The best kitchen sink

How do you choose the best kitchen sink? What properties and characteristics must the kitchen sink have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best kitchen sink As much as we would like the kitchen to be just the space where we enjoy delicious food, it is often the place where we probably spend more time than we would like washing dishes or cleaning.

When you do not have a dishwasher, the kitchen sink becomes very important. And, even if you had an automated dishwashing system, you would still need a sink to use it while cooking and to wash the ingredients you will use.

Housewife or not, each of us must equip our kitchen with the best sink . If you are wondering where other satisfied buyers have found kitchen sinks at a good price, but also how you can choose the best kitchen sink, read this article.

Top 3 recommended kitchen sinks

Why choose the best kitchen sink?

As we already mentioned in the introduction, the sink is an element without which we could hardly imagine a kitchen. Its existence together with the stove, kitchen furniture and other specific elements is deeply imprinted in our concept related to the kitchen.

That's because it's used to the fullest. We always have washing dishes, fruits, vegetables or meat to wash, or even our hands. It all involves a sink.

But not just any sink , because when you choose one that doesn't suit your needs, you'll hate doing a lot of activities in the kitchen, and you'll probably gather a pile of dishes waiting to be washed, much more often.

How to choose the best kitchen sink

In order to be used with pleasure by all family members, the best sink must meet certain criteria . When you are not informed, it is very easy to choose a sink that is not suitable , a choice that you will probably regret for a long time.

Therefore, before looking for a sink, you must ask yourself: What material is the best kitchen sink made of? What size should it be? What type of mounting suits you? How many tubs do you need? What color matches your kitchen?

The answer to all these questions, and not only, can be found in this shopping guide that we urge you to read carefully, because it contains all the details you need to make a successful purchase.

Moreover, based on the selection criteria we will list below, at the end we prepare a list of recommendations for kitchen sinks at the best quality / price ratio on the market .

So, to buy as an expert, take into account the following important information.

Mounting type

The best kitchen sink Sinks can be classified according to how they are installed. You will notice that on the market you have many options and variations of the same mounting method. Below are the main options.

  • Built-in kitchen sink

This type of installation requires that the sink be somewhat masked in a body of kitchen furniture. In this case there are several variations: mounting on the countertop, under the countertop or farmhouse type.

The countertop kitchen sink is designed to fit into a countertop opening. In the case of these sinks, an edge will be exposed and will be supported on the top of the furniture.

There are also sinks that are provided with one or more holes for the kitchen faucet, which is mounted in the sink and not on the counter. They are a very good option for those looking for a model that is easy to install or disassemble, and fits any kind of countertop material.

The kitchen sink with countertop mounting is fixed using clamps or adhesive. Thus, the edge of the sink is no longer visible, the tub being completely submerged under the countertop. This creates a clean, smooth appearance , also facilitating the cleaning process of the sink and the surrounding area. However, due to the mounting method, the countertop must be strong, preferably made of granite or quartz.

The farmhouse sink has a deep tub with a larger capacity. This is one of the first models of sinks to appear on the market. The front is exposed.

Although it is an old and rarely approached design, it looks great in any kitchen, both in modern and traditional style.

  • Wall-mounted kitchen sink

They are mounted directly on the wall without resting on a piece of furniture. They are usually made of cast iron , porcelain or stainless steel , and need the installation of a masked support system.

Although they are more difficult to install, their vintage or modern look, as the case may be, will create a unique focal point, suitable for industrial or rustic style kitchens.

  • Corner kitchen sink

To create a more versatile workspace, you can use a corner-mounted kitchen sink. They are usually L-shaped , and are made of stainless steel or other materials. These, in turn, fall into the category of built-in sinks.

Number of vats

The best kitchen sink Here you will have to consider the space you have in the kitchen, but also your needs. The options on the market are: one tub, two or three. The choice between one option or another will depend on your personal preferences and how you use the kitchen.

How much do you cook, how many family members are you, how do you wash the dishes? All this influences your choice.

  • Single bowl sinkSingle bowl sinks have a single large basin. They are suitable for those who cook often using large pots and pans. These large objects will easily fit in the sink, without confusing you too much.
  • Two-bowl sink – Suitable for families who wash all dishes in the sink. Having separate tubs allows you to fill one with water and dishwashing detergent, and rinse and dry the dishes in the other tub. No matter how you use them, it can be very practical to have this separation.
  • Three-bowl sink – Larger sinks can even have three bowls. In this model, two tanks are usually larger, and the third smaller. This design allows you to have separate tubs for washing and rinsing dishes, while a smaller tub can be used for washing food or for rinsing and drying cutlery.

The material of the kitchen sink

When choosing the material of the kitchen sink, you must take into account its strength, as well as whether or not it needs special maintenance:

  • Stainless steel – The most popular material for kitchen sinks is stainless steel, available in a variety of finishes. Make sure it is type 304 to withstand well. The best sinks are equipped with an outer layer at the base with the role of attenuating noise and impact with the dishes. It is a material resistant to shards and cracks . Also, stainless steel does not stain due to the acidity of some foods and is resistant to rust . It is a material that fits well with any style of kitchen .
  • Copper – This durable material will not rust or lose its luster . Due to its natural properties, it will develop a special patina over time, acquiring a unique finish. Copper is a natural antimicrobial, being resistant to bacteria and viruses.
  • Granite – Such a sink is formed by applying a mixture of granite and acrylic over a resin base. The result is a sink that is resistant to scratches, stains and heat . It has a protective barrier against bacteria , and you can find built-in variants of this material.
  • Cast Iron – Made of solid cast iron, these sinks are heavy and clad in porcelain , creating an almost indestructible finish. Cast iron sinks are very strong and durable, being available in a diverse range of colors. They are easy to clean and you can find built-in variants.
  • Ceramic – It is an elegant material, resistant to rust, discoloration and does not lose its luster. However, it can be sensitive to strong impacts . The smooth and glossy finish makes these sinks easy to clean and maintain. They are available in shades of white, gray, black or other bolder colors.
  • CompositeComposite sinks are usually cheaper than granite sinks. The composite is formed by mixing several materials, usually quartz or granite, acrylic or polyester. Granite composite sinks are resistant to cracks and shards , as well as stains and scratches.
  • Acrylic – Popular lately, acrylic sinks are very cheap . However, this material is sensitive to high temperatures and deforms easily. It is also a material that is easily scratched, but the scratches can be repaired, depending on their depth.

The depth of the vats

The best kitchen sink The comfort of washing dishes or carrying out other operations lies both in the number of tanks and in their depth. The deeper a tub, the more easily it will allow you to wash taller and larger pots.

In addition, if the sink has a spacious tub, you will not splash so much around it. Here are the dimensions you will come across:

  • Depth less than 100 mm – These are small tubs and can be used for cutlery or glasses and plates, being very uncomfortable for larger dishes.
  • Depth between 100 and 200 mm – A medium-sized tub suitable for single-bowl sink models.
  • Depth over 200 mm – The best kitchen sink has a large tub being more suitable when washing dishes in the sink. Of course, in the case of sinks with several basins, it is easy to find variants with basins of different sizes and depths.

The color of the sink

What color will be the sink in your kitchen, depends a lot on your personal preferences, but it is an aspect that is greatly influenced by the material you choose.

You will be able to find sinks that start from the classic white of ceramics, to the modern of stainless steel, and to bolder shades of blue, yellow or red, these matching when you want to create contrast.

When choosing the color, you must consider the extent to which it lasts over time, otherwise it will fade when the sink is positioned in direct sunlight. White, beige and metallic are still the most popular and versatile variants.

With or without a drip

The drip refers to a flat extension of the sink, in order to place the dishes after washing . It is an optional element and quite useless in the case of sinks with multiple basins.

So, if you choose a sink with several basins, the dripper is not necessary, because you can use a basin for this purpose. In addition, it can take up quite a lot of countertop space. It is a good choice when you take a sink with a single tub.

Sink faucet

Attaching the sink faucet may vary depending on the number of holes in the sink.

When the sink does not come with a matching faucet you will have to choose a one-piece kitchen faucet when the sink has only one hole, three-piece when there are three holes, and wall-mounted when there is no hole. If necessary, you could make a hole in the sink yourself if the material allows.


The manufacturer of the kitchen sink is an important selection criterion, as it can be a strong indication of quality. Look for producers who have a good reputation, and who strive to maintain it. Among the most appreciated on the Romanian market are: Schock, Franke, Teka, Pyramis .

We recommend that you buy the best kitchen sink online . This way you will have more chances to quickly find a model that suits your taste. Discounts and promotions are also more common online.

Before buying any product online, we strongly recommend that you check the opinions of other buyers. This way you will be able to find out if the product has problems or errors, if it is suitable for your needs or if it corresponds to the description and photo provided by the manufacturer or the online store.

Now that you have read all this information, you are ready to buy the best kitchen sink.

The best kitchen sink: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of kitchen sinks that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Sink kit + Schock Primus C-200 kitchen faucet

The best kitchen sink

Granite sink with countertop mounting and 2 tubs with drip tray.
The sink is made of very resistant CRISTALITE® material
The CRISTALITE® surface includes SCHOCK proHygienic21 technology, which provides protection for your entire family when preparing food, as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning.
The classic corner sink design offers generous space for washing dishes, and for extra efficiency it has 3 pre-milled holes and thus offers the possibility to add accessories such as a detergent dispenser.

See details and price

2. Fragrant sink package + Franke BFG 611-62 faucet

The best kitchen sink Our processed Fragranite material has a subtle shine and is warm to the touch.
The surface has a fine texture, but not porous, ensuring a high level of hygiene.
Sanitized technology that reduces the multiplication of bacteria by up to 99%.
Material: Fragrant – Finish: Oats – Color: Black.
Dimensions (mm): 600 × 480 – Mounting: On the countertop.
Natural resistance against common household acids and stains.

See details and price

3. Pyramis Cristal granite kitchen sink

The best kitchen sink

Package 3in1 granite sink Pyramis Cristal + Battery + Liquid detergent dispenser.

Dimensions: 760 × 440 mm, depth 170 mm.
Countertop mounting – right tank.

Mounting type: Recessed – Ventilation type: Overflow.
Battery mounting holes: 2.

See details and price

4. Franke OLX 621 kitchen sink

The best kitchen sink The design, elegance and increased functionality are the main features of Franke sinks.
Thin edges, modern faucet mounting area, three-dimensional elements are the elements that give Franke sinks uniqueness.
Material: satin stainless steel.
Size: 1160 x 500 mm.
Number of tanks: 2 – Dripper right.

See details and price

5. Alveus FORM 30 LEINEN stainless steel sink

The best kitchen sink ALVEUS is one of the largest and most experienced European manufacturers of kitchen sinks and related kitchen equipment.
The Form range is characterized by beautiful organic shapes and clear lines.
The round shape of the vats and the surfaces of the drippers are easy to clean.
Shape: Round – Number of tanks: 1.
Material: Stainless steel – Finish: Satin.

See details and price

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