The best lawn mower

How do you choose the best lawn mower? What functions and features should the lawnmower have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best lawn mower If you live at home, you definitely want to have a beautiful yard. This means that, in addition to a beautiful sidewalk and well-chosen flowers, you must make sure that the lawn also looks good and neat.

Fortunately, you should not stress too much because solutions have been developed for mowing the grass, which require minimal effort from the user. These are the so-called lawn mowers .

These devices are specially designed to care for the lawn without the need for human involvement and without making a noise that bothers neighbors.

Here's how to choose the best lawn mower.

Top 3 recommended lawn mowers

Why choose the best lawn mower?

From the beginning you have to understand that the lawn mower is not the same as the lawn mower . The latter involves guidance by a person. But the robot manages on its own . In fact, the mode of operation is very similar to that of robot vacuum cleaners.

Because it is a relatively new addition to the market, it is normal not to fully understand how it works, and not to know why some models are cheaper or more expensive.

How to choose the best lawn mower

The best lawn mower One thing is for sure, though. The best lawn mower cannot be chosen if you are not well informed. If you buy one at random, you may be disappointed with the purchase.

A simple mistake you could make is not to buy a model that can cover the entire surface of your yard. You wouldn't want to make such a mistake.

Remember that you want a device that does its job flawlessly . Otherwise, you will have to help him with a lawn mower or a mower, which is not profitable at all.

To help you with all the details you need to know before buying the best lawn mower , we have designed this shopping guide .

The article will help you identify all the selection criteria that match the particular situation. This way you will be able to choose only a product that is cost-effective and efficient for you, depending on the size of your yard, but also other considerations.

We are also prepared with a list of products at the best value for money on the market . So here's what you need to do to buy the best lawn mower.

How does the best lawn mower work?

Lawn mowers "walk" through the yard on their own, following a random path, which prevents the formation of wheel marks on the lawn. The device has two major components: the charging unit and the mobile unit .

The charging unit will have a static position , which the mobile body knows. Of course, the charger must be connected to a power source, but it can be placed so as not to be visible.

Most models will ask you to install a perimeter wire . This way, the robot will know what the edges of your lawn are.

The robot will not collect the grass, as a lawn mower does. Instead, it will grind it very thin . Thus, it will decompose and turn into compost (natural fertilizer) shortly after cutting.

On first use, the device will make a map of the yard that it will memorize. Thus, each time he will follow the same route and return alone to the loading unit , when he has finished his work.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lawn mowers?

When it comes to technology robe, there will always be advantages, but also disadvantages. Here's what you should know before you decide to buy a lawn mower:


  • A lawn mower does the job for you. Once installed, it is ready to run on autopilot.
  • They are ideal for keeping a lawn very attractive and clean .
  • It covers very well the whole area you plan to cover.
  • It's quiet . You can mow the grass even at night without disturbing your neighbors.
  • In terms of pollution, they are more environmentally friendly than gas lawn mowers.
  • It's really fun to watch the robot do its job for you, while you relax on the terrace.


  • You will have to invest a little more time than you would have hoped in installing. One of the processes that will take you the longest will be the placement of the perimeter wires and the programming of the device.
  • Although I do a very good job, there may be edges that I can't cut very well . In this case, you will have to intervene with a classic scythe or a motorized one with wire.
  • For some, the fact that they do not leave marks and do not cut the grass in parallel, can be a matter of taste. The robot will make a random route.
  • There are few options for very large yards .
  • They have a pretty high purchase price .

Choose the best lawn mower depending on your terrain

The best lawn mower Even if they do not have a long history on the market, there are enough models on offer to choose one that works perfectly in your field.

You don't have to have a perfectly rectangular yard or a regular surface to be able to use such a device.

Most modern models have been designed to be able to mow different types of grass and grass, in a wide variety of shapes.

Currently, they have the ability to bypass obstacles such as flowers, poles, playgrounds or swimming pools. They can also be used for yards of very different sizes . Some will ask you to install wires to delimit the perimeter.

The best ones, however, are equipped with special sensors that detect obstacles and edges , without you having to bother with installing the system.

If you have a small lawn that has an area of less than 150 square meters , a smaller and cheaper lawn mower will be enough for your needs. For larger yards up to 500 square meters , you will need a robot with larger capacities.

If you have a larger yard, you can also find models of lawn mowers that can cover up to 3600 square meters . However, when you compare the price with a lawn mower that you would normally use, there is a pretty big difference in the purchase price.

So, if complete automation and smart programming are not very important factors for you, it is more financially profitable to opt for a more rudimentary lawn mower.

Another important aspect to consider is the robot's ability to operate where there are small bumps , slopes or mounds. You are unlikely to have a perfectly straight lawn. Therefore, if necessary, choose a robot that is adapted to uneven terrain . You can check the degree of inclination at which it works. The best can work at an inclination of 20 ­ o .

Battery and autonomy

You will need to consider the battery life of the mower. Almost all use a charging station, with an intelligent mechanism: the robot will start mowing the grass, will detect a low battery level and will immediately return to the recharging unit.

The problem is that the duration of a full charge is longer than the period of actual operation . So, if you have a big lawn , you will have to choose a robot with as big a battery as possible and with a shortest recharging time.

If, on the other hand, the yard is small , then the battery capacity is not so important, although it is not a parameter that you should completely ignore.

If the battery stops working, you can replace it. However, this is not desirable , as they are quite expensive.

Programming and control

The best lawn mower Almost all lawnmowers give you the ability to preset when you want it to mow the lawn.

This feature gives you the opportunity to use the yard for entertainment when you want and set the robot to do its job when you are busy or even at night . Thus, this operation will be adapted to your lifestyle and your schedule, which may be very different from that of your neighbors.

It is recommended to mow the lawn 2, 3 times a week . In this way, the soil will be fertilized regularly, using compost from chopped grass.

The best lawnmower allows control from your smartphone through an integrated application and can also connect to Smart Home control systems.

Noise level

It may take longer for a lawnmower to complete its task than if you personally mow the lawn with a machine or even a hand mower. They will run your yard diagonally several times to make sure all the grass is cut.

If you don't stay home long, noise is not a problem for you. However, if you stay home long, you may want a quieter model.

Most modern models have a noise level that will not bother you or your neighbors . They will be able to work even at night . However, you should know that the quieter models come at a higher price .

Consumables and spare parts

You will need a spare blade and spare batteries, so make sure the manufacturer can provide them for you. Also see if they are available in stock before buying a robot.

What functions and accessories should the best lawnmower have?

  • Object detection – The best lawnmower can detect obstacles while operating. When it encounters an obstacle, it will stop the rotation of the blades immediately. Then it will stop moving and move away from the obstacle. However, very small objects should be removed from the yard before putting the appliance into operation, as it will not detect them.
  • Anti-theft protection – Most of these devices are equipped with an anti-theft system. It will trigger an audible alarm in the event that it is moved from the set route. A PIN must be entered from a mobile device for the alarm to go off.
  • Rain operation – Depending on the manufacturer, some lawn mowers may also work in the rain, although this is not necessarily recommended. Most have rain sensors. Therefore, when there is precipitation, the device will stop mowing the grass and return to the charging station.
  • Safety – The blades of the device are the most dangerous component, so the one you buy must have a form of securing them so as not to cut into them. Most have an integrated automatic blade shut-off technology. This is a very important aspect that you need to check.
  • Buttons – Most lawnmowers are easy to control with functions that can be controlled either from the phone or directly from the unit. It is recommended that you choose the control method that is best for you. So, if you are not inclined towards technology, you should choose one that allows you to set it as easily as possible with just the buttons.
  • Programming – The best lawnmower has a programming function. This way you can set the device to work regularly at a certain time interval or at certain hours. This way you will even forget that you have to mow the grass, your lawn always looking impeccable.


We recommend that you buy the best lawn mower online. Here you will find several models, one of which will be ideal for you.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to consult the opinion of other users. Thus, if they were not satisfied with a product, you do not have to risk a bad purchase. Don't forget to check the manufacturer's reputation well before ordering a product.

Now that you have gone through all this information you are ready to choose the best lawn mower for you.

The best lawn mower: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of lawn mowers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Robomow RS 635 PRO SV lawn mower

The best lawn mower The RS series machines are among the best robotic lawnmowers on our market and have been designed to mow everything on their own, in addition you can enjoy easy operation on a mobile device.
The Robomow RS 635 Pro SV is equipped with RoboVision ™ technology, inspired by the human eye. The control system is based on a camera that helps the robotic lawnmower to detect its surroundings.
The working width of 56 cm is covered by two robust knives driven by powerful, low-noise electric motors.

See details and price

2. Gardena Sileno life 1250 smart lawn mower

The best lawn mower The Gardena Sileno life 1250 smart is suitable for grassy surfaces up to 1250 m² and is able to cope with uneven terrain and even slopes up to 30 percent due to the strong traction of the rear wheels.
Repeatedly mow the tops of the grass with sharp edges like a razor blade.
The Gardena Sileno life 1250 smart robotic lawnmower can be controlled via an application on a mobile device.
It is also easy to adjust the cutting height – from 20 to 60 mm.

See details and price

3. Husqvarna Automower 105 lawn mower

The best lawn mower Robotic lawn mower for smaller lawns.
The compact size and low weight increase its maneuverability.
Suitable for lawns up to 600 sqm, maximum inclination 14 °.
Adjusting the cutting height is easy from the top by turning a large knob.
It is equipped with sharp knives made of durable carbon steel, mounted on a sturdy cutting disc.

See details and price

4. Ruris RXR1000 lawn mower

The best lawn mower The working perimeter recognized by the program-system is 1000sqm.
The RURIS RX1000 lawn mower is efficient regardless of the terrain configuration, it can climb and can work on a slope of up to 30 degrees.
In addition, the robot immediately identifies the degree of humidity and retreats to the dock to allow the lawn to be irrigated.
The robot is programmable and can work throughout the summer, even when the owners are not at home.
The time it is stationary is used to power Li-ion batteries.

See details and price

5. Hecht 5601 lawn mower

The best lawn mower The lawn mower is a reliable machine in terms of maintenance of lawn areas up to 500sqm.
Finely chop the grass, then return it to the soil, along with its nutrients.
The knife is extremely durable and stays sharp for a long time.
It copes well with areas with dense vegetation and rugged terrain, even areas with slight slopes, up to 20%.

See details and price


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