the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Maybe you want to know which is the best electric slicer for ham, vegetables, bread, cheese or sausages. These multifunctional disc models are good for the hospitality industry, for professional or industrial purposes. You can find cheap stainless steel and household models. For advice, opinions and recommendations you can read our article from 2021. For starters, we can recommend this electric slicer Concept KP3531 .

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

The best electric slicer – TOP 10 new models

A good electric slicer is a much needed help for the hospitality industry, the commercial one, such as the sausage area in the supermarket, or for household use. However, for industrial purposes you can find many models that you can buy. A food slicer saves you time and helps you get the ideal product strips. The bread slicer will be appreciated at its fair value in neighborhood bakeries and pastry shops. Also on the sausage side is a very good investment.

It's nice to cut food with a knife, but nothing can beat a professional electric slicer. Especially when it comes to cutting cheese, sausages and bread, there is no more efficient solution. When you have to slice large amounts of meat daily, good slicers simplify the task. Besides the fact that you are flexible and make slices of the same size, you can make the slices as thin as you want.

Discover all the significant features of an electric slicer that you need to follow while making the decision. In order to further restrict the mission, we provide you with a list of the best slicers in Romania.

130 W Concept KP3531 electric slicer

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Power of 130 W
Solingen knife 17 cm
Adjustable slice thickness
For vegetables, bread, cheese, sausages

Professional slicer Sirge AFFPROF25R 320 W

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Power of 320 W
Adjustable thickness
Max diameter 250 mm
For professional commercial use
European approvals and certifications

Electric slicer DOMO DO522S of 200 W

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Maximum power of 200 W
Slightly serrated stainless steel blade
Very stable with 4 rubber feet
A gear
Easy cleaning

Food slicer Zilan ZLN-3376

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Power of 150 W
Adjustable cutting thickness 1-15 mm
Stainless steel cutting blade
Noise level 60 dB
Vegetables, bread, cheeses, sausages, fruits

Professional electric slicer Revolution by Hendi

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Cumulative power of 120 W
Professional electric slicer
300 RPM
The body is made of anodized aluminum
4 anti-slip plastic legs

Feliator Trisa Vario Cut 6501.41

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

130 W
Slices from 0-23 mm
Universal stainless steel knife
Security system
Anti-slip system

Electric slicer Clatronic MA 3585

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Power 150 W
Stainless steel
Slicing size: 0-15 mm
Blade diameter: 190 mm
Increased safety

Professional food slicer Graef SlicedKitchen S10003

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

Power: 170 W
Blade cover plate
Multifunctional device
Safety lock
Stainless steel serrated knife

140W Professional Metro Felizer

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

140 W power
Diameter 220 mm
Stainless steel blade
Detachable blade sharpening system
Made in Italy

Semi-automatic slicer for Fix Distribution bread

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

750 W
200 sliced breads per hour
Electric motor
28 knives
Noise level of 75 dB

Which is the best electric slicer

the best meat slicer for home use in 2021

One of the essential devices used in the kitchen is the electric food slicer. Facilitates the task of chopping and cutting. The slicer can be used to easily and accurately cut food, such as meat, sausages, vegetables, cheese or bread.

In addition, you can cut food evenly with a slicer, such as preparing slices of cheese or sausage with the appropriate thickness.

There is a wide range of good electric slicers available on the market. Following this short guide you will be able to choose the best professional slicer, whether you want to buy one for your home kitchen or for your catering. Several important aspects must be taken into account, which we will talk about below.

Varieties of good slicers

The type of slicer is a significant aspect that you need to keep in mind. You will see on the market two main types of slicers, namely electric and manual.

The manual slicer is the basic one, simple, resistant and good for occasional slicing. This form of slicing is manually operated. This kind of slicing is suitable for those who cook small amounts of food. A perfect guy is the one who likes to cut foods like cheese, salami, and meat.

An automatic food slicer is often called an electric kitchen slicer. It is one of the common options to slice quickly and professionally. This food slicer has an electric motor, as the name suggests, that allows you to easily cut food. The great thing about this kind of slicing is that the manual mode comes with it though. You should use manual mode and cut the food as you wish, when the automatic does not meet the needs.

Slicing force and speed

There are several electric power slicers that have high power, and are available on the Romanian market. The higher power slicer can slice food faster and more efficiently. In addition, the power of the motors has a great impact on the operating life of the slicer. Many of them are not scheduled to run continuously, so a break is welcome. Continuous use of the slicer or additional pressure can lead to overheating.

If you want to slice a decent amount of sausages, you need a food slicer with a high power motor. Foods that require high-strength slices, such as frozen meat or hard cheese, require more force. Given the volume of the product, you should explore the electric slicers and choose the right power slicer.

Slicing facility

A conventional way of cutting food is to use knives. The main purpose of obtaining a food slicer is to speed up the slicing process and be more consistent. You will complete the necessary slicing in a short period of time with the help of a high power electric slicer. You will not get tired and you can do this whenever needed.

In addition, with the slicer, the different types of blades available will help you get the desired shape and thickness. Most equipment of this kind has a generous tray, on which the necessary amount of food can be stored.

Safety of using an electric slicer

Health is one of the essential considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a good slicer. Food slicers are equipped with large blades that rotate at a very high speed, but are also sharp. As a consequence, it is essential to buy a good electric slicer, easy to use and manage. When cutting the blades, there is a risk of accident if the device is not used correctly. To reduce the risk, defensive blade protections can help. The best electric slicers are equipped with such a preventive system.

Another feature that prevents the blade from rotating while the slicer is not running is the safety lock. It is important that consumers take protective measures at the end of use. This will allow you to prevent the equipment from being used safely by reading the user manual.

Don't forget to look for those models with non-slip legs at the bottom of the slicer. You can buy cut-resistant gloves as an additional protective accessory. It will guarantee your hand protection, so you can wear such gloves when using a professional slicer.

The right size for your needs

It is necessary to understand the uses when preparing to buy the best electric slicer. Sausages, dairy products and bread are not the only products that can be sliced. People who like to cook like to experiment. Vegetables and large fruits can also be easily sliced on some models.

There are several elements to keep in mind, such as the thickness you need. It is important to understand why you are buying the food slicer before completing the purchase.

Therefore, the size of the food slicer is a significant aspect that requires attention. It is necessary to take into account the space inside when choosing the food slicer. You need to know that you have enough space in the kitchen. Thanks to the slicer, you wouldn't want to make the kitchen look crowded and crowded.

If you really have little space for the slicer and only intend to remove it when you need it, you will need to consider the weight. It is not easy to choose and constantly move heavy equipment. In addition, the size of the blades often affects the size of the food cutter and its practical use.

The quality of the best electric slicer

The aspect that any person takes into account when investing in any product or equipment is longevity. No one will invest in a food slicer that requires regular maintenance or repair of parts that take several months.

The fact that it is possible to be made of robust materials is one of the key reasons for buying top versions. I can tolerate a longer period of repeated use. However, it is not clear that a high-priced label would take longer. With strong scores and good reviews, you can buy a reliable slicer.

The content of the modules is also an important factor to remember when buying an electric slicer. The food slicer has metal modules that are more durable than those with plastic components. Because steel does not rust, the most common electric slicer is the one with stainless steel blades. There are several ways to slice food that have a built-in sharpener that you can use as needed.

Some appliances are equipped with accessories, such as a serving tray, sharpener, pusher and many more, depending on the manufacturer. Don't forget to check the necessary accessories you need for the efficient and healthy use of the slicer when you buy such a device.

Type of power distribution

The mechanism of action of the cutter is another aspect to remember. They are either belt driven or with direct control. The belt drive is on most models you will see, but each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of a belt slicer is that it has a finer mechanism and is easier to use, because a belt can be changed quickly.

However, direct drive cutters are more powerful than belt cutters, but if there is ever a transmission problem, the cost of repair can become very high.

The type of slicing blade

You can see two major types of slicing blades, being serrated and smooth blades. Neither is stronger than the other. However, as you might assume, each has its advantages.

Flat-tipped blades are best suited for slicing sausages and vegetables. They can easily make very thin slices, but it is harder for them to cut the meat thicker.

The serrated blade has a serrated blade that makes it easier to cut meat and bread harder. When you have to slice a huge volume of meat and you have to work as fast as possible, this is extremely important.

For both knives, the slicer will have to be taught to be used regardless of the blade provided. You can also get the other additional blade shape. Thus they can change as needed, from time to time.

Energy consumption

This applies to the scale of the motor that powers the blade. A more efficient motor, clearly, can rotate the blade faster and can cut faster in different types of food. But it will consume even more electricity.

You can aim for at least 150 W of power, as most types of food can be processed quickly. However, if you intend to deal with cheese or stiffer meat, then you should consider a higher power slicer.

If you plan to make a lot of slices at a time, you should also consider a higher power slicer. This is important to avoid the need for engine overheating and cooling times.

Accessories you can rely on

A meat slicer will hardly work on its own, so you need to remember the other things to complete the slicing kit you should buy. These include a disinfectant spray, lubricating fluid, protective or cut-resistant gloves and a sharpening accessory.

How to use a top electric slicer

There are detachable parts of some versions of electric slicers that others do not have. It is quick to use the food slicer that has no interchangeable parts. The slicer for food with separable pieces still requires special care. You should pay attention to both the assembly process and the disassembly process. So that, after using it, you can do it in the right place. You should explore the models based on your specifications and choose the one that best suits your needs and comfort.

When using certain devices of this type, noise can be distracting. If you need peace of mind in the room where you work, buying a noise generator can be a wrong move. You should look for quiet solutions and find the best one.

How to disinfect and protect the best slicer

It's time for cleaning and repair tips after you've done the things you need to remember when buying the best electric slicer. You will make the slicer work efficiently and last longer with the right techniques. You can try several available ways of sanitation.

The first step for cleaning instructions is to read the user manual. Cut-resistant gloves are worn when the blades are polished. Set the thickness to zero and clean the blade on both sides using a smooth cloth or a light cleaning pad. This will add scratches to the blade and damage the finish, so do not use abrasive materials.

Turn off the food slicer after removing a large food particle. Remove the tray, center plate and deflector from the slicer. Rinse and sanitize the components after cleaning and let these parts dry naturally.

To clean the electric slicer, prepare a soap solution. You can identify the blade and put it back in position. If you do not want to use a soap solution, you can choose to use a quality degreaser.
Rinse them with hot water and a clean towel after cleaning the food scraps from the pieces. Do not hesitate to use sanitizing spray to sanitize all the elements of a slicer.

Allow the system to dry naturally after completing the sanitation process. After sanitizing, make sure the sliding rods are lubricated. Sharpening the blade is an important step in maintaining a good slicer. For this job, you can use sharpening stones. Clean and sanitize the blade again after sharpening it. In a dry place, such as a closet or shelf, store the food slicer. To protect it from dust accumulation, be sure to cover it with a lid or towel.

Slicer cleaning

When washing your slicer, the most important thing to keep in mind is protection, so it is advisable to wear cut-resistant gloves to cover your fingers. Study the user manual first.

Start by setting the blade thickness to 0, then use a swab to clean all parts of the blade when it is moving. Then turn off the slicer and remove the various sections that need to be washed slowly, such as the product tray, the center plate.

You can either remove the blade, or using a soap solution or a degreasing mist, wash it again. Using a slicing sanitizer spray, wipe it after cleaning and sanitize the entire appliance, then allow the air to dry. Often, using a spray lubricant, lubricate the sliding rods.

The frequency of sanitization depends on how much the slicer is used. Before slicing a new portion of food, clean the slicer. If used regularly, it is also recommended to clean it every 4 hours and clean it more deeply after daily use.

How to sharpen the blade of a good slicer

If you want to sharpen the blade in an easy and safe way, you will need to have sharpening stones mounted on the slicer. Some slicers come with sharpening attachments, while others require self-mounting.

Keep in mind that the type of attachment you will mount depends on the configuration of the cutter, so before you begin, it is vital that you read the instruction manual. It can also be an automatic slicing device in the slicer (at the best electric slicer), in which case you have little to do here.

The choice is yours

You would definitely need a perfect slice of meat if you want to make a tasty sandwich. To do the job, you should use a knife. Using a knife, although it can influence the texture of the meat. That is why it is extremely important for this circumstance to choose the best electric slicer.

The industry offers you several models of slicers. The moment when you can't decide which is the best professional slicer is very difficult for you.

We can use several names to differentiate electric slicers, such as a slicing unit, a slicer or a cutter. And we can use this device to cut fresh meat, vegetables, sausages or sliced bread. For meat in particular, electric slicers are indicated, which ensure a constant and indisputable result.

A dish for any gourmet of any kind is fresh grilled meat, thin as paper, on freshly baked bread. Whether you like steak, burger or a home-made sandwich, the thickness of the meat is essential. For most people who have the delicacy solution, it means a trip to the nearest delicacy counter or delicacy corner, but it doesn't have to be that way. With the slicer at home, you can save money, monitor your portions and enjoy sliced dishes at any time.

Buy meat from the fridge in bulk at the nearest butcher and cut it as thin as you can or make the most of the holidays with slices of salami or ham. When preparing sandwiches, you can also use it for better portion management. This is how you create sandwich masterpieces that are as nutritionally healthy as they are tasty.

The advantages of an electric slicer

Despite the claims, we realize that not all buyers are convinced that a slicer is a valuable addition to their home or business. It is good to highlight some of the basic advantages that the buyer can have. We are sure that most people will understand how important these devices are and why they should buy them.

The first justification for buying a meat slicer is that, in the long run, it saves time and money. Wholemeal meat that has not been cut is cheaper than pre-sliced meat or meat that is sliced by the supermarket butcher. This will save you a lot of money over time, and most slicers will redeem their value.

Another explanation for why a slicer is used is that it helps the customer choose how thin or thick the cut is. For those who prefer thin cuts or thicker cuts for cheeses, the device settings will allow significant flexibility. Usually the range of adjustments is very generous from this point of view.

Slicers can process a wide range of foods. For a number of other food processing works, they can be used. From here, restaurants can get those extremely thin slices of vegetables. And I do this extremely fast. It can even be used for slicing cheese, baked peppers for pizza and even slices of bun.

The size of the slicer is the first thing the customer would like to determine. Although large slicers are able to work with large cuts of meat and large blocks of cheese, they take up a lot of space. If the user does not have enough dedicated space for the slicer, then he will certainly not choose to use it so much. The customer wants the size that fits best.

Conclusion about slicers

You know how hard it is to manually cut each slice of food and make it the same size. If you regularly cut salami, bakery or cheese you need an electric slicer. If you took the food out of the freezer or refrigerator and they are hard, the task of slicing the products well is even harder.

The good news is that when you buy a professional slicer, things get much simpler. You just have to choose the right electric slicer for your needs. Check the product parameters and select the model that best suits your needs.

You can avoid the difficulties of slicing a large volume of dishes with a regular knife, adding this easy-to-use appliance in your home or business. Evenly sliced slices will make you a true professional. The latter aspect is extremely important, regardless of whether you cook food for your family or your customers.

Use the slicer efficiently

But let's talk quickly about how we can use the slicer as efficiently as possible. Slicers have many benefits, regardless of their size. They work easily and need less physical energy than a knife.

Moreover, to do their job, they all use the same technology behind them. Simply mount the food on a moving tray, turn on the slicer and guide the tray on the blade with smooth movements. This way you will have a consistent result with each slice cut evenly.

In addition, all models have a slice thickness adjustment device. Simply turn the knob and select the one you have.

Observe the protection rules

Of course, make sure you follow the basic guarantees for protection. The device has a large blade that rotates at high speed. Never put your hands on the blade. Before turning on the appliance, check the position of the additional protection switches that you need to unlock. Of course, be sure to clean the slicer after you're done.

Each electric slicer can work somewhat differently, which ensures that the instructions for use must be read first. What is problematic is that pieces of food are sometimes caught in different corners of the appliance, and if not cleaned, have the ability to cause various foodborne illnesses.

An additional trick you can use besides wiping the tray and blade is to put the whole car over an empty sink and spray it with the faucet hose. This can help you get rid of hard-to-clean pieces of food.

Of course, do it slowly so that the bottom of the cutter does not reach under water. You should clean the slicer with soap and sponge until you are done and spray it with water again. The use of a disinfectant to remove all remaining bacteria is recommended.

Sharpening the slicer blade

It's time to sharpen it after rinsing the slicer. You will have to do it after a cleaning or only from time to time, depending on how much you need. Simply add a little sharpening oil to the surface of the blade to sharpen it and put it in the sharpener.

First, follow the instructions directly from the sharpener. Notice that some electric slicers come with a built-in sharpener. It is better to use it if you see one. It is prepared directly for the cutter blade most of the time.

Since the slicer is used for processing sausages, the simplicity of cleaning is one of the most important aspects we can look at when selecting the right slicer. When the bacteria start to multiply, you want to do a very good hygiene in all the tiny holes, to prevent stomach problems.

Size would be another reasonably significant aspect. Of course, you don't need a big slicer for just two people. But, whether you invite someone to dinner or if you want to cook for a few days immediately, then you will enjoy a more efficient model.

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