The best meat grinder

Maybe you are interested in knowing which is the best electric meat grinder , which would be suitable not only for meat but also for tomatoes for example. Unlike the manual version, the electric meat grinder saves you time, and will do a much better job in the kitchen. The motorized version, made of cast iron, does a professional job both on the side of hard foods and on the side of tomatoes. In 2021 for example, see this Philips HR2721 / 00 shredder . We help you with some recommendations, opinions and buying tips.

The best meat grinder

The best meat mincer – TOP 10 new models

We help you find the best good meat mincer, which is reliable, with low energy consumption, but also with a professional result. With it you will be able to chop both meat and tomatoes for example. We present offers for Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Arad, Oradea, Galati, Constanta or Timisoara. In stores such as eMag, Altex, MediaGalaxy or Flanco, you will find a wide range of such products. Because there are always offers and promotions, you will be able to enjoy substantial discounts without the need for Black Friday.

Philips HR2721 / 00 shredder of 1800 W

The best meat grinder

The power of the device is 1800 W
Speed setting
It can chop 2.3 kg per minute
3 slicing discs

Bosch MFW67440 2000 W meat mincer

The best meat grinder

Maximum power of 2000 W
Chopping capacity of 3.5 Kg / min
Sieve with 3 mm or 8 mm holes
Stainless steel accessories
Sausage accessory

Oursson MG5530 / RD 1500 W meat mincer

The best meat grinder

1500 W
24 month warranty
Large funnel
Accessories for fine, medium or large chopping
Kebbe accessory
and tomato juice

1200 Austria First Austria FA-5141-1 meat mincer

The best meat grinder

Power of 1200 W
Stainless steel knives
Sausage accessories, tomato broth juicer, kebbe
Reverse function
3 different sites

Professional meat mincer Hendi Profi Line 22

The best meat grinder

Power of 1100 W
Integral stainless steel body
Capacity 300 kg meat / hour
Transmission in oil, very quiet
Polyethylene pusher

Tefal Classic NE105838 meat grinder of 1400 W

The best meat grinder

Power 1400 W
Knife with shredding function
Sausage accessory
2 chopping sites included
Capacity of 1.7 kg / min

Heinner MG1500TA-GR meat grinder, 1600 W

The best meat grinder

Power: 1600 W
Accessory for tomatoes and sausages
Possibility to produce tomato juice
More cutting site
Noise level of 89 dB

Daewoo DMG2000C 2000 W chopping machine

The best meat grinder

Power of 2000 W
Speed 2.2 kg / minute
Stainless steel cutting blade
Accessory for sausages and tomato juice
Cream color

Heinner MG-2100SS 2100W shredder

The best meat grinder

Cumulative power of 2100 W
Tomato juice accessories
Stainless steel accessories
Weight of 5.2 Kg
Crushing capacity of 2 kg / min

Zass ZMG 06 chopping machine

The best meat grinder

1600 W
Stainless steel knife
Metallic gears
Can chop fish and vegetables
He can make sausages

Which is the best meat grinder

The best meat grinder

For any kitchen, the best meat grinder is a perfect addition. It's great to have power over your diet and what's in it. If you are passionate about meat, small and sausages, you must have something like this in the house. How to be Romanian and not make a small, caltabos or other culinary specialties from meat. And it's better if you make it fresh at home, as you like.

A small meat grinder will have a smaller feed tube, while a larger feed tube is found in professional models. Also, a smaller version would have less power than a larger one.

The size of the meat grinder

See how often you plan to use the best meat grinder. Maybe make small seasonal only, or you want to make meatballs for homemade burgers. Most likely you will not mince meat enough to have a wedding, that's what professional meat grinders are for. So you probably need the best compact meat grinder to prepare small or medium amounts of food. These questions will help you decide what size you need for a meat grinder.

Are you going to buy a meat grinder used regularly or is it something you want to use a few times a month. If you want to chop limited quantities and rarely, then you only need a small and cheap shredder. Usually, many have a manual meat grinder in the house, but an electric meat grinder will make your job considerably easier.

Large meat mincers are professional, and most often used in restaurants, hotels and other units that cook meat in very large quantities. There would be a larger feeding tube with a larger mincer, so you don't have to cut the meat so thin. In addition, you can introduce more meat at the same time. To grind faster, a larger meat grinder would also provide more strength. All this is equivalent to spending less time in the kitchen.

Stainless steel meat grinder

If you want the best stainless steel meat grinder, you will pay a little more for it than for an aluminum or steel model. However, you cannot overlook the appearance of a stainless steel appliance. If you want a durable model, for more years the way to go is definitely a stainless steel shredder. They are stronger and more robust, because the internal gears are made of metal and not plastic.

Stainless steel machines also come with stainless steel accessories, which means you can clean them later in the dishwasher. This aspect will make your life in the kitchen considerably easier.

For a stainless steel shredder, keep in mind that it weighs much more than a steel or aluminum one. It can be quite difficult if you have to move it sometimes.

Accessories for the production of sausages and sausages

If you want to make small sausages, most meat mincers also have sausage attachments. The sausage attachments that come with the choppers have a good enough performance, but not as good as a dedicated sausage stuffing machine. Some come with a good sausage plate, so when you go to make sausages, you have everything ready.

The meat tray is a top platform that you keep cubes or strips of meat before moving them down the feeding tube to grind them.

The feeding tube helps you push the meat down to chop it. The diameter of the feed tube is usually directly related to the size of the meat mincer and its capacity. As the name suggests, it is used to force the meat down the feed tube so that the knives can catch it. The meat pusher is an extra spiral option that squeezes the meat and pushes it toward the cutting blade.

The importance of the chopping blade

Another important component of a meat grinder is the cutting blade or the cutting knife that grinds the meat. It is sharp, so when handling it, you have to be careful. It must be as irresistible as possible and not blunt quickly. This is perhaps the most important aspect when choosing the right device.

I hope you have an overview of the most important aspects, so that you now have an idea of the best meat grinder you need. Now you can easily choose a good and durable meat mincer. Size matters when it comes to meat grinders, especially if you have to grind a lot of meat. These are good if you eat meat often or for public catering locations, for commercial purposes. If you had a location where you prepare and process meat for burgers and delicious sausages, you are bound to have a device you can rely on.

How to choose the best meat grinders

Many meat grinder models come with additional attachments that allow you to cook minced meat and homemade sausages. In addition, many people nowadays use these choppers to make tomato juice.

The power of the meat grinder

In meat grinders, power is one of the most significant features. The range of power in modern models differs a lot and many people may run into the fact that they do not know what power to choose for their needs. In general, everything depends on the type of meat you plan to mince and the quantity.

You don't need an expensive car with a large capacity if you plan to cook occasionally. Small or medium capacity models will suffice. There are three types of meat grinders: high power, medium power and low power. The power of the device determines the efficiency, ie how much meat per minute can be handled by this device.

Meat grinder with power of 2000 W

High-powered hull grinders are around 2000 W. Usually, such machines are expensive because they can process a larger amount of meat at the same time. With these, more than three kilograms of meat per minute can be processed. They are designed for greater chopping needs, whether you are making sausage or squeezing tomato juice. These machines are practical and durable, good for harder meat.

Meat grinder with power of 1000 W

Meat grinders with an average power of 1000 W are good for people who do not use the device with very high frequency. They will usually produce up to 2 kg of meat per minute. These machines can process the meat whole, having enough power to do so.

Meat grinder with power of 500 W

Then there are the low-power meat mincers that have a power of around 500 W. They are slightly weaker and have the capacity to process about 1 kg of meat per minute. The price is not too high, however, compared to more efficient mincers, it does not go too well when it comes to grinding meat a little harder. However, it can be an optimal option for a small family, who wants to know that they have such a device in case of need.

The power of the meat grinder influences the consumption of electricity. This aspect must be taken into account. If you are buying a powerful meat grinder, you may not be able to save money, so we recommend that you also consider operating costs before making a decision.

Finishing machine

It is possible to produce meat mincers from 3 types of materials, plastic, metal or combined. The most common combination is the combined one. Although the front panel and the mouth are made of metal, the frame is made of plastic. Old-fashioned manual meat grinders were made of metal that is still used in electric meat grinders. The material is more durable, but nowadays plastic can also be a practical option for some components. You can confidently buy the best meat grinder with a plastic case, if it is quality and scratch resistant.

The blade of a good meat mincer

The blade part, or that chopping element is very important in meat mincers. Because it comes in close contact with this product, it is the strongest part of the device. This basic element pushes the meat towards those grids of different sizes. It is usually made of metal or stainless steel. Some models may have an optional accessory and a plastic version. This is when you process fruits and vegetables, especially if you make tomato juice or broth for the winter.

When we talk about this component, we are primarily interested in their resistance. The cutting boards are made of stainless steel and are recommended to be sharpened once a year. Whether or not they will wear out faster depends on the quality of the material and the frequency of use of the device. If the current board is completely blunt, we suggest replacing it with a similar cutting board manufactured by the same manufacturer to ensure the efficiency of the appliance.

Productivity of meat mincers

The amount of meat that can be processed per minute is determined by this parameter. It is mainly based on electricity. However, the productivity of different meat grinders with comparable power may vary, depending on the model of the mincer. Low power meat grinders need better product consistency for comparable efficiency. In the market, we can find models capable of delivering between 1 kg and 4 kg of minced meat per minute.

Reverse speed

The reverse working speed is intended for the reverse movement of the cutting blade. Especially when you need to remove a tendon that got stuck during shredding, it is very useful. Unfortunately, not all meat mincers have such a feature. If you use the device often, we recommend that you see such an option.

An overload mechanism is good if the meat grinder engine is overheating or overloading. In this case, the car stops automatically, and after making sure you remove the lock, you can continue normally.

The rubber feet are designed to make meat grinders easy to use. They minimize friction and prevent the machine from rotating during operation, along the kitchen worktop.

Using a meat grinder

Let's say you found the right meat grinder for your needs. The way you use the device can make the difference between soft meat and the ideal texture, from maintaining an almost frozen temperature to the actual chopping.

Meat grinder mostly does this – shred the meat. But you can also do a number of other activities. For filling sausages or making small ones, many models come with several accessories. If you want to divide the meat into small cubes, know that some models can do that too. On the other hand, you can grind not only meat but also make vegetable sauces. If all you want to do is grind meat, you won't need appliances that have a lot of additional options. But if you want to make sausages or if you want to do other things with the best meat grinder, look until you find the best one. Constructively, it is a different device an electric vegetable chopper .

When choosing a meat grinder, it all depends on the need you have. A less expensive, smaller, less efficient model would work very well if you intend to mince a small amount of meat. But if you grind meat for more guests, or for a barbecue to invite all your friends, you will need something more solid. You need a large and robust model to quickly chop a lot of meat. The base element for most models is stainless steel. The best meat grinder will usually have a wide range of accessories in the package.

The quality of the finished product

The meat that you process only above freezing temperature, is incredibly valuable to have and keep it that way until it is minced. When they are almost frozen, the fat and connective tissue in the slices of meat can be cut quickly. As they warm up, these sections will avoid cutting and cause the machine to have difficulty chopping.

Finding a collection of sharp and well-matched knives and sieves is the next key element for good meat mincing. Poor or poorly matched knives and grills make the machine work even harder, can clump and produce poor quality meat.

The quality of the knife and the sieve

Good knives are incredibly sharp and are in a perfectly flat plane, because high quality knives and sieves are new. They will have a pattern that is no longer completely smooth, because a knife and a sieve are used together. As long as they are held together as a package, they will still work this way, but if a non-flat knife is moved on a different, completely flat sieve, the differences between the cutting edges of the knife and the edges of the sieve holes may occur. The influence of this type of mismatch is largely the same as if the edges were worn and blunt, even if the edges could be sharp.

For this purpose, for each sieve, we suggest you use a different knife and carefully hold the pair of blade and sieve together. Even mismatches that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye can have a huge impact on final quality.

Sieves are reversible. One can be used with only one knife, so the knife must be removed and replaced with a different knife on the new side of the sieve as it is inverted. You should mark the front / inside of the board with something so that you can distinguish them in the future.

Avoid jams at the meat grinder

If a good meat grinder is used properly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, blockages should not occur. However, in case it happens, you have the reverse function, ie starting the engine in the opposite direction. It is unlikely that the best meat grinder will get stuck if it is sized for the right load, has good knives and sieves.

Accessories for sausages or tomato juice

Many standalone versions have the potential to use filler tube attachments in sausage making. Sausage preparation involves the usual process of mincing meat. But on the front you can add salt and flavors. Then direct the minced meat into a filling tube that can be included in the accessory package.

We suggest you grind your meat twice, first through a sieve with large holes and then through a smaller one, if you are looking for sausages with an extra-fine texture. It cools between the first and second grind, to keep the meat healthy and easy to process. This can stop soiling and can contribute to sausages with the right texture, with a high consistency.

You could also find chopping tomatoes. They are often used in the preparation of juice or in the creation of tomato broth for preservation. These accessories are specially designed to process vegetables. Some use this type of additional functions for chopping fruit or berries, especially for making jam and jam.

Conclusion about electric meat grinders

Among the essential kitchen appliances is the meat grinder. It is a very tiring task to choose the right meat grinder. This is because when choosing the best meat grinder, people often do not know what features to consider. Therefore, we thought we would help you find the right meat mincers. In conclusion, we propose to review some of the important elements that we should remember. These tips will help you stop choosing a meat grinder that is not worthy of your kitchen.

It is clear that it is difficult to have the best electric meat grinder in most kitchens, and many people do not know the items they can consider when ordering. It is very good to know the things to remember before buying a meat grinder.

Type of meat grinder

Among the things to remember before selecting a meat grinder is the power supply to the mincer. The device type can be manual or electric. The best electric meat grinder has a motor to help grind stiffer meat. The motors rotate the blades when power is attached and therefore grind the meat into the desired shape. There are cranks in the manual meat grinders, which are rotated by hand. We can't talk about productivity, it depends on everyone's physical shape.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. If you want to chop a limited amount of meat for domestic use, manual mincers are useful. If you choose to grind the meat to be used in a group or other activities, because they are faster than manual ones, it is important to choose electric grinders. Therefore, you can choose between electric or manual grinders, depending on your intention.

Ease of use

Before buying, it is important to understand the ease of use of each meat grinder. This is because the appliance can be used efficiently, based on ease of use. If you choose a model that is not easy to use, you will probably lose a lot of time whenever you choose to use it.

Therefore, make sure that the moving parts change easily, so that you do not have to waste time for this. Check the setting buttons, motor quality, power level and more for electric meat grinders. The feed tube is also an important thing to remember, because the amount of meat you are going to grind depends on the size of the feed tube. The larger the feed tube, the more meat will be possible to mince.

Basic accessories

It is important to remember if you need accessories when selecting a meat grinder. These accessories include, among other things, additional chopping boards, sausage making accessories, pasta making accessories, food pusher, additional cutting blades and safety maintenance manuals. The explanation that such accessories must be considered is that these accessories are essential in the kitchen. The saving of space and money can be ensured by well-chosen accessories.

For starters, after grinding the meat, you need to prepare some sausages. If your meat grinder has a sausage making connection, it would be easy for you. Before ordering, check the various attachments included with the meat grinder. Choose the meat grinder that has the most accessories you would need.

Choose the size of the meat grinder

Another very important thing to remember is the quantity when selecting a decent meat mincer. Size matters a lot, because every time you try to use it, you will probably have to take the meat grinder out of the cupboard if you choose the wrong size. Check the available room in which you are going to keep it before buying the meat mincer. Choose an electric meat grinder that is not so large if space is limited. Make sure it will serve you well even if the size of the appliance is small.

Some models are built to have very small dimensions and yet have all the necessary features. You can choose a device that fits in a small closet, for example. Thus, before ordering, check the weight of the meat grinder to avoid selecting very large or small meat grinders depending on the space available. If necessary, calculate the space available and use it to locate a meat grinder of the right size.

Consider the quality

Durability applies to the total time served by the meat grinder after purchase. It will definitely support you for a long time if you choose the best electric meat grinder. The main elements you need to remember here to decide are, for example, the material used for the finish. Many devices of the highest quality have an aluminum frame. This is because the aluminum alloy is hard and robust. Different usage scenarios are suitable for aluminum meat grinders. Therefore, make sure that the consistency is remarkable when you get the best meat mincer, and the quality starts with the material used.

Cutting blades are another important factor to keep in mind when selecting the machine. It should be made of stainless steel blades. This is because stainless steel is corrosion resistant, sturdy and can keep sharpening for a longer period of time. Therefore, regular sharpening would not be necessary. With rust on them, blades made of a material other than stainless steel will contaminate your food. Let's not talk anymore, now at the end, without a doubt you can select the best meat mincers, taking into account the tips and recommendations.

Definition of meat grinder for household use

Even on a small budget, cooking with lean meat and natural products can be difficult. Purchasing lean fresh produce from local farms and grocery stores that sell commercially grown produce is a way to save money and effort. Another solution to increase capital reserves is to purchase a standard cheeseburger from a trusted local butcher. Another disadvantage of buying chicken or pork in large quantities is that when the order is ready, you have to make the supplier understand what parts you need.

Seek never to allow this problem an opportunity to discourage you from the obvious advantage of having fresh produce in bulk from the region. The alternative is to invest money for household use in an electric meat processor. With such a car, in moments, you can hammer massive amounts of beef. To create fresh meat loaves or burgers, it's amazing.

Compared to buying in the store, using the best meat grinder is extremely cheap for groups of families who use processed meat in large quantities. The luck with personal grinding of meat is that you can make sure of the taste and consistency of the food. This also offers some key features that combine the use of accelerated, multifunctional and backup level planning resources.

The ability to quickly mince beef without specific effort is one of the biggest beneficial conditions of using the electric processor over the manual version. If managed by a farmer, men who see massive amounts of meat realize how valuable it will cost.

Benefit from the best meat mincers

The advantages of using the electric processor outweigh the costs of the unit. Unlike the flexibility to combine food and components for hot dog production, you can spend additional resources in the long run. The safest and fastest way to beat your beef is to use a homemade meat processor. Make sure that it has no less than three sizes of slicing plate when you buy a meat processor and that they should be made of aluminum or stainless steel for reliability and washing.

A meat processor, commonly called the best meat grinder, is completely as simple as ice, but for others it is a household appliance that is used for granulating raw meat, grinding or delicate meatballs. Because minced meat is widely available on the market, a substantial number of people do not necessarily need this cooking unit.

The step in which you should understand what is going on in your minced meat and that it is clean and safe is an explanation of whether a meat processor can be an effective tool. If there were a lot of questions that sounded alarm, then on a computer with a meat processor you can decide. The device is perfect for grinding meat for stuffing sausages or making meatballs if you are a hunter. Different speed levels for crushing Parmesan or breaking meat are followed by some models.

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