The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Microwave Ovens – Review and comparison in 2021

A microwave helps you to defrost and heat food quickly, being ideal for busy people. However, the models available on the market currently offer additional functions that allow these devices to successfully replace a classic variant, if necessary. A built-in version such asWhirlpool W7 MD 440 NB provides, for example, the possibility of steam and boiling cooking, plus the option of browning, for steaks and other recipes that require crust. It is also a device with a generous interior, in which you can work with medium and large vessels. And many of the independent models offer the grill function, such as, for example, Samsung GE83X ,a suitable alternative for those who do not want to complicate the installation in furniture.


Comparative table

Generous size model, with capacity above average category, with touch control panel, modern design and built-in structure, suitable for those who want to save space in the kitchen. Cook both in the microwave and with steam and in the grill version, with additional browning, so that you can approach any recipe you want.

The design, capacity and format make it possible to buy this product at a significantly higher price than other options.

High-performance device, with a modern look and multiple functions, recommended for small cooking areas or designed with built-in appliances.

Independent oven, easy to place anywhere in the kitchen, without the need for installation, suitable for those who move often or live in rent and cannot intervene in the furniture structure. The design is special, with a mirror-like exterior and a modern digital panel, and the interior is covered with ceramic enamel that facilitates the removal of residues.

The power cord is a bit short, so make sure you can place it near an outlet before you buy it.

Model with small to medium capacity, compact format and multiple functions, which can very well complement a standard, electric or gas oven.

Microwave oven from the category of built-in models, with compact design and small dimensions, for kitchens limited in space, which relies on the impeccable and modern appearance of stainless steel. It provides preset programs that help you prepare lunch and dinner more easily, and allows automatic adjustment of temperature and cooking time depending on the weight of food.

It requires insertion in the furniture and is provided with a rather short power cable, 1m, which can make it difficult to connect directly to a socket.

Option easy to integrate in small kitchens, with a pleasant appearance, easy to maintain and clean.

In-depth reviews about the best microwave ovens

Are you determined to find the best microwave oven for your home or as a gift for a friend, but you don’t know exactly where to start? We offer you some ready-made models, selected from the popular options in the online environment, which you can quickly consult below.


Built-in microwave

Whirlpool W7 MD 440 NB

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

If you want to have as much space available on the kitchen worktop, you will get along very well with a built-in microwave oven, which you can easily embed in the right piece of furniture. One such version is Whirlpool W7 MD 440 NB, with a power of 1000W and a capacity of 31 liters, suitable for those who cook or heat food in large quantities.

It is among the oven options that include grill, and is also provided with Crisp function, for efficient roasting of steaks. The control panel is tactile, easy to maintain, and provides you with a clock, timer with automatic shutdown and beep, steam cooking, standard, microwave or in combination with browning, and a variety of setting options.

It doesn’t completely replace a standard oven, but it’s definitely very close. The power can be managed on 7 levels, so that, in combination with the right temperature, you can get the best cooking conditions. You also have a SixthSense function that detects the optimal level of heat processing for each preparation.



Samsung microwave

Samsung GE83X

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Do you prefer an independent model that sits on the counter? You can try this version of Samsung microwave oven, with a capacity of 23 liters and a power of 800W. It is a recommended option for students, couples who live in studios and do not have a large kitchen or households where there is already a classic oven and the microwave is used secondarily.

Superior to the Samsung ME73A microwave oven model, popular in the average price category, this variant is designed for increased efficiency and easy maintenance. It has an interior made of ceramic enamel, which limits grease deposits and is easy to clean, and an EcoMode function, which reduces standby power consumption. You can use it to defrost food taken out of the freezer, heat food and prepare grills.

Among the functions included in its system are the clock and timer, easy to manage from the digital panel, with printed symbols, and the access lock, useful for families with small children. The door is finished with modern material, mirror type, which gives it a special look, and the exterior is anti-fingerprint, so it does not need frequent cleaning.



Gorenje microwave

Gorenje BM300X

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

If you like stainless steel, you will be delighted by this Gorenje microwave oven that takes advantage of this metal both inside and out. So we are talking about a modern look and a heating space in which microwaves circulate better due to the structure of the walls. It works with 800W and offers a capacity of 20 liters, so it is a small variant, suitable for those who live alone or as a couple, do not cook very often in the oven, or already have a classic, roomy one.

You can manage the energy used for heating on 6 power levels, and the appliance provides you with a timer with automatic shutdown, which helps you not to cook too much food. It is a version with a rotating plate that allows the use of vessels with a diameter of up to 24.5 cm.

The list of functions offered by this oven includes the defrost, grill and access lock for children, and the control panel combines elegant mechanical buttons with LED screen on which you can follow the chosen operating parameters. It is a built-in model, so consider the possible installation costs, if you think you will need a professional for this stage.


Daewoo microwave

Daewoo KOR-6S2BW

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Also from the category of low capacity options, suitable for those who are used to heating medium amounts of food, we also offer you this model of microwave oven from Daewoo. This time it is a design with a completely white exterior, which fits in impeccable kitchens and is ideal for small ones. But it is a little more demanding in terms of maintenance, so consider a high frequency of dusting.

It has a capacity of 20 liters, 800W power, digital panel with many useful functions, starting with the classic timer with automatic shutdown and ending with Zero & On, designed to save power. Do not be discouraged by the small external dimensions. Inside, you have a width of 28mm that allows the introduction of large plates and bowls.

It includes a steam cleaning option, which helps you keep the interior cleaner, and a DishWarmer function, so you can serve the most demanding dishes on heated plates. It allows you to keep the food heated until the time of serving and includes the Auto cook version, with predefined operating parameters, for a variety of recipes.



Beko microwave

Beko MGF28310X

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Some of us prefer the concrete touch of the buttons, when it comes to managing the operation of household appliances. If you are one of these people, you will definitely appreciate a Beko microwave oven, with stainless steel exterior, which perfectly combines the modern LCD display with elegant and discreet buttons.

This time we are talking about a device with a capacity of 28 liters and a rotating plate with a diameter of 31.5 cm, large enough for large bowls. It includes 8 predefined programs that you can operate through the Auto Cook function, among which are those for defrosting and browning, variants for pizza and popcorn, meat and soups, etc.

You can lock it, so that the little ones can’t use it as a toy, putting themselves in danger, being very easy to use, with an intuitive mechanical control panel and easy to approach functions. It is a standalone model, so it does not require installation, and you can start using it as soon as you plug it in.



Sharp microwave oven

Sharp R642WW

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Suitable for small kitchens, but also for those arranged in a minimalist or Scandinavian style, this model of microwave oven from Sharp, with white exterior, offers you a digital menu offering, with multiple functions, and a compact, independent, light format. to be placed on any horizontal surface.

It is an easy-to-use device that integrates the option of defrosting frozen products, heating and microwave cooking and, respectively, grill function, for dishes that need crust. Unlike other models, in this case you have 11 power management steps, which allow you to adapt more easily to the characteristics of the food.

Includes turntable, which ensures uniform heating of food, and allows the placement of plates, bowls and pans with a diameter of up to 25.5cm. The digital display displays the clock, to always know how much time you have available, and the device is equipped with a timer with automatic shutdown, so you don’t have to wait near the oven until the table is ready.




LG microwave oven


The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

With a capacity of 25 liters and a power of 1000W, with 5 steps of intensity, this LG microwave oven is suitable for you if what you are looking for is an independent model with a compact and interior design that allows the use of dishes up to 29.2 in diameter. cm.

The exterior is white, immaculate, a little more difficult to maintain, but inside you benefit from walls covered with special material that facilitates the removal of dirt, so you do not waste time rubbing the drops of hardened grease. It also has an Eco-On function, which reduces energy consumption, and the grill is based on quartz, which means it heats up faster, helping you get an enviable crust.

You can also use it for defrosting and heating, setting the thermal processing time with the help of the integrated timer. The control panel is tactile, easy to use, complete with LCD screen on which you can check at any time the time left until the end of the chosen operating program.



Whirlpool microwave

Whirlpool MWD 119 BL

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Many people prefer black appliances, because they are easier to maintain, while maintaining an elegant and refined look. One such model is this Whirlpool microwave oven, from the range of independent options, which sits on the counter, characterized by a compact format, with small dimensions (45.6 x 35.9 x 28.5cm).

The rotating plate inside has a diameter of 24.5 cm, and the microwaves are generated by a power of up to 700W, so it is not among the fastest and most powerful options you can choose, but you prepare your food in time. It is, of course, equipped with timer and automatic shut-off, defrost function, and mechanical control panel, easy to use.

We recommend it if you need such an oven to quickly heat the food cooked on the stove or in the classic oven and to occasionally prepare dishes that go very well with the microwave (pizza, popcorn, etc.).



Candy microwave

Candy CMW 2070

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Because not everyone allows us to invest 400 – 500 lei in such a device, it is good to know that you can do very well with a Candy microwave oven, a model that combines efficient operation in a balanced way, with a slightly lower price than of other versions.

It is a variant with a capacity of 20 liters, power of 700W, and a mechanical control panel. The classic look is recommended for any type of kitchen, regardless of design, and can be used as a retro microwave oven, in arrangements inspired by the last decade.

However, the technical performances are up-to-date, the appliance allowing easy adjustment of the temperature and cooking time, with timer, audible alarm and automatic shutdown. It is a reliable product, ideal for dormitory rooms, rented students and couples who have moved into a new apartment and are still working on the final kitchen equipment. It will help you a lot and if you prefer not to heat the food on the stove, even though you have a high-performance one.



Electrolux microwave oven

Electrolux EMS21400S

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Quiet, easy to use and with a structure that impresses with attention to detail, the Electrolux EMS21400S microwave oven model will definitely find a place in your heart and space in the kitchen, even if it is a smaller room. The design combines classic elements with modern technology, balancing very well the retro look of the mechanical control panel, with the curved lines of the door and the silver exterior.

Although it has a capacity of only 18.5 liters, it includes a rotating plate with a diameter of 27 cm, so you will not encounter significant limitations regarding the vessels that you can use inside. However, it is not an option for large families or those who want to be able to cook a whole chicken in the microwave.

You can easily manage the operating power, from 90W to 800W, and the temperature, to get exactly the level of cooking you want, and the appliance also includes a defrost function, which significantly reduces the waiting time, when you use products stored at freezer.



Buying guide

The microwave oven has become in recent years an indispensable accessory in many homes, even in situations where it complements a traditional oven, electric or gas. Most often used to cook, heat or defrost food quickly, this device is in the graces of those who place great value on time and play an essential role in the lives of those who still live on rent or at home.

If you are also thinking of buying such an appliance, we offer you a short guide with the most important criteria you need to consider to choose a microwave oven, at a good price, suitable for your home.

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Independent, over-the-range or built-in : The choice between the three categories is made based on the space available in the kitchen, the budget and the ease of installation. The independent models sit on the countertop, plug into the socket and are ready for use. So they do not involve installation, they are ready to use when you receive them, they cost less than the other two options, but they will take up quite a lot of space on the table or counter.

Over-the-range versions are less popular in our country and represent models designed to be mounted above the hob, caught in a piece of furniture. They save useful space and offer easy access, being located at eye level, but they require professional installation, they are harder to find in Romania and a bit more expensive.

On the other hand, you will find quite easily a microwave oven, built-in or built-in, which integrates into a piece of furniture, at a comfortable height from the ground. These versions are often used in combination with a classic built-in oven and help you save space and make the kitchen look easier. Like the over-the-range ones, these models also require installation and are more expensive than the stand-alone options.

Power and capacity : Most models of microwave ovens, at good prices, use a power between 600 and 1000W, although you will also find 1200W models in the area of household options, and even more, in the category of professional devices. A variant with too little power will need more time to prepare the food, so look for versions with a minimum of 700 – 800W.

The capacity is measured, similar to classic ovens, in liters. In the case of microwave versions it is between 20 and 35 liters and conditions the amount of food you can cook. For example, in any device of 20-23 liters you can insert a standard bag of popcorn, but to prepare a larger chicken, you may need a volume of over 23-25 liters. So keep in mind the type of recipes for which you intend to use the oven.

Don’t forget to check the diameter of the rotating plate holder, if you opted for such a model, in order to know the maximum allowed size. In general, you will find variants that can be used with dishes with a diameter between 24.5, in the case of a model of small microwave oven, and 31.5 cm for the largest.


Rotary stand and / or grills : If you have studied so far the offer of microwave ovens, cheap and good, in our stores, you have certainly noticed that most models are equipped with a rotating stand, on which you can place plates, bowls and pots suitable . It ensures uniform heating of the contents, by rotating the dish and exposing the food to the microwave, from all directions.

But there are also options with an internal structure similar to classic ovens, with metal shelves (one or two). The advantage of this type of design is that of easy inclusion of vessels of all shapes, both round and oval or rectangular. At the same time, the food is raised from the lower level and allows easier heating at the bottom. Choose taking into account the type of food cooked and the shape of the plates you like to use.


Functions : If you opt for a microwave oven, cheap and good, with mechanical control panel, you will have at your disposal first of all the basic functions, which include the selection of the power stage (between 5 and 12, depending on the model), timer with automatic shutdown and signal sound. The LED versions will also show the time, the set temperature and the time left until the heating or baking is completed.

Both mechanical and digital options include, depending on the model, predefined programs that help you easily prepare various dishes, even popcorn, without having to guess at what temperature level or for how long you have to expose to heat.

Because energy consumption is a topical concern, we recommend that you look for a microwave oven, at a good price, provided with a standby saving function. Presence under various names, such as EcoMode, Eco On, ZeroOn etc. this option automatically shuts off the power to the appliance after a few minutes of non-use to reduce power consumption.

In addition to the classic functions of heating, defrosting, keeping food warm, you will also find options that give you the opportunity to brown the dish by exposure to a classic heat source (Grill, Crisp, etc.), or to combine microwave cooking with browning. If you appreciate the thermal processing with the help of steam, it is good to know that you will also find this function in some models, if you check carefully.

Another function, slightly less included, is the cooking with sensor. In this case, the device notices how much heat processing the food needs and helps you avoid burnt or dry products.


Maintenance and cleaning : If you’ve ever had chicken liver heated in a microwave, you know how important it is to be able to easily clean the walls. For people who frequently use this appliance, to heat a variety of dishes, the options provided with enameled, standard or ceramic interior, which limit fat deposits, are recommended.

Also in the category of easy-to-maintain ovens we include the versions provided with a steam cleaning function, which allows the softening of the deposits and their easy removal.

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Dimensions and design : The internal capacity and the external dimensions are not always correlated, so analyze them separately. The best microwave ovens are of course the options with roomy interior and compact exterior, but they are usually found at slightly higher prices. Most models are between 45 x 35 x 25cm and 61 x 50 x 35cm (LxWxH).

In terms of design, the variants with stainless steel exterior, preferably anti-fingerprint, which look modern and elegant, are very appreciated. You can also choose a black or white oven, but keep in mind that white turns yellow over time, if it is not maintained very carefully. For a modern kitchen you can also buy a red, green or yellow microwave, but these colors are a bit harder to find.



Frequent questions

Where can I find the small plate for the microwave?

The small plate inside the microwave oven protects other components of it from grease, dirt, high temperatures and helps to distribute the microwave evenly. If it breaks down, it can be easily replaced, and you can find it to buy in online stores that sell household appliances and spare parts, but also on second-hand sites.


How to clean a microwave oven?

The most important thing is to clean the oven as soon as you notice the dirt and not let it dry, because specialists recommend avoiding abrasive or too aggressive detergents. In general, both the rotating plate and the walls will be wiped with a damp cloth. Numerous opinions about the best microwave ovens recommend models that offer a steam cleaning function that will help you soften solidified debris.

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

What common faults can the microwave have?

In addition to the situation in which you might wake up one day that the microwave no longer heats up, the list of the most common faults also includes the impossibility to close the door, caused by mechanical shock or too old the device. .

This category also includes the breakdown of the control panel, which no longer responds to commands, or the generation of a strange sound during operation, which may or may not be accompanied by sparks and requires the device to be turned off and sent to service.


What does a microwave grill mean?

The grill function is indispensable in a professional microwave oven, but it is also found in most household models. It offers the possibility to cook dishes that involve the formation of crust, such as grilled steak. Technically speaking, it involves the presence of a classic heating element in the form of metal resistance or quartz structure that has the ability to brown the top of the preparation.



Instructions for use – microwave oven

Regardless of whether you choose a cheap microwave oven, under 150 lei, or an expensive model, of 400-500 lei, the performances offered depend a lot on how well you know how to use it. Device with power supply, compatible only with certain types of dishes, this type of oven requires a little attention and some basic knowledge in order for their use to have them in the best conditions.


Limits radio interference

In some cases, the operation of the microwave oven may affect the TV, radio and other types of equipment. These situations can be prevented by closing the oven door correctly and keeping the gasket that delimits it clean and intact. It is also helpful to place the oven at a greater distance from these devices or move the antennas used to receive the waves.

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Basic precautions

As with any electrical device, the first step must be to read the technical manual and observe the safety instructions and instructions for use.

Do not operate the oven if it is empty, when the door gasket is damaged or the power cord is visibly affected and make sure that the little ones do not have access to it in your absence. Remember that the best microwave oven for families with children is a version with the option to block access.

Avoid using its interior as a storage space, even if it seems convenient and does not leave food and dishes inside, especially paper or plastic, if you are not around.


Use only suitable dishes

As a basic rule, it is good to know that metal does not allow microwave circulation, which is why dishes made of this material or that have metal inserts should be avoided. The best are the bowls and trays made of transparent material, because they ensure the most efficient circulation of the waves.

You can safely use in the microwave: glass and heat-resistant ceramics, dishes made of plastic, which are safe for microwaves and kitchen paper. You are not allowed to insert ordinary glass, metal trays, metal grills, containers or aluminum foil.

Because heated or cooked food in rectangular containers tends to burn in the corners, it is preferable to use round or oval dishes.

The best microwave oven to buy in 2021

Standard rules and useful tricks

In some cases you may be tempted to place the food directly on the rotating stand. Avoid making it a habit and always use the right container.

For a more uniform heating, on a plate with several pieces of food, the thickest ones are placed on the edge.

If you are not sure at what temperature you should cook a certain type of food, start with a lower level and gradually go up or supplement the exposure time several times. Otherwise, you risk burning food and smoking in the kitchen.

Always try to cover the pan while the food is cooking, to prevent juices and grease from spilling onto the oven walls.

When you cook thick foods, such as small or pieces of meat, and you do not have a grill oven, it is necessary to turn off the appliance and turn the food on at least once during heating or baking.

If you heat a large plate of parjoale or any other type of food that involves several pieces of the same food, you will get a better result if you rearrange them so that the ones at the edge reach the middle and vice versa.

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