the best knife set to buy for home use

Knives – Review and comparison in 2021

The offer of knives is varied; cooking enthusiasts will never have enough knives, while others will never know how to choose a piece of satisfactory quality. In this landscape, we come to your aid with a useful proposal in any kitchen:Fiskars Functional Form is a set of five knives delivered in a magnetic wooden support, which will satisfy your basic needs in terms of preparing meals for you. and your family. Being made of high quality materials, they are durable and easy to maintain. And if it’s not exactly the song you’re looking for, an alternative might be Tefal Prepline .

Comparative table

It is a good quality product, a set fully equipped to meet the basic needs of an ordinary kitchen. The materials used are of the highest quality, which ensures a good durability of the edge, the special handle increases maneuverability, and the storage support helps you to be organized.

In this package you will find knives specially designed for cooking; does not include table knives or highly specialized parts.

It is probably one of the best choices you can make when it comes to equipping your kitchen with the basic elements necessary for cooking, the quality and durability of the proposed set being impossible to contest.

It is a product from the specialized range, an electrically powered device designed for cutting the perfect slices of bread. It is equipped with a set of stainless steel blades of the highest quality, with a self-sharpening system and an indicator light that warns you that the product is plugged in, to avoid accidents.

It is a very specialized product, with a single indication of use, which does its job very well, but which cannot be used in many ways.

We recommend it to buyers who know very clearly that this is exactly the kind of product they need, because its quality is excellent, even if the number of uses is somewhat limited.

It is a premium quality product, intended for use by specialists and professional chefs, which we recommend to those who are passionate about cooking, or to those who want an accessory that combines the most important qualities of a multifunctional knife, with many possibilities of use.

The price at which this product is available is characteristic of parts intended for professionals.

The blade of the best food grade steel, with maximum hardness, ergonomic wooden handle with excellent grip, and functionality options are just some of the arguments that make this product worth the investment.

In-depth reviews about the best knives

Whether you are at home or on vacation, it is hard to imagine a single day without the help of a good quality knife, according to the purpose for which it is to be used. You may not even know how many types of knives there are on the market, but now you have the opportunity to meet some of the most appreciated.

Kitchen knives

Fiskars Functional Form

the best knife set to buy for home use When it comes to kitchen knives, one is never enough. This is the reason why most manufacturers choose to provide you with smaller or larger sets, simpler or more complex, which include a variable number of parts, each for a specific purpose.

If you are attracted by the quality that a Fiskars knife promises, we suggest you look at this set that includes a wooden support, elegant and practical, with magnetic elements that allow the storage of various kitchen utensils, and five knives of the most good quality, for different concrete tasks.

In the set you will find a kitchen knife for tomatoes, with a length of 12 cm, one for vegetables, 11 cm, a kitchen knife of 20 cm, a knife for Asian cuisine of 17 cm and a bread knife of 23 cm. All five parts have a blade made of high quality stainless steel and a softgrip handle for precise handling. Of course, the parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Electric knife

Tefal Prepline

the best knife set to buy for home use Most buyers interested in an electric knife say they need it for difficult tasks, but some of them are aware of the wide range of uses that such a product can have.

Our proposal this time is an electric knife for cutting bread, offered by one of the most appreciated manufacturers in terms of kitchen utensils. Tefal offers you a product with a power of 100 W, which will help you cut any type of bread into any type of slices you want and think you need.

The part is equipped with an indicator light that warns you when it is connected to the power source. The blades are made of stainless steel and have an efficient self-sharpening system, which allows you to enjoy the same efficiency over time. The safety button allows easy detachment of the blades for cleaning, which is why we consider it a knife at a good price, safe and efficient.

Cutit Santoku

Santoku Konstanz

the best knife set to buy for home use A Santoku knife is a product reminiscent of the chef’s knife, but the Japanese inspiration is evident in the structure and materials from which it is made, so that its quality and durability make it more sought after and prized than the classic model already mentioned.

This Japanese knife is especially appreciated by professional chefs, for easy to understand reasons. It is very useful for chopping, slicing and shredding, its adaptability being enviable and justifying the interest it arouses among professionals. The proposed model stands out, among other things, with a very ergonomic handle, covered in wood, with a shape that ensures a firm grip during use.

But what makes this Santoku knife really special is the material it is made of: 67 layers of Japanese VG 10 steel with HRC 60 +/- 2 hardness; for the uninitiated, we specify that these are the best values for a premium knife.

Butcher knife


the best knife set to buy for home use A butcher knife is one of the products that everyone needs in the kitchen, because its multiple uses are extremely practical, every day. And the set we propose to you this time includes two pieces of excellent quality.

The set consists of a deboning knife and a butcher’s knife. The deboning knife has a total length of 29 cm and a blade of 14 cm, being made of steel and having a very practical plastic handle, with good anti-slip properties.

The butcher knife has a length of 35 cm, of which 21 cm are represented by the blade. Also made of steel, with the same plastic handle with an excellent grip, the product is considered a professional one and fulfills its tasks wonderfully. We can conclude, taking into account the offer and the price, that we are dealing with two knives at good prices, in which you can justifyly invest.

Boneless knife

DICK Ergogrip 2982/15

the best knife set to buy for home use Numerous opinions about the best knives available at an affordable price on the Romanian market mention the German brand Friedrich Dick as a producer of the best quality materials, since 1778, with an obvious tradition on this market.

The product we offer you this time is one of the best-selling professional models, proof of the search it enjoys among specialists. Its blade is slightly flexible and has a curved shape towards the top, which makes it very useful for deboning and cutting.

The full length of the knife is 28 cm, of which 15 cm are represented by the blade. In order for its handling to be truly excellent, this knife is also equipped with a plastic handle made of a non-slip material, very comfortable to grip even with a wet hand. It is truly one of those cheap and good knives worth investing in.

Fish knife

DICK Ergogrip 2417/18

the best knife set to buy for home use A kitchen without a fish knife is not really well equipped, so we decided to offer you an accessory in this category, which will help you increase the number of delicious recipes you can prepare with family and friends.

The mentioned product is a knife at a good price, with a special shape to allow you to fillet any species of fish eaten with pleasure. One of its great advantages is the semi-flexible blade, which makes it easier to thread medium or large species. The proposed product has a length of 18 cm, but in the manufacturer’s range there are also variants of 15 and 21 cm, respectively, to the liking of any buyer.

The knife blade is made of carbon steel, with a good hardness, while the handle is made of a special plastic. Its ergonomic shape and properties due to the material make it easy to grip and handle, thus preventing a lot of possible accidents.

Watermelon knife

Palmonix Pepene

the best knife set to buy for home use A watermelon knife is a product perhaps a little less known on the profile market, but extremely useful and practical to use, both in family meals and on more extensive occasions. With the help of such a product you will get equal, uniform slices, while reducing the amount of dirt.

The piece we propose to you is made of stainless steel and has dimensions of 20 x 2 cm, being easy to handle and store. Being so easy to use, this piece significantly reduces the risk of accidents. In addition, its special shape makes it very easy to clean after each use.

Because it is made entirely of steel, the knife we offer you is one with undeniable durability; practically, it has nothing to spoil about it. Also, it is not a piece that grinds at some point, for the simple reason that the hardness of the material you cut is low.

Multifunctional knife

CasualCook by Adi Hadean

the best knife set to buy for home use When you need a multifunctional knife, this product can be one of the most inspired choices available on the market; we cannot fail to notice, from the very beginning, the excellent ratio between price and quality, which fully justifies the investment we propose to you.

The fact that it is one of the best knives on the market is justified by its multifunctionality. The blade has a length of 13 cm and is flexible enough to ensure excellent handling. The design proposed by one of the most famous chefs guarantees its ergonomics and efficiency.

The high-precision cutting is due, on the one hand, to the hard steel from which the product is made and, on the other hand, to the ergonomic shape of the handle made of exotic Pakka natural wood, solid riveted to successfully meet demands. It is a cheap and good knife that you will use for everything you do in the kitchen.

Sharpening knives

Camry CR 4469

the best knife set to buy for home use Whether you invest in a hunting knife or a kitchen knife, it is important that it always has the blade in the best condition; an impeccable cut will not only increase efficiency, but will also prevent accidents, which are generally due to excessive pressure on the handle.

We recommend that you buy an electric knife sharpener with a power of 40 W, which is very easy to handle in part due to the fixing suction cup, which helps you to install it as firmly as possible on the respective surface. But the biggest advantage is related to the functions provided.

This knife sharpener is equipped with two levels of sharpening, one for blade formation and the other for finishing. Buyers are delighted by the small size and high efficiency, mentioning that the maneuverability is excellent: the piece can be used by anyone, with little care and a little training.

Buying guide

Choosing a good quality knife can be difficult; the offer is generous and there are so many models that it is understandable that it is difficult for you to stop at a certain model. If you need a short guide to choose the best knife, we invite you to consult our guide.

the best knife set to buy for home use

Type and utility: In the offer available on the market there is a very varied range of knives, each with its precise functionality. For example, you can opt for the chef’s knife, one of the most adaptable and with the most uses. You can choose a butcher’s knife, a fish knife, a thread knife, a vegetable knife, a butterfly knife or the classic spread pattern.

The chef’s knife has a blade of 20-30 cm, it is slightly curved, which ensures a lighter balance. The universal knife can have a blade between 10 and 15 cm, being therefore easier to handle for a wider range of uses. A peeling knife has a narrow, flexible, but short blade of 6-11 cm.

Threading knives, cheese knives, serrated knife are some other products that you can find, more often, in the components.

A survival knife has a wide but somewhat short blade, with a sharp point, made of very hard steel, so as to allow you to cut a wide variety of objects of different hardness.

Blade type: From the point of view of the blade, there are two main types on the market, appreciated even by specialists: German blade and Japanese blade.

You will find the German blade more frequently in a hunting knife, for example, or in other knives subjected to important demands, where a significant hardness and a special resistance are needed. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people, has a symmetrical profile and is made of stainless steel.

You will also find a German blade with a knife for survival, easy maintenance being one of the great advantages of this option.

The Japanese blade is lighter and thinner, which makes it more suitable for cutting fine and thin slices from foods of different textures. Hard steel is sometimes replaced by carbon steel, which means a sharper blade, but also an additional risk of chipping; you won’t find it on a butterfly knife, but rather on other types of models.

the best knife set to buy for home use

Material: Most knives available on the market are made of stainless steel, which means increased corrosion resistance, ease of sharpening, durability. It is the perfect choice for the home user, which can be purchased in the better version, offered by Japanese blades.

Carbon steel is an option you will find in high quality products. The hard blade is much harder to grind and can be sharpened better, but it is more susceptible to rust and more exposed to chipping.

Rolled steel tries to combine the advantages of the two types mentioned above, by designing a sandwich structure. The trim is as sharp as carbon steel, but the product is more durable and more resistant to chipping.

A ceramic knife is on the list of home users’ preferences. They are very well sharpened, much lighter than those with a metal blade, but they can not be sharpened, or not by the usual methods. Unfortunately, the blade is very brittle and sensitive to chipping and mechanical shocks.

Handle: The material and shape of the handle are very important, because they owe much of their precision and maneuverability.

The traditional material was wood, which is very beautiful, but it is not necessarily the most practical choice. The wood gets wet and swollen, peels and cracks, and especially can create a favorable space for the development of bacteria, which can not be well removed from the porous surface. Therefore, if you choose to use a wooden knife, you must be willing to take care of it properly.

The metal handle is durable and easy to sanitize, but it becomes very slippery when your hands are wet or when working with greasy materials. It is also the most common problem with plastic handles, by the way. For the best possible ergonomics, it is wise to choose a curved handle, or one with different rubber or silicone inserts, which significantly improve the grip.

the best knife set to buy for home use

Accessories: Some knives are sold as such, but others are accompanied by a number of practical accessories. It can be a cover to protect the blade, a sharpening tool, a storage support or a magnetic tape on the wall. All these options can be very practical or, on the contrary, can prove useless, if you already have them from previously purchased models.

Frequent questions

How many kinds can a watermelon knife be?

We are sure that the imagination and ingenuity of the producers are unlimited, so it is possible that there are or appear a lot of other models of melon knives, but we will present you two of the most well-known and used.

the best knife set to buy for home use

The first is a stainless steel knife with which you can detach, from the inside of the melon cut in half, equal slices of sweet and delicious core. The advantage is that you no longer risk cutting your fingers while cutting the shell, and the core pieces will have equal dimensions, a very important element in the case of a meal with friends.

The second variant is somewhat similar to apple slicing devices: it is a plastic frame, with sharp metal blades inside. The watermelon is cut in two, after which this device is pressed on its surface, leading to the cutting of equal slices, in a single movement.

Is it useful to buy a pizza knife?

The usefulness of a pizza knife depends largely on how often you eat this type of food. If you like to make pizza at home and if you eat often, it is definitely worth the investment, considering that it is not very expensive. If you eat pizza once a month, and then you order it from your favorite pizzeria that delivers it ready sliced, obviously the tool will be useless in the kitchen.

How to recognize a professional knife?

A professional knife will first of all be offered to you at a price obviously higher than the other products in the range. The most important thing is to find out what the knife is for – the professional ones are always part of a very precise category – and what type of blade it has. Most professional knives have a Japanese blade, which means ease of handling, precise cutting and superior hardness.

7 types of “must have” knife in a kitchen

Whether you are passionate about cooking or not, there are several types of knives that are natural to have, for the simple fact that they make your life easier.

the best knife set to buy for home use

The universal knife is one of the best choices. As the name suggests, it can be used in a wide range of circumstances; it is the knife that you will take with you to the green grass to cut the meat, prepare the vegetables and clean the garlic, but none of these operations will be performed with the precision and ease that a specialized knife can provide you.

The chef ‘s knife is specially designed for slicing and chopping. It is precise and very practical, being one of the most used pieces in any kitchen.

The butcher ‘s knife is also a must have in any house where meat is eaten. It is designed to be used easily and accurately when cutting and deboning, weighing slightly more than other models.

The thread knife , also known as the fish knife, is obviously suitable for people who love to eat this food. It has a relatively narrow blade, with a variable length, depending on the size of the preferred fish species.

The cheese knife has holes in the surface of the blade, designed to reduce adhesion to sticky foods and make cutting easier.

The table knife is meant to help you portion the food already cooked. In general, they are small, may have a smooth or serrated blade and do not cut very well, just so they can be used safely by children.

The spreading knife is also very useful in any household and at any table, being most often used for butter, but also very useful for pate, eggplant salads or caviar and other such products.

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