the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

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It is very important to keep your knives safe and handy, so you can easily access them when you need them, and a dedicated stand is very useful. There are several options on the market and, if you know what offers you have, you can easily choose the best knife holder for you. In this guide you have the necessary information to make a suitable choice based on several criteria: type, position, material, shape and design, etc. A first option is this universal support,Vanora Home 5949088504466 , which you can place on the counter, which supports up to 5 – 6 knives. It has a cylindrical shape and is red. Another variant can be Cooking by Heinner 5949088527168 , magnetic, which is mounted on the wall.

Comparative table

This knife holder has a cylindrical shape, with a height of 22.5 cm and a base with a diameter of 11 cm, which can be easily placed on the worktop or where you need, easy to clean, with the inner system with spokes detachable, which can support 5 – 6 knives depending on size.

It has a red color and you have to have other elements in the same shade to match it nicely in the kitchen.

A practical and universal support, which you can successfully use to keep the knives safe and at hand.

Certainly this knife mount that can be mounted on the wall can be extremely useful, always having the necessary tools at hand, it has two strong magnets to secure the knives, made of aluminum, with a gray finish and comes with dowels. and clamping screws, without the need for further fuss.

It is quite long, 47 cm, and you must have enough space for mounting.

Good price, simple and elegant design, quality materials are just a few reasons that lead us to recommend this product.

With a simple and very elegant design, this wooden set with natural finish for knives, with dedicated slots placed compactly, which is positioned on the worktop, will be very useful, with 9 stainless steel knives, with comfortable handle, made plastic, black.

Being a set with 9 quality knives and support, it also has a slightly higher price than other products presented.

With this set you have at hand all kinds of knives, conveniently placed in the holder, so you can easily prepare your favorite dishes.

In-depth reviews about the best knife holders

Below, you have a list of different knife holders, at good prices, divided into various categories so that you can easily find the desired model.

Universal knife holder

Vanora Home 5949088504466

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Certainly a knife holder, at a good price, is useful in any kitchen and you can go for this model.

It is a universal model in which you can safely place the knives you already have, in order to always have them at hand, ready to use. The knives are placed with the handle up.

The support has a compact, cylindrical shape and has spokes that hold the knives in a firm position inside. They can come off, thus being able to clean the support well. It has a nice design, being red. There are several knives, 5 – 6 depending on the size. As dimensions it has a height of 22.5 cm and a round base with a diameter of 11 cm, being stable. The weight is 1.1 kg.

Richardson Sheffield 8711155450887

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

In case you need a magnetic knife holder, you can orient yourself towards this elegant and simple product that will fit beautifully in the design of your kitchen.

It is made of bamboo and has a natural, light-colored finish. It sits on the counter and due to the inclined leg it is equipped with, it will not take up much space. The magnet with which it is equipped is very strong, and is not visible on the surface of the support.

On its face you can place up to five knives of different shapes and sizes, which will have a firm position. You can easily take them when you need them, always at hand. Being in the form of a simple countertop, it is easy to clean.

Magnetic knife holder

Cooking by Heinner 5949088527168

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

If you need a knife holder, cheap and good, consider this option which may be an optimal choice for you. You will be able to keep your knives in order, at hand, but also other utensils.

This magnetic knife holder is very practical, it does not take up much space and, being hanging on the wall, you will be able to position it where it is most handy, either above the worktop, or above the sink, etc.

It has two rows of built-in magnets for a firm grip. The knives are placed in a vertical position, with the handle up. The support is made of aluminum and has a gray finish. The length is 47 cm, having enough space for utensils, and in the purchase package you also have 2 dowels plus screws for mounting.

Kitchen Craft SCOI-12

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

You definitely want a knife holder at a good price and you can go for this option which can be a suitable option for you.

It is a magnetic knife holder that will help you always have the tools you need at hand, and can be used in a workshop. The integrated magnets are very strong so that the metal instruments, which have up to 500 grams, will sit easily, having a firm position.

As a design it is elegant, being made of stainless steel. It mounts to the wall without the grips being visible, and you can place it wherever you need it to have the utensils on it at hand. The surface that can be used is generous, with a length of 30.5 cm and a width of 4.8 cm. The thickness of the support is 17 mm.

Wooden knife holder  

Tefal Comfort Touch 9 knives

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

If you need a set of knives with support, you can also go for this product, having a famous brand in the field of kitchen utensils, which you can rely on no matter what you want to cut.

The set contains 9 knives with stainless steel blade and very comfortable black plastic handle. They are dedicated to different operations and you will be able to cut, grind, slice, peel, etc. having a reliable help.

The support is very elegant, made of wood with a natural finish. It has dedicated slots for each knife, arranged in several rows, being very compact. It is placed on the worktop, thus having the knives at hand. The position is firm and stable.

Fiskars 1014209

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

In order to have the utensils in the kitchen at hand, you can opt for this wooden knife holder, which comes with a set of knives, elegant and practical.

With a cheerful design in gray, black and orange it will add a touch of color to the kitchen and will easily integrate into the design. The support is made of birch wood, being very resistant. It sits on the counter, having a firm position, has dedicated slots for knives and, in addition, it is magnetic, being able to attach other utensils.

The knives that come with the package are five in number, dedicated to various operations: for tomatoes, for vegetables, for Asian cuisine, for bread, universal. The handle is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch, and the stainless steel blade is very hard and resistant. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

Zeller ZE-25319

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Usually the kitchen is full of all kinds of utensils and, kept in drawers or storage boxes, they are harder to find when you need them, most often with wet hands.

Thus, a wooden knife holder, like this model, can be a very suitable purchase for you, the knives you have can be easily found when you have to do different operations. It has a simple and elegant design, with natural wood finish.

It is made of bamboo wood, layered, which resists moisture well, and you can put the knives directly after washing them. It has 10 slots of different sizes. It is equipped with rubber feet to prevent it from slipping off the counter. Compact (22 x 9 x 22 cm), pleasant and useful, it will easily find a place in your kitchen.

Knife set with holder

Zokura Z1026

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

If you have the right knives, of superior quality, you get rid of a lot of hassle and you will be able to work more easily in the kitchen, the preparation operations being much more pleasant and comfortable.

This set offers you a special quality, having a very elegant look. The knives can be placed in the dedicated support, included in the set, which is black, plastic, compact so as not to take up much space on the counter.

The knives, numbering five, are on different sizes and different shapes, dedicated to various operations such as: cutting, peeling, shredding, slicing, etc. The blade is made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating. The handle is very comfortable, made of plastic. The knives are completely black, including the blades.

Richardson Sheffield 5013314735280

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

You can keep order in the kitchen, opting for this knife holder that comes with 5 knives that will be very helpful in the kitchen, for various activities.

As an advantage of these knives we must mention that the blade is made of stainless steel, which does not require sharpening over time. The blade will keep its sharpness and it will be a pleasure to use them for cutting, slicing, peeling, etc., the 5 knives having different shapes.

The handles are ergonomically black with a small red decorative element. They can also be washed in the dishwasher. The support on which the knives are held is with a magnet, being very practical to use. It is mounted on the wall, with mounting holes provided and has a length of 17.5 cm.

VonShef 1500029

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Certainly if you like to make different exceptional dishes, you also need the right utensils, and this set that contains magnetic knives and quality knives can be of real use to you.

There are five knives, with different uses: a 20 cm kitchen knife, a 20 cm bread knife, a 12 cm universal knife, an 8 cm peeling knife and a 20 cm slicing knife.

They are made of quality materials, with durable stainless steel blade, and comfortable and practical acrylic handles. The support is placed on a flat surface, it has a rear support arm, and the magnetic surface is very convenient to use for storing knives. The support is black, matched with the handles.

Buying guide

It is much more elegant and practical to keep your knives in a suitable support, without the risk of injury and always having them at hand when cooking. You still have a few landmarks, so you can choose a convenient option for you.

Type : A first separation of the knife holders can be depending on their type, namely: magnetic or simple.

The magnetic supports have built-in strong magnets that help you keep your knives handy, comfortably placed. Knives or other utensils must be ferrous metal to easily adhere to the support.

The simple supportsare of different shapes and in them the knives are placed, with the handle upwards, being able to be dedicated for different shapes or universal.

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Position : On the market you can find a very wide range of products and you can choose cheap and good knife holders, which are either for the countertop or for hanging.

The wall support is generally magnetic and is very practical and useful in a small kitchen, where every space obtained counts. In addition to the set of knives, you can also place other metal utensils. They can have several types of hooks and are fixed either by gluing with strong adhesives, or with dowels and screws for a firm grip. Many models have included in the purchase price the fastening system so as not to need other mounting materials.

The countertop supports are placed at hand, and can be with magnets and in the form of a compartmentalized or universal block. In case you have just changed your tiles in the kitchen and you do not want to drill holes or glue various, it is more practical to opt for this model.

Materials : Knife holders can be made of several materials and you can choose: wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc.

The wooden supports are very elegant and classic. In general, they have a natural finish, preserving the beauty of the wood used. They can be in the form of a block with dedicated compartments, with a flat surface that can be positioned on the counter or hung. They are usually a bit more expensive.

Plastic supports are cheap, durable and have the advantage that they can be supplied in a very wide range of colors for extra color in your kitchen.

The stainless steel supports fit very well in a modern decor, in which you have other elements of this type, being practical and comfortable. It lasts very well over time and does not change its structure or color.

Shape and design : Certainly the design is an important component when making the choice, and you will opt for a variant that is to your liking.

There are supports for universal knives with round or square base, different colors that fit well in the decor. Countertop blocks can have various irregular shapes, with a large base for a firm position.

In general, magnetic supports are simpler, rectangular or square in shape, and can be either hung on the wall or placed on the worktop.

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Other features : There are other aspects that you need to consider when choosing a knife holder, namely:

Capacity: the holder must have sufficient capacity to hold all the knives you have, as well as other close utensils such as scissors or other sharp objects. The most common have a capacity of 4 – 5 knives, but there are also blocks for 9 knives, or large magnetic plates (length 50 – 60 cm) on which you can fit several objects.

Knife set: if you have just moved or want to replenish your stock of kitchen utensils, you can go for a set of knives with dedicated support. You have at your disposal a very wide range, with different number of knives from 4 – 5 to 9 – 10 or more. They are suitable as a design, but the price is higher than simple supports.

Support legs: countertop support models can be equipped with either rubber support feet that ensure better stability on the countertop, or with a foot made of the same material, for support in case it is magnetic.

Detachable interior system: it is useful to have easier access inside, which allows you to better clean the support, without the need for additional maintenance operations. After detaching the partitioning system, the substrate is washed normally.

Compatible with the washing machine: this aspect is also of interest, for an easy maintenance. Wooden supports cannot be washed in the dishwasher, but plastic or stainless steel ones can be compatible.

Frequent questions

Can I make my own magnetic DIY knife holder?

Certainly, with a little skill you can make your own magnetic knife holders that fit nicely into the decor of your kitchen.

You can make different types of wood that you drill on the side that is positioned on the wall, without going on the outside. Insert magnets in the holes and fix them with adhesive. After mounting and hanging, the support is ready for use.

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

Which knife holder is more practical – the block on the countertop or the hanging version?

If you read more opinions about the best knife holders, you will see that they are divided according to several criteria, supporting each variant.

In case you have a small space, it is more practical to have the hanging version that offers you more space on the counter. If space is not an issue, you can also choose the top of the countertop that can be moved where you need it.

How do I clean the knife holder?

Depending on its shape, the material used, there are also indications for cleaning. Those that are simple, in the form of a countertop, can be wiped with a damp cloth, or even with a little dishwashing detergent if necessary.

The ones in the form of a block are more difficult to clean with narrow compartments, so you can pass them through a stream of water. There are also models where the support can be removed, so it can be easier to maintain.

How to make a knife holder

In the kitchen, the work space must be very well compensated to have all the utensils you need at hand, and knives are very often used. You can buy the best knife holder for yourself or you can do it yourself with certain things you already have in the kitchen.

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

A simple and handy way for anyone to keep the knives with the blade down and close so you can use them when you need them, is to place them in a higher tin box in which you already have certain ingredients such as: pasta or rice. The knives will have a firm position and the handle located on the outside is easy to use.

And kitchen books can become a support for knives. You can take a few thicker cards, possibly with cardboard covers that you hold firmly together with a string or a string. Place the knives between the pages and you will have a very creative and ingenious support.

the best magnetic knife holder anf knife storage tips and tricks

And a glass with a wider mouth and a firm base can become a knife holder. In it you can place a bag of rice or barley, or other products that allow easy insertion of knives, without attaching to them.

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