the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

For 2021 you can find the best no frost freezer at a very attractive price in Romania. These can be no frost, with several drawers, of vertical or horizontal type. You can choose small, large, built-in freezer, refrigerator type, cheap or top. If you do not want to read this article in its entirety, we only tell you that this freezer from Liebherr Confort GN2323 is an excellent model. You can also find models from manufacturers such as Arctic, Heinner, Bosch, Candy, Zanussi, Indesit, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Albatros, Beko, Sharp or Star Light.

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

The best vertical freezers – TOP 10 new models

You can find them in most stores, both online and offline: eMAG, Altex, Media Galaxy, Flanco, Metro, Carrefour, Cora, Dedeman, Selgros or Domo. They are found in all cities: Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Oradea, Brasov, Cluj, Galati, Suceava or Constanta. You can opt for energy class A +, A ++ or A +++. You also have models of freezer with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 drawers. We help you with opinions, recommendations and advice. See also resealed freezers to save up to 50% of the price.

Compare the best freezers

Below we offer you a list of a selection of separate freezers that you can put on your trusted shopping list this year.

Freezer Liebherr Confort GN2323

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

The German quality from Liebherr can also be found in freezers. We show you a freezer with drawers , in number of 6 pieces. The defrost system is No Frost . In other words, the system significantly prevents the amount of ice that can form inside. It is more efficient than Low Frost technology that works on a slightly different principle.

The height of this device is 144.7 cm and the inner volume is 185 liters . You have secure glass drawers and shelves that can be put on or taken off as needed. If you have more voluminous products, you can configure the enclosure as you wish. Reversible doors allow their installation on both the right and left side.

The white color will suit any kitchen or enclosure, and the quality finishes will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Arctic AC60250 + vertical freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

This Arctic freezer comes with an easy-to-adjust thermostat. You can set the cooling intensity to several levels. The LED lighting will help you to see every corner of the freezer in the smallest detail. The control panel is simple and easy to use. Orders can be placed very quickly. You have a large XL area for storing bulky and large products.

The quick freeze option will make it easier for you to freeze vegetables and fruits in a shorter period of time. All beneficial nutritional values will be preserved. The freezer has 215 liters , comes with 6 drawers and the given model has a white finish. The autonomy without current for this specimen from the Arctic is 16 hours.

This model of Arctic freezer comes with a number of benefits. First of all, it has a very attractive price. A storage volume of 215 liters is completed by the 6 available drawers and energy class A, which means more than a consumption of 257 kWh. The doors of this freezer are reversible, so you can put the door on both the left and the right side. In addition, you have a XXL compartment, for larger products. A very good choice of vertical freezer at this price.

Bosch GSN33VW3P freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

This no frost freezer from Bosch is very spacious. It has a dedicated space called BigBox , perfect for XXL frozen products, which take up more space. The deep drawer can be used to store products in bags or boxes. You have a volume of 225 liters and 4 spacious drawers , a height of 176 cm and energy class A ++ . The consumption of 228 kWh is very good, as well as the autonomy without electricity of 25 hours.

With the help of Fresh Sense technology, an optimal climate for products will always be maintained. Both temperature and humidity will be monitored to ensure good product consistency. It will avoid overfreezing and will keep the ambient temperature in the best parameters.

The Airflow system will ensure uniform dispersion of cold air. Thus, all products, regardless of where they are positioned, will be kept at the same constant temperature. The fan will move the air currents to reach everywhere. Cooling times will also be shorter due to such technology.

Zanussi ZFU23403WA freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

Zanussi comes with some simple and direct controls. You will not need to consult the user guide to understand how to use it. You have almost 200 useful liters with 6 scraps to store products for freezing. Transparent compartments allow you to see from a distance what you have in them, without having to open them.

Energy class A + will guarantee you a decent consumption of 248 kWh . The SN, N, ST and T climate class gives you the versatility you need
operating temperatures. What other functions do you have at hand? You have a super freezing regime that allows you to reduce the time required for freezing for certain products. You have adjustable legs to ensure it fits anywhere. You also have a light warning if the temperature rises a lot.

Albatros CA12 + small freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

A small freezer from Albatros that offers you 85 liters and 4 different drawers . An advantage is that this freezer comes with a 3-year warranty . Energy class A + means in the end for you an annual consumption of 175 kWh . As a noise level you have 41 dB . For a small Albatros freezer it is a good volume.

It is a basic model that simply does its job. It has a thermostat that helps you regulate the temperature and the intensity of cooling. The mechanical control is very robust and helps you set the required temperature.

Freezer Star-Light CF-157AP

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

If you want a cheap and good freezer, we recommend you consider this model from Star-Light . Although it is an affordable model with an average capacity ( 157 liters ), you have 5 drawers that you can use as you like. It is not very tall, it is only 142 cm . It is suitable for a family that needs more space in the freezer than the refrigerator or refrigerator can provide.

In the freezer you will keep products for a long time, so you have to pay attention to energy consumption. Don't worry though, this model has an A + efficiency class. If you're wondering how much a freezer consumes, in this case from Star-Light, we'll tell you. It has a reasonable electricity consumption – 213 kWh per year . It's neither much nor little in terms of volume, but you can't want more for the money you give.

Built-in Electrolux LUT6NF18S freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

We all have different needs in terms of freezers. We also present this model of Electrolux built-in freezer, with a volume of 204 l. It has a no frost cooling system, which reduces the amount of ice that forms inside. Energy class A + results in a consumption of 303 kWh. It is also extremely quiet, perhaps the most refined freezer in terms of noise level produced. Definitely worth its place in the top 5 freezers.

Cheap Heinner HFF-V182A + Freezer

the best meals freezer to buy for new moms

A very capacious model of Heinner freezer. It does not stand out with anything special. It's just a good freezer that does its job perfectly. It has a very attractive price compared to its volume. The cooling capacity in 24 hours is 9 kg. An interesting feature is the blocking against action by children. We consider it as the best cheap freezer.

How to choose the best freezer

Good types of freezers

You should know that on the local market, in Romania we meet several types of freezers. It is noteworthy that they can be divided into various categories depending on the shape, structure, design, technologies used in manufacturing and energy efficiency. Thus, we can find models of horizontal freezer, vertical freezer or those that also have a refrigerator function, similar to a 2 in 1 refrigerator.

Horizontal freezer

This type of freezer is also known as a refrigerated can. They are very easy and comfortable to use because they are relatively low. They are perfect for foods that freeze at very low temperatures. The shape is similar to a chest, with a lid on top that opens horizontally.

The inner compartment can be very roomy, for bulky foods, or you can use some inner drawers and delimiters that aim to separate the types of food into categories. Commercial boxes with glass or transparent sliding doors (such as ice cream refrigerators) or display cases are used for commercial purposes. If they are used for domestic purposes, you can keep them in well-ventilated spaces, such as in the basement, in the garage or in a closet where free air circulation and good ventilation are ensured.

The best vertical freezer

Vertical freezers are very similar in shape and structure to a regular refrigerator. The difference between these is that a freezer operates at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Like the interior structure, they have separate horizontal drawers and shelves. Most opinions regarding the best 5-drawer freezers indicate that this number of shelves represents the minimum compartmentalization indicated.

Thus, it will allow you the long-term storage of several types of food without them mixing in them and being a totally different mix of products. High-performance models also have indoor coolers that can be used in case you have other types of food that you want to cool. If we were to compare a refrigerator with a freezer vertically, the advantage of the latter is that they are more compact and fit in narrow and limited spaces, because the shelves run vertically and are stacked on top of each other.

Freezer side by side

For those who have combined needs and need both a very spacious vertical freezer and a vertical refrigerator, the so-called side by side solutions are a very inspired choice. Basically, in a compact body you have both a complete freezing module and a
food cooling. They are high performance and have the latest technologies on them, but they also have a higher acquisition cost given the fact that they integrate 2 different types of devices.

All in all, when you draw the line it could be an even better investment than having two different appliances. If you have room in the house or kitchen for such a device, we really recommend it. It has a great utility in locations such as restaurants or hotels, where the kitchen operates with very large quantities of products and food for customers.

The size of a freezer

There are small, medium and large freezers. When choosing a freezer, think about where it will be placed and measure what height, width and depth you have available for it. Also consider what your needs are, what you plan to store in the freezer. Once you have this data, it will be easier for you to make the choice. The cooling space and volume of a freezer can vary quite a bit. Usually, manufacturers indicate the volume of the freezer in liters. Thus, for a larger storage capacity you must choose a device with as many liters as possible.

If you have generous space inside, its exterior dimensions should not be a problem. Crate freezers have a very good value for money. You can get a very good yield on these products if you take a model that is adapted to your needs. If you have the freezer you bought filled to the brim, then you have made a good choice, otherwise if it is half filled, say, it will not have a very good efficiency in terms of consumption and amount of frozen food.

In the market you can find various models, with different volumes and sizes. On the volume side there are freezers of 50 liters, 70 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters, 120 liters, 150 liters, 160 liters, 180 liters, 200 liters, 250 liters, 270 liters, 280 liters, 300 liters or 400 l. A freezer with drawers, as number of drawers, can have 3 drawers, 4 drawers, 5 drawers, 6 drawers, 7 drawers, 8 drawers, 9 drawers or 10 drawers.

Cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of a freezer indicates the volume of products that can be frozen within 24 hours. Usually the quantity of products is indicated in kg / day. You can find this parameter in the product description, in the user manual or online. In case you have products that require quick freezing, you must choose models that have this function. For example, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables require quick freezing to preserve all vitamins and nutritional properties.

Thus, you will have to choose a model that can freeze the largest amount of product in the shortest amount of time. And again, if we talk about freezing fruits and vegetables, we don't want them to get big chunks of ice. Here, a no frost freezer can be helpful. These models have a fan that aims to circulate the air inside. In this way, the moisture removed from the product will not be deposited on their surface, nor will the inner surface suffer. At the same time, sanitation occurs much less frequently than in a conventional model. As a working principle, we are talking about a timer that is activated by a temperature sensor that starts and stops an element that eliminates the vapors formed by condensation.

The best no frost freezer

Depending on your budget, you can choose a no frost freezer because it will prevent the formation of ice. This means that its maintenance will be easier, without the need for periodic defrosting. So, you will have a device that will work nonstop. The no frost cooling system is usually found in larger and more expensive freezer models. The cheap and small ones are in most cases equipped with a static cooling system, respectively ice will form inside, and periodically you will have to empty and defrost them.

Freezer A +++, A ++, A + or A

We recommend that you opt for the highest energy efficiency class in your budget. In the long run, a high energy class will allow you to make significant savings on electricity. Remember, the freezer is a device that you will use, most likely throughout the year, so it will be connected to the network non stop. A freezer that is as environmentally friendly as possible is the best choice.

The best built-in or classic freezer

You can best answer this question. Since several aspects need to be considered, you should decide if you can fit a freezer in your furniture or if you only have space for one separate from your furniture. We can only tell you that these built-in freezers are harder to find and have a higher price than conventional ones.

In addition, you must take a calculation and the part of operation, maintenance and service in case you need it. It is more difficult to incorporate the incorporable ones, being incorporated in the furniture. The conventional ones are more flexible from this point of view, respectively you can intervene on the spot easily whenever it is needed.

The noise level of a good freezer

On average, a good new freezer should not exceed a noise level of 44 dB. Exceptions are also encountered, for this reason it is important to consult the description of the chosen model. If you plan to place it in the house it can be a critical aspect, but if you buy it for commercial purposes, this aspect does not have the greatest weight in the decision you are going to make. Normally, more advanced freezers at a higher price are extremely quiet, with a refined inverter compressor that makes it extremely reliable and energy efficient.

Climate class at the best freezer

Climate class is a characteristic that indicates the outside temperature of the environment in which the freezer can operate in the most efficient way. We can delimit some important categories: first class – SN (+10 / +32 degrees), second class – N (+16 / +32 degrees), third class – ST (+18 / +38 degrees) and fourth class – T (+18 / +44 degrees Celsius). When placing the freezer in an enclosure, make sure that the temperature is in the range that corresponds to the class of freezer model you have.

Make sure that the freezer has enough space around it for an easy circulation of the air around it and for an easy release of the released heat. In this way you will extend its life and it will work in the most efficient way, that thought of producer.

Top brand best freezer

On the Romanian market you can find a large range of freezers, from the cheapest to the top. There are well-known brands in the market for the production of refrigeration devices. We present below the most important players in the market.

Arctic freezers

Arctic is known for refrigerators, refrigerators, refrigerators and freezers. This producer has production facilities on the Romanian territory and a very large part of the production capacity is destined for export. Although it is a budget brand, the quality-price ratio is very good. For this reason, Romanian consumers have loved the Arctic product range. Most devices come with a 5-year warranty, and in some cases even more on the compressor side. In addition to the generous freezing spaces, they come with good energy consumption and a generous volume. Their models have reversible doors, which can be installed on both the right and left.

A specific feature of Arctic on the side of the freezers is that they have a XXL storage area for larger products. The number of drawers may vary depending on the chosen model, but our recommendation is to opt for more shelves, so you can put several categories of products frozen at the same time. It is a very good choice for those who want a cheap and good freezer.

Midea freezers

Midea is a manufacturer of cooling devices, including air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators and industrial equipment. They also have a wide range of products on the local market. Although it is a Chinese brand, its products are of very good quality. On the freezer chain, they stand out with a very good energy efficiency (A ++), quality materials and a cheap price compared to the performance obtained. They have advanced cooling systems, both no frost and total no frost. What is really interesting is that the people from Midea made freezers with the function of refrigerator .

This means that you can choose to use the freezer as a refrigerator, by adjusting the indoor temperature. Thus a simple freezer becomes a universal cooling and freezing device. One technology that Midea comes with is Total no frost. What this means? As a household consumer, it means that you can forget about the need to periodically defrost the freezer. From fresh salads to fish, not all pieces will stick together and will not be wrapped in large pieces of ice. You will save time and enjoy products just like fresh ones. Midea equips the freezers with electronic temperature control, so in digital mode you can set the operating programs and the cooling temperature.

Bosch freezers

Bosch promises consumers a lifetime home appliance. True German quality speaks for itself. Bosch freezers are characterized by several important aspects. They are known for VarioZone technology that allows you to configure the interior space the way you like. You can remove glass shelves and drawers, and place bulky products if you need to. They have a low energy consumption because the energy efficiency of these devices is A ++ or even A +++. Having only innovative technologies, the desired temperature regulation is handled by an electronic system that facilitates an exact setting. They have some super nice models that can claim the title of the best freezer.

With SuperFreezing you have protection for pre-frozen foods. Basically, this technology prevents the defrosting of those already frozen, when you add new food in the freezer compartment. Freshly introduced food will be frozen super fast. After the food that has been placed recently reaches the required temperature, the freezer is automatically set to normal operation, thus maintaining a minimum energy consumption. With MultiAirflow, food in the freezer enjoys evenly dispersed cold air currents. The problem of temperature fluctuation no longer occurs and cooling times are dramatically reduced. Such an approach ensures that the flavor of the food is preserved for a longer time.

Bosch quality

If you plan to use the freezer for bulky foods that need a generous amount of space, an XXL drawer called BigBox is what you need. Bosch has provided this deep drawer for the practical stacking of refrigerated product containers. With this BigBox the problem of space disappears. Let me tell you a dilemma I had personally. I love ice cream and I like to store more portions in the freezer. However, it usually freezes too much and has a consistency and a degree of freezing that is much too high. It seems that Bosch foresaw this type of problem and they brought FreshSense technology. With the help of the sensors, the temperature of the compartment is constantly monitored and ensures a constant in terms of temperature. The result is food full of freshness and flavor.

Good freezer maintenance and care

If you want a long life for your freezer, you should pay attention to it and take some maintenance and cleaning measures. If you do not have a no frost freezer, you will need to read the manual provided by the manufacturer to see the recommended intervals for thawing.
fill. This is recommended to prevent the formation of large layers of ice, which by default will decrease the performance of the freezer over time. Complementary will be a sanitization / disinfection of surfaces with dedicated solutions.

If you are the owner of a no frost freezer, you must know that you have a system that prevents the formation of ice, respectively those recommended intervals of thawing are useless. However, it is recommended that a simple cleaning and sanitation be done periodically to prevent the appearance of microbes. You can also clean the appliance on the outside, whether you have a paint-finish freezer or a stainless steel freezer. In the past, some freezers had the problem of mold due to high humidity. The new models also have dehumidification systems, being equipped with a fan that recirculates the air. We recommend that you check the offers and promotions online to make sure you buy the best cheap freezer.

The advantage of online stores is that you can compare prices, read reviews and recommendations from users. You enjoy the same guarantee and quality as in an offline store. You will not have to worry about transport, because the store will deliver to your home. You also have a generous amount of time in which you can return in case the chosen freezer model does not correspond to the requirements you have. Opt for resealed models, because this way you can save significant amounts of money and get a very good discount or discount.

The functions of the best freezer

To know how to choose a good freezer, you must also consider the additional functions that this equipment has.

  • The fast freezing program cools fresh products in a few minutes at a temperature of -30 degrees, while maintaining the beneficial nutritional properties for the body. It should also be specified that fast freezing is activated for about 24 hours, because the compressor works continuously in this mode. You can start the normal storage mode with energy saving after completing the program. Some good freezers automatically return to normal after reaching the required temperature. So we can consider that a super useful function is the accelerated freezing, which allows you to quickly turn water into ice, to freeze baby food and also to freeze freshly picked fruits and vegetables from the garden. It is vital because this way you can keep a maximum of vitamins and nutrients.
  • The sound or light signal from a good freezer tells you that a door is open or not closed tightly. Respectively, it shows you that you have an increase in the temperature in the room. The indicator light system allows you to know at any time what the set program of the freezer is, and the dedicated sounds will notify you about a door that is not closed tightly or about a positive variation of the temperature inside the freezer.
  • Assisting the freezer door is another useful feature. It is much easier to open the unit door with the lever handle by pressing the seal. The air inside the enclosure is removed, so no effort is required to open the door. In addition, the door can be heated on the edges. The heated door around the perimeter prevents the opening from freezing.

Other similar functions of good freezers

  • Freestanding cold regulators in freezers can be at hand in case of power outages. One of the innovative elements of the new freezers are the cold accumulators. These are the ones that, when the equipment is disconnected from the mains, maintain the desired temperature inside until the current is reconnected. Such a function maintains a temperature below zero degrees in the room, for a period of 10 to 24 hours. So, when choosing a freezer for your household, make sure you include those cold batteries. Now you know how to choose the best freezer for your home, in terms of its functions.
  • Air filters are another innovation for freezers. Some vertical freezers can be equipped with charcoal filters to clean the air inside the equipment. This additional option will save your freezer from the need for regular ventilation, but be aware that these filters have a limited use and must be replaced regularly to be effective. However, their price is not necessarily high.
  • The childlock function allows you to keep children away from your freezer. The ability to lock the drawers in the open position makes it easier to load or remove food from the freezer cabinet. This function is optional, but useful because it is quite difficult to keep the shelves loaded in the open position. Blocking control commands will prevent children from changing the mode of operation by mistake. You can also not use the control panel if the freezer can be controlled remotely on the mobile phone. Gadget lovers will be excited. If the house practices remote control of appliances, appliances and even lighting, another remote control will not be superfluous.

Conclusions about choosing a good vertical freezer

We know that frozen vegetables, fruits, berries and other products are no longer fresh, neither in taste, nor as vitamins. If you have a garden or a small farm, you can freeze them for a long time without too much effort. It is important to choose the best freezer.

Freezers are different, they can be built-in or classic, small or large, no frost or static freezers. Depending on your needs, you can choose between freezers starting with a volume of 50 liters, up to around 300 liters. Likewise, the price of a freezer can be a few hundred lei, up to a few thousand. But we hope that with the help of the above mentioned criteria it will be easy for you to choose the best freezer. Regardless of the brand you want to choose, make sure you also consider the service, warranty and delivery in the area where you are.

Vertical freezer or horizontal refrigerator

You have to choose in this chapter depending on the space you have free in the house. Vertical freezers are more compact, and refrigerated boxes take up more space and are more capacious. Refrigerated boxes or horizontal freezers can also work with a defective insulation gasket. Let's not forget that their door is quite heavy and puts pressure on the gasket. Horizontal freezers do not get so cold when loading and unloading products.

We know that the hot air rises upwards, which suggests that when the door is opened, the outside air will not enter the interior in large quantities. Such a freezer is especially suitable for neighborhood stores because the food is better stored in them. It doesn't matter if the door is opened several times a day. As a bonus, the horizontal freezer can also house oversized or larger volume products.

Good inside size and volume of the freezer

Choose the volume and size of the freezer vertically or horizontally according to your storage needs. You know best what you need. If you do not have crops of tens of hectares and you do not do commercial agriculture, you do not hunt regularly and you are not a professional fisherman, you can easily orient yourself to a volume of 40 liters per person. The average freezing models for households have a classic volume between 100 and 300 liters. Although, if you have a small or medium family, a freezer volume of 200 liters should be enough for your needs.

If the space in the house is a problem, you live in a block of flats or you have a small kitchen, you should take a closer look at the narrow freezers, with a width between 39 and 54 cm. In the trade you will find freezers that fit with a width between 38 and 65 cm. If space is not an issue and you want a large and roomy freezer, you can also see models wider than 65 cm, and up to 85 cm.

Why choose a no frost freezer

The automatic defrosting system in the No Frost freezer allows you to save time and energy. It is rumored that it would increase the level of noise generated, have less interior space, built-in heating elements would be inefficient and ventilation would dehydrate food. Well, nowadays that is no longer the case. However, it is important to pack the products in separate bags if you opt for a good no frost freezer, in order to maintain the optimal humidity.

The inverter compressor and good insulation will get rid of the increased sound level during operation. on the volume side you have to choose between a large range of sizes, for any need, and in Romania you really have a generous choice. No Frost freezers can be more expensive, but they save you time and give you extra comfort.

Freezer display and control panel

Electronically controlled freezers are advantageous because they allow you to select the exact temperature and usually have a super freezing mode, which is activated by the user a few hours before a large purchase or just loading the freezer. The temperature drops to -29 degrees Celsius, and fresh food, at thermal shock, freezes quickly and retains its beneficial properties.

It is clear that, during slow freezing, they go through the so-called crystallization stage, and the juice contained in the products turns into large and sharp ice cubes, which deform the shape of food, color, appearance, but also taste, juice, vitamins. and good properties. Let's not forget that the quick freeze mode is turned off either automatically or manually. Cheap mechanically controlled freezers cannot boast of accurate temperature control or automatic shutdown of this dedicated mode.

How much good freezers consume

We know that in the house an electronic device that consumes energy is the refrigerator or refrigerator, because it is constantly connected to the energy source. When you buy a vertical or horizontal freezer, the power consumption can double – that's why it's important to choose an economical appliance. The best economical freezers have an A +++ efficiency level.

Controlling the intensity of the inverter helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. This type of compressor does not stop and restart, but they are constantly active and efficiently regulate the activity according to the internal conditions. It also analyzes the selected mode to keep the temperature constant. As a bonus, models with an inverter compressor make less noise.

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