlic press, the grater and the cheese knife, two spatulas, a pizza slicer, a spoonful of ice cream and the bottle opener. They are joined by the vegetable cleaner, a cheap and good kitchen utensil for various recipes, and the fruit knife and the target.

In addition to the special, professional look, these items are also notable for the ergonomic handles and ease with which they can be used at any time, requiring an electric screwdriver to fix the support to the wall.

Professional kitchen utensils

Kitchen Artist 12 Utensils

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

This set of stainless steel kitchen utensils is very resistant to wear, which is why it is recommended for professionals or cooking enthusiasts who spend a lot of time perfecting their recipes. This option includes 12 different pieces, with distinct uses, which help in almost all areas, from preparation to arranging, mixing or presenting food.

Of course, given that it is a collection of professional kitchen utensils, the purchase cost will be higher compared to other similar sets, but this is due to the superior quality of stainless steel and its higher quantity.

It does not lack support, so that the user does not have to make other purchases and so that the products are at hand whenever he cooks, needing an electric screwdriver to fix the three screws in the wall. The panoply of pieces does not lack a pizza cutter, a whisk, a grater, a spatula, a cheese knife or a can opener.

Silicone kitchen utensils

Live HCL2201

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

For those who want a set of silicone kitchen utensils, which will withstand daily use well and will not scratch or damage the non-stick layers of more sensitive pans and pots, this group of tools is made. Food-grade silicone is used, on the handle there are holes useful for hanging.

With such a set of kitchen utensils the user will be able to mix ingredients, prepare them more easily and place them and prepare them for consumption easily. They will not rust and will not melt when exposed to heat or flame and will not retain odors or stains after cleaning, even in the washing machine.

The ten pieces include a wire, spatula, polish, pasta strainers and tongs, as well as a brush for various delicate dishes or to give a beautiful color to bakery products, giving the chef the tools he needs to facilitate the cooking process.

Kitchen utensil holder

MaxDeco 5373T

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

Among the classic models of kitchen utensil holders is the jar or vase or glass type, this option having an affordable purchase cost, given that it is made of stainless steel, including a drain tray, so you can sanitize quickly then when dirt or excess water accumulates.

It can be used near the sink or countertop where you usually cook, to have cutlery and kitchen utensils at hand, not needing much space to sit somewhere. The ideal space is next to the tap, where it is easy for you to put the cutlery after washing them.

The container measures 14 cm high, to support the cutlery or tools and has a diameter of 12.5 cm, enough to gather what you need in a place where you can grab them without problems, when you need a spatula or pliers, e.g.

Children’s kitchen utensils

Crazy NBNTP697

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

And the little ones can enjoy learning what are the main elements of the kitchen and play with them, there are commercially available, among others, sets of kitchen utensils for children. This version includes no less than ten pieces that will introduce the junior to the world of cooking in the first years of life.

Small toys are recommended for those who have already turned 3 years old, being indicated the supervision of an adult when the little ones play, because the pieces are small and can be swallowed or inhaled. The colorful set consists of polish, pallets, pan with lid and a pot with lid, a knife and chopper.

The small pieces are made of quality plastic, which does not harm when held in the hands and manipulated, the theme helping to develop the creativity and desire to play of the little one, improving his motor skills. Please note that you do not need batteries for any part, so no further purchases will be required, and the toys will not be heavy.


Buying guide


The list of kitchen utensils, at good prices, is different for each person because not everyone eats the same and does not prepare food in the same way. However, there are some pieces that are often found in Romanian kitchens, and these little things are the ones that contribute to an easier preparation or more beautiful decoration of the dishes tried. But how do you find the best ones and what are the most attractive offers for a person who is now moving, for the first time, alone, and who has not had much contact with the culinary world? Find out some useful information here.

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

Types : There are many options of this nature when you enter a store or when you start scrolling the content on the display in online stores. Some you will use daily or very often, while others will be bought for a specific purpose, when you want to try something new.

Among the most common arespoons, spatulas, choppers, knives, targets, tongs, cooking scissors, polish, can opener, cleaner or measuring spoons and cups , which can be used daily or generally more often. , because they have applicability both for tasty dishes and for sweet dishes. They will most often be found in a support container, hung on a bar or placed in a drawer, close to the area where the food is prepared or the stove.

In addition to those already mentioned, sets of kitchen utensils can be useful at a good price for specific use, such asthose with pos and duos for decorating cakes and pies , for example, kitchen lamps, mortar and pestle for grinding and grinding spices, hammer for tenderizing meat, mandolin slicer, strainers and sieves or thermometer .

Last but not least, kitchen utensils can be considered evenpans, pots, lids, blenders, toasters or microwaves , because they help you prepare food, being essential for cooking.

Usage : Determines how close you should hold those parts and how often they will be used objectively.

If the most common objects, such as spatulas, spoons and polishes or targets are used for preparing ingredients, mixing and handling them while cooking, others will be used, especially for serving (polish, fork, pizza cutter, cheese graters, etc.).

For cooking food, those cheap and good kitchen utensils will be used, such as the cleaner, the grater or the measuring instruments.

For decoration, silicone molds, bags or spatulas for spreading cream will be used, as well as devices for producing decorations or biscuits.

We will not forget the different types of supports that can come with the pieces or that can be purchased separately, these being helpful in order to maintain order in the kitchen.

Materials : There is variety, the most common being wooden, stainless steel, silicone or plastic utensils or a mixture of two or more types.

The wooden ones are cheap and durable enough, but they catch smells and tastes and can mold.

Stainless steel are those professional or household kitchen utensils that will last well over time and will be easy to sanitize, so that they can be used for long periods of time.

The silicone ones are more malleable, do not catch unpleasant odors and do not melt, cleaning easily, but with higher acquisition costs.

Made of plastic are those tools that are affordable, but the porosity leads to the absorption of flavors and they become difficult to sterilize, and can melt if exposed to high temperatures.

Number of pieces : Even if you can buy what you need per piece, you will save some money if you use sets of at least two or three pieces, according to many opinions about the best kitchen utensils.

Most often, at least for the beginning, the classic spatulas in different shapes, the spoons for mixing sauces or the polishes will be enough. Keep in mind that there are also sets of six, ten, 15 or even over 20 kitchen help tools, so think about what you need more.

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

User : It can be a child, in which case we are talking about small toys, usually made of plastic, that introduce the little one to the world of the kitchen, or versions for adults, for home or professional use, the differences being in the quality of the material and simple finishes. but resistant to constant wear, stainless steel being preferred for the ease with which it can be cleaned and for its durability.

In the end, we encourage you to look through online stores, where you have great chances to find the best kitchen utensil for your needs, the purchase being made simple, with a few clicks.

Frequent questions  

How to properly clean kitchen utensils?

Even when you took the cheapest kitchen utensils that get dirty quickly or get soaked with unpleasant odors, they can be saved by soaking them overnight in water with a little mustard powder.

Aluminum utensils can be cleaned using a steel sponge, from time to time, so as not to lose their shine, or with a solution of water and lemon salt. The stainless steel ones require better care, cleaning immediately after use, so as not to stain, with a milder, liquid detergent.

The wooden ones are washed in the sink, using a dishwashing detergent, a sponge and warm water, possibly lightly rubbing the areas with resistant dirt, then wipe them with a napkin so as not to remain in the water and stain.

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

How safe are used kitchen utensils?

As long as you sanitize them properly, second-hand kitchen utensils should not be a danger. However, choose options that you can inspect before purchase, that look good and serve their purpose and that are not melted or broken or chipped in any way.

Wood or plastic ones are not exactly indicated, because they can absorb odors and transfer them further, even if you try to clean them, being more suitable those made of stainless steel or silicone.

How do I disinfect used kitchen utensils?

Second-hand utensils, and not only them, can be disinfected in the dishwasher at a high temperature, with a long washing cycle and hot drying.

Manually, sanitization is done using a strong detergent and a dish brush or by soaking for 10 minutes in a solution of two tablespoons of chlorine for every two liters of hot water. Stainless steel utensils can also be sanitized by boiling for 10 minutes. The plastic or wooden ones cannot be sterilized, unfortunately.

How to practically organize the utensils in the kitchen

There are many ways in which you can place your utensils used during cooking, the most useful being to be organized enough to have at hand the things you use most often.

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

For the ordering of kitchen utensils in the drawer, it is necessary to add separators or supports in which the spatulas can be placed in one place, the cutlery in another place, ordered by type, and the facade, curtain or other such objects in another place, so you have them at hand when you need them.

For placement on the counter, you will find some round or rectangular supports, in which you can sort each type of utensil or cutlery so that it falls easily on your hand while beating eggs, frying something or you need a spatula to incorporate flour in beaten eggs, for example.

If you have a small kitchen and little space, you can hang on a support bar the kitchen utensils often used, near the sink or stove or counter, or you can use the inside of the cabinet, on the door mounting such small supports where to store graters , scissors and other things that are useful to you.

the best kitchen appliances to use in your kitchen

There is no clear recipe, ideally to have in sight or at hand the utensils you use most often, and the ones used less often to know where to put them and to have access to them when you need them.

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