the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021

Any modern space includes a hood above the cooking space. This is essential if you want to quickly remove the steam and odors associated with cooking. A good hood can also protect you from grease deposits on walls or furniture. In this way you will turn the cooking experience into a pleasant activity.




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the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021


The purchase of such an appliance involves a choice from the multitude of offers of existing hoods on the commercial market in Romania. The result is not a favorable one without a preliminary study of the specific characteristics of the best hoods. That is why we thought of coming to your aid and presenting you with a summary of useful information. These are collected based on the kitchen hood offers available in Romania. As well as based on customer reviews, expressed on the forums on the best kitchen hood.

Important features of a good kitchen hood


When choosing a good hood, it is good to consider the size of the room where it will be installed. The recommendation of specialists is to choose a hood with a capacity equal to or greater than the volume of the kitchen multiplied by 10 for the operation for one hour of the hood. For example, for a room 4m long, 3 wide and 2 high, the capacity of the hood must be at least 24 × 10, ie 240 cubic meters.


In terms of size, the offers of good hoods on the market are extremely varied, so you will have a choice. The rule is simple: the hood must be slightly larger than the stove or hob. Thus, the steam will be absorbed quickly and completely by it. It is also recommended to mount the hood at a distance of approximately 65-75 cm from the cooking surface. The only exception to this rule is made by built-in hotels, which are placed on the kitchen counter.

Manufacturing materials

the best kitchen extractor hoods to buy in 2021

Hotels can be made of various materials. The most suitable for its use is stainless steel, because it is easier to maintain over time.

Noise level

The kitchen hood, being placed quite close to the users, must emit an acceptable level of noise. Otherwise, the sound will become annoying. The best kitchen hoods have a noise level between 50-55 decibels. Above these values, the operating noise of the hood is annoying and not recommended.

Built-in functions and options

When you decide to buy the best hood, you certainly think that it must be a modern one. And, above all, to incorporate the latest technologies in the field. Therefore, we suggest you consider a number of essential functions and options for the kitchen hood:

  • The gears represent the adjustment of the hood according to the specifics of each use. Ideally, you should choose a hood with 2 or even 3 steps, which you can use alternatively depending on the steam released during the preparation of the products;
  • Filters are very important for a hood because they help remove impurities and prevent the impregnation of grease on the walls or furniture. The most affordable filter is the washable one, which is washed once a month, metallic, easy to clean and change annually. There is also a variant of the paper filter that changes every three months. Modern hotels use ionic filters to completely remove odors, viruses and microbes from the air or carbon filters that even help purify the air and can be used for about 3 months.
  • Operation timer , which turns off the fan after a certain period of time, even if you are no longer in the room.
  • Temperature sensor , which stops the operation of the fan if the intake air becomes too hot to prevent damage to the electronic components caused by the air being too hot.
  • The option of LED lights placed above the cooking space for greater visibility. In addition, LED lights have a much longer lifespan and a very high energy efficiency;
  • Electronic display and control for optimal control of the device.

What do we choose: a classic hood or a modern one?


Classic hotels have a lower price and have a large operating capacity, being recommended in large spaces where cooking is intense. Classic hotels also have an exhaust pipe. They have the following advantages: efficient evacuation of hot air, high absorption capacity or the possibility of using filters that can be washed at a certain time.

Modern, built-in hotels with a telescope are useful when the space does not allow the arrangement of a classic one. Especially if it is the depth or the design of the room, which requires its camouflage. They are "hidden" in the furniture and are pulled out only when cooked. The modern variants of hoods, incorporable, no longer have that exhaust pipe which brings with it some notable advantages:

  • They can be mounted anywhere in the room;
  • It is easy to install, without the need for a hole in the wall;
  • They are aesthetic.


Classic hotels with pipes present these disadvantages:

  • Difficult to install;
  • Positioning them only close to an exterior wall, so that the pipe can be mounted properly;
  • Mechanical control and less pleasant aesthetic appearance, for those with modern visions of the cooking space.

However, modern hotels, without pipes, have other disadvantages:

  • Lower efficiency because it does not remove hot air;
  • They have a much lower absorption capacity;
  • They have a display, electronic control and built-in components, which makes them much more expensive.

Obviously, their price is much higher, both for purchase and maintenance during its use.

The right information for an inspired choice

Choosing the best hood can be difficult only if you set off in the unknown without any prior information. Instead, if you consider our recommendations and carefully consider your own needs, the choice will be easy.

Fortunately, on the Romanian market, there is a wide range of hoods capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements. Both classic with pipe and modern, incorporable in furniture and without pipe. All you have to do is choose the most suitable one. Consider in this regard the technical, qualitative and qualitative aspects, price and extra options.

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