The best leaf vacuum / blower

How do you choose the best leaf vacuum cleaner / blower? What functions and features should the leaf vacuum cleaner / blower have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best leaf vacuum / blower When we say autumn, we automatically think of one thing: leaves, leaves, and more leaves. As soon as a tree begins to lose its leaves, your yard turns completely.

From clean and perfectly mowed lawns, you moved to a messy yard with leaves everywhere, including on the terrace. What do you do to get rid of them efficiently and quickly? Reaping them is not the best solution. Many have begun to appreciate the use of a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower .

In addition, such a device can be used in summer or winter to quickly remove snow and sand from access roads .

If you want to know where others have found such a product at a convenient price, but also how you can choose the best leaf vacuum cleaner / blower , we invite you to read this article.

Top 3 vacuum cleaners / blowers for recommended leaves

Why choose the best leaf blower / blower?

Such a device is easy to use and helps you quickly clean an area of leaves . Depending on the model you choose, it can either suck the leaves in a bag or blow them in the direction you choose , thus managing to gather them in a place where it will be easy to remove them.

Such a device is more effective than gathering leaves with a rake, easier to use, and more efficient with your time. It is also very comfortable.

Given that it can be tiring to gather leaves in a traditional way, the best leaf blower might be perfect for retirees or people with reduced mobility.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner / blown leaves

The best leaf vacuum / blower However, in order to enjoy all these benefits, you need to be very knowledgeable so that you can be able to choose the best leaf vacuum cleaner for your needs . It is good to ask yourself at what level you will use it .

What is the type of leaf vacuum cleaner / blower that suits you best? What functions and accessories is it good to integrate? How much noise does it make? What is the right type of food for the level of work you will be subjected to?

The answer to all these questions will help you navigate the best leaf blower / blower . However, given that the offer on the market is very rich, it can be quite difficult for you to decide which is the best purchase.

How do you know you found the right product? To make a good first purchase, we encourage you to read a shopping guide , like the one we have prepared especially for you.

In the end, in addition to the fact that you will know all the selection criteria to consider, we also present the best products selected by us available now at the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Leaf vacuum cleaner / blower type

Depending on how you handle it, there are at least three types of leaf blowers on the market to choose from. Here's what you need to know about each of them:

  • Leaf blower / vacuum cleaner with handle

These models are designed to be operated with one hand , offering versatility at moderate power. They are strong enough to blow leaves, thin layer snow, dust and sawdust.

Models that work by connecting to the mains have an unlimited operating time , although you will be limited by the length of the power cord in terms of the area in which you will be able to use this device. On the other hand, there are wireless devices that you can take with you anywhere. They usually last long enough to allow you to clean the yard of leaves.

The best leaf vacuum cleaner with a handle usually has an additional handle , strategically located to allow you to target the desired area with both hands. It is good to pay attention to the total weight of the product you choose. If you know that it is difficult for you to have things in your hand, opt for a model that is as easy as possible.

A very good function for these models is to reduce vibration . This way, your hand will not numb while working. There are models that run on electricity or fuel . Electric ones make less noise and have no gas emissions, so it could be a better option if you live in an area where your neighbors are within walking distance of you.

In terms of price , this is the cheapest type of leaf blower you will find on the market. Wired ones tend to be cheaper than battery-powered ones, while fuel-powered appliances fall somewhere in the middle.

  • Backpack leaf blower / vacuum cleaner

This type of leaf vacuum cleaner is meant to be worn on the back . Usually, these models are even heavier, slightly exceeding 7 kilograms , especially if they run on fuel. The weight will be more easily supported by the back and shoulders. Also, the operating time tends to be longer for these devices.

Most models of this type run on fuel, which means that they will produce more noise than the category discussed above. Some electric models have made their mark on the market, but they are even heavier, exceeding 13 kg.

The best leaf vacuum / blower Expect to pay more for such an electric model. In the long run, however, they have a lower fuel consumption than those powered by fuel, and are easier to maintain.

Make sure that such a model has a large enough stop / start button and ergonomically positioned so that you can operate it easily by bringing your hand behind your back. It is also ideal to have the option of controlling the speed or the suction or blowing power, in case you need a more delicate action.

They are suitable for larger yards or for actions lasting more than an hour . Their power is high enough to allow them not only to collect leaves, but also snow from vehicles or garbage from the street or sidewalk.

  • Leaf aspirator / blower on wheels

If you have a very large field that needs cleaning , for example, how much a football field , a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower on wheels is recommended for you.

Leaf blowers on wheels are heavy duty devices, easy to handle with a handle and by using wheels, obviously. Of course, their mobility is reduced if we compare them with the models analyzed above. However, their power is higher , as is the duration of use.

They have enough power not only to blow leaves, but also to collect garbage, from cardboard to metal. Some models produce surprisingly little noise.

Opt for a model that has a slightly transparent fuel tank , and with a wide hole, so you can see when it's about to run out and be able to refill it easily.

In general, these models are large, noisy and very heavy, weighing over 45 kg . This means that they are not suitable if you have a sloping ground, or paved sections. They are suitable for use in parks, farms or stadiums.

They are also more expensive models. Make sure you do not use it near windows or the car, as it is strong enough to blow small stones.

How to choose a leaf blower / vacuum cleaner suitable for your needs?

  • For small plots:

For a small yard or to clean the terrace, a leaf vacuum cleaner with a handle is enough. It is easy to handle and store in the garage without taking up too much space. Although it has a weaker power, it is suitable for small areas.

  • For medium plots:

For larger yards and a higher level of work, the backpack type option is the most suitable. It gives you more operating time and more power, while remaining easy to handle and comfortable.

  • Very large plots and professional use:

A leaf blower on wheels is suitable for such areas. If you do this activity professionally, you clearly need such a device.

Power supply type

Any vacuum cleaner or blower you choose will need a power source to operate. There are three types of power supply: wired, battery or fuel. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You will find them in the following:

  • Leaf blower on battery

The best leaf vacuum / blower If this is your first time buying such a device, a battery model is probably best for your needs. They are easy to use . You will only need a charged battery and you can use the device.

In addition, the engine is very durable , which means that maintenance will be very easy, or even non-existent. The only downside is that you can only use the device as long as you have a charged battery.

  • Wired leaf vacuum cleaner

Another electric variant are blowers or cordless leaf vacuum cleaners. They need to be connected to a power source in order to function.

These are a middle ground between battery and fuel models. This is because you get more power than the battery models, without having to worry about fuel or oil.

The disadvantage is the very aspect that makes the device stronger , namely the cable . With a light weight and easy to handle, the device can be attached to the cable.

Also, the length of the wire will greatly limit the range in which you can use the device. For medium-sized yards, this is not a problem, but for larger areas, you will need a different type of power supply.

  • Fuel blower / vacuum cleaner

Although they can be intimidating, they are suitable for advanced users. You will need fuel and oil, used to keep the engine lubricated during and after use.

How much oil you will use depends on the capacity of the fuel tank. You can find on the market fuel for blowers or leaf vacuum cleaners that are already mixed with oil, so you will not have to add it yourself.

There are also models that run without oil , only with fuel. They are easier to use because you just need to add gasoline or diesel and turn on the appliance.

They are noisier, need more maintenance and you will always have to consider the price of the fuel which can change very often. In other words, you will always have extra expenses with such a device.


Noise level is another important criterion to consider. Keep this in mind: who will be able to hear you while using the device? Will you bother anyone?

For those who have close neighbors , a leaf vacuum cleaner that is less noisy is the best option. You wouldn't want to have neighbors complaining every time you want to clean your yard.

Keep in mind that you will have to use a leaf blower quite often, because not all leaves fall at once. Take this into account, especially if you want to use it in another season.

You also don't want to wake someone up in the house when you're using the best leaf vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that fuel models are the noisiest and that a bigger engine means more noise.

Functions and accessories

  • Extra handle
  • Narrow end
  • Speed control
  • Stop / start button
  • Transparent tank

We recommend you to buy the best leaf vacuum cleaner / blower online . Here you will definitely find a model that is right for you.

Before making a purchase, it is important to check the opinion of other users. If this is a good one, it may mean that the product will work for you as well.

Now that you have read all this information, you are ready to buy the best leaf vacuum cleaner / blower.

Best leaf vacuum / blower: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of vacuum cleaners / blowers for leaves that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Makita UB0801V electric garden blower / vacuum cleaner

The best leaf vacuum / blower Recommended for use in the yard, alleys, residential areas, for removing leaves, plant debris or dust.
Possibility of re-equipment (included in the package) and for use as a vacuum cleaner, without other additional tools.
Comfortable use with one hand.
Suction kit included.
Power: 1650 W – Air flow: 83 m³ / s.

See details and price

2. Blower / vacuum cleaner leaves and snow with shredder Bosch ALS 24

The best leaf vacuum / blower Ergonomic handles for better weight distribution and increased comfort.
Longer work: a 10: 1 shredding ratio means less travel to the compost pile.
Easy-to-handle collection container: easy to assemble and empty, made of special, moisture-resistant textile material.
Chopping function. Crush the leaves in a chopping ratio of 10: 1, for better composting.

See details and price

3. Blower & vacuum cleaner Gardena ErgoJet 3000

The best leaf vacuum / blower Powerful blower with variable speeds for more control.
The leaf shredding ratio of 16: 1 reduces their volume.
Sturdy and strong metal blades for a higher shredding rate.
The conversion from blower to leaf vacuum or vice versa is easy and effortless due to the ClickFit function.
The optimal weight distribution and the ergonomic handle with the SoftGrip function make this device very comfortable.

See details and price

4. Electric Blower Vacuum Cleaner with Black & Decker GW3050 wire

The best leaf vacuum / blower Equipped with a 3000W motor, it offers very high suction power, comfort and ease of handling.
The high-impact metal shredder reduces the volume of debris by a shredding rate of 16 to 1 to speed up compaction and make it easier to remove debris.
Thanks to the plastic rake adapter, wet garden debris is no longer a problem.
It comes with a leaf collection system that can be connected directly to the garden basket.

See details and price

5. Skil 0792 garden blower / vacuum cleaner

The best leaf vacuum / blower Skil 0792 garden blower / vacuum cleaner is a practical, 2 in 1 blower and vacuum cleaner with chopping function.
Air jet of 270 km / h, respectively with a suction volume of 13 m³ per minute.
The built-in shredder shreds the residue, which is collected in a sturdy 45-liter bag.
The Skil 0792 garden blower / vacuum cleaner is equipped with a single, swivel wheel in front.
Two ergonomic handles and a shoulder strap ensure optimal working comfort.

See details and price

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