the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

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Do you want to be able to cook any type of meat perfectly, without the risk of remaining raw in the depths or of drying it too hard? If you haven’t thought about a kitchen thermometer yet, it’s time to consider such help. Analog or digital, instant or with permanent measurement, for the oven or only for the outside, such a device can prove to be an invaluable help.Find out from this guide how to choose it correctly and take a look at some of the models recommended by our specialists.Zokura Z1183 is one of the simplest options you can use. With an analog, sturdy and durable mechanism, an easy-to-read screen, a generous measuring range from 0 to 300 o C, and a clamp, it looks almost like a toy, but it does its job professionally. If you prefer a digital alternative, we suggest Pufo T1 .

Comparative table

Universal model, affordable, which can be used both for meat and for pastries, liquids, creams, etc. Includes generous dial with easy-to-read text and visible sign for the desired temperature level, plus clamp for easy and stable attachment to the edge of the cooking container, when appropriate.

This type of thermometer does not offer additional functions and is a little slower in temperature evaluation than digital alternatives.

It is a suitable option for any kitchen, easy to use, ideal for measuring the temperature of various types of dishes.

Digital option, with additional functions, ideal for modern kitchens and those who prefer an instant thermometer, with reduced measurement time. It includes an automatic shut-off function, after 15 minutes of non-use, allows the alternation between the two temperature scales, Celsius and Fahrenheit, maintaining the measured value on the screen and evaluating the preparations that were below zero degrees.

It is an instant version, therefore designed to periodically probe the preparation and not to be left in it when it is cooked.

Universal digital thermometer for meat, vegetables, creams, sauces and liquids, with illuminated screen and additional functions.

Analog thermometer, made of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass, which can be inserted inside the oven during the meat preparation process. It allows the measurement of the temperature in the range 0 – 300oC and is provided with a system of hanging by hanging and respectively, support for placement on a horizontal surface, offering increased adaptability during use.

Because it is not a probe model, it cannot help you measure the degrees inside the food, but only the outside temperature.

Essential accessory for the correct preparation of meat products, in classic ovens, on gas, without an exact temperature monitoring system.

In-depth reviews about the best meat thermometers

Are you looking for a meat thermometer, at a good price, and you don’t know exactly where to start with the evaluations? Take a look at the products below, selected based on popularity and technical characteristics and remember the most important aspects, for you, of such a product.


Zokura Z1183  

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

This Zokura brand model is dedicated to those who want to complete the kitchen with an analog, classic thermometer, suitable for both meat and liquids and doughs. The device allows measuring the temperature in the range 0 – 300oC and is intended for outdoor use, so avoid putting it in the oven.

The design includes a round dial, with a diameter of 5.3 cm, and writing large enough to be easily read. The temperature is indicated in degrees Celsius, with subdivision at 5 degrees. Includes clip for easy attachment to the edge of the pan or pot and 12.5 cm long rod for probing dishes.

On the edge of the dial you will find a triangular, red element, with a role of sign, which you can easily move and fix at the desired temperature, so that it is easy for you to notice when the needle reaches the area, even if you are not very close. gas cooker. You can buy it at an affordable price, it cleans quickly, doesn’t require too much maintenance, but it has a slightly longer reaction time, so don’t expect the 5 seconds offered by digital options.



the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Made of stainless steel, with a 15cm probe and a classic dial with a diameter of 5cm, this model sold by ETI UK is part of the category of analog options, easy to use, convenient to price and adaptable to a variety of dishes. Being a universal variant, it easily measures the internal temperature for all types of meat, but also for doughs, creams, soups, milk, stews, etc.

It covers the temperature range 0 – 300oC, and includes, in addition to the graduated scale with division at 10oC, also the optimal levels to which you must bring the most popular meat dishes, so that it is easy for you to choose the correct value of degrees.

It is provided with a clip for gripping the edge of the cooking containers, but the indicator provided by other models is missing, which allows you to highlight the temperature you are waiting for the needle to reach. You can use it for fried meat in the pan or on the grill, but not in the oven.


Excellent KO-C80210500  

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

If you prefer a digital version, a little more sophisticated, we offer you, from the category of meat thermometers models, cheap and good, this product with fork type design. The format allows the use of the device to fix the piece of cooked meat, when you want to cut slices from it.

It is a digital thermometer, with illuminated screen, for good visibility and on the grills made on the insert, which includes, besides the basic option of measuring the temperature, also some additional functions. Thus, you have the possibility to cook the perfect steak by choosing the optimal temperature from the options provided by the thermometer program, depending on the type of meat. Also among its settings you can find the degree of cooking, with the four standard levels (rare, medium rare, medium, well done), from which to choose.

The two rods, of which only one acts as a probe, have a non-stick surface, to be easy to clean, and the device is delivered with a set of compatible batteries, so you can use it immediately.


Meat thermometer, with probe:

Puff T1  

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

With Pufo T1 we enter the category of more complex options and we offer you a meat thermometer, with a 14.5cm probe and digital display. Displays the temperature on a roomy screen, with large numbers, easy to read, both in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, according to preferences.

Because it works with batteries, it has a Sleep function, which has the role of saving energy when you are not actively using it. It quickly measures the internal temperature, in just 5 seconds, and can be used both for meat and meat dishes, as well as for vegetables, liquids, creams, doughs, etc.

It provides a Hold function, for maintaining the measured temperature on the screen and easier consultation, and covers the thermal range -50 to 300oC, so you can also use it to check the food grade in the refrigerator or freezer, if you manage to insert the probe . It is an instant model, so avoid leaving it in the preparation while it is cooking and never put it in the oven.



the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Do you want to use a meat thermometer, with a probe, in the category of digital devices, but your budget does not allow you to focus on premium options? We recommend as an option the TMD-112 model, with battery included and the temperature displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, according to your preferences.

It is provided with an automatic shut-off function, after 10 minutes of non-use, which prevents frequent change of the battery, whose charge level you can also consult on the display. It can measure temperatures between -50 and 300oC, allows the value to be retained on the screen, for easier reading, and can be used for a variety of preparations, being a universal model.

The packaging in which it is delivered cannot be used as a suitable storage space, and because the screen surface scratches a bit easily, we recommend that you do not put it in the drawer, along with cutlery or other hard and sharp objects. It is an instant version, which is not left in the food during cooking and is not put in the oven.



Meat thermometer, oven

Zokura Z1188  

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

If you prefer to work on a gas oven and you need more precision in evaluating the temperature at which you prepare the steak, we recommend you complete the equipment with a meat thermometer, oven, able to withstand strong heat and provide information which you need.

One such model is the Zakura Z1188, made of durable stainless steel and heat-resistant glass. Includes classic, round dial with indicator needle and temperature levels placed in a circle, with a division of 5 degrees, covering the range 0 – up to 300oC.

Includes hanger and leg, so you have two ways to position yourself inside the oven. We remind you that in order to use it easily, you need to point it towards the oven window, and also that this model measures the temperature in the oven and not the internal temperature of the meat, so you will have to refer to another category of information then when cooking according to the recipe.


Hendi 8711369271179  

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Also from the category of options for use inside the oven, we propose this model from Hendi, with a slightly more limited scale, which allows measurement from 50 to 300oC. The structure is made of durable and resistant stainless steel, with integrated hooks in the upper part and support foot at the base, elements that allow easy placement in the oven.

The dial is provided with heat-resistant glass, so that it does not crack at high temperatures. The display is made in degrees Celsius, with a division of 10oC and a red needle, to indicate the current temperature.

Unfortunately, over time, the white material on which the numbers are written changes its hue to yellow and brown, due to exposure to heat, so that the temperature will become a little more difficult to read. This is the reason why we recommend this product as a meat thermometer, for the oven, if you cook occasionally and you are not among those who are used to processing food at very high temperatures.


Buying guide


The internal temperature at which you must bring the meat during cooking is essential, both for a pleasant texture and an intense taste, and for the elimination of pathogens that can hide in these foods. Salmonella, shigella, campylobacter – are just some of the microbes that can enter the body from incorrectly cooked meat.

The role of this guide is to help you choose the right and cheap meat thermometer, which will help you always prepare the steak correctly, whether you cook it in the pan, oven or grill, and without needing too much. the experience. Here are some criteria that are important to keep in mind when choosing such a culinary accessory.

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Temperature range : Not all models of meat thermometers, at good prices, offer the same freedom of measurement. Although most versions cover the range 0 – 300 o C, you will also find models that stop at 120 o C, 150 o C or 200 o C.

From a hygienic point of view, fish, ham, sliced pieces of meat, etc. they need 63 – 65oC, internal temperature, to be safe for consumption, while if you cook a chicken or a whole turkey or a pork chop, you will need at least 75oC.

These are the minimum limits, which you will climb depending on how well cooked you like the meat. So you can handle without problems with a thermometer that measures up to 120oC, if you know that you do not need the temperature inside the preparation to exceed this level.

When choosing the thermometer according to the temperature range, it is good to consider other possible uses. Most devices can also be used for liquids, doughs, etc., and some can also be placed in the refrigerator, allowing measurements below zero degrees.


Design and functionality : The best meat thermometers, in terms of adaptability, are the models with connector cable. It connects the probe or rod that you insert into the meat, to a display, usually digital, allowing you to keep the probe in the oven, during baking, and track the data on the outside screen. More modern versions can be connected via Bluetooth to an application on your phone, so you can track information from another room.

There are also models with a probe connected directly to an analog display, made of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass, which can be left entirely in the oven. In this case, it is good to choose a version with a visible dial, with large numbers, which you can read efficiently through the door window.

If you do not mind to periodically remove the tray from the oven to measure the internal temperature, we recommend an instant thermometer, which does not remain permanently in contact with the preparation, but is used to probe, from time to time, the level of heat processing and confirm that the steak is done.


Analog or digital : If you are attracted to the idea of a meat thermometer, at a good price, of the analog type, with a round dial with numbers and indicator pins, it is good to know that, although more resistant in time and often robust enough to be left in the oven, these versions have some weaknesses. They are a bit harder to read, perform the measurement a little slower than digital alternatives (15 – 20 seconds compared to 5 – 10 seconds) and offer very few additional functions.

A digital thermometer, on the other hand, provides easier reading and comes with useful and interesting options, but it is less durable over time and requires batteries.


Functions : In terms of functions, an analog thermometer will give you a double scale, in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and some models also include the recommended internal temperatures for certain types of meat and meat dishes.

Digital options can include, in addition to these two functions, the possibility to remember the last measurement on the screen, so that you can consult it a few minutes after checking the temperature, and automatic shutdown, to save batteries.

In addition, the best meat thermometer will help you cook perfectly, offering the possibility to select the degree of thermal processing (rare, medium rare, medium, well done), plus timer and maximum and minimum temperature alarm.

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Accessories : Because the metal gets hot enough and you risk getting burned, especially when it comes to a thermometer left in the oven, look for a model with a thermal insulation section that you can hold.

Some devices come with a strap holder, so you always have it available, and the more expensive models, with cable, allow the connection of up to six probes, so you can watch several dishes at the same time, or several areas of the same preparation.



How to cook meat in the oven

When it comes to preparing chicken, turkey, duck, goose, beef, pork, etc. In the oven, many opinions about the best meat thermometers agree that such a device makes the difference between an appetizing result and a dry steak. Here are some tricks you can use to make sure that baked recipes always come out very well.

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Combines high and low temperatures

Use a reliable oven thermometer if the stove does not have an integrated high-performance one, and use temperature variations for a professional result. A higher temperature at the beginning will help to form a beautiful crust and keep the juice inside, and the subsequent reduction of degrees leads to gradual and deep baking. You will get a soft meat on the inside and crispy on the surface.


4% rule

If you really want your steak to be a rare or rare medium and you are a perfectionist without a cure, it is good to know that the internal temperature of the meat will increase by about 4% of the environment even after you take it out of the oven. , due to the hotter exterior. So if you want a veal chop at 54oC and you cook it in the oven at 100oC, it is good to take it out when the thermometer with the probe shows 50oC.


How do you know when the chicken is ready

The thermometer is not exactly your style or you don’t have one at hand, but do you love baked chicken? In this case it is good to know that you can consider it done when the thigh joints give way if you pull on them, and the liquid, which drains from the chicken into the tray, is transparent and clean.


Take care of ventilation

The circulation of air in the oven increases the efficiency of baking. So if you work according to a recipe created for a static oven and you use ventilation, reduce the temperature in the indications by 20-30oC to obtain the desired result.

the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking

Carefully prepare the slices

If you are cooking veal or pork steak, in the form of slices, be sure to cut them a little thicker, so that they do not dry out (approximately 2 – 2.5 cm) and dry the outside well with a napkin, on both sides, so that the crust to form easily.

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