the best kitchen scale for baking

Kitchen Scales  Review and comparison in 2021

Do you need a kitchen scale to accurately measure the ingredients in your recipes, especially when it comes to dessert? Or maybe you want a model to use to weigh food when you’re on a diet? Our list includes some of the most popular products you can find online. If you do not have the time to go through it, find out that in the first place is theStar-Light KSC-5827SS , an electronic model that displays results in grams and is able to measure between 1 and 5000 grams. It is equipped with digital display, classic buttons, TARA function, indicators for overload and depleted battery, but also bowl. It measures 120 x 190 x 178 mm and about 500 grams. The 2nd place in our top is occupied by Tefal Optima BC5003 .

Comparative table

It is a well-made, durable kitchen scale, made of stainless steel, which displays the weight in digital format, in the range of 1-5000 grams. It comes with a bowl that is useful in weighing the ingredients, the TARA function, to start from scratch after you place a container on it and warn of overload.

Small pieces of food can enter the space between the device and the buttons, and they can be quite difficult to remove.

Buy this electronic device to be able to determine exactly the amount of ingredients you incorporate in certain recipes.

This product will help you to weigh between 1 and 5000 grams, but can also be used to measure liquids. It is made of glass and has touch buttons, which is why it looks very elegant and is easy to clean, has useful functions (COUNTRY, automatic shutdown) and is equipped with a hanging hook.

To weigh liquids, you only have units of measurement such as centiliters and deciliters, which are not very common in recipes and you will have to make conversions.

It is an electronic model, made of glass and offers good precision and the possibility to weigh both solid and liquid ingredients.

This device is recommended for housewives who want to weigh what they need with a classic device, without using all kinds of buttons to turn it on or power batteries. It is simple and easy to use, weighs ingredients up to 3 kg and comes with a bowl that will be very useful.

It is not suitable for people who want to measure everything with great precision, because it is a mechanical model, which has a measuring division of 20 grams.

It’s a mechanical kitchen scale, which will help you determine how much you use from an ingredient, without having to press buttons.

In-depth reviews about the best kitchen scales

We present, below, a list that includes some of the most popular products of this kind that you can find online. Study them and see which one is right for you.

Electronic kitchen scale:

Star-Light KSC-5827SS

the best kitchen scale for baking This is an electronic kitchen scale that will help you measure everything as accurately as possible. It will be able to offer values between 1 and 5000 grams, so you can set both small and large quantities of ingredients.

This model is made of stainless steel, being durable over time and quite easy to clean. Regarding the last aspect, it is more difficult for the buttons, because they are classic and small particles can enter the space on their edges, which will be harder to remove. It is equipped with a bowl, to measure everything as simple as possible and is powered by two AAA batteries.

The key features present in this article are: TARA function, LCD display, overload indicator and indicator for low battery. The dimensions of this model are 120 x 190 x 178 mm, and the weight is only 530 grams.



Star-Light Slim Touch KSRW-1815

the best kitchen scale for baking When looking for cheap and good kitchen scales, turn your attention to Star-Light products. This, for example, is a digital model, which measures both quantities in grams or pounds, and in milliliters or oz, in the event that in some recipes other standards are used than those used in our father.

This electronic kitchen scale will be suitable for at least 1 gram of ingredients and at most 5 kg, to be able to use it in a lot of situations. It is equipped with the TARA function, very useful to start the measurement from scratch when you place a container on it beforehand. It has touch buttons to make it easy to clean.

The product now brought to your attention is made of glass, so be careful of mechanical shocks, because it can deteriorate quickly. It has a round shape, with a diameter of 185 mm. It is powered by a CR-2032, 3V Lithium battery, which is not very common.



E-Wedding CEB1011

the best kitchen scale for baking Are you looking for a cheap and good kitchen scale? Have you seen this model? It is one that you can easily afford and that offers good accuracy, measuring the necessary in the range of 10 grams – 5 kilograms. It is made of plastic, including a detachable bowl, but the latter does not seem to be very stable, according to buyers.

This product is equipped with a number of useful functions such as COUNTRY (weighs from 0 after you place a container on it, if you wish) and automatic shutdown (to extend battery life). This model is a digital one and is powered by a CR 2032 battery.

210 x 170 x 80 mm are the sizes of this kitchen scale. He is a very light model, weighing only 270 grams, for many being considered quite fragile and unstable. A rather unpleasant thing (from what users say) is the fact that the display resets quite quickly.



Tefal kitchen scale:

Tefal Optima BC5003

the best kitchen scale for baking Many housewives consider this product to be the best kitchen scale. It is a digital version, which means that you can measure exactly the desired ingredients, the accuracy being very good. It is made of glass and is equipped with touch buttons. They can be more difficult to operate if you have dirty hands, but they contribute to a more efficient cleaning, because there are no spaces through which debris could penetrate.

This kitchen scale, Tefal, has a maximum capacity of 5 kg and a minimum of 1 gram and can also be used to measure liquids, but only in centilitres and deciliters, not in milliliters, as it would probably be easier for you. (1 cl = 10 ml; 1 dl = 100 ml). The power supply is made with AAA batteries and there is no bowl included, but you can use any container, the weighing surface being perfectly straight.

This item has the TARA function, to start the measurements from 0, after you place on it a container in which you are going to weigh, it is automatically chosen after 3 minutes of inactivity and it has a hook on the back that will allow you to hang it. It has dimensions of 18 x 22 x 3 cm and a weight of 2 kg.



Tefal Optiss BC5125 Paris

the best kitchen scale for baking If you want a kitchen scale, at a good price, see this product. It is a digital model that will show you exactly the weight you measure. You can also use it for liquids, so that you can determine with great precision all the ingredients you will use in your recipes.

With the help of this device, you will be able to measure minimum weights of 1 gram and maximum weights of 5 kg. It doesn’t have a weighing bowl, but it is equipped with the COUNTRY function, which resets everything from 0 when you press it. Thus, the weight of the container will not be taken into account or you can gradually add ingredients without removing the ones already incorporated.

This scale is made of glass and has touch buttons, which is why it will be easy to clean, but will not be too resistant in case of mechanical shocks. It closes automatically if not used for a while, is powered by 2 LR03 AAA batteries and is equipped with a retractable hook for storage. It has dimensions of 175 x 215 x 22 mm.



Mechanical kitchen scale:

Lay LC7107

the best kitchen scale for baking If what you want is a mechanical kitchen scale, we recommend this article. He will help you easily measure, in the classic way, all the ingredients you need for a recipe or food that you eat to lose weight. It is a suitable option for people who do not want to complicate themselves by pressing the buttons, but simply want to place the necessary items in the plate and indicate their weight.

This product has a large dial, easy to read and a bowl. Regarding the details related to the way it works, you should know that it will weigh a maximum weight of only 3 kg and the measurement division is 20 grams. It is not suitable for you if you want to measure very accurately, gram by gram. In the event that the weighing does not start from 0, you have a reset wheel that will help you adjust it.

This model is made of plastic, being easy to clean, but not extremely resistant if you drop it from your hand or if you place very hot pans around it. It measures 15.8 x 20.6 x 21.9 cm and weighs 0.61 kg.



Professional kitchen scale:

Star-Light Professional KSW-Pro1000

the best kitchen scale for baking This electronic kitchen scale is a more special version than what we have presented so far. He is a professional model, who, in addition to accurately measuring the amount of ingredients you place on him, is also able to calculate calories for 999 foods, everything being very simple, with the help of the codes you entered in the manual.

At first glance you will notice that this device is special. It has a lot of touch buttons, on which are inscribed various letters, numbers or symbols, to access functions such as: storing used food, to make a complete plate, weighing from 0 (COUNTRY), displaying calories / salt / protein / fats / carbohydrates / cholesterol / fiber, change of unit of measure. It is also equipped with automatic shut-off, illuminated LCD display, indicators for low battery and overload.

This scale has a maximum capacity of 5 kg, is powered by three AAA batteries and is made of glass. Does not include measuring bowl. 220 x 153 x 20 mm are its dimensions and 500 grams weight.



Heinner kitchen scale:

Heinner HKS-5SL

the best kitchen scale for baking Heinner has some of the best kitchen scales on the market, and this product is one of them. It is an electronic device, which accurately measures in the range of 1g-5kg and has an accuracy of 1 gram.

In order to be able to use it to measure both liquid and solid ingredients, this kitchen scale, Heinner, has a button that allows you to change the unit of measurement (g, ml, fl.oz, lb: oz). It also has the TARA function, which makes it possible to weigh from 0, even if you already have something on the plate or in the bowl. It automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity and indicates when it is an overload or discharged battery.

This model is made of plastic and has a round shape. However, the dimensions are not specified. To make the necessary settings it has classic buttons, which allow small particles to penetrate between them and the device, which leads to a more difficult cleaning. It needs a 3V CR2032 Lithium battery to work.



Heinner Quick 3000

the best kitchen scale for baking Heinner Quick 3000 is a kitchen scale, at a good price, that displays data in digital format. It is very accurate and can measure a maximum weight of 3 kg, with an indicator that will tell you if you exceed this value. You can also use it for liquids, being able to change the unit from grams to milliliters.

The useful functions present in this model are: automatic shutdown, if you forget it open, low battery indicator, to change it in time and COUNTRY, which allows the resumption of measurements from 0, even if there is already a certain amount on the device. Some users complain that the display disappears too quickly, which is unpleasant.

This item is equipped with a transparent bowl that has a capacity of 2.5 liters. It is made of plastic and is very easy to clean. It needs a CR2032 battery to power itself. The dimensions of this kitchen scale are not specified in the online environment.



Buying guide

It is not very easy to make a series of opinions about the best kitchen scales, because to some they seem banal simple products and it is not too complicated to leave online details about how such an item works. . But, when you want to buy a model that is really useful for you , you have to choose it knowingly, taking into account a series of important selection criteria. We will tell you the following:

the best kitchen scale for baking

Type : Choosing a kitchen scale suitable for you is done primarily according to its type. You can choose between:

Mechanic – is the option for people who do not need very good accuracy when measuring certain quantities. To function, it uses a spring that by pressing indicates the force with the help of a graduated element.

Such a device does not need batteries to operate and is easily repaired. It is durable over time and affordable in terms of acquisition cost.

Digital – devices of this type also read the weight mechanically, but have the ability to turn it into digital and then display everything on a display. They have a very good accuracy, indicating exactly each gram, so that you strictly follow any recipe.

In order to work, they need to be powered by batteries and are a bit more expensive than mechanical variants. Being electronic components, they can be damaged if they are used for a long time in conditions of high humidity or if you leak various liquids on them.

Features related to the measure : Here are some details that you should follow:

Capacity – will give you information about the minimum / maximum weight that a kitchen scale can measure. This way you will know if it is enough or not for what you need.

Accuracy – this detail is not present in all models, but it is good to follow it if you want everything to be as accurate as possible. Avoid models that have an accuracy of less than 1 gram.

Unit of measure – if you want to be able to easily find the quantities in various standards. There are models that next to grams will also indicate milliliters or other values used in other countries, such as lbs. (pounds), fl. oz (fluid ounce).

Key features : When you buy kitchen scales, at good prices, you will want them to have a series of features to help you have a pleasant experience and use the device quickly and easily:

Zero level (STRONG) – this is a function that allows you to reset everything after you have placed a certain container on the scale. It is very useful for models that do not have a bowl included in the package or for cases where you want to measure directly in the vessel in which you do the calculations.

Auto power off – will help you save battery power, as the device will turn off automatically when you are not using it for a certain period of time.

Anti-slip base – is useful to make everything as stable as possible, especially when we talk about slippery surfaces that we usually find on kitchen tables / countertops.

Overload indicator – will notify you when you have exceeded the weight accepted by the scale. This way you will know when to drop.

Bowl included – not all devices have a measuring bowl, but it can be very useful for anyone who needs such a product.

Touchscreen buttons – yes, it may be easier to press classic buttons, but when it comes time to clean them, it will not be very easy. It would be best in this case to opt for tactile variants.

Materials: Not all products of this kind are made of the same materials. The most common you will find: metal (resistance over time, easy to clean, if you get rid of it there is little chance of damage), plastic (most common, affordable price, variety of colors, medium resistance to mechanical shocks) or glass (nice and elegant design, it is quite easy to clean, but it is not very durable, if you place something harder on it or get rid of it).

the best kitchen scale for baking

Dimensions : Digital models are generally fine and have small dimensions (for example 20 x 18 cm). The mechanical ones can be a bit more voluminous, due to the system they have (for example, 28 x 28 x 22 cm). Those with a bowl will also take up more space, because the container is also taken into account.

These are the selection criteria that you must take into account when you want to buy a device that will help you measure as accurately as possible the ingredients you use in certain recipes .

Frequent questions

How do I weigh without a scale?

In the event that you want to find out different weights of ingredients, but you do not have a kitchen scale to help you, on the Internet you will find measurement tables that will tell you how many grams are in certain instruments / containers that it has. available to anyone when cooking.

For example, a grated teaspoon can weigh: 5 g water, 3 g cocoa powder, 5 g milk, 8 g rice, 7 g vinegar, 3.5 g milk powder, 4 g oil, 5 g ground pepper, 10 g butter, 4 g powdered sugar or 15 g of honey.

the best kitchen scale for baking

A teaspoon with the tip can contain: 6 g wheat flour, 6.5 g semolina, 5 g milk powder, 5 g corn, 10 g salt, 8 g caster sugar.

If you use a large spoon, if you put smaller quantities and it is a “grated spoon”, you can have: 15 g water, 12 g wheat flour, 13 g semolina, 17 g milk powder, 15 g vinegar, 25 g sour cream or 20 g butter.

If the spoon is topped you will have: 25 g cocoa powder, 25 g wheat flour, 20 g semolina, 20 g corn, 20 g milk powder or 16 g breadcrumbs.

Many housewives use 250 ml cups to weigh. In such a container you will be able to measure: 250 ml water / milk / broth / sour cream, 200 g caster sugar / barley or 220 g beans / rice.

Do I weigh raw or cooked foods in a diet?

If you are on a diet and you have to weigh what you eat, it is good to know that some foods must be measured raw, others steamed, and others cooked (cooked, grilled, baked). The first category includes vegetables, for example, because when they are cooked they will have about the same. But, if we are talking about rice, pasta, beans, lentils or potatoes, you will have to cook them and then weigh them, because they will be heavier by thermal preparation.

Now, it depends a lot on what the nutritionist recommends depending on your body, the particularities you have.

How do I appreciate the ratio between weight and calories in food, are there applications on the phone for this?

To find out such information there are plenty of sites that provide details on how many calories are found in certain amounts of food. But there are also applications that can be installed on smart mobile devices, which will give you such data. The ones mentioned now are compatible with both the Android operating system and iOS – Calorie Counter by FatSecret, Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal, Yazio, Fitau or Lifesum – Diet plan.

When and how you know you need a professional kitchen scale

Many people already have special scales in the kitchen that measure ingredients or portions of food. When do you need such items?

the best kitchen scale for baking

When taking a weight loss regimen

If you have weight problems and want to monitor all meals, weighing food before or after cooking, you need such a device. It will tell you exactly how much you have of a certain ingredient or how many hundreds of grams your portion has.

Then, check to see how many calories each food has, to see if you have put enough food in your plate or if it is too much compared to what is recommended in the diet you keep.

When you cook and you want to strictly follow the recipes

It’s easy to figure out how much 250 grams of flour or milk, 100 grams of sugar or 2 tablespoons of oil means. You don’t even need a scale, because you always have containers at hand to measure with them , considering the fact that you know that a cup weighs about 250 grams, half a cup about 125 grams, etc.

But, if it is about weights such as 13 g sugar, 40 g butter, 175 ml milk, etc., it will be more difficult, and a Tefal Ovelys bc5220v0, Heinner Quick 3000 or E-Boda CEB1011 kitchen scale will be a real use. You will be able to incorporate exact quantities, so that the final result is the expected one.

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