the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

If you want to know which is the best built- in kitchen hood , telescopic, decorative with carbon filter, apartment or open space rooms. We present you the top selection criteria for a traditional classic hood, with or without exhaust, with recirculation or with 2 engines. In 2021 we come with opinions about the best models, we tell you where to find offers, discounts and promotions for this year. Here is this model called Electrolux EFP60460OX , it looks interesting.

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

The best hoods – TOP 10 new models

Electrolux EFP60460OX telescopic built-in hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

This telescopic built -in hood from Electrolux has an activated carbon filter system, which brings fresh air to your kitchen. It has an absorption power of 603 m3 / h due to an engine that can be adjusted to 3 speeds.

LED lighting is economical but also ensures extremely good visibility. This powerful cooker hood will use less energy and will get rid of cooking fumes or leftover smoke from cooking.

Franke FPJ 615 V decorative built-in hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

If you want extra power, this Franke decorative built-in hood offers you an absorption power of 730 m3 / hour. It has 1 250 W motor, with a noise level of 68 dB.

On the filtration side, the good decorative hood from Franke has a grease and activated carbon filter. These filters are used in both exhaust or recirculation models. You get rid of smoke, fat and in addition you have a cleaner ai.

Hood with 2 Teka CNL 6400 engines

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

Hood with 2 Teka engines is a good choice for your kitchen and apartment. It comes with LED lighting, which ensures a 10 times higher current saving compared to halogen bulbs.

The surface has an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish that protects the device from traces of grease or other impurities. In addition, this fine texture treatment makes cleaning the appliance much easier. The noise level of 61 dB is very good.

Bosch DFM064W50 electric telescopic hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

The Bosch extendable built -in hood has an elegant stainless steel finish. It allows you to quickly repaint an average kitchen, due to the power of 400 m3 per hour. It is quietly regenerative in terms of noise level. It has a very elegant stainless steel finish and easy to maintain and care for.

This exhaust hood, but even those with recirculation, use metal grease filters to capture small polluted particles. They can be cleaned manually regularly, or even washed in the dishwasher.

Candy CVMA60N black decorative hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

If elegance and the appearance of black glass is what you are looking for in a good decorative hood, we present this model from Candy. It has energy efficiency class A, which is very good for a hood. The controls are all with touch buttons for added style.

You have LED lighting, so I can tell by the old halogen technology. The size of 60 cm is standard and fits in most modern kitchens.

Electrolux LFP316S stainless steel built-in hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

Another model from Electrolux, affordable at a price that has an engine and an absorption power of over 370 cubic meters per hour. The stainless steel finish will add elegance to your kitchen and will create a professional atmosphere. The functions of the hood are easy to access through the light and speed settings.

Air quality is a priority, so the built-in hood has metal filters that can be super easily cleaned of all grease and dust deposits. LED exterior lighting is a nice bonus to this model.

Star-Light HAD-100RETRO decorative built-in hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

If you have a classic style kitchen and you want a rustic or vintage decorative hood , in gold, cream or beige – this model from Star-Light is an interesting one. It has good absorption power of over 500 m3 / hour. It has 3 power levels and an efficient motor that ensures fast air cleaning.

It has an aluminum filtration system, and the rest of the air is evacuated to the outside through a pipe. But in addition, it still has an activated carbon filter that ensures a cleaner and fresher air.

Traditional hood Zanussi ZHT531W

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

You have a compact hood from Zanussi of traditional type, with an absorption power of 220 m3 per hour. It is equipped with an engine and has a low consumption. It will be perfect for small kitchens. The white color adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

The mechanical buttons are easy to use and do exactly what they should. It will fit perfectly under the kitchen cabinet, being visible only a small part of the hood on the outside.

Built-in telescopic hood Beko HNT61310X with 2 motors

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

The built-in hood with 2 engines from Beko ensures an air absorption capacity of almost 350 cubic meters per hour. The smell of food and fat will no longer be in your kitchen.

Metal grease filters are easy to clean and wash. You have 3 speeds to choose from, depending on the need for the moment.

Heinner HTCH-F400GBK black built-in hood

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

This model from Heinner is simple, cheap and budget. However, you will enjoy the black glass panel that will fit in your modern or traditional home kitchen. The telescopic aspect allows the hood to take up very little space in your kitchen.

You have 2 speed levels that can have a capacity of 350 cubic meters per hour. This way you can maintain your kitchen without annoying odors.

An island type hood for stove, with 2 engines, so powerful, you can easily find in online and offline stores in Romania. You can find an electric hood without a pipe, extensible, which can be small and large in size. Good hotels come in several colors, including white, black, gold, brown, with glass or stainless steel finish. The latter have a more professional and modern look. On the more traditional side we also find vintage hoods.

In the market you will meet big brands such as Aeg, Albatros, Beko, Arctic, Ariston, Bosch, Franke, Gorenje, Electrolux, Hansa, Heinner, Hotpoint, Pyramis, Teka, Zanussi or Whirlpool. They are attached to Emag as well as Altex, Dedeman, Flanco, Media Galaxy or Carrefour.

The best kitchen hood you can choose

Good kitchen hotels are important if you cook in the kitchen, especially if you use a built-in gas hob or stove. Helps capture harmful smoke and fumes, improving the quality of ventilation in the kitchen. We must understand that air pollutants are harmful to health and we must choose the best hoods that can help us fight low air quality.

the best kitchen hood brand to choose in 2021

Gas hobs are preferred due to their cooking capacity, for economy, and due to the fact that they heat and cool much faster than the elements of galvanic coils. Its gas also has less positive elements.

Two by-products of burners are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. They are harmful to the respiratory system, and can exacerbate health problems, especially in those with asthma.

Without adequate ventilation, the steam and fumes generated around food processing will remain in your kitchen. The risk is higher in urban apartments that have good insulation. A balanced option for this problem. it is represented by the kitchen hotels. These hoods work in the same way as the exhaust fans, but focused on the food preparation area. They help capture steam and grease while ventilating the kitchen space. In addition to all this, you can also get rid of the heat that results from cooking.

Different types of kitchen hood

To choose a hood that suits you best, you will initially have to decide on the type of device you need. you can choose the type of hood depending on the space limitations, the style or appearance of the kitchen and the furniture.

There are several types of hoods, including telescopic, decorative and conventional. We can also sort them by type of installation. Here you can choose between the ones that can be incorporated under the closet, mounted on the wall and the island type ones.

Exhaust hood

The hotels work efficiently by removing contaminants from the air in the room and ejecting them outside. They need a pipe and a channel in the wall. They are best suited for apartments and houses that had an evacuation channel from the start. Otherwise you will have to drill holes, spend money and drill holes in furniture.

These types of hoods themselves are more expensive than hoods without exhaust. But even so, hyperventilating the kitchen by this method remains the most effective way to remove harmful substances from the air in your kitchen.

Traditional hood without drain and pipe

The hood without air ducts works without a ventilation pipe, which means that there must be no exhaust duct and it does not occupy the space of the furniture bodies. It focuses on air recirculation and purification rather than evacuation. They usually come with several filters that allow air to be cleaned, and some also use activated carbon filters.

Without the exhaust pipe, the hood draws in vapors and smoke and passes them through filters. Subsequently, the cleaned air is removed into the indoor atmosphere. Hoods without evacuation but with recirculation are less efficient than hotels with evacuation system. It is a compromise that is certainly better than the lack of a hood.

Hood with mix system

These hoods are very rare and allow you to choose how to use the hood, with ventilation tube or using charcoal filters and that's it. If you choose the first option, you must have holes in the walls for the gutter, but they can be freely configured to use carbon filters if the apartment or house does not have holes in the walls.

Telescopic built-in hood

This is the most popular type of good hood in Romania. It does not take up much space, it is compact and the range of models on the market is extremely varied. The built-in hood in the furniture body is located just above the stove or electric hob. Leave a dangerous distance between the hood and the hob to be more efficient. They are more compact compared to decorative wall and island hotels, which is why they are excellent for kitchens with limited space.

In addition, they often have an easy installation principle, which is why their installation is simple and, of course, does not require professional assistance. They can be both with exhaust pipe and with recirculation.

Decorative wall hood

The decorative wall hood is not incorporated in the furniture but has an exposed exhaust pipe, which makes them quite large. Visually they look exceptional, similar to the professional ones and are intended to eject pollutants. They are wonderful for large kitchens and for those that have provided in their design such a good-looking hood.

The decorative hood mounted on the wall does not need cabinets in which to be inserted, it is placed on the empty wall. If you already have furniture, you will have to move it or remove the one placed in the hood area. You must have this aspect in mind from the design stage of the furniture bodies, so that the hood fits well outside your kitchen.

Island type hood

These are less common in our country and are suitable for houses with canteens, luxury residences or restaurants and restaurants. The island hood is best suited for large kitchens, where there is an island cooking area. These are good, with the fan capacity almost similar to those mounted on the wall. Smoke can spread quickly when cooking in an island-type area because you have no walls, so these hoods have a high absorption power. In addition, their hat covers a larger area.

An insular type hood is mounted on the ceiling and is fixed well to reduce vibrations. You have to choose a meticulous island type hood, for this it has a more delicate situation that it has to face. The noise comes largely from the engine and the airflow, it is in the happiest cases is comparable to a more accentuated dialogue. If the device is not annoying when you are in the kitchen with it and it is on, the best hood can be called quiet.

Aspects regarding the choice of the hood

The question of how to choose a hood is of interest to all those who have started repairs in the house or are moving to a new house. Special care must be taken in selecting this technique. You need a little time to understand how hard it is without this tool and how many headaches it saves you.

No matter what you decide to buy, all hood models are designed to clean the air of unpleasant odors. This is done in two stages. First of all, thorough air filtration and later dust extraction ventilation takes place. In the first case, the air is purified due to the specific filters, which are integrated in the enclosure, in the second, the vitiated air is taken out.

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and our health also depends on air quality. The microclimate during food preparation is spread by steam and smoke from combustion. The finest food particles that disperse are accentuated by heating. If the ventilation inside is poor, odors create discomfort. They negatively affect people's condition. Ventilation is one of the methods used to evacuate polluted air. If you have a good hood, you will not have to face this inconvenience. The kitchen hood is ready to get rid of this problem.

Tips for choosing the best hood

  • Each hood type device has a certain air absorption capacity. This methodological parameter is determined by the amount of air that passes through itself in a certain time interval. The suction power of the device depends on this. As a rule, it is known that the entire volume of air inside the enclosure is good to be replaced every hour. When choosing, look at the parameters related to type, size, performance, control panel, operating modes, existence or lack of filters.
  • Take a close look at the product description, where you can find details about the hood you have selected. There may be a way of extracting dust by which particles without dirty weight are removed beyond the boundaries of the apartment. It is believed that cleaning a hundred leaves in a room is guaranteed by a way of extracting dust. If you decide to buy a filter model, it is preferable to use the cartridges immediately and change them as needed.
  • It is possible to have a cleaning with metal grille. Purification filters of this type stop grease particles. These are reusable metal nets, which are washed along the contamination limit. The optional suction filter is a single mesh made of synthetic material. It must be changed according to the pollution limit, because the network that forged its resource negatively affects productivity. Air purification filters are based on activated carbon. They can be bought separately. The frequency of their replacement depends on the frequency of use of the hood and cooking habits.

The type of hood control

  • Let's also talk about the hood control procedure you can choose. It depends only on your own preference. With the help of the touch sensitive control, the correct pressing of a dimmed button is activated. Adjusting the buttons involves pressing the plastic buttons. The adjustment can also be sliding and is performed with the support of a horizontal switch.
  • By purchasing a solution you also have additional functions. The best kitchen hoods can have automatic fan operating modes, which turn the hood on and off at a certain interval. This system ensures the operation of the hood even after the cooking is stopped, which allows you to absolutely free the kitchen atmosphere from the polluted air.
  • Using an automatic operating interval helps you program operating times. This is done so that the air flow is always in motion. Some include an electronic stopwatch for control. It should be connected after cooking so that the unit stops until the specified time. Many devices are equipped with lighting fixtures. Halogen or LED lamps can be used. Incandescent lamps are cheaper, but LED luminaires consume less electricity.
  • The efficiency of a hood depends on many factors. The operating power of a dowry is given by an engine. If the power indicators of the motor are high, the productivity will be higher. If, for example, the model is equipped with 2 engines, it will theoretically be able to process a larger amount of air. The separation of grease filters does not play the smallest role.

The best new hood

  • Progressive hoods are ready to eliminate almost all the flavors and air pollution that remain after cooking. It is necessary exclusively for kitchens, dining rooms and kitchens that are connected to the living room. In such cases, it is important that the model, in addition to power, be included often enough to ventilate the enclosure. Device options may include quiet modes if the noise is annoying to you.
  • If you have a closed kitchen and you can close it, you may not be bothered by a hood with a higher noise level. A hum level of around 50-55 dB is considered the order of the day in such kitchen appliances. We do not recommend choosing a hood, whose hum level exceeds 55 decibels. Also check the housing material closer. It can be made of plastic, painted steel, stainless steel, safety glass or aluminum. For a good value for money, many opt for stainless steel or painted models.
  • Stainless steel is preferred for ease of care. The opaque sphere of this material mixes well with many types of pots. The aluminum case has no fingerprints, is not susceptible to rust and is easy to clean. The stainless steel frame together with the safety glass looks very elegant.
  • It is best if the hood can cover more than the hob area. If the size is smaller, the contaminated air will not be properly vented. It is even preferable that the size of the hood exceeds the width of the hob. So, if the size of the hob is standard 60 centimeters, it is better that the size of the hood is 70 or 80.

Why we need good hoods in the kitchen

Hotels are used to collect, clean and extract smoke, odor, gases, kitchen debris just above stoves or countertops. Which means that the kitchen is not polluted with adequate ventilation. Because chimneys can be mounted directly above stoves, it is much easier to catch dust and dirt. Unlike all vents, thick grease is effectively removed.

Which hood is the best?

Each exhaust fan is located significantly higher than the chimneys, with much more space between it and the stove. Over time, the ventilation system leaves the wall surfaces with streaks and debris. If they are attached to the wall, cleaning and repairing them is quite difficult.

The biggest disadvantage is that the exhaust fans are quite high on the wall and if the kitchen does not have cross ventilation, so both clean air and exhaust air can enter and enter the outlet of the exhaust fan, making it an unacceptable choice in the house. . Chimneys are safer and cheaper than exhaust fans to use, disinfect, repair and repair. Advanced chimney models also have applications for automatic cleaning.

How does a kitchen hood work?

Inside this chimney you can see a powerful fan that evacuates the burned particles in a vent transported by the pipe from the burner to the outside. The new basket has a hood usually mounted over the gas burners. Instead of a basic extractor fan, moving the odor directly from the gas stove to the outside is a truly successful process.

All these pollutants with combustion and burning odors, vessel vapors, are largely removed quickly. This will help you work better when fumes, toxins and dirt are removed instantly. In comparison, the rapid depletion of chimney pollution is the safest option for anyone with respiratory problems.

Air filtration with a hood

Selecting the right filter improves the efficiency of a kitchen hood. It results in a low suction resistance and produces unhygienic air for the kitchen if the filtration is not ideal or is not sufficient. For all types of kitchen, absorbent filters are usually preferred and proven effective. Precise filter data is provided in the user manual.

Select whether you really need pipes or simply go for pipes of your choice. Each pipe style must be strong and therefore must be of durable solid type so that absorption can be reduced. of elastic pipes and create poor performance. Pipe chimneys are often favored in Romanian households.

The functions that a hood comes with

Choosing the styles of a hood along with other requirements is necessary when buying the right chimneys for your home. But you could still take a look at those additional features that are designed to simplify your work and make the chimney work smarter.

If the filters need to be adjusted, the filter warning function constantly monitors and issues an alert. This is one of the main qualities available for the brand of kitchen hoods.

You should choose self-cleaning baskets to simplify your life. The coil around the hood engine heats and liquidates the oil and stores it in the oil drain tank. It is possible to remove everything and wash it once a quarter. Low maintenance and trouble-free maintenance routines are accepted by good hotels with self-cleaning. The rotor blower liquidates the oil that impurities and thus leaves no trace that impedes the activity that does not govern the activities of the kitchen hood.

Choose from companies that sell their systems a warranty or those that have significant years of full warranty. Carefully select the best hood along with the cleaners and motors, so that, washing and repairing them regularly, they do not seem to bother you. A filter cleaning space of at least two to three months can make it easier for you.

Efficient lighting

LED lighting systems arrive with new hoods. Additional features, such as LED lamps, will incorporate a practical look along with the design factor.

For your kitchen, choosing and installing hotels will not limit your work. To maintain a healthy life, high engine efficiency and the overall operation of a hood, there are a few things you should and should not do.

It can remove odor and oil from the kitchen as the kitchen hoods are fitted and is also the perfect decorating feature to add to the kitchen. So, select the right kitchen basket from reliable Romanian companies to benefit from the maximum benefits.

Design and comfort can be introduced with the help of switches or hood controls, with elegant LED lighting and light touch. For ease of use, almost all existing kitchen hotels come with lighting systems and warning lights. Smooth digital controls, LED buttons, lever controls, digital monitor, speed settings are some of the sophisticated chimney technologies you need to take care of.

Criteria for choosing the right hood

The size of the electric hood

The kitchen hood regardless of its type can be found in a variety of sizes and sizes. We have options of 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm and 90 cm or more. Most often we meet the built-in hood of 60 cm, being a standard size for furniture. When choosing a size, always check the space you have dedicated to it. It is ideal if the hood will be a bigger idea than the bottom plate. You can also choose a good hood based on the stove or depending on the electric hob you have.

The coverage area is extremely important if you buy a hood to allow it to efficiently capture polluted air. Because there is no wall in 3 parts of the hob, some hoods are extendable and have a retractable plate that can expand the coverage area. Thus, smoke and steam are captured even further from the cooking area.

Good hood and absorption capacity

The suction capacity of a hood is measured naturally in cubic meters per hour. In Romania, most models are in the range of 250 – 300 m3 / h, 400 – 500 m3 / h, 500 – 600 m3 per hour or 600 – 700 m3 / hour.

The larger your kitchen, the higher the absorption power should be. It also depends on the ventilation systems that already exist in the house. In the user manual or in the hood specifications you will find details about the recommended coverage area, so you will be able to choose exactly the hood provided for your kitchen.

Metal filters and activated carbon filter

Almost all hotels use special metal filters to catch grease. Grid filters are more economical compared to conventional filters and are significantly more efficient, however they can be more difficult to clean. The deflector filters are best cleaned and can be used for a longer time.

Both types of filters are made of aluminum and are promoted as being suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Deflector filters are sometimes made of stainless steel and are found in more expensive models.

In good hotels, activated carbon filters are used to clean the air before moving it back to the kitchen. They cannot be cleaned and need to be changed about once a year, depending on how intensely they are used.

Number of fan vents

Most good hotels offer between three and five speeds of air capture speed. We recommend choosing a model with at least 3 speeds because the needs may be different. For use during food preparation you need a speed, and a very calm speed for use after cooking to resume aeration during meals may still be necessary. There are also models for users who want to have exact speed adjustment. There are also control panels with variable speed switch. This way you can set exactly the speed you consider good at the moment.

Hood temperature thermostat

Hotel development and innovation does not stand still. The more expensive models can have a temperature thermostat that will stop the fan alone, if the temperature in the cooking area becomes low. This feature is generally available for those hoods that have a very good efficiency. There is also the possibility to set the manual thermostat to a certain level when needed.

Some hoods are equipped with a thermal sensor, others unconsciously cover the hood, sometimes the hob dictates the set temperature. They can also automatically coordinate the speed in relation to the amount of heat or grease it feels and then disconnect when the air is clean.

If the temperature becomes high, the fan will start and go active, ensuring the exchange of air with a fresh one. Most hotels do not have such a function, keeping technology at a basic level. but users do not feel the need for more electronics in this type of device.

Good hotels and noise level

Hotels can make a big fuss, especially when you turn the fan speed to maximum, which is why we recommend you check the noise level produced by a hood. The hum level of the hood propellers is measured in dB. Decibels are a unit of measurement of the intensity of noise, which ensures the reading of sound. There is no great unconditional correlation between the sound perceived by the human ear and the decibels measured with the device. We recommend that you tie the hood, which has between 45 and 65 dB, no more. But don't forget that the intensity of the noise is directly related to the speed at which you set the hood.

The type of hood finishes

You can find in Romania hoods with different finishes, so that they match different kitchen models. Starting from the color, you can choose between white, black, beige or those with a stainless steel finish. More recently you will also find those that come plated with glass for a premium look and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

LED lighting system

All hoods have some lighting, but some hoods have better lighting than others. Choose a hood with a good and uniform light. It is important to see if you can adjust the intensity of the light, it would be a nice option. But what is more important is to opt for LED lighting. Some brands still produce models with halogen bulbs that do not stand out with a very good electricity saving, and do not do a bright thing as lighting.

Our conclusion regarding the choice of a good hood

Sometimes, the choice of the best hood is made before designing the kitchen. However, in the cooking process the hood remains in the background and does its job. From decorative wall hoods, telescopic built-in hoods, traditional hoods to hoods that are perfect for cooking islands – the choice of any type of model is based on criteria that will help you choose the right one for your apartment and kitchen. .

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the built-in hood also has a huge function, because it removes grease from air, flue gases, steam, heat and smoke.

If you have hit yourself in this life with smoke in a kitchen, then you know extremely well how essential it is to position your hood well and use it efficiently. In many cases, the new apartments are provided with dedicated space for the hood, including a ventilation duct. So it is a good thing to equip our kitchen with a good hood.

Of course, hoods are designed so that the preparation is not affected by smoke, moisture, fat and cooking flavors. However, we have in the market a multitude of brands and models of hoods that come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Start by choosing the type of hood you want a telescopic built-in hood, a decorative wall hood or. traditional ohota with recirculation.

The size and power of the hood

Once you have decided this, see the size of the hood. The size seems to be the general decision factor, because the hood is properly determined by the surface of the hob. It is not necessary for the size to match exactly the size of the hob. However, it is useful to be careful afterwards so that the smoke does not come out, filling the kitchen with pollutants. As expected, the hotels in the range of extensible ones are good for limited spaces and chosen for most of our kitchens. Before buying, it is essential to determine the space in which it is possible to place the hood to know if such an option is good for you.

In restaurant or catering kitchens, kitchen hoods are used in conjunction with fire extinguishers to ensure excellent smoke ventilation and, if a fire is going on, they help to extinguish it quickly. Some hoods can have a lot of added functions, determined by the price you will pay.

When choosing the best hood, you may face a difficult purchasing decision. There are infinitely many models, but there are few products that guarantee you complete satisfaction when choosing the one that you think suits you best. But you can try to increase your chances of success and choose an informed hood, based on the criteria set out in this article and the budget limitations you have.

A good hood – clean air

The best hood is the one that suits you in terms of size, performance, function and cost. It depends entirely on the installation area and your own preferences, but first of all, let's talk about what hoods are found in modern everyday appliance stores and what criteria to look for when you want a kitchen hood.

The hood can be a stand-alone device or part of a dedicated ventilation system. There are light articulated installations with air recirculation and fluid type equipment, in which sometimes the refined air is eliminated openly through an air duct.

The first type of hood has a thin shape and small size, and the second set suggests a dome, some hanging above the stove. However, the operation of the dome can be done in the recirculation system, or as an external exhaust. For hobs and island-type cooking areas, lower the so-called screen over the island, which is installed not on the wall, but on the ceiling. The modifications of this hood are not both a multifunctional device for air purification, but an elegant accessory for the interior of the cooking area.

In a small kitchen, it is preferable to define a thin hood with cleaning filters, because you do not have enough space. In a crowded room, you want to save every millimeter, which is why similar choices seem to be the best option. If you do not know how to choose a cooking hood for the sake of a kitchen, other than an air duct, remember the most magnificent differences between the various changes in the filters. You can choose between filters that change periodically, or those that are for the life of the equipment.

The filters of a hood

In the first case, modify the filters according to their contamination, and in the second, simply clean them of dirt and grease. And speaking of them, odor-reducing charcoal filters are optional. But there are also those considered mandatory that retain oil and soot. If you do not take care of them in time, in the absence of these filters, the grease drops will settle on the fan blades, reducing performance.

There is again a variant of the hood for a small, more practical and modern kitchen. It is a built-in structure, in which two methods of air purification with filters and external ventilation are mixed. However, the pipes can be hidden in the closet, which allows you to save space and save the aesthetics of the interior. Some built-in installations are equipped with an extensible panel with connection function near the opening, and the modifications are always valid and have an indispensable backlight. Circular and oblique hoods are infinitely famous, which borrow less space and are distinguished by non-standard design solutions.

The capacity of the hood is determined by the power of the fans, which affects the performance of the structure. Rather, it depends on the power of the hood, the volume of air it replaces after a certain period of time. The stronger the equipment, the more convenient it will be to prepare food.

Choosing the right hood

Power-intensive hotels have a major disadvantage because they operate very quickly. They can cause wind currents that you can feel. If you want to buy a loud and noise-free hood, you will become familiar with oblique models that have a low noise level. When buying, react to the volume intensity characteristics. Avoid noisy models over 55 dB. Strong settings are made for large production spaces.

In terms of size, you are advised that the good hood should be no less than the width of the stove. If you do not take this into account, you will not get a high quality air purification from such an installation. Smoke and unsympathetic odors will make their way into the rest of the rooms. The exhaust structure must be installed above the electric hobs at a distance of 60 centimeters, and with the gas hob generously leave more than 70 centimeters. It is primarily a safety concern in operation.

The control panel on the body of the device can exist as a progressive touch screen, regular button or wheel. Some versions are equipped with a hood stop timer, a speed switch and a timer that runs on predetermined delay intervals to ensure a long-term flow of clean air.

Consciously choose the best hood

Because production costs are not really heavy, hoodless hoods are relatively inexpensive. In order for air to escape, you will not need to place tubes. Wire mesh filters and deflectors are used for pipe chimneys, while pipeless filters use carbon filters as maximum safety. The figures show that because the first shape flows the air back into the house, rather than encouraging it to come out, the chimney flues are more efficient than the models without pipes.

Repairing pipe chimneys is relatively simpler. Normal maintenance of carbon filters in chimneys without pipes is required. Instead, the chimneys get a higher vacuum capacity. Overall, overall, it can be concluded that pipe chimneys are much more productive.

Re-positioning the chimney is not at all simple, although moving the chimneys without pipes is quite convenient. Kitchen baskets with automatic cleaning periodically disinfect the deflector filters. It prevents the pieces of impurities from binding to the pipes and reduces the vacuum capacity of the chimney. The oily compounds are separated from the membranes in the case of self-cleaning chimneys, so that the chimney is not blocked like ordinary chimneys. Thus, this increases the vacuum capacity of the chimney.

The best automatic cleaning hood stores all the oil in a certain container that can be quickly removed, washed and placed back. This feature encourages time and commitment. The abundant circulation of air, which takes place in pollution, is achieved by the existence of motors in chimneys. So when buying chimneys for residential use, noise should be considered in the equation. Alternatively, due to the noisy noise created by the chimneys, you may feel a little annoyed and uncomfortable.

Important factors

Another important aspect that you need to check is the credibility and the protection measure of the supplier. Because they have an excellent performance and also improve the longevity of good hotels, many people encourage the promoted versions. In addition, the retailer offers a two-year warranty. Although it may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, within the specified period, you can set it up for free. Look for options that come with support programs before placing an order.

A very important reason that everyone has to do to increase efficiency and live much longer is to wash and maintain the hood. Because the purpose of the chimney is to clean the thick black smoke found in the house, because it is aspirated by clutter, it requires regular cleaning. If it is very difficult for you to disinfect the hood. Select only the one that contains removable filters and automatic cleaning functionality. It can conveniently touch the filters immediately and feels like a new product.

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