The best kitchen table

How do you choose the best kitchen table? What properties and characteristics must the kitchen table have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best kitchen table One of the favorite activities of families is to dine together. In fact, many psychologists, and not only, recommend that families eat at least one meal together a day, seated and without other distractions. This quiet and intimate moment helps the family get closer and reduces conflicts.

Also, when you have guests, it's a pleasure to put them at a hearty table. All these occasions need a piece of furniture capable of facilitating their frequency, and this is an attractive kitchen table, and suitable for the whole family.

If you want to know where others have found beautiful kitchen tables at a good price, as well as how you can choose the best kitchen table , read this article carefully.

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Why choose the best kitchen table?

The best kitchen table for you should be one that fits your budget , has a solid construction , fits well in your space , and has a style that you will love for years to come.

The kitchen table is probably the longest-lived piece of furniture in someone's house, so even if you don't think you'll use it for the rest of your life, you should choose one that will last at least 10 years .

Also, although it is an object with a simple structure , it is not the cheapest furniture, so it is necessary to make a choice to be satisfied with, so as not to have to make a new investment too quickly.

How to choose the best kitchen table

If you do not have precise preferences, you do not know exactly what would suit your home, or what makes the difference between a cheap and an expensive meal, it is necessary to inform yourself very well before making any decision.

The answer to the following questions will help: What size should the table be? Which shape suits you? What type of support is the most resistant? Which style is the longest-lived? What material should it be made of?

These are just a few criteria that will help you identify the ideal meal for your kitchen. With such a rich offer on the market, we are not surprised that it is difficult for you to make a good choice.

We want to help you make a decision you can be proud of, that's why we've done the research for you, and we've put together all the secrets you need to know before buying a kitchen table in this shopping guide . Also, at the end you will find some table suggestions at the best quality / price ratio on the market .

So, to make the best purchase, read the following information carefully.

The type of table

Depending on your needs and those of your family, you can choose one of the following tables: conventional, extendable or foldable table.

  • Conventional kitchen table

The best kitchen table If you have a spacious kitchen , you can install a conventional kitchen table . Of course, its dimensions can vary depending on how much space your kitchen allows or the number of people who will eat at the same time.

This is a good option if you do not have a kitchen cabinet with a countertop, because you will be able to use it both when preparing food and when serving it.

If you opt for this option, don't forget to take accurate measurements . You need to leave enough space between the table and the wall, as well as passage corridors, so that you can sit on all sides of it, and not prevent you from moving freely.

  • Folding kitchen table

This is a suitable solution for people with a narrow kitchen . It will not be used for cooking, but can be carried out when family members eat.

The rest of the time, it will fold to the wall, so you can make the best use of the kitchen space.

  • Extendable kitchen table

If you have a dining room or a kitchen that has a moderate size, an extendable table can be a good option. This is because you will be able to adjust its dimensions according to your needs.

Most of the time it will be used by family members in the compact version, and when you have guests, all you have to do is add the auxiliary segment in the center of the table to expand it.

The size of the kitchen table

When choosing the ideal size, you will have to take into account three criteria that will restrict your search area: the number of seats, the size of the kitchen, and the size of the table.

Here's how to make a good choice:

  • Number of seats

There is a simple secret to choosing the right table size depending on the seats. First of all, you need to think about how many people usually use the table simultaneously. These will be all the members of your family with whom you share the home. Then you will have to add 2 more people to this number.

So, if your family consists of 4 people , you will have to add 2 more people , so you will need a table for 6 people . Thus, if you call another couple to the table, you will be able to serve them peacefully.

If the manufacturer does not specify the number of people who can be seated at the table, you should keep in mind that each seat should be about 55-60 cm, even larger if the seats are larger .

  • The size of the kitchen

The best kitchen table If you have a large kitchen or a special space dedicated to dining, then its size will not be a limiting factor for you. You will need to make sure that the table can be placed aesthetically, and practically so that you always have access to any side of it.

You can choose from several options, so choose the one that smiles stylistically the most , and that fits well with the rest of the furniture or the style of your home.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is small , you need more ingenious options that allow you to make the most of the space, but also to be able to sit comfortably at the table. In this case, a round, extendable or foldable table could be a life-saving option.

  • Table size

We will refer especially to the width of the kitchen table, because this is an aspect that is often ignored. While the length of the kitchen table will determine how many people can sit at the table, the width will greatly influence your comfort at the table, because a wider table will provide more space for dishes.

It is good to think about how much you like to load the table when serving a dish. What kind of plates and glasses you will use, but also what kind of cutlery. If you like to have a well-arranged table that is attractive and that allows you to place the dish in the middle of it, then you need a wide table.

If you are not very pretentious in this regard and you do not need a table for many people, a narrower one will not cause you problems. Here's how to interpret the dimensions:

70 cm: minimum load
– 80 – 90 cm: normal load
– over 90 cm: very loaded table.

The shape of the kitchen table

When choosing the shape of the table you will have to take into account the shape of the room. A table can be round, oval, rectangular or square. The extent to which it fits, depends a lot on the shape of the room. Your goal should be to choose a table that fills the space proportionally.

If you have a square room , a round or square table will fit you, and if you have a rectangular room, an oval or rectangular table will fit you, but not the other way around.

Square or rectangular tables are more popular, so it will be easier for you to find such a table in the size and style you want. But, a round or oval table will give you more space to move more easily, because the corners are cut.

So, for a smaller rectangular room, an oval table may be a better option. The same principle applies to a smaller square room and a round table.

The legs of the kitchen table

You will usually find three types of legs: a table with four simple legs, a table with legs with a support and a table with a pedestal. When testing a table, it is advisable to make sure that you sit comfortably on it and that your feet do not hit the legs of the table.

Also, its height should allow you to sit comfortably, without your knees hitting the table or you can not stand on your feet.

If you want to be able to add more guests to the table than usual, you need to pay attention to the width of the legs and how they are placed. In general, tables with thin legs or with legs arranged at its corners , make it easier to add an extra chair.

Also, a table with a pedestal or a table with a footrest that can be longer, allows you to cram more chairs at the table.

Kitchen table style

The best kitchen table You have a lot of style options on the market, so you can choose what you think best suits your room. Although it is important for a table to be practical and functional, the appearance should not be ignored either.

  • Rustic style table
    Rustic style tables are generally made of solid wood , and have an unfinished look. The legs are most often in X or just two pedestal-looking legs. It is suitable for conventional spaces, and fits in a room with shabby-chic, industrial or rustic decor.
  • Classic style table
    The classic-style kitchen tables are made of wood , with carved legs and a glossy finish . They fit very well with leather back chairs, but also with modern or industrial style chairs. It looks best, however, with some upholstered chairs.
  • Pedestal table
    These tables are designed to be supported on one leg, instead of four as are the classic ones. Usually, the countertop will be round, and is a suitable option for vintage-style kitchens.
  • Linear style table
    This is a good option for minimalist style rooms, because its straight lines with equally right angles, fit into a clean and calm decor.
  • Contemporary style table
    Contemporary style tables push the boundaries of conventional design , often incorporating sculpted elements, unusual materials or trendy elements.

Kitchen table material

You can find kitchen tables in a wide range of materials, but given that you will use the table every day most likely, the most important factor in the decision to play it will be durability.

Here are the most commonly used materials for making a kitchen table:


Wood is the most popular choice. It is also a durable material that can be easily modified, refreshed or replaced with paint or pigments.

In fact, the wear patina that wood acquires over time is highly valued today, being considered aesthetic, especially in an industrial setting. So wood can be a long-term investment. It is also the best choice for a kitchen table when you have small children.


The biggest advantage of veneer furniture is the price. Laminate tables are often much cheaper than solid wood, marble or glass. In addition, it is a non-porous material, which means that it does not stain easily.

However, unlike wood, veneer, chipboard or MDF tables cannot be reconditioned as easily if they have been scratched, chipped or peeled off.

The surface can peel off from excessive heat, so it is important to use a table protector when putting hot food on it.


The best kitchen table Tables with metal countertops fit in rooms with industrial or contemporary décor. Metal is a very durable material, but it is prone to rust and scratches.

This means that you should not use harsh cleaning solutions. It is recommended to polish the table surface with lemon oil or other solution for polishing the metal.


This is a material that can bring a luxurious note to any kitchen. However, the more lush it looks, the more care you will have to take with this material because it is porous and can stain.

You need to be prepared to take good care of it and handle food with care. Even the simplest dish spilled on this material should be wiped off in a few minutes to prevent permanent staining.

If you have small children, or plan to use the table to serve many people, a marble table can be very difficult to maintain.


Tables with glass tops offer a smooth, clean aesthetic that matches any modern or contemporary style kitchen. They are easy to maintain and very difficult to stain.

Although there is the possibility of breaking under weight or high force, glass table tops are manufactured today to high standards, which makes them safe. Even if the glass cracks, it should not break into thousands of pieces.

Construction quality

You can check details that indicate the strength of the table. The best kitchen table is stable, solid and very well made. The finish should withstand daily wear and tear. To check the strength of the table, however, you should check the joints.

When checking the table in the store, notice the type of joint. Wooden tables that also have wooden joints are the best options. If you notice a lot of screws or other fasteners, you should know that they weaken the strength of the construction. The simpler, the better.

The best kitchen table Check the connection between the table top and the legs. If you notice that they start to separate, you see gaps or the table shakes when you move it, it means that it is not a good construction. Don't let yourself be robbed of very low prices at some meals. Its joints could only be staples and glue.

On the surface, look for tables with a smooth top and avoid very textured ones because they will be harder to clean. Also, make sure that the space between the two countertop parts of an extendable table is not too large when they are joined.

Choose a model that is as simple as possible, even if it is extensible. As a rule, the more moving parts there are, the more likely the table is to break down.

Price and manufacturers

All these elements discussed above can influence the price of a major meal. But now you have all the information you need to check if a meal has a justified price or not.

If you want to find an easy quality meal, look for it in a popular place, known and famous for the products it sells. Serious manufacturers only work with stores that respect their customers.

We recommend that you buy the best kitchen table online. Here you are most likely to find a model that fits perfectly with the needs of your kitchen.

Also, discounts and promotions are more common than in a conventional store, which means you can find a very good meal at a very low price.

Before buying anything online do not forget to check the section of other buyers, to make sure that you will receive what you expect, and that the product has no defects that you can not anticipate online.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to buy the best kitchen table for you and your family.

The best kitchen meal: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of kitchen tables for home that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Nolan wooden table

The best kitchen table

Nolan table is a "must-have" of original and unique interiors, being an excellent choice for any living room or kitchen.
It is made of Malaysian solid wood and MDF, with a special color.
Due to the materials from which it is made, the Nolan table is resistant to moisture and easy to maintain, with a capacity of 4 people.
Malaysian solid wood, non-deformable over time, resistant to moisture and heavy use.
MDF is a hard and moisture resistant material, perfect for living room and kitchen tables.

See details and price

2. "Arthur" MDF and veneer table

The best kitchen table Arthur White, Dirty Oak table integrates perfectly into your home and creates a strong visual effect.
Choose complementary pieces that redefine the style of your home through an elegant linearity and a perfect simplicity.
Add a splash of color and minimalism to the room with Tavolinio products.
The table is made of MDF and veneer.
Table dimensions:
Table height: 74cm – Table width: 90 cm – Table length: 150 cm.

See details and price

3. Mass Combo Alba

The best kitchen table

Combo table is a table with fine lines, suitable for the kitchen.
The combination of MDF and Malaysian solid wood guarantees the quality and durability of this product.
MDF ensures water resistance and deformation of the product, but also its easy maintenance.
The Combo table has a capacity of 4 people and can be purchased on the combination of white and light oak.
Malaysian solid wood, non-deformable over time, resistant to moisture and heavy use.

See details and price

4. House Nordic Vojens table

The best kitchen table Nordic House is an iconic style, in keeping with Scandinavian minimalism.
With furniture and accessories made of wood, rattan and other natural products, the Scandinavian design style stands out.
They can be used individually, but also in different combinations, along with other elements characteristic of this style.
Material: MDF, wood rubber shaft.
Dimensions: 120 x 75 x 70 cm (depth x height x width).
Weight: 14 kg.

See details and price

5. Yellow Symbiosis Table

The best kitchen table Symbiosis furniture comes from France and brings Parisian charm right to your home.

Take a seat and enjoy something good.

Dimensions: 70 x 73.4 x 110 cm (depth x height x width).
Weight: 16 kg.
Material: melamine, plywood.
Maintenance: wipe with a damp cloth.

See details and price

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